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Chairman Nuke is a fictional YouTube personality created in June 2010 by an unknown YouTuber, quite similar to the characters of Stephen Colbert and Borat. The saga of the Chairman began as a channel intended to parody a YouTuber named nuclearnight. Parody accounts are fairly common on YouTube, and are usually quickly forgotten. However, in this case, the channel had three things going for it:

  1. The person who made it was a very skilled video editor, creating some truly hilarious content.
  2. Nuclearnight was, at the time, one of the most hated people on YouTube.
  3. The Chairman was actually nicer than the YouTuber being parodied.

The character of Chairman Nuke is a Communist feminist who hates prostitution, porn, capitalism and men (not necessarily in that order).

Sadly, some of her older videos are no longer available, but her newer ones are still quite good.

Chairman Nuke provides examples of:


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