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Fanfic / The Queen of Hearts

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When four of Hans' brothers visit her, one of them accidentally slips up and tells Elsa a long-standing rumor about herself. The rumor stuns Elsa and puts into question both her parentage and the validity of her title.

The Queen of Hearts is a multi-chapter Frozen fanfic. It revolves around the theory that Anna and Elsa might not be full blood-related sisters.

The fic can be read here.

Not to be confused with the Persona 5 fanfic Queen of Hearts (no "the").

The Queen of Hearts provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • The king and queen are called "Jonas" and "Matilda", rather than their canon names of "Adgar" and "Iduna".
    • Because the fic predates Tangled: The Series, Rapunzel's parents are called their Fan Nicknames "Thomas" and "Primrose", not "Frederic" and "Arianna".
  • Accidental Misnaming: Elsa refers to one of her stewards named "Marcus" as "Martin". Anna later corrects her. Subverted when Anna reveals that his name really is "Martin". She was just joking with Elsa, but Elsa took her seriously.
  • The Cameo: Andalasia from Enchanted and Maldonia from The Princess and the Frog are mentioned in passing.
  • Child by Rape: Matilda was raped in jail by the king of the Southern Isles. Hans was born from that, but he was raised with his father.
  • Chocolate Baby: There's a well known rumor that has spread to several kingdoms that Elsa is one due to the king and queen being unable to produce a heir on their own. Her mother has black hair and her father has red hair, but she is a platinum blonde. She also takes after her mother but not her father. The rumors are true.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Over twenty years ago, Matilda was imprisoned during a war. She was tortured and raped, which resulted in Hans.
  • Crossover: With Tangled, though admittedly The Cameo from the film implies they're in a Shared Universe.
  • Dark Fic: The topic is more mature than Disney would probably handle, but it really starts getting dark in later chapters.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: After her parents died, Elsa would often drink wine, sometimes even whole bottles.
  • Half-Sibling Angst: Elsa is distressed at the idea that there's no biological relation towards her and her father. This is extra troubling because, if true, it means that Anna is the rightful heir, not Elsa. After it turns out to be true, it's pointed out that Jonas chose Elsa as the heir, even knowing that it went against the norm. Anna refuses because Elsa is the "rightful heir", no matter her genetics.
  • Locked into Strangeness: Elsa's light blonde hair is believed to be due to her powers, but it's just a theory and the rumors draw that into question. It turns out that she is blonde because of her biological father, Daniel Kristiansen.
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: The driving question of the story is "Who is Elsa's biological father?". In this case, there's no infidelity or multiple lovers involved. The rumor is that Matilda and Jonas intentionally looked for a donor due to trouble conceiving.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Elsa always wears her crown in public. The day she forgets her crown and opts to have breakfast with Hans' brothers without her crown, it doesn't go unnoticed. Elsa was too exhausted to get dressed up properly.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • The story teases that Elsa might be related to Rapunzel. She isn't.
    • Hans is Elsa and Anna's half-brother.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Elsa believes that she accidentally caused her parents' deaths.
  • Unrelated in the Adaptation: The driving question of the story is whether Elsa is biologically King Jonas' daughter. It turns out that she isn't.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: There's a rumor in Arendelle and its neighbors that Elsa is a Chocolate Baby. Everyone seems to know about this, except for Elsa and her sister Anna. It turns out the rumor was true, and accidentally started by her biological father's sister.