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  • Heritage of the Wolf:
    • Jenna's surname is "Jones".
    • Rosie's parents are named "Thomas" and "Evelyn".
    • Boris has the surname "Goosinov".


  • Royal Relations is a oneshot based on Charles Perrault's version of Cinderella. Cinderella's name is "Elaina" while her step-sisters are named "Lucette" and "Dominique".


  • In the fanfic, Like a Gentle Refrain, a few minor characters from the film finally receive names. This includes the Departures agent that Héctor tries to sneak past (Helena López) and the mariachi from the beginning of the film (Eduardo Vegaz).


  • Arad's Stardust gives Central, Dr Vahlen and Dr Shen first names (David, Moira and Charles respectively), missing the fact that the latter was already named Raymond in the game (though not mentioned in cutscenes). The name Moira has been canonized as Dr Vahlen's first name and now appears in theXCOM 2 database.
  • I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Become the Ultimate Defensive Hero: The Bofuri characters except for Maple, Sally (who were the only ones ever shown in real life) Syrup and Oboro (who are just animals) are named:
    • Iz: Isuzu Haganeno
    • Kasumi: Kasumi Kensei
    • Mai and Yui: Mai and Yui Kinniku
    • Chrome: Chumon
    • Mii: Kyouma Hououin
    • Shin: Shin Bunretsu
    • Frederica: Tamura
    • Velvet: Torako Raiden
    • Hinata: Hinata Karakuri
  • Codex Equus: The Emperor of Mankind had no name in canon. Here, he's given the name of Golden Scepter along with an Alicorn name, Auriolus Scaeptrum, which was given to him upon becoming Emperor of his first empire. However, he threw that name away after becoming disgusted with the many atrocities he committed under it, and has since readopted his birth name to distance himself from the Alicorns' various flaws and mistakes.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron
    • Rai's (first) name is stated to be 'Zephyr' by the rescued Galra prisoners. His mother and sister's names are Erina and Sophronia, respectively.
    • The same is true for the Lions, who are each given meaningful names by their respective Paladins.
  • Code Prime: C.C.'s name has never been revealed in any canon source. Here, it's Cera.
  • Dairantou Saint Zearth provides the name to quite a few of the Pilots' parents. An example would be Takashi Waku's father Ninten.
  • Miss Kittyis known by her Stage Name in canon. In Destiny's Kiss, she is named "Katherine".
  • In RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, the Big Bad is only referred to as Dr. Merlot. In The Devil Went Down To Remnant, he is given the full name of Movado Merlot.
  • Fairytales:
    • Snow White's prince is named "Bertram".
    • Cinderella's prince is named "Oscar".
    • The Beast is named "Henri".
  • Uncle, whose first name was never revealed in canon, is named Jin in J-WITCH Season 1. However, only his former girlfriend Yan Lin calls him by his first name.
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  • In Kindred, the Beast is named "Adam".
  • Power Rangers Clockwork gives the Amalgam from the original Skyrim mod Clockwork the name of "Aricin Velothi", as a result of the latter receiving a backstory before he was turned into the Gilded Amalgam.
  • Stars Above:
    • Stars Above (which crosses over Lucky Star with Puella Magi Madoka Magica), names Konata's unnamed co-workernote  Aya, after Aya Hirano (even though Ayano was already named after her and Hirano herself appears in the source anime and manga at one point each).
    • In an accidentalnote  example on the Puella Magi side of the same fic, Elise Robard might count as well, since Elise and her friends from the mobage scenario The Hollow Little Mermaid (one of whom made an intentional cameo by name) had no canonical surnames.
  • Universe Falls:
    • In "Peridot in the Wild", Celestabellebethabelle's fellow unicorns from "The Last Mabelcorn" are known as Barry and Maurice.
    • In part 1 of "Adventures in the Multiverse", the alien refugees Ford meets in the Nightmare Realm are given the names Yottos, Hocoh, Qharquains, and George.
  • Boldores And Boomsticks:
    • Lt. Surge's Raichu is named Sarge.
    • Plumeria's Salazzle is named Aisha.

Danny Phantom

Date A Live


  • In Zero 2: A Revision, all of the Digidestined's parents, even those that don't have a name in the source are given full names.

Dragon Ball

Ever After High

  • Queens names several backgrounders, such as "Lita Lindorm" and "Regina Eins".

Fairy Tail

Fire Emblem

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends


  • The Queen of Hearts:
    • The king and queen are called "Jonas" and "Matilda", rather than their later canonized names of "Adgar" and "Iduna".
    • Because the fic predates Tangled: The Series, Rapunzel's parents are called their fan nicknames "Thomas" and "Primrose", not "Frederic" and "Arianna".
  • The Royal Reunion: Agnarr and Iduna are named "Gaspar" and "Malin" because the story predates their names being canonized.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In Desert Gold, Scar's name is given as "Asad".
  • In Seven Names Of Envy Angevin, Father (depicted here as a human) is named "Theophrastus" for obvious reasons. This is also a little nod to canon, wherein Father suggested "Theophrastus" as a name for Hohenheim, who at the time was a nameless slave.
  • Phylactery has Mrs. Bradley, who was only known by her last name in canon, being given the name "Lily".

Independence Day

Invader Zim

  • For The Glory Of Irk:
    • In canon, the Tallest are just called Red and Purple. Here, those turn out to be codenames, with their actual names being Voel and Therron, respectively.
    • While in canon it's never even suggested that Dib's first name is anything else, here it's established to be a nickname, his actual name being Diego Junior. Which, by extension, reveals that Professor Membrane's first name is Diego.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • The host of Mysterious Mysteries was never given a name in canon. Here, he's christened as John Mysterioso.
    • When the hobo Dib talked to in the canon episode "Gaz, Taster of Pork" appears, he's given the name Hobo Joe.


  • Ultimate Misfits:
    • Pizzazz's mother is named Evelyn.
    • Techrat is named Terry Peters.

Kung Fu Panda

  • In the Kung Fu Panda 2 fic The Vow, Lord Shen's parents are named Lord Goa and Lady Jing, the Soothsayer is named Ah-Ma, and the Wolf Boss is named Zhan.

The Lorax

  • Fanfics of the 2012 adaptation of The Lorax tends to give Ted's mother the name "Helen".

The Loud House

  • What is a Person Worth?: The nameless kid who opposed Lincoln in the episode "Cereal Offender" is an important side character in this fic, and given the name Conner Pingrey.
  • Lincoln's Memories: Liam's canonically-unnamed sister is called Amy here, and the magician at Lincoln's birthday party is named Alexander.

Lucky Star

Metal Gear

  • A fan-translation of the Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake manual names Master Miller's ex-wife Nadine. The actual Japanese manual simply mentions that he's divorced and living with his daughter.

Mega Man

My Hero Academia

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • Chapter 4 of the sequel Diplomat at Large gives Ocellus's mother the name Stemma. Chapter 5 of Diplomacy Through Schooling gives her father the name Ommatidium.
    • Chapter 12 of the sequel Diplomat at Large reveals that Ahuizotl from the show is not actually a case of A Dog Named "Dog"; his real name is Teomitl.
    • Chapter 7 of Diplomacy Through Schooling gives Suburst's late father the name Sunspot.
    • Chapter 8 of Diplomacy Through Schooling gives Moondancer's sister the name "Morning Espresso".
    • Cadance's adoptive parents have no names or appearances in canon, other than being Earth ponies. When they appear in chapter 4 of The Diplomat's Life, they're named Caramel Lilly (mother) and Silver Vision (father).
    • Chapter 9 of The Diplomat's Life names Granny Smith's father as Sherwood Apple, after the maiden name of Maria Ann "Granny" Smith, a British-Australian orchardist responsible for the cultivation of the Granny Smith apple.


Persona 3

  • The female protagonist from Portable is generally given the names Minako (a feminine variant of Minato, the male protagonist's manga name) or Hamuko (made by splitting the radicals of the last character in "protagonist"/主人公 and interpreting them as katakana; i.e. ハム/"hamu" instead of 公/"kou"). Fans in Japan once used the name Kimiko (a pun on "kimi" also meaning "you"), but it has largely fallen out in favor of the other two.


  • The Captain of the Virtual Console names Red's parents, Rose and Glehn Spruce.
  • The Pokémon oneshot Confrontation gives James the full name of "James Miles William Roseworth". His rich parents are named George and Evangeline.
  • Denounce the Evils:
    • Jessie's full name is "Jessica Rosalyn Miyamoto". In canon, it's only known that her first name is "Jessica".
    • James is given the last name 'Sasaki' to match.
    • Miyamoto is given a Dub Name Change of "Jane Miyamoto".
  • Essence:
    • Charmander's trainer Damian is given the surname of "Ross".
    • Bill's surname is "Montgomery".
    • Lance's surname is "Wataru".
    • Wallace's surname is "Mikuru".
    • Erika's surname is "Mori".
  • Gym Leader Wiki:
    • Brock is named "Brock Slate".
    • Misty is named "Misty Waterflower".
    • Lt. Surge is named "Mayfield Surge".
    • Erika is named "Erika Aoyama".
    • Koga is named "Koga Shimizu". Similarly, his daughter Janine is named "Janine Shimizu".
    • Sabrina is named "Sabrina LaFay".
    • Blaine is named "Blaine O'Donnell".
    • Giovanni is named "Giovanni Pavesi".
    • Falker is named "Falkner Jausch".
    • Bugsy is named "Bugsy Silvestri".
    • Whitney is named "Whitney di Marco".
    • Morty is named "Morty Levin".
    • Chuck is named "Chuck Morris".
    • Jasmine is named "Jasmine Diamante"
    • Pryce is named "Pryce Howard".
    • Clair is named "Clair Lee".
    • Lorelei is named "Lorelei von Kleinheardt".
    • Bruno is named "Bruno Jacobs".
    • Agatha is named "Agatha Christiansen".
    • Lance is named "Lance Chevalier".
    • Will is named "Will Powers".
    • Karen is named "Karen Rénard".
  • In the Pokémon fic The Myamoto Project, James' last name is "Rochester", befitting his wealthy parentage.
  • The Pokémon oneshot Of Construction and Seduction gives Jessie's mother Miyamoto the surname of "Munasai".
  • Pokémon: Clefairy Tales takes Word of Saint Paul regarding Brock's surname (Harrison, according to Eric Stuart, his English voice actor) and runs with it. The existing fanon for Misty's surname and Lt. Surge's given name (respectively, Waterflower and Mathias) was also applied here. The series also gives Erika's and Sabrina's respective surnames as LaFleur (in keeping with Erika's Green Thumb thematic) and D'Avalon (inspired by Sabrina's French name, derived from a certain Arthurian character, and pronounced "Dee-AH-va-LAWN").
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines and several of its tie-in oneshots have done this to several characters:
    • Characters such as Kanto Champion Lance, Elite Four member Flint and Frontier Brain Noland are given their respective Japanese names as surnames.
    • Arnold's mother, who didn't get a proper name in her anime episode, is named Anna in this story.
    • Serena's full name is revealed as Serena Yvonne Gabena, thanks to a Full-Name Ultimatum from Grace.
    • Kiawe's grandfather is given the name Koa.
    • Several characters of the day are given full names when they star in their own sidestories. Examples include A.J from the original series, who is given the name Akira Jouda, and Sho from the D&P saga, whose name is actually short for Shotaro Inazuma.
    • In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, an unnamed Rocket Admin runs a Team Rocket cell based on the Sevii Islands. The Red Five Island Interlude gives him the name Deacon, following the trend of the other Rocket Admins named after space or warfare rocket devices.
  • Team Rocket Roots gives Miyamoto a Dub Name Change by shortening her name to "Miya". Miyamoto has no official English name because her only appearance is in a Japanese-only radio drama.
  • "Ellen" is the name the unused female lead of Pokémon Red and Blue assumes in Unwilling Service, and the male lead of Gold, Silver, and Crystal assumed the name Jamiebefore eventually having it reverted to Jimmy. (NSFW)

Ranma ½

  • There was one Ranma ½ fanfic whose name is currently lost to the deep recesses of the Internet, that gave a name to the otherwise nameless Posthumous Character of Mrs. Tendou, Sou'un Tendou's wife and mother to Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi Tendou. That name, "Kimiko Tendou", somehow managed to be elevated to fanon status, where a huge portion of the fandom genuinely believes it to be her official name.


  • RWBY: Scars:
    • Middle names are given to certain characters. For example, Pyrrha's full name is "Pyrrha Diana Nikos".
    • Raven and Qrow's mother is named "Ebony".
    • Weiss' mother was named "Willow" before it was officially canonized.
    • Cinder's original name is given as ""Chujo".
    • Lil' Miss Malachite's name is given as "Ianthe Malachite".
  • In most RWBY fanworks involving Weiss Schnee's mothernote , she was usually given the name "Willow" before the name was canonized. One exception to this is RWBY Zero, where she is named "Crystal" instead.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • In Purple, Wrong Hordak took on the nickname the fandom gave him "Kadroh" (which is just "Hordak" spelled backwards).
  • In canon, the First Ones were never given a name besides being called the First Ones. In Yin-Yang, their race was originally known as the Hok before being lost to time due to the Great Separation and Etheria's exile into Despondos.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Robb Returns: The direwolf mother, who survives and is partnered with Ned in this fic, is named Frostfyre.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Smurfs

  • The nameless thief of Abelagot from The Smurfs comic book story "The Jewel Smurfer" was named Vincent Devereaux in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf adaptation "Empath The Bandit Smurf".

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Story of Seasons

  • All The Wrong Reasons:
    • Karen's surname is given as "Lucine".
    • Rick's surname is "Emerson".
  • Do You Believe In Fairies?:
    • Kathy's full name is given as "Kathy Leigh Brass".
    • Luna's surname is "Snyder".
    • Phoebe's surname is "Kettles".
    • Renee's family is the "Horn" family.
    • Selena's family is the "Toucan" family.
    • Calvin's surname is "Jones".
    • Gill's family is the "Goldstein" family.
    • Julius' surname is "Rosens".
    • Luke's family is the "Carpenter" family.
    • Owen's family is the "Gravel" family.
    • Toby's last name is "Fisher".
    • Irene's surname is "Erble".
    • Mira's surname is "Finer".
  • There Is No Song In My Heart:
    • Lumina is given the full name of "Lumina Wyndham".
    • Mary's family has the surname of "Brunell".
  • In Pretty Ore gives Gray and Claire the surnames "Hollins" and "Haynes".

Teen Titans

  • To Catch A Raven: The HIVE members are given names: Jinx is named "Kamala Malti", (frequently shortened to "Kammie"), Gizmo is named "Mike", and Mammoth is named "Baran".

Total Drama

  • Total Drama Comeback Series: The characters that appear without last names in canon are given last names The Kobold Necromancer comes up with. These include:
    • Beth's last name is Yensten.
    • Bridgette's last name is Summers.
    • Courtneys last name is Satella.
    • Devon Joseph "DJ"'s last name is Benson.
    • Duncan's last name is Tarun.
    • Eva's last name is Garren.
    • Ezekiel's last name is Miller.
    • Geoffrey "Geoff" last name is Algolen.
    • Gwendolyn "Gwen" last name is Ingrid.
    • Heather's last name is Kasuga.
    • Izzy's last name is Connelly.
    • Justin's last name is Batofel.
    • Katie's last name is Uratu.
    • Leshawna's last name is Olongola.
    • Lindsay's last name is Top.
    • Noah's last name is Sterecra.
    • Owen's last name is Waterflower.
    • Sadie's last name is Unda.
    • Trenton "Trent" last name is Cooper.
    • Tyler's last name is Kenard.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: The characters that appear without last names in canon are given the last names of the people who provided their voices for the canon series. These include:
    • Heather's last name is Wilson, named after her voice actress Rachel Wilson.
    • Gwen's last name is Fahlenbock, named after her voice actress Megan Fahlenbock.
    • Lindsay, along with her older sister Paula have the last name Mills, named after Lindsay's voice actress Stephanie Anne Mills.
    • Duncan's last name is Nelson, named after his voice actor Drew Nelson.
    • Sierra's last name is Obonsawin, named after her voice actress Annick Obonsawin, although as of now she is The Ghost, as although she has been mentioned a few times, she has yet to appear, although her last name is mentioned.
    • Jo's last name is Elliot, named after her voice actress Laurie Elliot.
    • Zoey's last name is Mamabolo, named after her voice actress Barbara Mamabolo.
    • Dawn's last name is Medrek, named after her voice actress Caitlynne Medrek.
    • Shawn's last name is Bennett, named after his voice actor Zachary Bennett.
    • Jasmine's last name is Bergin, named after her voice actress Katie Bergin.
    • Scarlett's last name is Friday, named after her voice actress Kristi Friday.
    • Both Amy and Sammy's last name is McAuley, named after the voice actress for both of them, Bryn McAuley.
    • Ella's last name is Muse, named after her voice actress Sunday Muse. Similar to Sierra above, she is only mentioned, and never appears in person, although her full name is mentioned.
    • Sky's last name is Podemski, named after her voice actress Sarah Podemski.
    • Sugar's last name is Wilson, named after her voice actress Rochelle Wilson, not to be confused with the similarly named Rachel Wilson. Lampshaded by Jo, as she mentions to Heather that she thought the two of them were related at first.

The Wicked Years

  • The Eternity Effect gives Pfannee the surname of "Symes".
  • Verdigris: Glinda's mother is named Edlyn Arduenna Upland and her father is named Allard Upland.


X-Men: Evolution

  • In [1], Lila Cheney's full name is Delilah Chopra-Cheney. That's because this version was given a Race Lift from being white in the comics to British-Indian.
    • One of the flash-forwards in the first chapter features a cameo by Gabriel the Devil-Hunter. The story reveals that his name here is John Gabriel due to the comics never revealing his full name. The comics have gone back and forth on whether "Gabriel" is his first or last name!

Yo-Kai Watch

  • Yokai Watch Re! names Kyubi's human form "Kaden Kit McCloud". In the anime, he just goes by "Kyubi" either way.

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