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Being the biggest Super Smash Bros. game in history definitely needs stuff that would make audiences freak out!

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    March 8, 2018
  • Well, it looks like the Nintendo Direct is going to end. Wait, there's more? Hmmm... Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy? Fighting in the white space from the first game's trailer? But why would they por—hold on. What's with the lights dimming? What's shining on Inkling Girl? Hold on... IS THAT THE SMASH LOGO IN HER EYE?! INKLINGS ARE COMING TO SMASH???!!! Oh. My. God.
    • Also the Link seen in this trailer... He's Breath of the Wild Link, not Twilight Princess Link!
    • The reveal that it's stated to be released in 2018 doesn't hurt, either. To be specific:note  December 7th, 2018!
    • And contrary to what he said during the development of the last game, Daddy Sakurai is indeed returning!
    • Also worth noting is that the teaser alone implied the return of 19 characters right off the bat, with fans identifying Mario, Link, Ness, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Peach, Samus, Bowser, Zelda, Sheik, Wario, Pit, Marth, Pikachu, and Fox from the silhouettes shown at the end, along with the likely implication that Zero Suit Samus will also be returning. And that's before there's even a proper reveal trailer!

    E3 2018
  • Who else is in the game? All of Them. That's right; Every. Single. Smash. Character. Everyone is in Smash 2018! This includes Snake, Pichu, Ice Climbers, Wolf, Young Link, the Pokémon Trainer, and all the DLC fighters from Smash 4! Disney, get Infinity War out of town and take Ralph Breaks the Internet with you. This is the most ambitious crossover in history!
    • Lucina, Dark Pit, and other new clone characters are being treated as Echo Fighters, so it's easier to distinguish which ones are clones. On that note, Daisy is premiering as an Echo Fighter of Peach. No more just being a Palette Swap for her!
    • Leaf, the female Pokémon Trainer from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, is an alternate costume! Nintendo hasn't forgotten about her after all!
    • Ladies and gentlemen, the memes are over. Cue the Flying Pigs. The impossible has been done. We proudly present to you...perhaps the most demanded character of them all...RIDLEY Hits The Big Time!
      • In retrospect, some people have wanted Ridley to be playable even back in the 64 days. Fans have been clamoring for years on end, hoping and praying for his inclusion, until he became a colossal Base-Breaking Character. And now, nearly 20 years have passed, and Sakurai has finally found a way to make Ridley work in Smash. And now, he's finally playable. Both the Smash Bros. and Metroid fanbases exploded.
  • We have a name that's appropriate for all this epicness: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Final Smashes are now lightning fast, and several are improved—for example, Pac-Man's can loop around the playing field, and even move diagonally.
    • After King Dedede's not so impressive Final Smash in the 3DS and Wii U version, his Final Smash has been updated to be Masked Dedede! That's right, he throws his opponents in his ring and shoots a barrage of jet missiles from his hammer before slamming straight into them.
    • Certain Final Smashes have been updated to include some surprise cameos:
      • Paula and Poo/Kumatora and Boney appear and lend their energy to Ness/Lucas for PK Starstorm.
      • The 5 different incarnations of Mega Man are now accompanied by Proto Man and Bass for an even greater laser barrage.
      • For his Chain Attack, Shulk is not only assisted by Dunban and Riki, but by Fiora as well (in her Mechon form, no less).
      • Bowser retains Giga Bowser, his One-Winged Angel form, as his Final Smash - but while he is no longer a fully playable FS, he can now deal a single punch that seems to be a 100% One-Hit KO. It leads to the opponent getting a vicious Screen KO, and literally nothing stops it from being anything else - in fact, Bowser goes Beyond the Impossible and proves that not even the blast lines can misconstrue the KO.
  • Among the many Assist Trophies:
  • The initial reveals shown at E3 and the initial launch of the website show content from at least 86 different stages. note  While the vast majority of them are ported from earlier games, and not all stages will return, these stages are all completely remastered in HD.
    • Stages that were exclusive to the 3DS iteration of the game — such as Spirit Train — are playable in Ultimate. Furthermore, Wily's Castle features the traps from both versions of the game.
    • All stages now have Omega and Battlefield modes, which mimics the size and layouts of the Final Destination and Battlefield stages respectively.
    • It was also later shown that the player would finally be given the option to turn the stage hazards off for competitive play, even the stages' regular layouts, so players who want more variety without the hazards don't need to only choose the Omega and Battlefield versions.
    • The list of returning stages is wild, with favorites such as Princess Peach's Castle (from Melee) and Spear Pillar (from Brawl) making a return, despite their exclusion from previous Smash games. But easily the stage nearly, if not everyone, is excited for is Saffron City from the very first game, a stage that hasn't been seen since 1999.
      • In a similar fashion, one of the returning stages is Termina's Great Bay, a fan favorite which hadn't been seen since its lone appearance in Melee.
    • Both Shadow Moses Island and Palutena's Temple are returning, building hope that the entire roster will get stage taunts at last.
  • GameCube Controllers and all amiibos are compatible! In fact, all amiibo of Smash characters, even if they're from a different series, are compatible (though this was the case in the previous game(s) as well).
  • Ganondorf's been differentiated from Captain Falcon even more! That sword he keeps pulling out but never uses? Anyone foolish enough to get within range of him gets to taste that cold steel as part of his new Smash attacks. On top of that, he returns with his iconic slim build from Ocarina of Time alongside the equally iconic Demon King Ganon from the same game as his Final Smash.
  • The much maligned stamina mechanic for Pokémon Trainer HAS BEEN REMOVED! Meaning you will no longer be forced to switch out and can just play who you want as much as you want. Also, switching Mons is much faster, opening up a huge realm of possibilities for combos.
  • Not only is Snake back, but so is David Hayter.
  • Marth is being voiced in English!
  • In addition, Xander Mobus announced his return to Smash Bros. Ultimate as the Announcer! This makes him the very first Announcernote  in Smash Bros. HISTORY to actually return to his role, breaking the series tradition of replacing the Announcer every game!
  • Directional dodging returns (though it's been balanced so no Melee-style wavedashing).
  • Wario fans were pleased that his moveset has more references to the Wario Land series, with his shoulder charge coming back as his dash attack and his down throw looking like his Ground Pound in his games.
  • Little Mac's side-B (the Jolt Haymaker) doesn't send him into free-fall. We repeat: Mac's side-B won't kill him if he goes off of the stage! Just learning that piece of info can send endorphins into the brain of any Little Mac main.

    Smash Ultimate Direct - August 8, 2018
  • How does the direct start? By showing off the legendary vampire hunter himself, Simon Belmont, rocking out with an awesome remix of Vampire Killer! He even has his descendant, Richter Belmont, as an Echo Fighter!
    • Taking a page from Pac-Man, Simon's Ultimate design is primarily based upon his classic NES design, rather than any of his more recent (and more controversial) modern redesigns.
    • Just like Mega Man, his walking animation is his sprite walking animation from the NES games.
    • Alucard also appears as an Assist Trophy.
    • And how can you have the Belmonts without Castlevania itself? You don't, that's how. Chaos Architecture incarnate is now a fighting stage, including encounters with several classic bosses from the series, including a special fight with Dracula himself!
      • Also showing up in the level (with him silhouetted and labeled as "????" in the Direct video): Kid Dracula.
    • The inclusion of Simon Belmont means that he can join Pit and Mega Man, fight Mother Brain, and re-create the cast of Captain N: The Game Master. And that's not even counting Link or Samus's respective Crossovers with themnote .
    • How many tracks is the stage going to get? 34.
  • New Echo Fighters show up as well. Chrom gets his chance for real! And Dark Samus is there too, joining Little Mac as a Promoted to Playable Assist Trophy. Additionally, Richter, Chrom and Dark Samus confirm that guest characters can have Echoes, Echoes can have at least one different special move, and they can have drastically different idle animations.
  • After so many years of waiting, the legendary Donkey Kong’s days in Smash have been numbered. Fan-favorite fighter King K. Rool has crashed (or should we say, krashed) the party! To say that the entire Donkey Kong & Smash fandoms have exploded would be a massive understatement.
  • There are a total of 103 stages (not counting their Omega and Battlefield forms) and roughly 900+ music tracks! This game is truly Ultimate.
    • That's so much music, you could probably use your Switch as a music player. So, as with the 3DS version, they put in a mode that lets you do just that! Complete with custom playlists!
    • Fountain of Dreams finally makes its long, long awaited return from Melee.
    • After so many years of being neglected, Kraid is finally thrown a bone. He is returning alongside his stage Brinstar Depths, now sporting a gorgeous HD redesign that shows how far graphics have come in 17 years. This also marks the first time that Kraid, Ridley, and Mother Brain can appear together in 3D.
    • There's a new feature called Stage Morph where you can select two stages that will transform into each other throughout the match.
    • Between all stages having Battlefield and Omega forms (with the stage layouts for them being standardized), and stage hazards being optional, every single stage is now tournament-legal. Competitive gaming fans with favourite stages that usually aren't legal can rejoice!
  • There's an option to have Final Smashes be accessed through a chargeable meter that allows your character to use a weaker Final Smash. Combined with their faster speed, this could allow Final Smashes to finally be legal in competitive matches.
  • Classic Mode returns, and it’s a huge step up from its Wii U incarnation. Every character has their own unique journey. For example, Kirby fights opponents with big appetites, Donkey Kong travels to New Donk City, and Roy clashes blades with the other swordfighters.
  • The arrival of Shovel Knight as an Assist Trophy! Yeah, he's not playable, but it's still an honour for him, the protagonist of an Indie Game, to appear at all.
  • As expected with the return of Snake is the confirmation of Gray Fox coming back.
  • Capcom gets two new Assist Trophies: Zero and Rathalos.
    • And Rathalos is not just an Assist Trophy. He's a Stage Boss too!
    • Also, Zero's Assist Trophy reveal is accompanied by a remix of Mega Man X's Central Highway (the Intro Stage to Mega Man X1)!
  • Chef Kawasaki is an Assist, too! And his effect is essentially Cook Kirby!
  • After what seemed to be a staged based off Swapnote got cut from Smash 4 (Likely due to the controversy surrounding the app), Nikki finally becomes an Assist Trophy and she's just as adorable as ever.
  • You can make the Moon fall on everyone!
  • Ditto appearing as a Poké Ball summon after being a case of What Could Have Been from all the way back in Melee. You can bet some fans were happy to see that.
  • Between a green section that's blurred out on the main menu screen and confirmation of Dracula and Rathalos appearing as "boss" characters, Adventure Mode is all but confirmed at this point.
  • A bit of a feature that was somewhat introduced in the DLC stages of Smash 4 (where stages shared similar songs), the music selection of the stages is based on the series. For instance, any Mario stage can play any Mario related music. Want to play Ridley's battle theme on Brinstar Depths? Go right ahead. Want to play the Poke Floats theme on Kalos League? No problem.
  • Remember how eight player Smash used to be available only on a relatively small number of stages? Not anymore! All the stages are 8-fighter compatible.
  • Stamina matches, a long-neglected feature, have gotten a dramatic upgrade! It's now possible to set a Stamina match as a Stock or Time match, which means that Stamina matches are no longer locked to a single life per player per match. If you've wanted the ability to play a traditional round of Smash with the extra challenge of having a fixed amount of health per life, consider your wish granted.
  • While Smash Tour was much maligned, the final battle did introduce an interesting gimmick: Using a new character for each Stock. Fans have expressed interest in a mode that allows for it- and that's where the new Squad Strike mode comes in!
    • A similar concept, but in a different execution is Smashdown, a mode with successive battles and all previously-used characters are blocked off after their first use. An exciting way for friends to work through the roster with all kinds of character combinations!

     Nintendo Direct - September 13th, 2018
  • In case a player wants Smash-centric hardware, the Direct announced that there would be a Smash version of the Switch available in November, complete with a download copy of the game, and a Smash-themed dock and Joycons.
  • Ladies and gents, we have confirmation: Isabelle joins the battle! And she's not the Villager's Echo, either; she's her own separate character.
  • Fans of Animal Crossing as a whole were also pleased to see that Isabelle's trailer also doubled as the official announcement for the long-awaited Nintendo Switch version of the game, which will arrive in 2019. Considering that people were initially worried that Isabelle's inclusion in Ultimate was merely a Bait-and-Switch teasing fans who wanted a Switch version of the game, people were ultimately relieved that they got both.

    Smash Ultimate Direct - November 1, 2018
  • Ryu's longtime rival and friend, Ken Masters makes it in as an Echo Fighter.
  • For those wondering who the new Pokémon representative was going to be, it turns out to be the Fire-type Starter of the Alola region, Incineroar!
  • People had been wanting a new Super Mario Bros. character since the game was announced, and we finally got one! Walui-wait, who now? *Checks notes* Oh! Oh my! Piranha Plant is a wacky, funny character who was a happy surprise for everyone. Best of all, they're free! ...Within a limited time of downloading/purchasing the game.
  • For those who weren't interested in collecting trophies, you can now collect their spirits, which actually have a gameplay purpose as they power up your fighters in certain modes.
  • Adventure Mode returns! This time, a malevolent being of light has captured every Smasher except Kirby, who sets out to rescue them! And the characters are voiced!
  • On top of all of that, the final version of the main theme has lyrics. In both Japanese and English!
  • For those who prefer different languages, Ultimate includes the option to change them in-game. This also changes the voices to that language if applicable.
  • As for Assist Trophies, plenty have been announced, both returning and brand new.
  • What? 76 characters and 103 stages isn't enough for you? Sakurai confirms that there will be periodic DLC for Ultimate stretching out into at least February 2020. In addition to Piranha Plant mentioned above, there will be at least five more fighters released as DLC, each with their own stage and multiple music tracks! And no, none of them will be echo fighters. According to Sakurai, the characters were part of a list given to him by Nintendo and he chose the five he liked best.
  • Shantae is in the game! As a spirit, that is. However, like with Shovel Knight, the mere fact she's acknowledged has granted her supporters joy. And with the way spirits work, one could still say she has joined to battle some of the industry's greatest.
  • Remember the Jugdral era in Fire Emblem? Also known as the one era that never had any of its games released in the west? Well, Sigurd and Seliph are both confirmed to be Spirits in this game.
  • Did you like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE? Did you feel like Nintendo has forgotten the game? Well fret no more; Tsubasa Oribe, both normal and Carnage forms, will be in the game as spirits.
  • It's small, but many people were happy to see the return of Galleom from Brawl, both for the nostalgia of facing this boss once again and the link it provides to Subspace Emissary.
  • Are you a fan of Mario & Luigi and want to see more of it represented in Smash Bros.? While it's small news, it's still worth noting that your wish has come true...Antasma is a Spirit!!
  • For fans of classic Paper Mario games, the Shadow Queen shows up as a Spirit, and Piranha Plant has a move that temporarily turns it into a Putrid Piranha.
  • The Super Mario Bros. 3 fans will be pleased to find out that Piranha Plant can spit Ptooie's spiked balls at its opponents—in fact, it seems to move around like a Ptooie, if you notice a little nubber of a foot in his pipe appearance in his trailer.
  • While his game came too late for the character to make it onto the main roster, it was still quite the honor for Rex to be the character players get the Mii costume of when they pre-order the DLC Fighter Pass. Some of his comrades will be in the game as Spirits and music from his game will be available for Gaur Plains.

     2018 Game Awards
  • The Game Awards would give us one last surprise before Ultimate's release. The cast of Persona 5 talk about Joker going to the Game Awards alone, with only a calling card to his name. Then he spins it around to reveal an envelope... with a familiar seal on it. Ladies and gentlemen, Joker steals the show. You never saw that coming, did you?
    • And considering that it was Nintendo who had Joker included in their list of possible fighters, people began wondering what the remaining four DLC fighters would be like.

     E3 2019

     Other - Pre-Release 
  • Music:
  • A screenshot of the Rodin Assist Trophy inadvertently revealed the return of the Delfino Plaza stage, pleasing Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. fans alike. And previous trailers (The E3 Direct and Bowser Jr's showcase) have already confirmed that it will finally be getting a remix of the "Delfino Plaza" music.
  • Official renders of several alternate costumes were discovered online, including a new one for Yoshi based on Yoshi's Crafted World!
  • Ash-Greninja is Greninja’s new Final Smash?! Awesome!
  • Luigi now uses his Poltergust for his throws. And it's the Poltergust from Luigi's Mansion 3!
  • This trailer showcases the mural coming to life with awesome animation and even a neat callback to the teaser!
  • Relatively minor, but remember how in the Subspace Emissary you were limited to only play as the default color of every character (Outside of the fairly rare occasion that Player 2 would be forced to play as the character's second color if the character in question was alone)? Well, in World of Light? it's possible to play as any and every palette swap in the game!
    • By the way, this also extends to "bonus" characters who can only be accessed as playable characters via palette swaps. So you want to play as Alph or any of the Koopalings once you've rescued Olimar and Bowser Jr.? Go right on ahead! Maybe you want to play as the female versions of Pikachu/Pichu/Robin/Corrin/Villager/Pokemon Trainer or the male versions of Wii Fit Trainer/Inkling? You can do that too!
  • If you're worried about it taking a long time to unlock every character, then think again. It's been confirmed that unlocking every character will only take a few hours!
  • When the game was leaked back in November of 2018, it was revealed that joining the already revealed bosses would be Ganon and Marx!
    Post-release Patches 
  • With Patch 2.0.0 came the release of Piranha Plant, along with something that's all-too-rare in Nintendo games— detailed patch notes. Here are some of the more notable changes to characters:
    • One of the universal changes among moves is making it easier for characters to grab edges after using recovery moves or aerials. This means that off-stage combat is now a little less risky.
    • Quite a few moves have had their hitstun time shortened, meaning that it's less easy for opponents to spam a move at you in order to lock you in place.
    • Inkling's side-special and King K. Rool's down throw have been been nerfed slightly— if you're at lower percentages, it's easier for you to wiggle out of the burying they cause.
    • The range of Samus's missiles got a buff, differentiating her from Dark Samus.
    • Incineroar gets increased vertical and horizontal distance on his up-special, meaning that pouncing yourself off of the stage is a bit harder.
  • Spirit Board can now be played with four players. It's time for those cheap Legend spirits to get a taste of their own medicine note .
  • Short Hops are now easier to do— just press both jump buttons at once!
  • Feel like the calculation for GSP was broken? It seems the Smash team did, too, as it's now been adjusted.
  • With the mid-April of 2019 video detailing the version 3.0.0 update, we have a lot of news:
    • Joker's Final Smash, All-Out Attack, has him teaming up with the rest of the Phantom Thieves in a manner similar to Shulk's Chain Attack. He also has a mechanic much like Cloud's Limit Gauge where he can summon Arsène once it's full.
    • His stage, Mementos, not only has the Phantom Thieves in the background, but also comes with music not just from Persona 5, but from Persona 4 and Persona 3 as well. And Mii Costumes for their respective protagonists are available.
    • Joker also gets his own version of the Spirit Board with spirit battles themed after various characters from the Persona series. The DLC-only franchises won't feel skimped on content this time!
    • Were you worried that the awesome music of the Persona series would get screwed over and grossly underrepresented like that from some of the other third-party franchises in the series? Fear not, as Joker's DLC comes with 11 music tracks, including songs not only from Persona 5 but Persona 3 and Persona 4 including un-edited original tracks as well as some awesome remixes.
    • The costumes for Tails and Knuckles also return. The memes live on.
    • Stage Builder is back with a vengeance! Not only are there more options for stage materials, but you can now alter the front and back layers for extra flavor!
    • You can now edit your videos together! A surge in creative content is bound to follow. And you can share your creations online.
  • Update 3.1.0 is out now, whatev- Holy shit, Ryu and Ken got buffed a lot!


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