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  • Power Rangers Megaforce had two while Power Rangers Samurai was still airing:
    • At Power Morphicon 3, Saban released the teaser trailer for the season and included was footage of The Legend War from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, which caused the crowd to go nuts.
    • It then followed up with surprising the crowd by introducing the main five actors, dressed up in their Ranger suits, for the first time without any prior indication that such a thing was going to happen.
  • The official "first look" trailer has arrivednote , and it is sure to send goosebumps up and down the bodies of every Power Rangers fan. It's pretty amazing by itself, but the best part is that it includes the return of what are widely considered to be the three greatest words to fans of the entire series: IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!
  • "Weird Dream", the first clip showcasing utilization of Legend War footage in Megaforce. Even better. It's the first scene of the season. Talk about a real Series Establishing Moment...
  • The appearance of the ranger keys on the sides of the command center. Bonus points for the identities of certain teams as ranger keys and also adds to the hope that Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will be adapted.
  • The first unmorphed fight of the rangers.
  • Jake taking down the mooks with a soccer ball (even saving his crush from a sneak attack from behind with that tactic).
  • All 5 Rangers morph for the first time and the battle following the morph. The morph sequence itself is reminiscent of Wild Force and Dino Thunder and the combined weapon itself is reminiscent of Mighty Morphin season 1.
  • After the defeat of the MOTW, all 5 rangers talk about their recent success and Gosei tells them all 5 rose to the occasion and were chosen for a good reason. Gosei then goes on to tell them that there will be more to come, but he knows that they can do it and will be able to unlock new powers as they go along on their battle. Troy is prepared for what lies ahead and leads the team into their own team knuckle stack and proclaim, "Earth's Defenders Never Surrender!" just as the original Mighty Morphin team before them had done.
  • In "Stranger Ranger":
    • Jordan tries following the Rangers to their training area. He comes out of the bush to find the Rangers, transformed, waiting for him, having heard him coming. While it's not wicked awesome, the scene was still pretty badass on the part of the Rangers.
    • The Rangers overcoming the Super Speed of the Monster of the Week through Troy's training. Meanwhile, Troy faces off with Creepox and manages to force him into retreat via a combination of cunning and sheer Heroic Willpower.
  • In "Harmony and Dizchord", Troy and Emma find out how to counter Dizchord's musical attacks; with Emma's singing voice. Not only does it neutralize it, it's beautiful in and of itself.
  • In the opening to "Who's Crying Now?", Troy shows off his Nerves of Steel against some school bullies. Now that's what a Red Ranger should be like.
    Troy: (After the bully asks if he's going to cry) Look at my eyes. You see any tears?
    • Some time later, the same kid who got bullied stands up to Creepox just when Creepox is about to kill the bullies after him.
    • During the showdown with Creepox, Troy's earlier line becomes a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner as he refuses to admit defeat.
    • The fight between Creepox, Troy and Noah itself. So many fight scenes in Power Rangers feel kind of lazy and phoned in, and most really important fights tend to focus too much on flashy special effects. This fight however, has great choreography, is shot very well and is very well paced. It feels like a lot of effort went in without trying to show off. Admittedly a lot of credit should go to Super Sentai as a lot of the fight comes from Goseiger, but there is some original footage too which is done really well. Such as Troy's incredibly implausible, yet undeniably cool morph sequence while doing a sideways flip in the air having started from a lying down position.
  • Robo-Knight's entrance, where he takes down the MOTW in under five minutes. When it grows, he just turns into his Zord and continues the asskicking!
  • Once again we get to see to see a good civilian fight in "Prince Takes Knight".
  • The debut of the Gosei Ultimate Megazord. Gosei himself gets one by pulling a Big Damn Heroes with its jet mode and rescuing the Rangers from the Aurora Box, then acting as its control systems, more or less fighting alongside them!
  • The show's return after a haitus, and then Saban and Nick double-air Megaforce with Digimon Fusion, effectively creating an American version of Super Hero Time! Which sadly didn't last long. R.I.P: American Super Hero Time 9/07/13-10/05/13
  • Robo Knight's epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to Metal Alice. All episode, she's been telling him to abandon the humans because of them "ruining the environment" (since protecting Earth's nature was RK's original programming. He counters saying that humans are just as important to the Earth as everything else on it, and he'll stand by the human Rangers. All six then proceed to lay waste to her Monster of the Week, causing Metal Alice to retreat. Considering how heavy-handed the series has been with the whole "humans have ruined the planet" thing, that was pretty cool of them to remind us that humans are part of the environment too.
  • Vrak fried the Morphers, forcing the Rangers out of Ultra Mode and weakening them severely. Also, how Robo Knight was able to recharge the Rangers Morphers, though he couldn't help them in the battle after that. So, he loans Troy the Robo Blaster, so in a way, he's still fighting with them.
  • How the Messenger arrived on the battlefield; parting the freaking seas, walking along the sea bed, and then announcing his arrival with the rain, and that he would be taking Vrak's spot as one of the Final Enemies.
  • The closing moments of Episode 20 where the alien Armada finally attacks in full force.

    Super Megaforce 
  • The first episode of Super Megaforce has a number of them.
    • One of the big ones is the Rangers protecting people during the first wave of the invasion. Why? It was all American footage!
    • The second wave is CMOA-filled for both sides:
      • Rangers: It's a complete Curb-Stomp Battle in their favor with the help of Legendary Mode. They even do an all-Red change!
      • Armada: Vekar's first monster got fried in ten seconds flat. His response? Send another one right after that!
      • The Armada in general seem to be much more competent than Malkor and Vrak, having dealt more damage to Harwood County than they ever did on their first episode.
  • The second episode takes the first appearance of Gokai-Oh/Legendary Megazord and increases the awesome factor. How? By using it as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the Armada in retaliation for their attacks on Earth!
    • The Armada's plan this week? Nuke every major city on the planet! It would've went off without a hitch if it wasn't for the timer.
    • And the Rangers (minus Troy) transformed into Dairanger forms.
    • Using only American footage, we get what might be the Goseiger suit's final outing for a little while: Troy fights the Monster of the Week, and wave after wave of X-Borgs by himself, without Legendary Mode. For two hours straight.(In-Show time).
  • Noah's battle against the Monster of the Week in episode three of Super Megaforce. His determination to fight without help shows his growth as a character. The Teamwork is Awesome Aesop is there, but only put into practice because the monster went against his word and had his mooks back him up. A meta example would be the episode's writer: Jason Smith. He's made his love for Super Sentai known and this episode shows it.
  • The fifth episode has the Megaforce Rangers morphing into the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
    Megaforce Rangers: It's Morphin Time!
  • The X-Borg actually played a good game of Keepaway with the Rangers. With a bomb!
  • The creators deserve props for actually having the guts to outright say the Silver Rangers' entire race was slaughtered by the Armada and not sugar coating it.
  • Episode 10 (The Perfect Storm) had two: first the fact that over 3/4 of the episode is original footage, including showing off Jake's parkour skills; second is that of the remaining 1/4, we get to see the MMPR Green Ranger as well as two full teams morphing, those being Squadron Mode, (complete with MMPR White Ranger) and Zeo. Jake's parkour run deserves its own mention; it is jaw-dropping and we must see more of it.
  • Episode 11 has Jake morphing while swinging on a street lamp.
  • In general, the fight music throughout the whole series so far. It tends to start with straight up metal during the initial fights with the Loogies and the MOTWs, escalating and becoming more and more epic until they reach the Megazords combining and the Megazord fights, where it is straight up symphonic power metal.
  • The opening of Megaforce ended on a pretty sweet shot of the core five ranger helmets lined up. Super Megaforce then proceeded to blow that out of the water by cycling through the helmets of almost every past Ranger ever! The Freeze-Frame Bonus alone is fantastic.
  • "All Hail Prince Vekar" was definitely a big one. The Rangers defeated not one, but TWO of the major antagonists: Argus and Prince Vekar. Noah receives bonus points for delivering the final blow to Argus unmorphed! Prince Vekar deserves a bit too for actually Curb Stomping the Rangers in his Megazord to the point that Troy ejected everybody else from it to save them. Definitely improves his image as a whiny brat.
  • Vrak gets a big one when he returns by turning the Ranger Keys to stone and disabling Super Mega Mode. He then kidnaps both Sixth Rangers to drain Orion's life force and brainwashed Robo Knight into his loyal slave. He tops all this off by not only repeatedly Curbstomping the Rangers, but exploiting the Rangers always destroying his monsters by having both his monsters absorb their finishers to create his second and third drills when destroyed.
    • The Final Battle with Vrak. All of it. Vrak deserves big credit for one thing: actually killing the Ranger he intended to kill when he badly wounds and already critically damaged Robo Knight and leaving him to die in his exploding base. Unlike Kendrix and the Magna Defender (who both died performing Heroic Sacrifices without being forced to by villains), Vrak INTENDED to kill Robo Knight, making him the first villain in the franchise to actually succeed in that goal for for any significant period of time.
  • Sadly, the Legendary Battle turned out to be a Negated Moment of Awesome. Some of the returning past Rangers didn't even get lines! Mike, Emily, Damon and Karone needn't have bothered turning up.
  • In the Finale, the Rangers zords have all been destroyed or badly damaged by the Armada, they're grossly outnumbered...and they still make the choice any Power Ranger worth their spandex does: keep fighting no matter what. Cue Mooks getting curbstomped and Troy and Orion using Orion's ship in an epic Storming the Castle, ending with them using Mavro's flagship to destroy the rest of his fleet and Mavro's demise while the other Rangers take out The Dragon on the ground.
    • The extended special version does one better, with the Emperor surviving the crash and the Rangers cycling through most of the previous Ranger forms to finally finish him.
    • Emperor Mavro's Badass Boast before the fight is another one for him, as is the fact he never has a Villainous Breakdown the entire fight.
      Emperor Mavro: It's only over when I say it is! I've survived far worse than that pathetic attempt! Hundreds of worlds, countless enemies have fallen before me! And now you will be added to the list of the defeated and forgotten!
    • Note, said 'pathetic attempt' included him being impaled, severely electrocuted, hit with a double Finishing Move, and being in his ship when it exploded. Mavro is officially a badass.
  • CMOA to Damaras as during his first fight against the Rangers, he curbstomped them and was able to kidnap Troy and make all rangers force-demorph and render them bedridden. No wonder he is the greatest warrior in the galaxy after Mavro. Also a CMOA goes to Jake and Tensou for rescuing Troy.
  • Give a CMOA to the production team for the Extended Finale. The original Legendary Battle was lackluster and didn't live up to the hype it promised, not to mention little in the way of new mode changes or many changes at all. The Extended Cut put both it and the preceding episode together, as well as cutting in alternate scenes, such as the aforementioned Mavro ground fight, the Dragon Shield power being given to Troy while in MMPR Red mode to create the Red Armored Ranger, an extended Zord battle, an extended 'legend force' battle with Levira, and last but not least, extending several parts of the Battle itself, even giving Karone a new line, and when she lifts her helmet over her head, she Legend Shifts to show Astronema. They turned a sub par ending into an ending worthy of a 20th Anniversary and toped it off with two sentences that summarizes every Power Rangers season to this big moment!
    Karone: I love being a Power Ranger...
    Troy: Time to create a NEW legend!

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