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  • At one point Noah stops to look at an unconcious alien mook with awe, completely forgetting that he's currently in the middle of a battle. Not to mention that he accidentally hits them just by turning around his book bag knocking them out.
  • For being an athlete, Jake seems to have trouble holding Gia's backpack.
  • Jake misunderstanding when he thought Gia was hugging him, when in truth she was trying to get her morpher out of her bag when she spotted one of Yuffo's UFOs.
  • The aerial Zord battle in "He Blasted Me With Science", after Troy pulls a risky move against Emma's pursuers.
    Troy: He shoots, he scores!
    Emma: He nearly gives me a heart attack!
  • Poor Noah getting his foot stuck under the Snake Axe.
  • When Troy was filing Beezara's nails, you could see he'd been at it awhile looking at the hardened pieces falling off of them.
  • For some reason, the way Noah says, "You've been best friends since you were six" just feels hilarious.
  • When Beezara tells the body-controlled boys to "shut their mouths," they all clamp their hands over their mouths at the exact same time.
    • And when they're free, Noah and Jake still think they're shut until Troy states otherwise. Then Gia states to Jake that "girls dig the strong-silent type" and Jake complies, zipping his lips shut.
  • Earlier, while the girls are under Beezara's spell, they receive a distress signal from their Gosei morphers. The following exchange happens:
    Gia: (Runs across the street) I'm on my way!
    Emma: (Trying to catch up) Me too! Thanks for waiting, Gia.
  • Gotta admit Mr. Burley and Ernie liking Dizchord's music and even dancing to it was funny.
    • Plus Ernie not realizing it scared customers.
    • Even better? At the end he stated that he recorded the concert. While we first assume it's Emma's song, he presses the button...and then Dizchord's music starts blaring, causing the customers to flee.
      • It's even more funny if you saw that coming.
  • A Monster who gathers energy through human emotions, hmm, sound familiar?
    • Troy of all people trying to make Noah laugh. And he SUCCEEDS, with a bad science pun at that.
    • In another bit of coincidence with regards to Kyoryuger, Noah doesn't know how to tell a joke, while with Nobuharu (the Blue Warrior of said Super Sentai), his jokes stink.
    • The scene is from "Last Laugh" when Noah and Robo Knight work together to make NoJoke laugh.
    NoJoke: Why?
    Robo Knight: If they flew over the bay, they'd be Baygulls.
    Everyone: Beat
  • Dream Snatcher has a Spanish accent and will talk in Spanish during battle.
    • At an early point in the episode, Jake says they'll have a race to Ernie's and last one there has to pay, the girl beat them there because of Emma's knowledge on the area, and what shortcuts to take.
  • The Halloween episode, for being a Clip Show and an adaption of one of Goseigers' goofier episodes, manages to sneak some legitimate gags in. Highlights include Troy being completely bored of the fortune teller and the Crotch Shot.
  • In "The Human Condition", Robo-Knight wants to learn all about humans, so he goes to the Mega Force rangers, but none of them can help him (save for Jake, to which Robo-Knight knows that he can learn nothing from him). So what does he do? He goes to a nearby library where all of the library goers there cower in fear of Robo-Knight, even the librarian. He even follows the "No Cell Phones Allowed" sign and gathers lots of books for him to scan through. He even jams to music with a young boy wearing headphones. By the end of the episode, he's even made his own rap.
    • For that matter, the above-mentioned incident with Jake. There's a cycle to the scene of Robo Knight's answer-seeking for this scene: He walks up to a Ranger and asks What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?, 2. The Ranger gives a partial answer and then 3...Directs them to another Ranger. After three of these sessions with Troy, Gia and Emma, Robo-Knight stops by a soccer field where Jake is playing, a beat occurs, and then loudly announces how he's going to learn nothing from Jake before skipping to Noah.
    • The whole "No cell phones allowed" thing gets even funnier considering that he leaves his cellphone at the desk. It starts ringing loudly as Robo-Knight is too busy with those books and music.
    • Mr. Burley and Robo-Knight exchange greetings. Too bad Mr. Burley turned too late.
  • The Christmas Episode, "The Robo-Knight before Christmas" basically has poor Robo-Knight accidentally shipped off to Africa because it was assumed he was a gift for the kids.
    • To make it even funnier, it was because Noah told him that to understand Christmas, he needed to stand still for "24 hours", and the rangers head off for shopping just as the camera zooms out to reveal a sign that reads "Gift Donations".

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

  • One that stands out from the first episode of Super Megaforce: When Gosei gives the rangers their new morphers and Ranger Keys, they look at them in awe as he explains the new powers at their disposal... except for Jake, who seems utterly confused about his key being green instead of black. He even straight up asks Gosei why his key is "the wrong color," and Gosei claims there's a simple explanation for that... only to be cut short by another Armada attack.
    • Jake even motions for Gosei to give the explanation before they're interrupted.
  • The second episode of Super Megaforce has one with the villains. Vekar is complaining about the missiles for his plan to attack the Earth being set on a timer, and asks whose idea it was. Cue Argus' very serious "Yours, boss." Vekar tells him to only listen to his good ideas...which are all of them supposedly...except for this one. Cue Argus giving another serious and somewhat weary "Yes, boss."
    • Anytime Argus takes Vekar's ranting seriously and provides a literal-minded answer.
    • Really, Vekar has some of the best lines in this series.
  • After falling from the Animarium in "A Lion's Alliance", Troy, Gia, and Noah end up in the same area. Troy and Gia are fine but turn to see that Noah somehow landed headfirst in a trash bin.
    • At the end of Wild Force, Princess Shayla said she would hide the Animarium until it was needed again. How has she done this? By literally hiding the island in a bunch of clouds shaped like its turtle-shaped self. To give her some credit, it seems to be working given that the Rangers had to travel the Earth three times before they worked it out.
  • The Rangers confronting Vekar in "Samurai Surprise":
    Jake: So you're the one who's been causing all this trouble.
    Gia: I have to say, I was expecting someone different.
    Vekar: What's that supposed to mean?!
    Vekar: How dare you!
    • Vekar in general throughout the episode.
    Vekar: We leave immediately.
    Argus: For Earth?
    • The fact he calls the attack "the people of Earth's eviction notice".
    • and following the Roll Call.
    Vekar: Super Mega hurry up and DESTROY THEM ALREADY!
    • The entire final scene of Samurai Surprise.
  • In "Spirit of the Tiger", the monster of the week introduce himself as Pacha Chamak. Vekar simply says 'What?' and tries to pronounce its name but gets it wrong (he calls him Pacha-backpack) and gives up after the one try.
    • Later on, Vekar calls him 'Knick Knack Paddy Whack'.
    • Casey trolling Emma and Jake- he has them enter the tiger cage, and after scaring the crap out of them with this, he casually comments as they leave that the tiger was fed a half hour prior, meaning that they were perfectly safe.
  • In "Silver Lining, Part 1", Vekar announces an idea that just had been said before by his two underlings. Argus simply responds with "genius". Doesn't matter if that was supposed to be sincere or sarcastic, it's just funny.
    Damaras: We should send in a commander.
    Levira: With a new plan.
    Argus: Genius.
  • "Silver Lining, Part 2", Gia and Emma take Orion for a makeover at the mall, leaving the boys at Ernie's stating that poor Orion was doomed.
    • Jake suggests going to help Emma and Gia with choosing clothes. Noah and Troy seat him down with a "Nah." note 
      • This gets repeated later, but Troy is asleep at the time and he still tugs Jake to his seat.
    • Finding out how Orion was able to gain possession of a Armada airship: he used a slingshot to shoot a crystal into one of its engines to disable it and when it was abandoned, he took it and fixed it up.
    • Troy states that it was time to take Orion "to their leader". Jake laughs at the "classic alien movie line."
  • In "The Power of Six", everyone watches as Orion morphs into the hybrid of RPM Gold and Silver. Jake (who has been growing more and more annoyed with Orion throughout the episode) gives the flattest Flat "What" ever.
    • While Orion announces what just happened, both the rangers and the X-Borgs stop and stare, and after a pause Emma gives a happy little clap.
    • The fact that Orion sleeps at the school. In a locker.
    • Even better, at night he does a "Risky Business" Dance as if he's in High School Musical!
    • Also that Troy (even suffering the monster effect) was still able to take his jacket off for a makeshift pillow.
  • Throughout the episode "The Perfect Storm", the Rangers try to find Tensou and notice a man with a briefcase similar to Tensou's overall appearance and making phone calls, making it look like he's doing something illegal. Not only that, but he has a scar. It turns out that he was just the technician that Ernie hired to fix his machine. What makes this funny is that the way the camera zooms in when they realize he was the technician, it made the audience to a double take and try to figure out if this is a cameo from a past Power Rangers character, that or if it was the appearance of an important character. Either way, cue people thinking the guy's either Bulk, the original Ernie (which would be impossible, as Richard Genelle passed away in 2008), or even Richard Brown.
    • Tensou's admiring his reflection in the store window: "Whoever I am, I'm a looker." This gets a Call-Back at the end, with him admiring himself and his new wheels in a new mirror in the Command Center, which is equally funny, as is Gosei's reaction ("This should keep him busy for a while, and me entertained.").
  • Just the premise of the episode "Love is in the Air": Levira falling in love with Jake!
    • Everyone's reactions when they finally figure out what is going on. The Rangers are a mix of grossed and freaked out while the rest of the aliens are just confused beyond belief.
    • The crowner has to be Levira's attempts to keep Jake away from Invidious' attacks. She pushes him around like they were dancing lambada, in a way that could even top Insarn with Kyosuke!
  • In United As One, Emma and Orion pose as a bait for a recent monster. Other rangers laugh at his panicky tone over the communicator and when ask how to make Emma happy they tell him to figure it out. Orion looks worse than if he had to fight prince Vekar barehanded and tries to wiggle out of kissing her. The monster 'saves him' by bursting in the church, only to get shot by Emma.

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