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Queens is a rewrite of Ever After High by skyrocketeer. The story is a darker, more serious retelling of the series. It takes from both the web-series and Shannon Hale books.

Raven Queen, the future Evil Queen, wants to chose her own destiny. However, her wishes are at odds with her destined enemy, the next Snow White, Apple White. Tensions rise as forces threaten to destroy Ever After.

Queens provides examples of:


  • Alternate Universe Fic: Not only is the story a Dark Fic retelling, but it has a similar backstory to Descendants: years ago there was a rebellion against various fairy-tales. The "Rebels" were ultimately stopped, arrested, stripped of their titles, and banished. It's only now that their descendants are re-pledging their fairy-tales.
  • Dark Fic: Queens goes beyond series standards by depicting a more mature version of the series with many dark themes.
  • Gender Flip: Briar Light's three sisters are turned into brothers, making her an Outnumbered Sibling.
  • Older Than They Look: Cedar looks and acts much like a teenager, but she's much older than Raven. She used to babysit Raven. Cedar ages slowly, like a tree.
  • The Stoic: Cedar usually has a distant expression and speaks in monotone.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: Apple only sees her father five times a year. What other times she does are only brief passings.

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