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Let's face it, a crossover game like Project × Zone has to be packed with these.

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    Project X Zone 
  • Chapter 29 is where you must save Zero from his Heroic BSoD? It's called "Unbeatable Love". If you follow the Japanese version of the series, you might have known that it's another translation of its title sung by Yukie Nakama.
    • The entirety of that scene is one big Shout-Out to Iris's death scene from Mega Man X4, even reusing some of the scene's lines such as "Iris, there's no world just for Reploids, it's only a fantasy", and of course, "What am I fighting for?!"
  • The Japanese version's chapter titles for when Gemini, Erica, Ogami and Sakura joins up references which game they debuted in their series.
    • Stage 6 is titled "The Banner of Love on the Skyscrapers", where "The Banner of Love" was SW3's opening song ("Ai no Mihata") and where Erica first debuts; the "skyscrapers" refers to one of Gemini's lines "To the rooftops... Bang!".
    • Stage 9's "To Scatter Evil, To Exemplify Justice" is a line from the first game's original opening song "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan".
  • Opa-Opa, the Space Harrier guy and Scooter show up to help Ulala with her attacks.
  • Devilotte gets assisted by mecha from Side Arms: Hyper Dyne and Tech Romancer. She also ends her attack animation with a Blodia Punch.
  • Reiji and Xiaomu's intro is exactly like Rom Stoll from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, with the asking who is it and show yourself. To be fair, Reiji's a walking, talking Rom Stoll reference anyway.
  • Stage 15 actually takes place in the setting of the old Sega action-strategy game Gain Ground. In fact, the supercomputer from said game can be seen before the stage begins. Stage 17 is based off Gain Ground's first boss stage.
    • Also, in said stage, Xiaomu at one point refers to Lady as Mud Puppy, a character in Gain Ground who also happens to carry around a BFG.
    • Speaking of old Sega games, Stage 17's "Operation Crackdown" is a reference to the game Crack Down, where you play as agents planting explosives. To drive the reference further still, the explosives used by Kurt and company look exactly like the ones used in said game.
  • The game's opening parallels that of Namco × Capcom's.
  • Pair up Lindow with Dante and Demitri and Dante comments that Lindow's Red Right Hand is a God Hand.
    • In Dante & Demitri's post battle conversation with Lindow, Dante mentions Lindow's right arm would be good for throwing demons, something Nero from DMC 4 could do; who coincidentally has an arm kind of like Lindow's.
    • Sänger's post-battle conversation involves Dante suggesting Sänger that he should become a hunter, with him replying that he likes the sound of "The Sword That Smites Demons". Demitri replies that he knows another hunter with a ridiculous-looking sword, referring to Donovan.
  • Pair up Reiji and Xiaomu with Bruno, and Reiji will ask what kind of weapons Bruno uses, with Xiaomu responding with the Die Hard Arcade (Dynamite Cop 1) commercial.
  • When Jin and Xiaoyu rejoin the party, Jin and Heihachi try to kill each other. Xiaoyu says, "Why, Jin? So much blood! So much vengeance!"
    • Alisa calls Jin a refrigerator, Xiaoyu then corrects her calling him a warm refrigerator, Jin has no idea what they're talking about: this is another reference to Blood Vengeance.
  • When Rikiya Busujima reappears, he ends up outside a zombie-infested mansion. He tells Jill and Chris to be careful, because it's House of the Dead. Followed immediately by the chapter title which reads exactly what he just said.
    • Rikiya gets taunted by Lord Raptor when he's warned to prepare for zombie revenge.
  • Zengar Zombolt / Sänger Zonvolt has allied himself with Browning and Nanbu again. From a different reality, yes, but still...
  • In the Geo Fortress stage, when the party is attacked by Ciseaux, Vile and Phantom at the same time along with hordes of mecha mooks,note  Haken says that they are going to have a "super robot war".
  • In Jin and Xiaoyu's Special Attack, there's a part where Jin is performing Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to the enemy while they're pinned to the wall. That sequence is similar to one part of Jin's three-way fight with Kazuya and Heihachi in Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Funny enough, the poor recipient of that move during the movie itself was none other than Heihachi.
  • Sometimes when Ryu and Ken defeat an enemy, Ryu will utter his famous Street Fighter II victory quote - "You must defeat my Shoryuken* to stand a chance!" Ken follows it up with "There are also different kinds of Shoryuken, so you might take a while."
    • Ryu and Ken's left+A attack is directly taken from the final fight with Bison in the Street Fighter II animated movie: Ryu holds the enemy in place while Ken performs a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku on them, followed by Ryu performing a Shoryuken on them.
      • Their Shotoclone status is pretty much brought up in the game as well. Winning with Batsu as their Solo Unit will make him utter the victory quote he used in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom regarding their fighting style being similar to Shimazu Karate*. Starting a fight with Ulala as their Solo Unit will make her interview Ken while pointing at Ryu, causing Ken to wonder why he and friend are always being mixed up.
      • If Akira and Pai get paired up with Rikiya, the latter warns the former not to use martial arts that might shoot out ki energy. This is also another reference to the Shotoclone status of Akira in the Virtua Fighter series since he only uses attacks that don't involve the expending of ki energy.
      • Similarly, if you pair Bahn with Akira and Pai, he will offer to teach Akira his Dragon Upper, to which he happily obliges, causing Pai to dissuade him from Ki Shooting once more.
  • Pair up Valkyrie with Riela, and the former will advise the latter to "Use your gifts responsibly, it is the duty of people with great power." Just switch a few words around, and it's similar to the classic line delivered by Uncle Ben in Spider-Man.
    • Pair up Juri with Akira, and sometimes they will get into an argument about Tae Kwon Do. Pai, however, makes an offhand comment that she saw Juri shoot webs out of her legs.
  • Mii Koryuji's Martial Cheerleading.
  • Jill uses her double knee drop from her appearances in the Mercenaries games as well as her burning shoulder tackle and four-shot rocket launcher from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Her cartwheel kick is her charged melee attack from Resident Evil: Revelations. Chris, conversely, is using a combination of weapons from Resident Evil 5 and Revelations, including the unlockable Hydra shotgun and the Pale Rider revolver. He also has the Grenade Launcher from RE 5 and used it the same way as in his Hyper Combo in MVC3.
  • In the Ghosts and Goblins stage, Batsu mentions that the world sounds like "Constant. Meaningless. Death.".
  • After defeating Nemesis for the first time, Chris starts to repeat the Jill Sandwich line before being interrupted by Jill.
    • In Jill's Bio, it mentions that she is a master of unlocking.
  • When Valkyrie screws up and calls both Kurt and Riela as Kurt Seven and Riela Thirteen, Xiaomu wonders whether Riela is an assassin.
  • Frank's use of the Double Lariat and the Flash Kick with Hsien-Ko is a reference to Zangief and to Charlie/Guile, the only Street Fighter characters (Not counting the EX characters) to execute the former and the latter.
  • When Chris asks if the rainbow in the Endless Frontier is strong enough to support the entire party Xiaomu responds with this
    Xiaomu: "Yep. Could bust out a go-kart if you felt like it."
  • In one chapter, the party ends up at the bottom of a fortress (The Tarqaron). Since they had to climb up a bit, Bruno remarks how he did not wish to scale a building ever again. Both Dante and Lady aren't too happy having to deal with tall buildings either in following chapters.
  • A weapon you can acquire over the course of the game is the "Divine Implements". It is described as a sword, bead and mirror set thought to be lost forever.
  • The "Dead Rising" baseball bat attack is a callback to one of Frank's supers from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Most of the rest of his arsenal is stuff he could use in the original Dead Rising, although his flipkick from that game has turned into something a lot more like Guile's Flash Kick.
  • Shout-out Chapter Titles:
  • Item Shout-outs, in no particular order:
  • When Batsu says the Geo fortress looks like a video arcade Xiaomu requests to choose the first song, what is her first choice you may ask? Magical sound shower.
  • Xiaomu taps into her inner Phoenix Wright in her intro in the final chapter complete with an objection.
  • During Chapter 21 intro, Xiaomu suggests "Doctor Balrog's Misery" as a gate key phrase.
  • Whenever Arthur's origin is discussed, he is said to come from the world of ghosts and goblins.
  • At one point, the party has to break down a barrier. Once that's taken care of, Xiaomu says, "Yeah! Smash that barrier, space that harrier!"
  • When Juri joins the group, Heihachi comments he eagerly awaits her "sudden but inevitable betrayal."
    • Also with Heihachi, after a majority of the groups return to their home worlds, and the Portalstone is normal again, he mentions how he has no use for it and that the South Pole is looking more promising.
  • In Chapter 4, Reiji asks Chun-li how they arrived. After Chun-li's explanation, Xiaomu has this to say
  • The title of Chapter 34 "Is Paris Burning Again?" is a shoutout to the full title of Sakura Wars 3 with the official title "Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?".
    • It's also a real-life shoutout from the actual battle in the Liberation of Paris with the Allies (consisting of American troops, Free French troops and French guerrilla fighters alongside Spanish Republican exiles) against Nazi German-led forces (alongside Vichy Milice militia forces). During this time, Adolf Hitler supposedly asked military governor Dietrich von Choltitz if he followed his orders to raze Paris rather than allow it to be recaptured by Allied forces with the question "Is Paris Burning?"
  • Also during Chapter 34, Kite points out how the empty city of Paris is just another illusion.
  • Kill an enemy with Reiji, Xiaomu, and Saya and Saya may suggest that they team up and call themselves The Outfoxies: this is referring to an old obscure Namco arcade game that basically boils down to "Super Smash Bros. with guns".
    • During Chapter 16, Xiaomu also claims how she's one of Shinra's top "ghost chasers", likewise referring to a Japan-only SNES Banpresto game with the same name.
  • At the end of the Ghosts 'n Goblins level, Arthur holds the key to the huge gate they got from beating the Stehoneys and exclaims "Open up! I have a key for getting in!", a reference to the phrase mangled by translation in most of the games that pops up whenever you defeat a level boss.
  • After Juri gets tired of Seth and tells him she's gonna send his ass down to hell, Xiaomu agrees and tells him to say hi to cyberdemons when he gets there.
  • During the Chapter 5 intro, Xiaomu misremembers Kogoro's name as Mani Karabera.
  • There's one scene in Chapter 16 where Nobuyuki Hiyama plays several characters at once in a row, all with distinct voices - the yellow goblins suddenly appear, followed by a reaction from Haken, Batsu and Demitri, all of who were voiced by Hiyama, and Demitri even briefly lapses into goblintalk at the end of his line.
    • This happens again in the sequel, except Batsu and Haken aren't around anymore. Demitri still lapses into goblintalk.
  • Batsu sure enjoys referencing Rival Schools a lot.
    • When Mii asks about how Batsu is doing with his studies, Batsu mentions that he isn't being aggressive enough. It's the direct quote of Hayato Nekketsu's victory quote in the Rival Schools series, and Hayato acts like Batsu's mentor. Of course, Kogoro doesn't know the context.
    • When paired up with Gemini and Erica, they mention the Party-Up Technique which is three characters teaming up with the enemy.
    • When paired up with Akira and Pai and winning, he will mention that he knows another friend named Akira who also does a similar kung fu style. Akira says that he'd like to fight her at some point, to which Pai replies that cheering him on might be difficult.
    • He also likes to reference voice acting gags - he says towards Zero that he can do Cyclone Twisters, which is Roy's Burning Vigor attack. Guess who is Roy's voice actor.
      • Similarly, Jin comments that Batsu should change his uniform, prompting Batsu to reply that he reminds him ofhis discipline school committee head named Kyosuke. Guess who is Kyosuke's voice actor.
  • Alisa's victory quote with X and Zero involves her wondering what the difference between Reploids and androids is. X thinks that Reploids can't take off their head and asks Zero if he agrees, to which he offers no comment, referring to Mega Man X2 where Zero spent most the game in pieces that X had to collect.
  • Bruno's intro quote with Jin and Xiaoyu involves Jin saying how there's lots of weird detectives around, to which Bruno comments he's heard of one who spends most of his time rolling around on the ground, referring to Lei Wulong from Tekken.
  • Bahn's victory quote with Haken and Kaguya involves Kaguya saying how Bahn's fighting style reminds her of someone she knows, referring to Aledy in Endless Frontier EXCEED.
  • Saya's intro quote with Kurt and Riela involves her commenting on their numbers and deciding she's Number 99, referring to the final boss in Namco × Capcom.
  • The Cross Gate being used in the series goes way back in Super Robot Wars Alpha. Although considering The Reveal of both Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation and Coffin of the End involves the gates themselves, the Cross Gate found on Earth turns out to be a major bit of Foreshadowing for Moon Dwellers.
  • Pairing up Vashyron with Ryu and Ken will result in a conversation where the Ryu and Ken state that as an ex-solider, he should be launching Sonic Booms from his hands instead of using guns, referencing Guile from the Street Fighter series.
    • Similairly, pairing the two up with Imca will result in Ken saying that they can handle cars with their fists. Imca states that is impossible, but Ryu says it's rather common on their world. This alludes to the famous car-destroying minigame from Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV.
  • KOS-MOS escorting Seth in Chapter 19 of the game alludes to a character voiced by Mariko Suzuki escorting another character played by Akio Ōtsuka (who voices Seth) in Time Crisis 4.
  • As usual, Xiaomu's habit of calling her signature Containment Field "Xiaomu Wave" and one of her attacks "Xiaomu Zan" are ones to Dangaioh.

    Project X Zone 2 
  • During his attack animation, Captain Commando summons the assistance of Michelle Heart from Legendary Wings, Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit and the Colonel and Sargent Space Fighters from Exed Exes.
  • Some of the attacks Felicia uses come straight from her incarnation in Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter.
  • In Chapter 1, Reiji finally finishes Rom Stoll's Catchphrasenote  Only, he modifies it in that he says "he has no name to give to Ouma. Because they already know it anyway."
    • Really, half of Reiji's quotes are either references to Kyosuke Nanbu or Rom Stoll. It would take half of the page to quote them all. But here's a couple of them:
    Reiji: [During a Counter Attack] You came too close to me! (Kyosuke would say the exact same thing in 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG on PS3 during a counter attack.)
    • And another one, where Reiji quotes another series opening:
      Xiaomu: [After defeating an enemy] How did you like that? That was our latent power!
      Reiji: They were really weak! Where are the strong ones? (This is an almost exact quote from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos' second opening. Both quotes were changed for the Localization, probably for being too obscure.)
  • In Chapter 3, the team confronts Kazuya Mishima, prompting Reiji to try and negotiate with him. Upon being accused of this, Xiaomu brings up this lovely tidbit.
    Xiaomu: Well yeah. With that Devil gene of yours we'll want to contain you before you go full Tetsuo on us.
  • Xiaomu throws in another anime reference at the end of Chapter 5 after Chun-Li remarks about the weirdness of the team.
    Xiaomu: I didn't expect today to turn into Xiaomu's Bizarre Adventure... but at least we can hit the reset button.
    • Less than a minute later, there's another bout of Lampshade Hanging with yet another reference thrown in.
    Xiaomu: [to Chun-Li] Speak for yourself. Is there anyone except you at Interpol? No wonder that Carmen chick gets away every time.
  • In Chapter 16 when Urashima says that the Ignition Key is missing, Xiaomu asks that can't she do anything about it with "being aware of little recklessness" and "Ignition".
  • Xiaomu spills another one in Chapter 10 upon confronting V-Dural.
    Xiaomu: We've fought this one before. I guess it still hasn't found Sarah Connor yet...
  • Pair up Reiji and Xiaomu with Leon and Leon will say a modified version of Kyousuke Nanbu's Catchphrase, despite having no Super Robot Wars representative in this game.
  • Segata Sanshiro himself. Every one of his moves is a reference to his commercials. He even has a scene with Sakura that references his commercial for Sakura Wars 2.
    • His reaction when he realizes Demitri and Morrigan are supernatural beings is a reference to his House of the Dead commercial.
  • Xiaomu again, this time it's one of her casual in-battle quotes:
  • After Haseo mentions game event triggers in Chapter 12, Xiaomu has to drop another one,
    Xiaomu: Maybe one of the game triggers is one that will make Ingrid old, a crone-o-trigger!
  • In Namco × Capcom, Ken managed to snap Ryu out of the influence of the Satsui no Hadou with a Shin Shouryuuken. Guess who returns the favor when Ken is influenced by Bison's Psycho Power...
  • When Axel is introduced, he's in the middle of disarming bombs planted by his robotic clone, Break. The bombs themselves look exactly like the ones Axel and his friends had to disarm in Streets of Rage 3.
  • Hibana is introduced by crashing a Stealth Bomber right into the Balrog. This is similar to the first stage in Nightshade.
  • In chapter 18, Xiaomu drops yet another game reference:
    Xiaomu: Oh no! Are we suddenly in a maple story? A pine chronicle? A spruce saga?
  • In stage 28 at the Space Channel Ship, Xiaomu tells Ciel Alencon to go do a "Jyan Jyan Bari Bari!" dance, referencing her friend, Suzuka-hime.
  • Ryu and Ken finishing off Bison with a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, Shouryuuken, and a combined Hadouken is a direct Shout-Out to how Ryuu and Ken finish off Bison in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.
  • The theme from Burning Rangers plays when Segata Sanshiro puts out the fire in Chapter 28.
  • In the second to last chapter, when Sheath fully heals Nine Nine's damage if you damage it, Xiaomu asks is she using the Zeorymer's Dimension Linking System to cheat the same way.
  • Pair up Ciel and Nana with Leon and Nana comments that if Leon was working for Fenrir, he'd be using a New Type Charge Spear similar to Gilbert McLane.
  • Occasionally after a battle, Xiaomu will use the hot/iced coffee trick on Reiji.
  • In chapter 2, after Kazuma tells the heroes that he has access to guns thanks to a gunsmith, Xiaomu asks if they are two girls who like cats.
  • When summoned for an Assist during a battle, Xiaomu will sometimes say "A fox doesn't need a spaceship to be a star!" Referencing Star Fox.
  • When counterattacking, one of Xiaomu's pre-battle quotes is, "It's time for revenge. Let's attack aggressively!"
  • Two of Xiaomu's Assist quotes are direct references to Castlevania. First one is "Sure, I'll take you to a good place. Heh heh heh!" and the other is "Die, monster! You literally do not belong in this world!"
  • In the English demo, Xiaomu proposes having a boardgame party on the Dragonturtle Mk. I. Reiji sarcastically replies that clearly Chris and Jill came all the way to Japan to trade pretend sheep with them.
  • When Natsu asks about how the Balrog could fly, Xiaomu says that she shouldn't pry too much into it, answering that it could be something disappointing like "Midi-chlorians."
  • Jin and Kazuya's Special Attack has them punching the foe from both sides. It's referring to the opening animation for Tekken 6 where they're doing a Cross Counter.
  • Another one of Xiaomu's quotes is, "Total Carnage! I love it!"
  • In Chapter 6, when Urashima is cut off from the rest of the party but can still contact Xiaomu through her phone, she keeps answering with fake names and locations whenever Urashima calls her: one of them is "Welcome to Cheetahburger, home of the Action Fifty-Tuna Melt!"
  • While leaving The World, Xiaomu laments leaving so soon. "I could show off the skills that got me to the Painted World of Ariamis and back.
  • In Chapter 18, when the party meets Ranmaru, he demands to have the Demon Blade, which he needs to revive Nobunaga. Xiaomu assumes that "it's kept between Sphere of Odin and the Princess's Crown. A bit later on, Xiaomu further comments that she doesn't want to see what Nobunaga's Ambition is this time.
  • One of Xiaomu's win quotes is, "I like Reiji. But now, it's about justice!"
  • Another Actor Allusion for Leon: when paired with Ryu and Ken, he calls out the Hadoken and Shoryuken, before deciding it wasn't his style. Ryu says that it could have fooled him.
  • If Xiaomu fails to kill an enemy she's currently fighting, one of her end-of-battle quotes is "Welp. I AM ERROR."
  • In Chapter 5 after beating up Sheath, Xiaomu says, "Give it up, Usagi Yodumbo!"
  • Sometimes before a battle, Xiaomu might say: "Come on, Sir Cucumber, you must defend the Salad Kingdom!" Originally, this was a reference to the equally obscure Satoru to Eri no Yume Bouken for the Nintendo Famicom.
  • Team up Reiji and Xiaomu with Captain Commando, and Xiaomu can say: "I love your Power Gloves, they're so bad!"
  • At one point, Ryo wonders if Fantasy Zone is available in an arcade.
  • In Chapter 6, KOS-MOS detects that the place is unstable and they should leave soon, so Xiaomu says "Gotta go fast, got it..."
  • One of Valkryie's lines is, "Soar, O noble Icarus! Come! To embrace a magic!" Spelling out the first letter in each word gives you Sonic Team. This is even a recursive shout-out to the Burning Rangers song "Angels with Burning Hearts", which does the same thing: "Sight of night, I cheer to embrace a magic!"
  • Shout-out Chapter Titles:
  • Pai Chan uses one of Bison's quotes from the Street Fighter movie. "This might've been the most painful day of your life. But for Me, It Was Tuesday." Within the earshot of Chun-li as well, who was on the the receiving end of the quote in the movie, and she wonders why it sounded familiar...
  • The heroes catch the villains snooping around cyberspace and suspect that they were looking for a computer virus. Xiaomu says: "Oh, so your goal is to create a literal Saturday-night fever, huh?"
  • Upon meeting Axel, Xiaomu describes him as "looking like he's given a thug his final fight".
    • When Axel is paired with Ryu and Ken, Ken says Metro City has a crime problem and needs someone like Axel, and could introduce Axel to its mayor.
    • Axel mentions he wouldn't look good in a prison uniform, referencing his Final Fight counterpart Cody.
  • Xiaomu describes Dante as having sort of a demon's soul, but not an especially dark one.
  • Upon finding some other party members stranded in cyberspace, Xiaomu says she'd just quit if she found some lost vikings.
  • Upon first meeting Star Gladiator's June, Xiaomu feels fit to comment on the former's outfit. "Is that what they wear in Upper Hengsha these days?"
  • When the main team meets back up with Hiryu and Hotsuma, Xiaomu says, "I know those two ninja. They're a couple of bad dudes." To which Heihachi replies, "They look like they'd be more comfortable rescuing a head of state somewhere."
  • When teamed up with the main protagonists, Ingrid can say she has a lot of experience. Xiaomu responds by asking Ingrid what the latter's THAC0 is.
  • Pair up Estelle with Reiji and Xiaomu and both girls will state how gross green gels are, Xiaomu stating how she wouldn't "eat them hot or chilled or in a guild.
  • Pair up Ryo with Reiji and Xiaomu and she'll remind him of his father's alleged wise worlds "be attitude for gains".
  • At the beginning of the final level, the party notices that Sheath survived Nine Nine's destruction, to which Xiaomu complains that hopping off your ride as it plunges to certain doom shows moral integrity comparable to Italian plumbers.
  • If paired with Yuri and Flynn, Segata will state that they're the "RPG to enforce Justice", referring to Tales Of Vesperia's promotional tagline that every Tales game has in Japan.
  • Near the beginning of chapter 38, Leon complains that the video-game enemies currently attacking their real city feels "like living in a crappy Hollywood disaster flick".
  • In a chapter where the party has to make use of several catapults to make progress, Segata laments that he didn't bring one of the springs from Spring Yard Zone with him.
    • Likewise, when Valkyrie leaps off a catapult, Xiaomu volunteers to save her as the Low G Woman.
  • In the ending, when Reiji and Xiaomu step inside Demitri's castle and Captain Commando is glad that they made it, Xiaomu comments that she thought they were "uninvited, but then the shadow-gate swung right open. Gave me the weirdest deja-vu!"
  • In chapter 39, Xiaomu confronts Saya again and states how their "agents won't hesitate to give you an elite beat...right on the tush!"
  • In chapter 40, when Xiaomu first heard about the significance of Nine Nine, she says that they're either going to play an extended version of the Nonary game or...
  • At one point, when Xiaomu meets the Sthrom family who're after some treasure, she says "Treasure? Well, if you folks bring the sin, we'll supply the punishment!"
  • Pair Hiryu and Hotsuma with Phoenix and Maya and they have a discussion about hiding weapons in guitar cases. This goes two ways, referencing the Jammin' Ninja from Justice for All and Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, where Dante hides Rebellion inside a guitar case.
  • The heroes are in trouble in Chapter 20, and Xiaomu uses her phone to contact the Doctor. "Urashima! Listen! Hey! Listen! Hey!"
  • In Chapter 21, Xiaomu is trying to identify who Segata Sanshiro is. "Oh hey, is that... Crap, what's his name, Seedy-Eye Threedio?"
  • Segata gives a heartwarming shoutout to Namco's Katsuhiro Harada, director on the Tekken project, while teamed up with Jin and Kazuya, saying that "Harada-san, thank you for the wonderful games." Jin and Kazuya have no idea who the hell he's talking about, although the former notes that the name sounds familiar.
  • One of Xiaomu's battle intros goes: "The Irresponsible Captain Xiaomu, at your service!"
  • Upon reaching Cyberspace again in Chapter 26, Xiaomu says, "Why we could go anywhere! Fanelia! Quirm! R'lyeh!
  • When the group encounters Dokugozu in the Great Oak Tree, Xiaomu asks him if he's worn out from the great Zoo Race.
  • Xiaomu and co. end up on a beach. She breaks into song! "Hmm... 'The waves of time take me deeper into you... A haze as blue as summer skies.'" The lyrics are from Stars of Tears, a Xenogears song.
  • When Akira, Pai, and Kage-Maru are in a team together, each of them will recite a line from Akira's pre-asswhooping speech from the Virtua Fighter anime.
    Akira: People should neither bring harm to themselves, nor to others.
    Pai: That is the guiding principle of my martial arts!
    Kagemaru: But, this does not apply to those who have gone astray!
  • Team up Axel with Reiji and Xiaomu, and Axel thinks Reiji looks like he can fight barehanded. Xiaomu says, "Bring on the Streets of Reiji!"
  • When Haseo is introduced to the party and several characters comment on his excessively edgy character design, he replies, "I'm not bad, my PC's just rendered that way."
  • Pair Phoenix/Maya up with Sakura and Gemini, and Gemini will say that it must be exciting to be a lawyer and shout, "You are guilty!" which is Sagitta Weinberg's Catchphrase from Sakura Wars V.
  • Ken asks Phoenix if he'd like to work for his German firm. Phoenix immediately declines as he knows that would mean having to face Franziska Von Karma (who made her debut in Ace Attorney 2) again.
  • Before fighting a group of starfish-like enemies, Xiaomu goes "All right, everyone! You know what you doing! Punch starfish, for great justice!"
  • When paired with Ryu and Ken, Captain Commando mentions that Guy has joined the Commando team, referencing the fact that the Bushin ninja joined them in their team up moves in Namco X Capcom.
  • Ingrid claims she can't control her burning blood when paired with Chrom and Lucina, reminding the Fire Emblem duo of Owain.
  • When paired, Maya, Xiaomu, and Reiji each recite a line from the Steel Samurai opening, a Show Within a Show in Ace Attorney. This also works as a Stealth Pun, as Edgeworth, whose Japanese name is also Reiji, is a huge closet fanboy of Steel Samurai.
  • During one of the chapters, when KOS-MOS mentions she detects AIDA in the real world, one of the characters asks if her sensors are malfunctioning. Xiaomu retorts that if KOS-MOS stops opening pod bay doors they'll have to put her down.
  • During chapter 29 when the Shtrom family appears:
  • Also amongst Xiaomu's counter-attack quotes is Bokosuka Wars's "Wow! You lose!" Game Over message
  • Xiaomu may also say "Get out of here, you nerd!" when she and Reiji are called to support.
  • When Felicia is paired with Gemini and Sakura, the latter two will recite lyrics from their respective games' opening songs.
  • When paired with X and Zero, Segata wonders if they are Mega men or Rock men.
  • In the final chapter, Xiaomu says this Signature Line before the battle starts:
  • Leon's introduction chapter, "A Part of Me I Can't Let Go," takes its title from a line in Resident Evil 4, spoken as he's trying to explain his relationship with Ada to Ashley Graham.
  • If Leon is paired with Reiji and Xiaomu, she might state that she wants to "drop a CD in the chamber because music is the weapon", which Reiji considers a ridiculous idea.
  • In chapter 21, when Xiaomu suggests looking for inscrutable signs, the examples she brings up are "The dangling Fishwife" and "The Two-Tailed Fox".
  • At the end of chapter 4, after yet another round of trans-dimensional travel, Xiaomu complains:
  • At one point, Xiaomu says "Relax. Stick some bananas in your ears and practice your yo-yo or something." This is one of a bare handful of acknowledgements StarTropics has ever gotten in another game.
  • When paired up with Hibana, Xiaomu tells her to "set her shuriken to zero", to which she replies that she needs them with Reiji adding that life doesn't have cheat codes like that: this is a reference to a recurring Shinobi cheat code that involves going to the options menu, setting the default amount of shuriken to 00 and waiting a few seconds, which changes the 00 into an infinity symbol and thus gives you an infinite amount of them.
  • In Chapter 23, Urashima says she needs gold and silver to make repairs. Xiaomu mentions seeing "A Gold Cartridge Legend-Of-Something" in the game room. Nintendo fans know this is a reference to the Vintage Gold Cartridge The Legend of Zelda for the NES.
  • When confronted by Axel during Chapter 40, Saya calls him "Mr. Undercover-Cop".
  • Fail to defeat an enemy, and Xiaomu will occasionally say, "Being Xiaomuca is suffering".
  • In Chapter 41, when Sheath unveils her Mini-Mecha, Nine Nine, Xiaomu refers to it as a "waffle-ryebread thing", referencing the character Waffle Ryebread from Tail Concerto, who also uses a mecha in his game.