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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie:

  • Tommy calling for the first morph. We get a closeup of each teen calling on their prehistoric animal and as each coin flies towards the camera, there's an absolutely badass roar from each. One by one, each ranger strikes poses and Audible Sharpness sounds as they move their fists, in their incredible looking new and enhanced suits for the movie. Throughout, the revamped MMPR theme plays with serious hair metal intensity. And as the song peaks with the axeman absolutely wailing an epic solo, they fly through the air ready to confront the ooze creatures. Basically, everything awesome from the show, given an HD makeover. Watching this in the cinema as a youth, this was the moment where you knew the Power Rangers had made it to the movies, alright.
  • Aisha gets one during the final battle, when she pushes a Big Red Button to make the Ninja Megazord knee Ivan Ooze in the groin, pushing him into the path of a passing comet.
    • It obliterates the laws of physics, but the Rangers' plan to destroy Ivan Ooze was pretty awesome in and of itself. Trick him into taking solid form, lure him into outer space, then shove him into the path of a runaway comet (there's a particularly brilliant moment when Ivan is recoiling from the groin attack, spins around, sees the comet and says softly, "Oh no"). What makes this even more awesome is that, when the movie was released on DVD, the sound effects had been improved. So when the comet slams into Ivan, the resulting explosion is so loud, the windows in your house rattle. It's awesome!

In General

  • Haim Saban repurchasing the rights to Power Rangers from Disney and bringing the series back with new episodes on Nickelodeon is something nobody saw coming and is definitely a Moment of Awesome for Saban and the series.
    • A slight bit of Foreshadowing (and a Heartwarming Moment) are found in this clip. Cheryl Saban mentioned that she and Haim had something of a difficult time letting go of the franchise (and made it sound as if she didn't really want to) and that they had been keeping track of the series under Disney's helm and referred to it as their child.
    • Even better, he called Disney out for wasting the series' potential, and bought back the franchise specifically for that reason.
    • Turns out he led Disney to believe that Power Rangers would be aired on The Hub, a lesser known channel, not their big-time rival Nickelodeon. While Disney still probably would have sold the series back to him, this move, at the very least, cut the price tag significantly.
      • Haim Saban gets another Moment of Awesome for that, since he pulled this on Disney. The sheer cajones of pulling a fast one on a company the size and caliber of Disney makes him braver than any Ranger.
      • He also made Disney look like fools in the process as The Hub is co-owned by Hasbro and a lot of its programming is (effectively) half-hour long commercials for its toys, while Power Rangers toys have always been made by Bandai, making it highly unlikely that Hasbro would finance a show whose merchandise is one of their biggest rivals.
      • Although it should be mentioned that what we got from Saban since, has been widely derided by the fans...
    • Which leads into the latest CMOA- Power Rangers toys are selling like hotcakes!
  • The ENTIRE SHOW gets some awesome points for the simple fact that it seems to be unkillable at this point. Most shows do not survive being canceled once. On rare occasions, a show will be brought back, but usually doesn't last very long after that (The best of circumstances will often let an Uncancelled series get a final season or movie that does little except tie up loose ends before going back to the TV graveyard.) Power Rangers has been canceled at least FIVE times, and hasn't stopped yet. At this point, it's become so ubiquitous in American culture, it's almost like Sesame Street or Saturday Night Live; it seems like it'll never stop.
    • The series was started as a 40-episode limited run on Fox Kids, when the show took off, the original ending (in which the Rangers defeat Cyclopsis and seal Rita away in a urn, similar to the ending in Zyuranger, and then go to senior prom, thus making an exception to Dawson Casting) was scrapped and Saban went to Toei to write up a new contract that's still going, (even operating under Disney's rule)
    • Turbo barely managed to earn Saban a final season, but when they got much higher ratings during In Space, it kept going.
    • It was supposed to happen again after Wild Force, due to the Disney buyout, but a couple of former PR producers were working at Disney and convinced them to move it to New Zealand, slicing production costs and making it worthy of saving.
    • Yet again after Jungle Fury. It was saved again after outside forces (Jetix Europe and Bandai) and one final year in the contract with the New Zealand production team pressured Disney to make another season.
    • Finally, after RPM, the show was officially cancelled, with the only thing left being the reversioning of MMPR Season 1. However, as mentioned above, Saban called out Disney and brought the show back again.
    • It probably helps that Super Sentai, the show from which Power Rangers draws footage and inspiration, never once stopped.
  • Rangers kicking the crap out of monsters? Cool. Kicking the crap out of monsters with "Go Go Power Rangers" playing? Awesome. Kicking the crap out of monsters with "Go Go Power Rangers" playing in the background for the first time in 15 years?! Awesome Music.
  • And now the series is streaming on Netflix! Just in time for Summer break! Thank you, Saban!
  • Saban and Shout! Factory are releasing the entire series up to RPM on DVD and Blu-Ray. Don't you wanna just high five your eight year old self?
  • As of January 2014, the entire series is available to purchase a la carte for downloading or streaming. If you don't feel like making a commitment to Netflix or buying whole seasons, you can choose and buy specific episodes. Look on or iTunes.
  • Power Rangers alumni protesting Prop 8.
  • White Ranger VS Scorpion
  • PelleK's all-theme metal medley.
  • Lionsgate and Saban Brands partner for live-action ''Power Rangers'' feature film!
  • Took 21 years, but the Rangers have their own balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • The Power Rangers Marathon Stream. Twitch, in anticipation for the 2017 movie, launched a 831 episode strong marathon. Every episode from Mighty Morphin' all the way to Dino Supercharge. Over 1.9 million viewers piled in within the first twelve hours.
  • Basically, the show's longetivity can be summed up by the words of a certain song from the 2017 movie: "...keeping us down is impossible, cause we're Unstopppable".
  • The anniversary of the franchise starting, August 28th, becoming an official Power Rangers day!
  • During the Zordon Era, the Power Rangers spend at least 34 episodes doing some kind of charity work, epitomizing the ideal of The Cape.
  • Izzy Garcia becoming the TV show's first canonically gay Ranger. It's not a throwaway line either, she and her girlfriend show off as much affection as previous straight couples have: they flirt, hold hands, kiss each other on the cheek, and an episode even has them attend prom together to the delight of her friends and family. The show has even won a GLAAD award for this depiction, coming a long way from a time where a gay Ranger actor was bullied by production to the point he abruptly left the show to preserve his mental health.