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Although it is a main given that the war between the Friends and the High Council mainly take place in the worlds of Disney, other companies also have a similar war going on themselves. There may be 7 ultimate Friends in power, but there are other minor Friends, Arch-Demons, and clients that work with them from the Non-Disney universe. Here, they are called The Dark Forces rather than the friends on the other side. Below is a list of these evil forces of darkness in descending order.


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    Friends on the Other Side, Part I 
Ultima Friends

Morgoth: Formerly an all-powerful Ainur called Melkor, he fell to darkness by listening to the evil ambition in his soul and became the monstrous Morgoth. He then tried to take over Middle Earth with his followers, including Sauron and the Balrogs, but was defeated and sealed away in a prison for all eternity. But despite this, he was able to control Sauron into doing his dirty work, and has therefore gained enough clients to try and harvest enough souls to release him for the final battle. He serves as Chernabog's Ultima Friend counterpart in the multiverse, doing the same job Chernabog has been doing in the Disney universe: collecting souls, manipulating clients into doing his dirty work, and leading the forces of darkness in their attempts to destroy the multiverse.

Alduin: The first born of Akatosh and right hand to Morgoth and Sauron, Alduin the World Eater was the leader of the dragons before his untimely defeat at the hands of 3 ancient Nord warriors, and later Dovahkiin, a warrior who can absorb the souls of his fellow dragons. Despite the fact that Alduin is a dragon, Dovahkiin couldn't absorb his soul. After the defeat, and with the help of the rest of the Friends, Alduin gained the ability to travel to multiple different spirit worlds to absorb souls, which he secretly is using in order to overpower his superiors and gain enough power to finally devour the multiverse.

The Anti Spiral: A being from between worlds, the Anti Spiral is the personification of order it its most rigid form. A cold, psychopathic, and vile being, the Anti Spiral is one of the most powerful members of the Forces of Darkness and commands one of the most massive armies ever assembled. It can manifest in the form of the Granzeboma, a mecha larger than a universe that can create big bangs to attack enemies. The Anti Spiral is a major threat to all of existence and will destroy anything without any hesitation or remorse, including its own allies, but it especially hates the use of Spiral energy which is utilized by the High Council. The other Ultima Friends have considered destroying the Anti Spiral, as it could do more harm than good to them, but the only one strong enough to stand up to it is Morgoth.

Vaatu: A major Friend and the spirit of darkness and chaos, Vaatu was locked in battle with Raava, spirit of light and peace. However, he was defeated by Avatar Wan and sealed in the Tree of Time. But he escaped during the most recent Harmonic Convergence and fused with one of his most faithful clients, Unalaq. The two of them overpowered Avatar Korra, then extracted and destroyed Raava, severing Korra's connection to the Avatar Spirit and ending the cycle. "Unavaatu" then went to attack Republic City and harvest the souls of its civilians, but Korra used the cosmic energy of the universe to create an astral projection so she could engage him in battle. Korra was almost completely corrupted by Vaatu, but Avatar Aang's granddaughter Jinora appeared, using her emotional state to revive Raava, as the rules of the Spirit World applied to the material world during Harmonic Convergence. Korra extracted the light spirit, and used Unalaq's spiritbending technique to dissipate Vaatu, ending the cycle of the Dark Avatar.

Sauron: One of the original valair who teamed up with Morgoth, an ultima friend, to try and take over Middle-Earth, he took over the ultima friend position once Morgoth was sealed away. The one ring was a friend artifact created by Sauron to conquer the world through the other rings. Sauron lead the most successful soul-collection operation ever, until he was destroyed by having the one ring and Gollum be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. Through Sauron, a whole army of clients have joined up with the friends.

Aku: The Eldritch Abomination that Aku was created from was actually a powerful Friend, making Aku a minor Friend, that is until the present times of his world, where he became one of the Ultima Friends, the highest level of demon in the animated worlds. He has attempted to claim the soul of Jack, and regularly gets souls from his clients, bounty hunters working to pay of their debts. His plan is to conquer the entire galaxy, including Earth, and wipe out the last remaining rebels who dare question his rule. At one point, Aku created a clone of Jack called Evil Jack, an extremely powerful agent, who was only destroyed by Jack thinking of peaceful thoughts.

Unicron: In the universe of the Transformers, the forces of darkness created their own version of Galactus; a powerful robot that needed to consume planets to gain the fuel needed to operate. Into this machine was poured all the hatred and will to destroy that embodied evil, and Unicron was born- a powerful demon that grows in demonic supernatural might the more there is hate and strife in the universe, all the while growing stronger in physical and technological terms as it devours. A threat unlike any the Autobots had ever seen, Unicron is also one of Chernabog's Ultima Friend counterparts.


Demon Galadriel: While Galadriel is in league with the High Council, even her pure heart was unable to resist the power of the One Ring because she too had desires like men. In this case, her desire was to stay in Lothlórien and not have to move away with the other elves. The Ring played to that desire and was able to project an vision of an evil queen, possessed by the spirit of Chernabog and now an ambitious dark lady to par with Sauron and Morgoth. Although Galadriel was able to refuse the temptation, Morgoth from his prison was impressed by how ambitious and evil Dark Galadriel was at heart. So, he created an evil clone of Galadriel in the form of her ring-possessed self to serve as a Friend on the other side in his world. Demon Galadriel's very appearance and voice is known to generate enough fear energy from the frightened souls of her victims, and she is still as ambitious as ever to try and one-up Morgoth.

The Balrog: The Balrogs were formerly Valar who were corrupted by Chernabog and Melkor, and transformed into demonic creatures to serve as Morgoth's heavy warriors in his efforts to conquer Middle-Earth.

Tarakudo: Tarakudo was another Japanese demon lord friend like Aku, who left to found his own army of arch-demon onis generals in their attempt to conquer the earth.

Chaos: Not to be confused with the cat-like imp from Aladdin, Sailor Chaos is a powerful female major Friend. Much like Unicron, the forces of evil constructed their own ally in the Sailor Moon universe to provide that world with an immortal enemy to fight against. Chaos' plan was to destroy the Earth and the Sailor scouts with her fellow minions of darkness. In the end, Sailor Moon was able to destroy Sailor Chaos and save Sailor Galaxia, who Chaos was fused with at the time. Oddly, she has never been seen in the same room at the same time as Garland, a noted client.

Walpurgis Nacht:

Death Phantom: Death Phantom is an Arch Demon spawn of Chaos who wanted to destroy his universe by manipulating the Black Moon Clan into doing it for him.

Pharaoh 90: Like the Death Phantom, this Eldritch Abomination was an Arch-Demon spawn of Chaos who wanted to destroy the universe and collect a major load of souls from the victims of his silence. he created Mistress 9 to serve as his anti-christ partner in crime. He was ultimately destroyed by sailor moon and sailor saturn while trying to enact his silence day.

Him: A minor Friend. He provided his dimension with a chemical consisting of raw chaos magic, known as Chemical X. This has provided Him with several clients, namely Mojo Jojo and the Rowdyruff Boys. However, it has also created his worst enemies, the Powerpuff Girls.

The Other Mother/Beldam: the beldam is an exiled member of the fair folk, who now serves as an ally to the friends. her way of collecting souls is to trick unsuspecting children into her dimension, give them everything they want and desire, only to turn on them once they sew buttons to their eyes, ensaring them in her web and collecting thier souls for darkness. Coraline has currently been the only victim who managed to escape the beldam and defeat her for good.

Gran Dracmon: When the Digital world was being created, the Friends used their dark powers to create a centaur-like vampire counterpart to Chernabog, GranDracmon. This giant evil digimon has the power to control any digital soul with his Eye Of Gorgon attack, and convert angel digimon into demon digimon with a simple suggestion. With that said, GranDracmon has yet to be faced off against the Digidestined.

Mephistomon: After Apocalymon was defeated by the Digidestined, he asked his fellow Friends to try and reformat him into a new form. The Friends then digivolved Apocalymon into Mephistomon, and sent him on a mission to conquer the Digimon Tamers world with V-Pet devils and digimon minions at his disposal. Eventually, the evil goat devil digimon was finally destroyed by the Tamers and the digimon. Although, there are rumors persisting that perhaps part of Mephistomon's soul was incorporated into the creation of the evil A.I., Komplex.

Lokar: In an alternate version of the Power Rangers' world, Lokar, an old friend of Rita, is actually a Friend, and is known as Dai Satan. Yes, you heard me right, a giant blue-haired, floating head is one of Chernabog's counterparts and a minor Friend. His ultimate goal was to destroy his universe and the Zyurangers with the aid of Rita Repulsa's A.U. counterpart, Magi Bandora. He was ultimately destroyed by Ultrazord Titanus' powerful blasts.

The Yowie Yahoo: An Australian creature formerly in appearance to the Yeti, it was later found by Aku and mutated/corrupted into becoming a monstrous vampire copy of Chernabog. With the Yowie's corruption at hand, Aku changed the legends surrounding this beast to forever confirm it as a demon-vampire instead of a shy bigfoot. The Yowie Yahoo is a powerful friend who manipulates clients in the world of Scooby Doo. The vampire band Wildwind used it's appearance to scare off the local competition in the annual Vampire Rock concert.

Darkrai: A minor Friend, Darkrai has the ability to control everlasting nightmares. He's one of the few friends who's capable of escaping to the outside realm, but after his defeat, was trapped in a dream world, where he's planning to control ALL the various Pokemon worlds and kill Arceus to become the new god. In this trapped state, he's had a hand in giving a Team Rocket scientist the idea to create Mewtwo, the generation of Deoxys, and giving Team Plasma the idea to modifiy an ancient Pokemon into Genesect.

Demise: Possibly more powerful than Aku, Demise was a powerful Friend who was the source of all monsters in the Nintendo universe. He also is said to have conquered time. Demise managed to conquer the surface before being sealed away by Hylia. However, he was revived by the demon lord Ghirahim, only to be sealed away in the Master Sword by Link. But he cast a Dying Curse, and an incarnation of his hatred would forever follow those with Hylia's blood or Link's spirit. Eventually, that hatred showed up as...

  • Ganondorf: The embodiment of Demise's hatred who was once a client who managed to work his way up to the higher echelons of the Dark Forces due to his hijacking of other villains. Ganondorf manipulates most of the clients of the friends, and influences their actions through dark magic.

Harbinger: The oldest and most powerful of The Reapers, Harbinger is a force to be reckoned with. Unlike the other Reapers, who stand Above Good and Evil, Habringer is fully aware of his actions and is solidly monstrous, and has continued a cycle of complete galactic extinction for at least 37 million years, but was stopped in the most recent cycle by Commander Shepard. Other than masterful manipulation skills and godlike power, Harbinger can ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL of lesser beings to engage in personal combat with them.

Yami: The emperor of everlasting darkness, who is the source of all evil in the land of Nippon. He made his lair in the Ark of Yamato after escaping from the Other Side, and the goals he was assigned to do were to envelope the world in darkness, kill the brush gods, and destroy the Celestial Plain. He nearly managed to beat the sun goddess, Amaterasu, but was destroyed. The Dark Forces still saw a use for Yami, and resurrected him. Yami is an incredibly powerful Eldritch Abomination who commands hordes of demons which can also be used by dark lords, other friends, agents, arch-demons, and inner circle members. Yami is also very familiar with Aku and the Reapers, and with the case of the Reapers, Yami gave humans technology so that they could uncover the mass relay in their solar system to let the Reapers in.

Crayak: A Reality Warper locked in a stalemate with his High Council Counterpart and fellow Reality Warper The Ellimist. Was once directly involved in collecting the souls of entire races, but the physical conflict with The Ellimist destroyed over ten percent of the galaxy. Now collects souls through Clients to minimize collateral damage to the fabric of reality.

Visser Three: Visser Three is an agent for Crayak. Once, he took over most universes with his Yeerks.

Dr Weil: After his physical shell was destroyed, Dr Weil's soul transcended into the Biometal W. Dr Weil has managed to work his way up into becoming a Friend because he has become The Corruption, and because he's one of the most sadistic, demented and cantankerous individuals they've met. It's said that even Chernabog isn't as bad as this guy: they may both want the majority of creation to suffer, but at least Chernabog isn't an arrogant racist! Dr Weil uses the biometals to find new ways of collecting souls, if not just corrupting them outright.

Nyarlathotep: The Anthropomorphic Personification of the destructive side of Humanity's collective unconscious, and the living embodiment of Mankind's collective evil; every thought, action or feeling that derives in experiencing the desire to bring harm to others or oneself in any form fuels Nyarlathotep's existence. His reason for providing the human race with the means to drive itself to destruction is given as a bet between him and Philemon, who holds that they instead will ascend to a greater destiny. He can't destroyed forever, though, because he is an undeniable, indelible presence in Humanity's heart, and may still return.

Arch-DemonsSamhain: When Chernabog first realized that he and his heartless troops could escape the other side on October 31, he decided to create a powerful guardian demon, Samhain, to lead the spirits of the deceased in their efforts to retake the earth. The druids, however, were able to seal Samhain away in a magic door. But that changed when two goblins freed him in present times. Thankfully, the Ghostbusters were able to seal away Samhain for good in a ghost trap, not once, but twice!

The Seven Demon Lords: These seven evil digimon are actually powerful Arch-Demons born from seven digimon, each so vile and sinful that their inner darkness caused them to become as much genuine demon as they are computer program. Each one represents a sin, Lucemon, a human-like counterpart of The Fallen, represents Pride, Belphemon represents Sloth, Leviamon is Envy, Lilithmon is Lust, Beelzemon is Gluttony, Barbamon is Greed, and Daemon is Wrath. They have all faced off against the Digidestined one at a time, before being destroyed, that is. Lucemon, surprisingly, is the only one who has a One-Winged Angel form, that of his dragon-like Shadow Lord mode and his subsequent Larva mode within.

The Emperor of the Night: Being The Man Behind the Man for the Coachman, Stromboli, and the Fox & Cat makes the Emperor a very powerful minor Friend of Chernabog. His evil plan was to collect Pinocchio's soul and destroy the Blue Fairy. Thankfully, he was destroyed by Pinocchio's free will and bravery. But being a Friend of exceptionally high caliber, The Emperor of the Night will not stay dead for long.....

Liege Maximo: Like the Fallen, Liege Maximo was one of the 13 original transformers that fell to Unicron's power. He managed to escape imprisonment by the Primes, and found the Cybertronian empire as a way to collect souls for Unicron to corrupt into Heralds. Since Prima was the very first Autobot, it's only fitting that Liege Maximo be the very first Decepticon, and an Arch-Demon as a result.

Shendu: An dragon-like arch-demon who tried to conquer ancient china and the world many years ago, he and his siblings were sealed away to the other side by the ancient masters when the great battle between the Friends and the High Council took place. Shendu tried to escape many times, but was eventually sealed away permanently alongside his client son, Draco.

The Witch-King of Angmar: Sauron, one of the leaders of the Dark Forces, serves as The Dragon to Morgoth, the ruler of all Evil, the Witch-King is the Dragon to that Dragon. Leader of the nine Nazgûl, terrifying hooded wraiths that were once human kings, the Witch-King of Angmar cannot fall by the hands of men. However, the Witch-King has a Weaksauce Weakness to women and non-humans, but even that can be counterbalanced by the fact that if they manage to kill him, they will begin to become corrupted and will be fatally wounded. The Witch-King can also be revived as long as Sauron lives, inspiring Paranoia Fuel in the warriors of the High Council, as there's no telling when he'll be back to wreak havoc.

Red and Belladonna: Red is one of Chernabog's Arch-Demon lords from the other side, appearing as a giant robed cat for his true form, with the dog dragon demon from Charlie's dream in the 1st movie as an alternate form. His plan was to lock all the universe's population of dogs away in hell for eternal torment, and all he needed was Gabriel's horn to open the door of heaven. He was eventually defeated by being blasted by the horn's call by Charlie Barkin, and sent to hell along with Carface, a minor client of his. But before Red was defeated, he set up a back-up plan in the form of Belladonna, an evil agent clone of Annabelle, in case anything should happen to him. Bella's plan was to kill Charlie and Itchy, and collect their souls in the process. She was destroyed during the climactic battle during Christmas Eve, when the Christmas ghosts appeared to reform Carface for good.

Dark Specter/Maligore: Two demonic alien creatures who are twins of one another, they both plotted to take over the Disney and Fox Galaxies at their respective times. But Maligore and Specter are different as Night and Day in personality and intellect. Maligore is a savage, mute brute who only exists for destruction, while Dark Specter is pure intellect and can speak as well as plan complex schemes, and can use that intellect to artificially make himself all the mightier, far surpassing his brother in raw power ere his destruction, conquering the known universe to better collect souls. Also, it was Divatox, a minor client of the Friends in the Fox realm, who wanted to free Maligore in the first place so she can use him as a weapon. Eventually, Maligore was destroyed by the Turbo Rangers, as was Dark Specter at the hands of his manipulative backstabber, Darkondra, . But since they were both powerful Arch-demons, they won't stay dead for long.

The Three: The Three are powerful dark spirits who have brought many Neopians to corruption; Lord Kass, Lord Darigan, Razul, Captain Scarblade, Galem Darkhand, Mr. Krawley... The list goes on. Only one has manged to resist their pull.

Gozer: A powerful minor Friend on the other side, she was worshipped by the Sumerian civilization as a goddess, before being banished by worshippers of Tiamat. In anger, Gozer devised her own plan of entering the mortal world and collecting souls. First, she would gain access to a world through the coupling of two minor Arch-Demons, the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper. Though only the names of two such minions are known to history - Vinz Clortho and Zuul - there are believed to have been others. Once the minions had opened the doorway to the new world, Gozer would allow a hero from that world to choose the Destructor form that she would use to destroy their world. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii, The Traveler came as a large and moving Torb. Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants, the fearful civilians of the world chose the form of a giant Sloar. Of course, Gozer was not forgotten completely on Earth. As it turns out, an evil scientist named Ivo Shandor discovered about Gozer's past, and soon realized that our kind was too sick to survive. By making the Mandala, he and his minions, the Cult of Gozer, hoped that Gozer would come and collect the souls of the entire universe except for them. His efforts would come in vain in 1984, when the Ghostbusters managed to defeat the wicked goddess when she finally arrived. Needless to say, Shandor was not pleased in the Underworld.

Prime Evil: A splinter piece of Gozer that was transformed into a powerful Arch-Demon, and partially mutated into an undead cyborg due to an imperfected Borg assimilation, Prime Evil plots to destroy a separate faction of the Ghostbusters in his home world.

Hexxus: This smog-like demon was actually an Arch-Demon who actually escaped the other side once, only to become a Sealed Evil in a Can by Magi Mother and the faeries. He escaped again, but was subsequently locked away again, this time permanently. Hexxus feeds on pollution and fear to survive in our world, and goes One-Winged Angel into the giant sludge skeleton mode when he feeds on pure darkness.

The Icon of Sin: The remains of the Eldritch Abomination that Aku was born from proved too evil to die completely, and the High Council dumped the body in a pocket dimension, where it grew huge, and more and more powerful. It spawned a race of demons, and sent them to destroy the worlds of the Multiverse. Unfortunately for the Icon, it's plans were thwarted by one marine, too tough for Hell to contain, who responded to the invasion by shooting a rocket at the Icon's brain. It's agonized throes ravaged Hell, and the Icon was forced to stop and recuperate, and to rebuild it's home.

The Reapers: Void of any sort of emotion evil or otherwise, The Reapers are a hyper intelligent techno-organic race who like the Anti-Spirals, travel across the cosmos searching for worlds that they might consider too intelligent, and if so are wiped out on sight. Sometimes with the help of another techno-organic race known as The Geth if a Reaper isn't technically there. If anything survives they are immediately harvested as living fuel for the Geth and inadvertently aid the friends with their own conquest. Those who aren't used as fuel are indoctrinated and used as living puppets for the Reapers and serve them without question. It's unknown where or how they first appeared some even think they existed without a beginning or end. They sleep in the deepest cracks in between worlds. A single Reaper can destroy a entire war fleet without even trying to fight back. Few have been known to stop or kill a Reaper without ill side effects. Only the most powerful friends and High Council members have contacted them and lived.

Orochi: The Implacable Man dragon to Yami, is a very powerful beast with the ability to control the elements with his heads. Orochi is composed of eight huge snakes wrapped around a mountain. Even though he was defeated by Amaterasu and Susano, and before them, Shiranui and Nagi, He is still incredibly dangerous to anyone outside of the friends or the High Council members because his abilities of corruption. Orochi can also curse large expanses of worlds, making him useful in the conquest of the Multiverse.

It: A minor Friend that's able to temporarily escape the Other Side every 30 years and collect souls Itself. IT is a shape-shifter that prefers to kill people with what they fear the most. IT prefers the souls of children, and takes the shape of a clown to approach them. The other Friends consider IT a laughing stock after IT got Itself severely injured by humans IT had once hunted as children. IT doesn't like that at all, and now waits for the door to the human world to open once more, so IT can show them all what IT can do.

The Fallen: One of the 13 original transformers or 7 primes, the Fallen was also the one corrupted by Unicron into becoming a powerful Arch-Demon agent. The Fallen is also one of the few villains to be the exact same character in all forms of his world. His plan in the Bay-verse, for example, was to destroy the sun and collect the souls of the entire Solar System, while his plot in G1 was to break the seal of Primus and unleash Unicron upon Cybertron. Even though the Fallen was killed by Optimus Prime, he can never truly die and still has various forms across the multiverse through which he can survive in. Megatron, Galvatron, and Starscream are all clients to the Fallen.

The Kaiju: Easily the most destructive forces serving the Darkness other than Reapers and Balrogs, the Kaiju are terrifying sea creatures of ludicrous strength. The Kaiju are categorized similarly to a hurricane, with Category five Kaiju being enough to destroy a city within minutes. Earth was saved from the Kaiju when their breach was sealed, but the Dark Forces have resumed the production of Kaiju and have opened breaches in other universes.

Queen Bansheera: One of the few female Arch-Demons, she tried to overthrow Chernabog and Aku for more power, but she and her minions were sealed away beneath Mariner Bay by the grudging alliance of the High Council and the Friends. However, once those foolish arabs freed her, Bansheera went to work trying to regain her power. Her son, Olympius, and trusted 2nd-in-command, Diabolico, on the other hand, wanted to overthrow her before she ruined the family name. Eventually, Bansheera was sealed away forever, and Diabolico and Olympius were both destroyed. The Friends were about to recruit Diabolico when he refused, having just seen the light in death. Now, he works with fellow villains Ecliptor, Villamax, Toxica and Jindrax in an offshoot of the Redemption Squad.

Darkseid: A powerful rogue god who allies himself with the Friends to attain ultimate power in his world and collect the souls of those who fall in his conquests.

King Ghidrah: This three headed dragon is actually a powerful Arch-Demon who has had his sucess in collecting souls by destroying entire planets with his laser beams. However, Ghidorah constantly fails to destroy Earth due to Godzilla's constant interference, which also angers the aliens which control him from time to time. There was one time when the High Council decided to create a heroic, mechanical clone of King Ghidrah called Mecha-King Ghidorah to stop the Friends' clone of Godzilla from destroying the earth.

Crom Cruach: Once a very powerful Eldritch Abomination of a friend, he was good allies with Samhain in the middle ages, and was worshiped as god by the native people. He freely ate many of worshiping the races (including Aisling's people). However unlike many other friends he actually cared about his people/prey giving them the fruits of the earth in payment for thier services. But due to coversion of many people in the area he lost many sacrifices for the friends, and in turn, he released a Unstoppable Rage slaughtering all of Aisling's people but in a Heroic Sacrifice Aisling's mother gave herself up for her to escape. When Aisling fled he waited in the cave of her people for his prey to return. However when she did he didn't expect another to be with her. A young Catholic monk named Brendan, upon viewing this he agian entered into a Unstoppable Rage to kill him, but luckily Aisling sealed him away before he could get Brendan. He again waited, letting his hatrid boil for the girl who got away and the boy with the religion that took away his power, not too long afterword the duo returned. Using the rest of her magic, Aisling protected Brendan as he entered the demon's cave, wishing vengence he chased Brendan hoping to devour him. But was out smarted by the mere mortal and made himself into knot, as Brendan stole his eye as a major ingridiant for The Book Of Kells. Wishing to kill him no matter what the cost he attacked anything he could fit in his jaws, unfortunately for the snake he bit his own tail and ate himself. Sometime later the great beast regenerated into a new body going back to the world that forgot him, but before he could leave he faced the Legendary St. Patrick whom with all of his strength banished the demon from existence and sent him to Purgatory. Since that day it's unknown what happend to Crom, both the Friends and the High Council have lost virtually all contact with him, some say he let his own hatrid grow even more, but others say he turned his back on former melevolent ways and returned to giving crops. either way it's unknown if the present will see this serpent again.

  • The Banshee from Gargoyles was once able to assume a form similar to Crom Cruach on a minor scale.

Yellow eyed demon: A demon that was trying to create an army for the friends from the children of the people he contracted with as payment the powers he gave them were things like seeing into the future, touch death or super strength. His plan failed when he encountered Sam (who was one of the children he gave powers to) and Dean Winchester.

Malefor: The friends were planning to gain more Arch-Demons for their armies. So they found Malefor, the legendary purple dragon of the Dragon Council, and began to corrupt him to the dark side until he had completely turned monstrous and wicked with an appetite for world domination. The Dragon Council eventually sealed him away to a separate prison of the Other Side before he could destroy the universe. But Malefor refused to give up and set off the events of all the Spyro games, especially that of the Spyro trilogy, to regain his freedom by using Dark Cynder, Gaul, Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, and the Sorceress being his minions. Once the evil dragon did break free from his prsion by Spyro's accidental releasing of him, he enacted a successful conquest of the world with the souls of his conquered enemies as payment to the Friends and Aku. He was only defeated for good when Spyro and Cynder worked together to stop him. After his death, Aku reformatted Malefor into an Arch-Demon and cut their losses with the dragon's minions.

The Inner Circle

Black Lady: Palpatine's sadistic wife, and the evil, adult clone of Sailor Chibi Moon. The original Black Lady was the brainwashed form of Chibiusa, combined with the spirit of Maleficent. Wiseman came across the lonely Chibiusa, who was trying to find her place in the 20th Century, and twisted her memories of her family to make her do his bidding. As Chibiusa's dream was to become a beautiful lady like her mother, Black Lady's form is something like a femme fatale. Black Lady hated her family and the Sailor Senshi and tried to kill them because she believed she was unloved. She considered her toy, Luna-P, as her only friend. Eventually, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask destroyed Black Lady with their love for Chibiusa, thereby exorcising her from Maleficent. However, in the underworld, Palpatine realized what a powerful wife he could claim for himself, and used DNA from Chibiusa to recreate Black Lady from a fallen Predacon protoform. Black Lady's deal with the Friends is to gain hypnosis skills, control over the shadow demons, and gain an adult figure.

  • Black Lady has a friendly relationship with Mistress 9 due to their similar backstories and powers

Lord Maliss: The brother of Queen Grimhilde in another world, he made a lot more deals with the Friends such as dragon transformation spells, shape-shifting, elemental control, and lightning power. Unfortunately, his plan to kill Snow White ended in disaster as he was turned to stone forever, but he was still rewarded for his services by being elevated to the Inner Circle.

Myotismon: An evil vampire digimon that was created by the Seven Demon Lords, Myotismon proved to be one of the most deadliest, planning enemies the Digidestined ever faced. After his death as the mindless VenomMyotismon at the hands of WarGreymon, the Friends were willing to give him a second chance, and give him the form of BelialVamdemon to do so. Even then, he still failed, but he was given a position in the Anime Inner Circle.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa: A very powerful client of the Friends, Zedd had formerly been one of Dark Specter's most resourceful minions. The intergalactic warrior conquerer had even recruited Rita Repulsa to control minor sectors of the Fox Universe while he overlooked everything else. Rita, as it turns out, was also a major client of the Friends, basically being the true destroyer of the dinosaurs and faithful ally of Lokar. Unfortunately for the Friends, Zedd and Rita soon fell in love with each other, and soon reformed from the Dark Side during Zordon's energy wave. But Chernabog was loathe to let such a good agent go, and promptly extracted all of Zedd's evil into becoming a pure darkness agent while his human half became an archaeologist. Rita, meanwhile, became the Mystic Mother, a powerful force of Good in the Fox and Disney Universes.

  • Her father, Master Vile, was a very successful client of the Friends who was granted immunity from Zordon's dying wave so that he may continue to torment Power Rangers in the continuing years. Of course, Vile's Sentai counterpart, Daimaou, was a very powerful Arch Demon that was too powerful to even destroy, lest the entire human population become clients to the Friends.
  • rita's putty patrollers were corrupted souls turned into clay soilders for lokar and the friends.

Lord Rothbart: His dark magic skills and ability to become the Great Animal were based on deals he made with the Dark Forces. His plan to seize control of the kingdom was a plan he made to try and pay off his debts before the Dark Forces could claim his soul. Despite the fact that Derek slew Rothbart with an arrow to the heart, the evil sorcerer was still powerful enough to make it to the Inner Circle. His old companions, Clavius and Zelda, tried to use his old spell book, the Forbidden Arts, to try and destroy Odette and Derek, but they were both destroyed and were soul-collected by the Friends.

Sentinel Prime: While most incarnations of Sentinel range from peaceful and just to just plain jerk, they have all remained on the side of the High Council. But the film incarnation of the Prime, however, is just as tyrannical and genocidic as the Fallen. Originally, he started out the High Council's side as leader of the Autobots. However, secret dealings with Megatron and the Fallen lead him to jump off the slippery slope and enact the events of the series in order to revitilize Cybertron and destroy humanity for it's sake. The Friends were so impressed by how far Sentinel would venture to achieve his goal that they kept his soul on his tabs after his demise by Optimus Prime. Eventually, they found an oppurtunity to unleash his diabolical soul again on the worlds...this time in the G1 universe as the first Galvatron!

Tirek: The main power behind the enemies of both Ponyland and Equestria. He was responsible for the corruption of Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon and trained both Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra.

Ivo Shandor: Not long after his death in the 1920's, Ivo obtained enough power to become a powerful dark master of the Dark Forces. With Gozer being defeated, the Architect decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming a Dark One himself. Possessing the Mayor, Shandor decided to influence his grand-daughter, Ilyssa, to research about Gozer, thereby activating the Mandala again, and unleashing all the powers of Hell in an attempt to destroy the Ghostbusters and conquer the universe. Eventually, Shandor became an extremely powerful Arch-Demon, the Destructor, but was destroyed permanently by our heroes. But yet, the Dark Forces still found use in Shandor, and inducted him into a position in the Inner Circle.

  • In death, Shandor's greatest supporters of the cult in life were rewarded by the Friends into becoming dark master agents known as Azetlor, The Chairman, and the Spiderwitch.

The Grand Duke of Owls: A very nasty client of the Friends on another world, he was granted magic breath, dark magic, as well as intimidation over all of owlkind. Unfortunately, overexposure to the darkness has made him weak to light magic, causing him to blow away like a tornado. Speaking of tornadoes, the Dark Forces granted him the power to become such a monster during times of great anger. He's a member of the non-Disney Inner Circle, just to clarify things a bit. Souls are collected by way of hunts or murders, and he's pretty good at it.

Rasputin: After he was banished by the Romanovs for being a fraud and deceiver, Rasputin contacted the Dark Forces for dark magic and batlike agents in exchange for the souls of the entire Romanov family. Although only Anastasia survived and ended up killing him off, he had enough power to make it into the Inner Circle. He's pretty much Facilier's counterpart in the Fox universe due to both having made deals with evil forces to get magic items and otherworldly helpers, and both dying as a result of those magic items being destroyed.

Molag Bal: Although many of the Daedra are considered to be evil, they tend to serve as neutral parties. Molag Bal, on the other hand, is truly chaotic. Known as the King of Rape, Molag Bal seeks those with power in order to turn them into perverse, marauding brutes or vampiric minions. Due to the fact that Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, even to the Inner Circle, he is despised and feared even by other villains.

The Spider Masterminds: The smartest race created by the Icon of Sin, the Masterminds plan out the most complex operations of the most galactic scale. It is said that they taught Xanatos to be, well Xanatos.

Mr. Perkins: Even dark overlords need someone who can handle the more mundane business of money. That's where Mr. Perkins and the Bank of Evil come in. Perkins eschews any supernatural involvement with Aku and his minions, but serves them efficiently by recruiting new clients through the bank. Those who don't pay their debts...are turned over to Collections.

AgentsThrax: A favorite agent of the friends. Among the many other parasites plaguing the world of man in Osmosis Jones, Thrax sought to make a name for himself among the friend agents. He decided to do it by sending as many souls as he was capable of sending, which ended up being higher and faster than he thought. Unknown to many, many of the cells in bodies have souls of their own, and thus killing a body prematurely sends ALL but the most resilient cells straight to the friends. Trax generally got better at his work the longer he lasted, and with Frank, he sought to break records, and be recognized as the prime mini genetic material for replicating and taking down countless people. Fortunately stopped by Osmosis, he utterly dissolved in alcohol leaving the friends sorrowful, and thus seeking to start over from scratch to create a new thrax based on the reports he sent them, so that he might posthumously continue his work.

Goldar: When Rita Repulsa joined the ranks of the Friends, she was granted level 2 agents who joined the forces of evil as well. Goldar, a warrior from Saturn's moon, Titan, was one of Rita's best agents, leading the Putties and monsters into battle. Once Zedd took over the moon palace, Goldar and several other agents immediately joined up with him. In the final battle, Zordon's dying wave killed off Goldar, and sent his soul to the Friends as payment for Zedd's deals.

Beetlejuice/Betelgeuse: Beetlejuice was a demonic agent of the friends who lived for the pleasure of killing humans in his bio-exorcisms and collecting their souls for his own growing power. The High Council managed to seal him away and place his name curse to make sure he wouldn't be brought back again. They were also careful enough to place a spell on the Friends so that they couldn't say his name at all in an effort to bring him out. But the High Council unfortunately neglected to place that same curse on humanity, allowing Beetlejuice to try and manipulate the deceased Maitlands into bringing him back.

Large Marge: When this trucker died in a car accident, Aku decided to bring forth her spirit and transform it into a demonic agent in order to gain fear energy from those who have the audacity to ride in her truck with her and live to finish hearing her death story. Pee Wee Herman was just the latest to get shocked by this agent.

Rito Revolto: Rita's imbecilic brother, he used to look as human as his sister. But when Rita joined up with the Friends, one of her deals was to transform her brother into an undead monster, thus explaining the skeletal appearance. After Zedd arrived to the palace and hitched up with Rita, Rito arrived to join his sister in combat against the Rangers. He may be idiotic, but he is a pretty good fighter, as he was the one who destroyed the Thunder Megazord and Tiger Megazord. His deals have included eye lasers, a dark bone sword, and dark magic. During the final battle, Rito was purified by Zordon's wave, and all of his magic disappeared instantly. The Friends immediately gave up on him and his sister.

Lucius Heinous VII: The original Lucius I was a very powerful Friend who was well respected by Chernabog who was put in charge of torturing souls obtained by the Friends. Sadly, every subsequent Henious has gotten less and less evil and effective at the job, to the point where they've been demoted to agents. Despite this, Lucius remains convinced he's in Cernabog's good graces.

Imagins: a race that acts as contract makers for the friends, and take form when they accept a contract for whatever their contract holder wanted, but screw it up. for example guy wants to be on football so they kill the other team members. when the contract is complete they go back to the contract holders strongest memory and wreck havoc collecting souls in the past. only 3 people have been known to successfully fight them but with the help of imajins as well. even through there are rumors of them being wiped out they do still make contracts so a probably on the last few.

Sharptooth: This abnormally ferocious T.rex was enhanced in nastiness and strength by the Friends, similar to what they did with the Carnotaurs and the Rite of Spring T.rex. Though he was drowned by Littlefoot and friends, they saw fit to bring back Sharptooth for more feeding frenzies.

The Demons: Imprisoned in Hell, the Icon of Sin generated an entire ecosystem of minor demons to serve it. From the lowly Imp and the mindless "Pinkies", to the scheming Arch-Vile and the unstoppable Cyberdemon, these creatures live for only one purpose: To destroy all life, and recreate it in their image. The demons that do not serve the armies of darkness remain in Hell, where they torment clients who failed to pay off debts.

The Undertaker: Once, there was merely the spirit Kane, who collected souls for the Friends. Then, Kane was captured by the sinister Paul Bearer, who imprisoned him in an urn. Bearer then bound the spirit Kane to the soul of wrestler Mark Callaway, turning them both into the Undertaker. As the Undertaker, he would harvest souls, imprisoning them in the urn to use as a power source. Even when The Undertaker was freed from relying on the urn, and was freed from Bearer's control, he only got more dangerous, leading the Ministry of Darkness until Kane was exorcised from Callaway's body. For a few years, Kane was kept in a sort of limbo as punishment, until Callaway was buried alive and needed the spirit's power to survive. From the moment of resurrection on, The Undertaker has remained unstoppable, and when he leaves the ring, may even become a Dark Master. Rest In Peace!

Evil Digimon: When the digital world was being created, the Friends slipped some of their dark energy into the dimension and began to create an entire army of viruses in monster form. Devils, like Demidevimon, Ladydevimon, and Devimon, ghosts, like Bakemon and Phantomon, and even mixtures like Marinedevimon and Skullsatamon, were all created by the friends to serve as their residential soldiers in the anime worlds they have their eyes on. of course, they also have managed to create their own set of major friends to swell their ranks like Megidramon, Milleniumon, Apokarimon, and even Chernabog's anime counterpart, Grandracmon. Through Grandracmon, the friends have gained clients in the 4 dark masters, Piedmon, Machinedramon, Metalseadramon, and Puppetmon. They serve directly under the Seven Demon Lords of the Friends on the other side.

The Green Death: A creature of pure hunger and rage, the Green Death is a loyal servant of Aku who is deputized to punish their enemies and consume the souls of those who have failed them. It's hard to control, so Aku calls upon it rarely, usually leaving it to its own devices. As it has a tendency to go after the forces of good on its own, it's very useful...

Cyber-Zilla: The original Zilla was an iguana mutated by the friends' tech divison into an imperfect clone of Godzilla. After it was destroyed by the military, the friends contacted some of their alien clients to mechanize and mutate Zilla even further to become the monstrous cyborg agent, Cyber-Zilla.

Space Godzilla: During a battle between Mothra and Godzilla, several DNA particles of the two monsters flew into space and into a black hole to create a powerful agent of Aku, Space Godzilla! This kaiju is extremely dangerous, and has control over all kinds of daimonds and crystals. Space Godzilla is used by the Friends during world conquering missions, though not when Godzilla is involved.

Evil Kamen Riders: One of the only reasons the friends haven't given up on the Kamen Rider universe is that unlike in the Power Rangers universe there are more than a few evil Kamen Riders, be it from being brainwashed since birth (Shadowmoon), being crazy (Ouja), a corrupt cop (Scissors) or a thief (Gaoh).

ClientsBowser: The king of koopas was the son of Morton Koopa, Koopa Emperor, who asked the Friends to grant him and his son powerful dark magic so that when this Mario "feller" would come by, they would be ready for him. Bowser did face off against Mario afterwards as kids, and then as adults, to which the plumber won every time. Nowadays, Bowser regularly tries to defeat Mario, but always loses. He ends up sort of coming off as Pete's Non-Disney counterpart due to his bungling nature, but also as Maleficent's counterpart due to his dark magic and suprisingly good plans. He may not be a part of the Inner Circle, but he works well with them anyway. He's currently The Big Bad of his own court of Friends known as the Koopa Kingdom. But outside of his kingdom, he is often seen working with Ganondorf, and is considered to be his right-hand man.

  • One one or two occasions, the Friends have granted Bowser the ability to become Giga Bowser, a monstrous kaiju version of himself. Dry Bones Bowser is a zombie clone of Bowser made by the Friends to guard Maleficent's dungeons.
  • His children, the Koopalings and Bowser Jr., take great pride in their father, as they work with him all the time as agents. Bowser Jr., meanwhile, had his magic paintbrush given to him by the Friends.
  • His Wreck-It Ralph counterpart works for the High Council by being a part of Bad-Anon.

Mistress Nine: She was a minor Friend from the "Tau Ceti Star System" nearby the other side who came to Earth in order to help open a gateway for her master, Pharaoh 90, a major Friend in black spheroid form, so that he may destroy the planet and collect the souls of all humanity for it's growing power. At first, Mistress 9 seemed to be doing well in her plot by destroying the High Council's artifacts and gaining the soul of Sailor Mini Moon for the Friends. What she didn't count on was Sailor Saturn's power of free will, which led to both her destruction and the demise of Pharaoh 90. Not long after Chaos was defeated and the world of the sailors was finally saved from evil, Mistress Nine was degraded into that of an agent, to become Bowser's "loyal", if not scheming, wife of the koopa kingdom.

Plankton: No buts about him, Plankton's a hopeless case to the Friends. Every scheme he makes was in fact a plan to get on Aku's good side. But they all fail miserably. Although that last caper with Plankton controlling the entire souls of Bikini Bottom with his mind control helmets WAS a pretty good plan, though it too failed horribly. Right now, he serves in Bowser's Koopa Kingdom as The Evil Genius.

Dr. Eggman: He asked the friends many times for plans to create his robot soldiers, but he's too pathetic a client to actually defeat Sonic and ascend to the inner circle. A version of Dr. Eggman in the a.o.s.t.h universe, Dr. Robotnik, is by far, the worst version of Eggman to ally himself with the friends. most notably due to his pathetic minions, failed schemes, and just plain ridiculous behavior. does the word "pingas" mean anything to you?

  • However, there is a future version of dr. eggman, Nega Eggman, who's quite more ruthless and efficient at collecting souls for the friends, and has been rewarded with a dark master position.
  • His Wreck-It Ralph counterpart works for the High Council by being a part of Bad-Anon.

Sephiroth and Jenova: Jenova was an Arch-Demon sent by Unicron and Xehanort to collect the souls of the Cetra on Midgar, while Sephiroth was her evil humanoid son who made many deals with the Friends including dark magic, sentient clones of himself, his large katana, and nigh ultimate power. He almost succeded where his mother could not in practically destroying the universe and Lifestream, but his destruction at the hands of Cloud foiled that plan for the Friends. Even though he was able to resurrect himself using the souls of his remnants, Sephiroth ended up getting destroyed again, where upon death, he became a Dark Master agent and was designated as The Dragon to Bowser and Mistress 9.

Katz: Katz is a rare breed, a creature who loves to just kill people. The Friends have provided him with demonic spiders, magic cookbooks, and and transformation tools so he can sadistically torture and kill anyone unlucky enough to cross his path. He's especially good because he provided souls without wanting anything in return.

Father: The son of the more respected Grandfather, he might not be as effective as his out-of-commission pappy, but he's still one vile piece of work, gleefully tormenting children on his Earth. He has several friends in the Congress, which is why it's such a Crapsack World.

The Joker: While the Joker is one of Aku's most successful associates in collecting souls with his smilex gas and killer toys, there was one time when the Friends granted him the powers of a god in order for him to join the Inner Circle. Unfortunately, that plan failed when Joker was defeated by Superman using his own obsessions against him. To this day, Joker remains as an associate to the Friends due to his off-beat nature... and because even they fear what he might do if they get on his bad side.

Professor Screw-Eyes: This villainous ringmaster wanted to collect as much fear energy from children with his Circus of Fear, which made him a valuable client of the Friends. Dark magic skills, the various assorts of monsters in his circus, and of course his dumb-down pills were made in part with the Friends, making him a sort of twisted combination between Mr. Waternoose and Dr. Facilier. Eventually, the Friends claimed his soul when he failed to turn Rex and his friends into Dinosaur Heartless.

Gruntilda Winkybunion: An incredibly powerful witch, she and her sisters were led astray from Mumbo Jumbo's teaching by the promise of even greater power. She has been pumped so full of dark magic that she has literally lived off of it for the last few years, surviving even as her body rots away.

Edmund Blackadder: Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh, was the least favorite son of Richard IV. Desperate to pull himself from the shadow of his father and brother and rule England for himself, Edmund swore that he would one day be king, no matter how long it took. Upon his death, Edmund was granted the gift of reincarnation by the Friends. The family of his squire, Baldrick, was cursed for his accidental role in the death of Edmund, and all future Baldricks would be nothing more than filthy, ignorant morons obsessed with turnips. Throughout the centuries, Edmund, under the guise of Edmund Blackadder, would plot and scheme to seize control of England, and then restore the British Empire in his name.

Shocker: a terrorist organization whose leader made a deal to be able to make cyborg soldiers and to be able to turn his generals into man-animal monsters called Kaijin. Two of the cyborg soldiers managed to escape, and fought the organization by transforming into the cyborg heroes called Kamen Riders. They seem to have lost the trust of the friends for accidentally creating some of the High Councils best warriors especially after the Kamen Rider Decade incident.

Drake: This evil penguin was subconsciously manipulated by the Friends in nastiness over time. Once his castle came down and crushed him, the Friends claimed his soul.

  • His two skua servants were agents sent by Aku to watch over Drake and guide him across his evil path.

Ivan Ooze: A wisecracking client of the Friends, he made deals concerning his ability to summon Tengu warriors, have purple lightning, and have ooze powers. Funny thing is, he's from an alternate version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' world, as he was freed by that universe's Rita and Zedd to destroy Zordon and the Power Rangers. Obviously, he turned on the villains and took over the Moon Palace. After his destruction at the hands of a unforseen comet, the Friends were willing to let this all-powerful slime ball stick around as a Dark Master.

Jareth the Goblin King: The definitive arch-enemy of the muppets, he made a deal long ago with the Friends for unsupassed dark magic and control over goblin soldiers borrowed from Maleficent. His incident with Sarah in the 1980's and continued encounter with Toby showed the muppets that he was the villain they should face against. Nicky Holiday, Doc Hopper, the Muppet version of Long John Silver, the Skeksis, and Rachel Bitterman were all his evil clients, working to destroy Kermit the Frog. Jareth serves as a Dark Master alongside the Inner Circle.

Megabyte: The Friends programmed Killabyte as an experiment to take over the Net, but was captured by the Guardians. The Friends then sent an upgrade to turn their creation into Gigabyte which escaped to Mainframe and was split into Megabyte and Hexadecimal. The Friends lost contact with their creation at this point until Megabyte went on the World Wide Web and found them web surfing for evil schemes. The Friends then upgraded Megabyte with shapeshifting powers in order to try again with taking over the Net. He's making good progress so far, having seized control of Mainframe immediately after being exposed, so he gets to keep his cybernetic soul.

Freddy Krueger: Already being irredeemable before he died, Freddy was going to contact the Friends on his own, when the parents of Springwood bombed his house. In the blaze, the Friends came to Krueger, who accepted the powers promised to him without hesitation. With his new powers, Krueger eagerly set out to slaughter the children of Springwood. Despite being killed several times, his already dead status saved him from being collected until he attempted to escape his universe and cross into Earth Prime.

Emperor Gruumm: Once he was captured by SPD Commander Cruger, Gruumm was sent into a black hole, where he could never escape. Unfortunately, it was a wormhole, and the other side lead to the Disney Universe. The Friends were impressed by his long record of conquest and slaughter, and made Gruumm a leader in their armies. A ruthless warrior, Grurmm hopes to revenge his last humiliating defeat by his arch-nemesis, Doggie Cruger. When the Power Rangers' world seperated from Disney, Gruumm was stuck on the wrong side of the closed rift. Gruum set about a plan to rebuild his flagship, the Magnificence. He had it outfitted with a stolen wormhole generator, having learned the powers of wormholes. On his return, he rebuilt his empire, and rallied the armies of evil in Zedd and Dark Specter's names.

Thrax: Just before Rita and Lord Zedd were purified by Zordon's dying wave in the Non-Disney universe, the Friends placed their son, Thrax, in the Disney universe to keep him safe for future dealings. Needless to say, Thrax became a good client for Chernabog with his hatred for Zordon keeping him around. The Sentinel Knight, unfortunately, sealed the wicked alien away in a space can similar to how his mother was imprisoned in the Fox universe. Thrax was eventually able to escape and unite all of Chernabog's current Power Ranger villain clients together to capture the Corona Aurora, a rare gem from the High Council. He did manage to defeat the Power Rangers before the Sentinel knight destroyed him for good. But since Lord Zedd was now in the Non-Disney Inner Circle, he decided to let his son stay around as the elite general of the Heartless corps.

The Shredder and Krang: In any universe involving the turtles, a Shredder counterpart will always be there to antagonize them. The very first shredder, the "Tengu" Shredder was actually Chernabog's dark armor form causing terror in Japan. The Ultrom Shredder was an alien who assumed the name of Shredder to become a Dark Master, and the 1987 Shredder was by far the least effective out of ALL the Shredders in the universe, although his framing of 1987 Splinter WAS a pretty good plan to the Friends. Krang, Shredder's fellow villain from the 1987 universe, was also a client for the Friends, in the fact that he got his robot exoskeleton from them.

  • The Ultrom Shredder was a particularly juicy client as he was not only a mighty warrior, but also an excellent Evil Overlord. As an alien criminal, he actually managed to pay off most of his initial debt, but regained countless new ones in his fight with his ninja turtles. His defeat and exile to a frozen asteroid would have been the end of him, but the friends decided to give him one last chance, and offered him a place in the inner circle if only he would destroy every turtle in the multiverse in return. He almost succeeded too, but a timely intervention by Beebop and Rocksteady thankfully ended his attempt once and for all. Given his high standing among shredders though, the friends might yet give him a 3rd chance to defeat the turtles.

King Mondo: One of Dark Specter's evil clients, Mondo's deals were to rule the Machine Empire, gain a steady army of robot minions and monsters, and have dark magic skills to boot. When facing off against the Zeo Power rangers, he fails every time he makes up a scheme to destroy them, although there have been one or two times he has succeeded. After Dark Specter was destroyed, King Mondo and his family, Machina, Sprocket, and the servants, had all of their souls collected during Zordon's death wave.

Baron Ruber: This egomaniacal, greedy knight made a deal for power and sorcery with the Friends. Unfortunately, he didn't ask for extra intelligence, so he wound up defeated by the ragtag team defending Camelot. When he was destroyed by Excalibur, the friends collected his soul. However, Aku was impressed with his sheer, senseless brutality, so it's likely he'll be resurrected as an agent.

  • The dragons that had antagonized the Quest for Camelot heroes were agents created by Maleficent to invade Camelot at any point, though her own interests off world were far more pressing to her.

Daolon Wong: He asked the Friends for dark magic much like a lot of clients. But he was also successful in paying off his debt during the Talismans arc and Animal Chi arc. Although he is currently under arrest for trying ti take over the world, it might be possible for Daolon to join the Inner Circle once he finds his way out of the slammer. But with the massive amount of members already in the Circle, that seems unlikely,.

  • His minions, Gan Ren and Chuii, were soul-collected agents to Aku who were given to Daolon during a deal.

The Cat Creatures: Before they made their deal with Aku and Chernabog, Simone and Lena were actually pagan worshipers to a cat goddess, actually Mirage in disguise. Once Captain Moonscar killed off the other worshipers, the two ladies grew vengeful and asked Mirage for the ability to get rid of Moonscar and his pirate crew. The cat sorceress and Aku replied by granting them the ability to become brainless, mindlessly soul-draining, leopard snarling were-cats as part of their Jerkass Genie status. Once Moonscar was soul-collected, the dark power granted to the ladies corrupted their minds, turning them into pompously beauty-obsessed freaks, constantly draining souls to power their beauty and maintain their "eternal life". Jacques, the riverboat man, was recruited by the were-cats because he had a dark heart for youth himself. Eventually, Aku tired of the cat creatures and had all three monsters soul-collected during their destruction.

  • Of course, the victims of the werecats were transformed into zombies by the Friends as their curse. Part of the zombies' souls were trapped on this side, and would return to their remains to try and warn visitors to leave Moonscar Island before it was too late. As such, it's not surprising that the werecats' biggest supporter, Doctor Facilier, never made his own zombies, and instead used shadow demons.

C. Montgomery Burns: One of the Friends' longest-serving human clients, he's had great success in paying off his debt in exchange for an expanded lifespan. Most of the evil deeds he does in Springfield are unrelated to the Friends - he just enjoys doing them. But he's been good at paying off his debts, and the Friends are happy to have an agent of evil in such a high position of power.

  • In the Simpsons' world, another potential client the Friends found was businessman Russ Cargill. They gave him the power to turn the EPA into a force that would protect the Earth's environment, at any cost. Cargill used his power to seal Springfield in a giant dome, and remove it from the map, quite literally. When Cargill learned of how he would need souls to repay his debt, he put into action Operation Soaring Freedom: the destruction of Springfield and all of its' residents. Although Homer Simpson barely foiled this plan, Cargill wasn't planning on showing up empty handed, and tried to kill Homer and Bart before being taken down by Maggie. Since then, the Friends have mostly let Springfield be, as the town's own citizens are far too odd to be counted as potential clients.

Sideshow Bob: Still, one more client the Friends deal with in the Simpsons' World is that of Krusty the Clown's former employee, Sideshow Bob. A cruel, complex-planning schemer, Bob is one of the more tricky clients the Friends have to deal with. His attempts to kill Bart Simpson are based in part of revenge, but also in trying to collect his soul to the Friends.

Jason and Pamela Voorhees: After the death of her son, Pamela made a deal with the Friends to resurrect her son and make him a grown zombie maniac. But after his resurrection, Jason turned rogue and set out to collect souls, which he's not doing too badly at.

Lord Kass, Captain Scarblade, Mr. Krawley, and Razul: The four most terrible villains in Neopia, each of them was given terrible powers by The Three in exchange for a deal; Kass was given control over the Darigan Citadel if he could destroy Meridell; Scarblade was given dominion over the five seas if he could destroy Maraqua; Krawley was made into a powerful conjurer in exhange for... The destruction of Neovia; and Razul was made a god through the destruction of his own kingdom. Of these four, only Scarblade and Krawley have managed to escape repaying their debt to the Friends.

The Mysterious Stranger: A satanic counterpart to Chernabog in the MGM universe who believes the universe and the purpose of all life to be meaningless and nothing. He once faced off against Tom Sawyer and gave him some of his dark advice while killing off some clay figures to mess around with him. These days, however, the stranger serves as a neutral whom the High Council tries to give a wide berth from.

Johnny Bartlet: a client of the friends who in life had made a deal with them to become a soultaker when he died. He paid back his debt by going on a killing spree with his girlfriend in the hospital he worked at. When he died he did become dark master as the soultaker but had a probleam with the one man who could see heim Frank Bannister. He had fallen out of favour with the friends for actully not sending the souls to them as he was more concerned with the bodycount so when he was dragged to the after life the friends sent a snake archdemon to collect his and his girlfriends soul.

Megatron: This Megatron once served another Megatron, though the ambitions of this Megatron were even larger. His first attempt to satisfy the friends was to travel to the past and rewrite history. His reasons for doing this were threefold: to let his namesake retry his original deal with the Friends, to recreate a new timeline where the souls of the nonexistent maximals would be instantly collected, and to earn glory and a position within the Inner Circle as the best Megatron, YEEEEESSSS! He was able to bargin with Aku several times to survive the transwarp explosion, and later to gain his Dragon form. After that plan failed he begged for one last chance with the friends, which allowed him to escape during his return to Cybertron. In the ensuing time before the Maximals arrived again, Megatron used his newfound powers to actually conquer the entire planet and somehow succeed in collecting every single spark on the planet for the Friends. The friends were thrilled, especially at having a mind controlled droid army for ruthless efficiency later on. However, Megatron delayed delivery of the sparks because he wanted to learn how the Friends would use them for power. Megatron eventually succeeded in tapping into the power of sparks and would have ascended to Ultimate Friend status through supplanting Primus as an entity, if not for a certain Munky's Heroic Sacrifice. Megatron's death at that hands of Optimus Primal freed the sparks and the Friends claimed his spark in great wrath. This was not because they saw his success in taking over cybertron as insignificant, but because his Greed in choosing to withhold valuable sparks and Ambition to grow so quickly as irritable and the fact that he failed when he could have won so easily in the process as infuriating.

The Skeksis: These 1,000 year-old avian dark lords were in fact The Heartless to the wise and powerful Urskeks of the High Council, created by Jareth in his attempt to create potential clients for the Friends. The shattering of the crystal of truth was caused by Jareth himself. Upon creation of the dark crystal, the skekses immediately began to loathe the worlds and themselves due to their dark, splintered hearts, and sought to destroy Thra under their rule. To aid their goal, Jareth granted SkekSo, the emperor, and his followers eternal life through the ceremony of the sun and by draining the souls of gelflings and podlings alike. SkekZok, the ritual master, was the only one of the skekses who actually made more deals than the rest of them. They were all destroyed by Jen healing the crystal and the subsequent merging of Uru and Skeksis back into Urskeks.

Queen Gnorga: The leader of Maleficent's goblin and troll flunkies, she asked the friends for her stone-touch finger, and was good in paying off her debts with the ability to have her opponents Taken for Granite. She was ultimately destroyed by Stanley the troll's pure green-thumb power of good.

KOMPLEX: As said above, part of Mephistomon's soul escaped his body not long after his defeat. However, the demon digimon soon found a way to regain some sort of body by way of possession. How does this tie in with KOMPLEX? Well you see, Komplex was a sentient computer program that was created by Dr. Hopkins and his two colleagues, Dr. Wartimer and Dr. Croakley and entrusted to run their entire planet, the Toad Homeworld. Unfortunately, not long after activation, Mephistomon's soul possessed the program, made it malicious, and used its stranglehold on all things electronic to brainwash the entire toad race and mold them into an evil, fascist empire. To ensure that they would remain brainwashed, Komplex ensured that they would all watch mind-numbingly addictive Toad TV. Komplex's goal was to take over the entire Aniverse because Mephisto/Komplex wanted to collect more souls for his fellow Friends on the other side. Not only that, but it also has a frothing hatred of non-toad races. Mephistomon was finally destroyed as Komplex by being blasted with all of Bucky O'Hare's weapons.

Kang and Kodos: two aliens who act as associates for hexxus and the friends, they usually operate in the halloween episodes involving outer space to try and conquer earth. most of the time, however, they act as executioners who get rid of evil counterparts to the simpsons and the friends who fail to collect souls in time.

No-Heart: A long-time ally of Queen Beryl and Aku, his deals for dark magic and shadow demon control have mutated him into a shadow being similar in appearance to the Horned King. His evil plan was to corrupt wayward souls into becoming clients for the Friends and destroy any feelings of good in the process.

    Friends on the Other Side, part II 
More Clients and agentsThe Evil Masked Figure: After his arrest at the hands of Scooby Doo, Dr. Jonathan Jacobo asked the friends for the chance to seek his revenge on the Mystery Inc. gang. Aku gave him the Randamonium and Monster-maker book to begin his plot to bring forth all the monsters of the past as monstrous agents of the Friends. Jacobo was eventually abandoned once his plot failed miserably.

Zig Zag and One-Eye: Zig-Zag asked the friends for his somewhat minor Black Magic, while One-Eye asked for his ultimate war machine in the final battle. Neither one was able to pay off their debt in time, and had their souls collected once they both died.

Piedmon: A psychotic digimon clone of It created by Apocalymon to lead the Digimon Dark Masters in conquering the Digital World, Piedmon was one of Aku's more successful allies in collecting cyber-souls for the Friends. He was eventually destroyed by MagnaAngemon's gate of destiny attack, sending him to the other side permanently.

Queen Beryl: Formerly a good witch who learned her magic from the High Council, once King Endymion set his sights for Princess Serenity, the jealous Beryl contacted the Friends for a majorload of Black Magic to try and destroy the Moon Kingdom and the two lovers. They were also the ones who corrupted Endymion's servants, the Four Kings, into becoming evil alien minions of Queen Beryl. Even though she was able to kill off the entire moon kingdom, Beryl could not predict the resurrection time warp inducted by Queen Serenity to save everyone from soul collection dues, and was sealed away for some time in the Negaverse parallel to Negaduck's home, a.k.a the Other Side. Once Beryl managed to free herself from the Other Side, she was eventually destroyed by Sailor Moon and the souls of the other sailor scouts, leading up to her soul collection by the Friends.

Queen Metaria: A spawn of Chaos that was assigned to guide Beryl along her evil path, it hails from the inner core of the sun, which itself is a portal to the Other Side. She was the one who gave Beryl her dark magic and soldiers. Fortunately, Sailor Moon was able to destroy both Metaria and Beryl with her final attacks.

Majin Buu: The Friends created the unstoppable Majin Buu to serve the evil wizard Bibidi. Bibidi used Buu to destroy the Council of Supreme Grand Kais, the High Council's equivalent in that universe. But with every Kai he absorbed, Buu became less and less bloodthirsty, and with more potential to turn good. Bibidi was forced to seal his monster away, to await the time someone else could reawaken Buu's evil power.

Megatron G1: All though a well-known client of the Friends, Megatron asked for little more than his fusion cannon and the charisma to attract the Decepticons to him, paying off his debt with the attack on the Autobot city in the movie. Megatron met up with an actual Friend, Unicron, which led to his transformation into the evil agent, Galvatron. He was eventually defeated many times in the past, but the Friends allowed Decepticon worship of Megatron to spread. In the years to come, a criminal would adopt his name and lead the Predacons to retake Cybertron.

The Tripredacus Council and Tarantulas: the tripredacus council had all been megatron g1's best agents in the great war. Tarantulas was an agent of the friends assigned by the tripredacus council to watch over Beast Wars megatron and subtly guide him along his evil path.

Madame Gasket and Ratchet: Madame gasket was a powerful agent of the friends who collected the sparks of robots who fall into her chop shop. She would have taken over Robotropolis with the help of Ratchet if not for the efforts of Robby Copperbottom and his friends. As a result of being tossed into the furnace, the friends realized that outside of her home base, she had very little to offer, and so collected her soul, choosing to leave Ratchet hanging as punishment for his failings.

Warren T. Rat: Pretty much a pawn of the Friends, Warren T. was one of the Dark Forces's worshippers due to being an evil cat, of course. Warren wanted control and respect in New York, so he turned to the Friends to grant him some slight degree of intimidation over his cat goons, as well as a masquerade spell to make sure that the mice did not see him for what he really was. Warren tried to pay off his debt by sending his cats to attack the immigrant mice, but that lead to his downfall when they constructed the Giant Mouse of Minsk to scare him and his goons away. The Friends simply abandoned him in disgust and took off his debt just because they were that through with him.

Cat R. Waul: Warren T. Rat's friend from the Wild Wild West region of Mordor. Tried to destroy Fievel, but it did not work.

Emperor Malthazard: Malthazar made many deals with the Friends including his dark magic and ruling position in his kingdom, but was unable to pay off his debt. He did manage to escape soul collection when his kingdom was flooded and is currently on the run from Friend Agents who want him to pay up his dues.

General Mandible: The friends manipulated this soldier ant in an attempt to destroy this world. But once Mandible fell to his doom and was impaled by the stick, the Friends collected this insect's soul.

General Woundwort:

Overlord: Overlord covered most of the world with his Spiral Zone.

Vrak: Vrak is an old ally of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and the rest of the United Alliance of Evil, having battled against the very first Power Rangers during the 10,000-years-ago war.

Wayne Cramp:

Papa Lazarou: He made a deal with the Friends to have all the time he needed to collect his wives. In return, he gives him the souls of the people he turns into his circus animals.

Jenner: The Friends approached this genetically altered rat in the hopes of molding him into the perfect client. They played on his lust for power and jealousy on Nicodemus, until he was ripe enough for them to help him destroy the leader of the rats of NIMH. Jenner's sword was a gift from the Friends. Although the plan to kill Nicodemus worked, the Friends eventually collected Jenner's soul for not being able to pay back his debt, doing so immediately after he was stabbed in the back by a dagger thrown at him by his dying servant, Sullivan.

Ghetsis Harmonia: The Friends were impressed at how utterly inhuman Ghetsis is, so it wasn't hard to make a deal with him. Ghetsis has been given the ability to evolve his Pokemon faster and other oratory skills, so long as he makes the Pokemon world a darker place. Being a patron saint of abusive parentage and Fridge Horror, there's a good chance he will be promoted after death.

Raoul Silva:

The Wicked Witch of The West/Elphaba: The Witch of the West started as Elphaba Thropp, an idealistic activist who only wanted to help the underprivileged in Oz. But she was marred by a birthmark that left her with green skin, setting her apart from everyone else. The Agents spread distrust of her throughout the land, hoping she would turn to the dark side. Elphaba merely played the villain to hide from the Friends that her intentions had never changed, playing the role of Wicked Witch of the West to the fullest. Eventually, she faked her death and vanished from Oz. With her gone, the Friends were forced to find other ways in to Oz.

  • An alternate dimensional counterpart of Elphaba from the Disney Universe, known as Theodora, was a much less sympathetic case.

The Demons of Ignorance: When the Kingdom of Wisdom was originally the Land of Null, the Friends had agents stationed there to prevent any good from entering it, until they were driven into the Mountains of Ignorance by the founding king and the subsequent expansion of the kingdom. With the exile of the Princesses of Rhyme and Reason, the demons were brought back into action to prevent anyone from rescuing them and restoring reason to the kingdom.


Dr. Wily: Jealous of the fame his partner Dr. Light was receiving, Dr. Wily turned to the Friends for help. They gave him the tools necessary for turning the Robot Masters evil, as well as provide him with the very numerous robot Mooks and weapons in his arsenal. The very fact that he has managed to survive long enough to face off against Mega Man time and time again is thanks to the Friends giving him some sort of Invulnerability to survive even the most toughest wounds. Because of his genius intellect, he's currently partnered up with Dr. Eggman to provide new weapons and tech devices in the Tech Division.

Baron Dark: Wanted part of the Lightstar Crystal for evil's purposes. Whenever he touches somebody not pure of heart, he or she turns into a Skeleton Warrior. An ally of Skeletor.

Overlord and minions.

The New World Order: Disney Magic can do some weird things. When the world of World Championship Wrestling was briefly aligned with the Disney universe on the cosmic wheel, the Friends decided to spread some random evil there. Spotting the distrust of two new wrestlers from a competing company, the Friends decided to up the ante by promising them a third ally if they spread fear and distrust of who it would be. The Friends decided on the mighty Hulk Hogan, who had resented his lukewarm reception after two years at WCW. Promising him greater glory than ever if he sold out to them, the Friends molded the heroic Hogan, paragon of justice and freedom, into the self-centered and cowardly Hollywood Hogan. With this strong leader, the New World Order was born. It spread like a cancer across WCW, corrupting many wrestlers and nearly controlling the promotion at their peak.

Demitri Maximoff: Demitri intially made the deal to get back to the monster world from the human world. The Friends at the time detected there were no good souls in the mosnter world, only bad souls to make into clients. Demitri thus got his souls from humans he drank with his 32 rotten fangs. Ultimately, after defeating Pyron and claiming his soul, the Friends detected a pure soul in Felicia. Demitri and others were tasked to find this pure soul. Little did he know that more souls named Donovan Baine and Lei-Lei opposed him and protected Felicia's soul. Suddenly, Demitri went back home and was then sucked into the Majijen, encountering an agent, Jedah. Demitri claimed many souls, like Victor's, but then Jedah popped him like a balloon for blowing his attempt on Morrigan. He was revived as a low rank agent in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, but was destroyed again.

Lord Raptor: Lord Raptor made a deal with the friends to steal souls at his concert. After he was zombified, he promised to seek more clients. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Felicia, whom was found to be a pure soul. Raptor was commisioned once again to find this pure soul, but was beaten by Donovan. He went on the hunt for Felicia once more and exploded as punishment.

Homer Bedloe: Mr. Bedloe's continual attempts to derail the career and Charley and Floyd's train, the Hooterville Cannoball was more than just wanting to get rid of the old and not-so-often used locomotive. He tries this various times so people will have less transportation to the Shady Rest Hotel and Sam Drucker's General Store, two places used as reststops for the High Council.

Eustace Haney and Mother: Both of these ruthlees jerks were sent to bother the crap out of Oliver and Lisa Douglas by the Dark Forces for they knew the two had leagues with the High Council. Eustace Haney and his cheap deals was only the beginning of Oliver's torture, but when his own mother comes to take his wife, Lisa, back to New York, things just get worse for the pour new farmer.

Claudia: A client of the friends whose crave for more power would only be granted by the Dark Forces if she was able to steal all of the fair godmothers' wands.

Chip, Razor, and Tazer: These three aliens were sent by the Dark Forces to the Pearsons' vacation home to unearth the machine beneath it.

Prof. Callahan: Hitting on Elle Woods was not only for his own pleasure, but a mission form the Dark Forces to try and convert her over to their ways.

Mok Swagger:

Holli Would:

Blados and Chalis:

Master Xandred:




King Haggard:

Mrs Trunchbull:

Saturos, Menardi, Karst, Agatio, and Alex/Arcanus: These five tried to interfere with the lives of the Weyardians. But they failed once the Mars Lighthouse lit.

Baron Silas Greenback: Greenback was an Earth-bound agent of KOMPLEX. He failed numerous times at the hands of Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Ivan Ivanovich Sakharine: Sakharine is Megatron's Adaptational Villainy agent sent to get the gold from the past-sunk Unicorn. He was arrested by Thompson and Thompson. This is watched by Tintin.

Myzor, the King of War: Myzor is the King of War and Venger's brother. He is also the grandfather of King Zarkon and an enemy of Optimus Prime. He tried and failed to get the Starfire Ring from Vytor.


Hawk Moth: He wanted to help the Friends on the Other Side take over Paris by Akumatizing the people of Paris. Actually a lie, as his true goal is to bring back Emilie, his lost wife. The Friends guided him to the Peackot and Butterfly Miraculous and helped him get a manual, told him how to control Nooroo and let him do his thing.

Grizzle: An assistant of General Woundwort's, hating care and love as we know it.

Blackbeard: Weird laughs always have him on his mind to get Gol D. Roger's treasure on Laugh Tale.


KapuKapu: Many clones of this evil space cat exist as the villains's footsoldiers.

Slappy the Dummy:

Lawrence Limburger: An agent of Lord Camambert's.

Evil Edna:


The Hood: The Friends's main source for causing their disasters.

Fallout 3

Daniel Littlehorn: A manager of sorts within The Friends, who set up shop in the Capital Waseland, because The Friends knew if humanity was able to rebuild the capital of one of the most powerful nations to its former glory, it would be taken by the humans as symbol of order and good being restored to the ruins of The United States of America and cause them rally and unite against the evil forces that plague their world. With this mine, they tasked Littlehorn with finding the few unquestionably good aligned people of the Wasteland and putting a price on they're lives, as well as manipulating the other evil forces plaguing the D.C. ruins to help, including Talon Company, slavers, raiders, the super mutants, and The Enclave into battling the East Coast Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, who are lead by Elder Lyons, a student of The High Counsel that was convinced to turn his branch of the normally xenophobic and isolationist Brotherhood, who were before only interested in keeping advanced technology out the wrong hands, into a full fledged force of good.

Talon Company: A group of mercenaries secretly formed by Littlehorn, who were tasked with handling Friends' missions in the Wasteland, that were too tough for regular raider, but too sophisticated for super mutants.

The D.C. Supermutants: After hearing about experiments done with a substance known as "The Forced Evolution Virus", The Friends discovered it can be used on human test subjects, to turn them into ogre like abominations, with naturally higher aggression levels, at the cost of significantly reduced intelligence. Knowing this, they coordinated their efforts with Dr. Braun, to makes shore one of his Vaults conveniently housed super mutant production facility using a particularly strong strain of F.E.V, located at what would be The D.C. ruins. With everything in place, The Friends soon enough had an army of super mutants who Littlehorn was able to haphazardly organize and train them enough to hold up in battle against the Powered Armour clad Brotherhood of Steel. On top of having an army to battle The Brotherhood, the mutants also routinely slaughtered many innocents and dragged many other to Vault 87, where they were converted into more Super Mutants to boaster their ranks. Unfortunately, at least one of them managed to hold on to his sanity and go on to become a powerful ally of good.

Dr. Stanislaus Braun: Braun started out as just another human scientist with a sadistic streak. But sensing the upcoming nuclear war, Braun saw the opportunity for the ultimate experiment in sadism: The Vaults. He made a pack with The Friends, to give him the connections and resources to construct the program, which would evolve louring unsuspecting humans, seeking shelter, into hundreds inescapable facilities, where they would be put through all manner of social experiments. With everything from genetically harvesting child soldiers and forcing human sacrifice, to simply pumping psychotic drugs in the ventilation system and sabotaging the door to let radiation seep in. Tempted at prospect of taking all the souls that would parish, they accepted. After the horrible deed was done, the finale part of the deal was for him to be trapped in a virtual reality, in vault 112, with an assortment of the vault residence, where he would be free to play god and torture them as he pleased, for hundreds of years to come. But eventually. after two hundred years of playing his sick games on the innocent, a Lone Wanderer put a stopped to him after Braun tried to include him/her and his/her father in his sick games. After hitting the fail safe to Mercy Kill the residence, Braun was left trapped all alone in his virtual world, with no way to escape. Though he has been incapacitated for now, The Friends are still impressed by the success, of Braun's Vault Program and still see use for his him. But for now, they are content to leave him in his self made prison.

Roy Phillips: Roy was one of many humans turned ghoul, following the Nuclear strikes of the great war, who were doomed as to a life of being treated as a mindless zombie and forced to reside in the underground. In state of utter fury, her asked the friends to give him the charisma to not only assemble his gang of fellow ghouls, but the to maintain the admiration of the people, no matter what horrors he inflicted on the Ghoul hating human population. Seeing the hatred in the ghouls heart, the friends accepted his proposal and gave him the resources he needed to storm Tennpenny Tower, one of the few bastions of civilization, in exchange for taking the souls of the residence, whether they let them in peacefully or not.

Mr. Burke: Mr. Burke is a mysterious and highly skilled agent and spy of The Friends, who was sent to insert him self as number two to a Allaster Tennpenny, a wealthy figure in the DC wasteland. Their he manipulated Tennpenny into planning to set off the un-exploded bomb in Megaton, after the people were evacuated. Mr. Burke on the other hand, had a more sinister purpose: to claim the souls of the towns people for The Friends, while adding even more chaos to the unstable wasteland, by destroying one of the few bastions of civilization and hope. Also, he really wanted to see the explosion

    Neutral Parties 
The Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont: A shaky Anti Hero, the Phantasm is a Neutral party in the war as she is too noble for the Dark Ones to corrupt fully, however her sense of justice when taking out mobsters doesn't particularly mesh well with the High Council's idea of justice, so they do not let her in with the Justice League. Andrea may have fallen into vengeance during the caper surrounding her, but her sense of morality will continue to provide some sort of protection from The Joker's twisted machinations.

Boddy Manor: It's hard to choose who is the true evil force in this situation, whether it be the guests - Miss. Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, and Mr. Green - those killed who are indeed just spies for Mr. Boddy - Mrs. Ho, the fake Mr. Boddy, the Cop, the Motorist, Yvette, and the Singing Telegram Girl - or just the real mastermind, Mr. Boddy, or as he's known until the end of the night, Wadsworth.

The Daedric Princes: Generally evil beings of awesome power, the Daedric Princes will share their power with those who please and serve them. Many of the clients see these tasks as demeaning, but the Friends and Inner Circle see their value and send clients to retrieve them. The servants of the High Council are also searching for them, but in order to destroy them instead.


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