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The Winner

     Kaycee Noelle "KC" Clark (The Winner) 

Kaycee Noelle "KC" Clark

Born: Dec. 26th, 1987
Age (at time of competition): 30
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current City: Tempe, AZ
Occupation: Pro-Football Player
HOH Wins: 2note 
POV Wins: 5note 
H@cker Competiton Wins: 1note 
Nominations: 3 note 
Have Nots: 2note 
Prizes Won: BB H@cker during Week 7 note 
Punishments Taken: Pinwheel of Doom note , Health Nut note 
Finished: Placed 1st (WINNER; Won $500,000)
Jury Votes Received: 5/9 (Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, Scottie, Sam)

  • The Ace: Kaycee won 1 HOH Competition and five consecutive Veto Competitions. She broke the record for most Veto wins in a season and most in a row all at once! The fifth one she wins is also the last and most important Veto win of the season, as it ensures her a ticket to the final three.
  • Action Girl: Though she hasn't shown competition prowess inside of the house, she's a football player outside of the house. Plus, she's built with tons of muscle and she's incredibly athletic. She's the pure definition of a female jock. She finally wins her first competition of the season when she wins the H@cker Comp in Week 7, giving her a strong degree off power especially when she happened to be nominated. Kaycee also snagged a Veto at a challenge that was perfect for someone who catches footballs for a living when she smoked the competition at catching squids; this Veto was also crucial to keep Level Six in power and break up Haleigh and Faysal without putting up Sam as a replacement nominee and making her freak out. Then she scored a second POV in a row by winning "Control Your Emojis". She parlayed this into a winning streak with an HOH and a third veto and then a fourth consecutive veto followed by a fifth!
  • Affably Evil: Kaycee is ultimately a nice person but that doesn't mean that she's not willing to scheme and backstab to get farther ijn the game. Her number one ally in the game is Tyler, the puppet master of the entire house. Kaycee is pretty much The Dragon for Tyler and carries out all of his manipulative plans but nobody outside of the two of them or Level Six would be able to tell because Kaycee has such a strong social game and looks to be the epitome of a Nice Girl.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Angela and Tyler both call Kaycee "Peanut". When Kaycee is annoyed or angry, they both call her "Salty Peanut".
  • Agony of the Feet: Sam had to tend to a blister on Kaycee's foot on August 4 after Kaycee had a backyard workout, using the first aid kit in the storage room. Tyler later complained his feet were sore, reminding Kaycee of the discomforting lawn outside.
  • All-Loving Hero: Kaycee is genuinely the kindest and nicest houseguest of the house next to Tyler. She doesn't have a mean or hateful bone in her body and she treats everyone with kindness. She never talks about how she hates or dislikes anyone in the house and she's friendly to everyone, even those who aren';t her allies and those she's not close with.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Kaycee is racially ambiguous but she's actually mixed Filipino and White.
  • Anti-Villain: Kaycee is one of the nicest people in the house. But she is part of the powerhouse alliance of Level Six, plus she is extremely close allies and The Dragon for Tyler, the one who is controlling the game and running the house. Kaycee has been playing a very under the radar game for the most part but she has made some moves to get rid of the opposing side of the house. She is considered to be a coaster who has gotten far because of her alliance's dominance in the game.
  • Artifact of Doom: Quite literally. Got the "Pinwheel of Doom", the newest iteration of the dreaded unitard punishment. While the costume actually looks awesome, the punishment itself is not, because whenever the pinwheel unit starts spinning, Kaycee isn't allowed to leave the room she's in until it stops, which could badly affect her chances of maintaining a social game. She also broke the record for earliest to incur the unitard, only hours into the first day.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Even Kaycee has her limits. After listing to Sam making victim noises all week and knowing Sam threw out a pity vote to save Bayleigh like what had been done with Kaitlyn, she was "over it" along with Tyler and Angela, who saw Sam quickly turning into a liability for their games and considered making her a target.
  • The Big Girl: Kaycee is one of the tallest women in the house along with Bayleigh and Angela, who are all 5'10". But unlike Bayleigh and Angela, Kaycee is also very muscular and built like a mountain. Since she's a pro football player, it's understandable.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Towards Tyler, but also towards Sam, Angela, Brett and Bayleigh. Kaycee has told Tyler to his face that she feels a kinship to him because he reminds her a lot of her brother. Because of that, she feels that she could never backstab him, hurt him or turn against him personal and game-wise. She'a also protective of her other Level Six alliance members as she provides emotional support for them when they need it. She has given Bayleigh comfort when she had been facing some hardships in the game. Kaycee is constantly emotionally supportive of Sam since Sam often requires a lot of attention and affirmation from others.
  • Blood Knight: She's definitely a bruiser and a competitor and is going on a winning streak in regards to competitions. It's ironic that now she's letting her competitive side come out to play since in the earlier part of the game, Kaycee was looking like the most useless member of Level Six. Since Kaycee is a pro football player in the real world, her being highly competitive and showing it later on in the game is to be expected.
  • The Bore: Does very little of note in the game and is perceived to be playing to get Tyler the win. Is barely featured most episodes, unless given a costume punishment. Changes somewhat in week 7 when she wins the H@cker Competition and has to cover her tracks around Rockstar, who has an argument with Kaycee. Starts to subvert into the final eight by Weeks 9 and 10 when Kaycee is actively winning POV comps and directly responsible for keeping Level Six in control of the nominations.
  • Brawn Hilda: Kaycee is very muscular looking. She's a professional football player after all so that much muscle mass is needed and required to be effective in her profession. However, because of her muscular physique, some fans have commented that she looks rather mannish. It's the opposite of Christmas who is also very ripped and muscular but also has a share of fans who find her physically attractive and think that she's still feminine.
  • Butch Lesbian: Kaycee is a lesbian and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She's also very much a tomboy and more of a masculine looking lesbian. She's a professional football player which is known to be a strongly male dominated sport. However, she downplays this trope because she does have some feminine qualities such as her very long hair which she often puts up in a high bun.
  • Butt-Monkey: Kaycee has been plagued by two week-long costume punishments. She had the Pin Wheel Costume during the first couple of weeks and then she got stuck with the Peanut Costume in Week 6. In addition to constantly being plagued and cursed with having to sport a costume every few weeks, she is rarely chosen to play in Veto competitions. The first time that Kaycee actually got to play in the POV competition was in Week 6 and that's only because the Hacker (Haleigh) chose for her to play out of pity that she has never played in a POV comp before.
  • Catchphrase: "Let's go!" It might be a Verbal Tic because Kaycee doesn't notice how much she uses the phrase until other houseguests point it out, and Zing-Bot zings her for annoying the viewers by saying it so much.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Surprisingly reveals to be one for Tyler. She outright tells Tyler that she doesn't want him to be in a relationship in the house or outside of the house because she wants her and Tyler to be a pair for possible opportunities outside of Big Brother. Kaycee has admitted that she fears Tyler being in a relationship with someone such as Angela may compromise their chances of opportunities and inability to travel. Kaycee has become very emotionally attached to Tyler to the point of clinginess and it seems that this will continue once the game is over. Kaycee even wants Tyler to move in with her after the show is over! Tyler has yet to confirm to Kaycee that he's officially with Angela and that he's in love with her so it may come as a shock to Kaycee one she finds out and she may not take it so well since she would expect Tyler and Angela to be a pair and she would play the role of third wheel to them.
  • The Cutie: Kaycee is such a sweet, kind and genuine soul that it's so difficult to find any reason to dislike her. She's one of the nicest, most genuine and least problematic houseguests of the season; it's not a shock that Kaycee is nearly universally liked by everyone in the house because of her positive and caring personality.
  • The Dragon: For Tyler. Kaycee has been Tyler's undyingly loyal second in command since Day 2 of the game. They have worked closely in alignment throughout the game and they have socially, competitively dominated the game. Even though Tyler has plenty of loyalty puppets and allies that are willing to be very loyal to him and do his dirty work for him for the entire game, Kaycee is most definitely one of his strongest allies as she's excellent competitively and wins a lot of competitions to secure the safety of herself and Tyler (and Angela by extension)
  • Dumb Jock: She's strongly athletic and wins comps, but she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. She has a horrible memory and she lacks strategic prowess. She has to depend on strategists like Tyler and Angela.
  • Dumb Muscle: Kaycee is strong at winning competitions, but she's very weak when it comes to strategy. Kaycee doesn't seem to have a clue about some of the dynamics in the house and she's clueless about those who are potentially targeting her. Tyler has tried to warn Kaycee a few times about JC and Brett potentially striking at her and Angela and putting them on the block before F5 and F4, but she doesn't seem to want to listen. She has feigned ignorance and is believing that Brett would never betray her or want to get rid of her because he is a Level Six member and that JC won't put her up specifically because they are both members of the KGBTQ community.
  • Expy:
    • Jenn "Jenn City" Arroyo from BB14. They are both lesbians and members of the LGBTQ community. They are both perceived to be useless in the game because they don't really contribute anything of value. Both have been called boring and useless by fans. The difference between the two however is that while Jenn city was a floater who had no particular strong alliances except for being a part of Mike Boogie's team along with Frank and Ian, Kaycee has been in an alliance with Tyler, Winston, Rachel, Brett and Angela since the very start. She also has a Final 2 deal with Tyler called Coast 2 Coast and they are each other's #1 allies in the game. Kaycee also starts to gain momentum into the final eight and snags two consecutive Power of Veto and is suddenly tipping the game in Level Six's favor because she is securing their nominations when Angela and Tyler are the respective HOH of those two weeks.
    • Cody Calafiore from BB16. Kaycee and Cody are similar in that they have Undying Loyalty to their alliances. They are both athletes—Kaycee is a professional football player while Cody is a soccer player. Both are being dragged in the game by a stronger and strategically dominant player—Kaycee was dragged by Tyler while cody was dragged by Derrick. Both have solid competitive prowess and decent social games but they are incredibly weak when it comes to game strategy and they have to depend on strategically stronger players like Tyler (in Kaycee's case) and Derrick (in Cody's case) to get by.
  • Gay Best Friend: To Tyler. The two have a very close relationship and instantly bonded with each other. They even have a secret F2 deal and have a loyalty to each other that's only between them. They are also part of the same alliance of Level 6.
  • Gayngst: Kaycee has a serious discussion about outing herself as a lesbian to JC in Week 9. She has been dressing like a man since she was little and had a nine-year relationship with a girlfriend and then a four-year relationship, but kept it secretive from her parents. She had no problems at all telling her dad that she was gay when she was in high school because he figured it out on his own and accepted her. It was Kaycee's mom that quietly had objections to her daughter's sexuality, because Kaycee could tell from the tone of her mom's voice that she was hiding anger, and her mom was a traditional Filipino who wanted Kaycee to carry on that way of life. Kaycee was upset by her inability to date who she wanted without guilt and was sad that she couldn't control who it is she loves and felt it was unfair to be judged for that, and takes offense to the idea that some people disown their kids when they find out that they're gay when JC mentions that part. It's also concerning that production held back this conversation and didn't air it until two full weeks had passed, disguising it as part of the events following Tyler's HOH win, but the outfits Kaycee and JC are wearing are their H@cker Comp garb, still fresh from the second challenge.
  • Genius Bruiser: Subverted. It looked like Kaycee would be a combination of smart and athletic, but it turns out that she's only strong in the athletic and competition aspect of the game. Strategically and mentally, she is very weak and she lacks common sense in the game. Tyler is pretty much her brains in this regard similar to how JC was Fessy's brains when it came to game moves and strategy. Kaycee is nice and she's competitive, but boy does she serious lack in the strategic aspect of the game, which is the most important aspect of Big Brother.
  • The Klutz: Kaycee is certainly not the most graceful person. Her clumsiness and lack of gracefulness was on full display during the Week 8 HOH competition which was the Slip N Slide Endurance Comp. The competition involved travelling back and forth on a slippery Cricso filled lane and filling up a glow stick tube with slippery liquid. Kaycee lampshaded her lack of balance and her constant falling during the competition. Out of everyone competing, Kaycee was falling all over the place the most. Brett stated in his DR session that watching Kaycee falling repeatedly during the competition was painful to watch.
  • The Lad-ette: She's a tomboy and a lesbian. She obviously prefers the company of men and she's in a primarily male dominated profession of football for a living.
  • Lady Swears-a-Lot: Kaycee uses swear words on reflex. Several times, Kaycee has forced Big Brother to censor the live episodes because she keeps cussing loudly each time she loses live HOH competitions. Her language is mostly clean otherwise, but still peppered with casual swears. Rockstar later takes offense to it when she calls out Kaycee as the H@cker, and Kaycee has to clarify that this is just how she talks normally.
  • Lesbian Jock: Kaycee is a Butch Lesbian and she's a pro-football player for a living. She's obviously highly athletic going by how muscular and physically built she is.
  • The Load: Up to Week 7, Kaycee has proven that she isn't the strongest competitor by any means. She seems to suck at mental competitions. However, there isn potential for Kaycee to do well in endurance and physical competitions. Such as the case in Week 4, when Kaycee was one of the Top 3 last standing on the Tree Standing Endurance Competition along with Tyler and Sam. The fact that she was one of the last few people standing in that endurance competition proved that she does have a hidden physical competitor inside of her but she doesn't let that side of her show. There's the possibility that Kaycee has been throwing comps in the earlier part of the game out of fear of getting too much blood on her hands at an early rate. Kaycee not showing competitive prowess or wining comps may be part of her strategy at trying to lay low. However, Kaycee finally starts showing off her competitive side when she wins the H@cker Competition. She chose to take herself off the block and replace her spot with someone of the opposing alliance, Rockstar. She then makes a power move by choosing the strongest and most dominant competitor of the Level Six alliance, Tyler, to play in the Veto competition. Tyler ends up winning the POV, removing Angela, but Kaycee ends up going back up as a replacement nominee in Angela's spot as a pawn. Though Kaycee didn't show too much of a competitive or stretageic streak, she most definitely showed her potential in Week 7 that she could be a huge game threat.
  • Only Sane Woman: One of the most level-headed players in the house in a surprisingly trigger-happy season, Kaycee hasn't been at the epicenter of drama in the house but generally motioned around it. Even around Rockstar, Kaycee is able to lie convincingly while Rockstar is freaking out because she identified her as the H@cker.
  • Out of Focus: It's so hard to believe that Kaycee is actually a houseguest because she is hardly ever seen on the live shows. Mom of the attention is focused on Tyler and Haleigh since they are clearly the stars of the season. Even Brett gets more attention than Kaycee and Angela has surpassed Kaycee as well because of Angela's recently developing relationship with Tyler. What's ironic is that Kaycee is considered to be Tyler's closest and #1 ally in the house yet she never gets any attention. The only time when Kaycee gets any air time is when she is winning competitions. Kaycee's lack of DR's and attention on the live shows could be contributed to the fact that although she is nice, she quite The Bore.
  • Prim and Proper Bun: Kaycee's trademark hairstyle is wearing her hair up in a very high bun on the top of head. It's a rarity to see her hair down or loose and when she does wear it down, it's considered to be a live feed highlight. Fans have commented that Kaycee has really beautiful long hair and she should wear it down more often.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Kaycee's hair is super long but it's never seen or shown because she's always wearing her hair up in her signature high bun. Whenever her hair is down, people are always shocked about how beautiful and extra long her hair is. People think that Kaycee should wear her hair down more often because they think her hair is beautiful.
  • Sand In My Eyes: After Kaycee has a discussion about her coming out story with JC, it brings out her emotional side and she cries, thinking she looks ridiculous as the "gay girl crying" on national TV, even though it feels good to let it out. She claims it's "peanut allergies".
  • Shipper on Deck: Kaycee obviously ships Tyler and Angela AKA "Tangela". Considering that they are her allies and her two closest friends in the house, Kaycee wanting the both of them to be happy if it means being with each other is not a surprise. In fact, Kaycee is very supportive and encouraging when it comes to Angela and especially Tyler expressing their feelings about each other.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Kaycee, nominated for eviction in week 7, wins the H@cker competition, takes herself off the block and puts Rockstar up in her place. Rockstar, figuring (correctly) that Kaycee is the hacker, starts giving her static about it, calling it a "bitch move." Kaycee's response is short, sweet, and to the point: "Welcome to Big Brother."
  • Token Minority: She's the only Asian houseguest of the season. On top of that, she's also a lesbian and she's a woman. See Twofer Token Minority.
  • Tomboy: Has a lot of muscle, a tough tattoo, a gruff-looking hairdo, and is in a very masculine profession and proud of it.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: It's her signature hairstyle. If it's not in a ponytail than it's in a bun.
  • True Companions: With her fellow Level Six alliance members, but especially to Tyler who is her number one ally and Final 2 partner.
  • Twofer Token Minority: It's more of like a Triple Token Minority - Kaycee is a member of the LGBTQ community, a woman and a POC (Filipino).
  • Undying Loyalty: To Tyler. Tyler is her number one ally in the game and they have been aligned with each other since the very beginning. Kaycee even states that if anyone other than herself were to win the game, she would want it to be Tyler. She also said that she would never vote against Tyler if he's on the block and that she would never put him on the block if she were HOH. It's clear that they have such a close bond and friendship yet they are highly underestimated because nobody in the house knows exactly how close they are.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Kaycee got very dizzy in the county fair HOH, and, in a repeat of Michelle from 18, threw up. Production graciously slapped a "yuck" emoji over her mouth when that happened, but the live feeders watching the hour-long competition in full were not so fortunate.

The Runner-Up

     Tyler Ross Crispen (The Runner-Up) 

Tyler Ross Crispen

Born: Feb. 17th, 1995
Age (at time of competition): 23
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Current City: Hilton Head, SC
Occupation: Lifeguard
HOH Wins: 3 note 
POV Wins: 4 note 
Nominations: 2 note 
Have Nots: 3note 
Prizes Won: The Cloud note , Trip to Honolulu note 
Finished: Placed 2nd (RUNNER-UP + AMERICA'S FAVORITE HG; Won $50,000 + $25,000)
Jury Votes Received: 4/9 (Angela, Haleigh, Brett, JC)

  • Action Hero: Tyler is not only the seemingly strongest strategist in the game as of right now but it appears that he may be a future comp beast as well. He did manage to pull off winning the first HOH competition of the season and went on to win 3 POV's. He's also very good at endurance competitions. In Week 4, he outlasted all of the other guys and most of the girls. Tyler came in second to Sam in the Tree Standing Endurance Competition. He has played in 5of the 7 Veto Competitions and would have won all 5 Veto's if he didn't throw one to Fessy in Week 1 and didn't give Angela the Veto in Week 6 because she asked to keep it. Tyler has been throwing HOH competitions because he doesn't want to have too much blood on his hands. But if Tyler continues being the competition beast that he is, he could easily beat some of the records of someone of biggest competition beasts in Big Brother such as Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB All Stars, and BB14), Daniele Donato (BB8, BB13), and Paul Abrahamian (BB18, BB19).
  • Actual Pacifist: Tyler hates fighting and prefers to resolve fights through diplomatic ways. If he is faced with any type of confrontation from other people, expect Tyler to check out or walk away from it. It was apparent that Tyler hated it when Bayleigh tried to start a fight with him in front of the entire house and that he really didn't want to argue with her. Tyler admitted himself that he hates conflict and drama.
  • Affably Evil: Gives off vibes of this, especially when he's essentially controlling most of the votes by using Angela as a Puppet King. He'll be a nice guy to you as he's secretly plotting your demise.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Kaitlyn used to call him "Tylee". Haleigh often calls him "Ty".
  • All According to Plan: Everything that Tyler has planned out always ends up happening. Tyler always has something planned in his back pocket when it comes to the game and he's always steps ahead of everyone else in the house, even those who are in his Level Six alliance.
  • All-Loving Hero: Downplayed. Tyler is very much a Nice Guy but game wise he can be cunning and ruthless when he has to be. On a personal level, Tyler generally likes everyone and gets along with everyone on a personal level. He has no serious dislike to hatred for anyone in the house and he treats everyone with respect and dignity. He's very respectful towards his allies and his alliance and never mistreats them, abuses them or talks down to them. He's highly agains using dirty tactics in the game to get far and he's not into fighting, drama or bullying to get his way. Tyler has a very down to earth, caring, and chill personality so his ability to adapt and care for the variety of different personalities in the house is very commendable and admirable. Add onto the fact that Tyler has very high levels of patience and it's totally understandable why he manages to get along with everyone on a personal level and why he has numerous allies on a game level.
  • Always Save the Girl: Since Week 6, Tyler has been in protect and save Angela mode. In Week 6, Angela won the Veto and passed up on a money prize just so that she could take Tyler off the block. In Week 7, Tyler repays the favor when Angela is nominated by Haleigh, Tyler wins the Veto and uses it on Angela. Since then, Tyler and Angela have a strong and unshakable bond with each other and they have become a Battle Couple hell bent on protecting and saving each other at all costs.
  • Amazon Chaser: His attraction and interest in Angela and his close bond and friendship with Kaycee gives off the impression that Tyler is strongly attracted to athletic women. Angela was a pole vaulter, a track runner, and a gymnast while growing up in addition to being a fitness model with a ripped and toned body. Kaycee is a pro football player for a living who is built like a brick and is muscular as hell. It's no coincidence that two of his closest allies happen to women who are heavily involved in sports and athletics. No surprise considering that Tyler himself is an athletic jock that's a swimmer and played soccer growing up.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Tyler is puppeteering the entire house and is manipulating, scheming and lying to people left and right. However, despite him playing a pretty ruthless and scheming game, he's still a good person that's just playing hard to get to the end. It's hard to classify Tyler as a villain because he's not really doing anything worthy of being deemed a villain in the way that people like Paul Abrahamian (BB19) did.
  • Anti-Villain: Tyler makes a distinction that he's not trying to be personal about any game moves, even though some players see it as personal. He's playing the role of a puppet master, but not getting addicted to it.
  • Apologetic Attacker: In Week 6, Tyler told Bayleigh that he was sorry about everything that had happened (her being backdoored and the fight between them during Haleigh's House Meeting) during the week once she was evicted and leaving the house.
  • Arch-Enemy: Bayleigh. He absolutely cannot stand her on a game level and he has been wanting her out of the house since Week 1. The reason why Tyler has distrusted Bayleigh since the beginning is because Bayleigh attacked Tyler during the first HOH competition and yelled at him. After attacking him, Tyler had a desire to backdoor Bayleigh and get her out of the house. Tyler viewed her as even more of a threat once he found out that Bayleigh had been targeting him and wanted to backdoor him. However, despite Tyler knowing this information, he chose to play nice with Bayleigh while secretly planting seeds with other houseguests and plotting her demise behind her back. Come Week 6, and Tyler's relationship with Bayleigh becomes downright hateful and antagonistic. Tyler was the one who got Angela to backdoor Bayleigh because he had plotted her demise with Angela after she won HOH. Bayleigh was blindsided by Angela and Tyler for being backdoored. Bayleigh blamed her being nominated on Tyler because Tyler had accused Bayleigh of being the H@cker that put him on the block. The two got into a huge blow up during Haleigh's house meeting where she admitted to being the H@cker that put Tyler up on the block. Tyler is now desperate to get Bayleigh out of the house more than ever and views her as his one true arch nemesis in the game.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Has moments of pumping himself up and trashing the other side
  • Ascended Fanboy: Tyler is a self proclaimed super fan of Big Brother. According to his pre-season interviews, he has watched every single episode of Big Brother US, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother UK and Celebrity Big Brother. There's not a single episode of any international version of Big Brother that Tyler has not viewed or watched.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Tyler is considered to be the leader off the powerhouse alliance of Level Six. It's no coincidence that he's the strengths physical competitor and the overall strongest player in the entire game. Tyler is running the house and controlling all aspects of the game.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Tyler is able to figure out people's intentions and agendas in the game just by speaking to them, listening to them and observing them. His ability to absorb game information from other people just by the way they talk to him and the game information that they give him during a game conversation gives him some of the best and most accurate reads regarding the game and the house dynamics.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Tyler isn't the youngest houseguest of the season overall, that title belongs to Haleigh, but he is the youngest male houseguest of the season. Because of that, many of the other houseguests constantly coddle him from time to time and treat him like a kid.
  • Badass Adorable: Tyler is charming, endearing and can charm the hell out of anyone he comes in contact with, but don't think for a moment that he won't ruthlessly stab someone in the back or plot someone's demise in the game if he views somebody as a threat to him.
  • Badass Boast: Has little to no issue with telling people exactly what he thinks and feels and he can be an absolute savage when the time calls for it. Such as the case in Week 6 after Angela used the POV on him and Bayleigh was backdoored. Tyler told her to her face that he was going to vote her out and that if she's the Hacker, she can cancel his vote cause he has no intentions of keeping her. And he did while wearing an American flag bandana, black sunglasses and sipping tea right in front of her.
  • Badass in Charge: He's this of the Level Six alliance as he's clearly the one running the alliance. He could also be considered as this in the entire house because he's the puppet master pulling all the strings behind the scenes and in secret yet nobody really notices or realizes it.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: Along with the man bun, Tyler often wears a bandana. He's been seen wearing a light blue coloured bandana and an American flag bandana. Tyler wearing a bandana is fitting since there's no doubt that Tyler is the strongest player and competitor in the house as of now.
  • Bash Brothers: He's this with pretty much all the males in the house, in particularly JC, Brett, Winston, and Scottie. JC is one of Tyler's closest allies and they two are very loyal to each other. They constantly give each other game intel and they have each other's backs in the game. Brett is his Level Six alliance member. Winston was originally Brett's number one ally in the game but after he was evicted, Tyler seems to be taking Winston's place as Brett's #1 and his bro in the house. Winston was part of his Level Six alliance and because of that the two had loyalty to each other due to being on the same alliance. Tyler's starting to develop a stronger relationship with Scottie and the two have a strong degree of trust in each other. Tyler had taken Scottie off the block when he was in trouble and secured his safety—this in turn made Scottie feel a degree of loyalty to Tyler in the game. Tyler was also bros with Swaggy C in the beginning, but once Tyler realized that Swaggy was controlling one side of the house, he saw him as a threat that needed to be taken out due to him being an alpha male archetype. It's clear though that Tyler loved Swaggy C on a personal level if his sincere and genuine Goodbye Message to him when Swaggy was evicted is anything to go by.
  • Battle Couple: Tyler is this with Angela. Since Week 5 onwards, the two have become significantly closer and are being viewed as a power couple and duo in the house by others. Angela and Tyler have been the power players since Week 5 onwards especially after Angela stopped being The Load or furniture and started taking action in the game such as strategizing, flipping votes and winning competitions. In Week 6, they solidified their status as a power duo when Angela won HOH and Tyler influenced her to backdoor Bayleigh. Tyler was nominated by the H@cker (Haleigh) but Angela won POV and took him off the block. This solidified a much stronger bond between the two. Angela was nominated in Week 7 by HOH Haleigh, but Tyler won POV and chose to remove her on the block and repay her for saving him. It seems as if they continue with this type of game dynamic, Angela may become the Amber Birkich to Tyler's Boston Rob Mariano (Survivor). Tyler & Angela are arguably the strongest duo in regards to the game along with Tyler & JC and Tyler & Kaycee.
  • Battle of Wits: With both Bayleigh and Haleigh. Both of them have been secretly and actively targeting Tyler but since Tyler is way savvier than the both of them combined, he ends up outsmarting them constantly. Tyler constantly makes sure to blindside the hell out of Bayleigh, Haleigh and the entire Hive/FOUTTE side of the house on a weekly basis.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Downplayed. Tyler is arguably the most attractive and physically beautiful male houseguest of the season. In terms of looks for the guys, Tyler is by far the prettiest, especially next to more macho and masculine guys like Brett, Fessy and Winston. Personality wise, Tyler is one of the nicest, kindest and most genuine houseguests in the house. However game wise, Tyler is the most dangerous and deadly player left in the house. He's a "villain" with regards to how much of a mega threat he is and how much of a triple threat he is in the game-he's the biggest danger to everyone else in the game on a social, strategic and competitive level. Tyler may be pretty, but don't be fooled by his charm, charisma and good looks. The guy is manipulative, cunning and ruthless and he'll most definitely put a knife in someone's back if he feels threatened by them in the game!
  • Benevolent Boss: He's pretty much the leader of the Level Six alliance and he's a very understanding and patient person towards his allies. Even when Tyler has his own agenda and opinions in the game, Tyler is willing to listen to his allies opinions and respect them even if he doesn't agree. In opposition to Paul Abrahamian (BB19) who took the lead last season, Tyler doesn't use his allies and disrespect them. He's very fair, benevolent, caring, and understanding and tries to look out for the best of his allies and his alliances, no matter who they are. In addition, Tyler hates drama, fighting, chaos and bullying and he will often play the role of mediator or peacemaker if things ever lose control or become chaotic.
  • Berserk Button: Don't be petty, mean, make personal attacks, or start unnecessary drama and fighting! Making personal attacks against others, fighting with others, acting petty, and overall disharmony doesn't sit well with Tyler at all. One of the very reasons why Tyler has mentioned that he's not overly fond of Angie (Rockstar) is because before the live feeds had come on, she was acting very bitchy, catty end mean by personally attacking other people. Tyler also didn't take it well when Bayleigh had attacked him or snapped at him for no reason during the HOH competition. Because of this, Tyler wanted to put Bayleigh up as a replacement nominee if the POV was used, fearing that Bayleigh would cause problems in the future because of her pettiness. Lastly, Tyler didn't like when Sam had attacked Kaitlyn personally when she was in robot form. Not only did he dislike the fighting and the drama that would entail with the fighting, but he was fearful that by fighting with Kaitlyn, Sam would make herself a bigger target and that would not only screw up her game but it would screw up his as well because he has aspirations and plans to align with her ie the future. Another berserk button of his is anything pertaining to his hair. Here's a minor example, and a hilarious one, too. The house discovered Tyler had another major pet peeve in the night before Fessy's eviction: his hair. The girls experimented to straighten out his hair and the result was an amazingly gorgeous masterpiece... except Tyler HATED it. He panicked and went crazy over the dramatic change and the girls' further attempts to doll up his hair with braids, and settled for a compromise where his straightened hair was slightly tied back. Also, DO NOT insult or come after Kaycee and Angela. Those re his girls and he strongly values them on a game or personal level. Once Tyler got wind that Brett, his fellow alliance member, wanted to target the girls, Tyler secretly lost it, sold out Brett, and brutally and savagely cut him at Double Eviction.
  • Best Served Cold: In Week 5, Tyler objects to Bayleigh's run of the game when she becomes Head of Household in Week 5, but becomes hesitant to do anything to upset her once Rachel blabs about Baeleigh's Identity Theft Power App into making any moves that would upset her, knowing the app's warranty is up next week and Bayleigh will definitely use it to extend her control of the game for two more days by hijacking nominations. Bayleigh's first target is Brett, and Tyler wants Brett to stay because he's afraid of the girls taking over the house. Rachel is the other nominee, who has proven to be disloyal to Tyler by questioning his judgement after wrongfully trusting Bayleigh's word (which is incorrect) over his, and currently sitting on the block as a pawn, with the plan being to switch her out for Scottie by convincing Bayleigh to go after him instead, so nobody from Level Six has to go home. So what does Tyler do? Set up a secret plan to screw over Bayleigh's nominations by knocking out one of his own allies, who has upset Level Six's ranks anyway. This way, Tyler plays off the blindside as justified on his end without showing his real hand to Bayleigh.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Tyler is a nice, easy going and chill guy for the most part, but it's probably not a good idea to think about getting on his bad side or trying to cross him. He may be chill and patient, but there's potential for him to have a nastier side if provoked. In addition, Tyler may seem like a typical shallow and dumb surfer dude but he's actually pretty ruthless and manipulative. He's nice but he won't have an issue with chopping your head off or stabbing you in the back if he feels threatened.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Tyler gives off the impression that he's just another dumb, shallow, fun loving, chill Surfer Dude who doesn't pose any threat to anyone's games. Everyone likes to make fun of Tyler's surfer dude persona by mocking him and making jokes about his surfer dude lingo and attitude. Turns out that these houseguests at seriously underestimating him in the game since he's Obfuscating Stupidity and is by far the most dangerous player and the de facto biggest threat to get to the end and win the game. Interestingly enough, because Tyler is dumbing himself down and making himself appear to be someone who has zero knowledge bout the game by passing himself off as a recruit instead of the Big Brother super fan that he is, nobody takes him overly seriously and they just view him as someone who is athletic, competitive and wins a bunch of comps but don't see him as someone who has mastered the strategic aspect of the game. In reality, Tyler has the strongest social and strategic game along with being a competitive threat which makes him all the more dangerous in the game.
  • Big Eater: Tyler loves food and he's constantly seen to be eating. One of his favorite foods to snack on while in the house is Chex Cereal and Peanut Butter. next to Brett and Sam, Tyler is the houseguest that's commonly seen in the kitchen eating or exploring the refrigerator digging for food to eat.
  • The Big Guy: Tyler downplays this because he's not an overly big or tall guy like Faysal, who is 6'5" and built like a brick and a mountain, but Tyler is extremely fit and athletic. There's no doubt that he's the strongest physical competitor in his alliance of Level Six as well as in the house overall. Tyler combines this with The Smart Guy and classifies as a Genius Bruiser because not only as Tyler a huge competitive threat but he's also a solid strategist, manipulator and mental threat.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Angela. Both of them share quite a few things in common in regards to their personalties and interests. both of them are highly athletic and love taking care of their bodies-Angela was a strongly athletic person growing up being that she was a pole vaulter, a track and field runner, a gymnast and is currently a fitness model for a living; Tyler is an athlete and played soccer, baseball as well as being a swimmer who is a lifeguard for a living. They are both classic introverts and are very afraid of opening up to people and expressing themselves. Both are very calm, cool collected and generally unemotional-something has to really hurt or upset them for them to lose their cool. Both of them have a love of travelling. Both are from the same area of Hilton Head, SC. Tyler and Angela lampshade that the one thing that caused them to have an immediate kinship early in the game was that they were both from Hilton Head.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Downplayed. Despite being nice in day to day activities and genuinely liking the majority of the houseguests outside of the game, Tyler is more than willing to manipulate those around him, and even cut his allies loose when they start becoming a liability. He has made deals with every single remaining houseguests, which could very well bite him in the ass provided he doesn't admit his mistakes should he make it to Final 2. Especially since every person he evicts since Bayleigh is being sent to the Jury.
  • The Bluebeard: Tyler has a strategy of flirting with women and charming them, emotionally manipulating them so they become attached to him, plotting their demise and then stabbing them in the back and getting them out of the house! Tyler is very charming and the most flirtatious male in the house. He's stated he has no intention of getting into a showmance with any women while in the house but that he would use his charm and charisma to manipulate the girls into doing what he wants. Tyler has flirted or used his charm on, at some point, with pretty much every single female houseguest with Kaitlyn, Sam, Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Angela being the biggest victims of his flirtations and emotional manipulations. If Tyler isn't flirting with them, then he's being affable, cordial or friendly to them such as in the case with Rockstar, Rachel, and Kaycee. While flirting with the women in the house, Tyler uses emotional manipulation to get them to do what he wants. If he feels that a girl is a liability to his game, he will ruthlessly plot their demise, turn on them, or stab them in back. He did this with Kaitlyn first, who was the biggest victim of his emotional manipulations. While flirting with Kaitlyn and using her for game related purposes, he was secretly plotting with others about getting her out of the house. Kaitlyn was beyond shocked past eviction about his much Tyler manipulated her and played her hardcore. The second victim of Tyler's manipulations was Rachel, who was a fellow alliance member of Level Six. As soon as he heard Rachel doubt him and lose trust in him, he got the entire alliance to turn against her. Tyler remained friendly and affable to Rachel but he was plotting her demise and her blindside without her knowledge. Finally, the most recent and third victim of Tyler's flirtations and manipulations is Bayleigh. Tyler emotionally manipulated and flirted with Bayleigh in Week 5 during the week she won HOH. He pretended to care about her and be her friend, but was secretly plotting to get her out of the house. Come Week 6, and Tyler plants the seeds to Angela to backdoor Bayleigh. Once Bayleigh finds out Tyler betrayed her, Bayleigh has an emotional Category 5 meltdown to the extent that she came across as psychotic while screaming at Tyler. This seems to be Tyler's strategy with the women in the house. He resorts to flirting, turning on the charm, and using emotional manipulation while at the same time plotting their demise and eviction when it most suits or benefits him. He'll use the girls and discard them if he feels that they threaten him or if they have become a liability to him somehow. As of now, Rockstar, Haleigh and possibly Sam are his next targets that he plans on exterminating.
  • Bonding over Missing Parents: Tyler found common ground with Swaggy C because they both have a deceased father. Tyler's father had died from heart complications during the beginning of his senior year of high school. He was very close to his father. It was revealed that when Tyler's father was on his death bed, he told Tyler that he wasn't his biological father but that he was still his father because he was the one who raised him as his dad. This emotionally crushed Tyler because he believed that the man that raised him was his father all along and it turned out that he wasn't his real dad. Tyler currently doesn't know his real father and has yet to meet him. Swaggy's father was a drug addict who fell into a coma that he never ended up coming out of. He was pronounced dead afterwards. Since Swaggy knew about the commonality that he shared with Tyler retaining to their deceased fathers, he has used that during his campaign to Tyler to keep him in the house knowing that it's something that would play on Tyler's emotions and garner sympathy from him. Unfortunately for Swaggy, using his deceased father and swearing on his grave in order to stay in the house didn't sway Tyler in any way and only managed to turn Tyler off even more since Tyler has openly stated that he hates swearing on people, especially dead loved ones or family members.
  • Born Lucky: In Week Two, Tyler was given the BB App Power since he was voted as the most trending houseguest for the week by America. Tyler chose The Cloud App. The houseguest who chooses this app has the power to make themselves immune from nomination during one Nomination or Veto Ceremony of their choice over the following eight weeks. In addition to having his own power, he also has Sam's power as well, which is the Bonus Life power. The Bonus Life power is to be used immediately after a houseguest is evicted from the house, this power will give that houseguest a chance to return to the game via a competition. This power must be used in the first three evictions, or else the fourth evicted houseguest will automatically be given the chance to return. Tyler is not only the strongest player in the house and the one who is controlling everything, but he has some immunity and powers to help back him up shall he ever face possible nomination or eviction in the future. If that wasn't good enough, he is able to save using this power because Rockstar practically hands him a Veto without even meaning to.
  • Boy Next Door: Tyler is the epitome of this trope. He's an attractive, likeable and humble dude from the beach who lifeguards on the beach. His body next door charm may be why people are so drawn to him.
  • Brainless Beauty: Invoked Trope. Tyler tries to come off as this to the other houseguests, but, while Tyler may be good looking and attractive, he also has brains and intelligence.
  • Breakout Character: He's clearly the star of the season and has gained a large following outside of the house. Considering that he has 80% of the screen time on the live shows and is a handsome, charming dude with a great personality, it's not a shock. It's solidified even more when he wins America's Favorite Houseguest at the end of the season.
  • Bring It: Tyler is actually thrilled to go up on the eviction block and not be the one having control over the game for the change.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: He's the Brooding Boy to Kaitlyn's Gentle Girl. According to Tyler himself, Tyler has gone through much personal troubles, struggles and traumas in his young life. Kaitlyn would often be the one to provide him life advice and emotional comfort whenever he brought up the difficulties that he had faced in his past.
  • Butt-Monkey: Poor Tyler has been a Have Not more times than anyone else in the house. So far, as of Week 8, he has been a Have Not for 3 times! In Week 8, Tyler's time in being a Have Bot is particularly rough for him since he and Angela, who he has been building a stronger relationship with recently, have to be separated and aren';t able to engage in their usual antics of flirting and cuddling in bed. In addition to be a Have Not more than anyone else, nearly everyone in the house including Brett, JC, Kaycee, and Sam have been giving Tyler absolute hell over his potential showmance or romantic feelings for Angela. People are constantly berating him to not get into a showmance with Angela because they believe that it will be detrimental for his game in the long run. It's clear that even Tyler himself is frustrated by his feelings for Angela and he knows that getting romantically involved with someone in the house is ultra bad for his game.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: One of the biggest reasons why he was strongly against getting rid of Kaitlyn in Week 4 when the majority of the house wanted her out unanimously is because he knew the he had a very loyal ally in Kaitlyn. Not only were they friends on a personal level, but Tyler knew that he was able to control and manipulate Kaitlyn to an extent such as in the case of what he did in Weeks 1-3. However, Tyler came around and realized that although he saw the benefits of having Kaitlyn in the house as a loyal ally and a number for him and his alliance of Level Six, he also realized that Kaitlyn is a huge liability for his game because of how overly emotional, unpredictable and chaotic she is. So, he decided to vote her out along with the rest of his alliance and the house. Tyler stated in his Goodbye Message to Kaitlyn that Kaitlyn was both good for his game in some ways and bad for his game in other ways, but despite that, he genuinely liked her on a personal life and they would be friends.
  • The Chains of Commanding: Since Tyler has numerous allies in the house on top of a powerhouse alliance of level Six that he has to look out for and protect, there is no doubt that Tyler has felt some stress and some pressure in trying to keep himself along with his allies safe in the game. Although Tyler doesn't often show his emotions while in the house, his DR sessions have revealed that sometimes, he cracks under the pressure the he faces in trying to keep his allies safe on top of keeping himself out of a danger zone. Part of the reason why Tyler felt the need to win tons of competitions early on in the game was because he needed to keep himself and his alliance of the bock when it was completely necessary. Some of Tyler's allies have managed to cause him to endure highly stressful moments, such as the more wilder, emotional and unpredictable personalities such as Kaitlyn, Sam, Brett, Rachel, Winston and JC. All of them have been close to Tyler or have been Tyler's allies at some point and he has felt the immense pressure to look out for them even the pones that may have been overly emotional or could cause him some problems for his game.
  • The Charmer: Tyler is very charming and is flirtatious with the ladies. He easily gets attention from pretty much all the women in the house and Kaitlyn, Sam, Haleigh in particular are extremely enamoured by him.
  • The Chessmaster: Definitely one of the strongest manipulators and strategists of the season so far. He's able to manipulate people into telling him information about the goings on in the house. Not to mention that both sides of the house seem to not see him as a threat because Tyler is pretending to act dumb and conceal how smart and aware he really is.
  • Chick Magnet: All the women in the house, including Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Sam, Haleigh, Kaycee, Angela, and Rachel, are charmed by Tyler. They flock to him naturally like bees to honey. But who could really blame them? It's so easy to like Tyler because he's easy on the eyes, charming, charismatic, friendly, down-to-earth, personable and has an overall good personality. Even Rockstar admits that Tyler is charming and personable!
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: This is downplayed. Though Tyler has loyalty to his allies and his alliance of Level Six, he was completely okay with Winston and Rachel, who were in his alliance, being evicted. He was okay with them leaving because he felt they were both unreliable allies and felt he needed to cut them. He was okay with voting out Kaitlyn even though she was a clear number and ally for him—he felt that she was detrimental for his game in the long run. His biggest betrayal though was when he backstabbed Swaggy C and had him backdoored after influencing Kaitlyn to do so. However, he does have Undying Loyalty to his remaining Level Six members as well as to JC and Sam, so he's not completely disloyal and backstabbing.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Tyler is a Chick Magnet who easily attracts and charms the ladies with ease. The interesting thing is that Tyler doesn't know how deeply infatuated the women are with him and he's completely clueless in that regard. Or maybe Tyler does know that he's so well liked by the girls in the house and he just doesn't care. Strong chances are that it's the latter.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: POOR TYLER! Tyler has constantly had to choose between friends and allies throughout the game and whether to cut them or keep them. At one point, Tyler had conflicting loyalty on whether to be part of the FOUTTE or Level Six she of the house. While Tyler was Playing Both Sides, he had more loyalty to Level Six though he was concealing this fact from FOUTTE. Because Tyler was keeping the fact that he was all in with Level Six a secret, Tyler was able to act as the double agent and The Mole for the alliance, gathering intel and game information from FOUTTE and spilling it to Level Six. He has conflicting loyalty between his own Level Six alliance members. There were two occasions early in the game where Tyler was forced to choose between his fellow alliance members when they were facing the chopping block. The first time was when Scottie put Winston and Brett on the block. Tyler influenced the rest of his alliance plus Sam and JC to keep Brett and vote out Winston because he felt that Brett would be a more reliable and solid ally than Winston, who proved himself to be pretty paranoid, useless and a loose canon. The second time was when Bayleigh put up Rachel and Brett. Tyler won the POV that week and had the opportunity of removing one of his allies of the block. He chose not to because he felt that doing so would reveal his hand to Bayleigh and expose that he's in an alliance with Level Six when they all think that he's with FOUTTE. This move of using pOV on Brett or Rachel would have exposed Tyler as the double agent. When it came to which one to keep between Rachel and Brett, Tyler convinced his allies to vote to keep Brett and vote out Rachel especially after finding out that Rachel turned on Tyler, was acting extremely paranoid and had planned on throwing the Level Six alliance, an alliance that values trust and loyalty above all, under the bus. Rachel trusted Bayleigh over Tyler which ended up getting Tyler to get his alliance to vote out Rachel. He gets conflicting loyalty between his remaining Level Six alliance again come Final 8 and Final 7. Brett, who had believed that he was Tyler's ride or die and #1 after Winston had left back in Week 3, tried to convince Tyler to target their own alliance members Angela and Kaycee. Brett believed that Tyler would want to target them not realizing just how close Tyler was to both girls. Tyler sells out Brett by ratting out his plans to target the girls to both Angela and Kaycee, which ultimately gets them to turn sour against Brett and want to cut him. Brett ends up being evicted and blindsided at the Double Eviction when Tyler wins DE HOH, Angela wins POV, uses Veto to take JC off the block and Tyler pus up Brett as a replacement ultimately sending him out the door. He also had to choose between going with JC/Brett or Angela/Kaycee and he ultimately chose to side with Angela/Kaycee because he was closer to them on a game and personal level despite also being friends and allies with JC/Brett. In Week 12, his conflicting loyalty comes into play once more where he has to choose between Sam and JC, two people who have been his loyal allies since the start. He ultimately ends up choosing JC over Sam, feeling like Sam is a possible bigger comp threat than JC and that she would be a jury threat to win the game due to a bitter jury. There was also a time back in Week 6 and 7 where Tyler felt pressured into choosing between Angela and Sam. Sam had got wind of Tyler getting much more emotionally closer to Angela during the week of her HOH reign. Sam took notice and ended up getting extremely insecure, angry and jealous over Tyler and Angela's relationship. As a result, Sam temporarily turned on Tyler and Angela by extension by citing that she wanted the both of them out of the house. Eventually, Tyler ended up swaying Sam back to his side by trying to emotionally comfort her and reassure her that he hadn't replaced her with Angela despite them getting closer recently. Finally, the biggest time in the game where Tyler has had conflicting loyalty is at Final 4 where there came a possibility that Tyler had to choose between keeping Angela, his romantic partner, or Kaycee, his best friend and ride or die in the game since Day 1. Fortunately for Tyler, he never ended up having to make that harsh decisions since Kaycee won the Final 4 Veto and cut Angela over Tyler, solidifying Tyler's place in the Final 3. Tyler may once again be having conflicting loyalty as to who he's going to take to the Final 2 with him shall he win the Final 3 HOH. He has to choose between Kaycee and JC, two of his close friends and allies in the game and the two people who would take him to Final 2 themselves and have had 100% Undying Loyalty to him throughout the game.
  • Consummate Liar: Tyler is excellent at lying, which is kind of ironic since he's a genuinely nice guy outside of the game. Fans have said they are completely shocked and even scared of how well Tyler can lie so easily and how he can be so convincing when he's doing it. It helps that Tyler has the dumb surfer dude persona going for him so that he could deceive people and throw them off when he's not being entirely truthful about something.
  • Creator's Pet: His detractors think that he's one. Tyler is constantly the focus in episodes, has over 60 more Diary Room sessions than anyone else the entire season. He's clearly the star of the season as he takes up at least 80% of the screen time on live shows. Tyler is also the most popular houseguest both inside of the house and outside of the house so his popularity could have much to do with why he is shown and featured so much on the shows. Many people think that Tyler is over exposed so much that they think the season was rigged for him similar to how Big Brother 18 was rigged for Nicole and Big Brother 19 was rigged for Paul.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Everyone thinks that Tyler is another dumb, chill, laid back surfer dude who poses no threat in the game. Turns out that he's the most dangerous player in the house because not only is Tyler a strong physical threat but he's a huge mental and strategic threat.
  • Creepy Blue Eyes: Tyler has very beautiful blue eyes but sometimes when he stares, he can look very intimidating and creepy.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Tyler has gone through quite a few personal and emotional struggles and troubles. Tyler lost his father when he was only 17 years old and his death changed Tyler's life forever. Tyler used to love bowling but after his father died, he gave it up for good and never bowled again. In addition to his father dying, he also found out that the father that raised him wasn't his biological father. This emotionally crushed Tyler since he was very close to his dad. He had an older half sister named Angela that died of heart problems, like his father. In addition to his family troubles, Tyler has had some really bad luck with romance and women. He's had to endure stalkers and crazy women trying to ruin his life hence why he has openly admitted that he has trust issues with girls and why he's hesitant to date or get into a long term relationship again.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Tyler has a very dry, witty and sarcastic sense of humor. He's very deadpan in how he delivers jokes.
  • The Determinator: When Tyler has a set goal or mission that he wants to complete or accomplish, he'll go through all the lengths to achieve it. When Tyler was determined to keep Sam over Steve in the house in Week 1, he went to extreme lengths to make sure that people kept Sam over Steve. Tyler told his Level Six alliance about Sam having the power in order to get them to keep Sam in the house, making them think that if they keep her, her power may give them another chance at the game if they ever face eviction. Tyler also manipulated Kaitlyn and got her to flip on her alliance after telling her that Swaggy and her alliance had been throwing her under the bus behind her back and that she was one of his targets. He was determined to get Swaggy C out of the house in Week 2 and he put in tons of work to get him out of the house because he viewed him as a threat. He flipped Kaitlyn over to his side of the house and manipulated her into turning on her own alliance and backstabbing Swaggy and the rest of FOUTTE. When Tyler is determined to get something, he can be rather ruthless in how he goes about it and some of his methods can be extreme at times.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: By far, the biggest threat and most dangerous and deadly player in the house yet nobody even notices or seems to realize it. He's the strongest player on a social, strategic and competitive level yet nobody is actively gunning for him or targeting him. His ability to use manipulation on other people by getting them to believe that he isn't a huge threat to them can be chalked up to him having an impeccable social game.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Pre-season, Tyler swore that he wouldn't want to get involved romantically with anyone in the house. He believes that showmances are a very bad idea and could distract him from the game. Come Week 6, and Tyler starts to grow romantically closer to Angela. Though still mostly focused on the game, there's no doubt that Tyler is attracted to Angela and has some degree of romantic feelings for her. And they are very much reciprocated on Angelas behalf as well.
  • The Ditz: Subverted. It would seem that Tyler would be stupid and not so intelligent because of his Surfer Dude personality but he's actually much smarter than he looks. He's very cunning, strategic and manipulative and is one of the biggest strategic and mental threats in the game so far. Many of the other houseguests think that he's genuinely dumb and an airhead.
  • The Dreaded: Subverted. Tyler is the most deadly and dangerous player in the game and the biggest threat in the entire house. The interesting thing is that nobody seems to realize it and they treat him as if he's no threat to anyone whatsoever. In fact, Tyler appears to be the least intimidating and threatening player in the house because of Tyler strategically dumbing himself down to make himself appear non intimidating and threatening.
  • Dumb Blonde: Subverted. Tyler may be a blond but he's much smarter than he lets on. He's in fact one of the strongest strategists in the house and he's pretty much got the majority of house wrapped around his finger.
  • Dumb Jock: Subverted. It was expected that Tyler would be just another dumb athletic jock who is shallow and has no depth. Turns out that Tyler is the complete opposite and is actually one of the smartest, most cunning players this season. He's purposely dumbing himself down to the other houseguests so they don't view him as a threat.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Not only is Tyler quite the charmer with the ladies, but the guys in the house seem to like him as well. JC, the token gay male of the season, has mentioned he finds Tyler attractive and has wishful thinking that Tyler may be bisexual or even gay. Yeah, good luck on hoping for that, JC...
  • Everyone Can See It: Pretty much everyone in the house has commented that they can tell Tyler is attracted to Angela and likes her. Tyler's relationship with Angela has recently become the talk of the house amongst all of the houseguests and there's many polarizing thoughts about the two of them. Some people support them (Fessy and Kaycee) and others don't support them (Brett, Haleigh, Sam, JC).
  • Expy: Tyler is comparable to a variety of past players from Survivor and Big Brother.
    • Malcolm Freberg from Survivor 25: Tyler is very similar to Malcolm in a lot of ways in regards to gameplay style, looks and personality. A chessmaster, manipulative, surfer type guy that is a clever athlete? Check. Both are Long-Haired Pretty Boys. Both are very smart, cunning, and manipulative and try to pass themselves off as dumber than they appear. Both wear man buns. Both have blond hair and blue eyes. Both have excellent instincts and read on other people. Both are very good at deceiving others. Both are The Charmer and love to flirt with the opposite sex to further their game agenda or goals. And both are definitely a Deadpan Snarker with a penchant for using dry humour and sarcasm.
    • Devon Pinto from Survivor 35: Like Devin, Tyler is the surfer dude archetype that's outwardly friendly, sociable and affable but is manipulative, cunning, and strategic. Both of them have piercing blue eyes. Both of them have longish hair. Devon and Tyler have very similar strategies in their respective games. Devon dumbed himself down to make himself not appear as a threat in the game. He was secretly plotting people's demise and stabbing allies in the back left and right but nobody caught onto him throughout the game because nobody could believe that a shallow, dumb and affable surfer dude like him could ever backstab and betray people and manipulate others into doing what he wants. Many members of the Survivor Jury admitted that if Devon made it to the F3, they were uncertain whether they would vote for him because they felt like he didn't do anything or contribute anything to the game. Devon had fooled so many people with his gameplay all season by Obfuscating Stupidity that nobody believed that he manipulated and backstabbed all season. Tyler is pretty much the same. Everyone in the house doesn't think Tyler is smart and they believe that he's dumb and doesn't understand the game. They think that he's easily manipulated and easily persuaded especially by women. The only thing that the houseguests give Tyler credit for is his competitive prowess and his ability to wins comps. But they don't realize that Tyler is the puppet master and pretty much the mastermind of the season that's making all of the game moves behind the scenes. Everyone has underestimated him despite the fact that he has the strongest influence in the house and he controls the votes on a weekly basis which has caused numerous blindsides.
    • Jud "Fabio" Birza from Survivor Nicaragua: Both are blonde hair, blue eyed surfer dudes. Both are Obfuscating Stupidity and are purposely dumbing themselves down to make themselves appear as less of a threat or a target to the other players. Both are genuinely Nice Guys] who are genuine, kind, caring and don't get mean, personal or petty in the game. Both are MagneticHero[=es and are widely liked by the vast majority of the other players. Both are Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass[es=]; they are making themselves appear as if they have no clue about the games they are playing—Tyler is hiding his status as a Big Brother super fan so that he looks like he doesn't have any knowledge about the game and is instead trying to come off as a recruit. They are both strongly athletic and competitive in nature and they win a lot of challenges or competitions. Both have been a Butt-Monkey of some sorts throughout their games—Jud had almost gotten his face burned by fire, got his finger pinched by a crab, and got his finger caught in a fish hook along with plenty of other things; Tyler has had to deal with people constantly obsessing over him and getting overly paranoid about being his friend or number one ally in the game. In addition to that, he's also been a Have Not a total of 3 times and finally, people are constantly picking on him for having romantic feelings for Angela which results in tons of the other houseguests lecturing him about it day in and day out. Both Jud and Tyler are the youngest male players of their seasons—Jud was 21 when he played on his season while Tyler is 23 on his season.
    • Frank Eudy from BB14. He's competitive like Frank is and he definitely has very similar hair to him. The major difference between Tyler and Frank however is that Tyler is much more calm and level headed than Frank while Frank was more Hot-Blooded, emotional and had a Hair-Trigger Temper. Tyler seems to be more strategic and manipulative than Frank. Overall, Tyler is a more charming, manipulative, cunning and laid back version of Frank. There's also the possibility that Tyler could become a comp beast like Frank since they are both athletic and fit.
    • Jace Agolli from BB17: Jace and Tyler are both a Surfer Dude and they are both blond haired and blue eyed. However, the difference is that Jace was a straight up extroverted attention seeking frat bro while Tyler is more humble, laid back and calm. In addition, Jace was just plain silly and dumb and had no significant strategy in the game while Tyler is Obfuscating Stupidity and is trying to make himself appear dumber than he actually is.
    • Braden Bacha from BB11: Tyler subverts this comparison because unlike Braden who was dull, uncharismatic and boring, Tyler actually has personality, is likeable and charming. They are both surfer dudes but Tyler is much more manipulative and cunning than Braden. Tyler has an excellent social game but Braden didn't have the best social game which was why he was a target early on. Braden was the first houseguest to be evicted of his season while Tyler was the first person to gain immunity and win HOH on this season. Both have the classic all-American beach guy look with the blond hair and the blue eyes and that's pretty much the only similarity that they have in common. Tyler is Obfuscating Stupidity and downplaying his intelligence to the other houseguests but Braden is a Brainless Beauty and doesn't have that much in the way of brains and intelligence.
    • Hayden Moss from BB12: Both fit the Surfer Dude persona stereotype but they are actually so much smarter than they let on. Both became a part of a large alliance early in the game. Hayden became a part of The Brigade alliance while Tyler became part of the Level 6 alliance. Both Tyler and Hayden won the first HOH of their respective seasons. Both are athletic and competitive in competitions. Both may be athletic jocks but thy aren't a Dumb Jock with no sense of intelligence and strategy. Both Hayden and Tyler are well liked in the house and have a strong social game. Both Hayden and Tyler are flirtatious and have flirted with a female houseguest for strategic reasons. Hayden got into a mini showmance and flirtmance with Kirsten and Tyler is in a flirtmance; for strategy purposes with Kaitlyn. Both Hayden and Tyler have or are flirting with someone who happens to be in a relationship outside of the house. Kristen had a boyfriend while she was having a flirtmance with Hayden; Kaitlyn is in a relationship and has a boyfriend while she's flirting with Tyler and some of the other make houseguests. In addition, both Tyler and Hayden have Wild Hair. Hayden has Shonen Hair while Tyler has Quirky Curls.
    • Hayden Voss from BB16: Like Hayden, he's a Long-Haired Pretty Boy who's athletic and fit. He has a similar personality to Hayden in that he's charming, flirtatious and he's much smarter than he appears to be. Hayden was someone that many fans considered to be the dark horse to go far in the game because of how smart he was. Hayden and Tyler have also engaged in a flirtmance or showmance with a pretty and cute blonde girl. Hayden was in a showmance with Nicole while Tyler seems to be in a flirtmance with Haleigh. The similarities between Hayden/Nicole and Tyler/Haleigh is noticeable to fans and they have made comparisons between the two pairings. Many fans have the same impression of Tyler. Not to mention that they have the Surfer Dude look down pat.
    • David Gurton from BB15: Tyler and David's similarities are only superficial and deep down, Tyler isn't really anything like David. They both have a Surfer Dude persona and have a love of the ocean and are both lifeguards for a living, they both have Wild Hair, both of them are attracted to a pretty blonde girl from Texas (Aaryn for David; Haleigh for Tyler), and they both have blond hair and piercing blue eyes. However, Tyler is actually very smart, manipulative and cunning while David was a pure Brainless Beauty and The Ditz who had no idea what he was doing in the game. David was also a target immediately in the first week of the game which culminated to him being blindsided and evicted in the first week of his season. On the other hand, Tyler is safe in the first week due to winning the first HOH of the season, being in power, and building allies left and right. In addition, David jumped into a flirtmance or showmance with a female houseguest from the very start. David was having a flirtmance with Aaryn in the first week which contributed to him being a target along with his physical strength and him possibly becoming a competition threat. Tyler, on the other hand, flirts with Haleigh for strategic purposes, not because he genuinely wants to have a showmance with her. Tyler has mentioned that he sees that Haleigh is a flirtatious person by nature and that she is trying to showmance Tyler for game related reasons. Tyler has said that he intends to pull the same strategic tactic of flirting with Haleigh in order to gain information about the other side of the house (or in other words, the opposing side of his alliance). Tyler is pretty much an inversion of David in so many ways despite how many superficial similarities they have in common.
    • Derrick Levasseur from BB16: Tyler has said in his pre season interviews that the game he most wants to emulate while playing this season is Derrick's. Much of his gameplay style and game moves are very Derrick-esque. He's very strategic, cunning and manipulative and knows how to use emotional manipulation on other people to get what he wants. Like Derrick, Tyler is hiding a secret about himself—Derrick hid the fact that he was an undercover cop and a police officer from his fellow housemates while Tyler is hiding the fact that he is a mega super fan of Big Brother and that's intensely knowledgable about the game. Derrick and Tyler both have very solid social games and they get along with everyone on a personal level. They both dislike drama and fighting and prefer to steer as clear from it as possible. Both Derrick and Tyler have had some people catch on to their game early on—Nicole, Hayden and Donny wee very aware on how strong of a player Derrick was and how he was playing everyone; Rockstar and Haleigh are aware of how strong of a player Tyler is competitively but still have a rather wrong read on him overall as they don't believe that he's the mastermind running the house but is instead a weak, easily manipulated floater who follows others and does what others want.
    • Cody Calafiore from BB16: Both are the Lovable Jock that are highly athletic; Cody is soccer player while Tyler is a swimmer and lifeguard. Both of them are a Mr. Fanservice who have good looks and charm. Both are a Pretty Boy who use their looks to get what they want. Cody and Tyler constantly like to walk around shirtless and show off their toned and tanned bodies. Both are The Charmer and Chick Magnet who flirt with and attracted all of the females in the house. Despite their flirting with all the women, they have no problem with using them and then stabbing them in the back and sending them home. Both Cody and Tyler have excellent social games and are friendly with everyone. Both of then are very strong competitors and are excellent at competitions, especially comps that are of an athletic or physical nature. Both of them have "frat bro" language; Cody talks like a New Jersey frat bro whole Tyler speaks like a surfer dude frat bro. The only difference between the two is that Tyler is more strategic and manipulative than Cody and he's 100 times more ruthless than Cody. Unlike Cody, Tyler is also the mastermind and the puppet master that's controlling everything and is running the house behind the scenes while Cody was a follower and did everything that Derrick told him to do. Lastly, both Cody and Tyler have had flirtatious and controversial relationships with a girl in teahouse that was already in a serious relationship back home. Cody was engaged in a flirtatious relationship with Christine who was married to her husband at the time Tim. Tyler was flirting with Kaitlyn, who was in a long term five year relationship with her boyfriend Joe. Christine and Kaitlyn ended up getting most of the hate and the blame from the fans for their controversial relationships with Cody and Tyler.
    • Parvati Shallow from Survivor 13 (Cook Islands), Survivor 16 (Micronesia), and Survivor 20 (Heroes Vs. Villains): Both of then are very flirtatious and like to use their charm and good looks to get the opposite sex to fall for their lies and manipulations. Tyler is a Manipulative Bastard and Parvati is a Manipulative Bitch—both specialize in the use of emotional manipulating other people to get their way and it often works. Both are Affably Evil—they appear to be cordial, friendly, flirtatious and sociable to someone's face, but they are actually secretly plotting people's demise and stabbing people in the back. Tyler and Parvati are The Chessmaster, they both use the other players around them as pieces on a chess board but will discard them if they feel like they are no useful to their games.
    • Paul Abrahamian from BB18 and BB19. Both are extremely persuasive, charismatic, and both try to be everyone's friend but are more than willing to attack their arch-enemy on a gameplay level. Both take up 80% of the live shows, and are Benevolent Bosses to their alliance members. But while Paul attacked people on a personal level and treated anyone who didn't kowtow to him with scorn at best and malice at worse, the only person Tyler legitimately dislikes on a game play level is Bayleigh.
  • The Face: He's this of the Level Six alliance. He arguably has the strongest set of social skills in the alliance next to Brett. He's very charming, persuasive and friendly and people are instantly drawn to him. He's excellent at getting people to spill game information to him without being too obvious about it.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Tyler looks so sweet, friendly and approachable on the surface, but he sure is manipulative, cut-throat, strategic and manipulative. This makes him an extremely deadly and dangerous player.
  • Face of a Thug: Downplayed. Tyler has a very handsome and pleasant face but sometimes his stare and his piercing blue eyes can come across as scary, intimidating and creepy according to some fans. However, Tyler is one of the most genuine and nicest houseguests.
  • Fatal Attractor: Tyler openly admits that he attracts unstable and crazy women. He had once told a story on the live feeds that when he was in Australia, a girl tried to stalk him and he had to block her on his phone and all of his social media. There was also another incident with another girl that he had dated who almost attacked him with a knife because he broke up with her. Poor Tyler. Is it any wonder why Kaitlyn immediately took to Tyler? He knows how to attract the crazies.
  • Genius Bruiser: Tyler is a combination of The Big Guy (an athletic, physical and competitive threat) and The Smart Guy (or Evil Genius depending on ones perspective), Guile Hero (or Manipulative Bastard), and The Strategist (a big mental treat, manipulator and solid strategic player).
  • Good Is Not Nice: Tyler is nice, but he's also very cunning and manipulative. He's ruthless and would easily backstab anyone that he views as competition or a threat to him in the game. On a personal level however, Tyler is a nice and good kid.
  • Good Is Not Soft: It's very unwise to think of messing with Tyler in the game. He's a good guy but on a game level, he plays extremely hard and can be very ruthless if need be. He can look like he's your best friend but secretly plotting to take you down and end your game.
  • Graceful Loser: Despite losing in the Final 2 to Kaycee by a 5-4 vote, Tyler proclaims that even though he lost the game, he still thinks that Kaycee deserved to win.
  • Guile Hero: He's built like a truck and he's one of the nicer houseguests of his alliance along with Sam. This kindness to Sam and smart under-the-radar gameplay got him the Cloud App. In addition, he's very strategic, cunning and manipulative and is proving himself to be a huge mental and strategic threat. He has excellent instincts and his reads on the house and the other houseguests are strongly on point and accurate.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: He's blond haired and is a good hearted and caring guy.
  • Has a Type: Tyler admits to bing physically attracted to tall, athletic women, hence his attraction to Angela who is a 5'10" Statuesque Stunner and Amazonian Beauty who is a fitness model for a living.
  • The Heart: Tyler is 100% the glue that holds the Level Six alliance together. He could be considered this role of the house and of the season overall, because along with Sam, he's genuinely the nicest houseguest along with Sam and he has a 100% Adoration Rating amongst his fellow housemates.
  • He Cleans Up Nicely: Fans have repeatedly commented that when Tyler wears his curly hair down, he looks more like an Unkempt Beauty. But when Tyler wears his hair up in a man bun and off his face, he looks way more handsome. And when the girls straightened his hair out, it put the whole house in titters.
  • Hero Killer: Inverted. Tyler has been indirectly and directly responsible for many evictions, but many of the people that he has had a hand in sending home were unlikeable or unpopular players. Tyler sent home Steve, who was relatively well liked but pretty much a non entity in the house and in the game. He had a hand in sending home Swaggy C, who was very cocky, arrogant and full of himself and had rubbed many of the other houseguests along with many fans the wrong way. When Tyler successfully convinced Kaitlyn to backstab her alliance and backdoor Swaggy to send him home, fans were absolutely overjoyed and elated that the annoying Swaggy was gone and that he wouldn't end up going farther since he was controlling one side of the house. He had a hand in seeing his fellow alliance member Winston out the door by controlling not only the Level Six vote but also JC and Sam's votes. Tyler played an indirect downfall for Kaitlyn in the game. By Tyler getting Kaitlyn to backstab her alliance, her allies viewed her as distrustful and Tyler pretty much made her a mega target to the rest of the house. Kaitlyn was mistrusted and disliked by the majority of the people in the house on both sides of the house so Tyler had no issue with sending her home after using her and emotionally manipulating her. It's speculated that if Kaitlyn had gone farther, she would have went into villainess or Big Bad territory going by her questionable behavior and actions while in the house. Tyler played an indirect role in Rachel's demise as well. Tyler had won the POV which not only secured Rachel's eviction, but Rachel turning on Tyler and Level 6 by acting paranoid over him caused Tyler to influence his side of the house to turn on Rachel and send her home. Angela fed into the disdain and hate from Tyler's distrust of Rachel. Because Rachel proved disloyalty to Tyler, Kaycee, Brett, and Angela threw Rachel to the wolves, talked badly about her, blindsided her and felt no remorse. Rachel wasn't a bad person or a villain but she was a very stupid and naive player who believed the opposition (Bayleigh) over her own ally (Tyler). Tyler played the biggest role in Bayleigh, a very unlikeable and villainous type of player and person, getting backdoored. Angela won HOH in Week 6 and had the intentions of targeting Scottie or Fessy. However, Tyler convinced and manipulated Angela into turning on Bayleigh, someone who was a friend and ally of Angela's (they even had a Final 2 alliance together). Bayleigh was definitely one of the least likeable people in the house and one of the least popular houseguests so when Tyler betrayed her and was responsible for her eviction, the fans celebrated. Rockstar was also very unlike and unpopular amongst the audience and she was definitely not someone who was a heroic character on the show. Tyler was also responsible for sealing her eviction by winning the POV and using it on Angela which forced Haleigh to put up Kaycee, the Hacker who put Rockstar up on the block, as a replacement nominee. In Week 9, Scottie was sent out the door after Tyler had used JC to influence Fessy to put up Scottie instead of putting up Tyler himself. Tyler played an indirect hand in Fessy's demise with Angela putting up Fessy and Haleigh after forming a Final 4 alliance with them in the previous week in order to solidify their safety. But Tyler and Angela had zero intention of upholding their alliance with Haleigh and they had every intention of targeting both of them. Though Tyler had the least amount of blood on his hands in getting Fessy out, his two strongest allies in Angela and Kaycee did his dirty work for him so that he didn't have to. Fessy is a generally well-liked person in the house but on the outside, he's unpopular due to how stupid and clueless he is in the game. Tyler had a direct hand in sending home Scottie in Week 10 by winning HOH and he ended up blindsided him by telling him that instead of being the pawn like he had told him all week, he was actually the target that he wanted out due to thinking that he's a strategic, social and comp threat. Scottie was reasonably well received byte public and many people liked Scottie on a personal level in the house. So the closest person to a heroic character that Tyler has "killed" or evicted in the game all season is probably Scottie. Overall, Tyler has been evicting and getting rid of all the unlikeable or villainous players.
  • Hero Protagonist: Considering that Tyler is pretty much the focal houseguest of the season and gets almost 80% of the screen time on the live shows, Tyler is the closest thing to being the protagonist and narrator of the season. It seems as if the entire season centres around him. Makes sense that Tyler gets all the focus because he is the strongest power player in the house, is in a showmance, and has Final 2 deals with almost everyone left in the house. If the Big Brother house were the solar system, Tyler would be the Sun and the other remaining houseguests Sam, JC, Brett, Angela and Kaycee would be the planets orbiting around him. This really is the Season of Tyler.
  • Hidden Depths: Although Tyler gives off the impressions that he's a friendly and affable but not intelligent and strategically minded player or person, he's much more manipulative, strategic and cunning than anyone else in the game. Most of the other houseguests underestimate him and believe him to be unintelligent and not aware of how the game works. In addition to the houseguests thinking that Tyler is just another dumb and shallow surfer type dude, they have no clue whatsoever that Tyler is a mega fan of Big Brother and that he's intensely knowledgable about the game. Tyler said in his pre-season interview that he was going to intentionally hide his status as a Big Brother super fan so that he doesn't become an immediate target.
  • Hunk: Tyler manages to be a combination of this and a Pretty Boy. How is that even possible?
  • Icy Blue Eyes: One of Tyler's most noticeable facial features are his very piercing, yet beautiful, blue eyes. Sometimes his piercing blue eyes can come across as scary and intimidating especially when he's in staring or Death Glare mode.
  • Insult Backfire: He told Bayleigh to her face he planned to evict her. Later, the H@cker at the time revealed herself to be Haleigh, Bayleigh's friend, who automatically used this knowledge to block Tyler's vote.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: Tyler is highly nurturing towards others (something which is strongly considered to be a feminine personality trait of quality), has no issue with wearing pink clothing and accessories, and strongly cares about his physical appearance. Tyler is masculine but he's not afraid of his feminine side.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Only when it comes to the game. Outside of the game and on a personal level, Tyler is one of the nicest and least problematic houseguests in the house. Although a nice guy, he can be very manipulative cunning and ruthless when making game moves. There are times when he can be brutally honest, blunt and save in telling people the truth, such as the case when he told Bayleigh to her face that he was going to vote her out because she has a power that's game changing. In his POV ceremony speech in Week 7, he blamed Haleigh in front of the whole house that it's all her fault why she and her allies, including Rockstar, are in the rut that they are currently in. Tyler let everyone know at the POV ceremony that Haleigh messed up by nominating Tyler as the H@cker, telling everyone about it during a House Meeting and almost letting Bayleigh take the fall for her actions as the H@cker which made Bayleigh an even bigger target. Outside of the game, Tyler is sociable. friendly and kind and he never makes personal attacks about any of the other houseguests. In fact, Tyler is the one that's most likely to stay out of trash talking, tell others to stop trash talking, or completely ignores it. Yes, Tyler can be very ruthless game wise, but other than that, Tyler has a heart of gold.
  • Keet: Tyler is adorable, optimistic, positive, upbeat and fun loving. He never takes himself too seriously and he knows how to chill and have a good time. He's also incredibly sociable with the other houseguests.
  • Kick the Dog: Not Tyler himself, but a rather cruel comment to Tyler by Zingbot, involving Tyler's acne and oily skin, brings to mind Zach Rance's verbal thrashing by Kathy Griffith. Poor Tyler looked like he was holding back tears, with a nervous smile on his face.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Tyler is The Cutie and The Baby of the Bunch therefore he's treated as a kid amongst the other houseguests. He's also appealing to the young Big Brother audience because he's an attractive, youthful male who is a solid player. In addition to that, Tyler's attire is very youthful and he likes to wear light colors. He's a Surfer Dude and has the lingo of a dude who spends a lot of time on the beach.
  • Kid Hero: Tyler is 23—he's the youngest male houseguest and the second youngest houseguest of the season overall. His Quirky Curls plus his man bun and bandana combination give him a very young and boyish appearance. Interestingly enough, though there are many adult fans of Tyler because of his solid gameplay, a large portion of his fans are under 21.
  • Knight Templar: Tyler is very manipulative, cunning and ruthless when it comes to the game. He'll resort to some lying, manipulation and backstabbing if he wants someone out of the house. However, despite Tyler making some ruthless moves in the game, the one thing that Tyler does fear is his image and him being portrayed as someone who is hurting people or as someone who is a villain.
  • The Lancer: Of the Level Six alliance. He's one of the most athletic competitors and immediately guns for players who try to make him do things he doesn't want to. However, in the grand scheme of things, he's more of The Man Behind the Man of the alliance with Angela being the Puppet King for him.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Ultimately why Kaycee won.
    • His treatment of Bayleigh. While Bayleigh dug her own grave gameplaywise, Tyler threw salt in the wounds and said her he didn't need her vote. Not exactly a good thing to tell someone who you have to expect to vote for you.
    • Evicting Scottie upon returning - Not only was Tyler the one to nominate him, but he made no attempt to connect with Scottie closer on another level, creating another bitter juror.
    • Evicting Sam. Not only did this allow JC to win the final four Head of Household (forcing him to cut either Angela or Kaycee) but it also made Sam trace her eviction to him.
    • Throwing the final four veto - in order to not get Angela or Kaycee's blood on his hands, he allowed Kaycee to cut his best option to win.
  • Like Is, Like, a Comma: Tyler throws in a like within his sentences every now and then when he's speaking. Fitting since he's the epitome of the surfer guy archetype and this type of language and vocabulary is very typical and common amongst surfer types.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: For his fellow Level Six alliance members (Kaycee, Angela and Brett) and also for Sam, Kaitlyn and JC. He's close with all of them and he's become a support system for all of them personal and game wise. Whenever any of his alliance members feel depressed or hopeless, Tyler is the one giving them pep talks and giving them hope that things will be okay. He's especially emotionally nurturing with Sam and has a very close bond with her. Tyler developed a bond with Sam when she was a robot and they have been close ever since.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Tyler's hair is not visible long as it doesn't trail down his back and shoulders. But it is very curly so it's assumed that if Tyler straightened his hair out, it would be on the longer side. Tyler does wear his hair in a man bun however, showing off that he does have longer hair.
  • Looks Like Jesus: Tyler bears some resemblance to Jesus when he wears his hair up in a man bun. It's presumed that if Tyler straightened out his curly hair, he would resemble Jesus even more.
  • Lovable Jock: Tyler is athletic—he's a lifeguard for a living and obviously loves swimming and the ocean—but he's nice, charming, friendly and personable. Everyone seems to like him on a personal level and he's well liked outside of the house for his likability.
  • Magnetic Hero: Tyler is super well liked in the house. Nearly everyone loves him on a personal level and he doesn't have any enemies. Everyone wants to be his friend or work with him in the game. He's got a near universal 100% Adoration Rating and he's no doubt the popular kid of the house.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Of the Level Six alliance. Angela and Brett appear to be the ones that are the head of the alliance, but Tyler is the one calling the shots and controlling a lot of the strategic game moves. Tyler is using Angela as a Puppet King to do his dirty work, is using Brett as a meat shield, and KC is his official Number Two who has Undying Loyalty to him.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Shows strong shades of this and he waddles between this and Guile Hero. He's very cunning, manipulative and strategic. He's the strongest strategist in the house yet nobody really thinks that he's the one pulling all the strings behind the scenes. If Tyler continues with his cunning and manipulative ways and makes it all the way to the end, he will officially be in Magnificent Bastard territory.
  • Morality Pet:
    • To Kaitlyn. Tyler and his attention to her really keeps an unstable, impulsive and overly emotional Kaitlyn in check and stops her from going over the edge. Kaitlyn is someone that can easily fly off the handle and start acting very unpredictable but every time Tyler gives her the attention that she wants, he keeps Kaitlyn sane and collected.
    • To Bayleigh. Bayleigh has a huge soft spot for Tyler. Whenever Bayleigh becomes overly emotional and has an outburst, Tyler is easily able to soothe her and calm her down just by being in her presence and talking to her. Tyler's emotional influence on Bayleigh was extremely prevalent after Tyler betrayed her in Week 6. Bayleigh took Tyler's betrayal so hard that she had an emotional breakdown.
    • To Angela. Tyler has pretty much defrosted Angela's icy and cold demeanour and has brought out a nicer, kinder and warmer side of her personality. When Angela is around Tyler, she is significantly less mean and harsh to other people. Tyler has had a very strong emotional influence on Angela and she has gone through Character Development throughout the later half of the season thanks to Tyler's relationship and influence over her.
    • To Brett. Normally Brett is a loud mouth, attention seeking douche who acts like an obnoxious frat bro and constantly talks crap about everyone. But when in Tyler's presence, he's significantly less douchey and mean spirited.
    • To Sam. Although a rather moral and uptight person overall, sometimes Sam acts a little crazy, wild and unpredictable. Tyler seems to be the only houseguest who can have kind of emotional influence on her to calm her down whenever her emotions happen to get the best of her in the game. Tyler repeatedly tells her to keep her emotions in check and to not get into confrontations and fights with other people. Much of Tyler's strong influence on Sam stems from Tyler developing a strong emotional bond with Sam while she was doing her gruelling Robot Punishment in Week 1. Everyone else avoided her and ignored her to the extent that Sam felt isolated and neglected by everyone. Tyler took that time to befriend Sam and provide her emotional comfort and ever since then, Sam has been indebted to Tyler and has repaid his kindness and compassion towards her with Undying Loyalty.
  • Mr. Fanservice: IS HE EVER! Since Tyler is a very physically appealing and handsome dude, it's no surprise that the female viewing population goes gaga over him. It helps that he's constantly shirtless and shows off his toned and muscular physique on a daily basis. He's definitely eye candy for the ladies.
  • Nice Guy: Tyler is genuinely nice, personable, sociable, friendly and charming. Plus, he has a very compassionate, empathetic and caring side. No wonder the ladies of the house like him so much. Not to mention, he's rather popular outside of the house as well. However, he's not above stabbing people in the back in the game.
  • No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Tyler grew very wary of Kaitlyn because she was starting to become obsessed with him and the constant need to get his attention. Because of this, Tyler desperately wanted her out of the house because of how uncomfortable she made him feel, especially when Tyler knew that Kaitlyn had a boyfriend back home and she was making flirtatious and sexual advances on him.
  • Nothing Personal: Tyler has made it clear that none of the game moves he makes are personal on any level. His game moves is strictly game related and strategic.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Tyler is strategically dumbing himself down in the house. In reality, he's probably the smartest player in the house and has the most knowledge about the game because of his super fan status.
  • Playing Both Sides: As of week one, he is involved with both Winston and Swaggy's side due to being the Head of Household. He did appear to pick a side, and it seems almost like he might get away with it. By Week 5, Tyler is expertly managing to disguise his involvement in two alliances by using the shifty behavior of his allies as talking points to steer attention away from himself.
  • Popularity Power: Received a BB Power App in Week 2 for being the Top Trending Houseguest of the week. The power that Tyler chose is called The Cloud, which allows him to be able to nullify him going on the block either before a nomination ceremony or during a POV ceremony—where he could be a backdoor option or a replacement nominee option. Tyler most likely received the app through America's Vote because he's one of the strongest players and he was genuinely kind, empathetic and caring towards Sam when she was a robot during the first week.
  • Pretty Boy: IS HE EVER! Tyler is by far the prettiest male in the house. He's so pretty that he looks like he could be a Greek God because of how delicate and refined his facial features are. Definitely one of the most physically appealing male houseguests of the season. He manages to be a combination of this and a Hunk.
  • Prim and Proper Bun: Tyler often wears his hair in a man bun from time to time. He shares this in common with Hayden Voss and Jace Agolli. Interestingly enough, they all have Surfer Dude personas so the man bun is very fitting for Tyler's personality.
  • Official Couple: His return in BB21 confirms he and Angela are together.
  • Quirky Curls: His curly and wild hair is very similar to Frank Eudy from BB14. Some compared Tyler's curly hair to the comedian Carrot Top. Nevertheless, his curly hair is one of his most noticeable physical qualities along with his piercing blue eyes.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Tyler can be sweet wearing pink clothing, accessories and attire from time to time. He's frequently seen wearing a light pink bandana and a light pink hoodie around the house.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Tyler is the Blue Oni to Brett's Red Oni. While Tyler is calm, chill, collected and rarely gets overly emotional or loses his temper, Brett is more loud, emotional, impulsive and hot headed.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: Male example. Tyler lampshaded that he was wearing Angela's sweater in the Diary Room after cuddling with her in the HOH Room during her second HOH stint and pulled it off in disbelief.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Tyler keeps trying to avoid being pawed at by Angela and finds that very hard to do because he's developed a crush on her. He doesn't want Angela to become a showmance, but he's become her best friend in the house and she had a crush on him pre-season. Finally, the two confess they've fallen in love, stop beating around the bush, and immediately hook up.
  • Ship Tease: With Angela. Since Week 6 onwards, Tyler and Angela have gotten very close. They have been in the same alliance (Level Six) since the beginning but there's signs that Angela and Tyler like each other more than friends. In Week 6, Angela admitted that she had a crush on Tyler in her HOH vlog. Tyler has also admitted to liking Angela and finding her attractive to Kaycee. In Week 7, Tyler admits to Kaycee that he wishes he were in a showmance with Angela. By Week 9, they are downright showmantic, resorting to all kinds of romantic gestures such as touching, cuddling in bed, hand holding and flirting. After double eviction, it turns into a full romance.
  • The Smart Guy <-> Evil Genius: He's currently dilly dallying between the two just as he is between being a Guile Hero and Manipulative Bastard. Tyler looks like the stereotypical shallow, dumb, air headed Surfer Dude, but he subverts this stereotype strongly in regards to the game. Tyler is extremely smart, manipulative, clever and cunning but everyone thinks that he's unintelligent and has no clue about the game. Tyler is a big mental threat and the strongest strategist in the house. He's manipulating everything going on but nobody realizes he's the puppet-master pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Tyler appears to be the typical air headed, shallow and dumb surfer stereotype who has absolutely no clue. He's purposely dumbing himself down to the rest of the house so he doesn't appear as a threat. Tyler is intelligent, strategic, cunning and manipulative, with strong, mostly-unnoticed control over the Big Brother house.
  • The Social Expert: Tyler has an excellent social game and gets along with pretty much every single person in the house. He's made no enemies and nobody is mad at him or hates him. He's an excellent conversationalist and is easily able to pull game information from other people that he can use to benefit his own game. Tyler has the ability of mirroring the person that he's having a conversation with and he's very much a social chameleon.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Big Brother production and CBS appear to have a favoritism towards Tyler according to some fans. He gets at least 80% of the screen time on the live shows and has the highest tally of DR sessions out of all the houseguests so far.
  • The Stoic: Tyler is very good and excellent at keeping a lid on his emotions and remaining calm, cool and collected in such a high pressure and stressful environment such as Big Brother house. He's never lost his cool or his temper. The closest time that we see Tyler be Not So Stoic was in Week 6 when Bayleigh attacked Tyler in front of the entire house and tried to humiliate him. Tyler finally let his emotions cascade on through and he got so emotional and upset over Bayleigh yelling at him that he ended up crying.
  • Surfer Dude: Subverted. Tyler's a lifeguard from South Carolina, and he exhibits many qualities of a stereotypical "surfer dude," but he has never surfed.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Tyler just loves PEANUT BUTTER. He practically eats it on a daily basis. His favorite thing to do is to dunk Chex cereal into peanut butter and eat it.
  • True Companions: To his Level Six alliance members, but particularly to Kaycee. He's made it clear that she is his #1 and has been since the beginning. He told Kaycee to her face that he would never vote against her, that she is his F2 and that if he doesn't win, he wants her to win.
  • Unwanted Harem: Tyler has pretty much got all the women in the house (Kaitlyn, Sam, Haleigh, Angela, KC, even Bayleigh), even the token gay guy (JC), charmed by him. Haleigh, Angela and Kaitlyn in particular have openly expressed romantic interest and attraction to him. Too bad that Tyler made it very specifically clear in his pre-season interviews that he doesn't want any showmances and that he won't get into a relationship of a romantic nature with anyone in the house.
  • Victory Is Boring: Tyler actually found himself getting a little bored at how easily he was controlling the game pre-jury, and welcomed a direct challenge in Week 6. From perspective of being a dedicated superfan in the house, he definitely knows how disappointing it is when one player runs the house all season long, so his reaction is understandable.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Comes with being a Mr. Fanservice.
  • Wild Hair: His curly hair is reminiscent of Frank Eudy during his BB14 days.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Before even entering the Big Brother house, Tyler got to appear on and play Total Knockout, a show hosted by Kevin Hart that premiered during the run of BB 20, airing in the time slot after Big Brother on Wednesdays.
  • Young and in Charge: While Tyler isn't that young, he was 23 when the show started, he's the brilliant mastermind of the Level Six alliance, and despite not winning, had definitely the most cunning game out of the houseguests, with some arguing votes swung Kaycee's way because of a bitter jury.


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