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"No game is safe."
— IGSRJ's slogan from his website

IGSRJ (real name and birth date unknown) is the most irate video game reviewer out there, who will take you back to the past to play all the games that suck and tell you about them. He had his start with A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES back in October 2006, and has been making similarly styled reviews, sketches and parodies. He has always been throwing the smack down on games, but has also done breakfast rants and 'You Know What's Bullf*ck?' videos, and he had even branched out to doing food reviews. He has been the subject of imitation from other people, including the AVGN and Irate Gamer who constantly copy from him without remorse.

IGSRJ's primary style of videomaking makes him more distinctive than most other reviewers out there. Aside from only making videos on strictly retro/nostalgic content, IGSRJ uses the Loquendo Dave voice-to-speech machine for his speech, and omits from showing the viewer his face in literally one of his videos. He is also a loose parody of 2 popular retro video game reviewers, sarcastically unknowingly.


As of late, IGSRJ is still active on his facebook and twitter, and even YouTube on occasion, but makes a video "every blue moon". He is also the only known active Irate Gamer parody on YouTube. Perhaps he'll stay for good? You can watch all his videos on his Youtube channel, and you can also visit his facebook page, twitter, and his official website. He also has an alternate youtube channel, IDGSRJ.

    Games "Discussed" 

For those who have yet to guess, yes, he is a parody of angry video game reviewers.


IGSRJ provides examples of:

"Be sure to check out these tropes, or I will take you back to the past to play another shitty game that sucks ass. Thanks for reading! And please support this page by contributing to this page!"


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