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Before Power Rangers

  • Saban (as well as Marvel beforehand) was trying to sell the Super Sentai series for years before it finally got picked up - when it was, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was used because it was the most recent series. If it had been picked up earlier, another show would have ended up as the first Power Rangers series.
  • Saban had apparently been attempting to adapt Sentai over from Japan all the way back to Bioman (Bioman was the eighth series made; for reference Zyuranger was sixteenth.)
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  • The Bioman adaptation would had have Mark Dacascos as its Red Ranger and Miguel Nunez Jr. as its Green Ranger.
  • One of Marvel's attempts at bringing over Super Sentai included adapting Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan on HBO, with Stan Lee personally involved in the attempt. Also involved in Marvel's attempt was the CEO of its TV show division, Margaret Loesch. By a twist of fate, she would leave Marvel to work on programming for Fox Kids, ending up being the executive who would accept Saban's pitch for Power Rangers.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

  • At Power Morphicon I, Tony Oliver unveiled many unused ideas. From the bad runner-up cast, to the three different pilots of "Day of the Dumpster" (one featuring Audri DuBois as Trini and Bulk as a random mook that was later shown as the Lost Episode and the other two pilots shot with Thuy Trang, including a more violent confrontation with the newly upgraded Bulk and new addition Skull with a gang of mooks of their own that got cut by the network).
    • The original promo that was used to pitch the series (featured in the big box set Shout! and Time-Life offered) showed an odd transition. The Rangers (going by the collective name of "Galaxy Rangers") were known as "Biorhythm Users" (So, instead of "Red Ranger", it was "Biorhythm Red"). Jason was known as "Victor Lee", who was a martial arts expert; Zach was "Zach Taylor", who was a detective, not a "hip-hopkito expert"; Kimberly was "Kimberly Harte" was an aerobics instructor; Billy was still "Billy Cranston", who was a hunky, athletic heartthrob, a far cry from his later nerd style; and Trini was "Trini Crystal", intellectual and struggling novelist. Combine the "Biorhythm" designations, the note that Zack is "Biorhythm Green", and the aged looking American footage, this suggests they cannibalized the failed Bioman pilot for this pitchreel.
  • Tommy was originally going to be a biker named Rocky.
    • In addition, originally Jason David Frank was going to star in VR Troopers, with Brad Hawkins going to play a new character that was going to become the White Ranger, but at the end the two swapped roles.
  • Daniel Southworth, who eventually played Eric in Power Rangers Time Force, originally auditioned for the role that became Adam. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you consider the relationship between Southworth and Johnny Yong Bosch's characters in Devil May Cry.note 
  • In the "The Green Candle" 2-parter, they briefly considered killing Tommy off like they did with his Sentai counterpart Burai, but that never left the writer's room.
  • The 2-parter episode "Doomsday" was originally scripted with the Rangers sealing the villains away and deciding to continue on as Power Rangers to fight "other villains"; after the show become a huge success, it was decided that the Zyuranger suits needed to be kept to not hurt the status quo. Had the show only been a moderate success we may have gotten more straightforward adaptations of Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
    • The original script also featured an evil child named Bubba piloting Cyclopsis instead of Goldar, a straight adaptation of Kai from Zyuranger.
  • A largely known fact of Power Rangers net fandom has it that Saban and Bandai, having ran out of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger footage and wanting to push product hot on the heels of MMPR Mania, custom-ordered original Sentai footage from Toei (complete with new monster costumes and incorporating several parts of the Power Ranger mythos into it) to fill in those episodes. Among the concept art for this later disseminated amongst the fandom were a series of unused Dinozord redesigns, complete with sketches of how they could combine with the Dairanger Tigerzord (or a remake thereof) and all of which are emblazoned with the MMPR lightning bolt. The sketches are now available in a compilation concept art book for Super Sentai, and some fans claim parts of the Dinozord redesigns were incorporated into Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger/Power Rangers Dino Thunder, but imagine what could have been had the redesigns actually been used...
    • To clarify more thoroughly in the words of the fan who first identified and charted the production history of "Zyu2" (as the footage is dubbed): "Zyu2 comprises 25 monsters and original battles commissioned by Saban Entertainment from Toei and Plex to extend the first season of Power Rangers after the initial episode order of 40. It was produced concurrently to Kakuranger, and internal documents from Saban and Toei even list Zyu2 monster suits as being from Kaku. The hybridized Zyuranger/Dairanger mech designs appear to be control art for a theoretical Zyu3 which never materialized. It seems Dairanger was going to be gutted only for the White Ranger, skipping ahead to Kakuranger for the show's third season and feature film after this. As Zyu2 was prohibitively expensive due to Toei creating extensive new model work for the individual Dinozords, new assembly sequences, and even new finishers atop the usual FX done for the fights — expenses which Saban then had to pay for themselves, thus necessitating they adapt Dairanger for season two to sell more toys simply to offset Zyu2's cost — I'm not surprised." And now you know...
    • Plex also made designs for later series, like a modified Titanus for both Mighty Morphin Season 3 and Power Rangers in Space and a pair of stand-alone Zords for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue's Red and Titanium Rangers. All three were released as part of the toyline, but only Lightspeed Red's zord made it into the show as the Red Mobile Armor Vehicle (the toy also had a humanoid warrior mode, but it was never seen in-series).
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie Dulcea at one point was played by Mariska Hargitay after original actress Gabrielle Fitzpatrick was hospitalized. This didn't work out and Fitzpatrick returned to the set after she recovered. Several scenes of the Rangers being trained by Dulcea and revelations about Zordon's war across the universe were removed from the final cut. The ending was also switched around.
    • Catherine Sutherland auditioned for Dulcea (and obviously didn't get that part.)
  • One idea for season 2 had Goldar get fed up with Rita's failure and overthrow her, becoming the season's Big Bad instead of Zedd. This is actually an Aborted Arc of sorts, as one can notice since in the latter part of season 1 Goldar basically comes up with the plans and Rita just goes along. Tony Oliver said he needed to take a hatchet to the movie's script, partially because the movie folks made Goldar such a buffoon.
  • According to Alan Palmer (Corcus the Black Alien Ranger), the Alien Rangers almost got a spinoff set on Aquitar that would have ran concurrently with Zeo. It got scrapped when negotiations fell through.
  • Back when the series was young, there were plans for a conclusive series finale that would have involved the Rangers graduating from high school, only for Rita to invade their senior prom with an army of monsters. Saban was even reportedly looking into flying Machiko Soga (who played Zyuranger's Bandora, the source character for Rita) out to California so she could appear in person, marking the first time Rita would directly interact with the Rangers. However, when the show became an overnight success these plans were scrapped in favor of keeping it going.

Power Rangers Zeo

  • The Gold Ranger was originally supposed to be Ryan Steele from VR Troopers, hence Brad Hawkins doing the voice. This was scrapped for the triplet Triforians, and then the returning Jason. Billy was also supposed to be the Gold Ranger at one point but it too was scrapped due to growing tension behind the scenes (later discovered to be David Yost's being gay-bashed).
  • As noted directly above, the Alien Rangers spinoff. It's possible that had said spinoff happened, the crossover between the Alien Rangers and the Zeo Rangers would've been bigger.
  • According to Trey's actors, he was originally intended to appear in far more episodes and star in a Spin-Off set on his home planet, but neither panned out.
  • Solitications were sent out for a comic book crossover between the Zeo Rangers and Youngblood, but various issues with the comic studio kept it from happening.

Power Rangers Turbo

  • The original planned mid-season finale was called "Rangers in Concert", which would've involved the current Turbo Rangers fighting a cockroach monster named Rockin' Roach (presumably using the suit for Carranger's Space Cockroach Goki-chan), as well as focus much on Carlos (whose surname was originally "Chavez") and Ashley (who was originally named "Missy"), along with Lt. Stone's niece Jenny Hunter (from "Cars Attacks", and she was originally called "Ashley"), and introduce Tanya's intern at KAGV, Michael (who was basically a prototype of T.J. minus the baseball skills). At the end of the episode, the Blue Senturion would be fixed, and show Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Tanya the full Millennium Message, revealing Michael, Ashley, Carlos, and Missy as the next Power Rangers and the ones who save the world from the united villains. But Doug Sloan and Ann Austen were both fired by Jonathan Tzachor before the script could be filmed. However, despite the ditching of this script, the second part of "Passing the Torch" does work on the possibility that the retiring Rangers did see the full Millennium Message.
  • There were originally plans for Bulk and Skull to get their own Fawlty Towers-esque spin-off series, where they run a hotel with a Mexican Elvis Impersonator called "El Vez". This explains why both Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy left the series so that the producers could add chimpanzees to the show roster (with Schrier and Narvy still providing voices, though).
  • Thuy Trang was going to reprise her role of Trini in the episode "Passing the Torch."
  • The Turbo writing staff was apparently split 50-50 between those who wanted to retain the parody aspect of Gekisou Sentai Carranger and those who wanted the season to be serious. While some of the silly bits were unavoidable (like the infamous "baked into a pizza" moment), the series stays mostly serious.
  • Originally only Jason David Frank was supposed to leave, having expressed interest in leaving since Zeo. Saban convinced him to stay through the first half of Turbo to let them write out his character properly while they go look for his replacement. Next thing you know, Catherine Sutherland announced that she planned on leaving and moving on to other projects as well; and so, the writers thought of perhaps having Johnny Yong Bosch and Nakia Burrise stay until the end of Turbo with their characters serving as the more seasoned, veteran Rangers (along with Blake Foster's character) who help out the two new team members and with either one of them becoming the leader (meaning that we could have had 6 Red Rangers up to date who were not leaders if this had happened back then). Eventually, during production of the first half of Turbo, the executives decided to get rid of all the veteran Rangers except for Justin, much to the shock of Bosch and Burrise (as with Foster, who was very sad to see all of them leave at once; he eventually grew to be just as fond of his newer cast mates though — but, that's another story) who found out about it through an ad on a newspaper — calling for auditions to fill in 4 Ranger spots: Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green — that someone from the hair and makeup department had shown them. Ouch...
  • It was originally going to be revealed that Divatox and Dimitira were twin sisters.
  • In an podcast interview with a fansite in 2014, Hilary Shepard Turner revealed that Divatox was originally written with Grace Jones in mind.

Power Rangers in Space

  • Johnny Yong Bosch wanted to kill off Adam just for the fun of it when he cameoed in both "Always a Chance" (in Power Rangers in Space) and "Once A Ranger" (in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive). He was shot down both times.
  • In Space was supposed to be the end of the series, but it did so well in ratings that it got picked up for another season.
  • The pre-series bible reveals that, among other things, the original intent was to keep Justin (no Andros), the suit for Carranger's Emperor Exhaus would've been used for Dark Specter (as opposed to what actually happened, using Exhaus' costume for Turbo's Giant Space Flea from Nowhere and recycling the Maligore Costume from the Turbo movie), the Megaranger mooks would've been kept instead of replacing them with the Quantrons, and the Phantom Ranger's identity would've been revealed in the finalenote .
  • Rita, Zedd and Divatox were supposed to die in the finale because of the Z-Wave. However, the Fox Kids censors did not like this, so they were spared.
  • Christopher Khayman Lee's sister Chyler Leigh was considered for the role of Astronema. Had this happened, then the Real-Life Relative trope would come into play.
  • The show's entire premise was due to Saban believing that Megaranger would be space-themed, but after realizing it was actually video game and device themed, they decided to stick with their original plans. It's possible we would've gotten a very different show had Saban either known about the real theme beforehand, or had decided to keep the theme in the adaptation.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

  • Cassie Chan (Patricia Ja Lee) was supposed to take over Kendrix's spot as the Pink Galaxy Ranger at the end of "The Power of Pink", due to Valerie Vernon's fight with leukemia, with the handoff already filmed. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of Vernon's cancer fight at the time (she later won, hence her sudden resurrection in the finale), the crew was unable to drop Vernon from her spot in the opening in order to pay Lee the same rate and benefits (since PR was SAG union at the time) instead of sticking her in the back end for much less. Lee quit, necessitating a re-shoot of the ending using stuntmen for stand-ins and Melody Perkins (Astronema/Karone) was hired becoming The Atoner.
    • But before Lee walked, they shot an episode described as "Air Force One on the Megaship." All that very expensive footage had to be trashed and, presumably, that played a role in the rangers spending so much time with Captain Mutiny and his weird Gingaman footage.
  • Due to some Executive Meddling, there were also a lot of last minute script changes, such as the Lights of Orion being on a cave on some forest planet, rather than on Terra Venture (which would've made a lot more sense).
  • Erin Simms was originally cast as Maya but left a couple of episodes in.
  • Per a pre-series bible, Mirinoi was supposed to be inside the Lost Galaxy (and shots of Mirinoi in "Quasar Quest" supported this original plan), and there were conceptual plans to bring the Phantom Ranger back again as a full-time sixth ranger.
  • There was supposed to be a set of Ancient Rangers who would have played a part in the series. Interestingly, they would have donned the costumes from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. However, Valerie Vernon's leukemia fight caused it to be scrapped. The only thing that's left from these plans is the Magna Defender's morpher, which was the one used in Dairanger (his Sentai counterpart transformed using his sword).
  • The cast was originally going to reunite for a full length movie. Instead, they got a mediocre 2-parter with the Lightspeed Rescue team. Interestingly, there was barely any drama (if any at all) with the Lightspeed cast and crew — except with the two-parter team-up production, and that drama was mainly due to Danny Slavin and Amy Miller's previous falling-out with executives.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  • The series was planned as a continuation of Lost Galaxy.
  • It was stated that originally the Zords in this season were made from destroyed Zords from the earlier seasons (including the original Rescuezords from Turbo) that were found over time and were reverse-engineered into the Rescuezords, but the idea was scrapped to keep most of the continuity from the other seasons distant from the later ones.
  • Rhett Fisher (Ryan/Titanium Ranger) originally auditioned for the role of Carter. Interesting if you think about how, in the show, Carter originally tried to use the Titanium Ranger powers, but couldn't handle it.
  • The role of Dana was almost given to Amy Adams, but her agent said it would ruin her career and she passed.
  • Toei and PLEX came up with entirely original Zords for the Red and Titanium Rangers, but Saban declined to use them due to the expense. The Red Mobile Armored Vehicle only appears in its debut, a brief scene in "Wrath of the Queen", and both parts of the finale.
  • Another toy concept that didn't make it was an interactive Omega Megazord toy. They planned to modify the DX Victory Mars with electronic components and a special base, to download phrases into the toy from VCR recordings of the show, much like the old "ActiMates" toys, as Microsoft was behind both. But late in the game, they decided to ditch all the electronic gimmickry in favor of the plain Omega Megazord. It was so last-minute, the sticker sheet still said it was for the "Deluxe Interactive Omega Megazord", and the box had the toy packed in robot mode (it was supposed to be far wider, to fit the special gear).

Power Rangers Time Force

  • The writers originally planned out a series where the Rangers traveled through time and fought across different time periods. Then they discovered that Mirai Sentai Timeranger didn't actually feature the characters actively travelling through time: they travel once to the year 2000AD and stay therenote . The writers would later indulge their desires for historical crime-fighting in the two-part Trapped In Movie Land episode "Movie Madness", scenes from which would later be spliced into the opening sequence to imply that... yes, the Rangers actively travelled through time and fought across different time periods!
  • Alex was originally supposed to become the Quantum Ranger, but this was changed to Eric, who was a more straightforward adaptation of his Sentai counterpart.
  • Daniel Southworth was offered the role of Wes; but, as fans already know, Jason Faunt got that role instead. Interesting to note: in the show, the team was hoping that the Quantum Morpher would go to Wes.
    • Just before that, he auditioned for Lucas. But, apparently, the crew thought he was "a little too intense" to be the Blue Ranger.
  • There was talk of a movie, but a possible SAG strike (which ultimately didn't happen) as it would have entered pre-production resulted in the studio opting to play it safe and cancelled it (it's likely that the sale of Fox Kids/Fox Family to Disney at the time also played a role). This also cut an extra episode order, leading to a discrepancy in the capture of mutants (Ransik had one left in his prison in the episode "Circuit Unsure", yet the next episode opens with the prison empty and the Rangers declaring every mutant except Ransik recaptured).
  • Rick Medina (later Cole in Power Rangers Wild Force and Deker in Power Rangers Samurai) auditioned for the role of Eric, right after the man who would ultimately get it, Daniel Southworth.
  • Eric was supposed to die like his Timeranger counterpart Naoto. Thankfully, he was Spared by the Adaptation.
  • The mutants were originally going to be portrayed more sympathetically, and the racism they face in the 30th century explored in more detail. Then 9/11 happened.

Power Rangers Wild Force

  • The tenth anniversary team-up episode "Forever Red" was initially planned as a two-parter/hour-long special climaxing with an all-CGI battle between Serpentera and ten Megazords, one for each Red Ranger present, the budget was repeatedly slashed by Disney executives who argued "Why should we spend money advertising old toys?" The result? The run time was cut down to a half-hour, leaving many scenes either cut or shortened, the CGI was done in-house literally weeks before it aired, and the climax rewritten to pimp the latest season's newest toy bike, so that Bandai would pay the cost of completing the episode.
    • Conspicuous by his absence is Rocky. Steve Cardenas was called and had agreed to appear in the episode, but he was in the process of moving at the time and the producers lost contact with him. He was going to be Tommy's butler.
    • Also, Kat was supposed to show up in "Forever Red" and Dino Thunder, canonizing the possible future that she does end up married to Tommy, but she wasn't available. Thus Tommy/Kim fans can still sleep easy at night....they can also count their blessings that one of the original draft scripts (which revealed Kimberly married Skull) didn't become the final product.
  • Summer Glau auditioned for the role of Alyssa.
  • There are officially 100 Power Animals, but we only ever see 22. Toei actually designed and detailed about a dozen more exclusively for Wild Force, including a peacock with many weapons as its tail feathers and a wallaby with a baby in its pouch. These can be found in the artbook Super Sentai Robot Art Collection.
  • The writers were only allowed to include the horrific death of Cole's parents if they were brought back to life later. Then the franchise switched from Fox Kids to Disney mid-stream and the writers were able to keep them dead, with ABC Kids standards and practices none the wiser.
    • According to one rumor, the identity of the parents would have been Jindrax and Toxica, who'd been transformed into Orgs themselves.
  • Much of the Ship Tease in this season was supposed to have an actual payoff, with Danny going back to the flower shop with Kendall and Cole and Alyssa being married in a Distant Finale.
  • "Reinforcements From the Future" was supposed to use the Three Org Brothers suits from the Gaoranger movie as the Mutorgs, but they were unfortunately destroyed in a fire before this could happen.
  • Princess Shayla's song was originally meant to be in Gaelic to fit with Animarium's decidedly Celtic-inspired aesthetic.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • The original plan for the series was Tommy Oliver heading up a Power Ranger Academy with other Power Rangers alumni, all serving as supporting characters to the three new Rangers, the Ninja Storm Rangers. However, the Phantom Ranger does not want a Legion of Power Rangers, therefore creating a Power Rangers civil war.
    • Although there are other reports that it was Jason who opposed Tommy instead of the Phantom Ranger instead, according to the head writer for Wild Force: Amit Bhaumik.
  • Very early materials suggested that the rivalry between the Wind and Thunder Rangers was supposed to play out a lot longer than it did (and possibly be the central conflict of the series, rather than a traditional villain), with kids even being encouraged to pick sides for themselves.
  • According to Doug Sloan, he wanted to avert The Smurfette Principle by doing a Gender Flip of one of the Rangers (most likely not Red or Yellow), but Disney vetoed it. Had this happened, then we might've seen the first female non-Yellow Ranger with a male Sentai counterpart.
  • Plans for a crossover with Wild Force were scrapped due to the move to New Zealand. Besides the distance, the show went non-union with the move and has remained so ever since, so a teamup was out of the question.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • Rumors have swirled for quite some time that Zeltrax was going to be revealed to not be Smitty but instead one of the Zordon-era Rangers, with Jason and Billy being the two names that commonly pop up (though some also claim Kat would have become Zeltrax had she been on the show and the character given a female voice). One has to wonder how much of an impact that would have had Tommy, now a mentor to a team, fighting a brainwashed friend that the audience knew instead of some guy we only meet in flashbacks.
  • There were plans for Kira and Trent to become an Official Couple, and the relationship was teased throughout the first half of the season. However, according to Trent's actor, the higher-ups at Disney worried that young boys wouldn't be interested in a Romance Arc, and so the relationship was quietly dropped. Reportedly, it got so bad that the network expressly prohibited any physical contact between Kira and Trent.
  • Devin was going to be the Triassic Ranger, but as Abaranger continued, it became apparent that rather than a separate hero it was just another Super Mode for Red, meaning these plans had to be discarded entirely.
  • Had Jason David Frank not returned for this season, the Black Ranger would have been named Edward Payne. Because little was changed outside of the name, this lead to the canon issue of Tommy becoming a Mad Scientist in seven years.
  • In a 2014 interview, producer Jackie Marchand revealed that she and the writers discussed implying that Hayley was a lesbian. In the finale, she would ride away on her next adventure with a woman implied to be her partner, but time constraints and the politics of early 2000s children's television kept this from happening.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

  • Cory Monteith auditioned for the role of Jack alongside Brandon Jay McLaren and Chris Violette.
  • Producer Greg Aronowitz planned for the season to have the first full-fledged female Red Ranger in the franchise's (including Sentai's) history, but since this is a series designed to sell toys to little boys, he was quickly shot down by higher ups from both sides of the Pacific. The idea eventually morphed into the A-Squad subplot.
  • Bruce Kalish had plans for an SPD movie in which Jack rejoined the team, but was vetoed by Disney.
  • A-Squad was going to be brainwashed, but there wasn't enough time to play out the concept, so instead we're stuck with the idea that all five of them apparently just woke up one day and decided to turn evil.
  • Jack and Z were originally going to be brother and sister, sharing the last name of Manners before being casted apart.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • Madison and Vida Rocca were not originally written as sisters (Madison's last name was Grey), but ended up casted as such.
  • Greg Aronowitz was filming Labou in New Orleans during the break between SPD and Mystic Force when Hurricane Katrina hit and delayed production of the film. Aronowitz stayed behind to finish the film in early 2006, leaving many to wonder what Mystic Force would have been like co-penned by him along with Bruce Kalish.
  • Ron Wasserman originally submitted two potential theme songs for the show, a rock theme and a rap theme, both of which were rejected in favor of what we got.
  • Leelee Pimvare was meant to be cast as twins like her Sentai counterparts.
  • There were plans for a crossover with S.P.D., but the season was cut short. The closest we got was a cameo by Piggy.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  • The series had a far more ambitious pitch that was retooled after getting a reduced budget.
  • Samuel Benta (Will) wrote & submitted a theme song for the series which ultimately was never used.
  • There were deleted scenes from "Once A Ranger" which explained the Rangers' jealousy towards their predecessors.
  • Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack from SPD) was invited back for "Once A Ranger", but declined, wanting to avoid Working with the Ex (he and Emma Lahana had dated for a while, then broke up).
  • Around the time of Operation Overdrive, Disney repeatedly tried to cancel the live-action Power Ranger series and replace it with an animated one, with one incarnation having Doggie Kruger as mentor to a new team. Toei vetoed that. Disney also wanted more control over Super Sentai's production, wanting to make it less violent, which angered Toei and is occasionally thought to be the cause of Shinkenger's heavy Japanese influencenote .

Power Rangers RPM

  • The role of Summer was first offered to an actress called Heidi Bradhurt, with the character reportedly to have been called "Kayla" instead.
  • The executive producer, Eddie Guzelian, was fired midway through the season due to Executive Meddling. When Judd Lynn took the helm the plot shifted from Guzelian's original plan. One example being that Tenaya was not supposed to be Dillon's sister. This twist was very similar to In Space's Andros and Andromeda reveal. Guzelian has been on the record as still in possession of the notes and has promised the actors that he'd reveal his ideas over a drink if they wanted to.
  • The ending revealed that Venjix didn't die and had transferred its consciousness into the Red Ranger morpher. This plot line was setting up for a future RPM crossover that would have seen the next season of Rangers team up with the RPM team to defeat Venjix for good. Sadly Disney sold the rights to Power Rangers back to Saban and Judd Lynn wasn't brought back on for Power Rangers Samurai. Instead the RPM/Samurai crossover involved fighting a newly introduced villain, Professor Cog, without resolving the Venjix storyline.
    • With the reveals that Dr. K and Colonel Truman were returning in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, speculation began with the loose threads finally being tied up, including theories that Evox was an evolved version of Venjix, and that Scrozzle was in fact a Venjix-built robot- which would explain why he looks almost nothing like the Go-Busters monsters in Beast Morphers, rather resembling the Go-Onger monsters from RPM. It was ultimately confirmed that series Big Bad Evox was indeed Venjix, who'd escaped from Scott's morpher and into Grid Battleforce's computers as a result of Nate experimenting with the morpher in an attempt to create a new way of morphing.
  • The series originally had a MUCH darker ending (at least allegedly- no one is sure whether or not this is real). After Venjix was destroyed in Danger & Destiny, the series' true finale Ranger Black would begin; Dillon would be revealed as a cyborg sleeper agent created to infiltrate the Rangers, gain their trust/access to the morphing grid, and ultimately serve as Venjix's final host. Everything about his human existence, up to and including Tenaya being his sister, was fiction created by Venjix in order to lure the Rangers into trusting him. The series would then end with the rest of the team being forced to kill Dillon in order to save humanity and destroy Venjix once and for all.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch apparently turned down the chance to reprise his role as Adam. What kind of role he would have played is unknown.
  • Tenaya was going to get a morpher at the end of the season had Eddie Guzelian stayed on.

Power Rangers Samurai

  • Reportedly, Judd Lynn was offered a chance to work on the season after RPM, but declined. Why he declined has never been explicitly stated (it can't be because he didn't want to work on the franchise anymore, seeing as how he returned for Dino Charge), but it's possible he saw that the source material was very Japanese in nature, meaning he would've had an uphill battle when adapting it on top of the ones he would have due to working with Saban for the first time since Time Force and working for a new network.
  • When Saban bought back the franchise from Disney, they had said that they were going to take it to The Hub as part of a bluff, instead turning around and going to Nickelodeon. What if the bluff was true, though, and Saban did go to The Hub? Discounting the fact that Bandai would have had a fit over this or if Hub network head Margaret Loesch still had any bad blood with Saban over her ousting during Saban Entertainment's merger with Fox Family, would the presence of three revived childhood series (alongside Transformers: Prime and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) made a difference, especially with how popular MLP:FiM ended up being?
    • And if Power Rangers was on the Hub, would the show still be three years behind of Super Sentai (after the cancellation and 2010 MMPR Reversioning under Disney pushed it back from one to two) especially if The Hub did not have the 20-episode mandate and odd scheduling that Nickelodeon hasnote ?
  • Amit Bhaumik originally had a different plan for how the series would end up. For one, every single one of the characters would have come from different parts of the world and would have different names. Jayden was originally named Mark and would be the most recent member of the "Ozawa Clan" with each of the other rangers having been protectors and servants of the clan. There also would have been a rival to Mark named Keiji Ayakawa, and the two would have been similar to Casey and Jarrod in Jungle Fury, and just like Jarrod, Keiji would go through a sort of redemption at the end. Keiji was going to be a descendant of the Ashura Clan, a clan that was enemies with the Ozawa Clan and who planned to revive their Master Xandred. Bulk would still return, but instead of his sidekick being Skull's son, it would have been his own, and it would have turned out that the Bulkmeiers were also once the servents of the Ozawa Clan, but Bulk doesn't have any of the powers or zords the others do because his family didn't keep up with the practice like the other rangers did. His son, Eugene "Junior" Bulkmeier would end up being the Gold Ranger, with his father and the rangers disapproving at first before accepting the fact that he did so. Also, Bulk would have ended up running a Sushi Restaraunt much like he ended up working at a bar on Terraventure in Lost Galaxy and at that pool-side juice serving area during Forever Red. The full details of Bhaumik's plans can be found here on his personal tumblr page.
  • Originally Amit Bhaumik proposed that this series was to take place in Stone Canyon and Mia would be a relative of Cassie but Jonathan Tzachor decided not to go with this idea.
  • Early casting calls included a comedy duo called "Skinny Mack and Big Jack", who were ultimately replaced by Bulk and Spike.
  • Antonio's name was originally Wesley.
  • Shinkenger, Samurai's source material, had a crossover arc with Kamen Rider Decade. Suppose Saban had decided to adapt said arcnote . Would this have led to a possible Reboot of Masked Rider? There was some speculating that this would also lead them to retroactively include Kamen Rider Dragon Knight in canon should that be the case (Dragon Knight had adapted Kamen Rider Ryuki). It's worth noting that the Decade only appeared transformed during his half of the Shinkenger crossover, not to mention the role he had been given to fit in (one of the Kuroko) had been Adapted Out, meaning that if an adaptation had been pursued, the crossover would've been a Pragmatic Adaptationnote .
  • Had Jonathan Tzachor gotten his way, the rangers would've been more sequestered than they are in the finished product. Fortunately, this was rejected.
  • If Paul Schrier had been able to relocate to New Zealand, it's very likely that he would've had a much bigger role in Samurai, possibly even a role in Megaforce.
  • According to James W. Bates, "Clash of the Red Rangers" was originally going to be 75 minutes long and that the other RPM Rangers were going to appear and interacting with the Samurai Rangers, though like Scott, they would remain in morphed mode and would be voiced by their actors instead due to actor unavailability. In fact, the infamous line "Your team says hi" is in a fact a nod to that deleted scene.

Power Rangers Megaforce

  • Many fans have been utterly vocal over the fact that a number of former Rangers didn't return for Super Megaforce, mostly due to the fact that they weren't asked or they declined the invitation. Among those who didn't return were David Yost (declined because of how he felt the invitation was an insult because it was the same as everyone else's and felt that they should at least have apologized for harassing him during filming of MMPR), Walter Jones (Out of support for David in regards to how he was treated), Steve Cardenas (declined due to the low pay for the brief cameo, which is a reason many others declined), Rhett Fisher (invited, then uninvited due to budget constraints), and almost everyone from the Disney era (most of them were never tapped) and others still were adamant about saying their issue wasn't specifically money, but other extenuating circumstances (Valerie Vernon wanted to do it, but now has children and wasn't given enough time to prepare arrangements to allow her to make the trip to New Zealand. Erin Cahill also wanted to return, but had to refuse because Rangers is a non-union production and she is currently a SAG member.) Amy Jo Johnson was also contacted, but her agent didn't give her the invitation because it was the same as everyone else's. Johnny Yong Bosch was also contacted and he responded, but they never replied back. Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros) was contacted as well and expressed interest, but he couldn't make it either because of scheduling conflicts and because he also wasn't given enough time to prepare.
    • Speaking of low-pay, Austin St. John and Karan Ashley, two major MMPR names (especially the former), were also contacted — and like Cardenas plus a number of others, they also declined for this reason. It's not that none of the three didn't want to come back (they really did, and they want the fans to be happy), but the pay barely covered the plane ticket expenses to-and-from New Zealand and they just didn't think the long trip was worth the brief cameo. They also didn't feel respected by the company executives.
  • There's a lot of ideas for Megaforce and its second season, Super Megaforce, that were proposed but shot down by producer Jonathan Tzachornote . Several of those ideas were mentioned by James Bates in his interviews with Den Of Geek.note 
  • It's been rumored that Saban wanted to skip adapting Goseiger and go straight to Gokaiger for the 20th anniversary, but Executive Meddling prevented that.
  • If the casting sheet is to be believed, there was originally going to be a subplot where Jake wanted to tell everybody he was a Power Ranger, only to be stopped by the secret identity rule.
  • Early press release describe the non-high school side of the plot as being nearly beat for beat the same as Goseiger with the three different villain factions instead of the first villain faction being the main one, the second being reduce to side villains and the third faction being reduced to an emissary for the new villains in Super Megaforce.
  • Basco from Gokaiger was nearly adapted- the only evidence left of him in the show is his ship is reused for Orion.
  • And of course the big one: One wonders what could have been if Toei had let them skip Goseiger so that Saban and Nick could adapt Gokaiger with 40 episodes instead of 20 or better yet what if Saban had just spread out the Goseiger adaptation over 40 episodes instead of a compressed 20 episodes and THEN adapt Gokaiger for 2015 and 2016 especially since then we would of had Judd Lynn as EP by then...
  • According to writer James W. Bates, there had been plans for Vrak and Vekar to interact, along with Robo Knight returning earlier in Super Megaforce.
  • Casting sheets suggested that when making Super Megaforce, there were plans to adapt Basco (and presumably Sally) and the Greater Powers from Gokaiger in the form of a character named Silas and items named the Zaferia Stones. If he had been adapted, the footage where the team would do full-team morphs into LightSpeed Rescue and In Space to fight against him could have been used. Not to mention one of the examples under the "They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot" example on the YMMV page, regarding the battle where Basco brings all the Sixth Ranger Keys to life, could have been used. Ironically enough, if the Zaferia stones had been used, they would have had to have focused more on the Zaferia stones of the pre-Zyuranger teams (and possibly the PR version of the Dairangers)note , since Basco never got his hands on a greater power of a Sentai that was adapted into Power Rangersnote . Instead, it seems that Vrak was chosen to fill his role instead, and as a result, they ended up wasting one of the easiest methods of paying homage to what's regarded as one of the best Power Rangers series...
  • In the corresponding Gokaiger episode that A Lion's Alliance was adapted from, Gao Red is the returning cast member. As that episode was adapted, it's possible that at one point, there were plans for Richard Medina, Cole's actor, to reprise his rolenote . The reason for this change, however, is likely due to the fact that the Samurai tribute episode used Jayden instead of Laurennote , and the producers not wanting to have 2 Red Ranger cameos in a row. It's unknown, however, if they still tried to have a cameo from a different cast member or if they decided not to have any cameo whatsoever after deciding against a Cole cameo.
  • Speaking of Gokaiger, much like with Machiko Soga, had Richard Genelle not died of a heart attack in 2008, it's possible that he would have returned to reprise his role, and we would have seen the actual Ernie run Ernie's Brain Freeze, instead of a character named Ernie.
    • Similarly, in Time Force and Mighty Morphin, Eric and Tommy were supposed to die like their sentai counterpart, but the decision was made not to kill him. Had he been killed off like in the Sentai, it's possible that Orion might have received the Sixth Ranger powers from them in a dream, similar to the source materialnote .
    • There were many plans that were scrapped due to Jonathan Tzachor vetoing them - for example, Troy was originally going to be The Chosen Onenote , and Mr Burley was originally going to be replaced by a Ranger Alumninote .
  • Andrew Gray revealed that a few backstory scenes were filmed for his character but were cut, they would've shown that Troy had a father in the military and he was being sent to live with an uncle because his dad was being stationed elsewhere.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

  • With the series adapting Kyoryuger and fully skipping over Go-Busters, who knows what a full top-down adaptation of the latter would have been? While we know now what it will be, what would it have been like if it hadn't been skipped initially?
    • Enter Bhaumik again! The write up for this series, entitled Power Rangers Cyber Corps. Taking place in Eternal City based on Mirinoi and ran by Mayor Kendrix Morgan, the former Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger, the city would have been ran by Energrid, industrializing the Morphin' Grid for everyday use! However, contact with Earth had been severed for about 13 years due to "The Venjix Incident" (that name will be very important later on, folks). The Cyber Rangers would protect this city with the aid of the Buddy-Roids and deal with a mysterious being known as OMNI, who would be working with a virus known as Venjix. Wait a sec, that name sounds familiar, doesn't it? That's because it is... or isn't... Bhaumik would have retconned the RPM!Venjix to be the Venjix from Forever Red, who was accidentally brought into the RPM-verse by accident, thus absolving Dr. K of accidentally destroying the world! However, Venjix would have become an Omnicidal Maniac. There would have been a crossover with RPM that would end with Venjix killing Scott. And the ending, which has Venjix erasing reality save for the Red Ranger.
  • Like with Samurai, there were rumors that Saban was intending on attempting another adaptation of Kamen Rider, this time using Kamen Rider Wizard - unlike with Samurai, however, these rumors came from the trailer announcing Dino Charge at Power Morphicon, which had a Freeze-Frame Bonus of Wizardnote .
  • Early casting calls show that Riley was originally named Ryan, Tyler was originally called Lucas, and that Kendall was going to be called Kiera. All three were changed due to being previously used.
  • Riley's brother Matt was originally the Graphite (then called Gray) Ranger, rather than Prince Phillip.
  • Early in the show, the Dino Charge morpher was hacked and one of the voice clips was for a Talon Ranger, many assumed that the Deathryuger/Kyoryu Navy suit was going to appear in the show as that Ranger and Heckyl was hinted at obtaining those powers. It's been theorized that the reason this fell through is because production was unable to get the rights to the suit (things that appear only in Sentai movies have to negotiated separately unless they happen to appear in-show, like with the Spinozord which happened to be Deathryuger's Zord) or they didn't have the budget for it having spent it getting the rights to Snide's suit which was also movie exclusive.
    • The suit did end up showing up in an unexpected way: as part of a new team of Rangers in the comic following the events of Shattered Grid, unsurprisingly wielded by Heckyl.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

  • The series is mostly adapting Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, though this time with some elements of the skipped Ressha Sentai ToQger. One can't help but wonder what a full-blown ToQger adaptation would have been like.
    • At Power Morphicon 2018, Judd Lynn revealed that it was due to Executive Meddling that most of the comedy that was seen as juvenile by fans was added to both Dino Charge and Ninja Steel, and his team had wanted to be more serious, pursuing a tone that was akin to In Space. It's unknown if he was just talking about Ninja Steel in regards to the tone he wanted to pursue, or if he was including Dino Charge in that statement, but just how different would either series have been if said meddling hadn't occured?

Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

  • Toy-related example: Saban ended their contract with Bandai on February 15, 2018, choosing to partner with Hasbro the following day. Aside from the obvious one (Saban choosing to stick with Bandai), Saban could've just as easily partnered with Mattelnote . Also related to this: What if Saban went with Hasbro but kept the franchise as opposed to selling it to them?
  • With the series being a Gobusters adaptation, there are three "What ifs": The first two (What if Saban (now Hasbro) had gone with Zyuohger or Kyuranger instead) being obvious, and the third is what if Hasbro had instead adapted the other skipped Sentai, Ressha Sentai Toqger, instead of Gobusters?
  • As previously mentioned under Dino Charge, Power Rangers Cyber Corps.

Power Rangers Dino Fury

  • Much like with Beast Morphers, the what-ifs all pertain to the 4 skipped Sentai (Toqger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger, and Lupinranger vs Patranger).
    • Originally, the follow-up to Beast Morphers would’ve been an adaptation of Kyuranger entitled Power Rangers Supernova. However, these plans were scrapped due to Beast Morphers underselling.


  • According to Kyle Higgins, there was a Power Rangers series set in the World of the Coinless in the works. Jason David Frank would have reprised his role as Lord Drakkon and Higgins wanted to bring in other past Ranger actors to go along with this. Sadly, plans were ultimately scrapped when Saban sold the franchise to Hasbro.
  • Back when Disney still owned the franchise, there were plans for an animated series, which would be made by Nerd Corps Entertainment. But for unknown reasons, the plan never fell through. Here is the design concept for the Ranger team.


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