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  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Fanart made the titular character this before the show even premiered. The fact that she is canonically bi ended up helping a lot.
    • Iroh II, upon having one line at the very end of an episode, was shipped with every character imaginable in a matter of days.
    • Opal Beifong quickly joined the list soon after her introduction. Fanart often depicts her with other girls, usually with either Korra, or (aged up) Jinora. But there's still plenty of art pairing her with her canonical boyfriend, Bolin.
    • Speaking of Jinora, she eventually joined the list herself, judging from the steadily growing amount of fan artnote  of her. Like Opal, she's almost always paired with other girls, with Opal and Korra being the main two candidates. But she's also been paired with her kid sister Ikki, Bolin, Asami, and her grandmother, Katara!note 
  • This trope is discussed in the Big Hero 6: The Series episode "Fan Friction" (the Oh Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us! episode, in case you couldn't tell from the title). Fred has created a number of Portmanteau Couple Names for the team, but they all mostly involve Wasabi because Fred thinks he'll be popular with the fanfic writers since he's just so cool. More realistically, Hiro is the series' launcher, being the main character and given he's part of a team with five other people.
  • Danny from Danny Phantom has been paired with not only almost every single character in the show (Sam, Valerie, Vlad, Dash, Tucker, etc.), but even with inanimate items: Danny/Fenton Thermos anyone? He's paired with characters that don't even exist, and background characters whose names and personalities were invented by fans (such as Wes Weston). He even gets shipped with himself, multiple times over. note  Crossovers also sometimes occur, such as ones pairing him with Jake Long. Apparently, he's just that compatible.
  • Raven in Teen Titans, commonly seen shipped with Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Red X, Starfire, Terra, Slade, or others.
    • Raven/Everyone is hilariously parodied in this fanfiction.
    • Also, Robin, who is frequently shipped with Raven and Starfire, but also shipped commonly with Slade, Red X, Beast Boy, and most other guys in the series.
    • To go a little further, he's the Launcher of a Thousand Ships for most if not all of the DC universe. See Nightwing in the Comic Book section.
  • Kyle from South Park is paired with everybody.
    • Kenny is paired with...anything that lives.
    • Cartman's no slouch in the Launcher of a Thousand Ships department either. Considering the sheer amount of Ho Yay / Foe Yay he generates in the show it isn't surprising.
    • There is Craig/Tweek, Craig/Stan, Craig/Kyle, Craig/Kenny, Craig/Cartman, Craig/Clyde, Craig/Wendy, Craig/Mark, Craig/Butters, etc. Lots and lots.
    • On the female side, there is Bebe, who has been paired with Kyle, Clyde, Wendy, Craig, Kenny, Token, etc. Plus the fandom tends to characterize her as "slutty". Wendy's no slouch in the shipping department, either.
  • Xandir from Drawn Together. More often than not, he's paired with Captain Hero, but ships with each of the other male characters are not uncommon. In fact, despite him being firmly identified as homosexual, he's often paired in fanfics with the show's female characters.
  • As of this writing, Webby from Ducktales 2017 has been paired with all three nephews and her new friend Lena.
  • The Fairly OddParents, Norm the Genie seems to have started becoming this. Well, he has got paired with a lot of Original Characters, which are either human or genies. An idea that ships him with Wanda has been mentioned on a messageboard. There is a discussion on FanFiction.Net about whether he's better with Crocker or Imaginary Gary. Also, about him and Princess ManDIE. He has even been paired with Head Pixie.
    • Both Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo seem to get a lot of this too, even with both of them being happily married in the show.
    • Timmy Turner...
  • Riven of Winx Club is the most pair-able character in the whole show.
    • Bloom has been shipped almost every character in the show both good an evil.
  • Starscream. All of them. This may be mildly connected to the fact that he's one of the more effeminate characters in a mostly male show in nearly every Transformers series.
    • Prowl seems to have reached this status in the Transformers Animated fandom.
    • On a lesser-known scale, Team Rodimus member Red Alert is paired with Brawn, Hot Shot, Perceptor, Wheeljack, Rodimus Prime, and Inferno (who barely even exists). There are no doubt countless others.
    • Arcee in Transformers: Prime is shipped with almost every Autobot and Decepticon in the show.
      • And a few of the humans, for that matter.
  • There can't be many other characters that Kim Possible (And to a lesser extent her Evil Counterpart Shego) isn't shipped with. Ron, Monique, Wade, Felix, Mankey, Brick, Bonnie, Tara, James, Anne, Mr. Barkin, Justine Flanner, The Tweebs, Ned, Ron's Dad, Ron's Mom, Drakken, Monkey Fist, Sr. Sr. Junior, DN-Amy, Killigan, Miss Go, all of Team Go, Will Du, Yori, and finally Dr. Director. Oh, and Kim with Shego? Just a little.
  • Total Drama has quite a few people in the cast that qualify. But, most notworthy, there's:
  • Phineas and Ferb:
  • Mr. Quiet, Mr. Grumpy and Miss Chatterbox from The Mr. Men Show have each been paired with more then a few characters. Miss Calamity's been paired with a lot of characters. Besides Mr. Bump, she's been paired with Mr. Strong, Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Quiet, and Mr. Scatterbrain.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! has Nova. She has sizable shipping fanbases with every single member of the team, Chiro included. Plus the crack.
  • Jade Chan. Considering she's the only regular female character, she was bound to fill this role.
  • Not only is Chuckie Finster from Rugrats a big example of this in the fandom, he is also a pretty good example of this in the show. He has had some Ship Tease moments with Lil, Susie and Angelica along with a slightly more than occasional one-shot female character. Tommy Pickles did make an effort to catch up with him in the show (even though it was mainly in All Grown Up!) but Chuckie Finster is still probably one of the more known cases of this in Nickelodean history.
  • The Flash from the animated version of the Justice League gets this, though granted BatFlash is one of the most popular, he's also been paired with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor (though generally not reciprocating any feelings), the Lords!Flash (even though he's, ya know, dead, Fire, Linda Park, Spider-Man...In fact, one of the only ones he doesn't really get paired with is Hawkgirl- probably because canonically they're "Like Brother and Sister".
  • Double D. Though usually shipped with either Marie, Kevin, or Eddy, he's been shipped with the vast majority of the cast at least once. Yes, even Eddy's Brother.
    • Nazz has a bit of this too. Gets shipped with Kevin, Edd, Eddy, Sarah, and Marie.
  • King Julien from The Penguins of Madagascar has been shipped with nearly the entire rest of the cast: Maurice, Mort and all four penguins. On the flip side, he did show interest in the sole leading female, Marlene the otter.
    • All Hail King Julien adds another fleet with Clover, Karl and Crimson.
  • According to fanon, this is Arnold's job, as he has a habit of being shipped with EVERYONE. Seriously, EVERYONE. Even Azula. Yay Arnold?
  • WordGirl. Let's see, who shall Becky (or WordGirl) be paired with today? Becky/Scoops, Becky/Tobey, Becky/Two Brains, Becky/TJ, Becky/Violet, Becky/Chuck, Becky/that one guy who's always trying to find the police station...and the list goes on.
  • Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been paired up with everyone, including the kitchen sink and shipping itself!
    • Here is a shipping chart. Note that the four most common pairings all involve Rainbow Dash. And they point to her like an arrow.
    • Twilight Sparkle also qualifies. In fact it's entirely possible that this trope fits Twilight more than Rainbow Dash! A lot of pics are drawn and a lot of fanfics are written involving Rainbow Dash pairings, but Twilight may possibly have more actual pairings.
      • Statistically, she only barely made this trope with 1,008 pairings as of April 17, 2013. Rainbow Dash has 1,291. Twilight and Fluttershy tie at 43 for number of unique ships. Dash has a mere 40. [1]
    • Equestria Daily has actually graphed the shipping fanfics it's received on two separate occasions. Dash is currently winning on quantity, while Twilight is winning on variety, having been shipped with every one of her friends, herself (twice), her Parental Substitute and mentor Celestia, Big Macintosh, Spike, Luna, Derpy, Trixie, a huge variety of OC's, and on her more "open-minded" days several crossover characters.
      • There's even a deviantArt group of fans of MordeTwi (Twilight x Mordecai from Regular Show.)
      • Originally an art commission for a fanfic, Spidertwi has taken off with enough uncommissioned artists to get a Derpibooru tag.
    • Rainbow Dash shipping is so common that on, Fimfiction.Net, the dedicated MLP fanfiction site, one user, Jake Roberts, tried to coin "Roberts' Razor" which ran: "If a pony exists in MLP, there are at least three stories shipping them with Rainbow Dash." This fell apart when two other users brought up ponies that Rainbow hadn't been shipped with,note  but the thought still stands.
    • As for colts, Big Macintosh seems to be one of the only males the fandom will touch, so he gets shipped with just about everypony at some point... including Applejack... and Apple Bloom!
      • Soarin is the closest thing to a pegasus equivalent to Big Macintosh (though to a lesser degree), being paired up frequently with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Spitfire, and miscellaneous background ponies (but not to the same degree of Big Macintosh). Fancy Pants is the most popular Unicorn bachelor, although he's usually only shipped with Rarity and Fleur De Lis.
      • Caramel is the second most shipped stallion next to Big Macintosh. He's been shipped with everypony in Equestria, and we mean everypony. Particularly impressive since he's a background character.
      • Braeburn is Big Mac for the slash fans. Everypony is gay for Braeburn. Yes, even the mares. No, this doesn't work.
      • Thunderlane may have beaten Soarin' for most shipped pegasus stallion. He's been shipped with all of the members of the Mane 6, with Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity (especially after some Ship Tease in "Wonderbolts Academy"), and Rainbow being the most popular ones. And then there's Spitfire, Soarin' (the fact that he canonically becomes a Wonderbolt later on has only helped this), Cloudchaser, Flitter (and often both at once), Blossomforth, Derpy, Lyra, Gilda, Lightning Dust, and several other supporting and background ponies from the show.
    • Because he's the only male main character, Spike is slowly becoming this. He's been paired with each of the Mane 6 at least once, plus the Cutie Mark Crusaders, both Princesses, Little Strongheart, and even Big Macintosh.
    • He doesn't suffer from this as the aforementioned characters, but Discord has a surprising number of characters he's been shipped with. Most of the time he's shipped with either Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, or Pinkie Pie. However, he's also been shipped with Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Luna, Fluttershy, and even Steven Magnet. Then again, seeing as how all of Discord's interactions with other characters seem to radiate Foe Yay, it actually makes some sense that he'd be shipped so much.
    • The fans seem to like shipping within the Mane 6. If one of the Mane 6 is in a shipping story, it's probably with (at least) one of the other 5.
    • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls added Sunset Shimmer, who got shipped with Twilight Sparkle and the alternate universe's Applejack and Rarity in a Foe Yay way, and her ex-boyfriend Flash Sentry. Rainbow Rocks and its shorts turned the Foe Yay into Ho Yay and got her shipped with the rest of the alternate Mane Six, but also got her shipped with the Dazzlings through Foe Yay. Friendship Games added alternate universe Twilight Sparkle to Sunset's pile, the Mirror Magic special threw Starlight Glimmer into the mix, and the release of Forgotten Friendship added Trixie and Wallflower Blush. The fact that Word of God revealed near the end of the series that Sunset is canonically bisexual is sure to have this continue.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars gave us Ahsoka. She's been paired at least with Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, Chuchi, Shaak Ti, Yoda, Barriss, Rex, Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Lux, Grievous, anyone.
  • X-Men: Evolution has Kitty and Rogue. Kitty has her canon pairing with Lance, but also gets shipped with Kurt, Pietro(!), Scott, Piotr, Dani Moonstar, and Rogue. While Rogue has her more common Scott and Gambit pairings, she also is paired with Lance, Pietro, Kitty, and even Wolverine despite the huge age difference in this universe. With these two, it's largely because they're the most popular characters in the show (along with the bellow mentioned Kurt); the female fans either identify with one of them, and the male fans tend to openly crush on them, especially Kitty (Well, the straight male/female fans), meaning they either get paired with whoever the girls personally like, or they get paired with who the boys identify with the most. The same is likely for Kurt bellow.
    • Interestingly, Jean almost never ends up with anyone other than Scott. Scott/someone else fans generally ignore her or make her Ron the Death Eater. Thought, the occasional Jean/Lance fic and Jean/Logan fics still pop up now and again, so some people like her.
    • Kurt himself has been shipped with everyone in the cast. Kitty, Wanda, Amanda, Jubilee, Amara, Rahne, Scott, Evan, Logan, Toad, Storm, Lance, and then there's the fact he gets the most fangirls, so there's millions of Original Characters. Chicks really do dig the fuzzy dude (And apparenly the dudes as well). Just say that if you have a name and one line of dialog, someone's going to ship you with Kurt.
  • As with all other versions of him, Dick is still a shipping bicycle in Young Justice. This is despite him being thirteen and Word of God saying he'll have no romance. To the same extent, Conner (Superboy) is very popular with the shippers. But, when Zatanna showed up that blew the whole "no romance" thing out of the water, and Word Of A Higher God has suggested that the Dick/Barbara shippers may be onto something too.
    • This is canon: Dick has been romantically linked with four different characters (Zatanna, Rocket, Batgirl, and Bette Kane) over the series' six-year time frame. Three of whom are his teammates. Throw in the non-canon pairings, like Dick/Wally and Dick/Artemis, and you've got yourself a fandom bicycle.
  • In a rather odd occurrence, everyone on Metalocalypse tends to be shipped with everyone else, making them all the Fandom Bicycle. Though it doesn't hurt that the Fandom is relatively laid back when it comes to shipping.
  • Hawkeye from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!. Fans don't have trouble imagining him with Black Widow, Mockingbird, Hulk, Black Panther, or even Bruce Banner. Of those five, Black Widow became the first to steal a kiss from Hawkeye.
  • Look at the DVD cover for Megamind. He has slept with all of them. Including himself.
  • The Warden is this in the Superjail! fandom. He has literally been paired with almost EVERYONE or anyone in the series that fans may fancy. The main ships include: Alice (his canonical unrequited crush), the Mistress (his proclaimed arch-enemy that some wish he'd settle down with ), Jared, Lord Stingray, Jailbot (whom, mind you, he sees as a SON figure), some of the inmates (especially Jacknife, Ash note , Gary, etc.) and anyone else fans may think of. Hell, he's even been paired with himself (or at least his future counterpart)! Needless to say, the competition of all the above options can cause much Ship-to-Ship Combat. And then you add in the Once-ler, fans' own Original Characters, or the rare crack pairing with any minor characters other than the ones mentioned before note , and things get even more complicated to make sense of.
    • Less frequently, he's paired off with the Twins, though it really doesn't help that people also pair them together or off with their own Original Characters.
    • Lord Stingray has become second to the Warden in spawning multiple pairings. If he's not simply paired with the Warden as mentioned above, there's Mistress Kilda (his wife that Alice killed), the Mistress (whom he had a failed relationship with), Alice (due to both having slept with the Mistress), Jailbot, and any of the other inmates.
    • The Mistress herself is a comparatively minor example so far. If not paired with the Warden, Alice, or Stingray, fans will settle for having her paired off with Charise or another member of her staff (less commonly Bruce, rarely Nova).
  • Dipper of Gravity Falls has been shipped with Wendy, Candy, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Gideon, Robbie, Giffany, Pacifica, Tyrone, and even with Bill Cipher, an Eldritch Abomination.
  • The titular character of The Amazing World of Gumball has a canon love interest in Penny to the point of them becoming an Official Couple but this doesn't stop the Fan Preferred Pairing with him with Carrie. This doesn't stop Gumball from being shipped with Tina Rex, Jamie, Teri, Carmen, Rachel, Molly, Sarah G. Lato, his adopted brother Darwin who fell in love with him when he thought Gumball was a girl, his mother Nicole, and his little sister Anais!
  • Steven Universe has Pearl, who's already had Ship Tease moments with Garnet and Amethyst and of course her background with Rose, being widely shipped with every Gem introduced thus far (sans Steven) and occasionally some humans.
    • Later on, Peridot. While Amethyst/Peridot and Lapis/Peridot are most popular, Pearl/Peridot, Garnet/Peridot, Jasper/Peridot are also popular ships. Even Steven/Peridot has its supporters.
    • Steven himself is no slouch in this department either. Despite having a canon Love Interest in Connie, Steven has been shipped with every other character at least once, including the Crystal Gems, his adoptive mothers.
  • Stormer from Jem and the Holograms is the most shipped character by far. She's usually shipped with Roxy or Kimber however she's also been shipped with Clash, Jetta, Pizzazz, even Eric, and random Original Characters.
  • Marco Diaz from Star vs. the Forces of Evil gets shipped with seemingly everyone: his best friend Star, his crush Jackie Lynn-Thomas, local bad girl Janna, Star's evil ex-boyfriend Tom, Tad's ex-girlfriend Kelly...
    • The creators of the show, well known for teasing the fanbase, seem to be both acknowledging and deliberately encouraging this trend by dedicating an entire episode ("Running With Scissors") to Ship Tease between Marco and Hekapoo, a previously-minor character who he'd never even met before.
  • Lincoln Loud of The Loud House has been shipped with his former classmate Cristina (on which he has or had an unrequited crush), his other classmate Ronnie Anne (actually having feelings for each other helps), the four girls from "Dance Dance Resolution" (all of whom he was set up with on a blind date at the same time), several unnamed female background characters, his best friend Clyde, and, most popular and famously (or infamously depending on one's personal stance), all ten of his sisters. Yes, even his baby sister Lily. That's not even bringing his sisters' male counterparts or his own female counterpart Linka into the equation. Hey, it's in the Theme Song: "One boy and ten girls, wouldn't trade it for the world!"
  • Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown gets shipped with a lot of characters, including Chase, Omi, Le Mime, Wuya, Katnappe, Kimiko... and that's just the canon characters. There are also plenty of Original Characters he gets paired with, as well as a Crossover Ship with Princess Morbucks. It helps that he gets Ship Tease (at least on his side) with both female and male characters and he's the most popular character.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Quick quiz for characters. Are you a female character with a name and consistent voice actress? Are you not already spoken for? Congratulations, you've almost certainly been shipped with Adora. If you answered no to the first question, but you're Bow, you've also been shipped with Adora. Sometimes the ship will involve other people too, but Adora will be constant.
  • On Cleopatra in Space , Cleopatra is this. She's been shipped with Zaid (her canon crush), Akila (who she has tons of Les Yay with), Brian (because of Opposites Attract) Yosira, (similar to Akila), and Callie (due to the Foe Yay they have).

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