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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

    Megaforce WMG 

This season will end on with a cliffhanger
  • with the villain from the Gokaiger season attacking Earth or even better the reshot Legend War
    • To elaborate, US Buredoran is revealed to be the emissary for US Zangyack, which detects his failure and sweeps down to clean up, prompting all PR alumni who's guest starred so far to contact all past Rangers, leading into the US Legend War.
      • And the final shot of the season will be the energy wave flying through space fading away and a certain red ship is seen flying by
    • Since the second half of Megaforce will supposedly be using Gokaiger footage, the Legend War may be the finale for the first half.
    • Confirmed by Rangercrew
    • Officially confirmed. We end with footage of the Armada beginning their invasion, and the Rangers attempting to avoid the attack.
End Game will end using footage from the great legend war scene
It will use the footage from the opening of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle with The Mega Rangers fighting The Zangyack foot soldiers and fleet. They will be joined by MM Red and White Rangers and all the extra heroes and then be joined by the rest of them. The episode will end with this.
  • probably jossed as the final episode of Super megaforce has been said to use footage from The Great Legend War.
  • Confirmed as it partially uses the Zangyack invasion footage.

The Gosei Green equivalent will become the Gosei Knight equivalent
This was a popular theory during Goseiger, so why not for Megaforce?
  • Probably jossed as Big Name Fan Fury Diamond has reported that Gosei Green will not make an appearance in either season of Megaforce.
  • Definitely jossed. Robo Knight is the sole 6th ranger. (Until Super Megaforce, when Orion arrives. Robo Knight is still absent for most of that season though.)

This season will be just as copy and paste as Samurai/Super Samurai
The press release practically confirms this already.
  • Supported by the use of Gosei Great in the same context as the sentai.
    • Jossed by the fact that the premise is at least different. It may adapt episode plots whole-sale, but the show already isn't just straight up Goseiger.
      • While some of the episode plot points are borrowed from Goseiger, this looks like it is being averted.

This season will be more original than Samurai/Super Samurai
One can hope.
  • We've seen with Deker that censor-unfriendly stuff must change and they're capable of coming up with decent original material when forced. Superhero angels will definitely not fly (no pun intended) with Moral Guardians, so the Goseigers' origin will have to change.
    • And change it did. They used a Recycled Script, the premiere episode, Mega Mission, is practically a remake of Day of the Dumpster, the first ever episode in the franchise. So far, not all that original. Too early to say "jossed" though.
    • The more recent episodes show that it will be very much not a Goseiger dub, and not just surgical strikes on non-censor-friendly moments.

Gosei will be directly related to Zordon
Instead of just making him an Expy, he'll be either another one of his original group or otherwise related to him.
  • Jossed, Gosei is a giant Gosei Morpher!
    • Nope, he explicitly states that he's a pupil of Zordon left behind on Earth to help protect it in case of emergencies.

Vrak will be a case of Literal Split Personality.
The wording of the press release seems to imply the villains will be doing something like what happened back in Operation Overdrive: multiple factions attacking the Rangers at different times with different monsters. If they do so without new footage of the various bases, it's plausible that the three Vraks will have a sort of epiphany of truly being one entity, and pull a Split-Personality Merge to become the final Big Bad of the season.
  • Jossed, episode summaries show that the second form is a power up of the first, and the third form is Unwilling Roboticisation. The fourth form apparently is out completely.
  • Jossed again: The fourth form is briefly seen during the intro.

Vrak will be another past Ranger
They're trying to find past alumni — what better way to shake up the formula than cast one as the villain?That or it could be one of Zordon's ancient warriors who was sealed in a can ater turning on his fellow rangers shortly after Rita was sealed away
  • This would actually make a lot of sense. WARNING: Tensou Sentai Goseiger Spoilers: Since the Megaforce rangers aren't Gosei Angels, and Gosei Angels don't exist in Megaforce, this would naturally mean that Vrak isn't one either unlike his Sentai counterpart, Buredoran. However, if they still want to have Vrak's character stick fairly close to Buredoran, then making him an evil former ranger would achieve a nearly identical effect to Buredoran being a fallen Gosei Angel.
  • Jossed. It's already been revealed that Vrak has a brother — and fans are guessing that it's Gokaiger's Disc-One Final Boss, Warz Gill.

US RoboKnight still doesn't get a live actor
Looking all but confirmed by descriptions making him to be very similar to Gosei Knight.
  • RoboKnight is exactly the same as Gosei Knight, only more robotic than Gosei Knight in terms of voice acting.

Instead of going all hiphop like Alpha VI, US Datas is all about the internet culture
At one point he mentions having optical broadband installed so he can catch the latest season of "Pretty Little Puppies: With Teamwork Comes Power".
  • Jossed, Datas is absent.
  • To be precise, instead of Datas (and Navi), Tensou takes the role as the robotic assistant.

The team will be expies of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Mostly likely the second set, though, since they (assumptive) wouldn't want to accidentally match the color with their races again.
  • Confirmed; they are played as homage to the original Rangers.

Samurai invoked a MMPR feel or tried to, Megaforce seems like it'll have one too and Gokaiger is F-ing Gokaiger. In the early episodes they had multiple seasons connected and while it may not be as connected as having one team get the next set of powers, there will be shout outs, hints, a few Cameos with the team up eventually establishing this.
  • Jossed Gokaiger is a part of Megaforce

Bulk and Spike will appear in Megaforce
Having moved on from wanting to become Samurai — and they'll be joined by Skull as well.
  • Actually they better have Bulk and Skull in this, other than Tommy those two have been there since the very beginning so it would make sense if they did show up. But I got a better WMG... Since "Super Megaforce" is the American Version of Gokaiger, just what if (work with me here) just what if... Bulk, Skull, and Spike ever found the Ranger Keys... and accidentally morphed using them? I guess Bulk will FINALLY become a Blue Ranger, Skull will FINALLY become a Black Ranger, and Spike would be whatever Ranger Key he gets his hand on.
    • Jossed. Never happened and no "what if". Once jokes (in a lovable way), they will always be jokes.

If Season 19 adapts Goseiger and doesn't skip it to avoid selling cards, Big Head will be a reincarnated Zordon, Datas the new Alpha, and the series will take place in Angel Grove.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing. Furthermore, I've had the idea that the new rangers could be "apprentices" of sort to the original rangers. Red could have been taught how to fight at Jason's karate dojo, likewise with Yellow and Trini's mantis kung fu; Black could possibly do the same with Zack's hip hop-kido. Pink would naturally learn gymnastics under Kimberly. Finally, Blue would study at a university on Aquitar (a water themed world!) founded by Billy.
    • GoseiKnight will be the Phantom Ranger, because the writers really wanted to give him a backstory.
    • Reviving Zordon is a terrible idea.
      • (Second Poster): Yeah, I was kinda iffy on that, too... but we do know that Zordon had a family. Actually, it wouldn't even have to be his family member; anyone could be trapped in a time warp.
    • Jossed. Gosei was mentored by Zordon, Datas is absent, a different robot called Tensou appears instead (so, not an Alpha unit), and the show is set in Harwood County.

The American adaptation of Tensou Sentai Goseiger will take place in Angel Grove
Why not?
  • Because Angel Grove's triumphant return is best saved for the Gokaiger adaptation. What with the very stock footage from that season being about homages to the past.
    • From what we know about Gokaiger, though, it doesn't seem like its adaption would have a single, central setting. I'd think it would be more like Operation Overdrive. Besides that, however, they could both take place in Angel Grove.
      • In Gokaiger they mostly stuck to one city.
  • Also Angel Grove would probably be best for an angel-themed Sentai adaptation.
    • Except that Saban has eschewed the angel aspect for Megaforce.
  • Jossed; the show takes place at Harwood County High School.
  • Angel Grove will be mentioned.

Next year's Power Rangers will be...
A mix of Goseiger and Gokaiger. More specifically, they'll pull a Zyu2: it'll start with the Goseiger suits (since the color formation is just like that from the original MMPR; red, yellow, black, pink and blue), villain and Zord footage, but midway through the story the Gokaiger villains appear, leading the Rangers to get stronger powers and new Zords from the Morphing Grid. The Gokaiger suits will appear as a passerby pirate team's suits in a multi-parter episode where said pirate team lets the main Rangers borrow their Zords. As for the anniversary thing, they might just make a special episode a la "Forever Red" and "Once a Ranger".
  • You know, with a little creativity, one can easily change the past powers motif from Keys to Cards. But with the current staff on board, it's unlikely.
  • It would be an easy way to avoid having to adapt the pre-Power Rangers Sentai from Gokaiger...
  • That could make the cheap cut-and-paste adaption of Shinkenger make a lot more sense...
  • Partial confirmation, they actually used both Gokaiger and Goseiger footage in the first episode. So it is a hybrid.

If Goseiger is adapted as "Power Rangers Megaforce", GoseiKnight will be called MegaKnight.
Because of the similarity to Meta Knight.
  • Jossed. He'll apparently be called RoboKnight.

The next series will adapt either Goseiger or the pirate-y elements of Gokaiger, while the crossover elements of Gokaiger will be adapted into a movie or special.
If calculations are correct, next year will be the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers (at least going by the list of series on the main page), so it'd make sense for them to include the Milestone Celebration aspects of Gokaiger. However, let's face it, pirates and crossovers is a strange combination. I could see the next series either adapting Goseiger or sticking to the pirate-themed parts of Gokaiger, but they'll release an anniversary movie or special, sort of like Forever Red on steroids, featuring every past Ranger, using the leftover Gokaiger footage featuring the crossovers. Since, as was stated above, it's uncertain that everyone would be okay with the Rangers losing their powers, the story could involve something like all the Rangers from the past and future receiving a distress call from across time to fight an Eldritch Abomination too strong for a single team to handle. And it would be glorious.
  • The problem is, adapting Gokaiger without the crossover elements would require all-new zords for everything but the main 5 and the sixth ranger's ones, and mostly new combat footage. There really aren't enough Gokaiger elements without the crossovery bits.
  • Hence why they might have to do Goseiger if they decide to keep the crossover elements separate.
  • Gokaiger will be used for Season 2 of Megaforce!

The plot for the adaptation of Gokaiger will be set up in the adaptation for Goseiger
What happens is not the legends war but Ninjor, Mystic Mother or whoever decides to create keys for each Ranger team and extra heroes (due to rising concerns of Rangers losing their powers) and hide them away. The pirate Rangers steal the keys and make their morphers and Zords compatible with the keys. Enter the... let's say Angel (Goseiger) Rangers who fight with them (maybe using some 199 heroes footage) afterwards Angel Red says somthing that makes the pirate Rangers change their ways (or just a bit) and causes the two teams to fight with each other resulting in the Pirate Rangers unlocking the Angel Rangers' ultimate power and by the end of the episode/special the pirate Rangers set out to gain the other ultimate powers/meet other teams to learn how to become true heroes or something similar.
  • See above — Gokaiger will be adapted for Season 2 of Megaforce.
  • And the "no legend war" thing is jossed.

The Rangers' names will be Shout Outs to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Either to the original 5 characters (Jameson, Will, Zatch, Trina, and Kimi), or their actors (Austin, Dave, Walter, Thuy, and Amy).
    • Jossed. The names are, respectively, Troy, Noah, Jake, Gia and Emma.

They'll come up with a better name before it actually airs.
  • I have nothing to base this on, but... please?
    • Megaforce might be the definitive name, so jossed.
      • Definitely Jossed
  • YMMV.

The Akibaranger suits will make an appearance at some point.
Probably as protoypes for the Rangers' actual suits. Something will be said along the lines of, "I scrapped them after designing the Yellow Ranger's suit because they didn't look practical enough."
  • That sounds like a better gag for Power Rangers: Special Ops (Akiba Blue's bear panties notwithstanding). Bonus points if these proto-suits end up having to be used for an ep.
  • Very unlikely
  • Jossed. Akibaranger is unofficial anyway.

The Legend War will start out as All Just a Dream combined with Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
It'll be more or less like the Rider War from Kamen Rider Decade. Early on during the first season, one of the soon-to-be Megaforce Rangers will dream about it and describe it in full detail not too long after waking up. Then, at the end of the first season, it will turn out that said Ranger was Dreaming of Things to Come, and the season ends with the Zangyack equivalent invading the Rangers' homeplace. Season 2 will begin with the Megaforce Rangers being overwhelmed by the fleet and getting their morphers destroyed, but the previous Rangers will come to their aid and battle the fleet while the Megaforce Rangers escape to get new equipment.
  • Confirmed with the first episode's very first scene having Troy dreaming about the War while asleep on the school bus. Some time in episode 8, Troy narrates the details of his dreams to his teammates when they talk about Robo Knight.

Megaforce is setting Rangers up for a Channel Hop.
One twenty-episode season each of Gosei and Gokai seemed odd, but there's a reason. Saban recently bought the CW's Saturday morning block (called Vortexx,) but they're bound to do two more seasons on Nickelodeon (their contract was renewed through 2014.) They've announced their two-year plan for Megaforce. Here's the theory, they'll use the first 20-episode run to burn through some Goseiger footage, possibly ending with the Legend War. Then, the second 20 episode run will be the first half of their Gokaiger adaptation. However, they will finish the second half of a Gokaiger adaptation on Vortexx after they've cut ties with Nickelodeon. Making the shift midway will help generate interest and create an anchor for the new block to get off the ground, and the only reason they haven't said anything is they don't want to look like they're conspiring behind Nickelodeon's back.
  • Or they'll just adapt Go-Busters in 2015, that wait they don't split up a season between two channels.
  • With Saban inking a deal with Nickelodeon to air Digimon Fusion, Power Rangers might not be going anywhere.
    • Utterly jossed. Vortexx is dead.

The gold armor from the "Super Gosei" mode won't be a Mid-Season Upgrade
Since half this season is Goseiger and the other half is Gokaiger, it would be stupid to introduce the armour halfway through and then promptly get rid of it to make way for the Gokaiger suits. Instead, the armour will be available right from the start and function in a similar manner to Samurai's Mega Mode.
  • Alternatly, the Super Gosei powers show up during 11-20, go away to make room for Gokaiger suits, only to make a return around the time the Zangack Emperor pops up and somehow get converted/folded into a set of "Super Gokai" modes of some description.
  • Jossed, it's due to be introduced in episode 11, so it is a mid-season upgrade.

Robo Knight will be like Ninjor and the sixth ranger will be a Green Ranger based on Gosei Green
  • Most likely Jossed, according to Big Name Fan Fury Diamond's sources as Gosei Green will be absent from both seasons of Megaforce
  • Jossed. Robo Knight is both like Ninjor (no human form shown) and is the 6th Ranger of Megaforce and Gosei Green is not adapted.

In the first season finale, the Big Bad will be revealed to be working for the American version of the Zangyack Empire
Tying everything together.
  • Confirmed. Vrak says that he's alien royalty in episode 2, and it's been confirmed behind the scenes that he's the brother of Warz Gill, Gokaiger's Disc-One Final Boss (and thus, presumably, son of the Big Bad).

Various PR actors who have passed on will get episodes dedicated to them.
For example: the Mystic Force episode for Udonna's actress.
  • Jossed, unfortunately. Unlike Gokaiger, Super Megaforce does not do tributes, only "unlock powers".

Robo Knight is doomed.
1) Gosei Knight and Gokai Silver are very different personalities, which shows in their respective stock footage.

2) Going from Goseiger to Gokaiger involves completely switching Zord sets, so there's no need to keep Gosei Ground's head around.

3) Robo Knight is (presumably) a robot, the demise of which isn't as taboo as killing humans (Just ask Cliffjumper... )

4) Gosei Knight has an out-of-power/presumed-dead sequence near the end of Goseiger which would be absolutely perfect for killing Robo Knight off.

  • Seemingly jossed for the time being. In the last episode of Megaforce, he lost consciousness due to the mentioned out-of-power sequence, but was nowhere to be found after the battle, and signs pointed to him regaining enough power to drag himself to safety. He's missing in action, but presumably still alive.
  • Definitely jossed. He's back in the last quarter of Super Megaforce, when they adapt the final arc of Goseiger.

When the Mega Force go Ultra, Pink and Yellow will swap colors
No reason for this one, there just hasn't been a blonde Pink in a while...
  • Or a brunette Yellow. The last one was Z Delgado. (Coincidentally, her team's Pink, Syd, was also a blonde.)
  • Jossed.

Gosei will be an egotist.
We have the Gosei Morphers and the Gosei Great Megazord — that's two things named after him so far.
  • If promo pics are correct, Gosei is literally a giant Gosei Morpher which means he made the morphers look like his own face...
    • A bit of Fridge Brilliance.
    • He does say that he based his appearance on something they'd be familiar with; their Transformation Trinkets. So it could be the other way around just like it is in real life
      • Well, he does grant the team the ability to use the powers from '''''Gosei''' Sentai Dairanger'', so there's that.

Related to the above: Gosei is delusional.
He has power, but he's no successor to Zordon. He doesn't have the same information or resources as Zordon, and he's far less helpful. What this suggests and means:
  • He was caught up in the Z Wave, which altered his mind and put him in contact with the Morphin Grid, leaving him to believe he was succeeding Zordon.
  • Using his connection to the Morphin Grid, he was able to create the Megaforce powers. Later, when the War Star invasion had stepped up and was preparing to reach Earth, he created the Super Megaforce powers, including the Ranger keys.
  • The Legend Rangers are hallucinations created by the Morphin Grid to provide the Rangers with information Gosei cannot give them (due to not possessing such knowledge).
  • There are actually more Ranger teams operating on Earth than Gosei knows, which he created keys for while thinking they were alien teams. Thus the appearance of some of the pre-Zyu Sentai suits.
  • Jossed. Gosei is not delusional and is a pupil to Zordon. He did create the Megaforce and Super Megaforce powers, however, and the Legendary Rangers are real. And of course, there are other Ranger teams that even Zordon himself does not know of which means Gosei himself does not know as much.

The card theme of Goseiger will be played up.
The cards will serve the same function as the Ranger Keys, and will be the basis of a Trading Card Game and/or a game that allows kids to scan cards on a board or with Kinect. Think that one Playstation game with cards you scan.
  • The TCG element of this has been confirmed and there was a comment that said that the cards allow the rangers to "morph into different things", when they were only used for morphing into the rangers in Goseiger. While we don't know for sure if the morphing will include turning into previous Rangers, this looks pretty likely.
  • The Goseiger/Megaforce cards have the ability to transform into different Rangers complete with the weapons and possibly powers like the Ranger Keys if needed to. After all, Goseiger is mainly about miracles. However, they are not shown having the ability to do so in order to avoid the department of redundancy.

Metal Alice's equivalent will use a different stock footage that will replace the original's Torpedo Tits attack.
Due to difference in standards of what can be allowed in a kids' show, most likely.

The PR version of the Zangyack Empire will be The New United Alliance of Evil.
Bigger, badder, and more threatening to the universe (as well as alternate universes).
  • Jossed. They are quite evil, alright. But they are no United Alliance of Evil.

The Red Ranger will be Rated M for Manly.
As opposed to his sentai counterpart.
  • Confirmed; Troy is a lot like Jason and is seen practicing martial arts when Gosei summons him.
  • To be precise, Troy shares the same optimism like Alata and some personality of Captain Marvelous.

Robo Knight will Become a Real Boy.
If he's turned human and eventually becomes Gokai Silver's equivalent, that would explain why his personality is so different between seasons; he has more emotions and new sensations that make him more hyperactive.
  • That actually sounds quite cute, even if I still want Gokai Silver's counterpart to be female.
  • Robo Knight and Orion are two separate individuals.

In this show's version of the Legend War the scene where Akarenger and Big One save the Goseigers will be replaced... a scene were the original Red Ranger and original White Ranger save the Megaforce Rangers.
  • Seeing as how the White Ranger powers have been destroyed and unusable since the end of MMPR season 3, It seems more likely that we'd see Tommy using his Red Zeo Ranger powers in such a scene, since he still has them as far as we know. We probably will see the White Ranger powers eventually, though more likely part of a "restoring past ranger powers" plot.
    • The great legend war defies that logic so most likely the white ranger powers will be not explained of handwaved.

The Megaforce Rangers will be like the original team, but with a twist.
The five Rangers will be similar to the original five in personality; but unlike the original five, they don't all know each other, and outside of battle, they won't get along at all at first.
  • Well, Emma's an environmentalist rather than a valley girl, Jake's a soccer player rather than a dancer, and Troy's new in town. Though, as one would say, we will see.
    • Troy is a combination of Jason (stoic) and Tommy (New kid, loner) as well as sharing their passion for martial arts. Billy and Noah are both the team genius. Both Zack and Jake are the Rangers that like to have. Gia takes Trini's Jack-of-All-Stats and raises it to The Ace levels. Emma shares Kimberly's role as the girly girl of the team.
    • Nick Russell wasn't the first new in town ranger — so was Tommy.

The Dairanger suits will be used in Megaforce (or more likely its second season) as a previous set of powers created by Gosei, possibly along with Zordon.
Because it's Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
  • Well, they have already used footage of Ryuuranger fighting in the Legend War...
  • Trailers seem to present the Dairanger suits, meaning they will show up somehow.
    • Confirmed: They used the Dairanger suits in episode two of Super Megaforce. No explanation for them yet, except that they've never been seen before on Earth.

This season will have two team up specals.
The first one will be an adaption of Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, with a few details changed; and the second will be a Once a Ranger type team up and will probably feature the team in the Gokaiger suits.
  • Jossed.

The Megaforce Rangers in the Gokaiger Suits will get an Early-Bird Cameo.
Through adapting the scene were the Gokaigers defeat Shitari to stop him attacking the Goseigers and Shinkengers.
  • Jossed.

Tensou will become RoboKnight.
The initial press release referred to Tensou as Gosei's robotic assistant, and it would be a nice Mythology Gag to Zeo where they thought Billy was secretly the Gold Ranger.
  • Alternatively, if Tensou isn't actually a robot, he'll become the GokaiSilver counterpart in the second half of the season, his hyper personality being explained as, like Gai, finally getting to live his dream of being a Power Ranger.
    • Second part definitely jossed.
    • All of this had been jossed so hard.

The GokaiSilver equivalent will keep his identity secret from the rangers for most of the show...
And then he'll demorph and reveal... GAI!

What? Noone said these needed to be plausible, Wild Mass Guessing.

  • For the record, jossed. He's identified in the second part of his introductory arc.

In the same vein as the previous WMG, if the full Gokaiger team shows up, it'll be the ACTUAL Gokaigers.
There would of course be some nigh-unavoidable voice-dubbing involved in this idea, and would likely just be a movie or two-part special at best given the potential difficulties in making such a thing happen. But considering the milestone celebration elements of both Gokaiger and Megaforce, it would be beyond cool for Power Rangers to have a crossover with the franchise that spawned it.
  • Jossed!

Skull is going to be related to the Red Gokai powers somehow
At the end of Super Samurai, when he shows up, Skull is wearing a black suit with RED underneath, and a Skull and Crossbones pin. This is either another case of Skull being a Red Herring or setting up Skull to play a part... perhaps the Gokaiger suits are a team of rangers run by Skull, who have good intention but aren't really that good and playing the good guy role?
  • Jossed - Skull (or, for that matter, Bulk) doesn't appear in Megaforce/Super Megaforce at all.

If the Megaforce Rangers do the transforming into past rangers concept, RPM Green will be gender flipped
Since there's a Black Ranger on this team, it'd make sense for him to use the Black RPM powers; and Green will be used by Pink instead.
  • Jossed. They go to Super Megaforce suits before transforming and Green turns into RPM Green, while Pink turns into RPM Black. Kinda funny considering Emma and Dillon's respective characterizations.

The Phantom Ranger will appear at some point.
And his identity will finally be revealed: As per the original pitch for the character, he'll be an embodiment of the spirits of past fallen rangers, drawing a very clear parallel to AkaRed from Super Sentai. With the implication that Super Megaforce will follow Gokaiger in paying tribute to all the series that came before, this may be one of the few chances they'll ever get to tie up this loose end once and for all.
  • Jossed.

Gokai Silver's Gold Mode armor will be retained in Super Megaforce
This one is pretty simple. There's a lot of footage of Gold Mode, and all of the sentai powers that form the Gold Mode armor have been adapted into Power Rangers, meaning that there's no real problem with including it (save perhaps for people wondering why the Titanium Ranger isn't a part of it). It's also very much in the spirit of the battlizers, and would be ripe for being made into a toy. And hey, Power Rangers loves the sixth rangers, so including something whose very purpose is to celebrate the sixth ranger trend seems perfectly natural.
  • Confirmed.

The Green and White Mighty Morphin' Rangers will get a hybrid key like the Go-On Wings.
Why not? Dragonranger and Kibaranger may have served on different teams, but the Green and White Rangers didn't. Silver will merge them and then Dual Wield the Dragon Dagger and Saba.
  • Compounding with the above WMG, this merging will also make room for the Titanium Ranger in the Gold Mode armor in Super Megaforce.
  • Both jossed.

Basco's Super Megaforce counterpart will be played by his original actor Kei Hosogai, voice and all — assuming he actually makes an appearance.
Seeing as Kei was raised in the United States and speaks fluent unaccented English, this seems somewhat plausible.
  • Jossed, Basco wasn't even used.
    • This one would actually have been confirmed if they had adapted Basco, since Kei himself had expressed an interest in playing the role. It's a pity they didn't, since they pretty much wasted gift-wrapped full-team morphs into In Space and Lightspeed Rescuenote .

The Gokaigers will be the Psycho Rangers reincarnated
The first time they were destroyed, their spirits lived on. Maybe after all the rangers lose their powers in the legend war, the Psychos gather the powers which creates new bodies for them, specifically the Gokaiger suits. They also possess all the previous ranger powers so instead of unlocking past ranger's ultimate powers, the Megaforce Rangers will need to steal the previous team powers from the Psychos one by one. When the Psychos use them, they will be in key form, but when the Megaforce Rangers acquire, they'll be turned into cards.
  • Jossed

Gosei is one of the original Rangers (Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, or Kim)
In the first episode, Gosei Said he Zordon was his mentor, like the original Rangers. The most likley bet is Billy, because of Tensou being a robot that looks like Billy could have created.
  • Or he's an original character but still was once selected to be a ranger. (Aka Red perhaps?)
    • Most likely jossed, as Gosei is said to have been placed there long ago.

Gosei is in the process of collecting past ranger powers, but hasn't finished yet
In the first episode the keys are clearly displayed on the walls, but only eight teams are present (so far as I can tell, Samurai, Operation Overdrive, Mystic Force, Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy, Zeo and Mighty Morphin') and there seems to be two of each, one for each wall. Maybe throughout season one, more and more keys will gradually be added, replacing the keys on one side and when we get to the end of the season, Gosei will finally reveal that he's been planning on gathering every past ranger for "the mother of all mega battles".

Troy's vision of the Legend War isn't a completely accurate prediction
Dreams are often vague and fuzzy. That's why you can spot a few pre-Zyuranger teams if you look closely.
  • They might reveal them to be actual Ranger teams before MMPR that we've never known before until now.
    • Or alien teams sent to help; there is a precedent.
    • Jossed on them using pre-MMPR teams. They had TOEI refilm the Legend War for Power Ranger teams only. They used the actual Gokaiger footage because they hadn't received the Power Rangers Legend War edition yet. We also have pictures of all the PR teams together.
      • Subverted. They didn't bother to hide the pre-Zyu teams, four of them plus Dairanger ended up being used.

The Leader of the PR version of the Zangyack Empire won't be the PR Version of either Gills...
But rather a human-looking alien who possesses similar Power Cards and can transform into past heroes as well... See where we're getting at?
  • Most likely jossed. It's reported that Vrak is his brother, so it's likely they will use the same suit as there is some resemblance.
    • Yes, jossed.

The keys aren't actually keys
Looking closely at the keys, they seem to be lacking the hinge in the belt, indicating that they won't fold up. So either they're there just for decoration as a Shout-Out to Gokaiger, or they'll transform into cards when used.
  • Jossed by commericals.

Gosei based his appearance on the common motif of the equipment, rather than the other way around
How better to be certain they'd be comfortable with it?

Megaforce is an Alternate Timeline
The "Legend War" happened in the true timeline, but something happened to erase previous Power Rangers from history. Gosei has Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, explaining why he knows of Zordon and other Rangers when the teens don't. Supporting evidence: out of all the available teams, why was a Time Force key selected to receive special focus? Hinting at time travel shenanigans, perhaps?
  • Something like the great treasure — perhaps maybe it got used this time.

Tommy Oliver will make an appearance
Possibly as the sixth ranger, although that would be odd during the legend war, he'd have to be in five different places at once! Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo Red, Dino Thunder Black and Robo Knight or Mega Knight, or whatever. He'll at least get a mention.
  • How about a guest appearance once the team gain the ability to transform into past rangers? Then we have the perfect setup as the core five can each use one of Tommy's past powers. For example:
    • Troy: Green Ranger
    • Noah: White Ranger
    • Jake: Black Dino Ranger
    • Gia: Red Zeo Ranger
    • Emma: Red Turbo Ranger
  • This is slightly more likely than one might think, Jason David Frank has posted some pictures on the net of him wearing a new rangers helmet... but it's not that of Robo Knight, but rather of Gokai Silver! Which really first regarding powers, it makes him the Sixth Ranger of all Sixth rangers if it's true. Of course, it's also entirely possible that JDF is trolling.
  • He's also seen posing with a Gosei Morpher and also seen pointing to a picture of Gokaiger, so It's either that or he' dropping hints or both while at the same time denying he's been signed to appear in Super Megaforce.
    • Tommy appearance is CONFIRMED! He'll cameo at some point during Super Megaforce.
      • Yep, episode 20, Legendary Battle.

Troy was a student of Jason Scott's.
He is seen doing martial arts in Gosei's montage, and the adversity Gosei mentioned were Secret Tests of Character Jason created to ensure that they had a steady leader when Gosei called the Megarangers to action.

With only 20 episodes to cover the ENTIRE Goseiger series, the series as a whole will feel rushed
Because a normal PR season in the Disney era had roughly 30-32.
  • Even more so with Super Megaforce. And confirmed.

Gosei will somehow become evil and become the equivalent of Messiah the PR adaption of Tokumei Sentai Go Busters
Since they're both heads.
  • Jossed - Go-Busters wasn't adapted; we got a Kyoryuger adaptation after Super Megaforce; and even if they had planned on going back at some point, the Go-Busters monster suits weren't made to last.

Ernie is a Time Lord.
And is the next regeneration of the original Ernie. So the rangers go to a juice bar that just happens to be run by a guy called Ernie, who looks completely different from the Ernie we know and thus is a different person? I think not.

Gosei is the Phantom Ranger (or something similar).
It would be a great way to wrap up any loose-ends involving the Phantom Ranger while possibly fixing possible plot-holes made by Gosei being an apprentice of Zordon.
  • Jossed. He's a pupil of Zordon.

Gokai Silver will end up being...
A descendant of Zordon. It'd prefect to go with the fact that Gosei was mentored by Zordon himself, so having Zador (his name in the casting sides) be related to him will bring things full circle. Bonus points if his curiousity about his ancestor's legacy being the reason he came to Earth.
  • Jossed.

Production wise, the actual costume used for Zedd will be the Thrax suit with heavy modification.

  • If Lord Zedd comes back, what will they do with Akudos Gill?
    • Moot point, as this WMG is jossed before you even typed it. We saw Zedd get turned into a human by the Z-Wave in Countdown to Destruction.
      • In the Power Rangers Super Legends Game he stated to have been turned back to evil and his original form
      • For the game, he became evil again but in the show itself what happened Zedd after he became human was never really established, unless he's helping out Rita with her new job as the Mystic Mother.
    • Jossed, no past villains.

Stranger Ranger will feature the Gosei Green counterpart
And maybe we will finally find out what the Gosei Green helmet looks like.
  • It's being reported Gosei Green will not appear in either season of Megaforce.
  • Definitely jossed. He was just a civilian.
    • Although they did eventually release a Gosei Green Ranger Key, confirming that he had a Dolphin as his animal.

Most of the Megaforce team is descended from the MMPR team
  • Troy is the son of Jason
  • Noah is Zack's son
  • Jake is TBD
  • Gia is Billy's daughter
  • Emma is Kimberly's daughter
    • Additionally, Andrew Hartford made Robo Knight.
This is unlikely and jossed for the last Part Gosei made Robo Knight
  • The "Andrew Hartford made Robo Knight" thing is jossed; Gosei created him.

The Megaforce Legend War will involve...
A mix of the original characters and Ranger Key Clones. All of the powers have already been reformed into Ranger Keys, and when the time comes, most of their original wielders will return to reclaim them for the Legend War, while those whose wielders are unavailable or are already using a different set of powers will come to life as drones and fight alongside their former wielders.

Jordan from Stranger Ranger will be a Sixth Ranger
Either making Robo Knight human or splicing in a Gokaiger suit a la Tommy's white ranger.
  • Or he'll be Green, and get taken out by a Knight of Cerebus.
    • Jossed; Green won't appear.
    • He's a ranger fanboy. If he's not US!Gai, I'll throw a brick.
      • Get ready to throw brick
      • Jossed; auditions for a Silver Ranger were held after the first season wrapped.
      • Not entirely; its possible his actor auditioned for the role, just like anyone else at the time.
      • Jossed because we know who got the part its not Jordan's actor

Mr. Burley isn't considered a crackpot for believing aliens exist
But, rather, for believing that UFOs exist. After all, everybody knows where the spaceports are and about the tiny-but-increasing number of extra-planetary immigrants, and you can identify pretty much any spaceship given time and a guidebook. Only 'crazy people' would believe there's another alien species that somehow hiding from all the others, has been sneaking here long before first contact, has been periodically buzzing us for no adequately explained reason, etc. It's like Black Helicopters. Everybody believes helicopters exist, everybody believes in spy agencies, and everybody believes that the military has helicopters, but only paranoid people believe in silent spy MIB helicopters.

The rangers are poor.
Which would explain why they wear the exact same outfits in every episode so far.
  • Jossed; in the first episode, Jake spent $20 (he didn't fret about not getting his change back on the account of Gosei teleporting him) on soft serve ice cream.

Troy and Emma end up together.
Why not? There are some signs it may happen.

Dark Specter will be resurrected in the form of...
  • Vrak's final form.
  • Black Cross King.
  • Akudos Gill.
    • Jossed - no past villains.

Emma's mom is dead.
At the beginning of "Harmony and Dischord", Troy caught her singing to the trees. She went in depth of the reasons why, saying that her mom used to always sing the song to her. Emma said that singing it reminded her of her mom. The way she said it seemed to imply that her mother is no longer with her. Alternatively...

Emma's mom is Princess Shayla.
  • Wait, what?
    • The dates don't add up - jossed.

Season 1 will end on a cliffhanger
With a familiar face (either Jason or Tommy) giving a message to the Megaforce Rangers. This will lead into season 2, where they gather past Rangers to prepare for the Legend War.
  • You got the cliffhanger part right at least, just not the details.

Robo Knight will get captured by the bad guys at the end of the season
And be turned into the Barizorg counterpart to allow for the Silver Ranger to come in and use the story line of Blue trying to save him.
  • And also to cause a Tear Jerker when Blue realizes that Robo Knight is unable to be saved and that he will have to destroy his former friend.
  • Or a Heartwarming Moment when Blue succeeds in saving Robo Knight.
    • New info has come out saying that he will be returning partway through the second season, whether as himself or his key being used by Silver is not 100% clear, but it makes him being saved if he does become Barizorg seem more likely.
  • Two things,:
    • Wouldn't the other Rangers be equally as determined to get him back if he was Robo Knight?
      • An episode description has Robo Knight and Noah working together to save the others, and with Noah's fascination with technology/robots he could strike up a friendship with RK that way.
    • If it follows the Gokaiger footage closely this would make Noah the first Ranger to destroy/kill another Ranger
  • Initial guess confirmed. Robo Knight returns... but it's Vrak who's taken control of him, as they adapt the final arc of Goseiger.
    • Jossed, however, regarding the prediction for him becoming the Barizog counterpart.

Gosei has been involved behind the scenes off and on ever since Zordon's death
He's just remained purely R&D and technology distribution up till now, and only gets involved as much as strictly necessary. The only reason he's actually directly contacting the rangers and revealing himself this time is, A, because things are going to get very bad very soon, and B, because this time there wasn't a pre-existing organization set up to oppose the threat that he could simply nudge into position.
  • He worked as a consultant for the government, helping Lightspeed develop their morphing technology
  • He helped Tommy make the Dino Thunder powers and zords
  • He's been helping SPD start setting up their local outpost, although its still minor for now
  • He helped Udonna configure the mystic powers to be more user-friendly and Ranger-y than the more study-intensive traditional sorcery used in the previous Mystic Realm conflict
  • He was the one who provided Andrew Hartford with the technology and power sources to make the Overdrive morphers
  • He was the one RJ got the Jungle Fury morphers from, albeit via a guy who knew a guy who had an uncle

Gosei stole the Gosei cards from the Goseigers
That's why they very clearly say "Tensou Sentai Goseiger", and things like "Seaick Brothers" instead of "Sea Brothers".

Malkor is native to the same planet as Scorpius and Trakeena.
They are all insectoid aliens capable of entering an artificial cocoon in order to gain an enormous powerup. Seems pretty similar to me.

Troy is Troy McGreggor from The Final Sacrifice all grown up.
Yes, his last name is "Burrows", but that certainly doesn't prevent something like a changed name out of the question. And yes, this is a very implausible WMG, but hey, what are you going to do? That said, I would assume his experiences with Satoris and his ilk may have inspired Troy to toughen up to a point where he could easily take care of himself.
  • Although Troy's lack of a backstory means that ti's possible that Troy did experience these events, the real problem is the lack of a Canadian accent from Troy.

At some point, Gosei will look like Master Head from Goseiger.
Using stock footage from the sentai series. Sort of opposite with Mighty Morphin' Powers where they explained away Barza's appearance as being Zordon before his dimensional imprisonment. Gosei does resemble Master Head with a clean shave.
  • Jossed.

The Toxic Mutants are the ancestors of the Mutants from Power Rangers Time Force.
Not a direct familial connection. But the chemicals that created the Toxic Beasts had a part in the mutant deformation in the future.

    Super Megaforce WMG 

Production episode 2120 The Legendary Battle will be a TV special
Specifically it will be similar to 199 Heroes. It will expand on ideas introduced in End Game from the former rangers perspectives during the invasion similar to how Gokaiger's 199 heroes expanded on the great Legend War.End Game uses footage from Gokaiger 1 so does Legendary Battle as well as 50 and 51. When it will air is unknown but assuming it airs at the end the episode will switch to the perspectives of the former rangers during Prince Vekars invasion this will be explained during their appearnce in the battle. If the episode airs before The first super Megaforce episode which is a possibility it will serve as a prologue to super Megaforce and will feature some of the former rangers during Prince Vekar's attack scene in End Game. they will then gather to assist the Megaforce rangers. They possibly could sacrifice their powers to create the Legend morphers.
  • Jossed, it's a normal episode.

The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger will be an original creation
As the Gokaiger suits have been confirmed as secondary powers, the Silver Ranger will also use the Gokai Silver suit as a secondary power.
  • Seems to be jossed Gokai silver suit was spotted with the Goseiger suits.
  • Definitely jossed. The powers existed independently.

The ranger transformations will shout out the team names similar to Gokaiger using Gosei's voice
"Go Go Megaforce: Mystic Force" for instance.
  • Possibly confirmed via the Lengendary morpher toy.
  • Confirmed as of episode 1 of Super. They even go as far as yelling out the old team's Morphing Calls. (They shout "Magical source, mystic force!" when changing into the Mystic Force rangers, for instance.) But they don't do it consistently. Which is sad.

The non Power Ranger Powers have a connection to Tommy Oliver and or Dino Thunder
A few symbols from Super Sentai were hidden in Dino Thunder. They are the following:
  • Liveman, Changeman, Maskman, Dairanger, Goggle V, Flashman, and Fiveman.
  • Keys from three of those listed, Dairanger, Maskman, and Flashman, have been see on Super Megaforce so far.
  • This is possibly supported by other teams not mentioned above, being cut out such as Turbo Ranger, Sun vulcan, and Gorenger.

This will be a cameo fest
Namely, any team that still has powers will get spotlight episodes, just like Gokaiger. They do have a couple still to draw on. In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force (if necessary), SPD, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and Samurai to be precise. Since there's been some hostility to team-up episodes before, this might go over better, even if the higher-ups have changed from before.
  • Somewhat confirmed at least 12 maybe 13 past rangers have been confirmed to appear in person.
  • In a way, Jossed. We had cameos all right, but before the finale, they were restricted to two episodes, and in each only one past Ranger appeared. None of which reappeared (not unmorphed at least) in the Legendary Battle.

Lord Zedd will be the Big Bad of the Legendary War/Gokaiger adaptation
Because frankly, it makes more sense to have a returning fan favorite to be the cause of this instead of a newly introduced baddie. His return will come with considerable amounts of invoked Memetic Badass, starting with the revelation that he was smart enough to have had a safeguard against Zordon's wave and has spent the years since rebuilding his forces. This increase in villain effectiveness explains why so many rangers are needed to stop him this time.This assumes 199 heroes will even get adapted.
  • It's not THE Lord Zedd, but the evil that was purged out by the Zordon wave, and manifested into its own entity.
    • Jossed.

The Gokaiger suits will be used for something other than the main ranger's suit
This WMG's author is thinking something like the Psycho Rangers, but it invites any other ideas too.

The villains of seasons 1&2 of Megaforce will not be connected
It'll be like the changeover from Rita and Zedd to the Machine empire, with the new villains kicking out the old.
  • Jossed, Vrak is related to the Zangyack Emperor. Robogog is an ambassador of the villains of Super megaforce called the Messenger

In Super Megaforce, the Barizorg counterpart will be a robotic form using Gosei Green's body
It would justify the battles between Blue and him.
  • This would require Gosei Green, or rather, Megaforce Green to be an established character, and it would only be necessary if they wanted to make use of the Gokai Blue/Barizorg fight scene footage from Gokaiger. At the moment, we're not even sure if a Megaforce Green exists, nor do we know if any of the core 5 Gokaiger suits will appear.
  • Most likely jossed, as sources say Gosei Green will not be adapted.

Robo Knight is Barizorg
It makes sense.
  • Most likely jossed as he was seen on the prince's flagship before even getting to earth. Its unlikely he's Robo Knight.
    • Jossed - Robo Knight and Barizog are separate characters.

The pre-Zyuranger teams (and Dairanger) appearing in the Legend War footage wasn't a mistake...
Near the end of the first season (or perhaps during the second season, depending on when the Legend War takes place), the villains decide to stop focusing on attacks on just one town, and the Megaforce Rangers will travel around the world (or maybe just the country) and recruit teams of people to form local Ranger units, giving them powers based on the pre-Zyuranger and Dairanger teams. Then when the Legend War occurs, these teams will gather to assist the veteran Rangers in repelling the final assault. A few proposed team names: Ranger Five (Goranger), Lightning Trump (J.A.K.Q.), World Force (Battle Fever J), Electro-Squad (Denziman), Sun Militia (Sun Vulcan).
  • My theory is that the pre-Zyuranger teams will be Ranger teams from other planets (with the exception for Choujin Sentai Jetman, unless alien planets have animals similar to birds).
    • Or the Jetman Rangers are created by the US government expressly to fight off the oncoming invasion (much like Lightspeed Rescue).
    • Jossed, minus Dairanger all pre Power ranger teams have been confirmed to not be included Dairanger is Unconfirmed
      • Unjossed the confirmation was incorrect

In Super Megaforce, Gosei will get a second assistant named Kaizoku
Using the Navi prop.
  • Jossed.

Episodes of Gokaiger Super Megaforce will be based on
  • EP 1: Episodes 1, 2, 199 Heroes (199 for the legend war): After losing their zords to an invading force, the Megaforce Rangers learn just how important the Power Rangers are from a mysterious child.
    • Jossed.

  • Samurai Tribute: Episode 11,12,2. The Rangers are confronted by a young man named Spike who wants to make his dad and uncle proud by becoming a samurai, and at the same time, a Power Ranger.
    • Jossed, they meet Jayden and Mentor Jii instead.

  • EP 2: Episode 3: The rangers learn a magical lesson from a man on a motorcycle.
    • The Magiranger tribute wasn't used, so jossed.

  • EP 3: Episodes 4, 5 (4 for the Gokai-Oh fail): The Rangers help a stranded Bridge return to the future (They used Bridge the last time there was an anniversary team up).
    • Jossed

  • EP 4: Episodes 4, 6, 7 (6 for partial fight): Emma and Jake bond when taught by the next ranger, meanwhile Noah goes through his own training.
    • The two episodes are separate, however these events did happen.

  • EP 5: Episodes 9, 11: After learning of the Animarium, the rangers meet a mysterious man who can talk to animals (11 to set up a cliffhanger)
    • Jossed. They don't meet Cole.

  • EP 6: Episodes 11, 12: The rangers are confronted by a samurai, Noah falls for her.
    • Jossed, Jayden was used, not Lauren.

  • EP 7: Episodes 15, 16: A old classmate of Troy comes to town but he has a dark secret
    • Jossed, Basco not adapted.

  • EP 8: Episodes 14, 39: While at a baseball game between Harwood County High and Angel Grove High, the Rangers meet a legend who offers them two powers.
    • TJ? He appears in the finale, but not in the Carranger episode. The Megaranger tribute wasn't adapted. Jossed.

  • EP 9: Episodes 17, 18, 19: Jordan returns and a new ranger appears.
    • Jossed.

  • EP 10: Episodes 20: Far, far away deep in space, a worm hole opens on Earth, stranding the rangers on Mirinoi.
    • Jossed. Gingaman tribute not adapted.

  • EP 11: Episodes 21, 199: The rangers have to help a past ranger stop one of his biggest adversaries from returning.
    • Jossed, Boukenger tribute episode not adapted.

  • EP 12: Episodes 23, 24: Emma and Gia help an EMT while the boys come across an old face.
    • EMT? Dana? Again, appears in finale but episode wasn't adapted, so jossed.

  • EP 13: Episodes 25, 26: The Rangers are attacked by ninjas.
    • Jossed.

  • EP 14: Episodes 29, 30, Goseiger footage: While at a soccer game the rangers are confronted by an old friend turned foe.
    • Robo Knight? Jossed.

  • EP 15/16: Episodes 35, 36, 37, 38: The Megaforce rangers have been learning what it means to every team what it meant to be a ranger now it’s time they learned what it means to them, and a final showdown with an old friend.
    • Jossed.

  • EP 17: Episodes 31,32,41,42,43: The rangers deal with more then they can handle when one of the generals and (Basco) attack at the same time as the Emperor takes command himself.
    • Jossed

  • EP 18: Episode 40,45,46,: A message from Time Force leads the Megaforce Rangers to a morphing master and the rangers get their final two powers.
    • Jossed. Timeranger and Kakuranger tributes not adapted, nor were the greater powers.

  • EP 19: Episodes 47, 48: It's time for Troy's final showdown with US!Basco, but he has his own team of Rangers! (Gokaiger suits used)

  • EP 20: Episodes 49, 50, 199: The aliens are invading, the Rangers are cut off from Gosei, Tensou, and Kaizoku (Navi). In their darkest hour, the rangers will shine brighter then ever.
    • No cut off. No Navi. But not really jossed, as they team up with every ranger ever and then some!

  • Halloween: Ghost Ship movie: The Rangers are pulled into the Shadow World where they must get through defeated villains to escape.
    • Jossed, no halloween special this year.

  • Christmas: Episode 44: The Rangers help a pair of sisters after aliens wreck their Christmas celebration plans.
    • Jossed, no Christmas special either.

The Legend War won't be the beginning of season 2 of Megaforce
  • It'll be the end, see, instead of the Megaforce Rangers trying to get the Keys for themselves, they'll be doing it so that they can restore the powers of every Ranger team in the galaxy so that they can combat the massive invasion Troy sees coming in his visions.
    • Confirmed. The Mega War is the season finale.

Super Megaforce will premiere on the Saturday nearest to the 20th anniversary of the original premiere date of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (August 28, 1993)
To add spice to this already huge Milestone Celebration season.
  • Unfortunately, that's looking doubtful as the current "season" is on hiatus for the time being, stuck at Episode 9, with about 11 episodes to go. The promise of new episodes coming "later this year" would indicate a return in August at the earliest or the fall season at the latest, therefore it would be impossible to have the Super Megaforce premiere land on that particular date.
    • Jossed Super Megaforce is confirmed to start airing early 2014

How the Gokaiger as secondary power is going to play out:
In the legendary war, all rangers combined their power and wiped out the Zangyack army, but lose their power in the process aka the 1st episode of Gokaiger. The Megaforce Rangers, now powerless, tries to save a group of kids from the second fleet of the Zangyack, when the Gokaigers arrived to hold off the invasion. Seeing the determination of the Megaforce Rangers in saving lifes which brings up memories of their past, the Gokaigers granted their power to the Rangers, and went off to fight the invasion. Hopefully, the Gokaigers will make a comeback in the finale and fight the Zangyack.
  • Jossed.

When the Gokaiger suits show up, the opening theme will change, but still be a remix.
I'm hoping for a remix of the Zeo theme.
  • Jossed - they kept the theme from Megaforce, but did change the opening visuals.

Aka Red will be the new Ninjor giving the team pirate powers
At the end of the season the Goseiger zords will be destroyed and things will look hopeless. Then the team will be told out to seek a legendary master, Pirator (Aka Red), who will give them new and improved Pirate Power and zords! Just like with ninja powers in MMPR season 3, training isn't even required, so the team can just suddenly be pirates and everything will be fine and dandy. This will be a easy way to shift the footage and reference the original MMPR at the same times, and who better to replace a ninja than a pirate? They can add additional pirate motifs to make him look more like a pirate (they already demonstrated they can make costume modifications in Samurai).
  • Jossed. Gosei gave them the powers, and they still have their old mecha - they just aren't using them at the moment.

There was a green Megaforce Ranger, but he will not be seen.
Most likley, he would have been a hero who fell in battle and would be a prototype of the Mega Rangers, like X1 Mask. If he were still alive, he could use the Extra Ranger Keys.
  • Jossed - Gosei Green wasn't adapted.

Jordan, from "Stranger Ranger", will make a comeback in Super Megaforce as the Silver Ranger.
Jossed. He's already been established above as just being a one-shot character. And besides, they've already got another character filling the Silver Ranger spot.

If AkaRed is adapted for Super Megaforce...
...He'll be called the "Red Phantom Ranger", revealing that the original Phantom Ranger was just one of several.

Zordon will return via Time Travel
When the Legend War begins, Gosei tells the rangers about the glory days of Zordon, prior to getting sealed into his tube. The Time Force goes back in time to retrieve the first Power Ranger team on Planet Eltar. The earlier Ranger teams will be ecstatic to see their old mentor again, except for Andross, who feels guilt for what happened to him. When all the Rangers morph, Tommy will proudly tell him This is the legacy you create, Zordon. Super Megaforce will end with Zordon finding out about his impending death and returns to the past with the complete knowledge of what later happens to him.

The Silver Pirate is Billy
After leaving Earth, he developed a way for past Rangers to retain their lost powers when he learned about the Power Chamber being destroyed. He returned to Earth and later found out Trini died (as sort of a reference to what happened to Thuy Trang) during the events of Countdown to Destruction, which lead to a falling out between him and his old friends out of guilt and blame for not being able to save her. The events also lead to him breaking up with his girlfriend. This turns Billy into a loner, which causes the Rangers to try to defrost him.

The Silver Pirate is Justin
His reason for making the keys is the same as Billy's in the above theory. After what happened in Chase Into Space, Justin wanted to develop a device that will help past Rangers regain their lost powers. However, for the first few episodes of his introduction, he acts as a loner because he feels shame for his incompetence and not being able to help his friends during the events of Power Rangers in Space. During the Legend War, his Character Development will be set with him using the Blue Turbo Ranger Key as a subtle sign that he regained his pride as a Ranger.
  • Jossed Cameron Jebo will reportedly play the silver ranger and Blake Foster will not cameo in Megaforce due to disagreements with Saban.

We're going to see the return of several "always in-suit" characters.
Since the cost of bringing back specific actors to play specific characters is proving to be a large financial drain on Saban, then it seems likely that we'll be seeing the return of characters that are portrayed by an actor in a suit at all times, such as Ninjor, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, and the Phantom Ranger. Theoretically anyone could wear the suits, and their voice actors wouldn't have to fly out to New Zealand. Even if worse comes to worse and they have to replace their original voice actors, that would still be a lot less noticeable than replacing a live actor.

Multiples of the same person in the Ranger War? Haruhi's fault
Oh, sure, Cassie's there, but which one's Cassie and which one's Haruhi? 'sides, she's not going to let all of these teams go around missing people! Just wouldn't be fun.
  • Some ways to fix this:
    • Kendrix was Back from the Dead at the end of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy so she can take back Galaxy Pink - Karone becomes Space Pink so Cassie goes back to Turbo Pink
    • Tommy's brother David Trueheart becomes Zeo Red
      • Problem, Eric Frank (his actor) passed away in 2001
    • Turbo's second lineup is reinstated and Andros leads an Original Generation team of Space Rangers
      • Karone is cameoing as Galaxy Pink, there's no reason for David to be a Ranger when he never was before, Cassie and TJ are appearing as their Space Rangers.
    • And now that the finale has aired, it seems that in the Legendary War, Justin and the Robot Rangers represent Turbo, while Tommy is seen with his Mighty Morphin Green Powers (despite his legend image earlier showing him as the White Ranger), while his other forms are absent.

There will be multiple battles in the Mega War.
From the two images we have of the Mega War, we know that one takes place in a foresty area, while another takes place in a rockey area. This does not make much sence, unless there will be multiple battle fought at different times, making it feel like a real war.
  • Jossed, the Super Megaforce Rangers only fight for about 20 minutes before a final 5 minute skirmish backed up by the past Rangers.

All the Rangers with multiple powers will use them in the war.
In the rockey area, you can see MMPR Green, Space Blue and Pink, Turbo Green and Pink, and Zeo Green. Now, in these battles, we know that MMPR Green is Tommy, and Space Blue and Pink are TJ and Cassie. This leaves Zeo Green to be Adam, and Turbo Green and Pink to be Carlos and Kat. However, who will use the Space Black powers if Carlos is Turbo Green? Heres how (and this counts for other Rangers with multiple identities): Carlos first transforms into Turbo Green, then into Space Black, How do I know this? We know Tommy is going to be both Green and White Rangers in the War, and the logical way to do this is to have him first be Green, then change into White, and possibly, then into Zeo Red and Dino Black.
  • It has been confirmed that Tommy will at least be appearing as the White Ranger as well, although the exact details are unknown (JDF says he only wore the Green Ranger suit himself).
    • JDF wore the Green Ranger suit but is introduced earlier in the episode as the White Ranger. Possibly a reference to Return of the Green Ranger.

More cameos of previous rangers will happen.
Patrica Ja Lee(Cassie) was never officially announced to appear on Super Megaforce, and yet was found in New Zealand shooting scenes with the official 10. So we may see other PR alumni, possibly even from Disney seasons.
  • Confirmed for the final episode. A few individual Rangers from past series get non-suit appearances, with a few other taking their helmets off while in-suit.

Gokai Silver will be the Power Rangers counterpart to Captain Marvelous
Captain Marvelous tends to have a lot of 6th Rangers tendencies by Power Ranger standards (Jerkass with a heart of gold does sum him up pretty well, which is INCREDIBLY common amongst 6th rangers) and him being a pirate would, well, make the pirate motif make sense. Say, Gosei actually already gave him the pirate powers or he stole the pirate powers or went rogue or something aloong those lines, and that the Silver Mega Ranger was already a pirate to begin with when Gosei found him.

...Otherwise, it's just because I think Captain Marvelous is awesome, and damn it I want him to have a true Ranger counterpart...

  • Alteratively...

The Silver Ranger will be a Composite Character of Andros, Basco & Captain Marvelous .
  • Well, the Andros bit is confirmed, he's an alien named Orion. Basically, they flipped the backstories of Gai and the core five Gokaigers!

Gosei is the Silver Megaforce Ranger
He takes on a humanoid form and gives the rangers their new Super mode morphers.
  • Jossed.

Robo Knight will re-join the team in Super Megaforce
He will have the ability to change into past rangers and will fill in whenever the group changes into a team that had more than six rangers. For example if they use the SPD ranger powers, he will become the Shadow Ranger. If they use the Operation Overdrive powers, he will become the Sentinal Knight. And if they use the Mighty Morphin' powers, Silver Ranger will become the Green Ranger and Robo Knight will become the White Ranger (since they're both based on big cats).
  • Robi Knight confirmed as returning in episode 16, having been captured by Vrak. But no word on his having form-changes.

The modifications to the Green Ranger costume (e.g. silver trim along the dragon nose) first seen in Fighting Spirit and returning here were made to denote Tommy as Supreme Commander of the Power Rangers Army. (And Gosei is the President.)
Sometime after Zordon's death in Countdown to Destruction and before Forever Red, it was decided that the Power Rangers community as a whole needed a Commander-in-Chief. The first choice was Jason, but he was inactive as a Ranger and no-one had really seen him for a while until his return in Forever Red. So Tommy was made Supreme Commander and got his Green Ranger Powers back, from the copy Power Coin found in the tomb of his clone (and ancestor, though thats a whole other WMG) Tom Oliver, who decided to stay in colonial Angel Grove. The Dragon Power Coin was augmented with even greater power to signify that Tommy was the leader of the Power Rangers overall, with a one-off return as the Red Zeo Ranger in Forever Red. Thus, the Commander-in-Chief Green Ranger was how Tommy saw him while fighting his past selves in Fighting Spirit, and thats how he will appear when he returns to lead all the Ranger teams in the Legend War.

The season finale, Legendary Battle, will also be the series finale for all of Power Rangers.
Assuming this is the episode that uses the "sacrifice all the powers" footage, it would be an efficient way to wrap up everything at once. As depressing as it may be, production quality has been...generally less than stellar, these last few years, as if Saban doesn't really feel like going much further...
  • While it would be a good opportunity to give a nice finale to the series, it seems unlikely. Saban paid a lot of money to get Power Rangers back from Disney and while Samurai didn't impress a lot of older fans it apparently drew in a lot of new kids. I doubt Saban will be giving the series up as long as it makes money.
  • Properly jossed now. Saban's contract with Nickelodeon has been extended to 2016, so it looks like a Go-Busters adaptation has been confirmed. Maybe even a Kyoryuger adaptation, if Nick doesn't keep doing the two year split thing.

We won't be seeing any all color changes
Why? Because the Fan Dumb will be crying "Racist" if Noah changes into a black or white ranger, or if Jake turns into a red ranger, or if Emma turns into a yellow ranger. We could still see all green, blue and silver (I doubt Saban is going to want an all pink morph) but if they can't do red, they probably won't bother.
  • Why would it be racist for Jake to be a red ranger? He's a South Asian Indian, not a Native American. Not to mention they had a Native American red ranger twice (granted, it was the same guy, but he still stayed in the position for two seasons).
  • Already Jossed; the first preview shows the team going all Red.
    • Other than the all-Red transformation, confirmed. While ones such as the all-pink transformation make sense (since that featured some rangers that do not have PR counterparts), one has to wonder why we didn't get an all-black morph...

Alpha will cameo in Super Megaforce
The monster of the week in episode 11 is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who previously voiced Alpha in the original seasons of Power Rangers. If they already have Horvitz doing voicework for the show, there's no reason that they can't pull out the old Alpha costume and have him voice it.
  • Jossed.

There will be an RPM tribute of some sort
JDF posted a video on Facebook of himself as the costume department for Megaforce. Among the Power Ranger suits, there were a bunch of Grinder suits. JDF asks some lady which season the grunts are from and she says they've been in three seasons. RPM is obviously the first, Samurai would be the the third must be this season. Hmm...
  • The lady could've been referring to the Grinders sentai counterparts, who did show up in seasons other than their own: in the team up with Shinkenger the following year and another appearance during Gokaiger.
    • Confirmed.

Tommy is the Silver Pirate
The reason why he is shown wearing the Green Ranger suit in photos was because he developed the Pirate Morphers, allowing him to enter his past forms. There's a photo of Jason David Frank wearing the helmet, so it's possible that Cameron Jebo is just a suit actor.
  • Jossed The silver ranger is named Orion. Jebo has been seen in an official still with the rangers. Frank wouldn't have had time to shoot more than an episode due to his tour schedule.

Robo Knight will be in Super Megaforce, but he will be trapped in his Mechazord form
In End Game he sacrifices his power to restore the Gosei morphers. We later see that he wandered off, but his foot prints seem to just disappear. Maybe it'll work kind of like Goseiger Vs Gokaiger, in which Gosei Knight was unable to transform after sacrificing his power in the Legend War. At some point the group will restore Robo Knight's powers in the form of a ranger key, but he'll pass the power onto the Silver Ranger.
  • Confirmed for him being in SM, jossed for him being in his Mechazord form.

On his way to Africa during the Christmas Special, Robo Knight had a Spooky Mormon Hell Dream

The songs from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will play during the Mega War.
Like "5-4-1" for example.
  • And maybe during the Transformation sequence, the entire MMPR theme plays as every team morphs (granted with stock footage which will be explained in the theory below).
  • Jossed.

The Gill family's PR Counterpart
His ancestor was defeated by Zordon, so they decide to exact his revenge for their family by hunting Rangers for sport and keeping their Morphers as trophies. They successfully terminate the Alien Rangers and four of the six Space rangers, which leads to TJ and Cassie delivering a dire warning to the surviving rangers. During the course of the series, the Rangers that don't return have been slain by Gill's armada. By Wes's suggestion, they send a message to the Time Force rangers in the future to gather the Rangers throughout history, which leads to an Early-Bird Cameo for the Global Battalion, Jurassic Voltage, and Battle Express Rangers (I know those aren't official names. They're just the names I had in mind). Since the Rangers gathered from history are younger, they're played by different actors. After the Legend War ends, we get a hint that the Rangers killed by the Gills prevented their deaths.
  • Jossed! Unless Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd is revealed to be related to the Gill family in a later season, the Gill family does not know about Zordon's existance at all.

Gia will start wearing a skirt.
And that will cause some of the past yellow rangers to have their suit modified to reflect her clothing.
  • Jossed. The only skirts she wears are the ones on her ranger suits.

Orion is Zordon's reincarnation
If he's the same age as the other Rangers, then it wouldn't be questionable that he was born shortly after Zordon died. To keep with Gai Ikari's character, his vast knowledge on the Rangers comes from dreams from the past when Zordon was alive. The rangers after his death he will have studied on. They won't outright say that he's Zordon, but they'll hint it.
Orion: I had visions of the Rangers before I was born. Everything after the Dark Specter incident is all a blur, though.
  • Jossed.

At some point during the Mega War, one of the rangers will say "Morphenomenal"
Cole said it in Forever Red and Adam said it in Once a Ranger. It seems to be a staple of the anniversaries. I'm putting my money on Tommy.
  • Jossed.

Robo Knight will become the PRSMF version of Barizorg
  • Jossed; Argus seems to have been working for Prince Vekar for quite some time, and RoboKnight has only been gone a short while.

Gosei's "simple explanation" for Jake's Super Mega mode being Green is...
... that Legend Mode is easier to maintain if the Ranger whose Powers are in use have the same "color energy" as the Super Megaforce Ranger using them. There have been more Green Rangers than Black Rangers in the past (even if you only count core Rangers, there's 9 green and 7 black), so Gosei assigned Jake a new color to give him a more stable set of powers to use.
  • Alternatively, the Super Mega keys were created from all of the past Legendary keys. E.g All of the past Red keys make up the Red Super Mega key. But since not every team had a black ranger, the green and black keys were grouped together. And since there were more green rangers than black ones, the resulting key ended up being green.

Troy will use the Battlizers of the past Red Rangers.
... self explanatory
  • Jossed.

Related to the above, during the final battle all the SMF rangers use past Battlizers
  • They didn't, but the show said they did. SPD SWAT Mode, Mystic Legend Mode, Jungle Fury Master Mode, Shark Attack Samurai, and Ultra Megaforce mode are NOT Battlizers, Saban!

The planet the Dairanger suits come from is Orion's homeworld
Orion was the sixth ranger for whatever team the Dairangers are supposed to be.
  • Wouldn't that make him the Mighty Morphin' White Ranger?
    • Not necessarily. Just because Kibaranger was the sixth Dairanger, doesn't mean the White Ranger has to be connected to these new rangers. The matching mouth plates and belt buckles could just be a coincidence
      • Nope, jossed - they never give an explanation for the Dairangers aside from them being "Powers Never Before Seen on Earth".

Haim Saban will cameo in an episode
Not a major WMG, But it would be nice.
  • Unsurprisingly jossed.

The Extra Ranger Keys will not be used.
With the possible exception of the Magna Defender.
  • Behind the scenes pictures have shown that the company has helmets for the Shadow Ranger and White Mystic Ranger so it seems that these suits will be used at some point. Granted, they might only show up for the Mega War and not actually be available as Ranger Keys.
    • Jossed - Mystic Force's Wolf Warrior was used, as well as Magna Defender.

The Dairangers are the Ancient Rangers from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
The suits have similar designs and color schemes. Tommy will also reveal that when Zordon worked on his White Ranger powers, he took their look as inspiration for the design.
  • Jossed, it went unexplained despite a six ranger Dairanger change being used.

Vrak will be Basco's Monster form
After his body sustained some damage, he saw the Rangers with their Pirate Forms and mimicked it's ability with his new body. As a form of mockery to the Rangers, he will create an illusion of RoboKnight for one of their battles.
  • Jossed.

Akudos Gill's American counterpart will be played more sympathetically
]After killing Prince Vekar, he will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. When fighting the Rangers, one of them will ask why he's after the earth, and he angrily replies with No father should ever have to bury his son. When the battle ends, the Rangers will try to make amends with Akudos, leading to a Death Equals Redemption moment.
  • Or he'll reject their attempts and attack one last time causing them to strike the fatal blow
    • Jossed - he's identical to his sentai counterpart.

Orion will explain the Never Before Seen Rangers
Unlike Gai Ikari, Orion is an alien. If they're going to make him knowledgeable about the Rangers, he will also know about Rangers that weren't from earth. He will explain the origins of the Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Hikari Sentai Maskman, and Choushinsei Flashman Rangers.
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

The final five episodes will be a mixture of the final arcs of both Goseiger and Gokaiger.
After his brother's death, Vrak will return in his true form, and the Rangers will be forced to battle him and defeat him once and for all. After his death, his father will arrive with reinforcements for the Armada, seeking to avenge his sons' deaths. "Legendary Battle" will feature the entire army of Rangers battling the foot soldiers and the ships of the Armada. Once his soldiers are gone, the Mega Rangers will face and defeat the Emperor, ending the threat posed by he and his forces once and for all.
  • The remaining episode titles have been revealed. Vrak's return, and then the Emperor's arrival... confirmed.

Chances for Legendery Modes using unadapted Sentai Teams to appear.
We know that its actually possible considering the Dairanger Suits appeared in Earth Fights Back and the Yellow Mask and Pink Flash suits appeared in Samurai Surprise. So put your guesses here.
  • Spirit of the Tiger will retain the Sun Vulcan Change.
    • Jossed.
  • The All Green Change will be used in Damaras's destruction episode.
    • Jossed.
  • The Vul Eagle, Blue Mask, Five Yellow, Change Griffon and Green Flash Change will be used for Levira's final battle in what will very likely be episode 19.
    • Vul Eagle Jossed - replaced with Mighty Morphin. The other four are confirmed.
  • Gokaiger's Final Battle which involved every Sentai Team being changed into in about a 6 minute timespan will be used in Episode 20 Legendary Battle and left untouched.
    • Originally jossed, but thanks to the Extended Edition, partially confirmed. They did use that fight, but all the unadapted teams except Dairanger were omitted.

This Power Rangers universe version of the Flashman hails from Trip's home planet Xybria.
The Flashman have a light/prism theme which works well for a species that have fore head crystals as part of their biology.

Power Ranger Team Names for the previously unadapted Sentai Teams.
They are unlikely to be given actual names in the show so fire away with your guesses

The Flashman and Maskman cameos weren't poor editing
The original Mighty Morphin' rangers weren't the first. In Power Rangers Turbo, TJ said that he's wanted to be a ranger since he was a kid. At that point, PR had been going on for five years, but Tommy, Adam, and Kat didn't graduate until Turbo. So, that would mean that in the span, only a year or so has passed unless Tommy got held back a year. TJ would have to be at least a year younger than Tommy and the others. So, my theory is the original MMPR aren't the first earth teams.
  • Remember that in the original Mighty Morphin', Zordon explicitly stated that they were not the first team of Rangers that ever existed, let alone fought on Earth (more or less enforced in the episode where Kimberly went back in time). So, this is very likely.
    • We also now know there were Samurai Ranger powers have been passed down through each generation.

Casey is dead.
We find him working at the zoo, but after he's fulfilled his role in the plot, the other worker says no Casey has ever worked there. When the Rangers who did see him try to point him out to the ones who didn't, he fades out of existence. Not teleported (Jungle Fury didn't do that anyway!) Any other time you see that in a show, it's The Reveal that he's a ghost, so... yeah.

  • Orion is Zordon's son:
    • He was most likely born either before Zordon became a giant head, or during the time between his departure from Turbo and his capture by the United Alliance of Evil. When the UAE came to his homeworld, he was hidden away to prevent his capture, during that time he most likely trained to become a Ranger. When the Zangyack Empire (or whatever they're called in Power Rangers) invaded the Earth, he got word of it and headed to Earth to assist the Rangers.
  • Orion is a reincarnation of Zordon:
    • After Zordon was killed at the end of In Space, the leftover energy of the Z-Wave was collected into the Morphing Grid. When the events of Super Megaforce happened, it collected his power into a humanoid form and returned him to Earth. This could explain how he has access to the Sixth Ranger powers, including the ones that were destroyed.
  • Going off that last theory, Orion is a reincarnation of Robo-Knight.
    • That's why the Rangers haven't been able to find him: he no longer (technically) exists. After his death, he was reborn as a teenager with no memories of his previous life, and fabricated memories of his new ones. However, none of the Rangers (except Troy and Gosei) will realize who he is, and try to keep it a secret from him. During one of the last episodes, he'll transform into Robo Knight and remember who he is.
  • Just for fun, Orion occasionally using the Catchphrase from Gokaiger (Hade ni ikuze!) whenever he or the team charges into a fight and claiming it's a saying in his native language.
  • He is Billy's son:
    • He looks more human because of his father's genes. Billy developed the Super Megaforce morphers and Orion's is a prototype. Aquitar was then attacked by the Armada and Billy was possibly killed.
  • His backstory will be a sort of combination of the 5 original Gokaigers.
    • Losing his home planet is something shared by all of them but other things like: losing his previous team/being betrayed being taken from Marvelous and seeing it happen right in front of him like Ahim, having survived by being a thief for a while like Luka, getting some of Doc's tech savviness to do his own repairs, and knowing or having a friend that's part of the Armada who helped him escape at some point.
      • So far, Orion has Ahim's story, Basco's Free Joker (even though it's not Marvelous, Basco is still a major character in his backstory), and Don's tech savvy. You may technically count stealing from the Armada as Luka's thievery, and thus the only core Gokaiger who he has not have any sort of aspect of back story from is Joe.
      • There's debate on if his ship is the Free Joker, some fans have noted the color being off as well as the decorative spikes near the front being wrong.

The Q-Rex Megazord is a rebuilt and upgraded Quantasaurus-Rex.
  • After the Q-Rex was severely damaged toward the end of Time Force, it was sent back to the future for repairs. During the repair process, it was upgraded to allow for the use of the Ranger Keys, since Time Force undoubtedly knew that the Super Megaforce powers existed. One of those upgrades was to create an additional Time Jet-like mode, as well as the addition of the drill weaponry.
  • As for its new color scheme? Lucas decided to play a trick on Eric and have it repainted blue. When Eric found out, he would've reacted exactly the way you'd expect.
  • Alternatively, the Q-Rex stayed in the past and was upgraded a some point between the present and the future.
    • This appears to be the intention of the show's writers. It's summoned using the Quantum Ranger Key, and the box for the toy explicitly states that it is the Quantasaurus Rex Zord rebuilt, and that Orion "inherited" the Zord from Eric.

Jake will finally realise that his behavior has pretty creepy/stalker-like
  • An episode description tells of Levira falling in love with Jake because of a potion or spell and considering that out of the aliens she's seems to be pretty ruthless (like agreeing with Vekar to turn one of their commanders into an unwitting suicide bomber) so she might be forceful or very persistent in her pursuit of Jake. At the end, Jake will apologize to Gia about how he's acted over the past year or so and for not realising sooner that what he was doing was not okay.
    • How is Jake's behavior not okay? He's been trying to find a way to ask Gia out, and has tried to get close to her, but he hasn't acted inappropriately
      • To be fair, he hasn't technically done anything seriously wrong. Even some actions such as eavesdropping on Emma and Gia's conversation about going to Ernie's so he can follow them there, are a little bit weird. Even if she hasn't out right turned him down, he kind of ought to get the message by now.
      • What message? Jake is actively trying to keep his crush on the down-low precisely because he doesn't know if she likes him. Things were awkward enough when they were just classmates, being Rangers together has just made it worse as now he can't risk throwing off their team dynamic if it doesn't work out, or worse, crashes and burns. Sure he does typical "crush" things like offer to carry her books, but he also does that for Emma too and they're clearly on the platonic level.
    • Jossed (thankfully). Although Jake does get pointed out for him that he should just ask Gia out.

Robo Knight will die in the Vrak is Back two-parter
  • He will either perform a Heroic Sacrifice to stop Vrak, or Vrak will cross the Moral Event Horizon and kill him in front of the Rangers. If it's the latter, Troy will go in an Unstoppable Rage and kill Vrak. After the battle, they will learn that his essential parts have been badly damaged and won't be the same Robo Knight if they repair him. To honor his memory, Orion will use his Ranger Key.

The unknown Legendary Ranger Modes were created from the Japanese Power Rangers show.
Based on Power Rangers Dino Thunder we know that Japan created a TV show based on the Dino Thunder Rangers. What if these Japanese show runners created their own Power Rangers teams to milk the cash cow, creating the 'Legendary Squadron', 'Blitz Rangers', and the 'Prism Rangers'? Yes, Gosei did say they had not been seen on Earth before, but that could be taken to mean they had not existed as real Rangers on Earth before.

Gosei and Thrax are the same person
Based on the theory brought up on the theory that Thrax lied about everything, he didn't actually die at the end of Once a Ranger. Rather, he has some kind of spiritul form and when his body exploded he went and found the crash site of an alien. He murdered/locked him in a closet, reprogrammed Tensou to be his slave, took control of a slot machine indirectly based on a Tikki, parked his ship on a random beach and decided to play good.

Squadron Rangers (Dairangers) were founded by Zordon

We know from Power Rangers in Space that Zordon was creating Ranger teams on different planets, not just Earth. It would neatly explain why their suits look like white Morphin - Zordon was basing Tommy's second suit on his earlier work.

The Armada are The Remnant of the United Alliance of Evil.

The Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger isn't Tommy Oliver - it's Tom.
Tommy stopped being the Green Ranger because Rita made a candle that drained his power while morphed, and if allowed to burn long enough would kill him. Then, after becoming the White Ranger, a Monster of the Week cloned Tommy and gave him the Green Ranger powers to try to beat Tommy at his own game. Being the super edgy 90's villain he was, he went by Tom Oliver to sound more serious. After fighting, Tom (clone) was convinced by Tommy (original flavor) to keep being the Green Ranger but agreed two of them in Angel Grove would cause problems. So the White Ranger was Tommy, while the Green Ranger was Tom. Turbo Red could have been TJ, but who the hell Zeo V Red and Black Dino Rangers were is up in the air.
  • Additionally, when the past Rangers showed up, their helmets briefly flashed over their faces. When Tommy first shows up, he saves a kid from a car balancing on the side of a bridge. The White Ranger helmet flashes, and he even uses Saba to get some extra reach. The White Ranger also shows up separate from the Green Ranger during the final fight.

"In the Driver's Seat" never actually showed the RPM Universe.
If you go back, you'll notice that Professor Cog never actually blew up in Forever Red. Instead of dying, he was forced to hop dimensions uncontrollably. (As he never appears in RPM, he probably never found his way home.) Cog wanted revenge for being rendered unable to ever return to Venjix, so he hatched a plan. Gathering a modicum of control over his hops, he found a random Earth with sapient car zords and faked a message from the "RPM Rangers". He then hopped back to the main universe with a group of Grinders (that are stuck dimension-hopping with him,) and plans to destroy the city while the Rangers were away. However, as he was destroyed for good at the end of the episode, he never truly got the revenge he'd wanted. (Hey, it makes more sense than any of the alternate explanations they might've given.)
  • As an addendum, the Rangers were able to use RPM transformations only because of Professor Cog's presence.


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