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Draw, Paint, Create!
Released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS, Art Academy is a game about drawing and making art, all while being taught real-life drawing styles with real-life tools. The game was first released as a two-part series for DSI Ware as Art Academy: First Semester and Second Semester before getting a full retail release the year following. The game's core gameplay consists of "lessons" which teach the player new skills with every level. The game also features a "Free Paint" mode which allows a fully-open canvas to draw on.

The game got a favorable enough score that sequels and spin-offs soon followed, making the game a series for Nintendo.

Games in the series include:

  • Art Academy: First Semester
  • Art Academy: Second Semester
  • Art Academy (Retail Version)
  • Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone (3DS)
  • Art Academy: Home Studio (Wii U)
  • Art Academy: Pokémon Edition
  • Art Academy: Disney Edition

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