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Team Night Saturn is a website featuring reviews and other material. It was founded by Jack Skyblue, and is similar in presentation to That Guy with the Glasses, Manic Expression or Reviewers Unknown. The site always tries to include real unknown reviewers that almost nobody watches despite their videos being unique, original and interesting.

Series hosted on the site include Movie Rehab, a show by the founder of the site Jack Skyblue; The Asian Critic Chick, in which a hot-tempered but both clever & comical Critic finds herself reviewing comedy movies; Plutoburns, a young man who does reviews on mangas; and Edd Master Zero, a young intelligent teenager who mostly reviews random movie and TV stuff he likes; Brasel The Gamer, a guy who reviews classic video games; Haven X the host of Down Haven Entertainment, a show with him reviewing popular movies; Mischief Reviews, another female reviewer who either reviews movies or talks about Blu Rays. Also on board are Your Character Sucks by Danny Korcz, who points out the flaws in media related characters, Nichimoon who reviews YV shows, the two music reviewers Mala Critico created by Josh Vilarreal and Loko Reviews by James Kaloko.


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