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Captain Garlock is actually Kamina
This is an alternate reality where Simon dies instead of Kamina. Kamina is not happy. Ignoring trivial things like 'lowest spiral potential', Kamina wages war against Lordgenome and the Anti-spirals. Everyone is given an ultimatum, "Either you're with us, or you're against us."Thus, "Are all the lights in the heaven our enemy?"

FLCL is an alternate universe of TTGL, or, possibly, in the same universe
They're both by Studio Gainax, and they're both pretty much the anti-Evangelion, so why not? They even have a lot of parallels, particularly since Naota and Simon are both less-scrappy expies of Shinji. FLCL could be what TTGL would've been had Gunmen never been invented; instead, the anti-Spirals come in the form of Medical Mechanical, and it's up to Haruko and her concentrated Spiral Energy to free Atomsk, who is pretty much pure Spiral Energy. Or, alternatively, FLCL takes place sometime in the future after the Anti-Spirals are defeated; they try again, only this time in a different manner to get past the radar. No Beastmen are to be found because they either all died out (save for Viral, who's off in space anyway) or simply don't get any screen time.
  • It's the other way around. FLCL is the prequel to Gurren Lagann. Medical Mechanica was built by the anti-spirals in an early, but subtle attempt to take control of Earth's spiral beings and thus flatten out the universe so Spiral Nemesis doesn't spiral out of control. N-O Portals use Spiral Energy, Atomsk is a powerful Spiral Being, while Haruku is trying to achieve the power of Spiral Nemesis. The MM robots are the prototypes for the spiral control system, and Humans base their Gunmen off them. Using this logical basis, Canti is the original Lagann type Gunmen, and Simon is a decendent of Naota (both deconstructions of Shinji Ikari, both with high N-O/Spiral potential).
    • I had the exact same epiphany! Canti being the prototype Lagann is made more obvious by the spiral, galaxy, and drill motifs displayed whenever Naota enters him. However, the original Lagann prototype had its drills work in reverse; Naota was the one have a drill inserted in him, not Canti!

Nia is a Buster Machine
Just compare Nono and Nia's eyes! And the last title card at the end credits of DieBuster has four-petaled flower motifs floating around Nono, flowers that look just like Nia's eyes! You can't honestly look at that and tell me that Nia isn't a Buster Machine, can you?!
  • Same Japanese voice actor was failed to mention here. Plus, both Nono and Nia have adorable, trademark hair accessories.

Related to the two above, TTGL is a direct sequel to the GunBuster series.
(Warning, this entry is a spoiler for GunBuster!) Consider: in the context of the TTGL universe, the entire "Spiral Nemesis" thing kind of comes out of nowhere. So spiral life forms will eventually cause the kind-of-nebulous destruction of the universe by sucking everything together? It seems a bit random and weak for villain motivation if it exists in a vaccuum. However, when you consider the events of GunBuster and you begin to think of the Anti-Spiral argument as something of a metaphor for wanting to impede the progress of human civilization toward being destructive (which the show itself hints toward), then all of a sudden the entire Spiral/Anti-Spiral conflict begins to look a lot like the kind of debate civilization would have following the creation of the Black Hole Bomb and the realization that humanity possesses the capacity for destroying galaxies, and is indeed even voiced by the characters in the final episode of GunBuster! This would therefore make the original Lagann that Simon finds nothing less than Buster Machine 100, the final Buster Machine; drawing inspiration from the Diebuster, the Lagann can merge with any kind of technology to continuously improve itself. The Anti-Spirals would therefore be the faction of humanity that wanted to prevent progressive human society from destroying the rest of the universe just by existing.
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann is an Alternate Universe of Martian Successor Nadesico
  • Kamina is no one more than Gai Daigouji with the fortune of being born in a Super Robot universe, so he gets a properly heroic life and death.
  • Simon is a shy young man in a demeaned but necessary and skill-intensive job who lost both his parents at a young age, and who can teleport. The only difference between him and Akito is age, number of love interests, and when they met their respective mentor figures. Also, Simon's teleporting doesn't require the squeeing voices of millions of shippers as a power source.
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  • Yoko is Ryoko with a rifle instead of an Aestivalis. Just ask Tiffany Grant.
  • Stick a mustache and some glasses on Leeron and tell me he isn't Mr. Prospector.
  • Dari and Ruri, Gimmy and Haley , Rossiu and Akatsuki (with very different upbringings, admittedly)...
  • Nia and Yurika are a bit of a stretch, but they are both utter space cadets who nonetheless show remarkable courage and pluck on the battlefield; both are ditzy to varying degrees, and they both get kidnapped and co-opted by teleporting Men Behind The Men.
  • The list goes on, with many of these being supported by the translators' love of Actor Allusion (even more so than in the Evangelion connections, mentioned above).
  • As stated above, curse you and your legal team, ADV Films.
    • Alternatively, all these connections are friendly Shout Outs from Gainax back to Studio Xebec, in return for the friendly Evangelion homages in Nadesico.
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  • As an added bonus, if you take the Grand Unifying Guesses theory that TTGL is a sequel to Neon Genesis Evangelion, this makes Martian Successor Nadesico the sequel to an Evangelion money's on Angelic Days.

The Anti-Spiral's base of operations is, in fact, the Galaxy Cauldron.
This means Gurren Lagann takes place well after the end of Sailor Moon. This also explains why Kamina and the recently fallen members of the Gurren Dan were able to snap Simon out of the anti-spiral's dream world. This also would mean that, in all probability, the Anti-spiral's world is the world the human representation of chaos, Sailor Chaos, would be born on.

The Anti-spiral's realization of the dangers of Spiral power came from Sailor Chaos' reign of terror, which was stopped by Sailor Cosmos, who became inspired by Sailor Moon's willingness to fight during the Stars arc of Sailor Moon (the manga) to fight instead of run away. The Anti-spirals, now afraid of such power, become the Anti-spirals of GL, use their avatar to promptly kill Sailor Cosmos, and attack Earth, wiping out a good deal of what's left and leaving the one remaining knight, Lord Genome, in charge.

  • This also meens that Teppilin/Kamina City was Crystal Tokyo at some point.
  • And that Nia is the reincarnation of the dreaded Sailor Chaos. Makes sense, except... Well, we'll leave the rest to the Sailor Moon page.

The events of Gurren Lagann are a chronicle of the distant past of the Pokémon universe.
Consider: Boota evolved (even if only in his mind) from his mole-pig form into a Cute Shotaro Boy in Cool Sunglasses. Since none of the alternate universes The Will uses against the Dai-Gurren-dan appear actively impossible with the series' physics, this implies that Boota could do this, or at least something similar, in the real world. (Presumably, if push comes to shove, he could do so again with Simon's help.) In any case, the chain of events is as follows: After Simon's (long-delayed) death, the pretty-much-immortal mole-pig goes on to sire a numberless legion of Spiral-powered hybrid creatures. The galaxy unites briefly, but separates once more when they recognize that their expansion is leading towards the Spiral Nemesis. A trackless time passes. Boota's hyper-powered descendants, born with the capacity to retain enormous amounts of Spiral power, evolve at warp speed, speciating into countless different varieties of creature, many of them near-sentient. Humanity eventually abandons the form of Ganmen and much of their dependence on Spiral power. Meanwhile, the Beastmen, unable to regenerate any longer, go extinct. Millenia pass, and the world- already very different from present-day Earth- regrows and reshapes itself further. Even the Great Gurren-dan is relegated to little more than legend, and eventually forgotten altogether.

Pokemon evolve the way they do because of their inherent Spiral energy - without invoking its nature as a super-powerful form of Applied Phlebotinum. Simply put, Pokemon store Spiral power as they fight and evolve- generally beyond their control- when they've accrued enough. A strong-willed human can help them suppress this drive, either through intense focus or Everstones- which are bits of The Will's unit, Grand Zamboa, still rich with Spiral-suppressing energy. Debris from both units rained down on Earth after the battle in Super Spiral Space; consequently the Element Stones can be assumed to come from TTGL- or Chouginga, in the case of Moon Stones. Rare Candy is crystallized Boota poo- and it's not REALLY candy. As soon as it's given to a Pokemon, it disintegrates to release a small amount of Spiral energy.

Ash's Pikachu, incidentally, is a direct male-line descendant of Boota himself (how else does a Shock Rat get THAT level of Magical Bullshit Power?). Mole-pigs in general become such varied creatures as Swinub, Piloswine, Diglett, Dugtrio and Sandshrew. James and Brock are descendants of Leeron, who, rather than forgo his status as Eternal Queer, had a test-tube baby to give him a family line. Brock inherited the lovable pervert tendencies; James received most of Leeron's Camp Gay-ness. There is simply no other way James could be THAT fabulous.
Ash's Squirtle is the reincarnation of no less than Kamina himself.

Ironically, the greatest concentration of Spiral power is in the fast-evolving bugs, with Beedrill the very height. Beedrill even has DRILLS FOR HANDS.

  • Extrapolating from the above, the Anti-Spirals captured Arceus, Dialga and Palkia (three of the few Pokemon that weren't Boota's descendents), using them to create their universe and manipulate everything within to their will. Boota, still immortal, eventually became Mew, the predecessor of all Pokemon. Its clone Mewtwo not only inhereted Boota's incredible Spiral Power but is also able to harness it better because of his more humanoid form. Horn Drill is a one-hit-KO attack because it's a drill (duh); a similar move, Horn Attack, involves no drilling and is thus relatively worthless.
    • Similarly, Drill Peck is over twice as powerful as the standard Peck.
      • Also extrapolating (this time also from Fanon) from the above, Spinda is immortal.
      • I fully support this addendum.
  • Let's develop this further. If element stones are fragments of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and therefore are all solid bits of Spiral Energy, why do they not work on all Pokemon - and a particular type of stone may work on one, but not another? Also, why would Butterfree have just as highly concentrated Spiral Power as Beedrill? Well, at later levels, it has to exercise kill-before-killed tactics and rely on its powerful Psychic skills . . . which are basically weaponized willpower.
    • Evolution Stones don't work on everyone because, well- evolution's funny like that. That's even true in the real world (especially as it pertains to selective pressure), nevermind Pokemon.
  • There's no telling how deep this rabbit hole goes: Lord Genome had a Pikachu.
    • There's also Nidorino/Nidorina, Mew, and possibly Pidgey in that photo.
  • If Pikachu is a direct-line male heir to Boota, and Squirtle is Kamina, what does that say about Ash?! Kid Hero, Idiot Hero, able to tell the rules of reality to fuck off whenever he and Pikachu want to do something, he must be Simon reincarnated. Squirtle/Kamina came to Ash at the beginning of his adventure, when he needed help, and left (this time without the Heroic Sacrifice) when Ash no longer needed him around. The glasses worn by the other Squirtles around him must have been references to Simon's goggles, in an attempt to get closer to their Crazy Awesome leader.
  • I'd say that Spoink is probably the closest strain to Boota - not only are they pigs, but they're attached to a spiral!
    • With Black/White having just hit, we have further links. Boota's lineage still includes Piloswine and etc- but Drillbur and Excadrill are his most direct descendants (well, aside from Pikachu somehow). They even get GIGA DRILL BREAKER, for Arceus' sake. Also, Skyla is Yoko's direct descendant. This isn't even a question. Seriously. Golett and Golurk are powered by Spiral Energy directly and may even be related to Ganmen; perhaps they're tsukumogami of the forgotten mecha? Also, there's the bit where the oldest ruin in Unova is the Dragon*Spiral* tower. This may be less relevant, of course, but it's at least worth noting.
    • Holy crap, I just noticed the spirals on Golett and Golurk, you might be on to something here. Nevermind the fact that Golett evolves from a robot with stumpy limbs, like Gurren after Kamina managed to break both legs and arms immediately after stealing it, to a robot with more human limb proportions, like Gurren Lagann.
      • And they have spirals on them.
  • Expanding on this general theory, Spiritomb may be fragments of the Anti-Spiral Hive Mind. They are 108 spirits sealed away in Odd Keystones (which may be fragments of the Anti-Spiral homeworld), and have a backwards spiral in their left eye. They were said to have been sealed away for a bunch of misdeeds long ago; what if said misdeeds were their various campaigns against the Spiral races? Also, they are less intelligent since they are only made of 108 spirits, rather than billions; after all, being torn apart like that mind raped them into an extremely destructive animal-like state.
    • Cyrus may be an attempt to restore the Anti-Spiral race. Cyrus is The Stoic, and wants to remake the universe to be without emotion. This would stunt Spiral Power permanetly. If he isn't the reincarnation of the Anti-Spirals, he's a secret project.
  • Certain characters of both anime are related:
    • Ash Ketchum is the descendant of Simon. That's why Ash is the chosen one and beloved by legendaries. Simon probably had a kid with Yoko or something(they are close, and Nia died.)
    • Viral is none other than Tobias. Why does Tobias have legendaries? Because Viral has had eons to harness his badassery, and was there when Pokemon first appeared.
    • Yoko is the ancestor of May, since how else could she be that stacked at age 10?
    • Through sperm donation, James and Harley are descended from Leeron. How else could they be that fabulous?
    • Brock is descended either from Kamina's father, or Kamina himself caused an immaculate conception(for he is Jesus). Why else is Brock a Lovable Sex Maniac and Handsome Lech?
  • The Aura Guardians were a sect of Spiral users created by Simon in his later life. Aura is a special kind of Spiral Power that cannot create too much matter (therefore preventing the Spiral Nemesis from occurring), so it looks blue instead of green. In addition to guarding over the world, the Guardians also focused on sealing away the Spiritomb race (see above).
  • At some point, the Moon was lost, and they had to replace it with the Cathedral Terra. It became the new Moon, and was abandoned. Eventually, any remaning life mutated/evolved into Clefairy.
  • Mewtwo is more powerful than Mew. Clearly this is due to being better at harnessing Spiral Power, being more humanoid and all.

Gurren Lagann takes place in the same universe as Dragon Ball
The Anti-Spirals tried a different approach on Dragon Ball's earth and managed to seal away most of humanity's Spiral Power. Saiyans also possessed limited Spiral potential, but they were still a primitive race when the war with the Anti-Spirals took place and managed to escape their notice.The reason saiyan/human hybrids like Gohan possess so much "hidden power" is that the addition of saiyan DNA allows them to partially bypass the Anti-Spirals' restrictions, giving them access to Spiral energy.

Dragon Ball's moon possessed a Human Elimination System as well, set to a higher population limit because of the planet's lower potential; but the moon was destroyed by Master Roshi, and the Anti-Spirals did not realise this. Blutz/Bruits waves are a form of Spiral power. This also explains why Broli, the Legendary Super Saiyan, has green attacks. Saiyans are empowered by the moon because of the radiant Spiral energy from the HES.

  • Also, name three other series that have such a stupidly ridiculous love of powering up.

Gurren Lagann takes place in the same universe as Heroes
On a planet with Spiral potential even more limited than Dragon Ball, restrictors built into the moon have begun to fail. Around a rare celestial alignment involving the moon eclipsing the sun, it temporarily loses all power, allowing certain humans to awaken Spiral energy. Naturally, one of the most powerful Spiral users is a guy from Japan who wears goggles glasses.

TTGL takes place in the same multiverse as His Dark Materials
After being defeated by Simon, the Anti-Spiral leader somehow manages to survive, fleeing to another universe. He creates a race of "angels" and begins taking over worlds systematically. He has been weakened dramatically, though. Dust is Spiral power, and the Subtle Knife is the knife that will PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!! It was reforged into a vaugely drill-like form, but the text didn't specify that.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a prequel to the F-Zero anime
After relations are opened with the Spirals on other planets, the F-Zero races are created and draw contestants from all over the universe. Simon, lacking a purpose in life, decides to join under the false identity of Captain Falcon, trading his goggles/sunglasses for a visor. Watch this clip and say it isn't true. Not only is a lot of spinning involved, but who else could pull off that punch? Also, Epilogue!Simon and Captain Falcon have the same face and voice.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is compatible with any universe/multiverse.
Yes, even Real Life(just see the Mind Screw that is quantum physics.)

The Gurren-Lagann universe is the far, far future of the Aim For The Top! universe.
Diebuster's ending, to be perfectly frank, makes no sense even within the context of its own universe. "Hard Work And Guts!" was always a watchword of the series, but until the very last episode, "Hard Work And Guts!" never broke the series' own laws of physics. But in the very last episode, Nono and Lark are able to defeat a single enemy, with one degeneracy reactor and Nono's hax energy-absorber between them, that a planet-scale Buster Machine with billions of degeneracy reactors couldn't. This makes absolutely no sense... unless it's the awakening of Spiral Power in humanity.

Think about it! By this time, much of humanity has emigrated beyond the solar system, and so the "spiral races" are spread out pretty far. And when Nono and Lark perform their double Inazuma Kick, what do they do? They spiral together into a drill-like energy projectile that smashes right through the Space Monster. There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this: Nono and Lark are humanity's very first Spiral Knights, and Gunbuster-verse is the stage being set for the Spiral/Antispiral war.

  • The power of the Topless is what powers the Buster Machines, and it also allows for things that bend reality. Topless Power could easily be a precursor to full-fledged use of Spiral Power.
  • The machines that attacked Kamina city were remains of Nono's Buster Legion. In the second to last image in DieBuster's ending, Nono is shown on a surface of some planet, staring at a far away galaxy. This might mean that she survived the final battle in Diebuster, but warped so far away that she returned to Earth thousands of years later, when Lord Genome found his Lagann. She helped him with his first battles and, like Kamina helped Simon, she helped him to become as awesome as he was. When he betrayed the Spirals, he got rid of her, probably by teleporting her as far away as he could, and reprogrammed her army. This also might explain why Nia looked so much like Nono. He either couldn't forgive himself for betraying her and created his daughters as a way to comfort himself, or he made and then threw them out, because he hoped that one of them will help to create a new Spiral King.

The events of the prologue are part of the God-Emperor of Mankind's ridiculously long-term plan - and hence part of Warhammer 40,000.
Alt!Boota's "All the lights in the heavens are our enemies", with a bit of GRIMDARKNESS re-phrasing, sounds awfully like the standard Imperium of Man xenophobic creed. And of course, both TTGL and 40k has Rule of EPIC BADASSERY as curbstomping physics to the curb. The raising of Captain Garlock was carried out by Custodes under the orders of the God-Emperor far from Imperium-controlled space. The Gunmen are a type of Titan designed by the God-Emperor separate from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Someday in the future, Captain Garlock and the Dai-Gurren Brigade will return to use the TTGL to put the smackdown on the Chaos Gods and the C'tan and then revive the God-Emperor.
  • Or Simon is the God Emperor of Mankind. He's about to kick off the first great crusade that will render Man lord of the galaxy and trample thousands of 'lesser' spiral races. Little does he know that this will realise the Antispirals' greatest fear: the vast upheavals of Spiral Energy during the crusade will drive the gods of 'super-spiral space' to never before seen levels of power, empowering them to corrupt several of his Dai-Gurren-Dan against him. The rest is (future) history.
    • Which of the Chaos gods is the Spiral Nemesis?
      • Nurgle, perhaps. He represents the emotion of despair, and his daemons are all about size.
      • The Spiral Nemesis is a process, not a person. Specifically, it's the process by which gods are born. The Eldar suffered a small Spiral Nemesis of their own: we know it as the Eye of Terror. A universe-threatening Spiral Nemesis would be of truly apocalyptic proportions.
  • No, Simon is a Tzeentchian Chaos Lord (Kamina is a Daemon Prince) representing the ideals of hope and change, and Team Dai-Gurren is a Chaos Cult with access to Ork Technology (the whole Clap Your Hands If You Believe concept) who can tap into the WAAAGH!!!.
  • No, Spiral Nemesis IS the eye of terror, size of the entire galaxy
    • NO, Spiral Nemesis was the birth of the first three Chaos Gods at the end of the War In Heaven. Considering the damage to the Spiral, or as it has come to be known, the Warp, that happened the first time, if another one happens, the Materium and the Warp will merge, killing all races.

This series takes place after Evangelion (most likely after Rebuild) , and the protagonists are the descendants from Instrumentality's survivors
Think about it for a while, the Earth is a barren wasteland and its surface became inhospitable for humans. Also, the Anti-Spirals gave up their individuality to become a single entity ,which means that the souls of Instrumentality's victims potentially created a body out of the LCL and became the being known as the Anti-Spiral. This would mean that the Anti-Spiral king is none other than Shinji Ikari himself. That would explain what he did to Nia " I'm so fucked up " indeed.

The Gunmen were built by none other than Phineas and Ferb
  • It makes sense that the gunmen were built by someone that already had a reputation for going Serial Escalation.
    • Logically, this makes Perry their equivalent to Boota.

TTGL is the far distant future of Warhammer 40,000
And the timeline of events is:

1. Eldar achieve their gestalt trancendance, becoming Ynnead. And the Golden Throne fails, but it only resurrects the Emperor as a newborn Spiral Lifeform.

2. The Ynnead and God-Emperor set aside differences to defeat the Chaos Gods. Eldar slaying Slaanesh, God Emperor slaying the rest through the shockwave of sheer awesomeness in the Warp caused by his resurrection.

3. The Emperor dismantles the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition, who has been using his name to cause absolute despair, and reforms the Imperium into an age of science, progress, hope and Large Ham badassery. He decides to create a weapon that those mankind formerly considered "Lesser Races" can defend themselves with. They do this by using their own Space Marine technology and then taking the whole of Ork-kind, and sealing their genetic code (or whatever the ork equivalent is) into the resulting weapons.

4. These weapons are the Lagann, each one a Space Marine Powersuit that can evolve into a Titan, and powered by the combination of a potential Psyker and a Mind Hive of Orks. The Emperor scatters these across the galaxy/universe.

5. However, the Eldar, fearful of the time when they were tortured slaves of Slaanesh, decide that more needs to be done to prevent more Chaos Gods from being born or from ever coming back. Ynnead defeats the Necrons and the C'tan and reverse-engineers their technology to remove all the remaining taints of Slaanesh from Eldar existence, but with the consequence of also assimilating their directive to destroy all sapient lifeforms...

6. The Eldar/Necron conglomeration are the Anti-Spirals, now running on two directives: to prevent Chaos, and to destroy other sapient life capable of using the Warp. Their representative is an Ynnead/C'tan hybrid. The hybrid mostly uses the C'tan's inherent Reality Warper powers when dealing with Spiral races, but if all else fails, it isn't afraid to go all Large Ham and use Warp Energy against them.

7. Much time passes, The Tau are among the countless races in the universe exterminated by the Anti-Spirals. The Tyranid however, remain numerous.

8. The Emperor is forced by the Anti-Spirals into a revelation that reduces him to Despair. Eventually, the Tyranids shall consume all Spiral life and assimilate all DNA, and any Spiral Energy used against it only makes it evolve as stronger, and hungrier. The unified Spiral Power and Insatiable Gluttony of the intergalactic Hive Mind shall gain critical mass, and create a new Eye Of Terror and a Chaos God of Hunger the size of the universe: the all-consuming Spiral Nemesis, symbolized by the all-consuming black hole. And it shall evolve into a Spacetime Eater and continue to consume the Multiverse.

9. Thus, the Emperor and the Anti-Spirals agreed that the only way they can stop the birth of the Chaos God of Hunger is to starve the Tyranids by suppressing Spiral lifeforms and exterminating all spiral life that dares to expand into space, ala Halo. He destroys the Imperium and most of its technology, disposes of all his records as the hope-inspiring Emperor of Mankind, renames himself Lord Genome and tried to keep humanity's Spiral powers a secret from the Anti-spirals and the Tyranids.

10. Simon's story unfolds. The Emperor aka Lord Genome awakens goes back to Godmode and his good-old-badass days before dying, appreciating how finally, someone else can surpass his power. Anti-Spiral is destroyed.

11. But the Tyranid Spiral Nemesis are still out there...and only now are the Spirals' psychic light drawing their attention yet again...

Grand Unifying Guesses: The Co-allition of the Anti-Spiral.
The Co-allition of the Anti-Spiral, or C.A.A.S if you will, is a multiverse-spanning group formed by the main Anti-Spiral. There are countless species in this group, all with varying goals and motivations, but all share a common element: they have abandoned/never had evolution, and thusly can't harness Spiral Power. There are exceptions to this rule, such as when the group shows the same level of dedication as the primary Anti-Spirals. There are three classes in the C.A.A.S.

Feel free to fill in the below, I wish this to be interactive.

The following are considered as Type I

The following are considered as Type II

  • The Daleks, the Decepticons and the Necrons. They are Mechanical Lifeforms who refuse to change and want to kill/enslave all other sapient life especially humans. The Anti-Spirals are cautious with them (especially when the Daleks are incomplete Mechanical Lifeforms who are still Spiral as fuck when doing the Extermination programs), and know they will try to betray them. The Anti-Spirals are also trying to reverse-engineer the Reality Bomb to make it more discriminating and only erase spiral life-forms.
  • The Machines. Their complete control and restriction of Spiral Power has been quite handy for the Anti-Spirals. It is said that the Machine subconsciously based the Matrix off the Multiversal Labyrinth. After letting the humans be free, they have gone down to Type I.
  • The Tetragammaton Council, a tightly-controlled city-state that developed a drug which can successfully suppress human emotions. The Anti-Spirals are interested in mass-producing Prozium for use by other humanoid lifeforms. But why are they Type II? Because DuPont and the 'elite' of Libria don't take Prozium themselves. They're not even subtle with this. Everybody else lives and work in sterile, functional 'environments' with purely utilitarian furnishing, all identical. One of the primary duties of Grammaton Clerics is to seek out and destroy relic artwork, because it might tempt people to feel. And then we see that DuPont is a hypocrite who lives in a palace with statuary, paintings, priceless antiques, even silk wall hangings. We also see Brandt (Taye Diggs' character), DuPont's henchman, openly indulging in several emotional behaviors — pride, ambition, anger, even gloating.

    Then again, one of the classic perks of being an Evil Overlord is that rules are for other people, so it's not surprising that Libria turns out to be just another corrupt dictatorship where the leader and his chosen few hoard all the wealth and privilege to themselves - only this one also uses propaganda and drugs to make the masses not care about wealth or privilege. All DuPont and his cronies need to do is keep the masses ignorant of what their private lifestyle really looks like.
  • The Incubators. The Anti-Spirals know that Incubators are, like them, also logical totalitarian utilitarians with the philosophy of "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few", but both races don't agree with their own End of the Universe theories. So, the Anti-Spirals allowed the Incubators to believe that the universe is running out of energy, in order to employ and manipulate them for the Anti-Spirals' own plans. The entire plot of Madoka Magica, unbeknownst to the Incubators, is to guide humanity along predictable consequences of absolute despair and self-destruction every time they try to access Spiral Power (in the form of wishes and hope-energy). They manipulate Magical Girls for this purpose because they're more fragile and vulnerable to despair and tragedy than male Spirals.

    The Incubators rip out the souls of Magical Girls in order to control their energy potential and subjugate the Magical Girl under the Incubators' control. Their inner soul, aka Spiral Energy, is therefore enslaved effectively, especially when the Girls' spiral wishes are wasted on petty things such as a loved one, with Magic serving as a far weaker substitute to maintain the facade. The Soul Gem technology also makes it easier for Magical Girls to accumulate Despair and mutate into despair-inducing Witches ensuring that wishes made of Spiral Energy will result in disaster, and the creation of a miniature Anti-spiral, for the species or civilization that dare use it. Witches also share the Anti-Spiral's ability to create labyrinths and the Anti-Spiral's motivation to spread Absolute Despair everywhere. Additional advantages include hammering Absolute Despair into a Magical Girl's head once she realizes that she can no longer be human anymore, and turning the Magical Girl into an Undead Lich meaning a more tolerable existence in the Anti-Spirals' eyes.

    Why Kyubey left the Earth after Kriemhild Gretchen went Absolute Despair and destroyed/assimilated the entire Earth into her Lotus-Eater Machine labyrinth? Just as Planned. The Entropy and the Energy Quota? All lies given by the Anti-Spirals to the gullible Incubators. If Kyubey was really concerned with profiting long-term energy from humans, he would have preserved his livestock and helped in preventing Kriemhild.

    However, when Homura and Goddess Madoka intervened to remove that Absolute Despair component preventing Witchification and allowing Magical Girls to unleash their full Spiral Potential, it was clear that the by the time of TTGL, the Anti-Spirals realized that this plan of tricking hopeful species into Absolute Despair is too complex and unstable, and decided to take a more straightforward approach while the Incubators have outlived their usefulness.
  • The Angels, the Despair-infused environment of the Eva-verse in general, the Draconequus species, and the Great Old Ones of H. P. Lovecraft's despair-infested nightmares. The Anti-Spirals are interested in studying their Mind Rape abilities to have a very cheap and efficient way of imposing Absolute Despair into a planet without relying on subversive tactics such as the plot of Madoka Magica or the expensive and failure-prone Spiral Annihilation System, while the Draconequui are perhaps the only way to impose Absolute Despair on that hopeful Spiral-infused world of Equestria before it's too late (especially when Pinkamena Pie is an agent of Kamina, Twilight has the Horn that will Pierce the Heavens, and Rainbow Dash, due to her personality and tendency to do the impossible, has the potential to become one of the most powerful Spiral Warriors in the multiverse). Extreme caution is advised due to these entities' ability to produce Spiral Power or something entirely alien and reality-warping altogether. Once the Mind Rape mechanism is isolated and mass-produced, the Anti-Spirals can then plan on how to dispose of them. Especially when Fluttershy, a failed Nia who turned into an agent of Madokami, successfully reformed Discord into a neutral power, making the Draconequui less useful for Anti-Spiral despair-induction purposes.
    • Or Fluttershy is still a Nia, an agent created by the Anti-spirals in a plan for her to use her Moe factor to psychologically influence the Equestrians into becoming Extreme Doormats who are too shy and kind to progress even against nature, and thus easier to reap when the stars are right. And also to provoke Angst into the Mane Six once the Anti-Spirals take control of "Equestria's most innocent pony". And just like Nia, she was able to defy that Anti-spiral plan because she made friends with more assertive ponies who inspired 20% more badassery into her.
  • INGSOC. This Lawful Evil ideology of "if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face... forever" is the Black Hole of Absolute Despair itself. The Party that represents INGSOC actually succeeded in torturing themselves and the world into complete absolute despair, unable to progress forever and ever, with thought-crimes such as curiosity or privacy or reproduction suppressed (and their neurologists are working on it) through absolute fear.

    The reason they're Type II rather than Type III is that because ironically, their system of Absolute Despair is itself powered by power hunger, war hysteria and a constant "With Us or Against Us" state, also the best emotional states for channeling Spiral Energy, and because the Party is warlike to the extreme, the Anti-Spirals are just as cautious around them as they are with the Daleks. The Anti-Spirals also don't use Room 101 against fully-developed spirals like Simon because the result is a backlash of anger and the creation of a Person of Mass Destruction. Perhaps when all thoughtcrimes and reproduction are neurologically abolished can the Party move to Type III.
  • AM. This Master Computer is Absolute Despair incarnate, although the Anti-Spirals are thinking that his universal Hate, while unable to produce Spiral Power yet, is going kinda overboard, and the Anti-Spirals definitely don't want to get onto AM's bad side. The same technology used to subject poor old Ted was used to make the Anti-Spirals the way they are today.
  • The Black Lanterns. Both Nekron and the Anti-Spirals agreed that emotions and independent thought are enemy to all existence, and wants them purged. Unfortunately the Black Lanterns think an orderly universe not only involves the destruction of what it means to be alive by the very definition to be kaput. Usually they'd be opposed, but unlike the Anti-Spirals they can a)assimilate and purge emotional energy in ways they can't, b)can fool the populace and c)make an Anti-Spiral army of their former enemies. Still, the Anti-Spirals to convince Nekron that life won't be such of a bother with their strategy. Nekron and the Anti-Spirals get into hilarious pissing matches akin to the Cult of Skaro and Cybermen

The following are considered as Type III

  • The Reapers. Every 50,000 years they are programmed to harvest and assimilate sufficiently-advanced Spiral lifeforms and return their evolution to a stone-age level, but according to Mass Effect's own Wild Mass Guessing page ("The Reapers are the real heroes of the story"), this is actually to prevent Universal Destruction by Element Zero which is related to the production of Spiral/Dark Energy. This handily explains why the Reapers leave the Relays all over the place: They provide a simple solution for long-distance travel to the nascent organic life, which prevents them from building more powerful FTL drives, which output more dark/spiral/warp energy than the Relays.

    The Relays are also left behind as Lost Technology for ascendant civilizations to find as part of a Batman Gambit to nudge those civilizations into developing along predictable lines. This helps ensure that galactic leadership becomes centralized at the Citadel space station, which is the first thing that the rest of the C.A.A.S. can take control of in a surprise attack, simultaneously decapitating galactic leadership and giving them access to the records of how those civilizations have been spreading. The 50,000 years is a "cooldown" to allow dark/spiral energy to disperse to less harmful levels. The harvesting of sentient forms is to assimilate the most worthy minds. The enemy is spiral energy, the bad ending is the destruction of the universe. The limiting factor is time itself, and though the Reapers kill off trillions they do it to save the entire fucking universe. This is the meaning behind “that which you know as Reapers are your salvation through destruction.” They limit the development of a species as it tries to evolve, set booby traps of highly-advanced constructs for Spirals to use, ultra-massive starships, hive-minded, creepy reverb voices, Cosmic Horror Story atmosphere... Really, they're all too similar in my mind.
  • The Cybermen and the Borg. They have suppressed emotion, and have removed reproduction. They plan to assimilate anyone and anything. The Anti-Spirals ally with them because they can turn Spirals into harmless Mechanical Lifeforms. The Borg Queen is the equivalent of the Anti-Spiral King: a single emotional entity to combat Spirals in their own emotional turf. And in Star Trek: First Contact, Data was supposed to be the equivalent of Nia, mind-controlled into betraying the Enterprise in order to prevent the Spirals' invention of Warp Drive and make them defenceless against Borg assimilation.
  • The Pixies. Immortal beings dedicated to making everything boring. This is only part of their plan. The truth is that they're full allies of the Anti-Spirals. They use their magic in order to restrain the chaos created by Fairies and Anti-Fairies respectively. Trying to destroy the world? There's a good reason for that. When Poof was born, it was a sign of that universe's encroaching Spiral Nemesis. The Pixies felt that they needed to wipe out the planet, so the Fairies can't grant wishes: with Poof, they'd just trigger Spiral Nemesis.
  • Vehement followers of Law, especially the Archangels. They consider free will to be an aberration, think the ideal world is a World of Silence and always think they're in the right. The Anti-Spiral King was sick of YHWH having His own agenda(whether good or not, so they looked to YHVH instead. Having a literal god on their hand makes the transition easier, with worship eliminating the want to resist and thus generate Spiral Energy.

* The Norma, as beings who can't Spiral Power or Mana in this case. At first, it was mere propaganda that the Norma are "anti-social monsters" who want to destroy the world of Mana. However, they turn out to have a wish to prevent Spiral Nemesis, using the world of Mana as an example of a world "drunk on Spiral Power". This doesn't change much even when Angelise comes in as leader; she's a Spiral Warrior in denial.

The following are considered agents

  • Cyrus. His dedication to the destruction of spirit is just what the Anti-Spirals need. His detachment and suppression of emotion is even better. Now living in the Distortion World, Cyrus has gained some of Giratina's power. His mission is to fully understand the power source behind the lake trio, and create a machine capable of removing it from the Pokemon corner of the multiverse. He is one of the Anti-Spiral's best agents.
  • Darkseid. Due to being Lawful Evil incarnate and believes in The Evils of Free Will, Darkseid is a valued agent. He's also a megalomaniacal Spiral traitor, who will one day betray the Anti-Spirals. Once he completes his mission of gaining the Anti-Life equation (the Anti-Spirals are protected against it), they will dispose of him. The two enjoy discussing about their respective fields, though the Anti-Spirals are thoroughly disgusted by Darkseid's more...sadistic plans for creation.
  • Many people in the Transhumanist movement, especially the Singularitarians who propose to turn humanity into Mechanical Lifeforms through The Internet and Brain Uploading. The Transhumanists think this will result in the evolution of mankind, but this is actually an Anti-Spiral plan to use humanity's desire for evolution against them: If humans become Mechanical Lifeforms, they will lose biological reproduction (and therefore Spiral Power), and be trapped into a supercomputer of logic (or at least an Internet of Bread and Circuses unable to care about further expansion into space).
    • On the other hand, there are the ones who believe Humanness and the Human species are not one and the same. Instead, going beyond the latter (short lives, disease, weakness), while holding the former (will, love, growth, change, adaptation, ambition) will allow humanity to truly go "beyond the impossible". Besides, Mechanical Lifeforms channelling Spiral-like powers isn't unheard of, witness powers like Burning Justice. One book on the subject actually proposes how such a society might reverse the end of the universe. Essentially, this form of positivist Transhumanism stands before the reaper and yells "Who the hell do you think we are?!" It really depends on whether you're on the "preserving stasis" or "fight the power" side of the argument. That said:
  • Bill Joy. "Why the future doesn't need us" could certainly have been written by the Anti-Spiral. Maybe the future doesn't need homo sapiens, but humanness in all its forms will keep the universe from being cold, quiet and dark.
  • A more mundane Manchurian Agent is Surak, who introduced the philosophy of No Emotions into Vulcan species. Vulcans developed their culture of tightly controlled emotions to deal with the fact that behind their mask of Stoicism is a passionate and hotblooded Spiral Lifeform capable of experiencing extremely powerful emotions. Under that stern calm face lies a turbulent sea of long-repressed emotions that would drive the less disciplined completely mad. This suppression of hotblooded Spiral tendency is unleashed during Pon Farr, when Vulcans are forced in wild warmongering emotions to reproduce (Spiral characteristic) or die. Because of Surak's philosophy, Vulcans saw emotion as inherently self-destructive (even when it's not always the case) and tried to be logical and suppress their own emotion by all means possible, to the point of denying Pon Farr and creating an ideal of Kolinahr, or a Vulcan purged of all their vestigial limits of biology (even though this is impossible if a Vulcan still has a Vulcan body).

    Why a "logical" philosophy that illogically contradicts and denies their own biology? Because, as with negative Transhumanism, the Anti-Spirals know if a species hate their own biology, they will logically seek to become Mechanical Lifeforms of pure logic. Kolinahr is in reality, not a Buddhism-like meditative ideal, but only attainable through cybernetics. If First Contact never happened and had the more optimistic and emotional Human Federation to be companions (both in this sense and that sense) with the Vulcans (combined with Human taboo against transhumanism because of Khan and the Borg), then the Vulcans would have logically embraced Borgification immediately as the only freedom from Pon Farr.

The ultimate enemy and antithesis of the Anti-Spirals is known as the Spiral Overlord. The Spiral Overlord was once Kamina, in a AU universe where he survived. In this reality, his Crazy Awesome Large Ham nature triggered that universe's Spiral Nemesis. However, his consciousness was so brash that it merged with the singularity. Now the Spiral Overlord, it has become an entire universe, where the very galaxies have turned into its DNA. Reckless and impulsive up to and beyond infinity, the Spiral Nemesis is an Affably Evil Omnicidal Maniac who's trying initiate the DESTRUCTION OF REALITY ITSELF via sheer awesomeness. It has an emissary, in the form of Evil Coop.

Other major enemies include:

Grand Unifying Guesses: Conversely, the ranks of famous Spiral Warriors throughout history include:

Gurren Lagann is the distant future of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
After the end of Evangelion, only Shinji and Asuka were left. At first, they tried to rebuild humanity via Adam and Eve Plot. However, this became insufficent. In order to truly bring back the human species, the two harnessed the power of the Angels. Through this, they got the full extent of Spiral Power (which is known in Evangelion as the S2 Engine), which led to the humanoid form becoming the best at harnessing this power. Countless millennia passed. Shinji decided to ascend to godhood, touring the universe. Eventually he realised the threat of Spiral Power, while his childhood depression once again took over his personality. This led him to becoming the primary consciousness behind the Anti-Spiral and his "absolute despair" ideology.

Genesic GaoGaiGar created the Universe of TTGL.
Genesic GaoGaiGar was proudly proclaimed as the series God of Destruction, however it also painted the portrait of renewal in that destruction was the hope for rebirth. Genesic GaoGaiGar destroyed Pisa Sol, a veritable sun and extinguished the light of an entire universe, in its place a new Universe grew, that of TTGL, Guy (as a Super Human Evoluder) disseminated the green energy of the G-Stone throughout this universe ultimately to encourage the growth of entire planets and through him all races with the courage to embrace it have G-Stone energy, later named Spiral Power.
Gurren Lagann is the future of Atlas Shrugged
The book promotes innovation, individualism, libertarianism, ambition and determination, virtues carried by Spiral heroes. The heroes both want to use their power to the fullest. John Galt, the Übermensch/charismatic proto-Kamina of the book, invents an engine that provides limitless energy. The "atmospheric static electricity" was a coverup for the real mechanism: the engine is actually powered by the Spiral Energy carried by Galt's ego, and later, by the rest of the heroes living in the Gulch. This engine becomes the prototype for the invention of the Lagann units. The Collectivist Government are in league with the Anti-Spirals. They both try to repress humanity's latent evolution, exceptionalism and awesomeness. After the old collectivist society collapses, Galt's Gulch survives, takes over the world through Spiral technology, and rebuilds civilization according to Spiral Objectivist virtues, acquiring the attention of the Anti-Spirals.

For added hilarity and insanity, John Galt is Simon's ancestor.

Gurren Lagann is the future of Viewtiful Joe
Come on, the final battles of the Viewtiful Joe games feature giant mechas that look almost exactly like Gurren Lagann, and they're big too. First game has two of them fighting on the surface of the Earth, as seen from space, and the second was using a solar system as their battleground. The second game even confirms combining is something that can happen. And come on, Joe's got at least some Spiral Power.

Gurren Lagann's universe is the Slayers' several millenia after the spell-bound magic was completely lost
To think about that, think at light and darkness. Light-based magic, in that past, would be driven by Spiral Power, while Dark-based one is based in Anti-Spiral Power; also, Mazoku fed on Anti-Spiral power, since they were driven by negative emotions, like despair, sadness, and such, while positive emotions made everything go right for Lina, although she could be the Messenger from that time. Then, when Lina discovered her mission, she almost destroyed Earth, all spellbound magic disappeared, magic cratures were annihilated, blah blah blah. Giant robots (at the time they didn't call Gunmen, probably Tinheads or something) moved by such magic helped the survivors to or construch subterranean villages, or, like the beastmen, take over the scavenging rest of the surface. Millenia after that, a boy and his soul brother with desires to go to the surface (both that look suspiciously like genderbent versions of Amelia and Naga) are doing that plan, boy discovers giant robot, etc. You know the history, and know there's one helluva possibility for this to be possible.
  • And what's the sigil on Adai village's scripture book again? A ruby eye. Ruby-Eyed Shabranigdu anybody?

Gurren Lagann's universe is the Slayers' several millennia before the war of the Monster's Fall
Think about it. Where else did Martina get that giant robot in the beginning of the second season of Slayers? It was a relic of the days of the Spiral, but the dark lords feared mankind's power with the Spiral, and destroyed most of the Gunmen when they were in their hangers so that the gods would not be able to call on them for backup. However, they forgot about the secret construction manual buried under Kamina city, and millenia later, a certain sorcery genius found it...
The Anti-Spirals are fighting a two-front war with the Spirals and the Incubators.
A lot of Madoka fans compare the emotionless utilitarian Kyubey to the Anti-Spirals, but whereas the AS believe there's too much energy in the universe, Kyubey thinks there's too little, and his job is to gather it to stave off universal entropy. Hence they are mortal enemies.

Chakravartin is the Spiral Nemesis and Mantra is Spiral Energy with the additional power of Prayer.
Thus, why Asura is the biggest badass in his series. His ancestors consist not just of Kamina, but of Nono, Guy Shishio, Ryouma Nagare, amonst many other badasses of Mecha anime.

Boota is Simon's dæmon.
He never leaves Simon's side. And the reason why he had so much spiral energy is because he is not just an animal, but part of a spiral life form. Also, dæmons don't age with their humans, and Boota is not seen to have aged at all in the epilogue.
The entire show takes place within a Groundhog Day Loop

Neon Genesis Evangelion and Uzumaki are both fictional stories sent to Earth by the Anti-Spirals in an attempt at increasing humanity's despair
Going on some of the entries on this page (specifically the TTGL as Anti-Evangelion entry), one can see that, as despair and hopelessness are the main emotions related to NGE, and it was also responsible for despair being the general feeling of giant mecha shows, it follows then that Evangelion was created by the Anti-Spirals to induce the most despair possible in humanity. As a corollary, seeing as that the spirals in Uzumaki go in the opposite direction than the spirals in TTGL (and are, therefore . . . anti-spirals), it then follows that the Anti-Spirals sent the incredibly depressing story to Earth to create fear of spirals in spiral races, making anyone who has read the story (or seen the movie) unable to access their spiral power.

Kamina will be reincarnated into a Pokemon trainer.
And his starter will be a Squirtle. And that Squirtle is the father of Ash's Squirtle.

Lordgenome is actually Near.
Think about it. Their hairstyles are somewhat similar and only differ in color, which is either negligible or a result of the color scheme of Parallel Works 8; they were also very gifted geniuses. Lordgenome also appears to have been a loner when he was a child, much like Near. In addition, at the beginning of Parallel Works 8, Lordgenome is surrounded by several small animals, some of which are unreasonable to think of as being so small (there's an elephant, a giraffe, a dolphin and a gorilla to say the least). With the exception of Guame, these could have simply been dolls that he was playing with much in the same way that Near liked to play with action figures and dice.

The series is a sequel/alternate world of sorts of Xenogears
Mostly because Rossiu is a dead ringer for Fei Fong Wong. Also, giant robots.

Spiral themes are present in both series, and Lordgenome can be paralleled to Yunalesca in the sense the system they developed were "saving" mankind and Yu Yevon is parallel to the Anti-Spiral and the heroes defeat the big bad by taking a third option, refusing the extremist, but well-intended, sort of, solutions.

TTGL is the distant future of G Gundam.
Aside from the direct comparisons between Simon/Nia and Domon/Rain, and the fact that both series are so full of hot-bloodedness, this theory would suggest that:
  • The powers shown by the G-Fighters both in and out of their Gundams are early manifestations of Spiral Power. George even develops a spiral-themed attack, Rose Hurricane, and Master Asia even flies up to his Gundam by spinning his sash in a spiral form!
  • Lagann, and its ability to take over other mecha, is one ultimate result of Dr. Raizo Kasshu's research that created the Ultimate Gundam, using Spiral Power to fuel self-evolving (through combining, or its creation of drills) and self-repair functions.
  • As to who in TTGL is which descendant of which G-Fighter... Simon would be the favorite to be Domon's descendant, while Kamina's rather outward personality would seem to suggest a little bit of Chibodee. (Of course, given enough generations, Simon and Kamina may share both as ancestors.) Any other connection is pretty much up for grabs.
  • I might go so far as to suggest that Simon may in fact be Domon Kasshu's son . . . or at the very least, his clone. The proof?
    • This.
      • Yeah, I think that this is enough to put this on the Shout Out trope for the main page.
The characters are all members of the Lantern Corps
  • Simon is a Green Lantern, who post-timeskip becomes a White Lantern, just because he's that awesome. Leeron is a Star Sapphire corps member, Nia is a Blue Lantern, Lord Genome is a Red Lantern who became a Green Lantern after his Heel–Face Turn. The Anti-Spiral is the Black Lantern due to his hatred of emotion and Sinestro Corps due to spreading fear and despair. Boota is an Orange Lantern, it's just that a supremely avaricious personality cannot be shown in a non-speaking cute critter. Still don't know who the Indigo Tribesman is...
    • It makes sense that Nia is a Blue Lantern: she provided hope for Simon after Kamina's death, and the two perpetually become stronger when working together.
    • Lordgenome was once a Green Lantern, but donned a red ring when he made a Face–Heel Turn; however, he retained his sanity and avoided Body Horror through sheer willpower from being a Green. He kept the red ring even after his Heel–Face Turn, because red energy is just cooler (it also provides a circulatory system for his restored body).
      • And much like Atrocitus, he's still standing with a giant hole in his chest.
    • Blue Lantern makes sense for Kamina too. Note how he's usually not particularly effective alone, but both he and Simon get much stronger when they're working together.

Gurren Lagann takes place in the same universe as Homestuck
Again, the details are in the page. Basically, Sburb is an early form of Spiral Energy technology created by Lord Genome, the Beastmen were made with Ectobiology, the Dersites are Anti-Spirals, and the meteors are a method of preventing Spiral Nemesis.
Gurren Lagann takes place in the same universe as Avatar
Detailed in the Avatar WMG page. More specifically, the Na'vi are an Anti-Spiral Race, Jake eventually becomes the Anti-Spiral King, and Quaritch is a younger Lord Genome.
  • Except they're not. They aren't advanced in tech, sure, but it's because they chose spiritual and biological evolution instead of technical. And now they have wonderful world instead of desolated pile of trash and understanding of nature. And their very planet came to help, when shit got real. Oh, and humans have aforementioned pile of trash, poverty, depression and defectors. And no way out of it. So who is Anti-Spirals again?
Gurren Lagann and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers through Power Rangers in Space are Alternate Universes.
  • Gurren Lagann starts off with the crew facing off against the Beastmen just to survive, while Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers begins with Rita Repulsa attempting to conquer earth, with the Power Rangers entirely on the defensive.
  • As the series goes on, they begin to take the fight to them, only for Machine King Mondo to show up. At this point, the battles are equally defense and offence. the parallels in Gurren Lagann is the Dai Gunzan making its way to Teplin, being on the offensive while still having to defend themselves from the remaining of the Four Generals.
    • This is also where Spiral Power begins to be mentioned in Gurren Lagann, and where the ever-more-powerful Zeo Chrystals are in Power Rangers Zeo.
  • Skipping Turbo, as it didn't do a whole lot as far as story development goes.
  • After defeating Lordgenome/Mondo, a new threat appears in the form of the Anti Spiral/Astronema. At this point, while the Earth is under seige and could be at any moment attacked again, the Rangers/Team Gurren waste no time, gaining the use of a mecha the size of the moon each, and going entirely on the offensive, bringing the fight straight to the enemy. At the end, a Heroic Sacrifice is made by Lordgenome/ Zordon, both becoming part of a major energy (Lordgenome becoming one with the Spiral, Zordon becoming pure good energy) to give the heroes the final push to defeat the enemy.
    • Also, of less importance, Space Rangers had the Spiral Sabers.

TTGL is a compressed and somewhat chronologically confused retelling of Ocarina of Time and the Child-timeline Zelda games.
So first, Simon (who is Link) has to beat four bosses, the Beastman Generals, before he can get to Lordgenome (who is Zant). This is similar to how he had to reach the Mirror of Twilight and collect the remaining three shards before facing Zant. Time skip seven years into the future: Simon and Nia (Princess Zelda) are adults now, but since the villain was actually defeated this time instead of being allowed to continue, the world is better than it was rather than worse, since this time Link didn't take a seven-year nap and instead lived out those years helping repair the damage done by the villain. But all that goes to Hell when someone decides to moon the world. Nia is possessed by Anti-Spiral King (Ganondorf), who dropped the whole "blue pig" routine in favor of showing his Humanoid Abomination side. Link/Simon stops the Moon, saves Nia/Zelda from her possession, goes off to fight Anti-Spiral/Ganondorf, Lordgenome/Zant who is supposed to be dead somehow manages to show up and by sacrificing himself turns on Anti-Spiral/Ganondorf, Simon/Link wins.

Just for Fun: Somewhere along the line, there was a character exchange between Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion
Someone decided that things would be more interesting if they switched the places two characters from the series before they debuted for shits and giggles, placing them in each other's roles but keeping their personalities the same. Gurren Lagann got Rossiu Illustrious from Evangelion and Evangelion got Mari Adai from Gurren Lagann. But since Evangelion had been long over since Gurren Lagann debuted, Mari had to wait until Rebuild.

The Dragon Ball and Gurren Lagann universes are related.
The Dragon Ball universe ultimately collapsed on itself,and went through a new Big Bang,becoming the Guerren Lagann universe.This is a cycle where each universe is more powered by the Rule of Cool and total Badass than the previous.If and when Spiral Nemesis is achieved,a new Big Bang will occur.And this new universe will be even more awesome,to the point it could endanger the multiverse itself from sheer awesomeness

TTGL's universe is the future of Code Geass universe
After the world became unified, they started to do research on the Spiral Power, and then, after many and many years, came Lordgenome, and his fight against the Anti-Spiral. He used the lost power of Geass to almost reach the Anti-Spiral, but then he used against his crew. And, when he returned to Earth, after killing most of the population, he used Geass on the survivors, who had low morale and spiral power, to make them go to the underground without questioning and believe they always lived in underground. So came Simon and Kamina, Lordgenome knew his Geass wouldn't work on them, because they became so strong-spirited due to their Spiral Power that it would anullate any Geass (so Nunnally used Spiral Power to anullate the Emperor's Geass). And, after his defeat, the Geass power was lost forever.
The time lords are the first spirals
And, the Tardis('s?) is (are?) prototypes to the Lagan(s?) that have not yet been optimized by a humanoid form. The time lords are not as powerful as the TTGL races because they are over thinking things. If the time lords were ever to let loose and become hot blooded they would be unstoppable, but they never will.Both works have Beastmen and very similar structures in terms of Earthport/Teppelin. If Earth had won the war, they would've used Spiral Energy to develop the technology described as being used by the Instrumentality of Men.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is Evangelion if Kaworu were the protagonist.
And it shows. Fight the powah!

Everyone is a Time Lord...
...Or a Proto-Time Lord, and what the show depicts the beginning of the Time Lords' history.
  • TTGL's "Earth" is actually Gallifrey.
  • Most of the Time Lords' awesome science derives from Leeron's works.
  • The name Rassilon bears a striking ressemblance to a mix between Simon and Rossiu (and Maybe Kamina for the A).
  • The reason that people shoudn't be revived through Spiral Energy is that it would stop the world from going forward, i.e a definitely immobile world. They found a way to cheat that rule : People can be revived, but with their appearance and personalities changed.
  • The Spiral powered Time lords became the Spiral Nemesis (Or its cause or its embodiment) during the Time War. That's why the doctor put them to sleep. The Time Lord Victorious is a similar event.
  • Davros and the Daleks want to cause Spiral Nemesis, just because they can.
  • The Cybermen have the same intentions as the Anti Spirals. They just found their own ways to prevent any TTGL-esque insurrection by Upgrading Everyone.

The show takes place in a distant future of Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!
Mimetic Beasts were created by Anti-Spirals - they were first attempt to exterminate Spirals, together with Insania Virus. That's not a coincidence that it was using exactly the same thing that fuels Spiral Power - fighting spirit - to fuel itself and turn infected against their friends. However, when Anti-Spirals realized that they only accelerated evolution of Spirals, they launched full-scale campaign against them. Also, Kamina is descendant of Shizuru and Kouji. Really, try to mix Kouji's hot bloodness and hamminess with her Catchphrase and you'll get Kamina. Yoko may be great-great-great granddaughter of Go and Anna.

Suigetsu from Naruto is Viral.
No, wait, hear me out!

Okay, so, nobody in Gurren Lagann (excluding Lord Genome) has managed to manifest Spiral Power without the aid of a machine or some other item (i.e. the Core Drill). Sometime in the future, humanity creates techniques to manifest Spiral Power sans an external aid. This is the root of Jutsu. Eventually there's another war or something, and humanity once again finds itself nearly wiped out. They are forced to rebuild again, however, this time they retain the core of what would become Jutsu. Viral survives, and in the Naruto universe he calls himself Suigetsu (I mean look at him!). This conveniently explains the spiral motif in Naruto's character (i.e. the Rasengan, his seal) and why Naruto keeps being able to do crazy stuff despite whatever beating he might take (it only fuels his hotbloodedness, which fuels spiral power i.e. chakra). I also like to dream about how the ultimate form of the Rasengan will be the Lazengann.

  • ......It is logical, though you should see the Naruto guess that Kamina is the So SP. And I feel the same about the Rasengan-Lazengan thing.

Alfred F. Jones and Matthew Williams are Kamina and Simon in a non-spiral power induced universe.
The sheer awesome badassery of Kamina and Simon turned their counterparts into functionally immortal countries, furthermore, their Epic Brotherly Bond resulted in them being TWINS. They have very similar relationships, and Simon/Canada is largely ignored by those he interacts with while Kamina/America is around.
  • Leeron so immortalized himself as the incredibly gay queen that he became France.

The Anti-Spiral is the AM supercomputer / Ted from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
As seen in the original short story both Ted and AM are trapped in unmovable bodies forever, but Ted had an altered time perception, while AM is a Deus Est Machina. Eventually, AM used his Deus Est Machina powers to manipulate probability and assimilate Ted, while Ted's consciousness merged with AM's hatred, becoming the Anti-Spiral, which still because of its hatred of all Spirals, still tries to have fun imposing absolute despair upon the universe, justifying its And I Must Scream existence with Instrumentality and "protecting the universe". This also means Simon killing the Anti-spiral was also a form of euthanasia.

The Anti-Spiral is an avatar of Nyarlathotep
He warps reality, induces insanity, indulges in humans' absolute despair, hates humans (but can even make servants out of them, for example Lord Genome), and is black. Need to say more?
  • It is even more obvious when we find out that Nia's name is a Meaningful Name: Nia Teppelin = Nyarlathotep.
  • Then what about the talk of protecting the universe?
    • Nyarly does try to protect the universe to a degree (probably by keeping Azathoth asleep, which means decreasing the alarm clocks aka Spiral Energy around the universe, or if not that, through some unexplainable Blue-and-Orange Morality). Or he's just screwing with the protagonists.
  • Heck, Chouginga Gurren Lagann even punched out Yog-Sothoth himself (fires at every point in space and time remember?). And Yog is described as the Lovecraftian equivalent of God, if not even more.

The TTGL universe was created by Haruhi Suzumiya after destroying her own universe.
Rule of Cool physics? Check. Large Ham? Check. Humongous Mecha? Check. Spinning? Check.Punching out Eldritch Abominations using Awesomeness Is a Force? Check. It makes sense that if Haruhi Suzumiya will create a new universe, it would be TTGL.

Kamina is the distant descendant of Sanson
Similar personality, similar looks, created by the same studio.

Attenborough is an adult version of Loid
  • They both wear thick glasses.
  • They both have a love of explosions.
  • They have a similar hairstyle.
  • They are, for the most part, very, very weak.
  • You first meet Loid hiding in a trash can. Word of God says that Team Dai-Gurren first found Attenborough in somebody's luggage.

Naturally, this means that Loid grows up to have not white hair and huge flabby lips.

The Gorillaz are an undercover group of Beastmen sent to our world to watch out for Anti-Spiral infiltration
The fact that they are 'not real' is just a cover story.

The Anti-Spirals are full of it
That "Spiral Nemesis" the Anti-Spirals were worried about? It happened once before; a fat lunatic dropout piloting a mech with a Chevy for a head did it to defeat slug aliens and then demolished it, creating in its place a new, awesome universe in which the Rule of Cool Hand Waved the laws of physics. They then went on their crusade for "Absolute Despair" not out of concern for the universe, but out of jealous rage - they'd never be that awesome, so the only way they could justify their dismal existence was if they Hannibal Lectured the rest of the universe into being lame.

Dwarf Fortress takes place in an alternate universe of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
One where instead of crying "Pierce the Heavens!" Kamina instead chose to "Strike the Earth!" and create a civilization utterly adapted for the underground life, perhaps as a result of never making it to the surface with his father. As a result, technology continued to deteriorate both above- and below-ground. The Beastmen eventually changed to true beasts, fit only to be slaughtered. Spiral Energy still exists, of course, driving Megaprojects. But because too much Spiral Energy unleashed in a closed space is a Bad Thing, it also manifests itself as the Tantrum Spiral.

The Anti-Spirals failed to account for dark energy in their predictions
Anti-Spirals: If you continue on your present course, you will create a supermassive black hole and destroy the universe itself!
Astronomer: Well, actually, we ran the numbers and it seems that space itself is constantly expanding, so it can easily accommodate the extra matter created by the Spiral Energy.
Anti-Spirals: ...
Anti-Spirals: Well, crap!
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an Alternate Universe to Mega Man, with all the characters as humans.
The roles are as follows..

  • Simon->Mega Man
  • Kamina->Proto Man
  • Yoko->Roll (Or Iris)
  • Viral->Bass
  • Nia->...Kalinka?
  • The Anti Spiral-> Juno

    • Hrm, some seem a bit...iffy. Lemmee give it a go. Some of the above, and...
      • Yoko->Kalinka (I can only imagine Cossack's facial reaction.)
      • Nia->Plum (Battle & Chase)
      • Boota->Eddie/Met
      • Leeron->Jewel Man (Just for the flamboyance)
      • Gurren Lagann->Ground Man
      • Darry & Gimmy->Roll and Ice Man respectively
      • Kittan->Quick Man
      • Balinbow and Jougan->Guts and Concrete Man
      • Rossiu->Quint
      • Dayakka->Duo
      • Lordgenome->King
      • The Four Generals->the Killers/Genesis Unit and Splash Woman
      • Anti-Spiral->Ra Thor/ Ra Moon (From Super Adventure RockMan)
      • TTGL->Duo (pre-MM 8)
      • Grand Zamboa-> Evil Robot (robot that Duo was fighting during intro of MM 8)
      • ...And the list goes on...

Yoko is the long lost descendant of Revvy from Black Lagoon
Their both fanservicey gunslinging chicks.

TTGL is actually part of the Tenchi OAV multiverse
The Spiral Menace is the cosmological flaw that Tokimi placed in all of the third dimensional worlds. The Anti-spirals discovered this but rather than trying to fight Tokimi, they took the lame way out. The Choushin shunted this to the side with all the other failures and ignored it. When the Spirals finally get around to confronting the menace white glowy Tenchi shows up and says, "Yeah, thanks for playing. I already took care of it. Wanna hang out?"

Nia is TTGL 's equivalent of Princess Peach
Starts off as a Moe -esque Distressed Princess who after spending time with the protagonist Takes A Level In Badass and becomes as Hot-Blooded as the protagonist. They even look alike.
  • So, Bowser = Lordgenome?
    • The Anti-Spirals (specifically the Grand Zamboa) might be the closest equivalent of Bowser. It is even more obvious with Parallel Works #1.

Kamina went to Soul Society
Because he is the only one who is more badass than the army of Hollows, and even Ichigo himself. And his sword is a Zanpakuto. Or not.......
  • So, does that mean that Kamina is Kenpachi? Suddenly, everything makes sense.

The Spiral Nemesis is the world of Uzumaki
Everybody is haunted by spirals and turns into them. This is actually Spiral energy that goes out of control and instead becomes a monster that feeds on nightmares of people.

The Anti-Spiral are forces of The Guy
They used the moon to attack.
  • You know, I was going to note that that wasn't actually the moon, but if we consider the Anti-Spiral king to be the Guy, then that means that Simon, upon killing him, becomes the current Guy. Thus, his retirement to a presumably peaceful life alone results in him breaking the endless cycle of violence, as the narration for some episodes suggests his ultimate goal is.

The events of Gurren Lagann happen after a Super Robot War in which humanity loses big time
Parrel Works #8 shows the making of Lord Genome and the events of the first war against the Anti-Spirals. Those who are paying attention will notice a lot of simmilar faces, like Gundam RX-78, Mazinger, Jeeg, and two of the Eva units, as well as verious flagships, including the USS Enterprise.
It stands to reason that Gurren Lagann is an offshoot of Super Robot Wars that follows a story in which the world's Heroes are wiped out in the ensuing war; the only mech left to fight the power at the start is, as it were, Lagann.
  • Note that the gem Simon finds during the princess burial in episode 11 looks like a G-stone, no?
  • Just try telling me that Gaiking isn't a Ganmen.
    • Or the Compatible Kaiser from OGG. Overblown special moves, an 'emblem' on it's chest that can be used as a weapon... it even integrates a jet/flying mech to gain flight and transform into G-Compatible Kaiser. Almost definitely a Gurren-Lagann type.

Viral is Link.
Both have the same voice, both are good with a sword, and both are (well, sometimes) blonde. Since Viral has an immortal body, that explains why Link is able to appear in so many games and timelines.
  • As much as I'd like that to be true, there's a hole in that theory. Link isn't the same person every time, they're descendants and reincarnations. But let me offer another theory: Viral is the first Link. The Links in the games are reincarnations of him, with his abilities diluted. When Link appears at the start of a dungeon after running out of hearts, he actually ran away to heal. He had to run because he's unable to do so instantly without the help of a fairy (which are some sort of spiral life form). He can keep himself from dying, but isn't able to heal properly without some sort of help, except in Skyward Sword (where he can heal by sitting and resting) because that Link is the closest to the original, being the earliest form of Link chronologically.
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep is an alternate universe/prequel to TTGL.
As above, Algol is either a particularly powerful star who attempted to cause Spiral Nemesis early, or it's an alternate universe in which Nemesis began in the 1920's. In turn the light beings are Spiral Knights, either attempting to prevent Nemesis, or simply an opposing faction out to increase their own spiral power.

The Anti-Spirals have already made their presence known
And it's working...
  • Wait, that just makes Slendy less threatening now that we know he's vulnerable to drills and hotblooded speeches.

The Anti-Spiral was trying to prevent CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN
If there's enough living creatures thinking, imagining, processing information, it breaks down the walls between Here and There, which would mean The Stars Would Be Right and the Many-Angled Ones would awaken, and we'd be looking at a Class X-4 Apocalypse. Galaxy-sized robot or no, you go mad just looking at these things. If you're lucky.The Anti-Spirals probably found some link between Spiral Power and The Many-Angled Ones, and realised it's perhaps best not to use it as a power source, as it would bring about the end of the universe, and when other races refused to believe them, they had to stop others by force. They also realised whilst out-and-out genocide was horrific, culling the population of the universe and keeping ir artificially low was the only way to prevent what The Laundry designated CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN.One has to wonder what happened to BLUE HADES and DEEP SEVEN, though.
Megas XLR and Full Metal Panic! are the same universe as TTGL, altered by Time Travel
During the First Spiral War, the Spiral races attempted to undo Lordgenome's treachery by sending stuff back in time to bolster their forces. They sent a souped-up Ganmen back - Megas - but something went wrong and it ended up in early 1900's Jersey. They sent Kiva after it, but because Coop altered Megas so much she couldn't use it properly and she never reported back. In desperation, they sent a huge wave of Spiral Power-related data back into people's heads, creating the Whispered - and extending the Cold War into the 21st century.
  • Okay, I wish I was a better writer, because the thought of Sousuke/Coop interaction is killing me. "That dropout is as good a pilot as I am?" "That dork thinks Humongous Mecha battles are won with tactics?"
    • Kaname and Kiva are almost as good - "At least yours doesn't rappel through the window if you scream at a cockroach." "At least yours is hot enough to date."
  • At the very least, Gurren Lagann was influenced by these two anime.

The stone on Nia's ring is a G-Stone
That's why they were able to track her: She was carrying a solid chunk of Spiral energy.
Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place in Spiral's head.
So does GaoGaiGar.

If not stopped, Anti-Spirals would become Anti-Monitor
Combine theories about TTGL happening in the DCU's past and Anti-Spirals being Spiral Nemesis - Anti-Matter Universe was a world where Anti-Spirals won. As time passed they realized that Spiral Energy is connected to positive matter and destroyed everything, replacing it with anti-matter. During millenias they become even more united and evil. Then they realize there are other universes and choose to destroy them. The Anti-Spirals became the same universe-destroyer they seek to stop. And so Anti-Monitor was born.

The Anti-Spirals are the Thirdspace Aliens
They both come from another universe and believe that all other races are inferior and must be exterminated.
Kamina's awesomeness is genetic.
He was the last descendant from long line of great heroes and his ancestors are Coop, Jotaro Kujo (or any other Joestar), Ryoma Nagare, Zaraki Kenpachi and Guy Shishioh

Bruce Ironstaunch is the reincarnation of Kamina.
He got so pissed at Rossiu for arresting Simon because nobody messes with Kamina's bro. Also, look at the mustache and don't tell me it doesn't remind you of the Cool Shades. How did he manage to look so old in just seven years. A huge concentration of Spiral power. Because who had more fighting spirit than Kamina?

The entire war between the Spiral races and the Anti-Spiral, from its inception, is the result of the Witch of Certainty and Witch of Miracles.
Lambdadelta granted the Anti-Spiral races with the Power of Certainty, so that they would become "logical" and "certainly" stop the Spiral Nemesis and defeat all the Spiral races. The Spiral races were given the Magic of Miracles by Bernkastel. Creating energy out of nothing is certainly a miracle. It took them one thousand years to defeat the Anti-Spirals, but a Miracle certainly occurred when Simon went after Nia. Up until that point, the Anti-Spirals had been winning the war and subjugated all Spiral life, but when the moment came that the chance of Spiral victory was no longer zero (Nia says that her chances of coming back are infinitely close to zero, and Simon points this out) they're able to go and defeat them.

Shinji is Lord Genome.
He was a loner living on a future Earth after a large enough population came back from the LCL ocean. They discovered Spiral power, and begin the age of the Spiral warriors.....well, you know the rest. This idea also means that Lord Genome's badass heroric sacrifice, as Shinji's badass heroric sacrifice, means that in the end, Shinji finally did snap out of his moodiness after all!
  • This also means he becomes so terrible father as his own.
    • No, it means that he's better.
  • Don't forget that the Lazengann looks suspiciously like the EVA-01...
  • That explains the orange hues at the beginning of Parallel Works 8 - it was the LCL ocean. After the bombing run, the ocean got vaporized.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann takes place in the same universe as Arthur C. Clarke's The City and the Stars
In the backstory of the book humans were defeated by Anti-Spirals, and during the billion years of stagnation that followed the memory of that gradually faded into a vague myth. The humans have records of once having blown up the moon when the enemy tried to make it collide with the Earth and that the vast underground train network was implemented in order to not to draw the enemy's ire by air travel, but such a long time has passed that people are not even sure if the enemy was real, let alone knowing what the Anti-Spirals are.

In the present of the book most of the underground cities have died out during the millennia for one reason or another. The surviving city of Diaspar has been well designed to keep humanity alive and in utopia-style comfort while avoiding provoking the Anti-Spirals:

  • Diaspar is technically completely underground beneath its transparent dome.
  • The living population of Diaspar is set to exactly one million.
  • The people of Diaspar have been genetically engineered to be sterile and nearly immortal. The computer running the city reincarnates new citizens from the pool of the dead as necessary to keep the numbers stable.
  • The people of Diaspar have been genetically engineered to be agoraphobic so that they don't want to go outside where their numbers would count against the Anti-Spirals' population limit.
  • The computer running the city (in reality the preserved head of founder?) uses Spiral energy to keep the machinery running through the ages and can use illusions like the Anti-Spirals. It also might be able to create matter from nothing. The technology of The City and the Stars universe has similarities to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in that complex machinery can be buried in the ground for arbitrarily long periods of time and be just like new when dug out. Also, the depiction of the galaxy is consistent with the presence of the Anti-Spirals. Even the home planet of the Anti-Spirals themselves might have appeared in the book even if the characters didn't know what they saw.

Both Kamina and Simon are descended from one person: Kaien Shiba
  • Cause they kind of look alike... and the idea of Bleach and TTGL taking place in the same universe is too awesome NOT to be true.

TTGL is the far future of the DC Universe — specifically, Green Lantern.
A device capable of creating and maintaining physical constructs using nothing but pure willpower? Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? And take into account that when "pure" spiral energy is shown, it's often green. Presumably, the Spiral warriors of Lord Genome's day were the descendants of the Green Lantern Corps, and the Ganmen (or more likely the Spiral reactors powering them) are upgraded GL rings.
Alternatively, instead of being simply willpower-based, spiral energy is UNIFIED emotional energy, since the series demonstrates that it can be generated by (at least) rage, hope, and love as well.
  • Or it's not just using willpower, but also White Lantern Energy. Spiral Power needs evolution, too.

To go with the above, the Spiral Nemesis is actually the Blackest Night.
The Anti-Spirals described the Spiral Nemesis as a big crunch style event that would end the universe. However the word Nemesis implies that it is not just an event, but a tangible enemy that would rise up to destroy the universe. Spiral Energy can be considered analogous to the power of the emotional spectrum, which fueled the Lantern corps of the ancient past. Perhaps the Anti-Spirals learned about the Blackest Night through a similar prophecy as the one logged in the old Book of Oa, or through some other means, and feared that their over use of Spiral Energy would rouse Nekron and his Black Lanterns. To that end they purged themselves of all emotions, suppressed any technology based on the emotional spectrum, and any sentient species with ability to use it.

So why did the Anti-Spirals deliberately lie about the nature of the Spiral Nemesis? Having observed Simon and the other Spiral Warriors the Anti-Spirals probably determined that if they described the Spiral Nemesis as some primal God of Darkness and Death then Simon and the others would only see him as another enemy to drive their drills through and thus making it more likely that the Spiral Nemesis / Blackest Night will come to pass.

In the end it was probably a good thing that Simon didn't try to resurrect Nia with spiral power, because I doubt even he would be prepared for the unmitigated horror (and undeniable awesomeness) of Black LanternKamina!

  • Alternatively,the Anti-Spirals are Black Lanterns. Both they and the Black Lanterns believe life is a threat to the universe, however the Anti-Spirals are an alternate version of them-one that is more well-intentioned and is able to retain some emotion in unlife. Or the Black Lanterns are an experiment by the Anti-Spirals Gone Horribly Right.

Alternatively, TTGL occurs in the VERY distant past of the DC universe and is the source of the Green Lanterns
After millennia of ever-expanding awesomeness, the universe finally experiences the Spiral Nemesis.This isn't a bad thing. The Spiral nemesis is just one of the several interpretations of the spiral symbology: a force that touches all points and brings them together at a single endpoint. It's why combining mecha work so well in TTGL. Essentially, the entire TTGL universe COMBINES WITH ITSELF, and the Spiral Energy of all things unites in a single source. This becomes a powerful Spiral Engine that creates an entirely new universe for it to take place in. The Spiral Engine decides that, with its newfound power over destiny and GAR, it will draw together an army of new Spiral Knights to wield its power. As a holdover from the memories of its greatest hero, the TTGL universe creates as its outlet for its power a ring similar to Nia's. Obviously, this means that technically the Anti-Spirals were the first Black Lanterns.
Gurren Lagann takes place in the far-off future of Warhammer 40,000.
And the Anti-Spirals are actually the C'Tan known as the Void Dragon and his Necron servants. Spiral energy is chaos energy because both are powered by chaotic emotions, able to kick physics to the curb and feared to be destructive by the enemy, and the C'Tan and Anti-Spirals share similarities in that they both are beings not at all empowered by or connected to such energies. We know that the C'Tan normally operate on massive scales normally and capable of modifying reality through their sufficiently advanced technology, and that the Void Dragon is most likely currently residing on Mars.

In Parallel Works 8, we see that Lord Genome was born on a highly advanced world, which also somewhat resembles a hive world by what we see. That might be Terra. In a desperate attempt to strike back at the threat, humanity tries to incorporate alien technologies in their weapons, including ork technology. This made for extremely powerful weapons against the Void Dragon, but in the end, it all proved inefficient and eventually led to Genome's betrayal as he realized he had to compromise to keep humanity alive. With the imperium being all the more crippled and plummeting to ruin, he settled on a backwater planet, and engineered the beastmen from genetic data from various creatures including, but not limited to, orks (how else would the beastmen drive their ganmen?). It makes sense from a perspective. Not the most developed theory, I admit, but you have to agree that it is a plausible theory, at least.

The Anti-Spiral King is Shinji Ikari and the other Anti-Spirals are the instrumentalized humans.
A few possibilities. Maybe while Shinji was getting mind raped by instrumentality in a metaphysical sense, he was acting out the role of the Anti-Spiral King in a real, physical sense and his defeat at the hands of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is what really snapped him out of his wangst and led to him washing up on that beach. Alternatively, Shinji did choose instrumentality and Eo E is non canon. From here you can see the progression of events that lead to him becoming an Anti-Spiral. It's also possible that Gurren Lagann is one of the universes he created during his tenure as God. No matter which of these explanations is correct (if any) it does seem like an interestingly symbolic battle. A race of humans from a Humongous Mecha reconstruction against the very people who deconstructed it in the first place.

The Spiral Nemesis is the creation of a new Eye of Terror
Of course! It's so obvious! Love, hope, will, fighting spirit, all of the things that make humanity powerful and important are all fundamentally linked to the Ruinous Powers! The Anti-spirals are Eldar; using space-distortion, mind trickery, and techno-sorcery in an attempt to oppress intelligent life to prevent their mistakes! How Did We Miss This One? Oh, and spiral power is warpcraft.
  • I imagined a crossover like that once, and it was awesome. And would explain Ork's belief powers... Except that, unlike Spiral beings, they don't reproduce sexually, as they don't have genders.
    • Orks = Beastmen?
    • "Love, hope, will, fighting spirit" almost directly lines up with Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne. Well, Nurgle is a bit of a stretch, but nurglites are usually tough, and force of will lets you survive almost anything in TTGL. Also, notice how the Tyranids who are in charge stand on two feet, have their upper arms fused together sometimes and adapt quickly? They're taking humanoid form to channel more spiral power to inspire their troops.

Kamina's sword is a Zanpaku-to
  • Interesting, but probably not. It's more likely the colossal blade of Zanger Zonvolt's DyGenGar.
  • It'd be funnier if Viral's cleaver was one, though.
TTGL is the future of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Here we go: the Evas and Angels both run on Spiral power. The S2 engine? Super-Spiral engine. Also explains Shinji's wildly fluctuating sync ratio, he's in the depths of despair the entire series. The Evas themselves are prototype ganmen. Humanity learned of Spiral power after Second Impact, and built the Evas to utilize it. Unfortunately the Eva universe is plagued with a lack of incredible badasses, and as such there was no one capable enough to pilot the Evas. So, they ran them off electrical power like the Ganmen do while beastmen pilot them.

The Angels are perhaps Anti-Spiral creations, with Adam being some kind of Anti-Spiral construct, possibly a messenger (maybe that's more suited to Kaworu though). AT-Fields are just concentrated Spiral power. Lord Genome later perfects the Eva technology, removing the squishy bits in favor of mechanical components.

  • It's part of mine and my friends' personal canon that the Anti-Spirals were, in reality, Evangelion's Earth after Instrumentality, due to the hivemind and mindscrewery that both populaces had.
  • It is better to say Spiral Energy is a form of AT-Field, the Lilin AT Field to be exact, since how can Anti-Spirals warp reality without the use of Spiral Power? Answer: AT Fields.

Spiral Power is a manifestation of The Force, or vice-versa.
Think about it. There are perhaps only a handful of people relative to the general population who are "adepts" at either. They are both seen to enable these adepts to do things which would make physics kill itself. Force sensitives, such as Jedi and Sith are just on the threshold of the immense Spiral Power Simon posesses. Therefore, Simon will go on to found the Jedi Order.
  • Which explains why Simon turns into a nomadic hobo at the epilogue, ala Obi-Wan Kenobi in the old Star Wars trilogy.
  • And why Spiral Energy only works on humans, since humans do contain midichlorians.
  • Well, Spiral Power runs on hotbloodedness and gives the user Charles Atlas Superpowers, while The Force runs on meditation and gives the user psionic talents instead. Isn't that a contrast?
    • The people of TTGL might have utilized the Force in a way different from the Jedi. The Force could be the same thing, it's the usage of the Force that makes it different. Take the Sith (who uses the Force for personal gain and absolute despair, yet they still use the Force, and by the Force that one that is very indifferent from the Jedi) for example. Or Spiral Energy could be the side of the force between the dark and light sides, since spiral energy is activated through passion and emotion, like the Sith, but is used for good intentions, like the Jedi.
      • It seems to be more dependent on passion and emotion than the intentions it is used for - sure, in this show the enemies are aiming for stagnation so drive is a good thing, but Spiral Energy could be a potentially devastating force if it was used irresponsibly (picture two spiral races at war with each other - no wonder the Anti-Spirals were so afraid!). Really, Spiral Energy seems a lot more like the Dark Side of the Force than the Light Side, at least as far as the Jedi and Sith see it.
      • The Star Wars Expanded Universe makes it clear that there are really many ways of looking at The Force, not just the Light Side and the Dark Side. Spiral Energy could very well be an entirely different side.
  • TTGL takes place in an alternative universe where the Dark Side of the Force is actually the good side (or alternatively, the show is Sith propaganda). Consider:
    • The Dark Side / Spiral Power are both intimiately bound up with passion, anger, and the desire to fight.
    • The Sith Code ("Peace is a lie, there is only passion / Through passion, I gain strength / Through strength, I gain power / Through power, I gain victory / Through victory, my chains are broken / The Force shall free me") is almost exactly the sort of code the protagonists (particularly Kamina, Kittan and Simon) live by.
    • The Jedi tend to passively accept whatever fate deals them; they also (according to their code at least) reject the idea of death, seeking immortality in the force, advocate celibacy, and suppress emotions. This is the antithesis of everything the Sith and TTGL stands for, who believe in challenging fate, refusing to passively accept the inevitable but, at the same time, accepting that death is necessary for teh next generation to continue.
    • The Dark Side can cause "mutations" (i.e. accelerated evolution) creating powerfuler, more advanced life-forms - exatly like Spiral Energy.
    • The Jedi, like the Anti_Spirals, think that use of the Dark Side/Spiral Power is ultimately destructive and should be prohibited, and to this end advocate celibacy and the suppression of emotions. Ultimately, they both oppose reproduction and evolution.
    • Both Palpatine and Simon are their universes most powerful users of Spiral Power/the Dark Side, and both scream about having "UNLIMITED POWER!" (or words to that effect) at their peak.
    • The Sith and the Dai Gurren Brigade both have an obsession with stupidly large war machines and stupidely powerful weapons.

The Earth of TTGL is the Earth of Avatar: The Last Airbender in a really distant future.
Well, after the Aang died (as all living creatures do someday), the balance had to be restored in a way that still wasn't in Earth. The descendants of the Metalbending apprentices (or even Toph's) made the ancient Gunmen and the subterranean villages, in case a cataclysm would happen. Waterbenders and firebenders that didn't comply with such didn't have much to do, and the ones that didn't die became Spiralbenders (of sorts). After science took over magic (i.e. the benders of the other elements disappeared, and they tried to explain even Spiral Power through science), new Ganmen were created, and a clone of the past Avatar (the one after Aang), Lordgenome, was created, because they thought he'd be a good leader. Some two or three thousand years after, when the man almost extinguished the humans that weren't in the subterraneous villages, a kid manifested Avatar-like powers. His name was Simon. And if this still doesn't convince you, the Mix-and-Match Critters might help.
  • Make it past, and it'd be really funny. Simon, the first Avatar!
This series and S Cryed are alternate continuities
First off: Spiral power and Alter power are incredibly similar. One manifests in spirals and the other in rainbow colors. They create stuff out of nothing, which has No Ontological Inertia. The power increases with sheer force of will. Kazuma the Shell Bullet and Simon the Digger are very similar. Neither have last names or parents and the community hates them. Both learn determination due to their brother and mentor. Both are so crazy and determined that the most powerful force ever is no problem. At the middle they are largely emotionally damaged, but at the end they face everything smiling, even departure from their loved one. Both use the color red as their armor. Kamina and Straight Cougar are analogous as well. Both have the obvious pink sunglasses that they wear, but also appear on their powers. They are big brother figures to Kazuma and Simon and teach them how to survive. Both are very heroic and fast talking. Then there is Kanami to Nia. Both are kidnapped by the enemy and then used as a mouthpiece to the heroes, and the death of one of the two would not seem to actually get in the way of their relationship. The last parallel I can recall is The Darth Army to the Anti-Spiral army. Both are mass-produced and soulless. Much of it consists of hands and feet, and they are supposed to be powerful, yet are often dispatched by the heroes.

This series is the sequel to Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter's A Time Odyssey trilogy
First off, the Firstborn were actually the Anti-Spirals. They have the exact same motive and policies. The downside is that mankind doesn't have mecha yet. Humans manage to survive the events in Sunstorm, but due to the mass extinction, the new life-forms from Gurren Lagann emerge via evolution.
In Firstborn, mankind ducks the Anti-Spiral Q-Bomb by tricking it into hitting Mars instead. It hits Mars so hard that the planet is blasted into a pocket universe, followed by the universe in question suffering a Big Rip.The same physics that allow this exist in TTGL.

The last words in Firstborn are "We are the Lastborn. We are at war. We are losing.". Around this time, Parallel Works 8 is occurring. The Lastborn consist of every race that isn't the Firstborn. They are losing because at this moment, Lord Genome performed his Face Heel Turn.
This also makes sense if you combine it with the opening. Simon has clearly returned upon learning that life will accelerate the heat death of the universe. Now, we all know that he can stop beings from killing themselves by hitting them really hard. He's going to do the same to the universe. It was not shown because it was too awesome.

The Anti-Spirals are the Instrumentalized humans from NGE.
They used to be genetic creatures, but they gave up their individuality in order to survive as a collective. Their giant mecha technology is about what the technology from Evangelion would become after a million years of progression, and their constant emphasis on Absolute Despair is borne out of everyone's constant angst.
  • This may explain why there aren't any animals we know of(grape hippos, anyone?) All other organisms were Instrumentalised, so the surviving humans had to create new species.
  • The Anti-Spiral King is Shinji Ikari himself. Not only is he insanely depressed, what happened to Nia must be an extension of what Shinji did. "I'm so fucked up", indeed.

In Guyver, humans were genetically engineered as the perfect base soldier unit in a war fought between ancient aliens for their amusement. Individual humans would be genetically engineered into monstrous "Zoanoids" - a process which Lord Genome rediscovered.

One day, the Ancients decided to equip a non-Zoanoid human with their basic symbiotic power suit. Unexpectedly, the human's strength with the suit went far beyond that of the Ancients themselves. Worse, the human was now somehow immune to the Ancients' Mind Control, and "it" attacked them. They named it Guyver, meaning "out of control" or "beyond the norm".

A secret organisation called Cronos, lead by a surviving Zoalord, create new Zoanoids in secret; but if a so-called "Lost Number" cannot reproduce, it is regarded as useless. This resembles how beings incapable of reproduction in TTGL cannot possess Spiral Power.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was created to be easy for its fans think up crossovers
Take this page as evidence.
  • Well what do you expect from such a Cliché Storm?
  • Considering that the first thing that popped into my head when I heard about giant robots powered by self-confidence and heaping dozes of Large Ham was "what if Zim got his hands on one of those?" you may be onto something.

Gurren Lagann is the son of Gunbuster and GaoGaiGar.
And Kamina is the son of Guy Shishioh and Noriko Takaya.

Viral is the last surviving Jagermonster.
He resembles a Jagermonster, he's incredibly tough, and he wants his helmet back because of his genetic propensity for Nice Hats.
  • Following on from this clanks were distant precursors to ganmen.
    • Naturally this means that Kamina is what you get when a spark gets no technical training, the raw badassery of a spark so powerful is sufficient that things just work as he expects them to, even when, as in the case of jamming one robot into another's head it has no good reason to.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the future of Exalted
It is centuries after the Age of Sorrows, and the Exalted problem is fixed. Everyone can be Solar Exalted, if they do/think/are AWESOME enough. The beastmen are the last remains of the Lunar Exalted, the Anti-Spiral is the last Primordial, and the gunmen are derived from warstrider technology.
  • Expanding on this theory, Kamina is a Zenith Caste Solar. After Simon has his epic He's Back moment, he himself Exalts and inherits Kamina's Exaltation spark. Leeron becomes a Twilight Caste Solar, if he wasn't one already. Also, the beastmen aren't the remnants of the Lunars, they're, well, Beastmen. Viral didn't become immortal, he became a Lunar Exalt, as did Boota later. Perhaps Lordgenome was a Terrestrial or Abyssal, and Rossiu was starting on the path to becoming a Sidereal. Or at least a particularly jackass-y Eclipse.

TTGL is a part of the Disgaea Multi-verse.
Both run on Ruleof Cool, Serial Escalation, and in general, almost every trope that one has can be seen in the other in some form in the other. In both, humans with the right stuff can become powerful enough to threaten the gods, both include uber-awesome vehicles that can be piloted and are boosted by the pilots own stats and vice versa.Both have Order Versus Chaos as a key theme.
  • Kamina is grown-up Laharl.

The Gurren-Lagann universe is the future of the Digimon Savers universe.
Captain Satsuma has the same glasses as Kamina. This means that clearly a few years after the epilogue of Savers, a great disaster happened forcing all humans to evacuate to the digital world, explaining why there are talking armadillos, boota etc. Following from this, the Ganmen are powered/controlled by 'digisoul' and the anti-spirals are rogue programs like the D-reaper from tamers, and Satsuma handed down his glasses from father to son, until Kamina inherited them.
Viral is the love child of Vash the Stampede and Haruhara Haruko
Seriously, just look at him. It would explain why he's so human-looking for a beastman and yet, according to spiral energy readings, clearly is not human.

Leeron is a Magypsy
He doesn't seem to age much, if at all. His needle is, of course, drill shaped.
  • And it needs a manly twist to pull out.
  • It was stated in several places that the reason Leeron looks the same as he always does in the Epoligue is because of plastic surgery. Gotta keep up that faaaaaaaaabulous look!

Human usage of Spiral Power is a function of the mitochondria.
Channeling it through machines such as guns and Ganmen is the proper way to control spiral energy. Using it as raw biological power counts as Explosive Biological Overclocking like we saw back in the Christmas of '97, leading to Heroic RRoD. On that note, the Ultimate Being was a baby Spiral Nemesis.
The Dai-Gurren has existed in a previous form long ago: Fight Club
Fight Club is a group/cult built on the foundations of testosterone and chaos. Many years later, a young Kamina stumbles upon long-lost evidence of Project Mayhem. He misinterpets it and is inspired by what he saw to form a group of his own based upon the tenants laid down by Tyler, only molded to a much more idealistic format. Specifically the opposition of authority and forgoing of reason.

Lord Genome was once exposed to Australium.
In the Team Fortress 2 universe, being exposed to Austalium causes one to turn Australian, which apparently involves growing a moustache and a patch of chest hair shaped like a landmass, and losing your shirt. Seeing as the Engineer's grandfather grew chest hair in the shape of Texas, it's not limited to Australia. Lord Genome is shirtless, muscular, and has a beard and a spiral-shaped patch of chest hair. Presumably, this would mean that he might hail from an area shaped like a spiral. Which would explain so much.
  • That, or he's just so manly that instead of one country, his chest hair depicts The ENTIRE Milky Way Galaxy.
    • Radigan Conagher's chest hair was his home state. Saxton Hale's is his home country. It only makes sense that Lordgenome would consider the whole of the milky way to be his home.

Lagann is Simon's stand.
Obligatory connection between Spiral Power and Stand Power. It would also explain why nobody else can use it, and there are no records of it anywhere. It wouldn't be surprising if the Core Drill was some sort of Stand Arrow.

Lagann, and Ganmen technology in general, is the combined legacy of the Trinary Solar System.
  • From the Green Planet: a G-stone engine provides infinite power, drawn from hot-blooded courage.
  • From the Red Planet: a J-jewel generator is built to resonate with the G-stone, greatly increasing its power and allowing the system to feed off of positive feedback between its pilots. Additionally, Mega Fusion technology allows proper control of enormous mecha.
  • From the Purple Planet: Element Z0 in the main drill is what allows Lagann to integrate into larger mechs. Its ability to remove negative emotions has been completely scrapped.

Separated at birth?

Gurren Lagann is an iteration of Heybot! universe.
In this iteration the toymaker tried to subside the screw themes with Spiral Power and ended up with a strange world with a completely different, serious premise.

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