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Obligatory Roster Guesses for Sequels










Some characters will be animated by Arios-san.

Segata's judo throw doesn't make enemies explode twice because he's holding back to avoid killing his allies.

The Germans Love David Hasselhoff trope will affect the roster
  • The fact that the sequel is already slated for a western release before being released in Japan shows that there's a sizable enough fanbase in the west, so the devs might put in some characters that appeal more to the american audience instead of focusing solely on the japanese audience.

Kiryu and/or Ryo will lampshade the fact that they could play Virtua Fighter in their respective games when they meet the Virtua Fighter characters.

Segata Sanshiro will only be a Solo Unit when there are Sega characters around.
When we see footage of him as a Rival Unit, he’s using his special attack on Chrom, Dante, and Ciel Alencon. We don’t see him attack any of the playable Sega characters, and there’s no evidence suggesting any were around at that time. If the only characters he sees are from Capcom, Bandai Namco, or Nintendo, he will fight them. This will continue throughout the entire game.
  • That's just a horrible idea plus it was already revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2015 that Segata can be paired up with both Chrom and Lucina. If anything, his role is probably going to be like Sanger in the game.
    • I'm not saying you'd only be able to pair him up with Sega characters. I'm just saying that he'd only be willing to work with the main group if there's Sega characters around. He'd work with characters from Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Nintendo if that's what the Sega characters want, but he wouldn't exactly be happy about it.
      • Jossed.

The Cross Gate found at Akihabara in the first game will play a major role in the Banpresto Multiverse.
Now that the Cross Gates have a more active plot in the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series thanks to 2nd OG, and Coffin of the End, and with no SRW representatives in Brave New World because they'll probably be busy with The Moon Dwellers, Project X Zone 3 will deal with alien invaders who will try to destroy the universe with heavy usage of the Cross Gates.

Seems pretty straightforward. Phoenix and Maya can take down enemies here thanks to power gifted from Morrigan. Phoenix and Maya can also beat a lot of tough enemies in MVC3, which implies the power has stuck with them for whatever reason. Also, while it doesn't prove this theory right, Morrigan's special quotes towards Phoenix in MVC3 don't indicate if it's their first meeting or if they've met before.

If both Project X Zone games do well enough, it will lead to Namco × Capcom getting an Updated Re-release on the 3DS, both in Japan and in America

If there is a Project X Zone 3, they will finally include Sengoku Basara
By the virtue of combining the Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Oda Nobunaga with the Sengoku Basara Oda Nobunaga. Both versions fell into the Demon King Nobunaga trope, so they might become a Composite Character, furthermore with how Basara runs on Popularity Power and Basara!Ranmaru wasn't exactly a popular character, but we already have Sakura Wars!Ranmaru. Therefore, they might be actually saving Sengoku Basara for the third PXZ.
  • A more dramatic and possibly funnier variation would be if Sakura Wars!Ranmaru is working with the Big Bad of 3 in order to resurrect Nobunaga, the resurrection would be completely successful, but the one who comes back would be entirely from Sengoku Basara. It has been established that the world of Sakura Wars is an alternate timeline from the main universe most of the other characters are from, and the discrepancy would be entirely from Sakura Wars!Ranmaru never at any point specifying that he wanted his Nobunaga resurrected, not just a Nobunaga. Basically a case of semantics going against the demon bunny. Though, the Composite Character idea could still be used in this case if 3 incorporates the Onimusha series......

If Project X Zone 3 is a thing, there will be a fallout within the party just like the ZEUTH VS ZEUTH scenario
A few examples woul be Leon VS Chris, X VS Zero, Chun-Li VS Charlie Nash or the Illuminati, Yuri VS Flynn, Jin VS Heihachi VS Kazuya, Kiryu VS Majima, and Zephyr VS Vashyron just to name a few.
  • Might as well add in Sakura vs. Erica into the mix if the villains manage to play their cards right and properly provoke them.
    • Could also serve as a possible scenario where girls fake showing opposition to each other and do a surprise ambush on the villains as the original series established that despite their love triangle-based rivalry, they are still cooperative teammates in the same line of assault forces foremost.

If Project x Zone 3 happens, anthropomorphic characters (Sonic and Sally, etc.) would appear on the heroes' side of the roster.
Who knows? It could happen. The developers probably looked at fan requests for characters for the second game and might add some Anthros in the third one because of fan requests. I don't see why not.

If Project X Zone 3 becomes a thing, the opening of the series will not be another anime type opening but instead it will be like Super Robot Wars opening.
Rather than more still shots or just slight animated cutscenes, the opening will be very dynamic to show off a lot of the action that can be done in-game.

Both the Portalstone and Ouma's gods are part of the Kadoam Hakaam.
Now that Super Robot Wars: Original Generation The Moon Dwellers has made the first game canon, it's now reasonable to speculate whether Ouma is part of an organization that worships the Kadoam Hakaam and if the Portalstone is a part of said race of giants. Especially since Ein, Drei, and Due have rings at their backs.

If they do Project X Zone 3 a new character will be Reiji's partner instead of Xiaomu who will be unplayable and more of a mission control character.
Because she will be pregnant with her and Reiji's child.

Saya and Saya from Super Robot Wars UX are the same person and Byakushin was related or possibly created using elements of Kali Yuga.
Both Sayas are a Banpresto/Bandai Namco originals with the same name and Both Kali Yuga and Byakushin are essentially deities voiced by Naoko Matsui. Super robot wars multiverse itself are implied to be connected with each other (which includes Project X Zone) and Saya's line about "this body is no good either" during Project X Zone 2 implies that her body after she got resurrected in Endless frontier are not her original body and she probably had died several times before Namco X Capcom. Something probably happened after the event of Super Robot Wars UX which caused UX's Saya and the remnants of Kali Yuga to be transported into Namco X Capcom universe which then found and retrieved by Ouma. UX's Saya body are probably got reversed enginereed (she is an artificial human after all) into an artificial fox-human hybrid (which allowed Saya to come back from the dead after the end of Namco X Capcom) or her body and consciousness fused with some kind of Fox Spirit after her jump to Namco X Capcom universe which resulted in Namco X Capcom Saya.

Mii Koryuji is secretly the CEO of Shinra.
Given her Big Good status in the first game whose bloodline is tasked with defending the Portalstone and also leads the heroes against Oros Phlox, as well as her absence in the second game, and the fact that her family's company, Koryuji Holdings, is affiliated with Shinra, it's quite possible that she and her family are the true founders of Shinra and that Reiji and Xiaomu have been taking orders from her privately throughout the second game.

Kogoro Tenzai is actually a Strider.
Just think about it. The two Project X Zone games are filled to the brim with ninja characters. What if Kogoro is training to become a Strider like Hiryu?

If Project X Zone 3 happens, Persona 5 will get representation
With Joker and Crow as a pair unit, and Oracle or Queen as a solo unit since Project X Zone seems to have an unspoken "no furries" rule in regards to playable characters that would rule out Morgana. Skull and Panther could potentially also appear as a pair unit. The other Thieves will possibly appear during the story as NPCs.

If Project X Zone 3 happens, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem will receive more representation
Likely in the form of Rex and Pyra/Mythra as a pair unit and Malos as an enemy in the case of the former, and either Corrin and Azura or Alm and Celica as a pair unit for the latter.

The series will go beyond Video Game Characters for a sequel