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    Project X Zone 
  • The game's opening qualifies. For specific moments:
  • When you finally get Phantom back into your party and do Haken and Kaguya's MAP attack, Rocks suddenly starts.
    • Oh it's get better: A few words from Haken was practically awesome before the music starts: "Let the Super Robot Wars begin!"
    • Sanger considers the Gespenst Phantom as a Worthy Opponent. Considering the number of badasses in this game, that's pretty impressive.
      • Remember, Sanger was one of the Aggressors, the guys who wrote the book on Mecha combat in their universe. The Gespenst is the paper they wrote it on. Sanger knows what a Gespenst is capable of. Even better? The Gespenst Phantom's blueprints is from an Alternate Universe, specifically Shadow-Mirror.
    • Kaguya gets one when she makes a Kyosuke-esque quote: "If something blocks our way, we have to cut our way through it!"
  • A really subtle one: Yuri, Tales of... series most badass protagonist, picks a fight against Sanger, Super Robot Wars' series most badass character. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny personified!
  • Prologue 3. Sanger appears and when Jedah starts making some speeches, Sanger makes him shut up! And listen!
    • Just before the fight begins, Kaguya blesses Sanger's katana to give him a better chance at hurting the demonic forces they're about to face. It turns out Sanger's connection to his sword was so powerful, that blessing allowed it to take the form of the Type 3 Colossal Blade we all know and love.
  • Chapter 39: Dante's response to Jedah telling the party to tearfully accept salvation?
    Dante: Devils never cry. Someone who can't cry asking us to tearfully accept our salvation? Don't make me laugh, devil.
    • Jedah gets two Shut Up, Hannibal! moments handed to him and both are equally epic on their merits.
  • And now one for the three companies themselves. Why? This game's averting No Export for You, that's why!
    • To put this in perspective, due to how international copyright works, the rights for every piece of intellectual property appearing in the game had to be renegotiated with their Western handlers, some of which had no official ties to the game's publishers. That they not only made the effort, but succeeded in getting the rights for everything but a few music tracks, is downright phenomenal.
  • In Chapter 29, after Iris appears and X calls for someone to relieve them while he protects Zeronote , Ryu remarks that, in that moment, he definitely felt a spirit within X. What makes this so awesome, specifically from Ryu? Because X has the ability to use the Hadouken, Ryu's signature, spiritually-based technique — and in X's hands it is leagues more powerful. Considering the rest of the chapter is Zero's (Surprise, surprise), for X to be acknowledged like that by Ryu was great to see.
    • This doubles as Heartwarming when you remember that a human soul was what Dr. Light truly wished for X to have — as well as the fact that X and especially Zero were finally able to attain some closure over Iris' death and the traumatic events of Mega Man X4.
  • At stage 21 when you get Chris, Jill, and Rikiya, you are surrounded by a lot of zombies. The thing is, Chris and Jill are ten levels higher than the (initial) enemies surrounding you. Get Busujima to increase your attack and watch the mayhem as enemies try to attack you, only to get curb stomped.
  • Finishing off a villain with the hero of their respective series, especially with a Limit Break.
  • How do you survive falling from mid-air especially after being catapulted by a revolving cannon? The answer:
  • The Gain Ground levels. Especially the music. If that doesn't make your hair stand on end, check your pulse.
  • At the start of Chapter 17, "Operation Crackdown", Kurt Irving shows off his colonel credentials and proves exactly why he is leader of the Nameless squad when he leads the entire party and what they're supposed to do. Considering half of them consists of characters who would rather do whatever the hell they want and that they're a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, that's impressive. Lindow even notes this after the title card.
  • Morrigan casually taking out Toma's brainwashing moment like it was nothing.

    Project X Zone 2 
  • The opening of the game where it really looks like an The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Some of these include:
    • Reiji and Xiaomu's Back-to-Back Badasses moment against Saya and Sheath's own front to front badasses pose with all four pointing their guns towards each other.
    • Dante and Haseo take on a Vajra, then both decide to use their respective Super Modes, Dante with Devil Trigger and Haseo with Skeith.
    • Yuri confronting Zagi with Metal Face joining in.
    • Goro Majima, Ulala, and Leanne rescuing Phoenix Wright and Maya from Nemesis.
    • June, Ryo, Strider, Hotsuma, and Hibana facing off against an assorted army of Mets, Kamitaichis, and other assortments of enemies.
    • Chrom and Lucina's pose in front of the Cafe Chateau surrounded by entire army with two helicopters as a spotlight.
    • Captain Commando firing Captain Fire against Pyron, and Kite VS Azure Kite.
    • Ryu punching Vega/M. Bison while Akira elbows Dural.
    • Yuri, Chrom, Ichiro, Dante, Haseo, Demitri, Ryu, Jin, Akira, Hiryu, Hotsuma, Kazuma, Chris, Ciel, Zephyr, X, Fiora, KOS-MOS, Reiji and Xiaomu leading the charge against Byaku Shin in the climax.
  • The very inclusion of Segata Sanshiro counts as one by virtue of his sheer badassery. His entire debut chapter is devoted to showing how awesome he is, from a required fight against him where he judo-throws and you explode to him throwing Yuri and Flynn to rescue Estelle in a special cutscene.
  • Some of the new Special Attacks and Multi Attacks count as this.
    • Do you remember the awesome finishing move that Dante and Vergil used on Arkham? Well it's back and better than ever as the Special Attack.
    • Jin and Kazuya's Special Attack is the opening of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. You know the one.
    • Zephyr and Vashyron's Special Attack is a recreation of their fight from the opening of Resonance of Fate, and this time, we see Vashyron lading the Coup de Grāce on his opponent.
    • Ryu and Ken's new Multi Attack is a double Hadouken.
    • Kite and Haseo's Multi Attack has Haseo transforming into his Skeith Form to lay the smack down.
    • The end of Chrom and Lucina's Special Attack recreates the box art cover for their game, only this time, Lucina is not wearing her mask.
    • Kazuma and Majima's Special Attack ends with Kazuma giving the opponent one final kick, drawn in the graphical style of Yakuza 1's cover art.
  • Heihachi, Majima, and Kiryu pull off a Big Damn Heroes moment on Phoenix and Maya when the both of them were surrounded by a horde of BOWs. Especially Kiryu where he blows up the damn van to take out a group of them.
  • Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey both deserve props just for being active party members. When they're introduced, they're surrounded by zombies and flee when Reiji and Xiaomu's crew begins to clean house. When they find themselves in the Demon World with the group fighting B.B. Hood, Morrigan offers to give them the ability to fight on par with the party by filling Maya's magatama with her power, and they agree. Remember that neither of them have any sort of combat experience in their home games and they still accept it. That takes serious guts when you're dealing with an assorted multiverse of villains and monsters.
    • The fact that Phoenix is even in the roster deserves a mention: M. Bison is afraid of him because Phoenix can give him a guilty verdict. He had to go out of his way just to hire B. B. Hood to kill Phoenix.
  • Yuri already got one when he and Estelle fought against Sanger in the first game. This time, alongside Flynn, he gets to fight Segata Sanshiro. This time around, the fight doesn't end in a draw. And Yuri wins.
  • Pai gets one when she manages to sneak behind enemy lines and destroys the Mook Maker in her debut appearance.
  • Hiryu gets one when he suggests doing the exact same thing they did in Namco × Capcom: use the catapult to launch themselves to the ship. And everyone who had to do it in Namco × Capcom can vouch that it does work because they already did it once.
  • Zephyr and Vashyron get two moments for their Special and MAP attacks - the camera work and cinematic feel replicate their source game more faithfully than any or Pair Unit in the game! Backing them up is the beautifully produced Beginning of Eternity.
    • Schmucking Ciseaux into giving up one of the pieces of 99? Pretty cool considering the guy's a Butt-Monkey. Schmucking him while wearing reindeer costumes? Priceless.
  • Ryu destroys Bison's brainwashing of Ken and Estelle by beating it out of them - he uses a Red Focus Attack to parry Ken's Guren Senpukyaku before retaliating with a Shin Shoryuken.
    • Note that Ryu doesn't even touch Estelle. That one Shin Shoryuken is enough to completely shatter Bison's concentration, and he completely loses any mental link he had with either of them for good. And considering he stopped you from shattering it earlier through your regular attacks just by calling them back to him and revving up the psycho power, that means that Shin Shoryuken was more powerful than any attack in the entire game. Think about that.
  • Chun-Li's Declaration of Protection where she will protect Xiaoyu and Ryo, who could fight but are still just high school civilians, when Shadaloo, Ouma, and a lot of enemies decided to target them both.
  • Chapter 25: A CMOA for Phoenix Wright. He points out various lies in Ouma's declarations and deduce that the chains aren't Oumas' doing since they appear in worlds they haven't set foot in yet, pointing to another secret use to the golden chains. Then, after the team starts collecting the various unknown pieces scattered around the stage, Saya says that it's no big deal since they disappear once scattered, which Phoenix replies that both Saya's henchmen were quite in a hurry to retrieve them, leading him to deduce than once assembled, the pieces won't vanish anymore.
  • In Chapter 38, Ryu and Ken finish off Bison with a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shoryuken, and a double Hadoken.
    • Kiryu and Majima also get bonus points for their actions as well. Bison made the mistake of attacking Kamurocho, and the hometown boys made sure the Dictator paid dearly by joining Ryu and Ken. Where does the final showdown take place? The Millennium Tower. Making this more awesome is Kiryu and Majima's Badass Normal status when compared to the Street Fighter cast.
    • Majima gets to read Bison the riot act:
      Majima: You don't get it, do ya, Bison. A "great town"? That's what we are to you?
      Bison: What?
      Majima: Listen up, shithead. You know what you'll find in Kamurocho? People. The pretty, the ugly. The strong, the weak.
      Kiryu: ...
      Majima: And of course, the funny...and the scary.
      Bison: What exactly are you trying to say, yakuza scum?
      Kiryu: He means you don't know a damn thing about our town...and that your little bad-guy game is just about over.
      Bison: ...How dare you.
      Majima: It's the sad, sad truth, Mr. Shada-Lunatic. Time to pay up.
      Kiryu: Because you owe the people of Kamurocho a lot for what you've done.
  • Stage 28 has the villains igniting the Singing Symphony ship and attempt to kill off the heroes. Segata's plan? Put out the fire by walking towards the fire physically and take damage while this music plays throughout the entire stage.
    Segata: In that case, we ourselves shall become the Burning Rangers!
  • Haseo taking Skeith back and gives out a live demo of his powers by killing off all four of the enemies that spawned on top of the Dragonturtle by himself. The Terror of Death is back!
  • KOS-MOS and Fiora's first meeting has them briefly converse using each of their Split Personality to get a handle on the situation. Given their source material and what happens in those- plus the use of "Engage the Enemy" in the scene- it will send chills down your spine. And quite possibly make you tear up from nostalgia.
  • The final battle, which is a massive slugfest in and of itself: the entire party is pitted against the last remnants of Ouma with Saya, Sheath, Dokumezu and Dokugazu protecting the massive Byaku Shin, whose plans at dominating the multiverse as a god are nearly coming to fruition. In addition, they are aided by the villains who have survived up until that point: Pyron, Metal Face, Sigma, Ranmaru and Kamuz. The fight is set to the main menu theme, New World Project, giving the feeling of a true, final battle to determine the fate of everyone involved and inspires you to lead your party to victory.
    • Reiji's final words to Saya when she's defeated in the final chapter and she tries to get him to pity her.
      Reiji: Go to hell, Saya.
  • In the ending, despite the Sega Saturn's 1990s Internet, Segata Sanshiro manages to log onto The World by virtue of sheer awesomeness, leaving Kite and Haseo astonished.
    • An understated moment for a series that only a crossover could allow: Haseo actually meets his predecesor Kite after only knowing Azure Flame Kite.