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Although it is a main given that the war between the Friends and the High Council mainly take place in the worlds of Disney, other companies also have a similar war going on themselves. Although the High Council may be centered in the worlds of Disney, there are others who rank among its heroes.

High Council leaders

  • Primus: A being of comparable power to Zeus, Primus is Unicron's greatest enemy. He is so devoted to the cause of order, that he fashioned himself into a planet and created a race of mechanical beings - The Transformers. Whoever he chooses to wield the Matrix is the second highest authority in his universe.
    • Optimus Prime: The greatest Autobot of all, the various Optimi of the Transformers multiverse are inspirational leaders and great warriors.
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    • Optimus Primal: One of the few non "Primes", this "munky" nonetheless showed to be an excellent leader, especially during his fight in the past. After his Heroic Sacrifice he earned a full place on the High Council.

  • Paarthurnax: An ancient dragon born of Akatosh, and the younger brother of Alduin, one of the highest ranking Friends. Although Paarthurnax used to serve the friends and had committed numerous atrocities while in their service, he later realized what he had done was wrong and helped the people who were enslaved by him and his brother fight back. After the ancient war, Paarthurnax secluded himself atop the highest mountain in his universe and spent thousands of years meditating, and even helped a new hero defeat his own brother. He now teaches aspiring heroes for the High Council, and gained much trust and respect from them for being able to redeem himself and overcome his innate violent nature.

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  • Arceus: The creator of the Pokemon universe, he is a being on the same level as Zeus and Primus. Other than a tantrum he threw, he's a respected member of the High Council.

  • Lord Darigan: A surprising choice to be a member of the High Council, Darigan is still feared and hated by Neopia due to his unwilling corruption by The Three. However, before this, he was a leader only seeking to restore peace to his people, and after his resurrection, is working with Meridell to restore their kingdoms from the two terrible wars. As such, he is an expert on the tactics of the Friends.

  • Amaterasu: The origin of good and mother to all of life, she is a benevolent sun goddess who takes on the form of a white wolf to fight the forces of the friends in the world. She is a respected member of the High Council.

  • Galadriel: Originally known as Artanis, Galadriel was once a royal elf and was gifted the ability to see into the hearts of others and powerful telepathy. Using her talents for only pure means, Galadriel tests the hearts of recruits for the High Council.

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  • The Royal Knights: Although many of their alternate universe counterparts are Knights Templar or evil, the original thirteen Royal Knights serve the High Council. They are paragons of honor; shock troops that the High Council sends in when nothing else is working.

  • Princess Nia Teppelin: After her horrid death at the hands of the Anti-Spirals, the High Council decided to restore the Spiral Princess to life. In her Ganmen, the Solvernia, she works alongside the Autobots (and SG Decepticons). In a sad twist of fate, she is unable to return to her home universe. Despite this, she solders on; Much as Simon served for the Dai-Gurren brigade, Nia serves for the High Council, using her Spiral energy to fight the Friends, including the Anti-Spirals. She is also a negotiator for the high council; her kind nature makes it impossible for the others to argue in her presence.

  • Simon and Kamina: Born underground they have always felt they where ment for more in life, this had been proven right when a giant mecha piloted by a beastman (the race who the Friends originally wanted to do thier dirty work on this world) came crashing through their village, earlier that day they dicovered another mecha whom Kamina dubbed Lagann. Since then with many allies they deafeted most of the enemies the Friends could throw at them. However this wouldn't allways be the case in Kamina's final living battle agianst a beastman general he would die, leaveing Simon to finish the job by himself. Years later Simon became the leader of his friends and allies, somthing that would be pushed to the edge when facing the Anti-Spirals. The Anti-Spirals tried to discourage Simon, make him doubt himself. Even make a false Kamina to drive it home. But with encourgement by the real Kamina he concluded his friends with allways live with him. And with a final blow he ended the Anti-Spirals form his universe. Simon later grew older and passed peacefully. But like the Friends The High Council knows great talent when they see it and even after their deaths they made Kamina and Simon some of their head generals agianst the Friends which has been very troublesome for them, Giving whole new meaning to their catchphrase "Just who the HELL do you think we are!?"
    • They have recently been joined by the spirit of Lord Genome. Former anti-villain, Lord Genome is glad that he no longer has to suppress humanity, and has been welcomed in by the High Council for guidance.

  • Jack: Aku's greatest enemy, Jack is a swordsman whose skill is unmatched. He fights on for the good of the multiverse. Unfortunately, he refuses any offer by other council members for automatic Time Travel on the grounds that This Is Something He Has To Do Himself. Nonetheless, his leaders, the Royal Knights continue to hold out for the day when Jack does return home and stop Aku once and for all.

  • Hylia: A member of the High Council in the Nintendo Universe, Hylia was once the guardian of the world of Hyrule and its wish-granting treasure, the Triforce. She guarded the Triforce from anyone attempting to steal it, knowing the dangers should the Triforce fall into the hands of the corrupt, or worse, the Friends. In an attempt to gain the Triforce, the Friends gathered up a large demon army and invaded Hyrule. Led by the Demon King Demise, the demons brought devastation to land and nearly driven the inhabitants to extinction. Left with no other choice, Hylia had to gathered up the survivors on a crop of land and send it towards the sky, while she remained to fight off the demons with the remaining tribes. Eventually, the goddess was victorious, and the demon king was sealed away into the earth. But she had suffered heavy wounds from the battle and was unable to use the Triforce to destroy Demise for good due to her divine status. To ensure the permanent destruction of Demise, Hylia orchestrated a plan to train her chosen hero in the distant future, creating a spirit named Fi to guide in his journey to earn the Triforce and bring peace to the land. To further motivate her hero, she decided to sacrifice her divinity and be reincarnated into a girl named Zelda...
    • Link: The Goddess's Chosen Hero. There are many Links in the history of Hyrule, varying in terms of appearance and personality. Each of them are silent (except one), chivalrous (except one), bear the Triforce of courage, and are energetic.

  • Rosalina: Another member of the High Council in the Nintendo Multiverse, she is the kindly gaurdian of the cosmos, she watches over the worlds young and old, when a world, star, galaxy ect. becomes too old and dies she makes sure it knows peace in it's final moments before a new one takes it's place. She is very good friends and allies with Arceus and gladly watches his multiverse when asked. Unlike other High Council members in her postion she began life as a mortal who was facinated in interplanetary travel, one night she discovered a small creature inside, a Luma (i.e a baby cosmic body). It was frightend and didn't know where it was she comforted him and told him his friends would pick him up soon. Nights past and there was still no sign of anybody coming, later together they made a spaceship and travel among the stars, she soon dicovered more Lumas and cared for them. During this time she wanted to return home to the Mushroom Kingdom, one of the Lumas wanted to help so he transformed into a cosmic observatory to see her homworld, but to her unfortanate surprise her mother had died and was buried by the tree next to her home, she was shaken up by this and refused to believe it. The Lumas dicovered this and proceeded to comfort her. From that act of emotion and caring she made it her personal duty to take care of the Lumas. She with their help modified more and more making the observatory more into a home for them (it was even modified for deep space). Through this the High Council wanted to help and with their magic made her up too the task, but they accidently gave her alot more power than they origianlly intended making Rosalina more along their heights. Since then she has watch over all the cosmos for imbalances and threats by the friends, especially Bowser and his involvement in the Sailor Moon Universe.

  • Commander Shepard: Quite possibly the biggest badass in the Milky Way Galaxy, Shepard is one of the few people who could stop the Reapers, horrific, mechanical monstrosities made from melted down sentient life that can wipe out the entire Multiverse if not stopped. He serves as a loyal, reliable, paragon who works for the High Council. Possessing great charisma, Shepard is also strong motivator, and other than fighting the friends, he recruits new forces for the High Council. The Commander serves as Rosalina's champion, and was promoted to the High Council after his death to save the galaxy.

  • Raava: The spirit of light, who merged with a young man named Wan to create the Avatar Spirit in order to defeat Vaatu, her Evil Counterpart.
    • The Avatar: The human avatar of Raava. His duty is to master the four elements and use Raava's light spirit to guide the world to peace.

  • Captain Planet: The spirit of Earth incarnate, who specializes in fighting the more subtle forms of evil, pollution. However he is completely helpless against Hexxus.

  • The Ellimist: An ancient being fused into the very fabric of reality, easily the most powerful force on the High Council. However his Friends counterpart Crayak is almost as powerful, forcing The Ellimist to focus on him 99% of the time. He spends the remaining 1% of his time shaping events in favor of the other council members.

  • Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and Champion of the DC Universe. Fights for Truth, Justice, and other stuff. He helps coordinates joint efforts of the High Council and the Justice League. He is the paragon of heroism for much of the multiverse,and he'd never had it any other way.

  • the Clan Macleod: A Scottish family with an unusually high number of Immortals in its history, no way the High Council wouldn't notice something like that. It was when Connor Macleod defeated the powerful Immortal known as the Kurgan, who had denied any aide from the Friends, that he was approached by the Council to fight for them. He was to be joined by his cousin, Duncan Macleod, his ancestor Colin Macleod, and eventually his descendant Quentin Macleod, who each proved their worth by defeating powerful Immortal clients of the Friends.

  • The Doctor: As the last Time Lord who has been fond of humanity for centuries and has defeated many agents of the friends, how could the high council not recruit him? he is best summed up by the words of one of his companions "He saves worlds, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures"

  • Philemon: The Anthropomorphic Personification of humanity's best impulses and desires for growth and hope.


  • Batman: The definition of Badass Normal within DCU, Batman is the brains and Guile Hero to Superman's Flying Brick powers and wisdom. He declined a position on the High Council partially because he wanted to stick to protecting Gotham and the DCU over other priorities, and partially because he saw that his Good Is Not Nice tendencies couldn't allow him a place among so many "Pure Heroes". Nonetheless, he remains the go-to-guy for corporate funding, Strategic assistance, and for infiltration missions against the friends.

  • The Mario Brothers: A ragtag, two-man team of plumbers, Mario and Luigi are reliable agents who get the job done. The bros spend most of their time in the Mushroom Kingdom helping others, but also participate in several sports to raise funds for the High Council. They are considered to be the arch-nemesis of King Bowser of the Koopa Kingdom

  • Power Rangers: This is a loose organization of Agents dedicated to fighting evil when it springs up in cities as a sort of crack team for fighting any Monster of the Week. As the years went by, membership has begun to seriously accumulate, so all team members with still active powers attend an annual meeting to plan how they might respond to a threat larger than any of their singular foes. With Humongous Mecha Megazords, they often get called in for the toughest fights against Big threats the friends might send.
    • Of all the rangers, Tommy Oliver seems to be the Defacto head of the rangers, though after his last mission, he's tried to insist that each team operate independently. Of course, having learned of the future, he's not as concerned about being "the best" for much longer.

  • The Digidestined: As Long as There is Evil Digimon, chosen human children have arisen to defend against them. Several different groups of these chosen kids exist, but each is committed to defend both the real and Digital World against any evil Digimon.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: "The fastest thing alive", and Dr. Eggman's prime enemy. Sonic is the best High council agent to get things done FAST without using any machines. Sonic's never alone in his work though. He always has his Kid Sidekick Tails, Aloof Ally Knuckles, Amy, Cream and the rest of his team to help him whenever he needs them.

  • The Sailor Scouts: as long as chaos remains in operation, so too will the high council's finest agents in japanese middle-school girl uniforms be there to take her down one spawn at a time. their leader, serena tsukino, might not be the brightest bulb on the light display, but like sora, her use of the power of love is astronomical in measurements, which is why the high council keeps her and her inner senshi friends around to take down the forces of the friends whenever they should arrive.

  • Bob: Programmed to protect the Net from Fiend-programmed Viruses. Accompanied by Glitch, he does what he can to assist the High Council in Cyberspace.

  • Looney Tunes: This collection of cartoon characters, despite their joking nature actually make excellent soldiers due Rule of Funny giving them complete control over the enemy.
    • Bugs Bunny is the leader of this team: a Guile Hero with excellent talents and a cool attitude. He openly flaunts any enemy attempts to defeat him, and enjoys every moment.

  • The Assassins: Elite agents of the highest order, the Assassins have foiled the schemes of the Friend's agents, the Knights Templar, since before recorded history, and will continue to do so as long the Apples of Eden exist.

  • Starfleet: The United Federation of Planets was created with help from the High Council and its Starfleet continues to be an important source of agents.

  • Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived was recruited as an agent shortly after his defeat of Voldemort. He is now the new leader of the Order of the Pheonix and continues to fight those who are a threat to both the wizard and muggle communities.

  • Hsien-Ko After losing her mother to the Friends, she became a Jiang-Shi and mosnter hunter thanks to the High Council's effort. She initially misheard them and hunted down neutral souls like Rikuo and Bishamon. However, when she targeted a good soul, Felicia, she and the High Council told her to only take on evil monsters, not all mosnters, as Hsien-Ko was a fellow monster! Ultimately, she defeated Pyron, and later Raptor. She was later brought to the Disney universe to take on Galactus and the friends.

  • Reimu While Gensokyo doesn't have much evil in it, Reimu is part of the High Council to maintain the balance between the balance between Youkai and Humans.

Miscellaneous Members


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