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The Jury

     Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton (Juror #01; Evicted HG #06) 

Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton

Born: May 25th, 1993
Age (at time of competition): 25
Hometown: Lees Summit, MO
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Flight Attendant
HOH Wins: 1 note 
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 1 note 
Have Nots: 1 note 
Prizes Won: Identity Theft note 
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: Placed 11th (Juror #1)
Evicted: Evicted 6-1 VS. ROCKSTAR note 
HOH Evicted Under: ANGELA (in Week 6).
Voted For: KAYCEE

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Downplayed for Tyler on a game level and a friendship level. Bayleigh desperately wanted to work with Tyler in the game and she really wanted to be his closest friend in the house. Bayleigh has admitted that she felt very insecure about the way Tyler felt about her personally. She was concerned that Tyler didn't like her on a personal level or game level. In Week 1, Bayleigh pretty much broke down in tears when she found out that Tyler was thinking of putting Bayleigh up as a replacement nominee because Tyler didn't like Bayleigh's pettiness and need to start drama. Bayleigh pleaded to Tyler to not put her up on the block. In Week 5, Bayleigh jumped on the opportunity to work with Tyler now that his supposed number one in the game Kaitlyn (who turned out to not be Tyler's true number one anyways) was gone. Bayleigh desperately tried to suck up to Tyler and gain his approval during the week she was HOH. She seriously believed that she and Tyler were a team and that they would run the game together. Little did Bayleigh know that Tyler was manipulating her and playing her hardcore. Tyler had already been planting the seeds to other houseguests to get Bayleigh out of the house and he was plotting her demise behind her back during the time Bayleigh was HOH. In Week 6, Bayleigh was completely blindsided by Tyler and Angela after she was backdoored. She went full on psychotic on Tyler during a House Meeting that Haleigh called to announce that she was the Hacker who nominated Tyler instead of Bayleigh. The fact that Bayleigh went Ax-Crazy and had a complete mega breakdown because Tyler backstabbed or betrayed her displayed that Bayleigh had a strong admiration and adoration for Tyler in the game and desperately wanted to work with him and gain his approval. The fact that Tyler was playing Bayleigh the whole time caused Bayleigh to completely lose it emotionally and psychologically.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Tyler has called her by the pet name "Bay Bay". Other people in the house also call her "Bay".
  • All for Nothing: Bayleigh spilled to Rachel about her power app. After she told her about the power, Bayleigh immediately regretted it knowing that she should've kept it a secret. Rachel told Angela, who in turn told Tyler and Brett ended up exposing Bayleigh having the power to the entire house while making his eviction night speech. This caused Bayleigh to become a huge target for the house and everyone, with the exception of Haleigh, Fessy and Rockstar, wanted her out of the house. The fact that Bayleigh chose to tell someone that wasn't in her alliance that she had a power app ruined her entire game and was the biggest reason why she became such a big target and was sent packing. Too bad that Bayleigh ended up not taking responsibility for her own downfall in the game.
  • Alpha Bitch: Bayleigh outright refers to herself as "Queen Bay" and takes on a Queen B role in the house, even early on in the season. This attitude becomes particularly noticeable once Bayleigh wins HOH and takes to a hyper-aggressive reign in the house, getting infuriated when anyone even questions one of her game moves. She can be very domineering and controlling. She sometimes has a Queen B attitude and acts like a spoiled brat when things don't go her way. When she's upset or angry, she resorts to acting bitchy and mean. Sometimes she has a habit of taking out her anger on Swaggy because he is her closest ally and they are in a showmance together.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Bayleigh has admitted that if she didn't get into a showmance with Swaggy C early on, she would have possibly gotten with Kaycee, the sole lesbian of the season. Bayleigh has hinted that she's possibly bisexual but she hasn't outright confirmed it.
  • Angry Black Woman: Bayleigh tends to have a very short temper when things don't go her way and resorts to raising her voice or giving verbal beatdowns to those who upset her. Bayleigh has openly expressed concern to Sam and Tyler that she's fearful of being portrayed as the angry black woman stereotype. But what she doesn't realize is that she's playing into this stereotype because of her outbursts.
  • Arch-Enemy: Kaitlyn. The biggest reason why Bayleigh grew to hate Kaitlyn is because she turned on their alliance and backstabbed them so that she could go to the opposite side of the house. During Kaitlyn's HOH week in Week 2, Kaitlyn turned the knife even further by backdooring her boyfriend Swaggy C. Bayleigh forever held a grudge against Kaitlyn and has wanted her out of the house ever since.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Once Bayleigh gets fired up and passionate about something, Bayleigh refuses to let it go or back down until she wins. If she's in an argument or fight with someone, she will continue to argue and argue to the point of going around in circles. Such as the case when she was HOH in Week 5, she kept resorting to the use of threats and intimidation to force loyalty from the other houseguests, not realizing that she was jeopardizing her relationships with the other houseguests as well as making her a target in the game.
  • Ax-Crazy: Underneath that stoic facade of Bayleigh's is someone that is rather unstable and volatile. She displayed how crazy, unpredictable and unstable she was when she was in power as the HOH in Week 5. Bayleigh went on an excessive power trip and was getting others to swear allegiance and loyalty to her in the game. She was using threats, bullying and intimidation to force and coerce loyalty from other people. She even got some people, like Scottie, to swear on the Bible that they would be loyal to her no matter what. She has numerous unpredictable emotional outbursts and she has a difficult time controlling her emotions once they are unleashed. While she gains power, Bayleigh becomes unstable, uncontrollable, unpredictable and tyrannical.She threatened Scottie that if he wouldn't swear alleganeice and loyalty to her, she would "murder" him, cut him open and spill his intestines out. And that isn't the only time she has made death threats towards other houseguests to force people to swear loyalty to her. In Week 6, Bayleigh goes bat shit crazy and comes across as downright psychotic during a house meeting that Haliegh had called to tell everyone that she was the Hacker who out Tyler on the block. When Bayleigh finds out that Tyler betrayed her along with Tyler treating her like trash, Bayleigh simply cannot hold back her anger at him and just lets him have it. She literally screams at the top of her longs and is so blind with rage and anger at Tyler that she literally bites the inside of her cheek to the point where she draws blood and it's dripping from her mouth. While Bayleigh was screaming at Tyler, she looked scary, rabid and out of control. Let's just say that Bayleigh is crazy and she's a very dangerous player in the game. Nobody would want to cross her or get on her bad side, that's for sure!
  • Berserk Button: Not being loyalty to her or stabbing her in the back is such a huge no-no. She won't take it well at all and she will most definitely find ways to strike back. A clear sign that loyalty is important to Bayleigh is the fact that during her HOH reign in Week 5, she was pretty much forcing allegiance and loyalty out of other houseguests to have her back in the game and if they didn't, she would get revenge and even made death threats to others.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Her reaction when she hears from Julie that Swaggy actually visited her house after being evicted and reciprocated her feelings.
  • Black Best Friend: Bayleigh is this to Haleigh, Faysal, and Rockstar in particular. She is the only Black member of her alliance after Swaggy is evicted. Bayleigh considers those three to be her closest friends and allies in the house.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: With JC, involving the use of the N-word.
    • On one hand, JC should not have flat out said it, and he should not have gone around telling others what he did and that Bayleigh was reacting, as one would when you use that word.
    • On the other, she did constantly shut him down when he tried to make it up. Additionally, Bayleigh repeatedly used slurs (f-word and m-word, respectively) herself, defending them on the grounds of context.
  • Broken Tears: She has a colossal breakdown after blowing up at Tyler and three separate instances throughout Week 6 where she collapses in tears; when being harassed by Tyler the first time, when Hayleigh admits her mistake and her identity as the H@cker, and especially after she explodes on Tyler when Hayleigh calls a house meeting.
  • Brutal Honesty: Bayleigh is extremely blunt and honest. She says exactly what's on her mind even if it's something that is unpleasant or hateful. Her bluntness has made her come across as bullying other people.
  • The Caligula: Yikes! As soon as Bayleigh gains any access to some kind of power, she becomes power hungry and dictatorial, and, often, in ways that are detrimental to both her game and the games of those around her. This became most notable when she won HOH. After winning HOH, she basically abused her power by threatening other houseguests into being loyal to her even if they had no intentions of wanting to align or work with her in the game. She has made various houseguests (Scottie, Rachel, Tyler, Faysal, and many others) swear loyal to her at all costs, above all others, and threatened them with the possibility of eviction (or, jokingly, even murder) if anyone dares to betray her. She additionally revealed her power app, where the primary benefit was the ability to anonymously nominate two House Guests in place of the HOH, and how it works to Rachel, a member of the opposing alliance that Bayleigh intended to use as a pawn and bring into her own alliance. Naturally, Rachel tells one of her allies which slowly but surely leads to the entire house knowing of Bayleigh's power when the week ends. Her entire HOH reign has consisted of Bayleigh abusing her power and mistreating all of the other houseguests by talking down to them or making threats and basically forcing/coercing others to do what she says and wants. If anyone this season has had the worst case of HOH-itis, it's definitely Bayleigh.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: In Week 5, Bayleigh ended up spilling to Rachel, someone from the opposing side of the house and someone who is NOT even in her own alliance, that she had the third BB App power of Identity Theft. After Bayleigh spilled about her power to Rachel, Bayleigh immediately kicked herself for telling her and asked herself why on Earth she couldn't keep things to herself. To make the situation worse, Rachel ended up spilling about Bayleigh's power to Angela and then it spread to the rest of the Level Six alliance members. Brett ended up exposing Bayleigh's power to the entire house during his eviction speech. Since Bayleigh has a serious case of Motor Mouth whenever she gets excited or passionate about something, it's not a shock that she let the fact that she has the BB App power roll of her tongue. She simply can't keep things to herself to save her life. And because of her inability to keep a secret, Bayleigh became the house target once her HOH reign was over.
  • Can't Take Criticism: GOOD LORD. Bayleigh can't stand it when someone criticizes her or calls her out for anything. Since Bayleigh has a Queen B personality and attitude and thinks that she's immune to being criticized, it's not a shock that she lashes out at others if they even attempt to call her out or challenge her in any way. Bayleigh has no problem, calling out other people and criticizing them for their actions, but when someone turns the tables around on her and criticizes her bad behavior, she plays the victim card and tries to blame other people for her actions.
  • The Cassandra: Angela targeted her because everyone else "Deduced" that she was the hacker. She wasn't. But nobody believed her, aside from Haleigh, the actual hacker.
  • Control Freak: While Bayleigh showed tendencies of one all show, she becomes downright hostile to several people during her HOH reign in Week 5, forcing Faysal, JC, Scottie, Tyler, and even Rachel to play by her rules because she can't trust a single one of them.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Every single comment or remark that comes out of her mouth is sarcastic and biting. Especially during her DR sessions where she acts very sassy and diva like.
  • The Determinator: When Bayleigh wants something game wise, she will try and do everything to get it. She's willing to resort to some underhanded means in the game if it means trying to get farther in the game. Bayleigh's resorted to using threats and bullying other people because she's so persistent in her desire to have loyalty and allegiance from others.
  • Did Not Think This Through: During her HOH week in Week 5, Bayleigh ended up blabbing to Rachel that she had the third BB Power App, which was the Identity Theft power. After Bayleigh had told Rachel the truth and the details about her power, Rachel ended up running to Angela and spilling to her about Bayleigh having the power. The rest of the Level Six alliance found out and Brett exposed Bayleigh's power to the entire house during his eviction speech. After Bayleigh spilled to Rachel about having the power, Bayleigh immediately regretted it by telling herself that she just can't keep her mouth shut. Because of her mistake of revealing her power, Bayleigh ended up making herself the number one target for the entire house because the house now views Bayliegh has dangerous and unpredictable due to having such a game changing power.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: She takes it really hard when she is backdoored by Angela in Week 6 and when Tyler backstabs her by blaming her for being the Hacker that put him on the block and tried to have him backdoored. After Angela had removed Tyler from the block with the POV and replaced him with Bayleigh, Tyler apparently called her out in front of everyone by proclaiming that she has always tried to backdoor him, that she's the H@cker, and that she can cancel his vote because he's voting her out anyways.
  • Faux Affably Evil: The one time she was genuinely angry in the DR, at Angela for targeting the wrong person as the suspected H@cker, Bayleigh made a direct insult.
    Bayleigh: Congratulations, Angela. You're trash.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Bayleigh has such a volatile and short temper. It's easy to set her off and once her temper is set off, it's really difficult to calm her down. In Week 6, Bayleigh lets everyone know just how fiery and explosive her temper is when she's provoked. When Haleigh calls a House Meeting to tell everyone that she's the one who was the H@cker who nominated Tyler and not Bayleigh, Bayleigh absolutely loses it and goes ballistic on Tyler for accusing her of being the Hacker as well as so-called mistreating her for days. Bayleigh's anger was so volatile and extreme that she looked like a crazy and psychotic woman who was one step away from throwing things at everyone.
  • Hot-Blooded: Bayleigh is hot-headed, passionate, impulsive and overly emotional. She has a huge temper and will explode when things don't go her way. She's not afraid to speak her mind either.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Asked JC what the difference between a "Dwarf" and a "Midget" was. Then, when she tried to explain the N-Word Privileges to JC, said "Fag".
  • Insistent Terminology: It's common Big Brother nature for the words "thrown under the bus" to come up by somebody, but Bayleigh becomes under the impression that everyone is doing this to her. She uses the term "threw me under the bus" so often in Weeks 4 and 5 that it could make a viewer sick of hearing the phrase.
  • Large Ham: Bayleigh has a very large and extravagant personality. Everything thats eh says or does or how she acts is over the top and dramatic. It's no wonder why so many people complain of Bayleigh being both an Attention Whore and a Drama Queen.
  • Loose Lips: Remarked by Julie, Bayleigh never got a chance to use her Power App because she told someone about it, and she got evicted because she had too much power. In the eviction episode, Bayleigh and Haleigh each spent a DR session regretting that once you tell someone in the house about something (the Identity Theft and the H@cker Comp win, respectively), everyone will soon know about it.
  • Morality Pet: Tyler wanted to evict her if he had to during the first week of the game as a means to demoralize Swaggy C, whom he knew had the hots for Bayleigh.
  • N-Word Privileges: Discussed when JC used the word "nigga" as an example of words that should not be used to describe people which would come across as insensitive. Bayleigh stopped him just for saying the word and gave him a cautious warning that it was very out of line because it's a highly combustible talking point.
  • Not So Different: The house got rid of her because of how annoying she became, but Bayleigh later admitted to Julie she did that to get rid of Rachel when Rachel was going off all the time.
  • Pet the Dog: At the very least, Sam did not vote to evict Bayleigh when it was otherwise going to be unanimous. What makes this so unusual is one would think Haleigh would be that vote, but both Bayleigh and Haleigh knew there was no point in trying to do that, and Sam did it anyway without even being asked to do so.
  • The Prima Donna: Bayleigh acts very spoiled and diva-like. She thinks that everyone should cow tow to her and give her loyalty regardless of how she treats them in return. During her HOH reign, she went power hungry and acted like she was the Queen Bee of the entire house that could tell everyone what to do. Bayleigh has a spoiled princess mentality and that has turned many of the houseguests as well as the viewers of the show off.
  • Proud Beauty: Bayleigh was the first African-American Miss Missouri USA. She also won Miss Congeniality, which even surprised Bayleigh herself.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Bayliegh snapped from repeatedly being thrown under the bus by everyone, especially Tyler. After Haleigh called a house meeting to settle the misunderstanding that Bayleigh was the first H@cker, Tyler denied a lot of the things he said that were true and Bayliegh went nuclear. She screamed at the very top of her lungs and went straight into one of the loudest meltdowns the house has ever seen. JC and Angela actually backed away from her, both to talk in private and watch the spectacle from atop the second floor balcony in safe proximity from her rage.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Bayleigh plays this trope to exaggerated levels. She's extremely sassy, passionate, opinionated and doesn't hold back in anything she says or does. Bayleigh has expressed concerns that she is playing into the stereotype of being the sassy, angry Black woman.
  • The Scapegoat: Angela as well as Tyler got behind the wheel of the bus in Week 6 and blamed Bayleigh for everything going wrong in their alliance because she had too much of an advantage and couldn't be controlled. Bayleigh herself wondered if they were targeting her by accident or on purpose.
  • Scary Black Woman: Along with being an Angry Black Woman. When Bayleigh loses her cool, she's absolutely scary and out of control. In Week 6, Bayleigh goes ballistic during a fight with Tyler after calls her out in front of the house for making up lies about how he wanted Angela to go on the block last week when she was HOH. Bayleigh was so angry that she was screaming like a banshee. She said that she was is blind with anger and rage that she "blacked out" and managed to bite her inner cheek while yelling so profoundly. Yikes!. She lampshaded after being evicted that it was okay to come hug her because she was no longer the "scary black woman".
  • Sexy Stewardess: Bayleigh is a flight attendant and an attractive one at that.
  • Ship Tease: Oh so much with Swaggy C. It got to where they were intimate by Day 6, cuddling shortly after, and basically wanted to date. Swaggy even lampshaded that a showmance spells curtains for players in the house, and his eviction came 17 days later, but all the hours he spent with Bayleigh were worth it.
  • Spoiled Brat: If something doesn't go Bayleigh's way, her first instinct is to throw a fit or a temper tantrum. One can tell that she grew up in rich, affluent and privileged upbringing simply by how she reacts when things don't go her way.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Bayleigh got the royal treatment at the start of Week 3. Having your showmance voted out leads you to easily become the most trending houseguest by America's Vote to exact payback with the use of the BB App Store.
  • Trigger: Bayleigh takes major offense anything even resembling discriminatory remarks because she's endured demeaning treatment from an almost entirely white community who didn't know better.
  • Woman Scorned: DAMN, DID BAYLEIGH EVER LOSE IT ON TYLER! After Tyler betrayed her and threw her under the bus, Bayliegh just absolutely lost it and went chaotic. She did not take Tyler (and Angela's) betrayal of her very well at all and she pretty much had an emotional breakdown. In Wee 6, Haleigh called a House Meeting to announce to everyone that she was the Hacker that put up Tyler. Haleigh did this to clear Bayleigh's name but that still didn't stop Tyler from wanting to get her out of the house. Bayleigh yelled at Tyler for treating her like trash when she has tried to be nice to him and protect him in the game. After Bayleigh's tirade, Bayleigh went on to sully Tyler's name to people particularly Sam. Bayleigh lost it on Tyler because she genuinely thought that Tyler did like her and wanted to work with her in the game.

     Angela Brooke "Rockstar" Lantry (Juror #02; Evicted HG #07) 

Angela Brooke "Rockstar" Lantry

Born: Jun. 22nd, 1983
Age (at time of competition): 34 (turned 35 while in the house)
Hometown: Columbia, MD
Current City: Columbia, MD
Occupation: Stay-At-Home Mom
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 3 note 
Have Nots: 1 note 
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: Space Pecs Eat and Be Fit Plan note 
Finished: Placed 10th (Juror #2)
Evicted: Evicted 5-1 VS. KAYCEE note 
HOH Evicted Under: HALEIGH (in Week 7).
Voted For: KAYCEE

  • Agent Peacock: A Gender-Inverted example. Angie is clearly a "peacock" or flamboyant type because of her larger than life and colourful personality. She has super bright purple hair to match that colourful personality. She's curvaceous and thick and she's not afraid to show it off and strut.
  • Aggressive Categorism: She's extremely judgemental of those who have different views and opinions than her. She's hateful towards pretty and popular girls, White men, straight men, and Conservatives. Rockstar comes across as hateful towards these people because she's obviously jealous of those who are more attractive than she is and she has a high school, mentality.
  • Arch-Enemy: Brett. She absolutely loathes him and has so since the start of the game! Rockstar and Brett have had a mutual hatred of one another since the start of the game, both making personal attacks and actively avoiding each other before getting to know each other (Rockstar seeing Brett as arrogant, smug, cocky and the very embodiment of a privileged White male; Brett seeing Rockstar as an obnoxious, dumb, overly liberal SJW). This got worse after Brett threw Rockstar under the bus by lying about her in his eviction speech (as a means to protect Tyler), which made Rockstar go ballistic. The two can barely hold a civil conversation after this occurred.
  • Attention Whore: She's extremely wild and out there and she does strange antics to get attention. On the live feeds, she will start to rant about political and social issues and try to give off the impression that she's "woke". Unfortunately for her, it does manage to rub many of the live feed watchers the wrong way because they feel that Angie is just way too obnoxious and that the subjects of politics shouldn't have any place in the game. Angie seems to get off on ranting about SJW issues in order to garner praise and attention from the audience, knowing that a large portion of the Big Brother viewing population, particularly on Twitter and Tumblr, are Liberal leaning.
  • Berserker Tears: Rockstar cries every single time she's nominated for eviction. She believes she gets so angry it causes her to cry.
  • Beta Bitch: She's this to Bayleigh's Alpha Bitch. Rockstar is in an alliance with Bayleigh is pretty much does everything that Bayleigh wants or asks of her. In some ways, Rockstar is The Dragon to Bayleigh's Big Bad.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Since she's the oldest female houseguest of the season, Angie has a older sister vibe with some of the other houseguests in particular Haleigh, Swaggy C, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn and Faysal.
  • Black and White Morality: She has very black and white views on the world in general which causes her to be rather judgmental of others.
  • Born Unlucky: YEP. Rockstar is easily the goat of the house this season. She loses mental competions and physical competitions very quickly, becomes a block-warmer almost overnight, and the one time she almost pulled through with a Veto win she needed to save her life in the game, she played herself hard by giving Tyler the answer by accident when he had the wrong choice and caused him to survive to the final round, and then screwed herself over in the last round.
  • Brutal Honesty: Strongly opinionated and says exactly what is on her mind. Unfortunately her bluntness and her honesty has rubbed some people the wrong way and she has been bound to get on people's nerves from time to time. Some of the fans have mentioned that they are annoyed with Angie because of how openly honest she is.
  • Butt-Monkey: Got the most exhausting punishment of all in "Space Pecs", and has repeatedly been used as a pawn in the game.
  • Cassandra Truth: Angie is pretty much the only person who seems to be onto Tyler and his game. Because of this, Tyler strongly dislikes her and she's his number target for who he wants out of the house. Worse, Rockstar is absolutely correct that Kaycee became the second H@cker and put her on the block for the third time, but her response is to angrily go at Kaycee while Kaycee barely gets upset at all, making Rockstar look like she's unstable.
  • Catchphrase: "CUTE", "REAL CUTE", or "DISGUSTING".
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Angie is very wild and out there. Because of how avant garde her personality is and her appearance is, she could easily rub some people the wrong way or be judged because of her appearance.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef/Supreme Chef: Depending on what recipe she has to make under Jessie's fitness program, Rockstar gets to create delicious dishes for the house or nasty protein drinks.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When is Rockstar not using sarcasm or making snarky comments in general? Her DR sessions are constantly filled with tons of sassiness and she's not afraid to spout of witty comments.
  • Does Not Like Men: This is downplayed. Angie doesn't hate all men, but she doesn't seem to hold the male gender in high regard either. Rockstar gas repeatedly explained that she wants to get rid of all the male houseguests in the game. She's the ringleader of trying to form an all girls alliance so that they could come together and target all the men in the house. She seems to have a strong hatred and vitriol of straight White males in particular, guys such as Winston and Brett especially because they fit that description.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Rockstar frequently doffs her shoes at first opportunity. Justified, because she gets sore calves.
  • Dramatic Irony: It's the OTEV competition. Tyler has the wrong medicine on the podium. Angie accidentally makes him realize he needs to go back and get the right one. He survives the round. Last round. Angie gets to the podium first with medicine and Tyler believes he lost. Angie now has it wrong, while Tyler has it right. Rockstar pulls defeat from the jaws of victory and lengthens her losing streak, while Tyler wins his fifth competition thus far.
  • Drama Queen: Subverted. Because of her wild physical appearance and the way she carries herself outwardly, Angie would be the type to blow things out of proportion. However, she completely subverts this. Angie is passionate and opinionated and speaks her mind about many things to the point where she comes across as rude, petty and obnoxious. However, she's remained rather calm and collected for the most part. The real drama queen seems to be Kaitlyn who is so emotional and gets riled up over the smallest things.
  • Dye Hard: Rockstar seems to have a love for dying her hair in wild and bright colours. Her hair is currently dyed a very bright purple but it's assumed that she's dyed her hair other bright colours before.
  • Expy: Joey Van Pelt from BB16: Both have very extraverted personalities. Both are flamboyant and over the top in their attitude and behaviour. Both are die hard feminists who have discussed forming an all girls alliance and taking out all of the male houseguests, especially the athletic bros (such as Winston and Brett for example) out of the game. Both have brightly coloured hair-Joey had blue hair while Angie has purple hair. Both are strongly politically opinionated and like to discuss social and political affairs. Both have a tendency to rub people the wrong way with their over the top and obnoxious behaviour. The major difference is that while Joey was an immediate target from the get go in Week 1, Angie is different because she won guaranteed safety by winning an immunity competition which would ensure that she wouldn't be put on the block. Joey was too obvious in her agenda of wanting to form an all girls alliance with all of the women in the house so that they could plot to go against the men in the house. The men caught onto Joey's plan and they targeted her. Angie has discussed forming an all girls alliance with some of the other women in the house but unlike Joey, she was never caught and she discussed in a subtle and quiet manner. The reason why Angie got away with it was because Angie had already secured an alliance of people that trust her and wouldn't throw her to the wolves whereas Joey didn't have any such luxury.
  • Extreme Doormat: For Bayleigh. She lets Bayleigh walk all over her and talk down to her like she is her subordinate. How Rockstar hasn't snapped at Bayleigh and stood up to Bayliegh's mistreatment of her is shocking considering that Rockstar usually has no problem with calling people out and defending herself as she did with Brett numerous times.
  • Face Your Fears: She gets very nervous after climbing to the top of the house's rock wall because she's afraid of heights, doesn't want to let go even though she's in a safety harness, and Kaitlyn has to coach her to push off.
  • Fag Hag: Rockstar has repeatedly cited that she is a huge lover of the LGBTQ+ community and that she's a strong advocate and ally for the gay community. Considering that she's strongly Liberal, this is no surprise. Rockstar is so pro-LGBTQ that she's openly stated that if she were HOH, she couldn't find it in herself to ever nominate JC and Kaycee because they are members of the LGBTQ community. She also states that if either JC or Kaycee make it to the Final 2 that she would be strongly obligated to vote for them to win against the other person. Since Rockstar is a SWJ, feminist, and Liberal, it's not surprising that she would want to vote for someone based on political and social issues.
  • Fan Disservice: After the OTEV competition, Rockstar was so mad at what happened just moments ago that when she went to the shower to clean off the gunge, she nearly flashed the cameras from the shower with an ill-timed opening of the doors panicked, and slammed them, sneaking her arm out to grab a towel first. What was seen is best not talked about.
  • The Fundamentalist: Angie has strong opinions regarding social issues and politics. She lets's it be known to everyone in the house about her opinions and she's not ashamed of speaking about them to the other houseguests discomfort. Angie is openly and proudly Liberal and hates Trump. She has criticized and gotten into debates with those who are Conservative or those who voted for Trump such as Winston, JC and Steve for example. Rockstar seems to think very highly of her social and political opinions and positions and she doesn't have time or respect for any opposing view. She is known to become condescending when someone tries to oppose her and that manages to turn off a lot of fans. Even those who claim to be Liberal have stated that they are turned off by Angie's extremist behaviour and outlook and that they are ashamed that she is Liberal like them because she makes Liberals look bad. Angie has also brought up the subject of race and racism in the house to other houseguests and that has also rubbed houseguests the wrong ay. She tries to preach about the harsh realities of racism but many fans believe that Angie has no right rot speak about issues regarding being Black or POC because she is a White woman and who has White privilege.
  • Godzilla Threshold: After making a monumental mistake that cost her a Veto she really, really needed, Rockstar had only one option left and it was to influence the house to keep her over Kaycee. Rockstar enlisted Brett to help her weave a charismatic eviction speech to show how bad it is to trust Kaycee with your game in the house because she plays for herself, and even struck a Final Two deal with him.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Rockstar is a very jealous and petty person. She's made petty comments about the other girls in the house such as Rachel and Angela. Her negative comments about both girls make her come across as someone who is jealous of the pretty popular girls and that she envies them for their looks and personality. She make sit a habit to make constant negative and petty comments about those she thinks are more attractive in both looks and personality than she is. She brings others down in order to make herself feel better and because she battles major insecurities about herself. All of her petty comments towards the other younger and more attractive women in the house is based on pure jealousy and envy. Fans have mentioned that Angie's catty comments about the pretty popular girls in the house make her come across as someone with a high school mentality and as someone who is simply bitter that she was never the popular and beautiful girl in high school.
  • Heroic BSoD: On and off from the third eviction night into the fourth, Rockstar feels like garbage and defeated, and very unhappy that she's become an easy target.
  • Holier Than Thou: Angie has such a huge superiority complex and she's constantly preaching that she's better than everyone else. She looks down on people who are different than her or who may have opposing views to her own. She tries to tell others that their opinions and viewpoints are wrong and that hers are right. She's extremely judgemental and has a black and white mentality that makes her come across as close minded and obnoxious.
  • Idiot Ball: Rockstar made one of the dumbest blunders in the whole history of the US game in the OTEV Veto Competition, when she impulsively checked answers with Tyler and accidentally made him realize that his was wrong when he was standing on a podium with the wrong answer and would not have gone back to get the correct medicine for the skunk because he mistakenly assumed his medicine was right. This allowed Tyler to survive another round when he would have been eliminated had Rockstar not caused him to go back and correct his choice because Haleigh was about to find it. This caused Haleigh to be eliminated, and then in the final round of the competition, Rockstar herself went up to the podium with the wrong answer and Tyler thought he was going to lose, but soon found out he was the only one with the right answer and in fact won the Veto. Rockstar made herself look like one of the dumbest people ever by her own admission, and by means of her alliance and the house altogether spending the better half of the evening tearing apart her boneheaded screw-up. Rockstar's anger at herself caused her to rant for hours and she explained she sucked at doing math and bungled on the last round, and she kept beating herself up as she found herself robbed of a chance to escape the block and "pretty entitled princess Angela" got to come down.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Bemoans her bad luck at being passed over for BB App Store access and her lot in mediocrity.
  • Jerkass/Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yes, she's not the most pleasant person and she's very judgemental about others a lot of the time but she's a mother who genuinely loves her kids and it's probably the most heartwarming quality about her.
  • Joke Character: Just one look at Rockstar and her purple colored hair and it's hard to take her seriously. Especially when she starts her over the top antics such as banging pots and pans.
  • Large Ham: Angie is a very bombastic, outspoken and passionate person. She's the type to be very over the top in her behaviour and actions. Unfortunately for her, her larger than life personality may not make her stay that long in the game because she might start rubbing people the wrong way with her obnoxious attitude. Tyler has said that sometimes Angie can be too over the top and obnoxious for his liking because of how outspoken and opinionated she is.
  • Lazy Bum: What does Rockstar really contribute in the game or in the house? It's no shock that she's touted as being one of the most lazy people in the game.
  • The Load: Rockstar is pretty useless in the game. She doesn't really contribute anything on a social, strategic and especially a competitive level. She's obviously one of the most useless members of the FOUTTE alliance. The only purpose that Rockstar serves in the game is to be a pawn on the block every single week because of how useless she is. Her own attempts to save herself from eviction also backfire, she has a very unpleasant "why me" attitude, and she wonders why people keep nominating her when they could get other people on the block.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Rockstar likes to be lively and energetic and highly visible.
  • Meganekko: Rockstar often wears a strange pair of mystical-looking coke bottle glasses. When she discusses her glasses with Scottie (he says people always want to try his on), Rockstar explains she chose the weirdest and most ridiculous pair she could find to become part of her look and her personality. Both she and Scottie are confused as to why people are so obsessed with trying on their glasses like they are designer kinds without realizing they are real prescription lenses and each other's vision is terrible.
  • The Millstone: Rockstar has become the butt of many jokes in the house, and Brett and several others in Level Six call her "Blockstar" because she rides the eviction blocks.
  • Motor Mouth: Rockstar talks a lot. And once she gets going, she can't stop. She especially gets her mouth running whenever she's passionate or seated about something. Plus, it helps that she's quite the conversationalist.
  • The Narcissist: Rockstar thinks very highly of herself and thinks she's better than everyone else. However, it's clear that she tries to brag about herself and puts on an air of superiority because she has major insecurity issues especially regarding the other female houseguests being much younger and prettier than she is.
  • Neo-Paganism: She's apparently a pagan witch.
  • Nice Guys Finish Last: Painfully addressed when Rockstar is upset people like Brett always win the game.
  • One Steve Limit: Subverted. She has the same first name as Angela, and so is known by her nickname "Rockstar."
  • The Pigpen: Rockstar apparently doesn't take a shower all that often. If that's the case, she is very poor hygiene. Not only does she not shower or bathe all that often, but she's been seen chewing off her toenails with her teeth (Gross!) and ironically commenting she needs a pedicure, and she was also seen on the live feeds picking her butt and not washing her hands afterwards (even more gross). Add to that her constant smoking, walking around with no footwear almost nonstop, and daily use of a giant water bottle that almost never leaves her side and she loudly guzzles and chugs over the feeds and it's easy to see why viewers find her hard to watch.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Shreds into Brett for throwing her under the bus on her daughter's birthday, repeatedly calling him "disgusting".
  • The Resenter: Scottie warns everybody, particularly Brett that Rockstar is likely to be the one juror with an axe to grind with Level Six. Rockstar is also very ticked at Brett for insulting her in his goodbye message and making her cry.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Normally, Rockstar looks frumpy and matronly. But when she dressed up, does her hair, wears makeup and dresses up, she looks like a completely different person. Some people are shocked at how different Rockstar looks when she actually fixes herself up.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Rockstar is a part of the Sacred 6, FOUTTE and The Hive alliances, but it seems as though most of her own alliance doesn't really like her all that much with the exception of Haleigh. Bayleigh constantly talks down to Rockstar and treats her terribly. Scottie hardly ever hangs out with Rockstar. Faysal is closer to Haleigh and Haleigh than he is to Rockstar. The only one who gives her any kind of attention is Haleigh and even she has expressed annoyance with Rockstar from time to time. Everyone on the Level 6 side of the house can't stand her and find her annoying, especially Brett.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Rockstar quickly surmised that it was Scottie who had flipped his vote and was acting like an evil genius.
  • Smug Snake: Rockstar is smug, full of herself, arrogant and talks about herself none stop. She really believes that she is a good player. Interestingly enough, she's one of the most useless players in the game.
  • Straw Feminist: Downplayed. Angie is a feminist and obviously supports women but she's not at all anti men. She has only discussed the possibility of getting all of the women together in an all girls alliance (something that Joey from Season 16 tried to do but failed miserably at) and taking out all of the male houseguests, especially the athletic guys such as Winston and Brett who are from the opposing side of her alliance. She's passionate about women sticking together as most of her strongest allies seem to be women-Bayleigh, Haleigh and Kaitlyn seem to be her strongest allies as of right now-but that doesn't mean she isn't wiling to align with men or work with men either. She is, after all, in part of an alliance called F.O.U.T.T.E (meaning Five Of Us Till The End) and it includes two male members, Swaggy C (who is The Leader of the alliance) and Faysal (who is the second in command, the Number Two or The Lancer to Swaggy C).
  • Tattoo as Character Type: Rockstar has numerous tattoos all over her body. Her numerous tattoos fit her over the top, wild and off beat personality.
  • Team Mom: She's the only female houseguest who is a mother or has children this season. She's also the eldest female houseguest so she's bound to have either a older sister instinct or motherly instinct towards the younger houseguests.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Got into a HUGE blowup live right after Winston was evicted, the first intensely heated one of the season, when she unloaded her grievances on Brett for using his final speech before the eviction votes were cast to portray her as a liar and the person who flipped the vote last week to get Swaggy evicted, both of which were clearly wrong. What made her so upset was one of her daughters was celebrating her birthday at home that night and almost certainly watching her mom on TV, and Brett just spoiled everything by being a dick.
  • Too Dumb to Fool: Rockstar honestly believed Brett would help protect her from eviction and strike a Final Two alliance. Brett enjoyed evicting her and telling her and all his allies how ridiculous that was.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Rockstar cemented her own eviction without even meaning to.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In Week 4, in direct response to Brett crapping on her reputation, Rockstar began acting like past players who took to tormenting their object of dislike like Dick, Amanda, and Josh.
  • Tragic Mistake: Rockstar's slip of the tongue in the OTEV competition cost her the entire game.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair: Rockstar's hair is a vibrant shade of purple with fancy decorations sometimes included, and she loves colorful attire.

     Faysal Shawn "Fessy" Shafaat (Juror #03; Evicted HG #08) 

Faysal Shawn "Fessy" Shafaat

Born: Oct. 17th, 1991
Age (at time of competition): 26
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Current City: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
HOH Wins: 1
POV Wins: 2 note 
Nominations: 1note 
Have Nots: 3note 
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: Hamazon note 
Finished: Placed 8th (Juror #3)
Evicted: Evicted 4-1 VS. HALEIGH
HOH Evicted Under: ANGELA (in Week 9).
'''Voted For: KAYCEE

  • Abhorrent Admirer: For Haleigh. Haleigh is clearly using Fessy for game reasons but Fessy seems to think that he and Haleigh are a romantic match made in heaven. He constantly trues to flirt with her and makes passes at her which clearly makes Haleigh uncomfortable. Haleigh feels pressured into giving into Fessy's flirtations because she fears that if she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, he may turn on her.
  • Action Hero: He's one of the strongest male competitors in the house so far having 2 POV wins under his belt. If he goes farther into the game, he could become a huge competition threat and could skate to the end by going on a camp win streak. On a competitive level, he's currently Tyler's biggest competition next to Scottie.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Most of his close friends often call him "Fessy". Rockstar has always called him "Fenessy".
  • All Love Is Unrequited: It appeared as if Fessy may have liked Kaitlyn because the two instantly bonded and became so close. However, he actually had real feelings for Haleigh and preferred her over Kaitlyn. When Kaitlyn and Haleigh were on the block facing eviction in Week 4, Fessy won the POV and had to choose whether he was going to take Haleigh or Kaitlyn off the block. Fessy of course chose to take Haleigh off the block because of his infatuation with her. Kaitlyn was very jealous and upset about Fessy choosing Haleigh over her. Though Fessy liked Kaitlyn, he clearly only had friendship feelings for her but he had romantic feelings for Haleigh since the beginning. Fesys came to the realization that Kaitlyn didn't actually really like him and had been playing him the whole time they were in the house together. Fessy, Tyler and Brett compared notes about Kaitlyn and how she was saying the same things to each of them. On the flip side, Haleigh may not be into Fessy as much as he's into her. Haleigh constantly looks like she has no interest in being with Fessy despite always saying how much she likes him in public. Her body language is a dead giveaway that she might not be into Fessy romantically and that she may be just playing him and using him in the game.
  • Badass Boast: Subverted. Fessy makes a lot of threats and talks big, but he can never really back up his threats and big talk because he's probably one of the most clueless people in the entire game. His threats about how he's going to win and dominate in all the competitions going forward are shallow and empty.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: Fessy frequently has on a sporty banana and he's one of the most physical players in the house.
  • Betty and Veronica: With Kaitlyn and Haleigh in terms of who is his "Number 1", most notably in Week 4 when they are both on the block and he may have to finally make a public choice between the two.
  • The Big Guy: Fassy is built like a mountain. He played football in college and appears to have put on even more muscle in the gym since then. He makes even Brett look small!
  • The Bore: Fessy is one of the most boring, uninteresting houseguests in the house. What does Fessy contribute to the game or the feeds except laying around with Haleigh in bed all day and snuggling with her? Fessy doesn't have any game sense whatsoever and he thinks that he's on The Bachelor instead of playing Big Brother, which is a game for half a million dollars. Fans have commented that they can't stand Fessy's DR sessions during the live shows because of how dull and scripted they come across. The only thing that Fessy does reasonably well in this game is winning some competitions. The other thing that he does which is halfway interesting is cause some friction with Haleigh when he trolls her, and even that gets old because it gets tiresome listening two hours of the couple juggling a love-hate relationship.
  • Brains and Brawn:
    • The Brawn to JC's Brain. Faysal has a lot of worth in physical comps but is not so good in mental comps and can be a loose cannon in the house without JC to yank the leash when he gets too antsy-pantsy. JC considers him a big fat dumb puppet.
    • The Brawn to Haleigh's Brain. Haleigh has to do all the thinking for Fessy because he has consistently proven that he is not paying attention to the game and acting like he knows everything and making moves with no real idea of how the house is conspiring.
  • Brainless Beauty: Faysal is an attractive dude, but he lacks in the brains and intelligence department. Half the time, Faysal is clueless about the game and has no idea what's going on for the majority of the time. Other people have to constantly keep Faysal clued in on what's happening in the house or the game because he's so dumb in that regard. JC even manages to mock Fessy for his lack of intelligence and strategy in the game by saying that JC himself is Fessy's brains.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Fessy is The Big Guy who is built like a mountain and brick. But boy, does he have such a sensitive personality. He's a big mushy teddy bear who cares way more about romance and finding love on the show than about playing the game of Big Brother which includes lying and manipulating people. He may look intimidating but even when he makes threats, it's all talk because he's actually a big softie. When Bayleigh was evicted in Week 6, Fessy was weeping like crazy after having to vote Bayleigh out along with the majority of the house.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Fessy tries come off as someone who is great with the ladies and that he's such The Charmer. But he's not as good with women as he seems. Yes, Kaitlyn and Haleigh pay attention to Fessy but Kaitlyn was using him and was repeating the same behavior with other guys in the house such as Tyler and Brett and Haleigh is obviously using Fessy as a meat shield in the game for her own safety and protection. Overall, the women do like Fessy as a person, but they also like to take advantage of him because of how easily manipulated and influenced he is.
  • Control Freak: Fessy has a very controlling and domineering personality. He has always got to be the one in control of things. Fessy shows a controlling attitude in his relationship with Haleigh. He hates when anyone tries to befriend Haleigh or have any kind of influence on her other than himself.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Creepers. Fessy is extremely jealous, possessive and territorial where Haleigh is concerned. He doesn't like when Haleigh flirts with the other males in the house and it gets under his skin. In Week 6, Fessy admitted that it bothered him when Haleigh spent a total of 5 hours with Brett on the hammock. Fessy not only views Brett as romantic competition for Haleigh, but he also views Scottie as competition as well since Scottie has openly admitted to liking Haleigh romantically. Too bad that Fessy's jealousy over Haleigh is irrelevant since it's apparent that Haleigh is just toying with him, playing him and using him for strategic and game related purposes. Fessy's jealous behavior over Haleigh is so obvious that Brett compared Fessy to Caleb Reynolds (AKA "Beastmode Cowboy") from BB16. Caleb was pretty much obsessive and a stalker for Amber and Fessy is displaying the same attitude and behaviour towards Haleigh.
  • Delusions of Grandeur: Fessy constantly prides himself as being the strongest male competitor in the house. He thinks that he has a chance of winning nearly every single competition until the end of the game. He boasts that he can easily beat strong competitors such as Tyler and athletic males like Brett. But in reality, the two POV's that he won in Week 1 and Week 4 were "thrown" to him by other people. Tyler threw the POV to Fessy in Week 1 so that he would keep the nominations the same. Kaitlyn supposedly threw the POV to Fessy in Week 4 so that he would win it and take her off the block (though chances are that Kaitlyn was lying about throwing the Veto to Fessy). Fessy is a reasonably athletic and strong male but he's no where her the strongest competitor in the house like he constantly prides himself at being. In Week 8, he states that putting up Scottie was the biggest move of the entire season. Does he not realize that he only nominated someone who was from his alliance and has voted with him for the majority of the time all season and now Fessy is getting him evicted? Does he not realize that he's picking off his own numbers while letting an unknown powerhouse alliance (Level Six) continue to skate by another week so that they can dominate the house? It's not a wonder why Fessy was close friends with Swaggy C since they have similar mindsets and believe that they are much stronger and better players than they think they are. Fessy, like Swaggy C, is seriously delusional and has a huge head regarding his gameplay.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Subverted. At first, it appeared as if Fesys may not have got Haleigh and her affections. But she later reciprocates his feelings. However, there's some speculation that Haleigh may not really have real feelings for him but that she may be just using him for the game. And Fessy's relationship with Kaitlyn was just a huge complicated mess. For one, Kaitlyn had a boyfriend back home yet she was flirting with Fessy and other guys in the house. And secondly, Fessy prefers Haleigh over Kaitlyn and only viewed Kaitlyn as a friend and not as a romantic interest.
  • Disappointed in You: Faysal implied such when he didn't give Kaitlyn a hug when she started to expose her dishonesty.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: He's constantly distracted by his feelings for Haleigh. Every single game move (or lack thereof) has been based on his feelings for Haleigh. Out of everyone in the house, Fessy listens to Haleigh's input the most simply because she's a pretty blonde haired girl that he's strongly infatuated with. Fessy's desire to nominate Scottie and get him out of the house appeared not to have been a strategic game move whatsoever but a personal one so that he could have Haleigh all to himself.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Fessy was attracted to Haleigh from the very start of the game. Haleigh didn't really pay that much attention to Fessy and was much more hung up on Tyler in the first couple of weeks. Later on, it seems as if Haleigh does come around to reciprocating Fessy's romantic feelings and interest. But that doesn't stop many naysayers from thinking that it's possible Haleigh is just using Fessy in the game and that she's not really romantically interested in pursuing a relationship with him outside of the house.
  • Drunk with Power: Similar to Swaggy C and Bayleigh, Fessy got a bit of HOH-itis after he won HOH in Week 8. He insistently boasted that he plans on making a big move while he was in power. Unfortunately for him, he believes that nominating Scottie and getting him out of the house all so that he could have Haleigh to himself is considered to be a big move in the Big Brother scheme of things. Fessy clearly let his power not only get to his head but also make him appear less intelligent than he already was.
  • Dumb Jock: Fessy is athletic and is a former college football player. But he sure lacks brain matter and intelligence. He's good competitively, but he sucks on a strategic level and has no clue about what's going on in the game whatsoever. Because of his lack of game intelligence, he constantly ends up blindsided week after week.
  • Dumb Muscle: Fessy is a big, husky and muscular guy who is most definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. He has no clue about what is going on in the game for the majority of the time. He constantly ends up blindsided repeatedly each week and he can never figure out why he and his alliance always find themselves in trouble. He may be pretty solid on a competitive level but he is absolutely abysmal on a strategic level.
  • Expy:
    • Caleb Reynolds from BB16: They are very similar in that they seem to look at Big Brother as a place to find romance and love instead of playing a game for half a million dollars. Both Caleb and Fessy fell hard for a female houseguest to almost creepy, obsessive levels; Caleb fell for Amber and grew to become obsessed with her while Fessy became heavily infatuated with Haleigh to creepy and obsessive levels. Both Caleb and Fessy are Crazy Jealous Guys who get intimidated, angry or jealous of both Amber and Haleigh giving other guys in the house attention or when they flirt with other guys. Caleb got jealous when Amber used to flirt with Cody and Fessy gets jealous when Haleigh flirts with or gets friendly with Brett and Scottie. Caleb and Fessy are muscular, athletic jocks who take care of their bodies. They are both strong male competitors who constantly like to boast about their competition prowess. Caleb and Fessy can be very arrogant and cocky about themselves—they think they are much better players than they really are. Both Caleb and Fessy are a Dogged Nice Guy who are willing to make stupid game moves spoiled that they can impress Amber and Haleigh respectively. Both Caleb and Fessy are a Dumb Jock and aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. They are Emotional Bruisers who act tough and look intimidating but are actually sensitive, romantic and emotional.
    • Austin Matelson from BB17: They are similar because they are very largely built and are The Big Guy. They are both 6'5" and are intimidating because go their size. Both are strong athletes and competitors. Both of them care more about finding romance and love than about playing the game of Big Brother. Both of them have fallen in love with a blonde haired, blue-eyed girl; Austin all for Liz and Fessy fell for Haleigh. Austin was strongly infatuated with Liz and cared more about playing the game for her and getting her far. Fessy is very similar in that regard in that he cares more about romancing Haleigh than playing the game. Both of them are a Green-Eyed Monster and Crazy Jealous Guy when it comes to their love interests. Fessy always gets jealous and angry whenever he sees Haleigh flirting with other guys in the house, particularly Brett and Scottie. Austin was the same way with Liz-he would get jealous and upset when Liz would flirt with other guys such as in the case with Jeff. Both Austin and Fessy are extremely possessive and territorial with Liz and Haleigh. They don't like when the girls flirt with other girls or even spend time talking to other guys. There is a major difference between Austin and Fessy in regards to their games strategies however. Fessy solely relies on being a strong competitor and winning a bunch if comps to get farther in the game. But he lacks a solid social game and strategic game to make good game decisions that would benefit him and his allies. Austin, on the contrary, didn't win a bunch of competitions despite being an athletic competitor. Instead, he was more strategic and social and used his strategic and social game to get himself farther in the game. In other words, Fessy is more of a Dumb Jock and a Dumb Muscle while Austin is more of a Genius Bruiser. Both of them were blindsided in some way when they faced eviction or nomination. In BB17, Vanessa had put Austin up as a replacement nominee after Johnny Mac pulled himself from the block with the Veto. Austin still trusted Vanessa despite her putting him up as the replacement because he felt safe that she wouldn't vote him out since they were working together and were in an alliance. Come eviction night at the Final 5, Vanessa blindsides Austin by casting the tie breaker vote to evict him. Austin was extremely shell shocked and bitter at Vanessa for blindsiding him live that he walked out of the house with no shoes on feeling that he was safe the entire time and that she was going to vote out Steve. In Week 9, Fessy was also blindsided by Angela, who was HOH, after she had decided to nominate him and Fessy. In the previous week while Fessy was HOH, Fessy and Haleigh had made a Final 4 deal with Tyler and Angela. Fessy wanted strong competitors and players to go to the end and to get rid of all the floater that were riding the middle. Fessy truly believed in this Final 4 deal with Tangela hence why Fessy was so shocked and blindsided. Austin and Fessy also share the similarity of being unpopular and unliked outside of the house and having a near 0% Approval Rating outside of the house. Both Austin and Fessy are at the bottom of popularity polls due to their unlike ability and bad gameplay.
  • Failure Knight: Faysal has been on the wrong side of the house on almost every single vote and forced to vote out his own allies.
  • Fool for Love: Every stupid decision that Fessy has made in the game has been because of Haleigh and her influence. He doesn't seem to be thinking with the right head when it comes to Haleigh and the game.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Fassy bears a slight twinge of jealously and paranoia toward Brett when he sees her spending four straight hours with Hayleigh on the hammock bonding with her right before the fifth eviction, and tries to help get him voted out. Unfortunately, Brett only takes this in stride and sees himself as the better, superior pick to Fessy.
  • Honor Before Reason: Fessy thinks it's better to play the game to make big moves of his own choosing instead of listening to his allies, because he believes that if you are exclusively directing the game, you are the one who will get the Jury's attention. He also doesn't like getting blood on his hands and made a safe nomination and said he had nothing against Brett or Scottie and that they should win the Veto Competition if they want to get off the block and his nominations were motivated only by his lack of trustworthy communication with them. All this sounds good on paper, but what it all amounts to is one very short-sided view of the house coming from a player who sits around doing next to nothing and doesn't realize there is a power alliance circling around him like sharks waiting to take advantage of his mis-aimed focus to pick off his side of the house.
  • Idiot Ball: This dude always seems to find the ball at the worst possible time. He blindly relies on Tyler and JC that they'll keep him safe in the game... and both are conspiring to blindside him at the first opportunity. Faysal always trusts the word of his "allies", not realizing he's being played a fool of every single vote. Each vote where he's told the direction the vote will take, it goes the opposite way. Fessy doesn't even see Level Six as a direct threat, but a peripheral threat. When Fessy has a chance to attack Level Six in Week 9 as HOH, he puts Scottie on the block. Level Six has the numbers to get him evicted effortlessly. Then Tyler and company will swoop in and crumple the last remaining pieces of FOUTTE. Haleigh and Scottie are flabbergasted that Fessy chose to nominate one of his own allies, and wonder if he's been stupid at the game this whole time. Zing-Bot even calls him a "full-time moron."
  • The Klutz: Fessy sat down on the HOH sink on August 14. Moments later, it broke, and he got called to the Diary Room by production with a strongly-worded summons.
  • Lazy Bum: Fessy is extremely lazy around the house and doesn't contribute to anything. He doesn't cook or clean whatsoever and he just lays around with Haleigh. Many houseguests as well as fans alike comment how lazy Fessy is.
  • The Millstone: Fessy is almost indisputably the most incompetent male player in the house. He waited until the final eight to check on where alliances stand and make deals all because he was too busy eyeing Haleigh to see the Hive breaking apart, thought those deals would actually be honored, and then expected himself and Haleigh to be safe by targeting one person while HOH who was very clearly detached from the other side of the house and even helping the Hive. Not only is Level Six delighted to see Fessy's friendly fire on his own alliance, they're even happier that he has no idea Level Six is a thing, nor seems to realize JC is keeping him from catching on. He doesn't even expect to go up on the block after his HOH reign is over. When his time as HOH comes to an end, Fessy and Haleigh are instant targets of Level Six.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Fessy is very tall being 6'5", is dark haired and dark eyed, and is reasonably easy on the eyes. Haleigh lampshades this in the premiere during the houseguests' introductions.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His name is Faysal but everyone always calls him "Fassy" or "Fessy". The prerecorded production announcer is the only voice that uses his given name.
  • Tempting Fate: Haleigh grows increasingly frustrated with Fessy in Week 7 and warns him not to make her look like an idiot, or she won't ever speak to him again in real life after he really starts to annoy her. Fessy is being very careless while this conversation goes on; he gets yapped at by production for singing and playing his music from the HOH Room headphones loud enough to be heard over the microphones. Fessy is also yapped at by the powers-that-be for mentioning production. Despite all this, Fessy assures Haleigh he's not going to make her look like an idiot. Then, Fessy sits his heavy rump down on the edge of the HOH Room sink... and the whole thing rips loose from the wall and collapses.
  • Token Minority: He's a practicing Muslim, the only one in the house and the second to have ever appeared on the US version of the show.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Him and Haleigh getting close (After flirting with Kaitlyn) spelled out Steve's doom. Oops. He's also heavily responsible for destroying the ranks of his own alliance. Double oops.
  • Values Dissonance: Faysal is Muslim, and he earned a punishment in which he had to eat a lot of ham. Technically averted, as Big Brother isn't that evil, so they gave him vegan ham.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Being forced to shovel outrageous amounts of ham into his system eventually takes its toll and sends Faysal to the john to barf it back up. Thankfully, none of the cameras show this up close, and footage from the overhead bathroom camera isn't used.
  • Yandere: For Haleigh. Faysal seems to have a strong infatuation with Haleigh and he's starting to become obsessive over her. Many fans are creeped out by his constant advances at Haleigh even though she's made it clear in so may ways that she's not it not him romantically at all. Some are calling it the second coming of Caleb and Amber, the other notoriously creepy no-mance in the US run.

     Scott Edward "Scottie" Salton (Juror #04; Evicted HG #09) 

Scott Edward "Scottie" Salton

Born: Jan. 10th, 1992
Age (at time of competition): 26
Hometown: Shorewood, IL
Current City: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Shipping Manager
HOH Wins: 1note 
POV Wins: 1note 
Nominations: 4 note 
Have Nots: 4note 
Prizes Won: Trip to Greece note 
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: Placed 9th (Re-Entered Game); Placed 8th (Juror #04)
Evicted: Evicted 6-0 VS. KAYCEE (Won Jury Battleback); Evicted 5-0 VS. HALEIGH
HOH Evicted Under: FAYSAL (in Week 8), TYLER (in Week 10)
Voted For: KAYCEE

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Scottie is crazy about Haleigh but it's apparent that she is just using him and playing him. Haleigh has thrown Scottie under the bus numerous times behind his back and has had no issue with him being put on the block. Scottie, on the other hand, doesn't realize that Haleigh is just playing him and using him for game reasons because he is so easily snowed by her. Haleigh has admitted to some other people that she doesn't like Scottie as more than a friend and some of his advances and looks at her make her a little bit uncomfortable. Scottie believes that he has a chance with Haleigh once the show is over but it's obvious that Haleigh has zero romantic interest in him. Haleigh playing Scottie was what caused Sam to nominate Haleigh in Week 4 when Sam became HOH. She cited in her speech that she nominated Haleigh because she didn't like the way that Haleigh was using Scottie and leading him on. Sam felt that Haleigh was playing with Scottie's feelings and heart and that if he ever found out that Haleigh didn't really like him as more than a friend, then that could scar Scottie for life. Unfortunately, what Sam said about Haleigh not liking Scottie as more than a friend is true and other people such as Tyler and Angela frequently tried to warn Scottie that Haleigh was playing him. Unfortunately, Scottie never got the message because he was much too infatuated with her to even notice or care about the truth regarding Haleigh.
  • Action Hero: Scottie has won a couple of competitions—1 HOH and 1 POV. He's admitted that despite being a nerd and brainy, he's also rather competitive. He could easily go on a competition winning streak and Ian or Steve his way to the Final 2.
  • Adorkable: From his intro onward, he has a very gawky disposition that makes everyone think back to other nerdy types like Ian Terry (BB14), Steve Moses (BB17), and Cameron Heard (BB19).
  • Affably Evil: Scottie is good at keeping up friendly appearances and despite his occasional social awkwardness, he pretty much gets along with the majority of the other houseguests and isn't that much of a loner by any means. However, Scottie has proven himself to be one of the sneakiest and most scheming players. He appears to be playing a floater and a rat type game similar to that of Andy Herron, Ian Terry and Ronnie Talbot. He can easily float to whoever is in power, pretend as if he is their friends, but when the other side gets in power, he has little issue with throwing the side not in power under the bus. Scottie has been actively able to play the middle because his social games been decent and solid, but many people are starting to see his game and are onto his game strategy of floating. Scottie appears to be good and loyal, but he's such a flip flopper and can easily backstab someone. Look what Scottie did in the case of voting out Swaggy C, one of his closest allies. In Week 2, he voted out Swaggy C while wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt' and he did it with a smile on his face. Scottie is ruthless.
  • Alliterative Name: Scottie Salton. His first and his last name begin with the same letter which is S.
  • The Aloner: Scottie is a mildly anti-social person and does his own thing from time to time. When Scottie realizes that his time in the house is all but done after he doesn't win the Veto in Week 9, he goes off to sit in the backyard hammock all by himself, which makes Angela and Kaycee pity him. Scottie also keeps to himself aside from a few vain deals to survive, and then begins to talk aloud all his thoughts as he slowly becomes focused on just packing up to go to the Jury House.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Scottie is apparently a fan of Big Brother, It's uncertain whether or not he's a superfine like Tyler is. But he seems to have a very good understanding of the game. Too bad that he couldn't use his knowledge about Big Brother to play a better game while he was still in the house. It might have benefited his game much more if he used his status as a fan of the show to go farther.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Scottie's attention can dart all over the place when he's excited. It took him several minutes to notice the table in the kitchen had been replaced with the smaller final eight-sized seater and he ran around it like a goofball.
  • Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch: A male version. In Week 2, Scottie ruthless decided to vote out Swaggy C, who was in his alliance and one of his closest allies in the game, while wearing a Swaggy C T-Shirt. He did it so ruthlessly and shamelessly that his voting out Swaggy C and calling him by the his actual name of Christopher insight gasps from the live show audience. It was clear that Scottie had enough of Swaggy and his antics.
  • Backstab Backfire: YEESH. Scottie's eviction was pitiful. Fessy nominated him purely because he didn't have enough of an understanding with Scottie to trust Scottie with his game, but Level Six used this as their chance to throw shade on him some more. Level Six also hatched a plan to blame Rockstar's sympathy vote on Scottie via Brett and Scottie was feeling so comfortable prior to nominations that he didn't think he needed to defend his name. Scottie only compounded this after Brett won the Veto and Scottie didn't actively try to keep his name clean. When he had a chance to campaign to his allies to save him, he went after the only allies he had left. Scottie tried to throw Haleigh under the bus and the bus came back and rolled over him. Haleigh broke down crying because she had done nothing but speak positive about him and was upset by his treachery. He got blasted extra hard for this by Fessy, who had no reason to trust the guy who turned on his showmance. It ultimately led to Scottie carrying the first unanimous eviction vote of the summer, with not a single pity vote or even a rogue vote to speak of.
  • Badass Adorable: Scottie may be a nerd but he describes himself as athletic as well. If he stays in the game for a long period of time, he could be the second coming of Ian Terry in that he could prove to be both a competitive and strategic player.
  • Batman Gambit: Wore one of Swaggy C's shirts to eviction night #2 specifically to repel suspicion that he was the one who flipped the vote to evict Swaggy himself.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Scottie is a nice, humble and decent guy despite his occasional social awkwardness. However, he is pretty cunning and ruthless in the game. He can easily turn on people and he wouldn't feel bad about it. He shamelessly voted out Swaggy C while he was wearing his t shirt and also called him by his name Christopher. He's definitely not to be trusted.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Came off as a socially awkward, innocent nerd at the start, but has revealed a not so pleasant side to his personality. He's much more Affably Evil — he's good at pretending to be someone's friend but will willingly betty and backstab someone if it benefits him.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Scottie seriously didn't understand the meaning of loyalty to his friends and allies. He was playing both sides of the house and was essentially playing a Ronnie Talbot tr "rat" game. Swaggy C was one of his closest friends and allies in the house and he was working alongside him in the first week. When Swaggy C is blindsided and backdoored, Scottie doesn't even choose to side with him or defend him. Instead, on eviction night, he chooses to wear one of Swaggy C's t-shirts, enter the Diary Room to cast his vote to evict and votes out Swaggy C in the most insulting of ways. While voting Swaggy out, Scottie said that he was nobody's goon (he was referencing something that Swaggy had said in his eviction speech about how his allies are a bunch of goons that are following his lead) and voted him out wby using his actual name of Christopher instead of his preferred nickname of Swaggy C. The entire live audience was shocked and stunned about how Scottie voted out Swaggy C so ruthlessly and viciously and with absolutely no mercy. It was at that moment that showed he had no loyalty to anyone and he was willing to ruthlessly backstab and cut people even if they were his friends and allies in the game. He was also willing to throw Bayleigh to the wolves during her week as HOH and Angela's HOH week. He was completely fine with Bayleigh going up on the block and being backdoored and blindsided. On top of it, he had no issue with voting her out of the house. He was also okay with Rockstar leaving and had planned on going after Fessy, someone who was also in his alliance. The only person that he had some minor loyalty to was Haleigh and maybe Tyler. Scottie clearly doesn't understand the concept of loyalty.
  • The Cutie: Scottie is extremely adorable and endearing due to his nerdy persona and his social awkwardness. Due to his social awkwardness, he makes it easy to like him and root for him.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Put the bromance of Brett and Winston up on the eviction block at the same time, and they know at least one of them will not go home and that person will target Scottie in retaliation next week. His last gasp in the house in Week 9 was also the most self-destructive next to Rockstar's, throwing away the last alliance he had left in a vain effort to get a bigger target backdoored.
  • Entitled Bastard: On the day prior to his impending eviction, Scottie packed up everything he could carry in his BB bag and suitcase, planning to hock loads of supplies from the house for himself. He took a drink cup, toiletries, and even a box of condoms. He even made off with a box of anti-diarrheals without understanding much about their function. A lot of Scottie's flipping on votes is also partially fueled by entitled behavior, his revenge for the blindside of Steve, his best friend in the house, and because he trusted the wrong people and "got f—ked", Scottie has no problem doing the same thing to the other players.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Not from Swaggy C, but from veteran players who took offense to the fact Scottie was wearing one of Swaggy C's t-shirts in what was his last-ditch effort to rally votes for him to stay, then went in the Diary Room with it on and voted against him.
  • Evil Genius: Shows this side of his personality when he deliberately flips his vote to stir up dissent among the house and initiates a plan to weed out players whom the house collectively thinks are most dangerous by making it look like it was their idea to nominate them.
  • Expy:
    • Ian Terry from BB14. Both are the token nerd of their seasons. Ian and Scottie are physically similar in many ways. They both wear glasses. They both have lanky builds. Personality wise, they are also very similar. Scottie and Ian are highly socially awkward and are especially so around the ladies. Both Scottie and Ian had a crush on a blonde female houseguest—Scottie has a crush on Haleigh while Ian had a crush on Ashley. Both of their crushes were unrequited. While Scottie was crazy about Haleigh and really wanted to pursue a relationship with her beyond friendship, Ian was also crazy about Ashley and wanted Ashley to see him as more than the dorky, socially awkward nerd. Both death with some jealous issues pertaining to their crush. Scottie felt that Fessy was competition for Haleigh's affections while Ian felt like Frank was competition fro Ashley's affections. Both were in a love triangle that included a pretty blonde girl, an athletic jock, and a socially awkward nerd. Scottie and Ian have similar gameplay. Scottie and Ian both played The Mole or rat game and tried to play both sides of the house. The difference, however, is that Scottie got caught playing the rat game while Ian got caught being a rat and still managed to comp win his way to the end. Both were in a large five person alliance where they were at the bottom of the totem pollScottie was a part of The Hive alliance which included himself, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal, and Rockstar; Ian was part of the Quack Pack alliance which included himself, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney. Like Ian, Scottie has proven to be a mental and competition threat as he's both The Smart Guy and an Action Hero. Because of this, people in the house are threatened by him because they view him as a threat to get to the end of the game and win. Not to mention that like Ian, Scottie is a super fan of Big Brother.
    • Steve Moses from BB17: Similar to Steve, Scottie is a socially awkward nerd who has No Social Skills. They both wear Nerd Glasses. They both had a strong relationship with the player that was controlling the house—Scottie has a bond and friendship with Tyler while Steve had a bond and alliance with Vanessa. Both are mental and competitive threats. Both Steve and Scottie are self-proclaimed super fans of Big Brother. Both Steve and Scottie are the epitome of Adorkable. Both of them have been members of a powerful alliance—Scottie was a member of The Hive while Steve was a member of the Scamper Squad.
  • Geek Physique: Scottie is of the skinny variation. He;'s the epitome of what one would call a geek or a nerd and he definitely has the lanky build to go along with it. Surprisingly, Scottie is actually rather athletic than most other nerds and though he is very slim builded, he's not a bean pole either. He's actually got a bit of muscle though he's not as physically ripped or built like Brett, Winston, Fessy and Tyler. He's no slouch when it comes to athletics despite his lanky physical body.
  • Heroic Albino: Scottie is very pale skinned, has very intense and piercing light blue eyes and has very blond hair that's bordering on white hair. It's downplayed however, because although he's mostly heroic, he does have a very dark, scheming, and sinister side of his personality.
  • Iconic Item: Scottie refused to be separated from his gold cross, and he got upset when production delayed in getting his bags back into the house after battle-back because they were evidently tired of it hitting his body mic and making noise and did that just to prevent that.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Scottie has blue eyes which are very piercing in nature. But since he wears glasses all the time, his piercing and intense blue eyes aren't that noticeable.
  • Keet: Scottie can become very hyper and geeky when other players are calm.
  • The Klutz: Scottie once tried to jump over the backyard hammock and flipped himself so hard his shoes flew off. When he recovered, he joked he didn't know where he was. Tyler told him, "You're on Survivor".
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Scottie is rather lanky and thin in physique and he's no where near as muscular and athletic as guys like Tyler, Brett, Winston and Faysal. But he's still a strong competitor none the less. Scottie has even mentioned that despite not being an athlete, he's still a physical threat.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After he learns he made Haleigh cry, the two have a conversation in the bedrooms, where Scottie starts to tear up and explains he meant nothing against her and does care about her.
  • Nerd Glasses: His immediate trademark and signature. Scottie fits the classic nerdy archetype that is often found in Big Brother.
  • Nerds Are Virgins: Never had a girlfriend or even been kissed, by his own admission. He sprints out of the room when it looks like Rachel is about to change that.
  • Nice Guy: Definitely one of the nicest people in the house, which is saying quite a bit given most the house is fairly respectful and well-behaved. It's subverted later on when it'c reveals that he's actually more of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. He appeared to be nice and friendly in the beginning, but he also revealed a very petty, bitter and nasty side of his personality that was very unpleasant. He acted like a Sore Loser and went out on a bitter note after being evicted for the second time but since he was somewhat blindsided, his bitterness and saltiness about his eviction may have been a bit justified.
  • No Social Skills: Scottie is incredibly socially awkward and doesn't seem too understand social cues. It makes him endearing none the less.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Scottie didn't take it so well when Tyler ended up nominating him and being responsible for his eviction. In fact, he was so angry and bitter at Tyler the he left a nasty eviction speech to both Angela and Tyler before he left. He also left the game being a bitter Sore Loser who was especially mad at Tyler and felt betrayed by him.
  • Playing Both Sides: After Scottie flips the house once, everyone believes he's going to do this for the rest of the game, and at intervals, Scottie attempts to jump between alliances and stir things up.
  • The Scapegoat: After flipping on Swaggy, he becomes the easiest person to blame for voting to keep Kaitlyn on the fourth eviction night (it was really JC who did that). People also find it easy to pin suspicious behavior on Scottie for going around opening doors and going around the house all weirdly like he's casing it out. By Week 9, he's become a patsy for Level Six when Fessy puts him up on the block, and Scottie himself decides to just go with the image everyone has of him and outright betray whoever he needs to so that he can stay in the house.
  • Sore Loser: After being evicted a second time, Scottie came across as someone who was bitter that he got kicked out of the game immediately. Before being evicted, Scottie decided to make a very bitter, nasty and mean spirited speech about Angela in front of the house and millions of viewers. In his interview with Julie Chen, he acted like a slaty sore loser who couldn't accept that he just played a horrible game. He's definitely no better than Swaggy C in regards to losing. He has seemed to have mellowed out in Jury though according to recent jury segments.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Scottie becomes this to the whole house because he proves himself to be disloyal and keeps throwing people under the bus.
  • Troll: Scottie did something extra disgusting and dumped as much milk as he could on the floors of the house just to make it slippery and catch other competitors by surprise in a trap. It's something nobody else has ever done in Hide and Go Veto, it pissed off the other houseguests, and mad Sam furious. Scottie quietly cleaned up the mess and sanitized all the areas that he blanketed in milk, but in the midst of the houseguests crashing around, a lot of fabric got sullied with milk, and that meant everyone had to do a lot of laundry.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His decision to flip a vote to save Swaggy into the deciding vote to evict him led Brett to finger Rockstar as the perpetrator at the next eviction night, who promptly went off on him after Winston was evicted.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Kaitlyn needed him for her plan to backdoor Swaggy to go up on the block with Winston as a dummy target next to him. This left Scottie feeling extremely nervous, as his best ally in the game just went home.
  • Yandere: A friendship version for Tyler. Scottie had a bit of an obsession with Tyler and desperately wanted to be his friend. He's repeatedly expressed a passion for wanting to work with Tyler in the game and has delusions that he's Tyler's closest friend and best friend in the house. After winning the Jury Battleback and coming back into the game, Scottie excitedly says that he wants to work with Tyler in the game. When Tyler ends up being the one to nominate him and send him home, Scottie doesn't take it very well and ends up leaving the game bitter and a Sore Loser. He's so enraged at Tyler betraying him and not having his back that he leaves a very nasty eviction speech for Angela before he leaves.

     Haleigh Falyn Broucher (Juror #05; Evicted HG #10) 

Haleigh Falyn Broucher

Born: Jan. 23rd, 1997
Age (at time of competition): 21
Hometown: Village Mills, TX
Current City: College Station, TX
Occupation: College Student
HOH Wins: 1 note 
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 4note 
Have Nots: 2note 
H@cker Competiton Wins: 1note 
Prizes Won: BB H@cker during Week 6 note 
Punishments Taken: To Read note 
Finished: Placed 7th (Juror #05)
Evicted: Evicted 4-0 VS. SAM
HOH Evicted Under: KAYCEE (in WEEK 11)
Voted For: TYLER

  • Abhorrent Admirer: This is downplayed. Tyler seems to think of Haleigh this way. Haleigh is a beautiful girl but Tyler has shown little to no interest in her whatsoever. Haleigh has tried to consistently flirt with Tyler but he stopped being interested in Haleigh back in Week 1 when he realized that he couldn't trust her on a game level. The two became distant when she started to flirt with Fessy and now when Haleigh tries to flirt with Tyler, he finds it annoying. It appears as though Tyler is completely immune to Haleigh's feminine wiles and flirtations, unlike the other guys such as Fessy, Scottie, and Brett (who is technically also immune to them and is just flirting with her for game reasons). Tyler's dislike of Haleigh and her flirting with him increased even more once finding out that she put him on the block in Week 6 and tried to get him out of the house. Since then, Tyler's feelings regarding Haleigh went from indifference to downright dislike. When Haleigh was trying to flit with him in Week 7 by trying to persuade him to work with her and her side of the house (The Hive), Tyler looked very uncomfortable and looked like he wanted nothing to do with Haleigh and her flirtations.
  • Adorkable: Haleigh has a nerdy, goofy and dorky side of her personality. Plus, she wears glasses and she loves to talk about literature, pop culture, and science adding to her nerdy side.
  • Action Girl: Appeared as though she wasn't that strong of a competitor but she managed to win 2 competitions back to week. In Week 6, she won the H@cker Competition and she took a big swing at Tyler by nominating him partially because she viewed him as a serious threat in the house. She went onto winning HOH in Week 7, proving that she does have some competition prowess.
  • Affably Evil: Haleigh appears as though she's the typical sweet, blonde, pretty girl next door but she's got a darker and manipulative side bubbling underneath that sweet as apple pie facade. Haleigh is friendly, approachable and personable most of the time but something says that Haleigh would be downright scary if she were to ever be crossed or betrayed. Haleigh also seems like she could be downright devious and manipulative. She's currently using the strategy of manipulating and flirting with all of the men in the house. Some fans even joke that she may become a Black Widow with how much she manipulates and flirts with the guys when she's using them. In Week 6, she decides to put up Tyler after winning the Hacker Comp and yet most wouldn't suspect it, because Haleigh seemingly likes Tyler.
  • Always Second Best: Haleigh admits that she felt jealous of Kaitlyn because she garnered the attention of Tyler instead of her, Though Haleigh was successful in stealing Fessy's affections from Kaitlyn, Tyler has been immune from Haleigh's charms since getting close with Kaitlyn. Because of this, Haleigh wanted Kaitlyn out fo the house because she viewed her as a threat in that way.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: More like Annoying Youngest Houseguest. Haleigh is the youngest houseguest of the season overall at the age of 21. Tyler is the second youngest houseguest and the youngest male houseguest of the season at age 23. Haleigh does display a lot of immaturity in her behavior and actions that manages to get on a lot of people's nerves. Kaycee, Angela, Tyler, Sam and JC have commented that Haleigh does plenty of things that annoy them but they all chalk it up to being so young and immature. Tyler is the second youngest houseguest but he comes off as way more mature than Haleigh, probably because Tyler has lived a much rougher life and has a Dark and Troubled Past with a load of personal struggles and issues.
  • Anti-Villain: Haleigh is not truly evil, and will not stand to let real friends be hurt even at the expense of her own game. Compare this to Angela, who willingly stabs people in the back and pretends to treat them like true friends.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: She's the youngest houseguest this season at age 21. The second youngest of the season is Tyler.
  • Beauty Mark: Haleigh has a very noticeable and visible mole or beauty mark at the very top right side of her hairline or forehead. It's especially noticeable whenever her hair is off her face or when it's tied back in a ponytail. Haleigh has expressed that she's insecure about her mole.
  • Beta Bitch: She's this to Bayleigh's Alpha Bitch. Bayleigh gives Haleigh (and Rockstar) all the orders and Haleigh just tries to follow them. Since Haleigh is in the same alliance as Bayleigh, it would make sense that she has loyalty to her. Week 6 onwards, and Haleigh slowly starts to take Bayleigh's place as the Alpha Bitch of the house. Too bad that nobody really cares enough about her to take her seriously or listen to what she wants.
  • Betty and Veronica: The Betty to Kaitlyn's Veronica for Faysal's Archie. Though, it's uncertain if this could be considered a real love triangle since Haleigh seems to have made it clear that she's not romantically attracted to Faysal and only sees him as a friend. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn has genuinely shown attraction to Faysal even though she has a boyfriend back home.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Haleigh didn't do anything but schmooze with the guys for the first few weeks of the game. Then she noticed Tyler was bouncing between alliances and got annoyed by his corruptive influence, so she personally nominated him as the first house hacker and wreaked havoc on everybody currently in an alliance, exposing him as the center of the house. She effectively took the piss right out of Level Six, who really needed to be taught a lesson, anyway after trashing Rachel. In addition, Haleigh also lost her patience with Fessy after he had an unwarranted meeting in the HOH Room without her knowing and very angrily berated him for this, wondering "What the f**k is your problem?" Fessy had been behaving erratically for several weeks and seemed to be acting out because Haleigh wasn't reciprocating his feelings for her. Haleigh had smoothed over the H@cker blunder (or so she thought; Tyler was tricking her to backdoor him so he could use the Cloud Power App). Between Fessy's suspicious behavior and throwing names out as well as the fear they might go up on the block together if mistaken for a showmance, getting back into Tyler's good graces, risking the undoing of all that hard work, and a lot of other times where she let Fessy get off easy, Haleigh finally put her foot down and warned Fessy that if he pulled another stunt like this, she would refuse to communicate with him anymore.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Haleigh has been originally thought of the sweet, Southern Belle and the Nice Girl and Girl Next Door, but in actuality, she's not so nice and she reveals a much more manipulative ruthless and bitchy side of her personality in the later weeks. Her true colors coming shining through in Week 6 when she gains a bit of power by winning the H@cker Competition. She uses her power to blindside Tyler and the other side of the house by putting him up anonymously. Bayleigh ends up taking the fall for Haleigh's actions as the Hacker which cause a serious disruption and tension in the house. Haleigh's bitchiness and cattiness becomes more evident when she wins HOH in Week 7. She targets Angela because she is jealous of her and Tyler getting closer. She has made many mean spirited and nasty comments about Angela and Kaycee behind their backs just because of their connection to Tyler and Angela backdooring Bayleigh in the previous week. Haleigh is one of the biggest trash talkers in the house along with Rockstar and they are constantly going on bash sessions about Tyler, Angela and Tangela's relationship. Every time that Haleigh bashes Angela and Tyler and their relationship, she is speaking out of pettiness and jealousy. It's clear that Haleigh had everyone fooled into thinking that she wasn't going to be another petty mean girl who was jealous a la Aaryn Gries (BB15) or Nicole Franzel (BB18), but the comparisons are definitely starting to stand.
  • Black Widow: Considering that Haleigh constantly uses flirting and her feminine wiles for strategy in the game, it's not a surprise that some of the fans have referred to her as this. Haleigh has nearly flirted with every single male in the house including Brett, Fessy, Scottie, and Tyler though Tyler seems to be immune to her charms and feminine wiles which definitely bothers her. She has no issue with flirting with the guys and then secretly talking badly about them behind their back or plotting to get them out of the house. Haleigh seemingly appears to like Tyler and even admitted on multiple occasions that she's attracted to him, but that she views him as a threat because he's a strong competitor and he's immune to her flirtations. Haleigh is clearly using Fessy as well and she doesn't seem to be into him but she knows he's a strong competitor and a strong make houseguest that can shield her and keep her safe in the game. She flirts with Scottie as well but she's also using him just as much as she is Fessy. In Week 6, Haleigh had no issue with throwing Scottie under the bus repeatedly to Angela, trying to frame him as the Hacker who put up Tyler in Scottie's place, and tried to get him backdoored and sit next to Tyler on the block. Scottie is clearly blind to Haleigh's lies and manipulations, something that Tyler has tried to warn Scottie about, but he's too snowed by her. Haleigh also flirts with Brett but for Brett, he is playing her and is using her for game 100% and has n loyalties to her whatsoever. She also wanted Brett out of the house both times that he was nominated in Week 3 and Week 6 and she had no issue with voting him out of the house. Haleigh flirts with men and then discards them if she feels they are of no use to her or if they don't fall for her flirtations.
  • The Bore: Haleigh seems like such a nice girl but she's very boring and dull especially on the feeds. She's so boring in fact that she's rarely featured on the live show and in Week 3, Haleigh was the least trending houseguest receiving a Crap App as a result of her basically being non-existent. This all changes in Week 6 when she takes a drastic move that shakes the whole house and then becomes a major sleeper threat of the season.
  • The Chick: Haleigh is this of FOUTTE and The Hive. She can also be viewed as The Dark Chick, depending on one's interpretation of whether The Hive is a villainous or morally ambiguous alliance. She's the flirty, feminine Girly Girl who uses her sexuality and flirting tactics as strategy.
  • Companion Cube: Haleigh is the one who is closest to Orwell this season, seldom letting the owl leave her sight. She was seen holding Orwell the Owl on Day One, who is now a mascot of the series. She also showed distress when Fessy threw him onto the HOH Room bed carelessly.
  • The Dark Chick: She's this of FOUTTE and The Hive. She's essentially playing The Chick role and is the strongest feminine aspect and influence of the alliance. In addition, she's a Femme Fatale that uses flirting and her sexuality to entice the male houseguests into doing what she wants.
  • Deadpan Snarker: After Angela campaigned to make Sam a nominee while Haleigh was HOH when Angela was an obvious target, Haleigh later commented in the DR that she was thankful for the advice and strongly considered putting Sam up next to Angela on the chopping block.
  • Decoy Damsel: Haleigh originally looked like she was going to be some sweet, innocent, Girl Next Door and Nice Girl type. But as the weeks passed on, Haleigh slowly started to reveal her true colors and her true intentions. She's actually a lot more ruthless, cunning and manipulative than she appears. Not to mention that she is also very petty, catty and bitchy as well and is pretty much a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing at this point.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Coasts right over it when Level Six targets Fessy and herself. Then, her attempts to protect them in the game fail and they can only wait to be evicted, because Level Six won't be offering them a way out. Haleigh is mentally exhausted after running out of chances to stay in the house and wanting the losing streak to stop.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Haleigh flirts with pretty much all of the guys in the house such as Fessy, Brett, Scottie and Tyler. But she has openly admitted that she has a crush on Tyler and he's her type outside of the house. Haleigh said that Tyler is very attractive and cute and that she wished that he liked her in the game. In Week 6 on the live feeds, Haleigh admits to Bayleigh that she has had vivid sexual dreams and fantasies about Tyler.
  • Easily Forgiven: When Haleigh tells the truth to Bayleigh about being the H@cker, Bayleigh doesn't yell at her at all. She immediately pulls Haleigh in for a big hug, and Haleigh justs melts into tears, and both of them have a long cry together.
  • Expy:
    • Aaryn Gries from BB15: This is played with. On a surface level, Haleigh is 21 years old at the time of the competition, a college student, a Texan, and blonde. One can't help but think of one of the most notorious names to play this game which is Aaryn. This is where the similarities end, however, as Haleigh hasn't caused controversy or engaged in the same behavior that made Aaryn the villain of her season.
    • Nicole Franzel from BB16 and BB18: Both of them appear to be the sweet Girl Next Door. Both seem to be the Nice Girl at first but later on reveal a rather ruthless, manipulative side which makes them a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and a Knight Templar. Both of them are blonde girls. Both of them are girly and feminine. Both of them wear glasses. Both of them are heavily boy crazy and flirtatious. Both like to use their sexuality and their feminine wiles to try and manipulate the guys in the game. Both Nicole and Haleigh have had a crush on s surfer type dude (Haleigh had a crush on Tyler; Nicole had a crush on Hayden). Both Nicole and Haleigh have caught onto the mastermind and strongest player in the game and the one who was running the house (Nicole was onto Derrick; Haleigh was onto Tyler). Both of them can be very dorky, nerdy and silly. Both got involved in a showmance (Haleigh is in a showmance with Fessy; Nicole got into showmances with Hayden, Corey and Victor). Both Nicole and Haleigh had a showmance with The Big Guy who was the exact same height at 6'5" (both Corey and Fessy are 6'5").
  • Femme Fatale: Haleigh is highly flirtatious and constantly uses her sexuality and her feminine charms to try and persuade the guys to do what she wants. She's not successful on all the guys in the house such as Brett, Tyler or JC. Her feminine wiles and her flirtations only work on weaker willed men such as Fessy and Scottie both of whom are enamoured by her. In Week 4, Sam called Haleigh out in front of everyone for using her sexuality as a game strategy while she nominated her and Kaitlyn. Haleigh was visibly upset and rattled by Sam calling her a "slut" basically, but she uses the excuse that she's an affectionate girl.
  • Girl Next Door: Haleigh is the epitome of the pretty, sweet girl next door. She's from Texas and a Southern Belle to boot.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Haleigh tried to make someone else seem like the hacker by nominating Tyler (since nobody else wanted to do it), then named Kaycee to participate in the veto (which made people even more confused), and keeping her mouth shut. Unfortunately, it made Angela target Bayleigh.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: The editors portray her state of mind as this during one of her Diary Room sessions when she's musing how to handle her budding feelings toward Faysal, with the bad Haleigh wanting to pursue them because she's single while the good Haleigh wants to preserve her game.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: Denies being in a showmance with Fessy because she came to the house play and didn't come to the house to deal with that kind of drama seen with showmances.
  • Honey Trap: Constantly tries to pull this on many of the guys but it doesn't work on a lot of them.She tried to pull this on Brett a few times by trying to get him to vote on her side of the house. Unfortunately, Haleigh is completely unaware and clueless that Brett is a double agent for Level Six and is just using Haleigh to gather info to spill to his true alliance. Haleigh has tried to use her sexuality and flirting on Tyler, but he's completely immune to her charms and flirtations and this frustrates Haleigh. In Week 7, Haleigh and Rockstar tried to persuade Tyler house the Veto on Rockstar and to join their side of the house, thinking that he is a free agent and doesn't have any solid alliances or allies other than Angela. Haleigh tried to flirt with Tyler and she was drunk as well, but Haleigh didn't;t achieve her goal since Tyler had no intention of keeping any promises to Haleigh or Rockstar. She tries to manipulate both Scottie and Fessy into doing what she wants and getting out the people that she wants out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Haleigh is The Tease and when she wants something, there's no stopping her from pulling out all the stops or making physical and sexual passes at guys to get it.
  • Kiss-Kiss-Slap: Haleigh has a romantic relationship with Fessy in the house and shares cuddles and kisses with him, but Fessy constantly pisses her off with little things and not trusting her enough not to question her or leave her be. The live feeds are absolutely rife with their petty squabbles and bickering.
  • Knight Templar: Revealed herself as the most dastardly player from the shadows in Week 6 by making a move so extreme it took the whole house by surprise— directly targeting the mastermind of the house in secret. This, after nobody dared go after him or even seemed to know how dangerous he really was. Some have actually likened its shocking impact to Dan's funeral in BB 14 used to spare himself from eviction and turn the heat on Britney, which is often considered the biggest blindside and overthrow of power in a single season of the US run.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Haleigh is a lot more cunning, deceitful and manipulative than she appears. She's using her sexuality and feminine wiles to try and manipulate the guys in the house into doing what she wants and she seems to be ripping a page out of the Nicole Franzel strategy handbook. She thinks that she has got Brett, Scottie, Fessy and Tyler all wrapped around her dainty little finger. but what she doesn't realize is that Brett is actually playing her hardcore for game related reasons (yet she still thinks that Brett is on her side and is her friend) and Tyler is completely immune to Haleigh's charms since Week 1 when he realized that he couldn't trust her. Haleigh is manipulative and coy but her strategy isn't successful with all of the guys.
  • Meganekko: Haleigh wears glasses from time to time. When she does wear glasses, she strongly resembles Nicole Franzel from BB16 and BB18. The resemblance between Haleigh and Nicole while wearing glasses is shocking that they almost look to be the same person especially with the fact that they both have blonde hair.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Haleigh is an attractive young woman and she shows off a lot of her body by wearing skimpy clothing and bathing suits. She's incredibly flirtatious amd likes to resort to using her sexuality to lure in the guys.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Haleigh is broken by the events of Week 6 as the H@cker that go totally topsy-turvy on her. Haleigh couldn't stop crying after seeing Bayleigh suffering because of the move she made, because it personally hurt Haleigh to see a real friend in so much pain and claiming that whoever did this to her was evil. Haleigh eventually did the right thing and outed herself as the H@cker, first to Bayleigh, and then the whole house, knowing they'd all find out eventually once you share information to one person.
  • My Greatest Failure: After knowing what she did as the H@cker completely blew Bayleigh's game out the window, Haleigh didn't even bother trying to save Bayleigh from eviction with a pity vote against Rockstar, having done all she could to fix her mistake. Unfortunately, her friend went to the Jury House.
  • Nice Girl: Haleigh is a nice girl most of the time. She does have a catty and bitchy side to her when she's provoked into anger. Most of the time, however, she's very even tempered and it takes a lot of get her upset or enraged.
  • Oh, Crap!: After witnessing a post-HOH celebratory dance between Tyler, Angela, Brett, and JC once Angela won HOH, Haleigh instantly realizes that they're a four-person alliance and gunning for her and Fessy. She pretends to join in before the group awkwardly stops in place and realizes that they've been caught.
  • Oral Fixation: Brought up on the live feeds when Rockstar and Faysal notice Haleigh bites her nails as a coping mechanism for stress in the house. When offered a pack of cigarettes, she refuses to smoke and remarks that she has never done so in her life, hence the nail biting instead.
  • Really Gets Around: Haleigh is extremely flirtatious and charming. She likes to use her feminine wiles to charm all the guys in the house. She's seen flirting with almost every single male houseguest whether it be Faysal, Tyler, Brett, Winston, or Scottie. It's clear that her strategy in the game is to flirt with the guys because she believes that it will take her far. Haleigh has admitted that she isn't into Faysal romantically but that she likes to flirt with him because Faysal is into her and she uses his feelings for her to her advantage. Haleigh admitted to finding Tyler attractive but that she doesn't want to pursue anything serious with him because he doesn't seem that into having a showmance with anyone in the house. When Sam nominated her in Week 4, she called out Haleigh for constantly hopping in different guys beds and cuddling with them. Sam told Haleigh that she doesn't respect her game because of it.
  • The Scapegoat: Swaggy believed she voted against him when he got evicted and wrongfully pushed her away when Haleigh tried to give him a hug, which Julie had to regretfully clear up after it was too late to do anything about it.
  • Slut-Shamed: Haleigh is subjected to this in Week 4, when HOH Sam nominates her and Kaitlyn because she disapproved of their flirting with some of the male contestants, believing that both women "took the easy way" to get ahead in the game. Before breaking down in tears, Haleigh criticized Sam in her Diary Room entry post-nomination, worried about how it made her look to her family and friends back home.
  • Sour Supporter: For Fessy... oh so freaking much for Fessy. Haleigh is perpetually annoyed with him and cussing him out for every little thing he does, and considers him a liability to her game because he's always got to be the one in charge and never pays attention to anything but Haleigh and has proven himself to be a terrible Head of Household who single-handedly ruined their shot at making it past the final eight together. She only sticks with him because he's become her showmance.
  • Southern Belle: Haleigh is originally from Texas and she's a sweet Southern girl.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Fessy, who severely annoys her by always hovering around her and never giving her any personal space, but is a very strong ally for her in the game.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Haleigh won the Week 7 HOH immediately following a very disastrous run as the BB H@cker and was overjoyed and in tears. She was also wearing Kaycee's rainbow shirt from her Pinwheel of Doom unitard for fun, so the costume may have actually provided someone good luck for a change.
  • True Companions: With Bayleigh and her other FOUTTE/The Hive alliance members. Haleigh stood up for Bayleigh when no one else would, and even put the game aside to defend her honor and make things right, unwilling to live with herself by making Bayleigh go through a miserable time in the house after her attempt to target Tyler backfired severely. Haleigh risked her own neck for a person she considers a real friend, and had a very tender moment together with her after tearfully admitting she was the reason this all happened to Bayleigh.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Haleigh has another tearful episode after Scottie goes up on the block as Faysal's nominee and Scottie starts doing whatever he can to stay in the game, talking trash that Haleigh is "Kaitlyn 2.0". Feeling very betrayed by someone she thought was her ally, Haleigh storms off, changes clothes while trying to hide her tears from Tyler, but she starts to break down. Tyler comes over to console her and Haleigh hesitantly walks into the lounge where Kaycee and Angela are talking. Haleigh almost immediately collapses into tears and bawls her eyes out in front of Level Six.
  • Tsundere: Type B. Towards Fessy and Scottie. Sometimes she's a very sweet and nic girl to both of them and acts very affectionately. Other times, she's a raging bitch who constantly gets into bickering matches with both of them, especially Fessy.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom:
    • Her getting close with Faysal basically spelled out Steve's doom, as it caused Kaitlyn to flip on her original alliance.
    • Her attempt to clear Bayleigh’s name of being the H@cker resulted in instigating a nasty fight between Tyler and Bayleigh.
    • Her attempt to go after Tyler directly as the H@cker only managed to mobilize his whole alliance to get him off the eviction block, and they backdoored Bayleigh under strong suspicion it was her that made the move. Bayleigh broke down from all the negative treatment and got evicted, even when Haleigh did damage control.

     Brett William Robinson (Juror #06; Evicted HG #11) 

Brett William Robinson

Born: Jan. 15th, 1993
Age (at time of competition): 25
Hometown: Oakdale, CT
Current City: Charlestown, MA
Occupation: Cybersecurity Engineer
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 1note 
Nominations: 4note 
Have Nots: 2note 
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: Instagranny note 
Finished: Placed 6th (Juror #06)
Evicted: Evicted 3-0 VS. SAM
HOH Evicted Under: TYLER (in Week 11, Double Eviction)
Voted For: TYLER

  • Achievements in Ignorance: Brett's weird cooking combinations caused Sam to discover an allergy and an allergy trigger she didn't know she possessed. This also led to the feed being blacked out while she was being treated.
  • Action Hero: Subverted. Brett looks like he would be a strong physical competitor but has hasn't competitively proved himself to be useful yet. That may change in the future though. When he snags a Veto that saves him from the chopping block, Brett finally manages to show his stuff by earning that Veto in an ingenious manner.
  • Adorkable: Despite being a meathead jock, Brett is very goofy, dorky and silly which makes him very endearing. He's also very quirky and intelligent; he is a cyber security engineer for a living so there's no doubt that he's a little bit of a nerd despite his meathead jock persona.
  • Affably Evil: Brett is excellent at being friendly, sociable and affable tp those he doesn't like or those considered to be his enemies. His ability to fake loyalty to Th Hive side of the house is highly impressive. Brett and Tyler conspired together to create "Operation Lone Wolf" where Brett would pretend not to be aligned with Level Six or anyone. He would play the role of The Mole, spy or double agent for Level Six in order to gather game intel and information from The Hive alliance. The Hive genuinely believed that Brett was a lone wolf and that he had no loyalty to anyone or no alliance. Therefore, it made it believable to the Hive the Brett was on their side and had some loyalty to him because of how friendly he was towards them. However, Brett was playing The Hive alliance like a fiddle and they didn't even realize it. Brett acted nice and friendly to Bayleigh's face in Week 6 knowing that Angela was going to betray her by backdooring her and getting her out of the house. After getting into many fights and altercations with Rockstar, Brett acted like he wanted to make amends with her and align with her in the game. Brett went as far as to entertain an alliance with Rockstar, an alliance called "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". To Rockstar's lack of knowledge, Brett fooled Rockstar into believing that he liked her because of his friendly he was being towards her. After Rockstar is evicted, Brett leaves an incredibly savage and mean Goodbye Message to Rockstar by laughing in her face, calling her a fool and an idiot for falling for his tricks of wanting to be in an alliance with her, and saying how happy he is that she is finally gone from the house because of how much he couldn't stand her. Brett would also pretend to be friendly with Fessy by citing that they are both meathead jocks who are competitive. Brett entertained the idea of working with Fessy but Brett was clearly playing him hardcore because Fessy has been his main target for many weeks and has been plotting his demise for a while. Brett pulled the same behavior with Scottie. Though Brett admits to liking Scottie on a personal level, he also views him as a dangerous threat in the game that needed to be removed ASAP. Brett acted overly chummy and friendly with Scottie and made it seem as though he was on Scottie's side and that he was someone he could trust and work with in the game. Brett misted Scottie so much that Scottie said in his Eviction Exit Interview that he thought Brett was a lone wolf and wasn't a part of any alliances. Brett is highly flirtatious with Haleigh but again, he is playing her for game reasons. Haleigh seems to be naive and gullible enough to believe that Brett may have some romantic interest in her and that he falls for her feminine charms. In realist, he has been targeting Haleigh without knowing and she has been Brett's target after Scottie for a long time now. Brett even admitted the he's completely okay with blindsiding Haleigh when she is evicted. But he comes across as so genuine and sincere with Haleigh that it would be a shock to her that Brett was just playing her the entire time. Brett seems to excel at being affable and fake to everyone that it's so difficult to be able to tell where his true feelings, loyalties or allegiances lie in the game.
  • Anti-Villain: Brett isn't really a villain but he can be very arrogant, smug and full of himself which gives off the impression that he is a villain. Brett is also rather ruthless and manipulative and has no issue with lying to people's faces and then stabbing them in the back and twisting the knife in his GBM's to people. There's a possibility that Brett is just playing up the devilish villain role for the cameras and that it may not even be his real personality. In that regard, he's very similar to Dr. Will Kirby and Zach Rance.
  • Arch-Enemy: Rockstar. Does Brett ever loathe, hate or despise her with the heat of a 1,000 suns! Brett and Rockstar have hated each other since the game begin, and it's only gotten worse with time and every personal attack they've made at one another (Rockstar seeing Brett as arrogant, smug, cocky and the very embodiment of a privileged White male; Brett seeing Rockstar as an obnoxious, dumb, overly liberal SJW). This got worse after Brett threw Rockstar under the bus by lying about her in his eviction speech (as a means to protect Tyler), which made Rockstar go ballistic. The two can barely hold a civil conversation after everything that.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Brett is a very athletic jock with a huge ego. The problem is that he subverts this trope because while he can be very smug, arrogant and cocky, he doesn't really have anything worthy of being arrogant about. He hasn't won any competitions and he's actually the worst competitor in the Level Six alliance. Despite being athletic and a jock, he has not yet proven himself as being a worthy competitor in the game so him acting smug and cocky doesn't make him look good.
  • Attention Whore: Brett clearly thrives on getting attention. He has a very loud and over the top personality and it shows in how much he enjoys acting hammy and over the top in his eviction speeches as well as his Goodbye Messages to people.
  • Badass Boast: Has little to no issue with constantly calling people out in either his eviction speeches or his Goodbye Messages to other people. In Week 5, Brett made a very blunt eviction speech about how Rachel exposed Bayleigh's power to the other side of the house and told Rachel before she told her allies. He also lied and said that Rachel was the leader of an all girls alliance. Rachel was completely blindsided by Brett's speech that she didn't even know what to say to defend herself. In Week 6, Brett left a sarcastic and mean Goodbye Message to Bayleigh while spending all week pretending to be friends with her playing nice to her. He said to Bayleigh in his Goodbye Message that he was glad that she was going home because she made an enemy out of him by nominating him and that because of it, she made poor choices. In Week 6, he repeated the same attitude and behavior with Rockstar that he did with Bayleigh. He pretended to like Rockstar and was nice to her, even forming a fake F2 alliance called "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Brett hen chose to use that alliance against her in his nasty and mean GBM to Rockstar after she was evicted by calling Rockstar an idiot for falling for it. He sure knows how to boast when he plays someone!
  • Badass Bookworm: Brett is a highly smart guy despite his frat bro persona. He's a cyber security engineer for a living and he did attend college or university. Not only is he smart in regards to his occupation, but he's also rather clever in the game as well.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: Downplayed. Brett rocks a bandana very often but he's such a dork and wannabee tough guy that he keeps looking more stupid than cool.
  • Bait the Dog: Brett acted like he tolerated Rachel and entertained the idea of getting closer to her because he knew that she had a crush on him. But he had no problem with constantly trash talking her behind her back to Angela and Tyler. He exposed her desire to getting into a showmance with him and being way too sexually aggressive towards him. In addition, he completely blindsided her in his eviction speech by saying that Bayleigh and Rachel are in an all girls alliance together which was led by Rockstar and that ultimately, Rachel is an untrustworthy and disloyal person. Rachel ended up blindsided and crushed at Brett calling her out to the entire house and post eviction, she now holds embittered feelings towards him. He pulled the same behavior on Bayleigh. In Week 5, Brett exposed Bayleigh and her secret of having a power app to the entire house. He put her on blast which caused Bayleigh to be completely humiliated afterwards. Brett eventually smoothed things over with Bayleigh but he was just setting up Bayleigh to be blindsided again when he and his alliance planned on backdooring her. He pretended to be nice to Bayleigh and gave her some kind of hope that he was going to vote to keep her after she was blindsided by Angela and Tyler. But he voted her out and left her a very mean and nasty Goodbye Message saying that Bayleigh pissed him off and made an enemy out of him so he decided to send her home. Finally, he pulled a mega fast one on Rockstar. He pretended to want to make amends with Rockstar after spending the majority of the time at each other's throats. Brett even entertained the idea of a secret alliance called Mr & Mrs. Smith. Rockstar seemed to by Brett's schemes hook, line and sinker thinking that Brett was being a nice guy. However, after Rockstar was evicted, Brett went onto make another mean and nasty Goodbye Message to her which made Rockstar cry and humiliate her in the process. Brett is so excellent at being fake and pretending to be friendly to people, but his true colors come out whenever people are going home and when he makes his Goodbye Messages to people.
  • Bash Brothers: With Winston since the very start of the game. The two were very close and had a strong Undying Loyalty to each other. They were easily each other's number one in the game and they made it very obvious. After Winston leaves, Tyler becomes his number one in the game and seems to have replaced Winston with Tyler as his bro.
  • Batman Gambit: Provoked the wrath of Rockstar to show how undesirable she is as an ally in the game, and lied about Sam's alliance to confuse the house and avoid drawing attention to the secret blindside about to be conducted by Level Six.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Brett is an attractive guy and a Mr. Fanservice to boot, but he's part of the "bad side" of the house since he's in an alliance with Level Six. Brett is attractive and charming, but one shouldn't be fooled by his good looks, charisma and charm because he doesn't always have the best of intentions and he's quite the Wild Card.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Brett is trying so hard to be the Big Bad of the season... but after initially coming off as someone to be afraid of, Brett turns out to be woefully incompetent, acts highly immature, and almost always screws up competitions very badly. His antics go from clever to comical, and the editors love to treat Brett like a nimrod, with him becoming reduced to almost a full-blown Joke Character.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Starts to display this typeof behavior towards Tyler once Winston leaves. Brett is willing to protect Tyler in the game and he has made a Final 2 deal with him so that they can go to the end together. Interestingly enough, Winston played the big brother role and protector to Brett before he was evicted and now Brett has taken on the big brother role to Tyler.
  • Big Eater: Brett LOVES to eat and it shows in how much passion he has for cooking and baking things. Other than Sam, Brett spends more time in the kitchen than anybody else. There's never a moment when Brett isn't seen stuffing his face or cooking something in the kitchen. Because of his excessive eating habits, Brett has manages to put on some pounds and has gained some weight, particularly in his belly or stomach area. Brett has even commented that he's one step away from having a Dad Bod because of his love of eating and food.
  • The Big Guy: Subverted. Brett isn't an overly tall or large guy in regards to height but he is husky, muscular and athletic. Despite his athletic physique, he's not that much of a bruiser and is more of The Smart Guy who uses manipulation, lying and strategy to get through the game. Brett was expected to be a huge endurance or physical threat in competitions, but it turns out that he may be more of a mental threat.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Brett is fun loving, quirky, and humorous. He is very extroverted, boisterous and loves to make fun of everything. He doesn't take life too seriously. Brett constantly loves to make outrageous eviction speeches every time he is on the block and facing eviction and he loves to stir up trouble for the hell of it.
  • Boisterous Weakling: Brett sure talks a good game and looks like he would be a solid competitor in the physical competitions, but overall, he just sucks at all of them whether they be mental, endurance or physical based. Despite his lack of competitive prowess, he manages to be stormer in other aspects of the game such as social and some strategic, so he's not completely useless despite his large ego.
  • Brainless Beauty: Averted. Brett is a physically attractive Mr. Fanservice, but just because he's good looking and flirtatious doesn't mean that he lacks in brains, strategy and intelligence. He's actually very smart, cunning, manipulative and an excellent liar when he needs to be. Let's not forget that Brett is a cybersecurity engineer for a living.
  • Bromantic Foil: Brett is more brash, straight forward and extravagant when he flirts with the girls in the house in comparison to Tyler, who is more charming, affectionate and understanding when he flirts with girls in the house. There's a major stark contrast in how Brett and Tyler flirt with Angela for example. Brett uses sexual innuendo and corny jokes to flirt with Angela while Tyler uses words of affection, comfort and affirmation to flirt with Angela. Clearly, Angela prefers Tyler's style of flirting much better.
  • Brutal Honesty: Definitely not afraid to speak his mind. He's famous for making very harsh yet truthful speeches whenever he's on the block. He called out Kaitlyn and made fun of her during his POV speech in Week 3. Secondly, he will gladly blow up people's games just to prove how unstable the people act when they're under pressure. There's also his live feed chats, where Brett has gotten in trouble a few times for bashing production. He had a long conversation with JC and Tyler in Week 9 about his stigma against showmances and refusing to entertain Rachel's desire to have one because she put him off with a personality he knows won't work out with his. Brett further went on to say that he was against the way showmances are encouraged by production and made tacit jabs at them.
  • Butt-Monkey: Poor Brett! Week 6, Brett got turned into a whipping post. He did incredibly bad at the first H@cker Comp and only got the last round right, even trying to spell "ANALLICE" thinking the word puzzle "ALLIANCE" was "ANALYZE". Next, in the "Space Pecs" prize giveaway Veto Competition, after trying to swipe a trip to Honolulu, Tyler swipes it next, and Brett has to look after Jessie's grandma in Week 6. This is the same person who was the "Yell!" reviewer in drag, forcing Brett to get "her" pills, rub "her" feet, and fetch her walker. and becoming a bother to care for by making his day harder than it needs to be. Then, he gets his Diary Room session crashed just like Rachel did. On top of all this, Brett gets to be punished at the same time as Rockstar and she makes sure to troll him for it, and then Kaycee gets her punishment at the same time and the whole house erupts into a dance number. Brett's punishment was short, yet super ridiculous. But hey- at least he gets a knitted sweater out of the deal!
  • Casanova Wannabe: Brett is very flirtatious and likes to flirt with as many of the female houseguests as possible. He's flirted with Angela and Haleigh the most out of al the girls. However, he doesn't have much luck in getting the girls affections 100%. Although some of the girls like Rachel, Sam, and Haleigh do like Brett and have expressed some interest in him, they either have their feeling unreciprocated (Rachel), they are in a showmance with someone else (Haleigh), or they prefer another guy to him (Haleigh, Sam, Angela, Kaycee). Though Brett tries very hard to be The Charmer with the ladies, he's clearly second best to Tyler in this regard who has all of the girls (and the guys!) fawning over him.
  • Charisma: Scottie is astonished by how well Brett is able to make an argument to sway him to be on his side. Scottie resists the temptation, however, and upholds his nominations to keep the bromance his intended target.
  • The Charmer: Definitely one of the most flirtatious and charming male houseguests of the season. He's worked his charm and flirt game on some of the female houseguests school as Haleigh, Angela, Rachel and Kaitlyn. And it's not just the girls that he's managed to charm. He's even managed to charm a fellow bro in Winston as Winston admitted numerous times both to Brett and during his DR sessions that he's completely bro-smitten with Brett.
  • Chewing the Scenery: When Brett is on the eviction block, he makes it into a sideshow.
  • Clark Kenting: He has a pair of glasses that he wears which are fake just to try and prevent people from realizing he's a lot smarter and cooler than he looks.
  • Consummate Liar: Each time Brett has sat on the eviction block, he's whipped up some whoppers to tell the whole house about select houseguests. The first time, it was just to piss Rockstar off. The second time, it was to deflect attention from the blindside about to be dealt to Rachel with the idea that Sam headed an all-girls alliance called the "Man-Eaters" (she was in on the blindside, too), working off the fear that the girls were trying to pick off all the guys mentioned earlier in the day.
  • Cutting the Knot: In the newest iteration of the chaotic "Hide and Go Veto" competition, now Zing-Bot themed, Brett acheives this by simply preventing anyone from even entering the Have-Not Room with his folder hidden inside by barricading it with literally every bed mattress from the blue and pink rooms next door. Tyler caught on quickly, but the fact that he couldn't even get the door to open, let alone search nineteen mattresses, was a testament to how far Brent went to keep his folder hidden.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Brett's extremely sarcastic, snarky and witty. His makes constant sarcastic comments and his eviction speeches are filled with tons of wit and humor.
  • The Determinator: When Brett finally snapped his losing streak in competitions, he fought hard to earn that Veto. He BLOCKED the ENTIRE Have-Not Room from entrance just to hide his folder the hardest... with FOUR queen-size mattresses. He also accidentally broke some people's cups from Pop TV in the act of ripping the beds asunder. Every round he went into the house to search for other people's folders, he bee-lined to the Have-Not Room to make sure his hadn't been compromised.
  • Did Not See That Coming: Blindsided and backdoored by his alliance at the Double Eviction for plotting to target Kaycee and Angela ahead of JC and Sam, Brett was clearly caught off guard. He was extra shocked because Tyler, someone who had thought was his ride or die and his #1 ally, was the one to do it.
  • Enemy Mine: Subverted HARD. He had a lot of fun mocking Rockstar in his goodbye message for thinking they had a final two deal. He used this as a prime opportunity to get her voted out of the house and completely shredded the "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson" alliance when joking about it in hindsight and wondered if she had even seen the film.
  • Entitled Bastard: How Rockstar views Brett. From her perspective, Brett is nothing more than a Spoiled Brat and a privileged White male who had everything handed to him because of who he is. Rockstar proclaimed that guys like Brett always get everything they want in life and guys like Brett always win in life because of who they are. Brett's father is an attorney for a living and because of that, Rockstar perceives Brett to be someone who had a father that spoiled him and gave him everything without having to work hard to earn anything. But that's actually untrue. Brett said on the live feeds to Tyler that he has financial struggles and that he actually needs to win the money because of said financial struggles. Ironically, she had the exact same perspective about Angela. She believes that like Brett, she's an entitled and spoiled bitch or princess that got everything that she wanted. When Rockstar is evicted and views the nasty GBM's from both Angela and Brett, she states how right she was and how she's s good judge of character because she had thought Brett and Angela were spoiled, entitled brats and their goodbye messages to her proved her instincts.
  • Expy:
    • Dr. Will Kirby from BB2. Both players love to engage in antics and readily insult the crap out of people they know they don't like and have tons of charisma and charm to slip away from being evicted and manipulate the house into targeting other people by throwing the spotlight on them. They also really stink at winning competitions and each struck a two-man alliance going into the game with an equally annoying player (Will and Boogie, Brett and Winston), only for one of the two evicted fairly early to split them up (Boogie for Will, Winston for Brett). Both are viewed as very incompetent players from the surface but able to dodge eviction and keep sliding to the end.
    • Zach Rance from BB16. Brett and Zach have very similar game personalities in that they play the role of wanting to be the loud mouth, over the top villain. But in reality, they are the complete opposite and are just playing up a role. They are also very well known for making very elaborate eviction speeches.
    • Paul Abrahamian from BB18. Brett is pretty much Paul 1.0 from Season 18 before Paul became Drunk with Power, Took a Level in Jerkass and did a Face–Heel Turn in Season 19. Brett's personality is very similar to Paul from his Big Brother 18 days. Brett and Paul are both very loud, extroverted and like to be the centre of attention. They both like to make conversations and talk about their personal lives with the other houseguests none stop. Both are blunt and brutally honest about their feelings regarding the game or other houseguests. Both Brett and Paul have been perceived as wealthy and privileged by other people in the house and because of that they get the Entitled Bastard and Spoiled Brat labels stamped on them repeatedly. Brett and Paul can be rather arrogant, cocky and full of themlseves. They have a serious case of Motor Mouth and cannot stop talking (mostly about themselves) during conversations. They both have a love for making elaborate speeches and causing chaos and tension in the house. They both play the role of The Gadfly and love to make people scramble in the game with jokes, speeches and pranks.
  • Frat Bro: COWABUNGA! Is Brett ever the epitome of a frat bro that you would find on numerous college campuses or in a fraternity. Going by Brett's personal life stories, he was very much the mega frat guy during his college years and he flaunts it proudly. He was a mega partier and what some would call a major douche.
  • The Gadfly: Enjoys starting mayhem just to watch the fireworks explode in the house. Most of the time, he does this through his over the top and dramatic eviction speeches in front of the entire house.
  • Genius Bruiser: Brett is a possible physical threat because he is built and muscular but he's also a strategic, social and mental threat. Combine those together and it makes Brett one of the most deadly players in the house. Everyone seems to underestimate him in the game because he constantly chokes in competitions, but he could easily start winning comps later on in the game. In addition, Brett is also a cyber security engineer for a living so he's definitely got plenty of brain power and intelligence. He's more than just a meathead jock and a Mr. Fanservice that's good as eye candy. He also proved he could properly earn a POV by not just working to hide his folder in a critical competition where his safety was on the line, but actually barricaded the room he hid it inside to stop people from entering under the short time limit everyone got turns to look inside, and decided to "protect what was mine" rather than look for other people's folders, always going back to make sure his fortress of mattresses hadn't been breached.
  • Genius Ditz: Brett has a rather solid social and strategic game but he completely sucks at competitions. He can't seem to win a competition to save his life and has to depend on his other allies to keep him safe in the game. Even Brett has complained that he really wants to win more comps but can't seem to ever pull out the wins when he wants to.
  • Genre Blind: When Rockstar is evicted, he proceeds to give one of the rudest goodbye messages ever on the history of Big Brother. Julie Chen even said, "Does he not realise you're a juror?" to Rockstar. Being very rude to jurors is a very good way to get votes against you, as Paul Abrahamian can tell you.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: During the first Hacker competition, the houseguests are required to unscramble a series of mixed up words related to the game. One of the words is "Alliance" but Brett, with a big grin on his face, types in "Anallice" (anal lice)..and Big Brother airs it on TV.
  • Graceful Loser: Considering that Brett was backstabbed and blindsided by Tyler and his other Level Six alliance members Kaycee and Angela, Brett still took his eviction and his blindside extremely well especially considering the way his blindside went which was rather cut throat, unexpected and brutal. Anybody else in Brett's position would have probably broke down and lost it emotionally.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Definitely has a bit of a jealous streak when it pertains to Tyler and Angela's relationship. Brett gets jealous of their relationship or whenever they hang out because Brett's number one ally and F2 in the game is Tyler and he just wants to hang out with his bro and strategize. Brett has even warned Tyler to not get too caught up in whatever he feels for Angela because it could distract him and ruin his game. Brett has told Tyler that he could date Angela after the show if he wants but that while they are playing for 500K, it's a wise idea to cool down the romance with Angela. Brett also gets jealous where Angela is concerned. He sometimes likes to flirt with her but Angela has shown zero interest in Brett romantically.
  • Guile Hero: Brett is one of the most intelligent and strategic players in the game. Everything that he has done in the game has been based on logic and strategy and he rarely uses emotion in his game moves. Brett, with Tyler's knowledge and permission, has been playing the role of The Mole or double agent for his Level Six alliance. He is playing both sides of the house and is gathering game information and intel from the opposing side of the house, which is The Hive and the FOUTTE side, and spilling all of their game information to Level Six and the Level Six allies (JC and Sam). If Brett plays his cards right, he could get very far in the game without being caught. He's definitely one of the strongest strategic and social players in the game next to Tyler and Scottie.
  • Heroic Build: Brett is largely brawny and muscular. He's a meathead jock who spends a lot of time pumping iron after all so it's to be expected.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: With Winston. They were so close that many felt they could be a showmance due to the abundance of Ho Yay moments between them. Even production played up their bromance is something romantic in nature.
  • It's All About Me: Brett is very self absorbed, self involved and narcissistic. He has a really bad habit of making everything about himself even at the most inappropriate of times. Brett has a giant ego and constantly likes to talk about himself and toot his own horn. He could seriously give Jessie Godderz AKA Mr. Pectacular a serious run for his money for the title of Biggest Narcissist In Big Brother History.
  • It's Personal: After Scottie sends a clear message by nominating the bromance, Brett sends one of his own by trying to throw his weight around in the house.
  • Jerkass: One of the more obnoxious players this season, who gleefully annoys people and has managed to piss off Kaitlyn and Rockstar for being boorish to their faces.
  • Jerk Jock: A heavily muscular man in a nerdy profession, but his personality is ruthless.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Brett can be a major jerk, but overall, he's still a friendly and sociable dude. He can also be very good at offering comfort to people when they are upset. Much of his over the top and abrasive behavior is more of an act then anything else. Most of Brett's douchey behavior is an act, similar to the way Paul Abrahamian plays the game. Bayleigh didn't buy into his cocky goodbye message because she knew Brett loves her as a friend. Regardless, the Zing-Bot calls him a douche and Brett remarks on the live feeds that it's not the first time he's heard someone call him a douche and likely won't be the last. Fessy is even surprised he wasn't the one called the douche, as his friends back home thinks he's one.
  • Joke Character: Brett is so hard to take seriously. His DR sessions are always silly and over the top and his eviction speeches are always cheesy and out there. It doesn't help that he's so terrible in competitions when someone like him who is smart and athletic would be expected to dominate and excellent in competitions. What purpose does he really serve but to entertain the live feeders with his extroverted and out there antics or the live show casual viewers with his elaborate speeches and his campy DR sessions? Brett better get stepping on the show in regards to becoming a more serious competitor if he has any hope of people taking him seriously as a legitimate game player.
  • The Lancer: He's currently playing this role to Tyler. Interestingly enough, Tyler was playing this role to Brett in the earlier weeks of the game. It appeared as if Brett was the leader of the Level Six alliance, but eventually Tyler took that role from Brett and is now the one running the alliance. Brett is more or less playing the role of sidekick to Tyler.
  • Large Ham: Brett loves to be grandiose. Sometimes it's hilarious, but other times, what he does is beyond cringeworthy. The results vary.
  • Lethal Chef: Brett is shown in the live feeds to be a bad cook. He served Sam a dish that caused her to get an allergic reaction because the dish contained tuna. She had to get an Epi-Pen and the feeds were turned off during the incident, and Sam stated she was allergic to nothing. Then he attempted to cook a bacon and chocolate breakfast dish and ended up accidentally causing a fire in the big brother house. This also caused a feed blackout while Sam hustled up with the fire extinguisher. He also tried to coat a halibut that smelled bad in Kraft Parmesan and accidentally shook the can so hard it popped back open and showered the island counter in cheese crumbs, joking to Sam that the kitchen had lice.
  • Manipulative Bastard: WOW. Brett is definitely one of the most scheming, lying, manipulative and backstabbing houseguests in the house next to Tyler. In Week 6, Tyler gave Brett the role of The Mole and double agent for the Level Six alliance since Tyler felt that he was too "exposed" to play that role. Brett has spent the past few weeks lying to The Hive and playing the hell out of them, only to out himself in his GBM to members of The Hive that have gone home such as Bayleigh and Rockstar. Brett has aloof charm and charisma so it makes it easy for someone like him to lie and manipulate others so easily and for people to buy it.
  • Motor Mouth: Brett is a mega talker and conversationalist. Once he gets going, he CANNOT stop talking at all.
  • No Indoor Voice: Brett has very extravagant DR sessions, so the fact that he comes across as loud and always yelling in them is not a surprise. He's a Large Ham personality and makes everything dramatic. He's no where near as loud as Joe Arvin (BB14), Dan Gheesling (BB14), or Zach Rance (BB16) though, but he could surely give them a run for their money!
  • Properly Paranoid: He reveals to Angela that he has a very conscious fear of a Jury Battle-Back showdown coming up in Week 9, taking into account that Kaitlyn has a small-scale twist pre-Jury. Brett starts to calculate how much time is left in the house before September 27th (Finale Night) after he gets off the block with his first Veto. He expects a Double Eviction because there always is one... and realizes that it lines up perfectly with a chance to throw in a Battle-Back twist. It makes further sense to anticipate one when the seasons of Big Brother have accommodated at least four people a chance back into the game ever since 13 (minus 14, which had foregone the twist in favor of letting the coaches formally enter the game).
  • Real Men Cook: Brett loves cooking and baking things and a lot of his time is spent in the kitchen making food. It's part of the reason why Sam has a liking to Brett is because he shares her love of cooking and spending time in the kitchen basking in the enjoyment of the culinary arts.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Brett is the Red Oni to Tyler's Blue Oni. While Tyler is calm, chill, collected and rarely gets overly emotional or loses his temper, Brett is more loud, emotional, impulsive and hot headed.
  • Sad Clown: Though he's one of the funniest players in the house, when he's not playing it up for the TV show, Brett behaves a lot differently on the live feeds. He tells Tyler and JC that he has been through depression in the past and has some very negative views about showmances.
  • Supreme Chef: Along with Sam, Brett is the primary cook or chef in the house. He's constantly in the kitchen making food for everyone and his cooking is actually rather good.
  • The Mole: Within Level Six, Brett is taking on the role of double agent by trying to gain information from the FOUTTE side of the house and spilling it to the rest of his alliance. Before Week 6, Tyler was playing this role but Tyler had told Brett to take his role as double agent for the alliance due to being slightly exposed after Angela used the POV on him.
  • The Smart Guy: A cybersecurity engineer who is hiding his profession to avoid letting people know how smart he is. On the surface, he appears to be nothing more than a Dumb Jock who is shallow and silly.
  • Smug Snake: Gives off these vibes given his dislike of nerds and overall arrogant behavior.
  • True Companions: With his fellow Level Six Alliance members including Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Winston and Rachel. Brett has such Undying Loyalty to his alliance and he is thick as thieves with them. He was willing to play the role of The Mole or double agent for the alliance so that he could gather intel and game info from The Hive/FOUTTE and spill to the Level Six alliance. Brett was especially close to Winston before he was evicted and the two were inseparable Bash Brothers.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Despite being one of the biggest and most narcissistic muscular jerks since Jessie Godderz, if not worse, a lot of people in the house actually like him. It saved him from eviction on Week 5.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Says he feels most betrayed by Tyler as he thought he was his number one wingman (Top Gun style) as Tyler puts him on the block as a replacement for JC and he subsequently is evicted.

     Samantha Marie "Sam" Bledsoe (Juror #07; Evicted HG #12) 

Samantha Marie "Sam" Bledsoe

Born: Jun. 07th, 1991
Age (at time of competition): 27
Hometown: Stuarts Draft, VA
Current City: Stuarts Draft, VA
Occupation: Welder
HOH Wins: 1note 
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 4note 
Have Nots: 3note 
Prizes Won: Bonus Life note 
Punishments Taken: Robot Punishment note 
Finished: Placed 5th (Juror #07)
Evicted: Evicted 2-0 VS. JC
HOH Evicted Under: ANGELA (in Week 12)
Voted For: KAYCEE

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Sam is one for Tyler but it's downplayed since Sam is not an unattractive person overall but she is very clingy and needy and constantly needs Tyler's reassurance and attention which can get on Tyler's nerves from time to time. Sam has had a very strong attachment to Tyler since the beginning of the game. Tyler was the only one to give Sam any kind of love, affection and attention while she was a robot. Sam's social game took a hit because she was being secluded from the rest of the houseguests due to the punishment. Many of the houseguests would often ignore her or act like she was invisible. Tyler was the only one to really talk to Sam as both a person and a robot and didn't treat her any different when she was both. Because of Tyler's kindness and compassion towards her, Sam developed an emotional attachment and bond to Tyler that she hasn't been able to shake. She's so attached to Tyler that she has Undying Loyalty to him and is willing to do anything that he wants or asks of her whether it be about the game or personal matters. However, though Sam's loyalty to Tyler is something that's admirable, there have been many instances when Sam gets really overly emotional and unpredictable whenever Tyler doesn't give her enough attention and affection. Such as the case in Week 6 and 7 when Sam ends up having a mega emotional and mental breakdown because she feels like Tyler and Angela are becoming super close and that Tyler had replaced Sam with Angela. Sam got very insecure and jealous about Tyler and Angela's relationship that she went as far as turning on Level Six and siding with The Hive, mainly Rockstar. As soon as Tyler, and by extension Kaycee, started to give her more attention, Sam was easily swayed back to having loyalty to Tyler once again. Sam's emotional and mental state is heavily dependent on Tyler and her relationship status with him. Tyler has become a Living Emotional Crutch for Sam so much that when he was nominated by the H@cker, Sam was bawling. Despite this, there have been instances when Tyler has become visibly annoyed and irritated with Sam and her constant emotional outbursts and need for attention. He clearly feels that babysitting her constantly and giving her reassurance is exhausting at times.
  • Action Girl: This is downplayed. Sam isn't the strongest competitor. But she did manage to win an endurance HOH competition in Week 4. While standing on the tree, Sam said that she could stay up there all night and she wouldn't jump off. Since she is a muscular, tough and strong woman who is a welder for a living, it's not a surprise that she is a badass and kick ass in physical and endurance competitions that last for possibly hours. In addition to being a threat in endurance and physical comps, Sam has the potential to be strong in mental competitions because she's shown solid mental prowess and has a good memory.
  • Adorkable: Come on, look at her. She's goofy and dorky that it's so hard not to find her endearing and worthy of the adoration that she receives on the outside of the house. She's also heavily invested in making crafts and arts.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Tyler often calls her "Sammy", especially when he's trying to cheer her up or give her a pep talk. He especially called her by this nickname when she was having the Robot Punishment in Week 1 as a form of emotional comfort and endearment.
  • The Alcoholic: Sam openly admits on the live feeds that she used to have a bit of a drinking problem. She called herself an alcoholic. It's uncertain if she's on and off the wagon currently.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Sam has had a crush or had an attraction to some of the men in the house. She's shown attraction to Tyler, Brett, and Fessy at various points. Sam likes Fessy and has admitted that he's a great guy and that any woman would be lucky enough to have him. However, Fessy has shown no indication that he has ant attraction to Sam and that he only views her as a friend. Instead, Fessy is strongly drawn to Haleigh and has been desperately trying to get into a showmance with her for the entirety of the game. The only instance when Fessy shows Sam any kind of attention or affection is when Sam is throwing herself at him or making the first move. In Week 7, Sam confesses to Rockstar of all people that she thinks Brett is a charming dude and that she may have more than friendly feelings for him. She says that he makes her feel like a giddy school girl and she doesn't know how to handle it. However, there's some that speculate that her crush on Brett is extremely random and out of nowhere since she and Brett were never particularly close or had a close friendship or bond. Other speculate that Brett is code word for Tyler and that it's Tyler that she actually likes but is trying to hide it. Brett has also shown no attraction to Sam whatsoever and he appears to pay way more attention to the younger and prettier girls like Haleigh and Angela. Finally, Sam had a strong emotional bond and attachment to Tyler since Week 1 when she was a robot. It's possible that Sam developed feelings of a romantic nature because of his deeply attached to Tyler he is and how she's willing to do anything for him. Tyler had a close relationship with Kaitlyn in the early weeks of the game and because of that, Sam got jealous and protective of Tyler and nominated her for eviction alongside Haleigh in Week 4. She made it her mission to get Kaitlyn out of the house much to Tyler's opposition. In Week 6, Sam ended up having a category five meltdown after Bayleigh was evicted. It's assumed that part of the reason for her meltdown as because Sam felt like Tyler was replacing her with Angela, who Tyler had been in an alliance with since the beginning but had openly become much closer to in the recent weeks. Because of Tyler and Angela becoming much closer and becoming more and more of a duo, Sam lashed out in anger and jealousy and stated to Rockstar that she wanted both Tyler and Angela out of the house. It's clear that Sam has a strong kindness for Tyler but though Tyler cares for Sam, he obviously overlooks her for Angela, who is obviously his fave girl in the house since they share things in common. Poor Sam. She clearly wants to be loved by the guys in the house but she's had no luck since they all overlook her for the younger and prettier girls. Part of the reason why she has so many insecurity issues regarding the other women in the house.
  • All-Loving Hero: Sam doesn't seem to have an ill will towards any houseguest in the house and she's genuinely nice to everyone in the house. She's pretty much the female version of Donny Thompson from BB16. Subverted because Sam does have it out for Kaitlyn and Haleigh in particular.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Out of all the punishments in the first week, Sam had it the worst out of everyone else. Sam had the Robot Punishment in which she has to switch between being a robot for a period of time and being a regular houseguest. When the robot signal comes on over the speakers, Sam has to turn back into a robot and she ends up being isolated away from everyone else which puts a cramp on her social game and her interactions with the other houseguests. On top of it, Sam ends up being nominated in the first week due to being the first houseguest to be eliminated from the HOH competition. Poor Sam.
  • Alpha Bitch: Did we ever expect sweet, cute and innocent looking Sam to be so controlling and domineering during her HOH week in Week 4? As soon as Sam won HOH, she immediately got HOH-itis and became excessively power hungry and dictatorial. Sam started off by telling everyone that nobody but her is allowed in her HOH room without her knowledge or permission and that she will lock the HOH room unless she's in it. She also told everyone before nominations that she wasn't going to do one on ones with the other houseguests and that she didn't want to talk game because she already knew what she was going to do anyways. This behavior immediately confused the houseguests and they were intimidated by Sam and her dictatorial attitude. To make things worse, Sam makes a very mean, petty and scathing nomination speech to both Kaitlyn and Haleigh in front of the entire house. She stated that she nominated the both of them because she doesn't respect them using their sexuality and their feminine wiles on the men of the house. She felt that they were both manipulating the guys emotions and disrespecting them. She added that they should both respect themselves more and that their flirting strategy is the opposite ion female empowerment in her eyes. This caused Kailtyn and Haleigh to be very upset and hurt by Sam's mean words but Sam showed them no mercy and didn't feel apologetic about what she told the both of them. Sam's speech also made her come across as a Female Misogynist who dislikes all of the other women in the house because she's One of the Boys and prefers the company of men over women. Sam's rigid, self righteous and authoritarian attitude during her HOH week turned many of the fans off and revealed that Sam isn't the sweet Southern Belle the she originally portrayed herself to be. There's also the fact that Sam gets repeatedly jealous and catty where the other female houseguests are concerned and she has made catty and bitchy comments about Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Angela and Rachel in particular.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Although there's been no confirmation from Sam herself, there's much speculation that Sam may be suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder. She apparently takes a lot of different prescription medications but it's not certain if they could be used for any mental disorders that she's possibly suffering from. Sam displays wide, chaotic and extreme mood swings, acts manic and happy one minute but sad and crying the next minute, has a black and white view of thinking, often feels neglected, unwanted or abandoned by others, battles serious self esteem issues and needs constant attention and affirmation from others, feels chronic emptiness, struggles with substances abuse, has a history of chaotic or bad relationships, and has talked about self-harming and killing herself. This has led many fans to speculate that she may suffer from Bipolar Disorder II or Borderline Personality Disorder. In addition, she has also said that she sometimes hears things in her head (for example, hearing a rattlesnake sound when she was having a discussion with Tyler) and has some paranoid delusions including whether people have been talking badly about her or making fun of her behind her back which results in her having a meltdown upon hearing. This may indicate that Sam may have psychosis episodes from time to time and has led to speculation that she may have Schizoaffective Disorder.
  • Ambiguously Bi: On the love feeds, JC asked Sam if she has ever had a same sex or lesbian experience in her life. Sam says that she has in the past indicating that there's a possibility that Sam may be bisexual. But she has never outright confirmed that she is bisexual and has only talked about having an ex-boyfriend back home in which she had a very nasty breakup with.
  • Attention Whore: Sam is extremely needy and constantly needs attention and affirmation from other people to feel good about herself. If she doesn't get attention, she'll find ways to get it such as having constant emotional outbursts and breakdowns. Because of this, many fans have said that they believe Sam is mentally and emotionally unstable.
  • Ax-Crazy: Sam is absolutely psychologically and mentally unstable. She has unpredictable and wide mood swings and is a Drama Queen and Attention Whore. She's made numerous death threats and violence threats. Sam has no problem with talking about violence or killing. During the first Veto completion that involved a Snake Pit, Sam said during her DR sessions that she doesn't have a fear of snakes because she's so used to picking them up and cutting their heads off with a knife. It made her come off as extra creepy because she was saying it with such joy and happiness and with a smile on her face. In Week 4, Sam told Tyler that she wanted to stomp a mud hole through Kaitlyn's chest and she said it with a smile on her face. Mud holing implies something pretty violence and murderous. In Week 6, we really get insight into how mentally and psychologically unstable Sam really is when she has a category emotional and mental breakdown after Bayleigh is evicted and after she discovers that Tyler and Angela have gotten closer and may have betrayed her. She breaks down to Haleigh that she's close to losing it that she is gonna be really nasty to people. She says that anyone that dares to betray her or talk badly about her behind her back, she will have no problem cursing them out and ripping them limb to limp and making them regret the day they were ever born. Sam constantly does random crazy stuff such as whining that Brett is secretly in love with her and wants a F2 with her, that Scottie had a crush on her and Sam felt guilty because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, or that Tyler has replaced Sam with Angela as his #1 ally. There was a moment in Week 6 where Sam really looked downright crazy and scary when she was alone in the Storage Room and was talking to herself and to the camera with a creepy smile and Dull Eyes of Unhappiness. She was telling the camera that she wasn't going to let anybody ruin her chance to be happy outside of the house because of some idiot—the idiot is assumed to be either Tyler or Angela because she was mad at them at the time and felt betrayed by them—and that she had quite enough of being played and used by people. She looked downright psychotic that fans were seriously worried for her mental state and felt that she should be kept under vigil watch by production or removed from the game out of fear for the safety of the other houseguests. It's evident that Sam is mentally unstable, is battling some mental issues, and needs serious help.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Subverted. Sam developed blisters on her hands after bragging that she wouldn't develop any from mopping, and managed to cut herself on her hands while handling ice. She also tends to have extensively dirty feet because she walks around almost completely barefoot, she smokes (though tried to go cold turkey), and her nose seems to be sunburnt from spending too much time outside because it is unusually pink in the Diary Room sessions. Finally, she had her lips swell up out of nowhere when a dish made by Brett containing tuna and a few other unusual ingredients caused Sam to suffer an allergic reaction and she needed an epinephrine shot. Sam also left the house in sweatpants and felt embarrassed, but this is a minor example because she just was wearing casual clothes and still looked very pretty regardless.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The biggest reason why Sam loves Tyler and is Undying Loyalty to him is because Tyler was pretty much the only person who paid her any attention when she was a robot for the first few weeks of the game. Everyone else pretty much ignored her but Tyler talked to her like she was still in human form when she was a robot. Since then, Sam has repaid Tyler's kindness with loyalty.
  • Berserk Button: The perception someone's making her look like a dumbass. Sam is so touchy about this she takes almost anything resembling the slightest negative opinion of her as mockery of her intelligence. A few times, she's threatened to go off but held back because she knows it wouldn't look very dignified, but has said to Haleigh that if someone tells her to go off as part of the game, she'll do it in a way like no other.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's nice but boy, do not piss her off or get on her bad side! She can also be rather unstable and unpredictable so it's not wise to tick her off or get on her bad side whatsoever. An example of how Sam can go from being low key and nice to sterns when she won HOH and acted like a complete dictator. She told everyone that nobody was allowed in her HOH room without her permission and that she wasn't going to be speaking to people individually about nominations because she had already made up her mind about who she wanted to put up. Sam brought out her petty and catty side when she nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh for eviction. She humiliated the both of them during her nomination speech by claiming that she doesn't respect them in the game because they use their sexuality and flirting as a strategy and Sam doesn't have respect for that. She cites that Kaitlyn and Haleigh are "disrespecting" the young men in the house because of their flirting and throwing themselves at all the guys and she believes that they are playing with the guys hearts and manipulating their emotions. Sam's speech caused Kaitlyn and Haleigh to bawl serious Broken Tears because they were so embarrassed by the fact that Sam claimed that what they were doing was the opposite of female empowerment. Before her week as HOH, it was hard to believe that Sam had such a petty side to her but she most definitely does. The fact that she has a jealous and catty side also adds to not being the complete Nice Girl that she passes herself off as.
  • Big Eater: Sam eats a lot and has a love of food. She's always in the kitchen cooking or baking something. She's pretty much the house chef and finds peace in making food for the entire house. According to the rest of the houseguests, they absolutely love her cooking.
  • The Big Girl: Sam isn't overly tall in a height sense, but she is a bit of a bruiser since she's pretty muscular and husky in build. She's a welder after all which is an occupation that requires alot of physical strength.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Sam is intensely protective of Scottie and especially Tyler. If anyone even thinks of coming after them or attacking them in any way, she will blow gasket. One of the reasons why Sam nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh during her week as HOH in Week 4 was because she had felt they they were playing with Scottie and Tyler's hearts. Sam felt that Haleigh was using Scottie and playing with his emotions and that would break Scottie if he found out that Haleigh was using him. And she nominated Kaitlyn because she felt like she was crossing the line with Tyler and taking advantage of him. She didn't like the fact that Kaitlyn also had a boyfriend back home yet was flirting with Tyler and trying to use him. Because of these reasons, Sam made it her mission to get either Kaitlyn or Haleigh out fo the house and she succeeded in getting Kaitlyn (her main target) out because she thought it would be most beneficial for Tyler in the end. Sam has also said that she feels a kinship and bond with Tyler especially because she reminds her of her younger brother (and Tyler does have a strong resemblance to her younger brother). Sam even cites that Tyler is her "surrogate younger brother" in the house, thought here have been hints that she may have a crush on Tyler.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Sam is a nice girl but she does have a nasty streak when she's provoked into anger. Apparently Sam brought out her edgy and bitchy side during the first POV competition in Week 1. She cursed out production for shocking her during the competition. Many of the houseguests were rather surprised and even shocked by that side of Sam because she always comes across as nice, friendly and down to earth. It shows that no matter how genuinely nice Sam is, she does have a edge to her that will be brought to the surface if she's provoked.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Out of all the female houseguests this season, Sam has the shortest hair of the bunch. That doesn't mean that she doesn't try to style it.
  • Breakout Character: She's popular and well beloved by the Big Brother audience and fans. As a result of her popularity, she won the first BB App power of the season which was given to her through the vote of the Big Brother fans.
  • Break the Cutie: Sam's first week in the Big Brother house was very rough on both a competitive and a social aspect, and having a punishment only made her feel even lousier. Fortunately, she stayed in the house over Steve meaning her robot days are over and she might have something going on with Tyler in terms of gameplay.
  • Broken Tears: Sam cries so many of these that it's become a Running Gag this season. Every single week, Sam is getting super emotional and crying all the time over something. Sam is a super emotional person but her constant crying could be because she always feels like an outsider amongst a group of social;le and popular kids and she just doesn't feel like she fits in. In the first couple of weeks, Sam was constantly shedding tears because she felt invisible and that everyone always ignores her. Unfortunately for Sam, her constant crying and her emotional outbursts have turned people off and she's made herself come off as an emotional wreck.
  • Butt-Monkey: She was a robot for the first two weeks in the house. Her punishment ended up putting a damper on her social game and her ability to bond with the other houseguests. She mentioned that because of her time as a robot, she ended up feeling ostracized and isolated by the rest of the houseguests. Sam had a mini outburst towards the other houseguests because she felt that they were shunning her and not paying her any attention. She felt that they were being fake towards her.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Sam has dropped some hints that she has some jealousy issues where Tyler is concerned. Some people speculate that Sam may have nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh in Week 4, because those who two of the girls that Tyler had been flirting with. Sam especially wanted to get Kaitlyn out of the house because Tyler had a very close bond and relationship with Tyler. And she wanted Haleigh out of the house because she thought that she was The Tease who was playing with Fessy, Scottie and Tyler's emotions. Come Week 7, and Sam openly expresses that she wants Angela (and Tyler by extension) to go because she has noticed that since Angela won HOH in Week 6, Tyler and Angela have become much closer. Angela using the Veto to take Tyler off the block confirmed Sam's suspicions that Tyler may be closer to Angela than to Sam and Sam felt like Tyler was neglecting her. Not only does Sam show some clinginess and jealousy towards girls who get close to Tyler but she also gets jealous over Fessy who she admitted to really liking on a personal level.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Sam is a nice girl and all, but she can be very strange and out there sometimes. She has her head in the clouds at times and has no idea what's really going on in the game.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: During the POV competition, Sam basically lost her cool and cursed up a storm when she was being shocked. She took out her anger and frustrations on production by cursing and swearing non stop at them. The other houseguests were shocked and disappointed in the side of her and her unpredictable behaviour.
  • Cry Cute: Sam is most definitely one of the main criers in the house and she's shed plenty of tears on a weekly basis. At the same time, Sam looks so cute and endearing when she cries that people can't help but feel sympathy for her when she does.
  • Cute and Psycho: Sam is a combination of The Cutie + Ax-Crazy. She can be so creepy and crazy at times that she gives Raven Walton (BB19), Danielle Murphree (BB14), Amber Siyavus (BB8), and Vanessa Rousso (BB17) a serious run for their money! Sam looks sweet, affable, friendly, and cute on the surface but she masks a volatile, unpredictable and crazy side of her personality. Sam had threatened that she would chop off Kaitlyn's head because she didn't like the way that Kaitlyn was treating her when she was in robot form. Let's not forget that Sam apparently lost it on production during the POV competition. She was cursing and yelling at them and many of the houseguests cited Sam as coming off as unstable, crazy and psychotic during her outburst. She also threatened that she would punch a mud hole in Kaitlyn's chest and she said it with a smile on her face. In Week 6, Sam said that she wanted to tackle Angela and Tyler for supposedly betraying her or because she was jealous over their relationship and their closeness. Sam also made violence threats and said that those who were talking badly about her behind her back, she would rip them limb from limp and pull their bottom lip over the back of their head and make them regret the day that they were born. She had an creepy moment in the Storage Room when she looked at the camera with a Slasher Smile and Dull Eyes of Unhappiness and said that this wasn't what she signed up for, that she wasn't going to let her opportunity of being happy outside of the house be ruined by a f***ing idiot (the idiot is assumed to be either Tyler or Angela because she felt hurt, jealous and betrayed by the both of them) and that is was quite enough and that they think she's a stupid girl but she's not. Most fans cited this moment as sam having a psychotic break and they were concerned for her mental stability. In a Week 7 live show episode, Sam was having a conversation about curb stomping someone, in other words, talking about killing people and murdering them. JC was so distraught after Sam made the comment that he said "That was terrifying". Coincidentally, psychotic music was playing during that segment. Sam is clearly emotionally and mentally unstable and can easily snap at any moment. She also has wide and erratic mood swings which makes her strongly unpredictable. She can go from sweet, cute and innocent one minute to dark, volatile and creepy the next minute.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Sam's voice is very high pitched and she can put on a baby voice whenever she gets into an emotional or vulnerable mood. Fans have said that her voice can be very irritating and annoying to listen to when that happens.
  • The Cutie: Sam is very lovable and endearing. It comes with being one of the most genuine and nicest people in the house. She's even more endearing in her robot form. Many fans have taken to sympathizing with Sam because she got such a brutal punishment at the start of the game. Sam is so endearing from the fans point of view that she's officially crossed over into Moe territory. Subverted in Week 4 and onwards. She's not as cute and innocent as she comes across and she does have a very mean, petty and catty side of her personality.
  • The Cynic: Sam is nice and all but boy, is she sure a cynical and pessimistic person. After reaching the brutal robot punishment, she went on a tirade to everyone in the house that they are fake. JC called her out on her cynical and negative attitude and told her to get her shit together. When Haleigh becomes the HOH, Sam is very downtrodden because she had warned Bayleigh "not to lose your shit" and reminded her of the little girls watching to try and set a good example for them. Sam also hadn't expected to last this long in the game and was actively considering quitting it and strongly felt all the houseguests were making fun of her because paranoia had started to wrack her mind, and Haleigh had to hold her and tried to prove she was genuine even when Sam wouldn't accept it and was attempting to deny her misgivings without being fully put at peace.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Sam has admitted to having some personal and emotional struggles in her life. She has gone through excessive amounts of heartbreak when it comes to love and relationships. She has stated that she went through nasty break up with an ex boyfriend back home and that she hasn't really had time to process it or get over it. Sam has openly admitted to suffering from substance abuse problems and has admitted to being The Alcoholic to help her cope with her emotional problems. Sam suffers from serious self esteem issues and may very well suffer from some mental illness issues as well.
  • Death Glare: Sam can have a fairly scary look in her eyes when she's on edge.
  • Desperately Craves Affection: Sam is desperate for friendship and companionship. She seems to be in need of having comfort and support from others.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Her eerily calm description of a curb-stomp to JC scares both him and Tyler. Even more disturbing, the conversation came about because JC didn't understand what "stomp a mud hole" meant, and Sam eventually got to painting the frightening mental image of someone's upper jaw being stomped on the pavement and possibly killed.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Sam almost always walks around barefoot or in flip-flops, and her soles are often heavily soiled.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Sam doesn't want anyone to find any reason to look down on her.
  • The Dragon: For Tyler. She's had Undying Loyalty to Tyler since the beginning of the game. Sam is a Yes-Man for Tyler and does whatever Tyler asks her to do. Tyler is also the one person in the house that has the strongest influence and emotional connection with. She's pretty much the Victoria to Tyler's Derrick (BB16).
  • Drama Queen: Sam is tied with Bayleigh for the most dramatic and attention seeking in the house. She constantly blows things out of proportion and makes big deal out of the littlest of things. The fact that Sam is constantly paranoid about being well liked and accepted by the others certainly doesn't help matters.
  • The Dreaded: A lot of the house is too afraid to tell her that they think she's nuts.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Zing-Bot usually has some wonderful zings, but when he called Sam Bledsoe "real [BLEEP] crazy" to her face, the rest of the house lurched back in terror.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Whenever Sam is upset or angry about something, her eyes become very dull and vacant. When her eyes do this, it's a very wise idea to leave her alone or stay the hell away from her because it certainly won't be pretty. Chances are if she has vacant and empty eyes, she's one step away from snapping.
  • The Eeyore: Sam can be very cynical and depressing. But this was understandable because in the first week, she had to spend half of her time as a robot which put a serious damper on her social game her ability to bond with the other houseguests. Sam called out the houseguests fake for not being social with her.
  • Expy:
    • Jordan Lloyd from BB11. Both of them are from the South; Jordan is from North Carolina and Sam is from Virginia. Both of them are a Southern Belle and have a heavy Southern accent. Both are a Nice Girl but also have a ferocious temper when angered, crossed or irritated. Both are a Girl Next Door type. Both have tomboyish tendencies but are very feminine and girly at the same time. Both have a Gender-Blender Name or a tomboyish name. Both have kind, caring, charming personalities. In many ways, Sam is morphing into Jordan Lloyd 2.0.
    • Danielle Murphree from BB14. They share a lot of similarities with the most obvious one being that they are from the South (Danielle was from Alabama and Sam is from Virginia). Both of them have Southern accents along with Cute, but Cacophonic voices in the DR. Danielle and Sam have major insecurity issues when it comes to other girls and they both prefer the company of men over women as a result. They both appear to be boy crazy and seek the attention and affection from all the male houseguests—Danielle wanted the attention from Shane and Dan while Sam craves the attention from Tyler and Fessy. Both have won an endurance competition at the exact same time in the game (Week 4). Danielle and Sam are constantly perceived as mentally unstable and delusional and are often labelled crazy. And finally, both of them are very childish and attention seeking and want to be the centre of attention at all times. They are also a case of Bait the Dog where both Sam and Danielle acted like they were the sweet Southern Belle and Nice Girl at first, but eventually revealed themselves to be Cute and Psycho and a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. They also constantly talk about themselves and are always telling stories about their lives (whether they are true or not) to others to gain attention or sympathy. She also followed whatever Dan wanted her to do and she was easily influenced by him, similar to how Sam follows what Tyler wants and does whatever he wants because she's easily influenced by him. Danielle was often referred to as being Dna's minion and the same is said about Sam being Tyler's minion.
    • Victoria Rafaeli from BB16: Both aren't that overly solid in competitions. Both of them appear to be sweet, cute and innocent, but they actually have a Cute and Psycho side to their personalities. For example, when Sam found out that Tyler and Angela were getting close to each other and that Tyler had replaced Sam with Angela, she had a complete mental and emotional breakdown. She snapped and all of a sudden wanted Tyler and Angela gone, two of the people that she had always been close with since the beginning. She was going to go on a war path to get those two out because she felt betrayed by them. Victoria was so angry at Zach for bullying her and not being nice to her that she decided to take Zach's pink hat (which was technically her hat that she allowed Zach to borrow) and cut it up brutally with a pair of scissors to get back to him. Both Sam and Victoria are a Clingy Jealous Girl and a Woman Scorned when the guy they are attached to does something they don't approve of. Victoria was extremely attached to Derrick in the same fashion that Sam is extremely attached to Tyler. They both wanted other females out fo the house that posed a threat to their relationships with Derrick and Tyler (Victoria wanted Christine out; Sam wanted Kaitlyn and Angela out). Finally, Sam and Victoria are seen as useless in the game and as someone who would be an ideal F2 goat for Tyler and Derrick respectively. People see Sam and Victoria as someone that others could drag to the F3 and then cut at the end.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Sam is very sweet, cute and innocent looking but she sure has a rather unstable, volatile and harsh side of her personality that can unpredictably come out to play. Nobody would ever expect someone that looks as cute as Sam would be someone that makes violence threats and have unpredictable emotional outbursts.
  • Fag Hag: Sam has a very close relationship with the two LGBTQ people of the season, which are JC (the token gay male) and Kaycee (the token lesbian). Sam has cited that JC is one of her closest friends in the house and that he's one of the most interesting people that she's ever met. And she has had a very close bond with Kaycee since the beginning via her relationship with Tyler.
  • Female Misogynist: Sam openly stated that she prefers the company of men over women. Considering that she works in a highly male dominated professions, it is no surprise that Sam feels more comfortable being in a predominantly male dominant environment. She has made frequently catty and petty comments about many of the other female houseguests, such as Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Rachel and Angela. She has criticized them for not dressing appropriately and showing way too much skin. When Sam was HOH, she made a nomination speech targeting Kaitlyn and Haleigh (her nominees) for their flirting strategy and accusing them of using and manipulating the young men in the house. Sam felt like Kaitlyn and Haleigh were disrespecting the men in the house by flirting with them and using their sexuality to manipulate them into doing what they wanted in the game. Sam has been particularly harsh with Kaitlyn because she doesn't like that she has flirting with three of the guys in the house (Tyler, Fessy, Brett) while she has a boyfriend back home. She doesn't think Kaitlyn has any self respect, morals and values and she believes that Kaitlyn's behavior is the opposite of female empowerment. On the other hand, Sam attacked Haleigh for using flirtation as a game strategy instead of actually doing anything of substance in the game such as winning comps or using smarts to get ahead. Sam also feared that Haleigh's friendship with Scottie may be fake and that she could be leading him on and manipulating him. She criticized Haleigh for possibly not having genuine feelings for Scottie and only using him for game reasons but then treating him as if he's expendable later on. Sam's comments towards the women in the house have turned many of the fans off, particularly female fans. They feel that Sam is just being petty and jealous towards the other women because they are more confident, beautiful and comfortable in their own skin while Sam is more insecure about her looks (something that she has openly expressed to others in the house). A fraction of fans have gone as far as to call Sam misogynistic and that she's a "meninist", who is someone that values men and their opinions over women.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Her actual given name is Samantha but she's known as Sam by everyone that knows her. Sam is a unisex name that can be used for both men and women.
  • Genki Girl: Sam is upbeat and impassioned. She's a Motor Mouth that once she gets talking, she simply can't stop. She's also a very emotional person.
  • Girl Next Door: She's the epitome of this trope, being a girly tomboy from Virginia and all. She even wears overalls from time to time!
  • Good Is Not Nice: Sam shows some shades of this, particularly when she becomes HOH in Week 4. She made clear that the other houseguests could not come into her HOH room uninvited, that she already decided upon who she would nominate, and that none of the houseguests come to her in an attempt to campaign for their safety or find out who she might be nominating for eviction. Her reasoning for nominating Kaitlyn and Haleigh also applies.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Sam has a strong jealous streak in her personality. She's openly admitted that she gets a little bit insecure and jealous of the other girls that she considers to be prettier than her. Sam's reasoning for nominating Kaitlyn and Haleigh may have been driven buy jealousy and envy. Sam may have nominated Kaitlyn because she was jealous of her close bond and relationship with Tyler and Sam wants to be Tyler's number one ally. Meaning that she saw Kaitlyn as a threat to her relationship with Tyler in the game. And Sam nominated Haleigh because she's young, pretty and flirtatious and has many of the male houseguests wrapped around her finger. Sam explained in her nomination speech that she didn't respect Haleigh because all she does is use the men in the house to her advantage. There's no doubt that Sam may feel jealous and insecure next to some of the younger and prettier girls in the house. Sam admitted that she sometimes feels insecure and jealous around Angela and Rachel because they are beautiful and have fit athletic bodies.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Due to her Hot-Blooded nature, Sam does have a fiery and quick temper. She has a short fuse and can easily be set off.
  • The Heart: Sam is the nicest and most caring houseguest of the house by far. There isn't a bad bone in her body which is why she's so popular and well loved outside of the house.
  • Heroic BSoD: Sam has a severely downcast attitude starting Week 6 and wants to quit the game at times, paranoid that the house doesn't care about her and is mocking her. Nobody is actually mocking her, but Sam has seen enough garbage and bullcrap in the house that she is willing to say to hell with it all. Haleigh does her best to restore Sam's faith in people and makes her consider how all the effort she went to and all the information she gave to get into the house will have been wasted and everyone else is in the house and going through this because they are wanting to be there.
    • This was not the first time she had such a crash as during week 1, Sam lost a severe amount of self esteem and broke down in front of Tyler when talking to him because of the fact that she got the brutal robot punishment and was nominated in the first week. She was encouraged to keep going when she won the first power app.
  • Holier Than Thou: Sam can be very morally preachy and believing that she has the strongest morals and values in the house. She constantly criticizes the other girls in the house for being overly flirtatious and that she doesn't respect that kind of strategy in the game. She believes that women who flirt with the men as strategy are not respecting themselves and are being disrespectful to the young men they are flirting with. She goes on rants when someone doesn't clean up in the house and has no issue with calling people out for being unclean. Sam has pretty much declared herself as the Moral Guardian of the house.
  • If I Can't Have You...: In Week 6, Sam discovered that Tyler and Angela were getting closer and closer and that Tyler may have replaced Sam with Angela as his closest ally. Sam was extremely angered by this that she had a complete meltdown to Haleigh threatening to leave and cause trouble. Sam told Rockstar that she wanted Tyler and Angela out of the house because she felt like Tyler was using her and had replaced her with Angela. Once Tyler had a discussion with her and tried to convince her that he wasn't replacing her with Angela, Sam calmed down and eventually came back around to Tyler's side. But God help Tyler if he ever plans on getting Sam out eventually. Sam surely won't take Tyler's rejection and betrayal of her very well and she could turn out to be a bitter juror and a Woman Scorned for Tyler if he shall make it to F2.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Thinks JC is cute, but is disappointed to learn that he's part of "the LGBGT community".
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Sam seems desperate to be social and make friends but she had a difficult time doing so because of her robot punishment. Sam cried during her DR session that when she was a robot she felt like she was isolated and a loner—that she felt like an outcast and that's not something that she has ever felt before. Although Sam proclaimed that she's an independent person, she stated to Tyler that she wants a partner in this game and wants someone to be loyal to but she's having such a difficult time finding someone that will share loyalty and friendship with her.
  • It's All About Me: Sam can be very self involved and self absorbed despite her compassion and concern for other people. It's part of her desire to get attention from other people and earn affirmation when she's feeling insecure. Sam says the words "Me" and "I" more than anyone else in the house aside from Bayleigh. Then, Sam starts offering deals very late into the game to people she's never talked game to before in the house, and it raises alarm that she's trying too hard to control the votes for purely her own advantage.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Though Sam was initially jealous and skeptical of Tyler getting closer to Angela, she eventually gives Tyler her blessing to team up with Angela if she's evicted in the future. Sam clearly sees that Angela makes Tyler happy and because of that, she accepts it if Tyler chooses Angela over her down the line.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sam usually shows her “jerk” side whenever she gets very frustrated. Other than this she is a sweet girl. It’s shown when she first nominated Kaitlyn and Hayleigh for eviction because they were using flirtation as a strategy and called them out for it but at the veto meeting she comes clean about having the bonus life power app to give both nominees mercy and hope.
  • The Lad-ette: Downplayed. Sam classifies as more of a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. She's a tomboy but she's still very feminine and girly at the same time. Sam is a welder (which is known to be a male dominated career), smokes, drinks, curses like a sailor when angered, has a tomboyish name along with Boyish Short Hair but she's still rather feminine at the same time.
  • Lady Swears-a-Lot: Sam has a very tomboyish potty mouth and drops the F-word and several other swears all the time.
  • Moe: Sam is very adorable, endearing and loveable. She's the epitome of The Cutie and comes across as innocent. However, she does have a very intimidating and scary side of her personality that comes out to play. She's cute, but not cute when she's crossed, hurt or angered.
  • Mood-Swinger: The houseguests are leery around Sam because she is completely unpredictable and can go crazy if she's nominated for eviction. This has caused a few to avoid getting rid of her because they just don't want to deal with a week of bullcrap from her and consider the Double Eviction as the ideal time to send her out. Brett is still willing to work with her despite her tendency for her mental state to be "off the reservation".
  • Moral Guardian: Sam has made herself the moral compass of the house. She constantly reminds people to act a certain way that would be considered respectful. In Week 4, Sam had told everyone in her HOH room that she doesn't want anyone coming into the room without her knowledge or permission. She also tries to lecture people into cleaning up their mess in the house. When she nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh, she made a speech about how she doesn't have any respect for them because they constantly use their sexuality and the flirting strategy with the male houseguests to go farther in the game. Sam expressed that she felt that Kaitlyn and Haleigh don't respect themselves because of how often they flirt with guy to guy in the house.
  • Motor Mouth: Once Sam gets going on a conversation, she can't seem to stop talking. She becomes especially animated when she's discussing something that she's passionate about.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Sam has wanted to get rid of all the women who are close to Tyler in the game or on a personal level. Sam has wanted Kaitlyn, Haleigh and now Angela and even Kaycee out because they have all had a flirtatious or close relationship of some sorts with Tyler. In Week 4, Sam nominated both Kaitlyn and Haleigh because she had no respect for them using flirting as a game strategy. Sam was uncomfortable and jealous of Tyler and Kaitlyn's close relationship and she made it her #1 mission to get her target Kaitlyn out of the house no matter what. Sam also wanted Haleigh out because she's flirtatious with all of the guys and she knew that she had a close relationship with Tyler in Week 1. Sam has hated Haleigh for the longest time just in the same way that she hated Kaitlyn and the common denominator is their connection to Tyler in the game. As of Week 6 onwards, Sam has started to hate Angela and has been targeting her. Interestingly enough, Week 6 was the time when Angela and Tyler grew significantly closer and their relationship got stronger. Sam acknowledged this and felt that Tyler was slowly starting to replace Sam with Angela as his #1 (even though Sam was technically more of Tyler's #2 since Kaycee was always his #1). After finding out about Tyler and Angela's close relationship from Bayleigh and Rockstar, Sam wanted both Tyler and Angela out of the house. She became a Woman Scorned and wanted revenge on both Tyler and Angela because she thought that Tyler betrayed her for Angela and that they were talking bad about her behind her back in addition to betraying her. Sam is highly insecure about Tyler's relationship with Angela and she is constantly asking Tyler for reassurance that she is still his top ally in the game. Since then, Sam has been trying to secretly plot Angela and Halegh's demise out of fear, jealousy and insecurity that Tyler would choose them over her. Not even Kaycee is immune to Sam's distrust since Sam has told Tyler to his face that she doesn't care what happens to Kaycee or if she leaves because her loyalties 100% lie with him. It seems as if any girl that Tyler gets close to, Sam instantly wants to kill in the game, but it's to be expected since Sam is crazy, jealous and unstable and wants Tyler all to herself! Sam even tried to get Fessy to nominate Haleigh when he was HOH and cut a deal to stop smoking just to be rid of her!
  • Neat Freak: Sam is the cleaner and the house maid of the house. She is constantly in cleaning mode and she hates when the house gets messy. In Week 8, Sam had a major Freak Out! when she saw how destroyed, messy and how much the house was in disarray because of the Hide and Go Veto POV competition.
  • Nice Girl: Sweet, caring, nurturing and compassionate, Sam is one of the nicest and most genuine houseguests. Just don't get on her bad side or piss her off though. Subverted in the later week. She reveals a not so pleasant or nice side of her personality in Week 4, when she shames both Kaityln and Haleigh in front of the entire house during her nomination speech. She basically calls them sluts and whores in her speech and tells them that she doesn't have any respect for them because they use flirting as a game strategy. She tells Kaitlyn and Haleigh that they both need to have more respect for themselves and that they should stop disrespecting the young men in the house by playing with their emotions. Sam is also jealous, insecure and vengeful. She pretty much hates or dislikes all the younger prettier women in the house such as Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Angela. They have all been her targets because they are attractive and have had flirtatious relationships with the guys, especially Tyler. Sam isn't the sweet, innocent girl next door the she originally came across as and she's revealed herself to be more of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and someone who is Cute and Psycho.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Sam takes it really badly when people abandon her or reject her. She's extremely paranoid when it comes to people possibly talking badly about her behind her back or plotting to get rid of her. In Week 6, she had an emotional breakdown when she felt that Tyler was replacing her with Angela as his number one ally in the game. It's clear that Sam has some serious abandonment issues stemming from her Dark and Troubled Past and her romantic relationships troubles. Her fear of being rejected could also stem from her severe insecurities about not being good enough.
  • The Ophelia: There's speculation that Sam has a lot of emotional and mental issues and that she may have an undiagnosed mental illness. Some of her actions and behavior in the house are so out there and zany that people think that something may not be right upstairs. On the other hand, her weird and strange behavior could be strategy but it's been confirmed on the live feeds that Sam takes a variety of prescription medications for a possible mental disorder. The fact that Sam has mentioned plenty of times that she has a Dark and Troubled Past and has gone through many personal struggles confirms that she may have endured trauma which may have led to her suffering emotionally and mentally.
  • Playing the Victim Card: Sam constantly plays the victim card when it suits her. She likes to make herself come across as a perpetual victim by having constant emotional outbursts so that she can garner sympathy and attention from other people. Brett, Angela, Faysal, Haleigh, JC, and Scottie all suspect she's playing the house and have shared conversations about it in private over the live feeds on several occasions. Brett and Angela had a strong discussion about it in particular while sunbathing out in the backyard after Brett won his first Power of Veto and took himself off the block, fearing that she'd win the Jury votes.
  • "Psycho" Strings: Sam starts getting these more and more from production as houseguests and Zing-Bot claim she's crazy.
  • Robot Girl: Part of her punishment for an entire week is to become a robot on and off. When the signal comes on over the speakers, Sam has to change back into a robot and has to be isolated from the rest of the houseguests until she is able to turn back into a human. Poor Sam.
  • Robotic Reveal: Surprisingly, her punishment for finishing last in one of the first three competitions was to be turned into a robot (isolated from the house and made to communicate through a drone with a screen that she controls). The robot even has a silly face that reacts as she speaks.
  • Sanity Slippage: It's been evident that Sam has slowly started to lose her mind week after week. She began acting weird and saying some crazy things that set off the crazy alarm bells. It all came to a head in Week 6. Sam had a complete emotional breakdown after Bayleigh was evicted and after finding out that Tyler and Angela may have turned their backs on her. According to Sam, she told Haleigh that she had come up with some delusional thoughts in her head that those that she loved and trusted the most in the game were making fun of her behind her back. Some people have suggested that the DR or Bayleigh had put thoughts into her head that Tyler and Angela were making fun of her without her knowledge but there has been zero proof that they have done that. In fact, Tyler and Angela have consistently been the houseguests who have shown her compassion, kindness, and patience. She breaks down to Haleigh that she wants to go home because she can't take being in the house anymore. She feels insecure and uncomfortable about the entire situation and she just wanted to go home. It's discovered that the primary cause of her breakdown is that Tyler was abandoning her for Angela and that he had replaced her with Angela because of Tyler and Angela becoming significantly closer during her HOH week. This caused Sam to emotionally spiral out of paranoia and jealousy and she went as far as wanting Tyler and Angela out of the house for feeling betrayed by their relationship. She got into fights with Angela and JC for no good reason. She had numerous emotional breakdowns in the DR where production constantly had to stop her from wanting to leave the game. Production even said that Sam was so mentally and emotionally unstable that there would be a doctor coming in to check Sam's mental health and well being to make sure that she is okay or well enough to stay in the game. It's obvious that Sam has plenty of emotional issues that she hasn't dealt with and is in need of a therapist to help deal with them.
  • Slut-Shaming: During her reign as the Week 4 HOH, she nominates Haleigh and Kaitlyn because she thought that they "took more [from the house] than they gave," and that their flirting with some of the male contestants "took the easy way" to get ahead in the game and was "the opposite of female empowerment." Needless to say, the implications for why Sam nominated them did not sit well with Faysal and some of the other houseguestsnote  and soured her for some fans.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Sam tries her best to act like a proper lady... who also swears by the bushel.
  • Southern Belle: Sam is from Virginia, which is a Southern state. She's also got a rather noticeably strong Southern accent.
  • Team Mom: Assumes this role after Rockstar is evicted. Sam is the one person who tries to keep the house spic and span, hates messes, fetches the ice, and even put out a bacon grease fire in the oven with a fire extinguisher.
  • Tender Tears: After Bayleigh's eviction, Sam can Not. Stop. Crying. She considered Bayleigh one of her few real friends in the house. The following episode sees her crying fits consume almost a third of the whole runtime, and complaining and cussing about hating the game, the house, and all the fake people. Her carrying on becomes so annoying to some of the other players that they are done with it and want to evict her because she's starting to interfere with their own games and seems to be manipulating people with her emotions (more accurately, her presence was turning the whole house into a gloomy pity party). She goes well beyond crying and into what Cody Nickson dubbed "victim noises". The last time it was this bad was when GinaMarie lost it after Nick's eviction, and that went on for two whole days.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone:
    • Being one of the most unlucky houseguests at the start of the season made her an easy favorite to be voted the most trendy first and given the chance to purchase an Extra Life from the BB App Store.
    • Kaitlyn gives Sam another one when she flips on her alliance and votes to evict Steve, saving Sam in the process.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Sam has Boyish Short Hair, is tomboyish with a tomboyish nickname, is a welder for a living. But she's still feminine as she's a Southern Belle, wears makeup and jewelry, and has a very feminine, caring, and nurturing type of personality. Before becoming a welder, Sam was actually a hairdresser, a job that is known to be dominated by women.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: JC's reaction to her stiff HOH reign in Week 4 reeked of this sentiment.
  • Woman Scorned: Subverted. In Week 6, Sam got so jealous and upset over Tyler and Angela slowly becoming closer. She had a strong feeling that Tyler was replacing Sam with Angela and that Tyler was willing to throw Sam to the wolves in exchange for keeping Angela safe. After finding this out, Sam had a complete emotional breakdown to Haleigh and Rockstar. She was so angry that she was making violence threats and was saying that she is going to tackle Tyler and Angela because of how betrayed she felt by them. Sam went on an emotional tirade for a couple of days and temporarily turned on Tyler and Angela by saying to Rockstar that she wanted both of them out of the house. However, Tyler managed to slowly reel her back in by reminding her the she has always been his closest ally along with Kaycee since the beginning. He tried to convince her that he didn't replace her with Angela and that the F3 deal between Tyler, Kaycee, and Sam was still real and legit. But Tyler could possibly be lying to Sam as he did say to Kaycee and during his DR session that he may be done with Sam and that he may have to cut ties with her because of how overly emotional she is and how much of a liability she is. She'c clearly back on his side for now, although there's no telling how Sam is going to react once she finds out that Tyler is manipulating her, lying to her and playing her since he clearly has replaced Sam with Angela in the past few weeks. Let's just say that once Sam finds out that he has no true loyalty to her, Sam better not be around any sharp objects because her Ax-Crazy side will sure come out to play and Tyler and Angela will be the main targets of her wrath!
  • Yandere: She's a minor one for Tyler. Sam grew so emotionally attached to Tyler in the first couple of weeks and has never been able to let go of her attachment to Tyler since then. The reason why Sam has such a strong emotional attachment towards Tyler is because he was the one person that was there to provide her emotional support and comfort when she was doing the harsh Robot Punishment. Everyone else either avoided or ignored her because they didn't feel comfortable around her. Her attachment to Tyler grew stronger with each passing week to the point where Sam would become extremely jealous and possessive where Tyler was concerned. Sam became very jealous and suspicious when Tyler started to become closer and closer to Kaitlyn in the first couple of weeks. Because of this, Sam hated Kaitlyn with a passion and wanted her out of the house. In Week 4, Sam wins HOH and she nominates Kaitlyn alongside Haleigh (another girl that Tyler had a flirtatious relationship with). She states that she put them both on the block because she didn't like their game strategies of flirting and manipulating the men of the house to get farther in the game. During the week that Kaitlyn was on the block, Sam made her prime mission to get Kaitlyn out of the house. It was obvious that Sam felt threatened by Kaitlyn and hated her for her personal and game relationship with Tyler. In Week 6, Sam finds out that Tyler and Angela have been bonding and becoming closer and closer with each other. This sends Sam into a category emotional meltdown to the point where she's so emotionally distraught that she threatens to self evict in the DR repeatedly while breaking down crying. After finding out that Tyler may be choosing Angela over her and betraying her, Sam becomes filled with rage and vengeance. She goes so far as to turn against her allies of Tyler, KC, and Angela, and joins The Hive side of the house, particularly Rockstar. Sam tells Rockstar that she wants Tyler and Angela out of the house and that she doesn't trust them anymore because she believes that they have both betrayed her and talked badly about her behind her back. Sam has a huge breakdown to Haleigh over being betrayed by Tyler. She curses constantly, threatens physical violence and says that she's gonna be mean and nasty to people from now on. She then goes into creepy mode where she sits alone in the Storage Room while looking at the camera with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness and a creepy smile saying that she's not gonna let her possibility of finding happiness be destroyed because of some idiot that she trusted (the idiot is assumed to be Tyler because she felt betrayed by him at the time). Sam's psychotic moment urged many of the fns to be very concerned over the state of Sam's mental health and that production should keep a vigil watch over her to make sure she doesn't cause any harm to the other houseguests. Once she gets over her anger, she starts to question Tyler's loyalty to her and his relationship with Angela constantly. She tells him repeatedly that she has a deep fear that Tyler has replaced her with Angela but Tyler keeps reassuring Sam that nothing has changed between them despite his growing relationship with Tyler. Sam definitely acts like a Clingy Jealous Girl where Tyler is concerned and she hates the idea of anyone taking Tyler away from her. She views Tyler as her #1 and her ride or die in the game plus there's also hints and signs that she's infatuated with him as well. It's definitely unwise to even think of taking Tyler away from her or Tyler betraying her in any way, because she sure will become a Woman Scorned and act like she's Tyler's Psycho Ex!
  • Yes-Man: She pretty much does whatever Tyler says or asks of her. Her Undying Loyalty to Tyler is so strong that she even openly stated to Tyler that she would be honored to lose to him in the F3 or F2. Almost every single thing that Sam has done in the game has been to benefit Tyler somehow but since Tyler was one of the only people to show her compassion, kindness and friendship in the first few weeks, it's understandable why Sam would repay Tyler with big time loyalty in return.
  • Younger Than They Look: Sam is only 27 but she comes across as older because of how mature and wise she is.

     Angela Logan Rummans (Juror #08; Evicted HG #13) 

Angela Logan Rummans

Born: Mar. 23rd, 1992
Age (at time of competition): 26
Hometown: Hilton Head, SC
Current City: Playa Vista, CA
Occupation: Fitness Model
HOH Wins: 3 note 
POV Wins: 2 note 
Nominations: 2note 
Have Nots: 1note 
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: Placed 4th (Juror #08)
Evicted: Evicted 1-0 VS. TYLER
HOH Evicted Under: JC (in Week 12)
Voted For: TYLER

  • 0% Approval Rating: OUCH! Angela is strong and widely disliked by her fellow houseguests but it's justified since Angela has been known to not be the kindest or nicest person to people in the house. Her lack of social skills and her poor social game have put her in a very precarious position with some of the other houseguests. Nearly every single houseguest with the exception of her Level Six alliance has expressed something negative about Angela one way or another. JC used to really like Angela and considered her to be his friend and close ally in the game. Come Week 6 onwards and JC is starting to dislike Angela for petty reasons. JC has turned on Angela and wants her out of the house because he is jealous of Tyler and Angela's close relationship. JC wants Angela out of the house very badly because he feels that Angela gets in the way of his F2 and his bond with Tyler. Sam has also expressed dislike and contempt for Angela in the past. Sam also used to be friends with Angela but once she got notice that Tyler and Angela were growing closer, Sam grew resentful and jealous of Angela because Sam felt upset and threatened that Tyler was replacing her with Angela as his #1. Sam has often stated that shall she win HOH for the second time, she would put up Angela and Haleigh next to each other. Though Sam is cordial to Angela for now, there's no doubt that of Sam gets the opportunity to take out Angela, she will do it. Haleigh has a dislike of Angela that, like Sam and JC, is based on insecurity and jealousy over Tyler. Haleigh has expressed that she hates Angela because she doesn't trust her on a game level, she was the one who was responsible for Bayleigh being backdoored and evicted and she is secretly envious of Angela's close relationship with Tyler, which strongly bothers Haleigh because Haleigh had always wanted to be in an alliance with Tyler from the start. Haleigh said in Week 9 that she would be a bitter juror and would vote against Angela if she made it to the end because of the fact that she hates her and she blindsided her by putting her on the block next to Fessy. Fessy also strongly dislikes Angela because he thinks that she's an arrogant and entitled bitch that is soiled, privileged and got everything she wanted in life. In Week 9, Fessy grew more resentment towards Angela after she blindsided him by nominating him and Haleigh against each other. Fessy mentioned that if Angela were to make it to the F2, Angela would be the last person that he would vote for to win the game. Rockstar has a strong Irrational Hatred towards Angela and has since the beginning of the game. Rockstar has always viewed Angela as an Ice Queen and Entitled Bitch who is stuck up, spoiled, arrogant and mean spirited. Rockstar has had it out for Angela because she views her as a horrible person. Rockstar's hatred of Angela was solidified even more after she saw Angela's goodbye message to her which was a pretty nasty message on Angela's behalf. Bayleigh has a deep hatred for Angela because she feels that Angela betrayed her the most in the game and on a personal level. Angela backdoored Bayleigh in Week 6 and in addition to that, made a scathing nomination speech to Bayleigh before backdooring her. Bayleigh took Angela's betrayal extremely hard and she was very embittered about it because she has felt like Angela was her friend and that she betrayed her. Rachel grew to be bitter towards Angela once she was evicted in Week 5. Rachel was completely blindsided by Angelas when she left a nasty and mean goodbye speech to Rachel by telling her that she was a liar, a backstabber and a traitor for turning on Level Six and that she was as irrelevant as she was in Week 2 for being the least trending houseguest. Post eviction, Rachel has been extremely angry at Angela and has said how she's unsure whether she wants to be her friend after the game is over. So many people have strong feelings of dislike, hatred or contempt for Angela. The only people that like her or give her a chance are Tyler, Kaycee and Brett. Her being so widely disliked by others is somewhat understandable since Angela isn't the most friendly and sociable person.
  • Absolute Cleavage: Angela is constantly seen sporting low cut clothing that reveal her breasts and her cleavage. Since she's a fitness model for a living, wearing tight, revealing tops and dresses and bathing suits is natural for her. She's definitely not afraid to expose her assets.
  • Action Fashionista: Angela is a competitor and athletic but she always likes to look her best. She's very trendy and fashionable in her style and her clothing. Overall, she's one of the best dressed female houseguests in the house.
  • Action Girl: This is downplayed. thought part of a powerhouse alliance in Level Six, Angela was pretty much The Load and a lot of fans referred to her as "furniture" who contributed nothing to the game. Come Week 4, and she becomes a much more aggressive player through the use of strategy and competitiveness. She was the one who had flipped the vote on Kaitlyn, buried Rachel's place in the Level Six alliance, and won HOH and POV in Week 6 which resulted in her removing her ally Tyler off the block and backdooring a big fish in Bayleigh. Angela may have been in hiding the first few weeks but she's come out to play in recent weeks and she may go on to be one of the more dangerous players down the line.
  • Action Survivor: Before Week 5, Angela wasn't making that much of an impact in the game. She was constantly viewed as being the weak link of Level Six along with Kaycee because fans felt that she contributed nothing of value to the game. Many have called her furniture that was useless to her alliance and the game and was only getting by through the weeks because of Tyler crying the entire alliance on his back for weeks. However, come Week 5 and nearing Jury stage, Angela becomes more of an Action Girl and starts to step up her game rather strongly and dramatically. She starts by flipping votes to get Kaitlyn out of the house in Week 4 and then ruthlessly turning on Rachel who is her Final 2 partner and fellow Level Six alliance member. In Week 6, she wins both HOH and POV and takes out a big fish in Bayleigh by backdooring her. Angela definitely has come to play!
  • Adorkable: Normally, Angela is very aloof, cold, icy and distant towards people, but when she goes from Ice Queen and Emotionless Girl to Defrosting Ice Queen around certain people such as Tyler and Kaycee, she becomes very loveable and endearing. Also, when she lets her guard down, she's quite dorky and goofy. Given that she's also socially awkward adds to her endearing qualities when she's trying to have fun.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Tyler has recently given Angela the pet name or nickname "Angel" and he commonly calls her this every time he talks to her or interacts with her. He's so comfortable with the pet name that he openly calls Angela this in front of everyone else.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Angela is stoic and level headed. She doesn't show too much emotion which could be very beneficial for her in the game down the line. There are times when Angela comes off as unapproachable or unfriendly because of how icy and cold she is.
  • Alpha Bitch: Not at first, but really takes this trope on when they enter the Jury stage. Angela is pretty, popular, well-liked, a model, and more than willing to do some really mean-spirited, unnecessary put-downs towards others such as Rachel, Kaitlyn, and Bayleigh. In Week 5, she ruthlessly turned against Rachel, her fellow Level Six alliance member and her Final 2 partner. She did so because Rachel managed to have paranoia regarding Tyler believing Bayleigh's lie about him which would have imploded the entire Level Six alliance. As soon as Rachel turned against Tyler and talked badly about him to her over some lie that Bayleigh told Rachel, Angela threw Rachel to the wolves and showed no mercy or remorse for doing it. She is the main reason why Rachel ended up being evicted because she tried to sully her name to Tyler, Brett and Kaycee. After Rachel was evicted, Angela twists the knife in Rachel's back by leaving her a very mean, catty, petty and bitchy Goodbye Message to her. She tells her in the message that she has never liked Rachel in the game because she felt that Rachel has always been shady, untrustworthy and a liar. Angela was also very petty and mean spirited towards Bayleigh in Week 6 when she made a nasty speech to Bayleigh by accusing her of being the Hacker that put Tyler on the block. She told Bayleigh that her power trip is over and she will be going home because she's the Hacker. Angela is very much an Ice Queen and she can sure be nasty and brutal and ruthless if she's ever crossed!
  • Always Save The Boy: When it comes to Tyler, Angela openly admitted in her DR session in Week 6 that she would do anything to save Tyler. She said that she would jump in front of a bus to protect and save Tyler. During the Veto competition, Angela turned down a $5,000 prize so that she could win the Veto and use it to save Tyler from being on the block. Girl is definitely willing to protect her Hilton Head squeeze no matter what!
  • Amazonian Beauty: Angela has a very fit, ripped and toned body and she's a fitness model in the real world. She's not overly muscular and built like Christmas from BB19 was, but she's definitely very fit, athletic and toned looking. Her toned and fit body and the fact that she loves to show it off as much as possible in revealing and tight clothing makes her the epitome of a Ms. Fanservice.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Subverted. Angela admits that growing up, she suffered from depression and eating disorders. Due to her strict and rough childhood and the constant pressures she was put through as a childhood athlete, it's understandable why she may have battled these mental disorders.
  • The Atoner: Since becoming closer to Tyler in the later weeks of the game, it seems as if Angela is trying to change her ways and become a much kinder and friendlier person. There's no doubt that Tyler has had a very strong impact on Angela having a change of heart and facing some serious Character Development.
  • The Baroness: Angela is the Sexpot version. She's icy, cold, ruthless and also very alluring and charming. She uses her sexuality to get farther in the game and she has no issue with being ruthless and stabbing people in the back. Angela has recently let her icy walls melt a little around Tyler since it's been confirmed that she has a crush on him in her HOH vlog.
  • Battle Couple: Angela is slowly becoming this with Tyler. Since Week 5 onwards, the two have become significantly closer and are being viewed as a power couple and duo in the house by others. Angela and Tyler have been the power players since Week 5 onwards especially after Angela stopped being The Load or furniture and started taking action in the game such as strategizing, flipping votes and winning competitions. In Week 6, they solidified their status as a power duo when Angela won HOH and Tyler influenced her to backdoor Bayleigh. Tyler was nominated by the H@cker (Haleigh) but Angela won POV and took him off the block. This solidified a much stronger bond between the two. Angela was nominated in Week 7 by HOH Haleigh, but Tyler won POV and chose to remove her on the block and repay her for saving him. It seems as if they continue with this type of game dynamic, Angela may become the Amber Birkich to Tyler's Boston Rob Mariano (Survivor). Tyler & Angela are arguably the strongest duo in regards to the game along with Tyler & JC and Tyler & Kaycee.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason why Angela has such loyalty and such a strong soft spot for Tyler is because he was the one person to actually break down her icy walls and bring out her warmer side. Tyler got Angela to open up and express herself emotionally. Before developing a strong bond with Tyler, Angela was icy, aloof, cold and ruthless. Tyler's impact on Angela helped to soften her up quite a bit.
  • Beneath the Mask: Angela comes across as distant, aloof and icy towards others. But it's thanks to her very troubled past and rough childhood. Angela wasn't;t given the luxury of having a regular childhood because she had to follow a strict and gruelling routine as a child athlete. She lacks good social skills and the ability to emotionally connect with other people because she was rather isolated and solitary as a child and didn't get the chance to socialize and make friends like children are normally given. So, to others, Angela came across as very intimidating and unapproachable because of her inability to get close to people. She appears as if she has everything together and that she is a spoiled and entitled person who had everything handed to her since she was a kid but it turns out that it's the opposite. Angela later on showed a different side of her personality once she started to develop a stronger bond with Tyler. Tyler helped her to open up about her troubles and express her emotions more freely and she's been a changed person ever since.
  • Berserk Button: Being called a bitch or heartless. She got very mad during the Veto hiding competition and cussed out the thought of Zing-Bot. Angela is still livid because of what Zing-Bot said a good week later.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Like Sam, she appears to be very protective of Tyler. She admits to feeling a kinship with him because they both hail from Hilton Head, SC. In Week 6 during the POV competition, Angela admitted that she gave up $5,000 so that she could take the Veto and keep Tyler safe by using it to take him off the block. She also said during her DR session that she would throw herself in front of a bus to protect Tyler and keep him safe. May now be considered Ship Tease as Tyler and Angela have been having a flirtatious relationship since Angela won HOH and they may have more than friendship feelings for each other. As of Week 7, Tyler and Angela have almost become a full blown showmance and they have admitted to having romantic attraction towards each other.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Tyler. Both of them share quite a few things in common in regards to their personalties and interests. both of them are highly athletic and love taking care of their bodies-Angela was a strongly athletic person growing up being that she was a pole vaulter, a track and field runner, a gymnast and is currently a fitness model for a living; Tyler is an athlete and played soccer, baseball as well as being a swimmer who is a lifeguard for a living. They are both classic introverts and are very afraid of opening up to people and expressing themselves. Both are very calm, cool collected and generally unemotional-something has to really hurt or upset them for them to lose their cool. Both of them have a love of travelling. Both are from the same area of Hilton Head, SC. Tyler and Angela lampshade that the one thing that caused them to have an immediate kinship early in the game was that they were both from Hilton Head.
  • Bare Your Midriff: One of Angela's signatures is wearing tops and clothing that reveal her flat and toned stomach. She's constantly seen wearing sports bras and crop tops that show off her midriff. This solidifies her as being a Ms. Fanservice.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Angela plays up the nice girl stuff in the house, but the when the veneer comes down, it comes down hard. The most notable example is when Angela openly admitted to faking being Rachel's closest friend in the Big Brother house in Rachel's goodbye video, after more-or-less singlehandedly flipping the votes against Rachel (who was, at that point, her ride-or-die for final 2) to ensure her eviction.
  • Broken Ace: Angela is beautiful, successful, and smart, but despite having everything that she wants in life, she has battled some serious emotional troubles. Angela has endured a rough childhood on top of having very bad relationships with men which have caused her to have trust issues. Is it any wonder why Angela acts distant and aloof towards others and is afraid of opening up and letting her guard down? She's been hurt so many times and she has endured a lot of emotional suffering since her childhood.unfortunately, everyone in the house has a strong hate hard on for her without even realizing her story and how she grew up. They all just assume that Angela is an ice cold Alpha Bitch and Entitled Bitch who got everything she wanted and is nothing more then a Rich Bitch and Spoiled Brat.
  • Broken Bird: Angela has had a very rough childhood and upbringing. She had a very strict routine and lifestyle growing up as an athlete. She was very isolated and lonely and didn't have time to build a proper social life. With that, Angela became icy, aloof and closed off, afraid to show and expressing her feelings and emotions. She explains how difficult it was for her growing up as an athlete in training on the live feeds to Tyler. Her childhood is one of the many reasons why she turned out to be such an aloof Ice Queen who fears getting too emotional and getting close to people. It's evident that Angela has icy walls and barriers around her to protect herself from getting hurt and showing emotion. Luckily, Tyler has managed to help break down those icy walls and get her express more emotion and talk about things openly.
  • Brutal Honesty: Angela definitely doesn't hold back when it comes to speaking her opinion or her mind. When Rachel as evicted, Angela left a very nasty and mean spirited goodbye message to her. She told Rachel that their Final 2 was as irrelevant as she was in Week 2 since she had won the Least Trending Houseguest. Rachel was taken back by how brutal and mean she was in her goodbye message to her that she was shellshocked. In Week 6, Angela gave a nasty speech to Bayleigh before backdooring her. She told Bayleigh that she was the Hacker, that she told a lot of lies that stirred a lot of trouble and that her power trip would now be over now that she's on the block and going home. Angela sure can be a petty mean girl when she wants to be.
  • Byronic Heroine: Angela is emotionally distant, icy, cold, and aloof? Check. Has a Dark and Troubled Past and battled serious emotional trauma and issues growing up? Check. Is physically attractive, alluring and captivating? Check. Highly intelligent, perceptive, sophisticated, manipulative, cunning and at times, resourceful? Check. Can be highly emotionally sensitive and moody at times? Check. Is very cynical, brooding and jaded due to personal and emotional troubles and trauma? Check. Is very passionate, outspoken, and blunt in self expression and opinion and never holds back what she is thinking or feeling no matter how much it may cause hurt to others? Check. Is strongly ambitious and determined in everything that she does or pursues? Check. Angela is the epitome of this trope in many ways.
  • Character Development: Angela started off as an intimidating, aloof, rude, icy, cold and distant Alpha Bitch who appeared to be entitled, selfish and only cared about her own self interests. As time went on, she developed strong bonds and relationships with people in the house, especially Tyler and Kaycee. With Tyler and Kaycee's influence, Angela has gone from being an Ice Queen and Emotionless Girl to a Defrosting Ice Queen that's revealed a much kinder, caring, friendlier and nicer side of her personality. Turns out that Angela kept up those ice cold walls to keep people away from her because she was afraid of expressing her emotions. She had a Dark and Troubled Past in which she endured mental troubles and social isolation. But bonding with Tyler and Kaycee helped to bring out a different side of her personality. In addition, falling for Tyler and becoming emotionally attached to him also helped to warm and soften up her personality very much.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Angela is slowly starting to become one for Tyler. She isn't really a fan of the other girls in the house hanging out with Tyler. She has gotten visibly jealous whenever Kaitlyn and Haleigh tried to flirt with Tyler. One of the biggest reasons why Angela wanted Kaitlyn out earlier in the game was because Kaitlyn had a flirtatious relationship with Tyler. Her jealousy over Tyler motivated her to flit the votes against Kaitlyn and get her out of the house. She gets visibly annoyed whenever Haleigh tries to attach herself to Tyler or attempts to flirt with him. It's also one of the reasons why Angela wants Haleigh out.
  • Cry Cute: When Angela opens up about emotionally shutting down after being stuck in activities she hated, she has her first real sign of distress all season when the repressed hurt comes spilling out and she cries in the Diary Room.
  • Dark Action Girl: Angela is athletic, tough, fit and competitive...and she's also highly cunning, ruthless and manipulative and isn't afraid to jab a knife in anyone's back if she has to! Angela is arguably one of the smartest and most strategic female players and that makes her deadly and dangerous in the game. The fact that she's a readably good competitor and physical threat makes her extra dangerous.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: While having a discussion with Tyler on the live feeds, Angela confesses that despite growing up with some privilege, she had a very difficult and rough childhood growing up. She has said that she never really had a childhood because she was constantly training to be an athlete since she was five years old. She never had time to make friends or have a social life. Her lifestyle and routine as an athlete was very strict which didn't allow her to enjoy the luxury of a proper childhood because of all the pressure to perform as an athlete. It could contribute to the person that she became as she got older and why she may give off the impression that she's aloof, icy, or unfriendly.
  • The Dark Chick: Angela is currently playing the role of The Chick in the Level Six alliance now that Rachel is gone. But she's also being portrayed as a villain or Anti-Villain on all of the live show edits. Angela's villainous portrayal mostly coincides with her being icy, aloof, ruthless, manipulative and being bitchy, rude and mean in her DR sessions and Goodbye Messages to houseguests.
  • Decoy Damsel: Originally, Angela appeared as if she was more of a Damsel in Distress that was being carried by the Level Six Alliance, in particular Tyler who was carrying the alliance since the start. Angela was nothing more than mere furniture and The Load in competitions and many complained that Angela really didn't contribute anything of importance of value in the game. Come Week 6, and Angela becomes extremely manipulative and ruthless and starts picking up the pace in both her strategic and competitive game. She makes arguably one of the biggest game moves of the season so far which is backdooring Bayleigh. Angela also appeared to have loyalty to Rachel, who was her F2 partner and fellow Level Six alliance member. But after Rachel showed paranoia and disloyalty to Tyler and the alliance, Angela threw Rachel to the wolves and ruthlessly plotted to get her out of the house.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Normally Angela is The Stoic and an Ice Queen who doesn't show too much emotion and is rather even tempered. But there are a few people that can break down Angela's icy and aloof walls. Those people include Tyler, Kaycee, Brett and Sam. All of them, especially Tyler brings out her softer friendly, and fun side.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: In Angela's HOH vlog, she openly admits and confirms that she has a crush on Tyler. It's pretty obvious that Angela like Tyler from the beginning but they never got into a showmance because of the game.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Angela tends to keep herself barefooted just about all the time, which is one of the things the south and athletic training (it's easier to do some exercises with the feet unencumbered) has apparently rubbed off on her. She also has a pair of athletic leg warmers that leave the upper parts of her feet and toes free.
  • Emotionless Girl: Angela has a very icy, cold and aloof demeanour and personality. She hardly shows emotion or tells people how she really feels. She is extreme,y guarded and rarely ever lets down her icy barriers. The Zingbot lampshaded this during the Week 8 Veto competition that Angela was emotionless and heartless as a zing.
  • Entitled Bitch: Angela says she always gets her way in her goodbye message to Rockstar. Rockstar had frequently called Angela an "Entitled Princess" with the very high belief that Angela was spoiled, privileged and entitled while growing up and that she got everything handed to her. But it seems as if Angela didn't have that much of a privileged childhood growing up. She was forced into a strict routine as an athlete and didn't have the luxury of having a happy and fulfilling childhood. Instead, she grew up lonely, isolated and depressed along with suffering from emotional and personal issues that caused her to close herself off to others.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Going from one of the quietest players for the first five weeks to one of the very meanest as soon as the last eviction before Jury transpires.
  • Everyone Can See It: the majority of people can tell that Angela is attracted to Tyler and likes him. Her flirtatious relationship with Tyler has recently become the talk of the house amongst all of the houseguests and there's many polarizing thoughts about the two of them. Some people support them (Fessy and Kaycee) and others don't support them (Brett, Haleigh, Sam, JC).
  • Expy: Christmas Abbott from BB19. Angela has a moderate resemblance to Christmas from last season, as both are muscular fitness models/trainers and wear American flag bikinis. It becomes much more apparent when she starts playing the game seriously and competitively at the Jury stage and starts to behave ruthlessly.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Angela is very beautiful and looks like she would be innocent and quiet, but she's actually extremely petty, catty, bitchy as well as cunning and manipulative. She can easily and ruthlessly turn on people and not feel bad about it. She plotted the demise of her Final 2, fellow Vixen, and Level Six alliance member Rachel behind her back and felt zero remorse for it. To rub salt into the wound, Angela left a very biting and nasty goodbye message to Rachel which took Rachel by surprise.
  • Faux Action Girl: Invoked Trope. Angela was targeted week one for being a physical threat (having won one competition by chance and giving Swaggy a run-for-his-money on an endurance competition). Her response was to throw every single competition to get the heat off her and onto other people. As of Week 6, she's no longer throwing comps, and she won immediately after she stopped.
  • Femme Fatale: Angela is obviously using her sexuality and flirting to get farther in the game. Pre-season, Angela stated in her interviews that she would be willing to use her feminine wiles and her sexuality in order to get farther in the game.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: For most the pre-jury phase of BB 20, Angela was lying low, throwing comps, and making no waves to keep a target off her back. As she got closer to jury, Angela played harder (flipping the house to evict Kaitlyn and Rachel) and the claws came out with just how viciously and personally she'd gun for people.
  • Hello, Nurse!: Considering that Angela is a beautiful fitness model with a toned, athletic body and a nice face, it's not shocking that she would be appealing to many of the male houseguests such as Tyler, Fessy, Brett, and Scottie all of whom have admitted they find Angela physically attractive. She wears a lot of clothing that reveals her athletic body and adds to her sex appeal. This makes Angela a certified Ms. Fanservice.
  • Hidden Depths: On the live feeds, in a private HOH Room conversation with Tyler during her second HOH reign, Angela thinks that production's going to paint her into a mean and heartless bitch. She doesn't like that characterization. She's also cunning enough to put a showmance on the block and play it off as Haleigh going up in return for Haleigh putting Angela up and disguise the plan to eliminate Fessy and furthermore avoid upsetting Sam by putting her on the block and trying to backdoor Fessy to get the least blood on her hands as possible.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: On the surface, Angela is a ruthless, aloof, icy Ice Queen that can ve very blunt, sarcastic and rude. But underneath that icy facade is someone that is actually kind hearted, caring and compassionate. Angela is afraid to appear vulnerable and express her emotions mostly due to her rough upbringing and childhood that caused her to close herself off socially and emotionally.
  • Ice Queen: IS SHE EVER! Angela is very aloof, icy, standoffish and cold. She doesn't have the strongest social skills or social game and others have felt that she's intimidating to talk to because of her icy demeanour. There are only a few people that can break down those icy walls and bring out her warmer side and those people include Tyler, Brett and Kaycee. Angela starts to become a much warmer and open person willing to expose more emotion after getting much closer to Tyler. Tyler has most definitely broken down her icy exterior and has helped her to reveal her kinder and warmer nature.
  • Jerkass: Angela can definitely be one of the cruelest and meanest houseguests in the house. She has made some pretty nasty comments about the others. Angela has a habit of making mean nomination speeches to people such as Bayleigh, Fessy and Haleigh plus making mean goodbye messages to evicted houseguests such as Rachel and Rockstar. In Angela's goodbye message to Rachel she was especially a mean girl with no mercy. Angela told Rachel that she turned against Rachel because she had lied to her and proved to be disloyal to their alliance. She twisted the knife into Rachel even more when she said that she was as irreverent as she was in Week 2 since she was the lead trending houseguest of that week and won the Crap App. Rachel was taken back and shell choked by how mean and rude Angela was to her ion her goodbye message to her that she simply uttered "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANGELA?!". Angela's goodbye message to Rockstar was no better either. Angela goaded to Rockstar that she's an Entitled Bitch and a spoiled princess because she got exactly what she wanted which was Rockstar being evicted. When Angela backdoored Bayleigh in Week 6, she made a brutally honest and harsh speech to Bayleigh accusing her of being the Hacker and calling her out for having a power trip for the entire game. In Week 9, Angela blindsided Fessy and Haleigh by not only nominating them but by telling them that they were too stupid and easily fooled to make an alliance on Day 60+ in the house. Angela is one of the bitchiest and meanest houseguests but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a good heart and isn't a decent person underneath the mean girl facade.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Angela can be very mean, cruel, ruthless and bitchy. But she does have a genuinely good heart underneath the bitchy facade. Much of her bitchiness is because of her very Dark and Troubled Past where she endured a lot of emotional and personal struggles that caused her to close herself off emotionally.
  • Knight Templar: Angela is one of the most logical, strategic and ruthless players in the house. She's willing to cut throats if she feels it will benefit her or her alliance. Such as in the case with turning on Rachel and blindsiding her. Once Angela found out that Rachel had thrown Tyler under the bus and had believed Bayleigh over her own alliance, Angela kew that it was time to cut ties with Rachel. She also viewed Rachel as a liability that could have imploded the Level Six alliance because of her paranoia. After Rachel was blindsided during her eviction, Angela acted even more ruthlessly when she left her a very mean spirited and nasty goodby message as to why she turned on her. She pulled the same ruthless and cut throat gameplay with Bayleigh when she decided to remove Tyler from the block with the POV that she won and backdoor Bayleigh. While backdooring her, Angela made a very mean and scathing speech at the POV ceremony accusing her of being the H@cker that put Tyler on the block and almost jeopardized his game and the Level Six alliance. Sh also told Bayelguh that her power trip was over and that she would no longer be trying to act like a dictator trying to control the house and threaten people with power. Angela is probably the most cut throat and ruthless player in the house next to Tyler.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Gets a solid thump where the sun don't shine after evicting Rachel and beginning a smug HOB reign, when Haleigh surprises everyone by nominating Tyler as the hacker.
  • The Leader: The mastermind of the Level Six power alliance. At least until Tyler starts calling the shots in secret.
  • Love Redeems: Tyler has had a strong affect on Angela and her Character Development into becoming less of a bitch and a villainess and someone who is more kind, caring, nice and compassionate towards others. Angela was a very cold, icy, rude, and aloof person who seriously kicked in social etiquette and social skills. She came off as very intimidating to other people in the house and nobody seemed to really reach past those icy and solid walls that Angela kept up as a defence mechanism. It was revealed that the reason Angela is so aloof, icy and cold in general is because of her Dark and Troubled Past and rough childhood. According to Angela herself, she told Tyler her life story on the live feeds and that she had a very rough and lonely childhood growing up. She was a trained athlete who lived constantly by a strict schedule, routine and constant pressure to perform in athletics. As a result of the enormous pressure that she felt growing up, Angela became depressed and suffered from eating disorders. She didn't have much of a social life growing up and she didn't have the chance to build social bonds and emotional ties to other people. Tyler is the person who has had the most emotional influence on Angela, growing from an Ice Queen and Emotionless Girl to a Defrosting Ice Queen. Angela admits to Tyler that she is the reason she is starting to feel real emotions again after such a long time of feeling numb.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Angela is extremely manipulative, cunning, strategic and has zero problem with cutting throats in the game. When she wants someone out, she wants them out! In Week 4, Angela flipped the vote against Kaitlyn when Kaitlyn ended up running her mouth to Angela and got her entire alliance to vote her out. When Angela found out that Rachel was throwing her and the rest of the Level Six alliance, especially Tyler under the bus to Bayleigh, Angela ruthlessly turned on her and plotted her eviction with Tyler. Angela turned so much against Rachel that she started to make personal attacks about her behind her back. But at the same time, Angela would pretend that she was okay with Rachel and that she would be staying even though she was stabbing her in the back. To make matters worse, Angela had a Final 2 with Rachel and she didn't seem to care that she was putting a knife in her back so brutally! Angela is probably one of the most scheming, conniving, and manipulative girls in the house.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Angela is an attractive fitness model who shows off the majority of her body for a living. She wears a lot of revealing clothing and is constantly seen wearing a bikini or a bathing suit revealing her athletic and toned figure. Definitely a treat for the male viewers.
  • No Social Skills: Angela is very socially awkward, icy and aloof. She's not the best in social situations and prefers to be around people individually or in small groups. Part of the reason why Angela isn't such an overly sociable person and comes across as aloof and anti social at times is because she revealed that she didn't have much of a social life growing up whole training as an athlete. She is therefore socially stunted and didn't have many connections during her childhood. Because of her social awkwardness, many fans have commented that the weakest aspect of her game overall is her social game. Her lack of social skills may contribute to her desire to make rude comments or make nasty Goodbye Messages to evicted houseguests-she doesn't seem to understand the concept of jury management.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Surprisingly, Angela admitted to Tyler during a conversation about love, relationships and dating that she doesn't handle being rejected by people very well. The reason why is because she's normally very reserved with expressing herself and her emotions. When she gets close to someone or attached to someone emotionally, she expects the person she likes to reciprocate her feelings. If they don't, she takes that as abandonment on her behalf.
  • Not So Stoic: Normally, Angela is stoic, aloof and icy. But there are certain people and situations that can make the girl seriously let those emotions out like a flood gate. One of them is discussing her past and her troubled childhood. She breaks down crying when discussing how hard she had it growing up due to the constant pressure of growing up as an athlete. Angela has admitted that Tyler and his influence has helped he be able to express herself more freely and openly regarding her emotions and her personal matters.
  • One of the Boys: Angela admitted in her pre-season interviews that she prefers the company of men over women and that in the game, she would prefer to work with guys over girls. It makes sense that she prefers to work with men in the game since it seems that all of her targets have been primarily women.
  • One Steve Limit: Subverted. She shares a first name with Rockstar (whose first name is Angela), however, the former goes by Angela while the latter goes by Rockstar.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Has been telling Bayleigh that she wants her to be Big Brother's first black winner... when she plans to backdoor and evict Bayleigh in mere days, clearly intending to use race as a way to upset and target Bayleigh.
  • Puppet King: She's this for Tyler. Though it appears as though Angela is the mastermind behind the powerhouse Level Six alliance, it's actually Tyler that is pulling the strings behind the scenes and making Angela do all of his dirty work for him. He has a magical ability of making it seem as though Angela is the one making the moves when it's actually him. He did the same thing to Kaitlyn when she was HOH when he had persuaded and manipulated her into backdooring Swaggy C and turning on the FOUTTE alliance to join the Level Six side of the house. In Week 6, Tyler was the mastermind behind Bayleigh being backdoored. Angela initially wanted to target either Scottie or Fessy but Tyler steered her in the direction of getting rid of Bayleigh because of how dangerous she is due to controlling the opposing side of the house plus having a very powerful and game changing power app.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: During her HOH reign, Angela went after Bayleigh because she thought someone was playing both sides of the house. Tyler was being targeted by Bayleigh and believed the H@cker was her. Angela was not only horribly wrong but totally off the mark. Haleigh went after Tyler and was playing for herself. The one detail Angela got right was that it was somebody who felt threatened by Tyler personally, so she decided to pile blame on the one person with the most to lose if Tyler got his way that week.
  • She's Got Legs: Considering that she's a fitness model with an athletic body, Angela has strong, athletic looking legs and she's not afraid to show them off as much as possible.
  • Ship Tease: With Tyler. Since Week 6 onwards, Tyler and Angela have gotten very close. They have been in the same alliance (Level Six) since the beginning but there's signs that Angela and Tyler like each other more than friends. In Week 6, Angela admitted that she had a crush on Tyler in her HOH vlog. Tyler has also admitted to liking Angela and finding her attractive to Kaycee. In Week 7, Tyler admits to Kaycee that he wishes he were in a showmance with Angela.
  • Smug Smiler: Angela can crack a grin that is so confident it makes people shudder.
  • Southern Belle: Angela is from the South as she's originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Interestingly enough, she doesn't have a Southern accent despite being from the South.
  • The Stoic: Angela is very much an Ice Queen and rarely lets any emotions show. She's very good at not letting her emotions get the best of her and she remains very calm and collected even in an unpredictable and crazy game such as Big Brother. Because of how unemotional she comes across, many people have commented that they find her aloof and icy.
  • Sweet Tooth: Angela is obsessed with eating puppy chow and licks her fingers clean after mixing cookie batter.
  • True Companions: With her Level Six alliance members Tyler, Brett, Winston, Rachel and Kaycee. She's particularly close with Tyler and Brett out of all of her alliance members however.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Angela wrongfully targeted Bayleigh in Week 6 as the person she was sure was the H@cker (she was totally wrong) and made herself look like a complete idiot as well as drove Bayleigh to have a meltdown.

     Joseph Charles "JC" Mounduix (Juror #09; Evicted HG #14) 

Jordan Charles "JC" Mounduix

Born: Feb. 06th, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 28
Hometown: Miami, FL via Spain
Current City: West Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Professional Dancer
HOH Wins: 1note 
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 2note 
Have Nots: 2note 
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: Placed 3rd (Juror #9)
Evicted: Evicted 1-0 VS. TYLER
HOH Evicted Under: KAYCEE (in Week 13).
Voted For: TYLER

  • Abhorrent Admirer: JC is slowly turning into one for Tyler. JC has a very creepy and weird obsession and infatuation with Tyler and he's gone to extreme lengths to try and get Tyler away from the women in the house. Even though Tyler is heterosexual and has no desire to engage in a homosexual relationship with a guy (even though Tyler is a strong supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community), it hasn't stopped JC from wanting Tyler to be in a relationship or showmance with him. JC is so infatuated with Tyler that he's referred to Tyler as being "his house husband". He's admitted to numerous people in the house including Fessy, Haleigh, Brett and Sam that he's infatuated with Tyler and that if he had to pick a guy in the house to be with forever, it would be Tyler because of how attractive and charming he is. Tyler does love JC as a friend and an ally in the game, but it's very evident that Tyler is uncomfortable with JC's infatuation with him. Tyler makes light of JC calling him and the other guys in the house such as Brett, Scottie, Fessy and Winston, gay and he takes it as a joke. In the recent weeks, Tyler has been getting closer to Angela and they are slowly building into a showmance of some sorts. JC has noticed Tyler and Angela's bond and has openly admitted to being jealous and skeptical of it. JC constantly tries to stir the pot in order to keep Tyler and Angela apart. He's done things such as follow Tyler around the house on a daily basis, watching Tyler and Angela sleeping to make sure that they aren't cuddling or sleeping in the same bed at night (creepy!), or getting Brett to flirt with Angela purposely knowing that Brett does find Angela physically attractive, even though Angela has never expressed romantic interest in Brett. JC's antics regarding Tyler and his flirtatious relationships with the women have rubbed Tyler the wrong way and there have been plenty of occasions where Tyler looked downright creeped out, annoyed, irritated or angered by JC's behavior and attitude regarding him.
  • The Ace: JC may not be the strongest physical competitor as he has yet to win a competition into Week 9. But he has one of the best strategic and social games in the entire house. Because of how strong he is socially and strategic, he's one of the top players to make it to the end if he wins a few competitions towards the end of the game. He's frequently talked about as a possible front runner to win BB20 along with Tyler. JC's other impressive feat in the game is that he has yet to be nominated as of Week 9, mirroring Derrick Levasseur from BB16 and Paul Abrahamian from BB19. Also, like Kevin Schleuber from BB19, JC doesn't get nominated until there are so few players left in the house that he is one of the only real options left, and wins one crucial competition that changes the course of the game (Kevin won the first competition for $25,000 and brought Paul into the house as a twist, and JC won Head of Household at the final four and prevented his imminent eviction).
  • Agent Peacock: JC is very flamboyant, extroverted and effeminate in his attitude and mannerisms. He flaunts his sexuality and is very evidently proud to be gay. But that doesn't negate from the fact that JC is also one of the strongest and most dangerous players in the game. Though JC lacks in competition prowess, he's a strategic and social badass. He's pretty much Frankie Grande from BB16 but without being a beast at competitions or a physical threat.
  • Aggressive Categorism: Subverted. JC has made some ignorant comments during his time in the house particularly about politics and race. However, none of this comments have any malicious or ill intent. During a fight with Bayleigh in Week 4, JC had used the N word to make an argument as to why Bayleigh using the M word (which is "Midget") is just as offensive. JC argues that using the M word is offensive to the Little People community in the same fashion that using the N word is offensive to the Black community. JC may appear as if he's bigoted and ignorant since he's openly stated to be a "Trump supporter" and those who support Trump are often labelled as being ignorant, bigoted and uneducated. But JC has said that while he's fiscally conservative, he's socially liberal. If anything, its Bayleigh and Rockstar that are far more ignorant, intolerant, judgmental and bigoted towards other groups of people than JC.
  • Affably Evil: JC is a friendly, affable and sociable guy as he's got one of the strongest social games in the house. But that doesn't mean that he won't turn on people or throw people under the bus when he has to. He'll backstab people he doesn't care for on a personal level or those that he doesn't trust on a game level. An example would be his relationship with Rachel. He pretended to be Rachel's friend every time he interacted with her, but he secretly has wanted her out for weeks and was plotting against her. JC sure is a tricky and sneaky one especially because he's so good at appearing friendly and supportive.
  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: JC has bragged on the live feeds that he's had numerous sexual partners, claiming to have slept with 40 different partners. Whether that is true or not remains uncertain.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: JC is obsessively in love with Tyler but Tyler is straight and not into JC in any way. Tyler is in a flirtmance borderline showmance with Angela, who he has had a crush on since the start of the game. JC is very jealous about Tyler and Ange'a relationship and has gone through extreme lengths to keep them apart of try to separate them. Tyler is clearly fed up with JC and his constant harping about his relationship with Angela. Tyler has openly stated that he doesn't like JC like that because he's straight and likes women. Because of JC's jealousy, Tyler has started to distance himself from JC and has even mentioned during one of his recent DR sessions that he has the intention of targeting JC sooner than later and taking him out.
  • All Men Are Perverts: JC is a highly sexually deviant and flirtatious person. He's touched and fondled people inappropriately in the house such as grabbing and rubbing Tyler's crotch without consent, grabbing Angela's vagina, and grabbing Rachel;'s boobs. Despite being gay, he has no issue with inappropriately touching both women and men. Fortunately for him, nobody in the house has actively complained about JC's inappropriate touching or claiming sexual harassment. Nobody inside the house, but outside, it's a different story; viewers have flooded the Big Brother message boards expressing their revulsion over JC's behavior and calling for his expulsion, while calling out CBS over their apparent failure to address the situation.
  • Alpha Bitch: Gender-Inverted. JC is really catty, mean and petty. He's a drama king and a prima donna who can be very bossy, controlling and full of himself. He tries to have complete dominance over people, especially the men of the house. He had control over Fessy and made all of his decisions for him. he pretended to be his friend but he was actually throwing him under the bus and bashing him in his DR sessions. He has repeatedly called Fessy dumb and unintelligent and he does so with a laugh and a smile. He thinks that he controls Tyler and has him under his thumb. He clearly thinks that Tyler is a dumb surfer dude and has no brains or intelligence to make his own decisions. JC seemingly underestimates Tyler and tries to treat him like his controllable puppy dog that he can boss around. He's also very possessive, jealous and territorial where Tyler is concerned. His most petty and catty moments come out to play when it concerns Tyler. JC has been jealous of all the girls that Tyler has had flirtatious relationships with. JC was extremely jealous of Kaitlyn and seriously wanted her out of the house because je was upset and angry about Tyler and Kaitlyn's flirtatious relationship. JC often lectured Tyler about his relationship with Kaitlyn by trying to talk down to him about him constantly flirting with her. But his motivation for getting Kaitlyn out of the house was based on pettiness and jealousy. He slowly started to build an Irrational Hatred towards Angela as soon as Tyler visibly and noticeably became closer to her. Since then, JC has slowly began to lose his mind and his sanity regarding Tangela and he's resorted to extreme methods to keep the two apart. He's gone as far as to scheme and plot against Angela by throwing her under the bus to many houseguests hoping that she would become a target. He stalks Tyler and Angela at night to make sure that they aren't in the same bed together doing romantic stuff. He's even sprayed Febreeze on Angela's favorite heart eyed emoji pillow which smells like her because Tyler loves that particular pillow simply because it has her scent on it. He's schemed and plotted with Brett and Haleigh to cockblock Tyler and Angela when they are in the same room or are spending time together. JC has a very bitchy, catty, petty and jealous attitude and he consistently makes mean spirited jokes and comments about other people. He's an absolute pain to production and it's evident that production is tired of his prima donna attitude.
  • Always Camp: JC is a member of the LGBTQ community and is very proud of it. He's also a professional dancer for a living. Many gay men are a part of the dance world or the theatre world.
  • Ambiguously Bi: JC is flamboyant and is identified as gay. However, he has shown some questionable behavior towards several members of the house both male and female such as his infamous ice cream scooper incident and an indecent comment made towards Kaycee. And then there was his infatuation with Robot!Sam.
  • Attention Whore: JC is one of the most loud, extroverted and flamboyant personalities in the house. He thrives on attention and when he doesn't get it, he gets very pouty and sulky.
  • Badass Gay: Downplayed. He's not the toughest competitor and he hasn't won any competitions yet, but he's still the strongest strategist and social game player in the game next to Tyler and Brett. He's not an immediate or obvious target for anyone in the house.
  • Bald of Evil: JC decided to shave his head and is one of the most conniving and dangerous floaters in the whole house.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: JC is the least prevalent threat in the house. He survived all the way to the halfway point without being put up on the block once— though he did have a close call with Bayleigh in that regard— and has never won a single competition, either. JC has floated the entire time unannounced and managed to slip past bigger targets and draw attention to people he thinks could be easy to manipulate or he can come up with feasible excuses to say they're not trustworthy and use to take the fall.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Everyone thought that JC was going to be a funny, hilarious and entertaining houseguest and that he wouldn't be the second coming of unpopular token gay male houseguests like Frankie Grande from BB16 or Andy Herron from BB15. Turns out that he's just as unlikeable, vile and hateful as them. JC has revealed his unlikeable personality because of how arrogant, loud, attention seeking and annoying he is. He constantly breaks rules and goes against production and he doesn't care whatsoever. He has made many controversial comments and actions such as sexually assaulting numerous houseguests. JC is definitely not the decent houseguest that he appeared to be in the beginning. Because of that, many fans have wanted JC to be removed, evicted or expelled because of his consistent bad behavior.
  • Born Lucky: JC does not win any competitions at any point in the season up until the final four, when it is him versus the solid final three alliance of Level Six. Then, JC wins HOH and guarantees he will survive in the house up to the final three, when not having HOH would have meant he would definitely be nominated and have to rely on winning the Power of Veto. This ensures that he has control over the nominations and Level Six must eliminate somebody. JC obviously wants Angela to go, because he knows the jury has plenty of people mad at her and being responsible for her eviction would look wonderful on his game resume.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Regarding the N-Word Privileges with Bayleigh. On one hand, he realized he did wrong, listened to her warning, and tried to connect with Bayleigh on a personal level as to why words like that or "Midget" were bad. On the other, he still should not have said the N-word, and shouldn't have gone around asking why Bayleigh was so offended.
  • Brains and Brawn: The Brains to Faysal's Brawn. JC has a lousy competition record but a cunning social game, so he relies on Faysal's brawn.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Invoked by JC by comments he made on the live feeds where he was just sitting around in the house and after talking to Kaitlyn felt very depressed and almost suicidal, and suspected she projected some thoughts into his mind to make him feel that way like she "poisoned" him. Brett found this hilarious.
  • Camp Gay: It's very obvious just by looking at him and his mannerisms that he's a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He sure flaunts it proudly. However, his stunt with the ice cream scooper puts this trope into question.
  • Creator's Pet: A BIG one. Despite a large amount of the fanbase disliking him JC is given a good edit on the show. He is portrayed to be the mastermind of every eviction and also given an AFP edit to be an adorable little guy when on the feeds JC is proven to be a controversial figure in the house.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: He gets so creepily jealous where Tyler and Angela are concerned. JC outright follows Tyler around the house to make sure that he's not cuddled up with Angela in bed. JC has frequently warned Tyler to not get into a showmance with Angela because he feels it would be detrimental for Tyler's game. But it sounds more like JC doesn't want Tyler to get with Angela because he's jealous that he would choose Angela over him in the game (and he's right!).
  • Depraved Homosexual: JC has a very creepy and obsessive interest and infatuation with Tyler. Since Tyler has become closer to Angela, JC has made it known to Tyler and everyone that he doesn't want Tyler and Angela getting into a showmance with Angela out of fear that it would ruin his game. But in actuality, JC is just jealous that Tyler is spending time with Angela and he wants Angela out of the way so that he can have Tyler to himself. He has pulled similar behavior with Fessy but to a less creepier extent. JC has wanted Haleigh out because of her close relationship with Fessy, but overall, JC is much more obsessive about Tyler and Angela being together. Brett and Tyler joke that it's the other way around and that JC might actually be pretending to be gay because he has showered with all the women and seen everything that the guys can't, and would be so pissed if at the end of the game he said "I'm straight!" and had fooled the girls into showing him their bodies.
  • The Ditz: He apparently thinks that there are 600 billion people on Earth, and that Hamlet is based on The Lion King (rather than the other way around).
  • Drama Queen: Gender-Inverted version. JC has such a dramatic and over the top personality. he likes to be the centre of attention and therefore, makes a big deal out of everything in order to get attention. If something doesn't go his way, he throws a huge temper tantrum and acts like an entitled Spoiled Brat. He makes every little situation into something bigger than it needs to be and it is no wonder why so many of the houseguests and fans alike find JC to be extremely annoying and irritating to watch.
  • Expy:
    • Andy Herron from BB15. Like Andy, JC is very intelligent and strategic. He's got one of the strongest social games in the house and he's not a real legitimate target for anyone. Andy also played both sides of the house for the majority of the game and was friends with everyone in the house. Despite being friends with everyone and getting along with everyone, Andy was secretly stabbing them in the back and plotting their demise. JC's strategy is very similar in that he tries to be friendly to everyone but secretly plots to get rid of the people he views as a threat to him. Andy also played a rat floater game and JC appears to be playing the exact same type of game.
    • Frankie Grande from BB16. Both are the token gay male houseguests of their seasons. Both are very much an Attention Whore who love to be the centre of attention at all times and if they aren't, they are willing to act like a Drama King in order to garner attention. Both hate being a Have Not-Frankie always complained about being a Have Not because he suffered from a condition called Raynaud's Syndrome which is a condition that causes him to have very poor circulation and gets very cold easily. JC hates being a Have Not because he finds the sleeping arrangements very uncomfortable plus he hates eating slop because it doesn't agree with his system. Both of them are a Manipulative Bastard and like to manipulate and control others in the game. Both have a huge ego and think they are the most influential when it comes to game decisions and moves. Both were strongly infatuated or attracted to a straight male houseguest-Frankie was attracted to Cody, Caleb and Zach while JC is attracted to Brett, Fessy and especially Tyler. Both of them have tried to warn a close ally from getting into a showmance with a female houseguest-Frankie repeatedly warned Cody about how his relationship with Christine (who was married) was bad for his game and how their relationship would be negatively perceived by America. Frankie also repeatedly tried to warn Caleb to stop obsessing over Amber and to focus on his game because she was not interested in him whatsoever and he was wasting his time. JC has done the same thing with both Tyler and Fessy-JC has told Tyler that getting so close to Kaitlyn and being tied to her will hurt his game because she is such a wild card and a liability. He also warned Tyler to not get into a showmance with Angela because it would also ruin his game but his desire to keep Tangela apart is more based on jealousy than game. Both Frankie and JC have very similar personalities in that they are both loud, obnoxious, extroverted, and attention seeking. They are also very flirtatious and sexually deviant-they like to constantly fondle and sexually harass other houseguests whether they are male or female. Frankie and JC flirt with all the straight males in the house and he gets very touchy with them much to their discomfort. They are also playing a very similar game in that they have very strong social and strategic games. The only major difference between Frankie and JC's gameplay is that Frankie is much more of a comp beast while JC is terrible at competitions.
    • Chima Simone from BB11. Like Chima, JC blasts production constantly on the live feeds and they both think they are above the rules in the Big Brother house. JC constantly breaks rules including but not limited to eating normal food as a have not, telling an HOH not to nominate them at a veto ceremony when he was supposed to accept his nomination, sexually harassing his fellow houseguests and standing on a table despite Big Brother's orders to tell him to get off the table. Many fans noticed this comparison because they believed JC did much worse than Chima and deserved to be expelled like her but as of Week 10 JC is still in the game.
  • Face–Heel Turn: JC started out as a fairly decent yet controversial houseguest but his intense obsession and infatuation with Tyler has caused him to spur into villain territory. Since his feelings for Tyler have intensified as the game went on, JC has become increasingly mean spirited, hateful, jealous, manipulative, back stabbing, scheming and vengeful. He's resorted to doing some very crazy, irrational and underhanded actions in the name of his strong infatuation for Tyler.
  • Foregone Conclusion: JC loses the first two parts of the final HOH Competition against a final two alliance formed near the very start of the season. He has absolutely no chance of avoiding eviction from that point on. Kaycee and Tyler celebrate knowing they will definitely take each other to the end and whoever wins wins and either way both of them take home shares of $550K, a lot of money.
  • The Gadfly: JC enjoys pestering the houseguest and roughhousing, with Tyler being a special favorite. On a gameplay level, he's also this. JC deliberately cast a rogue vote against Rockstar at the fourth eviction that got Kaitlyn sent out when it should have been a unanimous decision. He did this knowing it would trigger a lot of drama in the house and he could use it to his advantage.
  • Gay Best Friend: To Tyler, Angela, Sam and Faysal. He considers all of them to be his closest friends and allies in the game, especially Tyler and Faysal, both of whom are heterosexual.
  • Gay Conservative: JC is politically conservative but self-identifies as gay. He also placed an LGBT flag on the dining table in the middle of the hall as recognition of his community and to pay respect to it.
  • Gay Guy Seeks Popular Jock: JC has openly admitted to finding Tyler, who is a lifeguard and a swimmer, very attractive. He's expressed that he wishes Tyler were bisexual or even gay at times, although he does this in joking manner. He's also very close with Faysal, who is also a popular jock as he was a football player during his college days.
  • Gayngst: JC dealt with issues coming out and chats with Kaycee about this shared problem. JC's grandmother is the one person in his family who couldn't accept him as gay when he came to terms with his orientation being different. JC tried to seriously tell her that he thought he was gay or bisexual when he first started to realize he wasn't letting gender get in the way of his feelings for others. She then asked if he was going to get a girlfriend and get married and put him on the spot at the family dinner table shortly after he told her as if to spite him or force JC to say what she wanted to hear him say.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: WHOO BOY! Is JC ever a jealous little one! He's especially green with envy where Tyler is concerned. He has wanted Haleigh, Kaitlyn and Angela out of the house all because these are the three girls who have had some kind of bond or flirtatious relationship with Tyler. In Week 8, JC openly admitted to Tyler that he was very jealous and envious of his relationship with Angela and that he wanted Tyler to stay away from Angela so they don't develop into a full blown showmance.
  • Groin Attack: JC's Mission to Planet Veto was compromised by a Vetonium strike to his galactic bulge.
  • If I Can't Have You...: JC has threatened that if Tyler doesn't have complete and undying loyalty to him throughout the game, then he would have no problem with nominating him and possibly sending him out of the house. Of course, JC could just be making threats to scare Tyler into being loyal to him, but the fact that he even said such a thing to Tyler means that he's possibly serious about wanting Tyler to be evicted instead of not having loyalty to him 100%. In Week 12, JC wins HOH and decides to nominate Tyler to get back at him for nominating him in Week 11 during Double Eviction. To add salt to injury, JC nominates Tyler next to Angela, his romantic partner and his Arch-Enemy who he's ben actively targeting for weeks.
  • Innocently Insensitive: He caused controversy when he informed Bayleigh that referring to a little person as a "Midget" is comparable to referring to her (A black person) as the N-word.
  • Irrational Hatred: Towards Angela. The two started out as friends at the start, but eventually, JC grew to have embittered and hateful feelings towards Angela. Much of JC's hatred and strong dislike towards Angela stems from Angela growing closer to Tyler and developing a relationship of a romantic nature with him. As soon as Angela became close to Tyler, JC took notice and started to target Angela hardcore. His reasons for hating Angela are nothing but pure envy and jealousy because he feels that Angela is stealing Tyler's attention and loyalty away from him. Since discovering that Tyler and Angela have been developing a romantic relationship, JC's hatred towards Angela has caused him to go to extreme lengths to get Angela out of the house, even resorting to manipulating houseguests like Brett and Fessy to target her. Angela, on the other hand, isn't aware of how much JC actively despises her and has been targeting her behind her back. JC's jealousy and hatred of Angela shines whenever he ends up trash talking Angela to the other houseguests and letting them know just how much he despises her. But JC isn't alone in his irrational feelings of dislike towards Angela. Other houseguests have a strong dislike or hatred for her such as Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, Fessy, Brett, Haleigh and Sam. Interestingly like JC, all of these houseguests dislike of Angela stems from her relationship with Tyler as nearly all those houseguests who have expressed disdain towards Angela are jealous of Angela getting Tyler's attention and loyalty instead of them.
  • Insistent Terminology: Some people think JC is a dwarf, and they are mistaken. JC is not a dwarf, because he went to the doctor and learned he is exactly 5 feet tall, and that is just enough to be considered only really short.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: In Week 8 HOH, JC competes in the famous challenge where houseguests navigate a greasy floor trying to fill a container with liquid transferred in a funnel. The challenge often includes a prize money alternative for those who believe they're not going to win or want the money more. JC struggles so much in the first few minutes of the comp that he starts filling up the $5,000 incentive before the live eviction episode even ends.
  • Love Hungry: JC has an intense crush and infatuation with Tyler and he's willing to go through all the lengths to get Tyler to showmance him despite the fact that Tyler is heterosexual and loves women. JC has even called Tyler "his house husband".
  • Love Makes You Crazy: JC has been doing some very strange things in order to have Tyler all to himself. He's plotted with other houseguests to try and break up Tyler and Angela having alone time together. JC has used Brett as a puppet so that he can get him to flirt with Angela. He follows Tyler around the house to ensure that he isn't spending alone time with Angela. He's even tried to imply that Tyler is bisexual or gay to other houseguests so that they don't attempt at flirting with him. JC is getting progressively creepier and creepier with regards to his infatuation with Tyler. He';s starting to mimic Caleb Reynolds AKA Beast Mode Cowboy and his obsession with Amber from BB16.
  • Love Makes You Evil: JC's intense infatuation and creepy obsession Tyler has slowly started make JC slowly do a Face–Heel Turn and start to veer into villain territory. In the name of his crush and love for Tyler, JC has become more and more petty, mean and villainous with time in his desperation to have Tyler all to himself. He's resorted to acting very mean and petty towards Angela and has been plotting her demise behind her back. JC clearly wants Angela out of the way because he wants to be Tyler's #1 and he feels that Angela being in the house stands in the way of that. He's become significantly more ruthless, cunning, scheming and backstabbing and has been willing to resort to some extreme strategies and methods in order to have Tyler to himself.
  • Manipulative Bastard: As soon as Fessy's showmance with Haleigh becomes a liability, he starts to control Fessy by making him jealous by claiming Scottie has feelings for Haleigh. He turned Fessy into his "big dumb puppet".
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: JC has always hated Kaitlyn and wanted her out of the house because she had a close bond and flirtatious relationship with Tyler. JC admitted to having a crush on Tyler and wants Tyler all to himself so he made it his number one goal in getting Kaitlyn out of the house so that he could rope Tyler back in. Now that Kaitlyn is gone, Tyler has gotten closer to Angela and they have began to have a bit of a flirtmance. JC os extremely jealous of Tyler and Angela's relationship and he has been targeting Angela in secret and plotting her demise behind her back. Again, JC wants Angela out of the house so that Tyler will be by his lonesome and will only have JC to depend on in the game and on a personal level.
  • Nice Hat: JC's signature is always wearing a cap on his head. He either wears it normally, or he chooses to wear it backwards. He has both a neon pink cap and a neon green cap.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: JC doesn't understand the concept of personal space or personal boundaries. Many of the houseguests have complained about JC not respecting people's space and him getting to close to them to the extent that it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Not Good with Rejection: JC clearly hates it whenever Tyler doesn't give him the attention that he wants. He hates when Tyler chooses to hang out with any of the other houseguests other than him, namely Angela. In fact, one of JC's biggest Berserk Buttons is Tyler's relationship with Angela. Every single time that Tyler spends time with Angela, he becomes a very hateful, bitter and jealous Person consumed with the need to get Angela out of the house. JC has also made it clear that if Tyler doesn't take him to the end (meaning Final 2), he's going to be very bitter and have scorned feelings towards him. Add onto the fact that he also said that if Tyler continues a relationship with Angela outside of the house and once the game is over, he's going to be out for blood.
  • Older Than They Look: He doesn't even look like he's old enough to drive!
  • Only in Florida: JC is originally from Miami, Florida. However, he's currently residing in California.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's easily the shortest houseguest being only 4'8", but extremely fit and muscular. Too bad that despite his athletic physique, he's not that much of a powerhouse competitively and he hasn't won a single competition as of yet. One would think that since JC is small and athletic that he would dominate physical and endurance competitions, but he's always one of the first few to be eliminated from them.
  • Properly Paranoid: JC is constantly getting caught up paranoia regarding Tyler and his relationship with Angela. Since Tyler has gotten progressively closer and closer with Angela in the recent weeks, JC has slowly started to deteriorate emotionally and mentally and has been on the path to losing it completely. He's constantly trying to break up Tyler and Angela whenever they spend time with each other in attempts to prevent them from getting closer to each other. JC does this out of fear that Tyler would choose Angela over him shall it come down to it. Plus, it doesn't help that JC has romantic feelings (to obsessive and crazy levels!) for Tyler and that he's very jealous and envious of Tyler flirting with Angela and being with her in any capacity. JC's paranoia regarding the showmance between Tangela is justified since Tyler would obviously chose Angela over JC since they are in the same alliance of Level Six plus, Tyler knows that since Angela is strongly disliked in the Jury, he has a much better shot at beating her in the end if he makes Final 2.
  • Sanity Slippage: OH DEAR. Come Week 7 onwards, JC is starting to lose his marbles since noticing that Tyler and Angela have gotten progressively closer since Week 6. JC started to notice that there was something of a romantic nature going on between Tyler and Angela when they started to openly save each other from the block starting Week 6 during Angela's HOH week. Angela had used the veto to take Tyler from the block and backdoored Bayleigh in his place. During a House Meeting that Haleigh called to admit she was the Hacker that put Tyler upon the block, Bayleigh and Tyler got into a huge fight which in turn caused Tyler to emotionally break down and run to Angela for emotional support and comfort. It was then that Tyler and Angela started to get closer on a personal level. JC started to take notice of this and had already dropped subtle warnings to Tyler to not get too attached to Angela for game related reasons. As time went on, JC's paranoia and jealousy over Tyler and Angela's relationship started to take precedent and became more obvious to Tyler and the rest of the houseguests. JC has repeatedly tried to separate Tyler and Angela by "cockblocking" them whenever they are in the same room or in each other's vicinity. He constantly goes to Tyler to lecture him and grill him about what is going on between Tyler and Angela much to Tyler's annoyance. JC goes to extreme lengths to keep Tyler away from Angela such as using Brett to try and flirt with Angela to annoy Tyler or planting seeds to other houseguests to target Angela so that she can be evicted. He is willing to stay up at very late hours to prevent Tyler and Angela from sleeping in the same bed. He resorts to checking at night to see if Tyler and Angela are in the same bed or if they are separately sleeping in different beds. He's so creepily obsessed with Tyler that he has resorted to watching Tyler and Angela sleep on different occasions. He's also violated Tyler's space by getting into bed with Tyler even though Tyler had told JC that he didn't want him sleeping in the same bed as him. JC really crosses the line in Week 9 when he decides to climb into Tyler's bed without his consent and then resorts to sexually harassing him by touching him, fondling him and inappropriately kissing his body (his arm pits to be exact) while he is sleeping and cannot give proper consent. JC is losing his sanity so much that he is letting Tangela's relationship make him completely unhinged on a game and personal level since JC sees Tyler as his #1 ally in the game and he has a very intense and obsessive infatuation with Tyler. JC is progressively becoming more and more obsessive and crazy with regards to his relationship and feelings for Tyler and so many of the fans have expressed an extreme concern about Tyler's safety and well being. Fans are so fed up with JC that they are calling for him to be either evicted or expelled from the game in addition to the other houseguests being extremely annoyed and irritated with him because they are done with his annoying behavior, attitude and antics. JC is definitely losing it and it's only going to get worse now that they game is starting to wind down!
  • Sissy Villain: Downplayed. JC is arguably considered to be more of a villain since his behaviour has been very controversial this season. At times, he acts very Camp Gay and effeminate in his attitude and behavior. Despite having obvious effeminate qualities especially in the way he talks and acts, he does try to give off the impression that he's Manly Gay because he loves to pump iron and he's very built and muscular. What solidifies JC being a villain is his creepy obsession and infatuation with Tyler. Since becoming more and more infatuated with Tyler, JC has started to go through a bit of a Sanity Slippage and has done so many crazy things in order to have Tyler all to himself.
  • Smarter Than You Look: On a game level, JC is excellent at floating under the radar and several veteran players think he has a good shot of winning the season. On a personal level, JC can have some very deep discussions about divisive issues and remain open-minded about them and know what the right thing to do about certain social issues is. A lot of houseguests admire this quality of his to remain unbiased even with a personal history of going through a lot of prejudice, and it surprises Brett upon review of one of their conversations that JC had some insightful things to say that weren't the typical things one would expect from an openly gay and short person who came over from Spain. In a time where homophobia, cultural sensitivity, racism, offensive commentary, and immigration are practically the most controversial and inflammatory things to talk about in America, JC has experienced all of them, but remains optimistic and able to cut through the garbage.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: JC is prone to several comical fights with Tyler, including attacking each other with toothpaste and a fight in the bedrooms (much to the chagrin and exhaustion of the person operating the "no horsing around" warning).
  • Stalker with a Crush: JC is slowly becoming one for Tyler especially where his relationship with Angela is concerned. JC constantly interrupts Tyler and Angela having conversations and one on one time with each other because of jealousy. Angela even commented that at night, JC checks on Angela in beed to make sure that Tyler is not cuddling with her sleeping with her. He does the same thing to Tyler. Creepy. Tyler, and even Angela, better learn to sleep with one eye open because JC is not playing!
  • Through Their Stomach: JC had the sneaky idea to make all the other players fat. He started cooking very tasty but very unhealthy concoctions and offering them to houseguests under the guise of generosity. He also used little things like chocolate chip and got them into a chocolate chip catching contest.
  • Token Minority: Quickly acknowledges his standing as the season's token gay/LGBT community member.
  • Twofer Token Minority: He's both gay and a little person.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His discussion with Bayleigh about what terms one should not use to describe people to avoid offending them, which wasn't meant to do any harm, but still managed to put a bad taste in a lot of mouths for invoking the word "nigga"— though JC meant it in an innocuous context. The conversation began when JC clarified he's exactly 5 feet tall and went to a doctor to confirm he is just small and tried to use examples of other unflattering remarks. Bayleigh warned him not to use that word, knowing the word itself is incendiary. The uncomfortable reaction is what set off the backlash. Inevitably, online communities took it out of context and it spiraled into an intense and feverish discussion about cultural sensitivity and caused enough noise that made TMZ reach out to former contestant Devin Shepherd, who defended JC as having done nothing wrong.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: JC and Faysal frequently argue and bitch at each other, but just as quickly find themselves joking around and having fun together.
  • Yandere: He's becoming one for Tyler due to having a very intense, creepy obsessive infatuation for him. He gets extremely jealous and possessive Tyler and wants any girl that Tyler gets close to out of the game, such as Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Angela. JC has resorted to conducting some creepy and obsessive behavior with regards to his infatuation with Tyler such as watching Tyler sleep to make sure that he isn't in bed with Angela at night, following (more like stalking) Tyler around the house to make sure he's not hanging out with Angela or other girls, or stirring the pot by getting Brett to flirt with Angela so that Angela is distracted and stays away from Tyler. Every single thing that JC is doing in the game is motivated by his obsessive lust and infatuation for Tyler and it may end up being hid downfall in the game.
  • You Say Tomato: It quickly becomes a Running Gag that JC has an unusual inflection with his Spanish regional accent, causing him to say words differently that one would expect, like "hiatus" as "yatus", "dumb ass" as "dumb bass", and "yin and yang" as "jin and jang".

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