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Sort, sort, sort, sort the webcomic catch phrases!

    • "That was a secret attack."
    • "Shake what your baby gave ya!"
    • "Hi, I'm Mr. Stocker!"
  • The leader of the Moon Men from Basic Instructions also has one but THE DETAILS ARE NOT IMPORTANT!!
  • A few in Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Lucy's "jerkface", Mike's "guh!" and Yashy's "whore!" being the main contenders.
  • Many characters from Brawl in the Family have one.
    • Waluigi: "TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME." and "Waluigi hates this." and "WAA!"
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    • Kirby: "[whatever he's about to eat]!"
    • Captain Falcon likes to add the word "Falcon" to a lot of his phrases. (i.e.: "Falcon Bluff!")
    • King Dedede: "I'm gonna get you, Kirby."
  • Concerned: You just got Frohned!
  • While oddly none of the main characters seem to have a catch phrase in Cwen's Quest it almost seems to be a requirement for the minor characters causing fans of the series to repeat them whenever a minor character show up.
    • Zergarem: Your Mother
    • Edwin: HEaRT!
    • Sabril: Magic (followed my malevolent laughter)
    • Trel: Hats! (Followed by screaming)
    • Vorg: Here at Team Vorg.....
  • Diggernote  has the classic "Oh blood and shale!"
  • DM of the Rings: "I hate this campaign".
  • Igor from Dork Tower has "It must be mine!" (not really related to the trope). this strip and those after it hang quite a lampshade on it.
  • The Dragon Doctors:
  • El Goonish Shive: "Sexy-awesome!" Also, "Za?(!)" on occasion.
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  • "Why, hello there!" and "Oh my." - Flying Man, of Flying Man and Friends.
  • Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer! In addition to bellowing his name, Othar generally yells "Foul!" when a Spark defeats him in a manner that doesn't fit the rules of hero/villain combat that exist in his head.
    • Also, when somewhat-less-mad-than-regular scientists Agatha and Gilgamesh are thrust into the stereotype of their role, they tend towards the line "...and I can live with that!". (Things they've been able to live with thus far have included death rays, ranting at underlings like a cheap actor, and controlling an entire city and its army via a mix of mind control, symbiosis, and shared insanity.)
  • Homestuck:
    • Jade: oh nooooooo
    • Gamzee: hOnK :o)
    • Doc Scratch: "I am a most excellent host."
    • Vriska "Irons in the fire" and "all the (x), all of them".
      • This one gets lampshaded by Karkat, who points out that he can pretty much predict exactly what she's going to say because that's what she ALWAYS says.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!:
    • Jean: "Egad!"
    • Roofus: "I will fix the roof!"
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    • Fitznewski: "Flying tackle!"
    • Jansen: "Mm. Yes, I see."
    • Voluptua: "Frass!"
    • Moe: "Oro?"
    • Snookums: "Glib!"
    • All Unicorns: "Purr!"
    • All Bigfeet: "Ook!"
  • Nazi science sneers at catchphrases!
    • Crikey! This catchphrase is a bit stroppy!
      • You have been promoted to catchphrased at by a giant frog.
  • Night Terror: Vince's "Bend the Nightmare, kiddo!"
  • The T-Girls of Jet Dream, the Remix Comic version, share a memorable Catch Phrase with their original counterparts: "Jet-a-Reeno!"
  • Rowasu of Juathuur, sure as sky.
  • Rayne from Least I Could Do: " ... and that's when I tried to buy the horse a prostitute."
  • "FOR PONY!" - Richard, Looking For Group
  • Matchu has "Meh, typical..." for when things go wrong. Jamjars has "AWW FUCK!" which he says often, as in that's all he ever says.
  • Megaman Sprite Comic: Megaman's catchphrase is simply a Flat "What". He begins every strip this way.
  • Rehhh????
  • In The Order of the Stick, Vaarsuvius never actually says this, but beware of any paper that reads "I prepared Explosive Runes this morning." They ''explode''.
    • Elan: Dunh Dunh DUNNNNH!
  • Julie's classic healing chant: "The Power of Friendship Cures Light Wounds!" from Our Little Adventure
  • In pictures for sad children, sentences and titles of comics are often formed based on the sentence "character, who is description". Used most famously for paul, who is a ghost.
  • Pixie and Brutus: Pixie says "Wowee!" when she's excited about something.
  • Woo's "Woo!" Woo from Sandra and Woo is even named after his common reaction to pleasant surprises.
  • Several in Sluggy Freelance:
    • Riff: "Let me check my notes."
    • Kiki: "Stay good, (name of person behaving immorally here)! Stay good!"
      • "Ooh, shiny!"
    • Sam: "Sam's da man!"
    • Dimension of Pain Demons: "How evil."
    • "Torg Potter" Wizards: "Mysteeeeeerious!" (wiggles fingers)
    • Torg: "Run away!"
    • Bun-Bun: Ka-Click!
    • Bert: "My world is a crotch!" Later, when he shows up again as a ghost (for a short time), it is confirmed to Torg that it's him when he says, "My afterlife is a crotch!"
  • The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom): The shoggies reaction to pretty much anything is "Oooh! Sooo coool!", but admittedly they are as dumb as you expect brainless pink goo to be.
  • Spoofed/subverted early on in Wigu, when the title character learns that he must be careful not to utter the catchphrase ("Spring into action!") of his cartoon hero Topato Potato, lest he be hunted down by the Catchphrase Killer.
  • Jason from The Word Weary answers "Who Cares?" off-handedly whenever someone asks him about another character's emotions.
  • 1/0: Junior has "bite me".
  • Darths & Droids:
    Jim: I have a great idea!
    Other Player: We're not [insert loopy idea here]
    Jim: Ooh, that's even better!


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