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Yup, he has a lot of catchphrases.

  • "Nova Licks Butt" - Said by Seamus acknowleging Nova's fetish for butt
  • "Shotgun Rain!" (Sometimes followed by "Another ______ [insert what is being shot] 1) feels the pain 2) rides the Lincoln train 3) gets Kurt Cobain'd" sung to the tune of Chocolate Rain).
  • "Thank you ________, You are a Gentleman and a Scholar." (Taken from a famous quote in the classic J.D. Sallinger novel "The Catcher In The Rye" and used in the pilot of the T.V. show "The Office", a show which Seamus has been known to enjoy.)
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  • "I almost got Lincoln'd/ I almost got Kennedy'd." - He was almost killed and/or shot in the head/Kurt Cobain'd - When a headshot leads to the head exploding resulting in an instant death.
  • "He just didn't care/give a shit." When shooting an enemy that seems unfazed by bullets.
  • Clock open them bears - To check something out (Origin is from his feud with GamingUSA. GamingUSA made it to a stupid comments video and "Clock open them bears" was directed as an insult at Seamus. He did not know what this meant, but used it to mock GamingUSA and as a joke in the future.)
  • Bad news bears - Something is not going according to plan
  • "Really?" - Expressing disbelief at unexpected events
  • "Well, that was less than stellar." Usually related to death.
  • "That's shenanigans!" - Expressing annoyance at unexpected events
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  • Godplayer - Either he or an NPC performed beyond expectations. According to him, it's from an MMOG he played where most of the players were not native English speakers.
  • "My boy Squawks" - Used in his Pokemon Firered playthrough whenever he uses his Spearow, aka "Squawks". Refers to his Donkey Kong Country 2 let's play in which the bird that you use to fly around is named "Squawks" who he likes very much.
  • Somewhere in Boofoo fucking Egypt - When an area of the game is unknown or very far away. In "The Saboteur" Lets Play many of the missions appear in Bufu Egypt on the map compared to where Sean Devlin is.
  • Suspiciously _______ - when something is considered to be suspicious. Example: "In the "Dead Space" walkthrough, when he encountred the speedy necromorphs: "Those guys are fast, suspiciously fast" a reference to the T.V show "The Office"
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  • "Dammit, Jason!" - Said when Jason fails to do a key part in a game or after Jason accidentally does an action that kills S So HPKC.
  • "Why would you do this to me?" - Usually said when questioning the game for it's "shenanigans" (See "That's shenanigans!")
  • "Invincibility frames, GO!" - Either this or a variation is occasionally said when he is hit in a game such as Mario and obtains invincibility frames, allowing him to bypass things that would normally kill him otherwise.
  • "I hate that guy!" - Commonly used in his Mario hacks and various LPs. A list of "guys" he hates consist of: the flood from the Halo series, fishing Boo from SMW, akimbo fish in water levels, Charging Chucks, etc.
  • "I hate that guy! He owes me (number) bucks!" Variation of the above.
  • "Surprise REZNOR!" - Said when Reznor is at the end of a level in a Super Mario World hack. Another similar quote would be "Surprise Boom-Boom!"
  • "It buffed out..." - Said when an action (accidental or not) seems to mess him up but actually goes to his advantage.
  • "One Hitter Quitter" - When he hits a enemy and he dies instantly
  • "I do not accept." - Often said during Mario hacks when Seamus is hit unexpectedly. This sentence is usually followed with reloading a save-state prior to being hit.
  • "Let it rain!" - Often said when he throws a grenade at a person, but doesn't care if it blows them up or not in a shooter game. Sometimes followed by "Let it rain! Shotgun rain!".
  • "_____ is the bane of my existence." - Describes something that he dislikes, or that causes problems often.
  • "_____ was/is/will be my downfall." - Referring to something he happened to mess up or something that causes problems for him.
  • "That was balls." - Referring to something terrible, usually an unfortunate event.
  • "Cheese it!" - Normally used when running away from someone/something or escaping from somewhere. Similar to "Lets get the hell outta dodge!"
  • "Book it!" - Recently replaced Cheese it
  • "Lets get the hell outta dodge!" - Used when he normally does not like a place and is able to leave. Similar to "Cheese it!"
  • "Holy _______, Batman" - Said when there is a superfluous amount of a certain enemy or an object.
  • "Shaboogagizzle" - Said in one video and has become popular among fans. He used the term to impliment a point on people copying his let's play style.
  • "Is this death?" - Used when questioning whether a large gap in Mario hacks are death pits.
  • "Rooked" - According to S So HPKC himself it means "someone got their ass beat in a pretty bad manner".
  • "I've got save states." - Translates to: "I don't need power ups or extra lives."
  • "Thank God for save states." - Used after embarrassing death.
  • "We'll lose this in the next 6 seconds." - Said almost everytime S So HPKC obtains a power-up in a mario hack.
  • "Damnit Professor Oak!" - Said when he encounters a trainer using a starter pokemon/evolved form of a starter pokemon, saying he sells them on the black market.
  • "WUT DA FUHK?!?" - Said almost anytime he says "what the fuck". Inspired by a character from Mafia II.
  • "Put Your Fucking Spoons Away, Its Not Breakfast Time!" - Said when he beats an Alakazam, or a Kadabra.
  • "Get the fuck off my ______!" - Said whenever he throws someone off somewhere or knocks something off.
  • "Bitches be textin me" - Usually said when S So H recives a text message while recording
  • "________/This makes me confused and enraged." - When something makes him confused and/or enraged...
  • "Muh Bad" - Used in the event when he makes a mistake, but can easily undo it. Ex. "What *the hel... oh, I have an axe out, muh bad!"
  • "Pfft... (Wow)" - Said when he encounters a very funny scene/cutscene/occurence.
  • "I have __ things of ______." - Said when he doesn't know the name of the units of an object. i.e. "I have 2 things of snacks." An episode in Dead Rising 2.
  • "Don't even tell me..." Said when S So HPKC is totally stuck in a game.
  • "Get Outta Here" Or "Get the fuck outta here" Said most often in fallout playthroughs. Said when blasting an enemy with any weapon(a lot of time with shotgun rain)
  • "_______ Go!" - Said whenever an item/important object is used.
  • [[Die Hard"_________ II (2) - _________ Harder."]] - Usually used in titles of his walkthroughs/let's plays when a part of a game is longer than the video limit of a normal Youtube video. S So H used this form of phrase in his Kingdom Hearts walkthrough because there were different forms of some bosses. i.e. "Ansem II - Ansem Harder"
  • "Kudos Moon" - Whenever S So HPKC sees a 3-up moon in a mario hack he refers to it as a "kudos moon." The origin of Kudos Moon is with youtube user Azureblade 49[2] who once played a hack where the creator challenged Azureblade to find his hidden Kudos Moons in every level. S So HPKC is a known fan of Azureblade 49 and it can only be assumed that is where he got this catchprase from.
  • "Poopy Cheerios" A phrase commonly used in Mario hack videos when S So HPKC encounters a boss or any other major enemy.
  • "Nope, fooled ya fucker" - Said while playing a Mario hack, mocking what he believed that the goomba was telling him.
  • "Invincibilty Mushrooms" - The famous powerup mushrooms from Mario games. In Mario hacks S So H does not bother to play safe as he has save states. Thus, powerup mushrooms become more useful for their invincibilty frames after mario is hit, rather than what they were originally intended for.
  • "Dammit Marth!" - A little known catchphrase by many of S So HPKC's fans. S So H used this when he first started making videos. A youtube user Prince Marth (full name unknown) use to suggest and send Mario Hacks to S So H. Whenever S So H encountered annoying or bizzare (search "Super LU Eshi World") elements in the hack he would blame Marth by using this catchphrase. "Dammit Jason" seems to have replaced this catchphrase. Prince Marth and this phrase have not been seen or used in a long time.
  • "Ahhhh you...." - Used when Mario is unexpectedly killed by an enemy, often calling the enemy by a swearword.
  • "Riddle me this Batman" - He is puzzled by what just happened.
  • "Terribad" Something happens or may happen that is either terrible or bad...
  • "Leap of Faith!!" - He jumps from a very high platform in a Mario hack that increases the chances of landing either on the ground or in a hole. This was actually first used by ProtonJon. ProtonJon is one of S So H's influences, so the catchphrase was probably passed on to him.
  • "Break the level/Level broken" - infamous action done when S So HPKC has the ability to cheat through a level by flying in a Mario hack.
  • "Thunderfist just doesn't care" Said when killing a pokemon with a move called Thunderpunch. -Variation: Thunderfist doesn't give a Fuck!
    • "DYNAMICFIST" A variation of the above.
  • "STOMP" Said when executing the stomp move in Dead Space.
  • "Invisable bitches" A way of calling the Stalkers from Killing Floor.
  • "He's dead. There's no way." - Said in Killing Floor when one of his teammates gets attacked.
    • "I'm dead. There's no way." - A variation of the above
  • "Unbelievable." used when something crazy happens. Usually followed by "Un-fucking-believable." or "Un-freaking-believable."
  • "REAGAN SMASH!" - phrase when he uses the Gravity hammer (Reagan Hammer) in Halo
  • "How in the name of Carmen Sandiego" used in Portal 2 Episode 22
  • "Strategy"- Occasionally used to sarcastically state that he's is being strategic (it's commonly known he disregards tactics) which was coined by SNL in a skit which satirized the first Presidential debate of the 2000 election in which Bush (Will Ferrel) uses it as a reason why he should become president (a joke about how Bush mispronounces words). It was later adopted by Bush himself and is sometimes used to make fun his slightly tactless demeanor.
  • "Good job team, get ready for the next round."- A reference to the phrase used in COD by your team's "announcer" when a round ends in victory for your team.
  • "Hardcore Parkour." Describes difficult platforming, most common in parkour style minecraft challenge maps.
  • "Laptop Mc Twistey." A move performed by Seamus and/or James (Paragon Nova) in parkour style minecraft challenge maps, most notably in Minecraft's Edge 2.
  • "There is no way he doesn't have this." Used in his Killing Floor videos, usually when there is one person left.
  • "There's no way you/we/I don't got this." A variation of the above.
  • "_________ is a real cool guy." Used sarcastically when talking about something/someone Seamus doesn't like.
  • "Triangle to win!" Phrase used a lot in Kingdom Hearts 2 when fighting.
  • "Frag out!" Said whenever Seamus throws a grenade.
  • "Holy fuck, there's a Zubat in a CAVE!!!!!?!" Used sarcastically when Seamus encounters Zubat, referencing its common wild encounter in caves, and the fact that it has weaker stats than any other Pokemon.
  • "Don't mind if I do." A phrase uttered by Seamus in the Resident Evil 4 (HD) Walkthough, sometimes said whenever recieving an Item.
  • "What a high-horse!" When a character in a game is considered being egotistical.
  • "AUGH SPIDER" When he sees a spider in minecraft
  • "Police!" When entering a room through the course of Resident Evil 4 (HD) Walkthrough.
  • "What a douche/bitch": Usually when encountering a character who is even slightly unpleasant. He seems especially quick to say the latter to any female characters he encounters.
  • "Who's dick do I have to suck to get a/an ________?": Said in various games whenever he's trying to get something in game and failing to do so.
  • "Everything's coming up Milhouse!": Whenever something in game goes his way. A shout out to the memetic quote by Milhouse from The Simpsons.

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