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The Art Style Series is a series of video game developed by Skip and published by Nintendo for WiiWare and DSiWare with the series beginning release in September 2008 with the title Orbient. In October 2008, Cubello and Rotohex were released. In December of 2008 the first DSiWare games released for the series. In total, five WiiWare games released and seven DSiWare games released.

Games in the series:

  • Orbient: a remake of the bit Generations title Orbital. The player takes control of a star that uses gravity and antigravity to get into the orbit of other planets to absorb other stars.
  • Aquia: A puzzle-action game where the player must line up blocks in a tall tower of blocks to make them disappear which allows an onscreen diver to get deeper down into the ocean. The player must keep moving to avoid a dropping void of blackness and keep up their air supply.
  • Base 10: A puzzle game where the player must line up characters between 0 and 9 to add up to ten and make them disappear. Since the characters are LCD screen characters, certain ones can be flipped into other characters.
  • Boxlife: A puzzle game where the player is takes with cutting shapes out of a grid of squares and folding them into boxes.
  • Cubello: Players must use motion control to throw colored blocks at a titular Cubello to match colors and make the blocks disappear. The player must eventually reveal the inner core of the figure.
  • Digidrive: A port of the bit Generations game of the same name. Players must move three kinds of vehicles and line them up in a four-way intersection to use their fuel to launch a core on the right side of the screen.
  • light trax: A port/remake of the bit Generations game dotstream. The player must move a dot the leaves a line behind it through a series of races called "drawings" while avoiding obstacles.
  • PiCOPiCT (known as PiCTOBiTS in North America): a puzzle game where the player must pick colored squares from the bottom of the screen and add them to slowly falling shapes of the same color.
  • precipice: The player controls a climber who must climb along a series of slowly falling blocks to match their color and eliminate them.
  • Rotohex: a remake of the bit Generations title Dialhex. The player must catch falling triangles and use them to finish hexagonal shapes by catching blocks or rotating the shapes.
  • Rotozoa: The player must control a primordial protozoon and must extend its arms to collect other organisms of the same color swimming in a primordial ooze.
  • Zengage: A puzzle game where the player must slide colored tiles underneath a series of balls until the tile pattern matches the balls.

Provides examples of:

  • Advancing Wall of Doom: The black void which gradually falls down from the top of the screen in Aquia, which represents the player's air supply.
  • all lowercase letters: precipice and light trax have all lowercase titles.
  • Bizarre Puzzle Game: A few of the games are like this. Throw cubes at a giant shape to eliminate portions to expose a core in Cubello. Collect organisms to grow yourself in Rotozoa. Build boxes out of flat shapes in Boxlife. Line up a pattern to match another pattern underneath it in Zengage.
  • Endless Game: Factory Mode in Boxlife, Free Dive in Aquia, and an endless mode in most of the other games. In addition, Digidrive is purely endless.
  • Gravity Master: The planet in Orbient moves around with gravity and antigravity.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: There is no plot or explanation of any kind in any of the games in the series.
  • Nostalgia Level: Picopict has the player building various 8-bit sprites from Nintendo's early days.
  • Painting the Medium: Base 10 is played using the characters on an LCD screen, so a central element of the game is flipping 2's and 5's as well as 6's and 9's.
  • Video Game Remake: A few of the games are remakes of the bit Generations titles, namely Orbital and Dialhex.