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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

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     Pre-Premier WMGs 
Ramirez and Tessai won't be adapted, but Yuko and Shinya will
  • This is the big reason Aqua Ranger wasn't listed in casting information because the part would be auditioned later likely for the final story arc to take place in the second half of the show. Matt appears in the second episode which is why his part was auditioned with the purpose of him becoming Graphite Ranger later on.
    • If the blonde waitress at the end of "Let Sleeping Zords Lie" (which was when the Rangers found the Ankylo Zord, which belongs to the Aqua Ranger) is any indication, this may just be true.
      • However she does not have an Ankylo Zord on her badge similar to how Shelby's role as Pink Ranger was foreshadowed by her Tricera badge. She does wear a grey shirt with a large, long-necked looking dinosaur. Could this be a Titanasaur? Could this indicate that Silver Ranger may be gender flipped?
      • Jossed, at least with regards to Ramirez, as the Aqua Ranger that has appeared so far is male. (he's Tyler's long-lost dad) Also, considering that Phillip wears the same gold-sash suit as Tessai, we may still have another Graphite Ranger towards the end.
      • Both Jossed, now that the series is over.

Tyler's dad will appear as the Silver Ranger
His back story is very similar to that of Daigo's father who did posses the Kyoryu Silver Powers after Torin. It's possible he found the Silver Energem at the dig site 10 years prior, but unknown circumstance caused his disappearance.
  • Chip Lynn commenting in interviews that later episodes of the series will include more Sentai footage for budget reasons makes this more likely, and further implies that Tyler's dad will end up being Torin. The villain transforming a loved one of the Rangers into a monster is an interesting twist that the franchise as a whole has not often used.
  • Jossed, he is the Aqua Ranger instead.

The first Dino Charge Purple Ranger will be related to Kendall
Possibly her father. Unknown circumstances will cause her to inherit the powers.
  • Jossed, first Purple Ranger was someone completely unrelated and on the other side of the world.

Kendall will be similar to RJ and be The Mentor Character
Like Master Mao in Jungle Fury, The Keeper died (wild mass guessing here). He may have a presence similar to Mao, but Kendall will largely take up his role. As stated with the one above Silver Ranger will be one character and not The Keeper.
  • Jossed. They pretty much mentor the team together, although Kendall's role is more of Mission Control; even after becoming the Purple Ranger, she fights along with the team only occasionally.

Dino Supercharge will feature a crossover event possibly an hour special with the new movie Rangers
With the new Power Rangers movie being released July 22, 2016 a crossover could happen. The movie has been stated to be canon and not reboot so this wouldn't be out of the question. Plus this would be a good way to off set the break with an hour special in the summer to promote the movie. Of course the only thing possibly preventing this would be that Nick would have to agree to this.
  • With the movie now delayed to January 2017 and possibly further, this probably now goes from wishful thinking to pretty much Jossed, though obviously we won't know for sure for a while yet. A crossover with the original MMPR and with the Dino Thunder Rangers was always more likely given that much of the footage from Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters would be adaptable.
    • However the succeeding series would debut later than the movie, so a crossover could still be possible as a special airing during the break, but not necessarily with Dino Charge, still keeping this in wishful thinking territory.

The Gabrevolvers will not be used as Morphers
This is one of the few instances that the morphers are not obvious and in this case double as a weapon. This gives Saban the opportunity to create an original morpher. The beast batteries will still be used however.
  • Jossed.

Silver will be a former ranger. Cyan will be played by Robert Baldwin
These two rangers are the only ones besides Deathyuger and the first violet, both are possibly no going to be adapted, who are not listed as part of the current casting. Upon the absence of Cyan in casting supposedly Baldwin wondered if this meant he had a chance at playing his Kyoryuger counterpart in Dino Charge.
  • Jossed on the part of Cyan/Aqua.
    • Silver jossed as well - it's Zenowing, aka Torin from Kyoryuger.

Tommy will show up
He has plenty of experience with prehistoric powers, and considering Dino Thunder, he could be the developer of the Dino Charge powers and the KyoryuViolet I equivalent.
  • But in Dino Thunder, his friend from college, Hayley, was the developer of the tech. Tommy only found the power source, the Dino Gems.
  • Jossed.

One of these two people will be the Purple Ranger
One: Kendall Morgan will become the Purple Ranger. She fights some mooks in "Let Sleeping Zords Lie", so it's obvious she knows hand to hand combat. Plus her being a bit stiffed and a science girl fits the profile that was given of the Purple Ranger.Two: 'Kiera' will be the Purple Ranger. Kiera was the name given along with the profile. Claire Blackwelder (Kendall) was never confirmed as the Purple ranger, people just assumed she was. It's possible Kendall could just be a red herring and they'll introduce Kiera later on.
  • Most likely a name change. Casting information rarely keeps the same names. Also to keep to the One Steve Limit that has been broken but two times (as far as Rangers go) along with Kiera, two of the other casting names were changed. Kiera had already been used (after a fashion) with Kira Ford from Dino Thunder.
Also, I believe that Kendall will turn out to be related to Kendrix Morgan, to possibly explain the latter's absence last season. (Seriously I like Karone, but Kendrix took back the powers in the Lightspeed Rescue team-up, so how could Karone even have them?)
  • Confirmed with Kendall. As for her relation to Kendrix (which is a totally different topic altogether), nothing has been mentioned. For all we know, it could be just a reference at least.
    • Chip Lynn has said that the similar names is just a coincidence and, so far, there is no relation between Kendall and Kendrix.

Two of the twelve dinosaurs will be MMPR tyrannosaurs and Dino Thunder tyranno zord
The press release mentions a dozen dinosaurs!
"In Dino Charge, the Paragon Prisms were given to a dozen dinosaurs for safe keeping by an alien"
Not counting Tobaspino, Kyoryuger had only 10 Zyudenryu, which leaves two short which leads to another possible WMG….
  • DeinoChaser still has a physical form, as a Cool Bike. Also, why wouldn't Tobaspino count?
    • Given its a movie zord and its appearances are limited it possible that it might not appear. This particular WMG assumes it won't.
    • Pretty much Jossed, considering PR isn't known for reaching that far into continuity. Plus the Dino Cycles are ordinary motorbikes here.

An original yellow ranger and zord will be made for the series
Combined with Tobaspino there will be twelve dinosaurs as mentioned in the plot synopsis.
  • There's already enough rangers as it is to write and cast.
    • Jossed.

Related to the above, the D counterpart betrayed and destroyed the yellow ranger and zord
  • Jossed.

No characters from previous seasons will return
It is a "Wild Mass Guess" after all
  • Confirmed

Mike Chat (Chad from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) will return as a new character and the counterpart to Tessai/KyoryuGray.
  • Jossed

They'll keep the multinational team of Rangers for this season
However the actors themselves will be cast from around the world as well.
  • Semi-Confirmed.

Tommy Oliver will appear as the first Violet Ranger
Events will force him to pass his powers to his niece Diana Trueheart played by Franks real-life niece Erica Frank.
  • Jossed.

Bandai America gets straight to business with new Zordbuilder versions of all Zyudenryu.
Arm Zords in particular have these new features: a jaw that drops slightly to reveal the Zordbuilder joint, then drops all the way to load a Zyudenchi, windows in the sides so you know it's loaded, and the trigger in the belly ejects the Zyudenchi, thus ensuring no Zyudenchi half-stuck into the core mecha and hopefully dissolving the breaking clips issue.

Bandai America deliberately remolds some of the existing Zyudenryu into dinos corresponding to the special-attack Zyudenchi.
To make more Megazords and other toys, with the advantage of compatibility with the main line.
  • Gabutyra is remolded into Allomerus (recolored mostly orange and a simple head remold for dino and Megazord heads)
  • Stegotchi is remolded for Kentrospiker (back and tail fold into grisly claws instead)
  • Zakutor is remolded into Ovirappoo (tail blades replaced with disc launcher), Igeranodon (tail becomes a giant hand that can fold into a fist), Pukuptor (tail becomes a Red Boxing Glove)
  • Dricera is remolded into Stymero (drills are replaced with a shortened tail and waving fan)
  • Pteragordon is remolded in Tuperanda (with a new head that detaches to become a hand weapon)
  • Plezuon is remolded into Futabain (as a gunmetal gray flying fortress)
  • Bragigas into Beyonsmo (redone as an orange mobile construction rig)
  • Gurumonite is an original mold that acts as a second-wave vehicle, turning into a monowheel cycle and recolored for just Red, Gold, Deathryuger and Silver.
  • Archenolon is another original mold, a deluxe large vehicle that comes with a Red in Carnival-like 'bike armor' and turns from dino to submarine to tank form, plus seperating in two to form both arms as part of the Zordbuilder system
  • Deinosgrander is really a remold of the RPM Alligator Zord. Like Allomerus and Tuperanda, it can mount the arm Zyudenryu.
    So what we have here is: six new core body mecha, five new arm mecha, and two waves of bikes that may have their own Zordbuilder gimmick. Assuming the in-show ones are packed as Kyoryuzin (Gabutyra+Stegotchi+Dricera), Pteraiden-Oh Western (plus Parasagun and Zakutor) and Plezu-Oh with bonus Ankydon and Bunpachy, the new mecha will be packed as one core to one arm except for Futabain.
    The Deinochaser forms the first wave of bikes with different recolors for Red, Green, Black and Gold - the one in the right colors is packed with Black, the one for Red and Gold has a new bike mode head mold, which is reused for the second wave with Cyan and Gray.
    • This seems like way way too much work for Bandai to bother with.
      • Not if it was all done from their own Zordbuilder molds. Most likely the Zyudenryu will lose the 'elbow' and 'knee' joints and the whole leg just rotates into place.
    • #30 mentions that all the amber stones contained fossilized parts of those Zyudenryu, so at least they did exist.
    • #34 also showed them in a flashback, though to show them all as Red Shirt Army. 3 that were showed clearly were Stymero (a pink/magenta remold from Bakuryu Styracosaurus, surprisingly enough), Allomerus (red remold from Tobaspino) and Deinochaser (yellow remold from Zakutor).
  • Jossed they made new molds! One of the toys is an Ammonite Zord, which forms a machine-gun-arm for the megazord. There's also a Deinosuchus zord that becomes a pair of chomper-arms for the megazord.

The Power Rangers series will be a spiritual sequel series to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Similar to how Dino Thunder was a spiritual sequel/homage to the original MMPR, the Kyoryuger adaptation will tie the mecha and powers to the original series, since they both share the dinosaur theme.
According to Zordon in the original series, the Rangers' powers were drawn from dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. So adding to this, it'll be revealed that Zordon drew some of the power from the dinosaurs (specifically the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl) that bonded with the Energems, and transferred them to the Power Coins. Keeper may have given him the inspiration to create the original Dinozords.
  • Adding to this, the Dino Charge Zord hide in the same locations the original Dinozords were.
    Arctic: Mastodon Dinozord, Stego Zord
    Desert: Triceratops Dinozord, Tricera Zord
    Volcano: Pterodactyl Dinozord, T-Rex Zord & Ptera Zord

In the Power Rangers adaptation, Tommy will be a major character.
He was in the last Power Rangers adaptation of a dinosaur-themed sentai, so why not this time too?
  • Jossed.

Of course, if we were to remove all limits and take the previous two WMGs to their logical conclusions, the plot of the Power Rangers adaptation would involve...
...Tommy fully repairing the original Mighty Morphin powers, and then improving upon them. That done, he will then assemble a Dream Team of the most veteran of the world's rangers (read: alumni from the Mighty Morphin era) for one last hurrah. Team configuration would be:
  • Green Ranger: Tommy (obviously!).
  • Red Ranger: Jason (who will also serve as team leader, finally ending the perceived enmity that started when Jason was unceremoniously dumped from the leader position when Tommy became the white ranger).
  • Pink Ranger: Kimberly (who will hopefully rekindle her relationship with Tommy and undo the infamous "Dear John" Letter from Zeo once and for all).
  • Blue Ranger: Billy.
  • Black Ranger: Zack or Adam (Zack was the original Black Ranger, but Adam has seen more action as a ranger and has had more recent appearances as the Black Ranger).

The lack of a yellow ranger on the team would also allow the show to neatly avoid the issues present (both in Real Life and in-story) with the status of previous Mighty Morphin' yellow rangers.

  • Maybe I'm out of the loop, but what would prevent the second Yellow, Aisha, from coming back?
  • Her actress, maybe?
    • Aisha's issue was the fact that she had been subjected to a self-inflicted Cosmic Retcon right before Zeo, which resulted in Tanya joining the team (though the writers could still bring her back if they really wanted to, of course).
  • Bulk would return again, as well, as the Cyan Ranger (including shrinking his gut during the morph sequence)
    • Skull would return as the Gray Ranger. His name would be quite appropriate for the role, considering that pachycephalosaurs have hard heads. As a bonus, Cyan and Gray have plenty of in-suit footage together in Kyoryuger.
  • Bragigas would, of course, be a refurbished Titanus.

    • Jossed on all counts, I'm sorry to say.

The cast of the Kyoryuger adaptation won't consist of MMPR alumni, and will be an entirely new team.
However, they'll have the new dino rangers meet the original Power Rangers (plus the Dino Thunder Rangers) by using footage from Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters.
  • Confirmed for the header. For the rest, we still have half a season to go.

Kyoryu Red Carnival will be adapted as the Battlizer mode.
Considering KRC shares the classic battlizer traits of being a Toyetic red ranger-exclusive Super Mode (and is even more toyetic than normal considering that it offers at least six extra interchangeable arm attachments and a unique gun attachment), it seems likely that Saban and Bandai will straight-up make it the battlizer for the kyoryuger adaptation, thus saving money on creating an all-new Power Rangers-exclusive battlizer.

Of course, if they do decide to make a US exclusive battlizer...

The Battlizer mode will be an upgraded form of Kyoryu Red Carnival.
It wouldn't be the first time that they made a battlizer for a series whose corresponding sentai already featured a red ranger-exclusive Super Mode. And in that series as well, the battlizer was an upgraded form of said Super Mode.
  • Technically The Carnival mode could already be considered a battlizer
    • The Power Rangers wikia classifies it and Gokai silver gold mode as battlizer, due to both having enchanced weapons armor and both use a finisher.

Kyoryu Red Carnival is turned into a Goseiger/Power Rangers Megaforce-style Headder...
...making it compatible with not only Megaforce but the PR!Buster Machines.

The main team will be a band outside of Ranger duties.
Helping to justify the music sub-theme.
  • In addition, this might be what the band would look like:
    • Red would be lead guitar;
    • Pink would be vocals;
    • Black would be bass guitar;
    • Blue or Green would be the drummer;
    • The other would be band manager, or something similar.
  • Alternatively, they'll each play an instrument, but of such difference that they couldn't make any song sound any good if their lives depended on it.
  • All jossed though a character bio says that Chase does like to pluck away at a guitar, we haven't seen him do so on screen.

Red won't be a borderline Canon Sue
Fingers crossed.
  • Probably confirmed? After all, Tyler ended up in as much trouble as the others, and he needed EVERYONE's help in order to save earth.

The bounty hunter will be similar to Enter.
Since parts of Go-Busters will be used, why not?
  • Jossed. Sledge doesn't look anything like Enter (or Messiah, for that matter). Heckyl on the other hand... (scroll further down; he's not a direct counterpart, but it's the closest thing the show has so far)

No MMPR rangers will be in the main team
Because they will be saved for an adaptation of Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters that brought in the other dinosaur themed Sentai. Unlike Power Rangers Megaforce, Saban won't have as much pressure for a cast reunion for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • Confirmed - but the reason is Jossed. Either the Dino Charge team unwittingly Retgoned the Dino Thunder team, or this season was set in an Alternate Universe

The twelve Paragon Prisms aren't connected to the Zords, but rather the other Beast Batteries' counterparts.
11 to 23; that's a solid twelve, and it would make a bit more sense than trying to clump DeinoChaser, a motorcycle, in with the gargantuan mechanical beasts that are the new Dinozords.
  • Would seem to be Jossed by the previews giving the clear impression that the Prisms are the source of power for each Ranger (and color-coded as such).
    • It is. They are connected to the dinosaurs themselves, and their spirits form a bond with the Rangers.

Dino Supercharge
With the second season already announced, let's speculate what will happen.
  • The Go-Buster suits will be used.
    • Nope.
  • Carnival mode will be given to each core Ranger, most likely toy line exclusive.
    • Nope.
  • The Extra Kyoryugers will be shown this season.
    • Yes, but not Deathryuger.

Nick will finally get the message that dividing the season in half kinda makes for an annoying schedule, and has been putting Saban behind.
Since they had to skip a season in order to do this one, I can't be the only one hoping for the season to start and finish in 2015.
  • Dino Supercharge is already confirmed, though...
    • Yeah, this WMG isn't just Jossed, it's stillborn!
  • It's possible though that this season will be what convinces them to give the writers more episodes per year.

Speculations on Ranger names and personalities
Keep in mind, this is going on the assumption that there will be a going-around-the-world theme. also, keep it to the core 5, for the moment.
  • Red: Rex (Incredibly Lame Pun, I know, but bear with me)- Hot-Blooded, but friendly leader of the team. May or may not be an Idiot Hero. Hails from America.
  • Black: Matt- Shy, loner-ish guy. Has an odd fetish for guns. Hails from England.
  • Blue: Joe- Jokey, older-brother type strongman. Hails from Asia (specifically Japan).
  • Green: Noland- Quiet, slightly arrogant youth that typically ignores Rex's ideas. Likes swords like Matt likes guns. Has a Hidden Heart of Gold. Hails from Africa.
  • Pink: Kayla- Bubbly, nice girl. A bit of a tomboy as well. Hails from India.
  • Cyan: Metias- A Gladiator from Ancient Greece and old friend of Venblade. He is a charmer with ladies. Being a Spirit Ranger, he isn't able to fight for long, so he passes his powers on to Joe's younger sister, Christie.
  • Gold: Connor- A Medieval Knight from Scotland. For centuries, he was used as a vessel for Dogold's American Counterpart. His absence lead to the fall of his clan. Feeling Survivor's Guilt, he joins the Dino Charge rangers with hopes of atonement.
  • Grey: Xin- A Shaolin Monk from Ancient China. Like Metias, he is a Spirit Ranger and has limited fighting. He is a Stern Teacher that teaches the Rangers to overcome their greatest weaknesses. He later learns that his descendant, Feng, is a student at the Rangers' school and passes his powers on to him.
  • Violet: Emily- A shy, nerdy girl with a crush on Rex. She later learns that her father, the science teacher, helped Venblade develop the Rangers' technology and was the Violet Ranger before her. After her father gets injured, she takes over for him.
    • Name jossed for definite, Samurai Yellow is called Emily.
  • Silver: Venblade- The Mentor that takes the appearance of a humanoid bird. When they find the Tenth Dino Charge Morpher and its Zord, he becomes the Silver Ranger. Living for millions of years, he has witnessed a lot of horror, which led to him turning on his brother, the Big Bad of the season.
    • Jossed, although Matt is apparently the name of the Graphite (grey) Ranger and a casting call says that Kayla is the name of Purple Ranger. Connor, like Emily, was a stillborn guess, as that's the name of Red Dino Thunder Ranger.
    • You got the thing about the Gold Ranger being a medieval knight right, though.

The MMPR team won't cameo...
... but the Dino Thunder team will.

They'll have to justify the Monster of the Week Format this time.
Considering that the Big Bad this year is American-made, and seems to be flying solo (a rarity in Toku), it wouldn't make sense if they brought in Kyoryuger's monsters with an "extremely lazy" hand wave. Maybe a Vilgax situation like in Ben 10.
  • It's looking more like the MOTWs will be the various aliens Sledge captured in the course of his bounty hunting.
    • They are. And Heckyl's been picking up the slack after Sledge (apparently) bit the big one.

One of the other rangers will be changed female in the Power Rangers adaptation to avert the Smurfette Principle.
Because it's unlikely they would have a five member team have only one girl in the group.
  • Chances of Blue made female: Very likely.
  • Chances of Red made female: Not that likely despite the fact that we have had a female red ranger before in SPD and Super Samurai.
  • Chances of Green or Black made female: Very unlikely, but still possible.
  • How about Gold, pulling off a Samus Is a Girl is necessary? Gold is the closest colour to Yellow
  • Or they can make Violet appear more often compared to the Japanese counterpart.
  • Possibly Jossed as casting is only auditioning females for pink and violet. No casting information is available for silver and Cyan at this time however.
    • It was Jossed. They kept the same genders for the main team (probably not for the Spirit Rangers, though).
    • Jossed again. The Spirit Rangers' genders are the same as the original.

Alternatively to above, they will follow the sentai it's based on by having for the first time a five member group with only one female ranger.
  • Maybe she'll be the first African-American pink ranger.
    • Confirmed! Camille Hyde will play the first ever black Pink Ranger.

If there is a Torin counterpart he will be revealed to have inspired Ninjor to create the original dino power coins
However due to a miscommunication Ninjor was unaware that mastodons and saber tooth tigers are not dinosaurs.
  • No mention of Ninjor. But Torin did have a direct counterpart.

The tech the Rangers/villains use or the villains themselves
Are based off the research that Anton and Tommy were working on during Dino Thunder that somehow got into the hands of someone else.
  • One or more of the Rangers could be something similar to Mesogog, a mix of human and dinosaur.
    • Jossed. The Rangers develop their own tech, and the villains are of a completely off-world origin.

The Kyoryu Cyan and Blue counterpart will be the same person.
The recent casting calls list the Blue Ranger with a similar back story to Cyan, and they're both blue. Maybe the cyan form was his old form that needed to "evolve" into a more powerful form (Kyoryu Blue).
  • Or the Cyan counterpart will be from the same caveman tribe as Blue
  • Jossed, Cyan/Aqua is unrelated to Blue.

The Violet Ranger will be a core Ranger.
To balance out the gender ratio.
  • This would require a bit of original footage though Lightspeed rescue did have a handful of battles for the original Titanium ranger with no Japanese footage, so adding some additional fight scenes for violet could be feasible, though many of them may be solo due to the cost of having to reshoot group fights with just the core 6.
    • Additional shots could be spliced into these fights without requiring the fight to be reshot. Power Rangers Super Samurai did this in "a Strange Case of the Munchies" inserting red Ranger into a fight he wasn't originally in though in this case he's mostly not seen to to this with the exception of a couple of shots.
    • Jossed. Ms. Morgan is still mainly Mission Control to the team.

This season will be leagues better than Samurai and Megaforce.
The resent casting calls give some very intriguing characters, so we are off to a good start.
  • Judd Lynn is returning as executive producer, according to the casting notes, so that may be a good indicator.
    • Seven episodes in, and so far it is delivering.
    • The first season was miles better, all right. The first half of Supercharge had its slip-ups, but nothing too godawful.

The Deathryuger counterpart will be upgraded to a full arc villain.
Instead of just a one shot bad guy like he was for the film, with a single reappearance later in the series, in Dino Charge Deathryuger's counterpart will be a full on arc villain, in homage to the Green Ranger saga from the first MMPR series, and the White Ranger from Dino Thunder. The battle from Kyoryuger episode #42 will all 10 Rangers would probably serve as his final battle.
  • Jossed. Badussa only appears in one episode (outside of cameos in his cell, at least).

Near the end of the series, Gold will be Killed Off for Real.
Remember in Kyoryuger when Uchii was killed following his duel with Dogold, only to be brought back to life in the next episode, thus averting the "dinosaur Sentai Sixth Ranger curse?" Well, here, Uchii's Dino Charge counterpart won't be as lucky.
  • Since when do Power Rangers die? This one isn't going to happen.
    • Outside of cases of Real Life Writes the Plot, anyway.
      • It could be a good shake-up of the usual Power Rangers Status Quo.
    • If that happens, I can see how they can make it as family friendly as possible. Since Dino Charge Gold was in a stasis for many centuries, being released will cause him to age faster through the course of the series. By the final episode, he rests peacefully from old age.
      • Except that being bonded to an Energem stops the subject's aging. If that were the case, Koda should be a pile of dust and bones by now.
  • Jossed. None of the heroes died.

Deboss will be Sledge's One-Winged Angel
In the Power Morphicon, he looked like he was wearing a special armor. My theory is that it's a Darth Vader-styled life-support sort after being grievously injured by Torin's American counterpart. He wants the Energems because they can restore him to full power.
  • Jossed so far. The primordial form of Deboss is used for a Monster of the Week.
    • Addendum: Since he's apparently due to return later in Dino Super Charge, Transcendenterfly God Deboss (the form he assumed at the end of the series) will be Sledge's One-Winged Angel form.
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

Candelila's PR Counterpart will be a Composite Character of her and Yuko
She and Koda were lovers and team mates prior to the latter becoming a Human Popsicle. Sledge abducted her and made her Brainwashed and Crazy. When Koda helps her remember who she is, she reverts to her human form and becomes Dino Charge Cyan. Out of all the Rangers in the casting sheet, Cyan was noticeably absent. Yuko becomes Kyoryu Cyan late in the series, so it makes sense.
  • Jossed: Poisandra is shown to be around when the asteroids destroyed the dinosaurs, long before Koda was born.

The "Power Rangers" chant from the opening will play during the megazord formation similar to how the "Ha ha Sim ha ha" played in Kyoryuger
  • Jossed.

Koda was either a witness of a certain major event that happened 10,000 years ago, victim, or part of its driving force
Think about it. Koda became a Human Popsicle 10,000 years ago, the same time Rita Repulsa was sealed. He must have been involved in some way. Maybe Rita froze him before she was sealed. Maybe Koda was the comic relief character of Zordon's team's season. Maybe Koda had been one of Zordon's teammate or apprentice who helped seal Rita.
  • Jossed; someone in marketing forgot a zero. Koda is apparently from 100,000 years ago, quite a bit longer.
    • Besides, 10,000 years ago wouldn't make him a caveman anymore; there were early civilizations around that time already.
  • Adding to this, the Keeper was involved as well. He and Koda also dealt with Dai Shi. During the thousands of years, the Keeper also met Zordon, and learned about the Morphing Grid where he's able to connect it with the Energems in order to create the Dino Charge Rangers.
  • He was also frozen for those 100,000 years, so he didn't get to see anything.

The Gold Ranger will become a museum security guard
At least three other rangers work at the museum as of the first episode. If the Gold Ranger is a knight like the leaks say, then what better job in the museum for him than security.
  • Jossed. He works in the café with the others (even though the security guard job wouldn't be a bad idea).

Luckyuro's PR counterpart will be Sledge and Poisandra's son
Luckyuro was the only one in the Deboss Legion absent in the first episode. Since millions of years have passed since the events took place, Sledge and Poisandra will already be married and have a child next time they appear.
  • Or maybe their daughter? This idea is a bit of an in-joke to the fact Luckyuro had a female voice actor who also performed his human disguise for an episode or two but it would be interesting if the show went for it.
    • They never really did make Luckyuro's gender all that clear.
      • Jossed, Sledge and Poisandra are still unmarried and a different method is used to make the monsters grow.
  • Fully Jossed in "A Fool's Hour". Luckyuro's PR counterpart is Curio, created by Wrench to be Poisandra's playmate. And he's less ambiguously male here, thanks to Estevez Gillespie's voice acting.


     Main Series Guesses 
There will be a one-shot samba morph
As a shout out to Kyoryuger, there will be one comedic morph where one (or even all) of the Dino Charge rangers will throw in a samba-style dance before morphing. If only one ranger gets to do a samba morph, it will likely be Blue.
  • Jossed.

There's a reason why Kendall doesn't like Shelby
Just like in RPM, with Dr K not liking Ziggy at first, we'll get an explanation later on in the season.
  • An idea being tossed around is that Kendall wanted to bond with the Pink Energem herself but either Shelby got to it first (if Chase and Koda dug it up when Iceage tried to steal it) or the Energem didn't choose her. She might be unintentionally venting her anger at someone that she thinks is unworthy of holding an Energem or upset that she wasn't picked.
  • Unlike K and Ziggy, Shelby and Kendall has known each other for a while now. If you had paid attention, Shelby has worked in the cafe for a year and is still very inept at her job. Not only is she inept, she leaves in the middle of her shift to beg Kendall to go on digs. The tone in their conversation in the first episode heavily implies that this was far from the first time she's done so.

Kendall is Kendrix's sister
Her surname is "Morgan," sounds close to Kendrix, and they're both scientists.
  • The age difference is pretty significant, roughly 10-15 years, but doesn't rule them out as sisters, but cousins could be more plausible.
  • More likely than sisters or cousins, given the age gap, is that Kendrix is Kendall's aunt.
    • You can have cousins as old as your parents though.
  • Chip Lynn has said that the similar names is just a coincidence and, so far, there is no relation between Kendall and Kendrix.

Kendall is an Ill Girl or has an ill relative
The Energems can make a person immortal, so it's not hard to imagine that they can cure diseases as well. Kendall probably wanted to bond with one not just to become a power ranger, but also to cure herself or somebody that she loves.
  • Except it appears that Energems only stop the aging process otherwise the dinosaurs they bonded to wouldn't have died.
  • However, if the above WMG holds true...

He's a bounty hunter, so obviously he wants to do something about crime in the galaxy. One could argue that he's Only in It for the Money, but if that were the case then he'd be more interested in selling the Energems, not using them to rule the universe. He might have been at his job so long that he thinks he's the only person who could keep the universe "safe", even if his version of safety is his own tyrannical rule. He may have specifically gone after the gems because he felt their potential was being wasted by Keeper just sitting around, and thought they should be put towards destroying other criminals.
  • Whatever Sledge's deeper motivations could have been, at the end of the series, it seems that he was more interested in getting power and wealth for himself rather than anything deeper.

Keeper took the Energems not because of what Sledge would do with them, but because of who Sledge would sell them to, and how much they cost
Following the WMG above, one couldn't help but think that there should be no reason for Keeper to take the Energems. Sledge himself called Keeper an old friend, so at least Keeper must've known about Sledge and the Energems. Consider that Sledge is a bounty hunter, not a megalomaniac. Maybe there was a Bigger Bad who wanted to buy the Energems for a very high price, so much that Sledge could've just sold the Energems alone (not counting the criminals and the asteroids) and he would've had enough to retire and finally marry Poisandra. Knowing how bad it would be if the Energems fell to the wrong hands, Keeper decided to steal them and put them to good use. This might also explain why Sledge isn't so particularly worried about sending his bounties to be destroyed, since once he got the Energems, he could've just go away and sell them.
  • Probably confirmed, as Sledge would have sold the energems to a galactic warlord.

Keeper chose dinosaurs to be the guardians of the Energems because of the Q-Rex
He heard about a mysterious but powerful machine that had been set loose on Earth, which at that point in the PR Timeline may have been an Insignificant Little Blue Planet. In a hurry, Keeper may have mistaken regular dinosaurs for the Q-Rex and thought that he was giving the gems to powerful giant robots for protection. Which turned out to be true in the end, what with the Zords being created and all.

This season takes place the summer after Power Rangers Megaforce
It did mention that Riley was going to the dinosaur museum "for the summer". It's not totally unreasonable to call it as right after that time. It could also help with Shelby's general reluctance to go fight monsters at the start of the series. Yes, there's the general aversion to fighting monsters in general, but after something like the armada attacking (the 2nd time in a generation even), it could be expected that anyone would be reluctant to fight any sort of evil after seeing something like that. It might also explain why there wasn't a great ranger rally when Sledge started mucking things up as well. The other ranger teams were exhausted and not interested in going to another war when there was a new team rallying like that (and for some time before then if it's to be believed on when Kendall got Chase and Koda to join Keeper's band).

The 3 charger limit will be significant in a future episode
They only get 3. 1 for the weapons, 1 for the finisher, and 1 for the megazord. In 1 episode, they'll be forced to use 2 or waste 1 in one of these times, meaning they'll need to get creative when it comes to defeating a monster one time.
  • Jossed. The limit never comes up.

The asteroids are just regular old space rocks with some rare mineral in it
Some people theorized that the asteroids contained something that would later become the dino gems, or that they already contain them. Considering the nature of the Energems, one couldn't help but think that maybe the asteroids are normal, but after dropping on Earth, they got exposed to the Energems. The difference between them (dino gems giving superpowers while Energems giving immortality) may or may not be caused by mutation or the minerals contained in the asteroids.

A relative of Koda's will appear later in the series
To show that he's not as alone as he thinks. Could be a very, very distant descendant of his brother.
  • While we don't get a relative of Koda's, we do get one from the other time displaced ranger Ivan with his great many times over grandson Zack.

There is no Aqua Ranger yet.
Even by the time the rangers got hold of the Ankylozord.
  • Jossed. The Ranger has yet to appear, but "Let Sleeping Zords Lie" does mention that there is one, considering that the Ankylo Zord has been awakened (similar principle as the T-Rex Zord in the first episode), except either this Ranger is unaware of it, or has chosen not to join the team yet.
  • He finally appeared in "Roar of the Red Ranger". It's Tyler's father, James.

Matt isn't Riley's brother
He's his ancestor. He found the Graphite Energem in the Old West and stopped aging (as you do). Since then he's been keeping an eye on his descendants, making excuses for why he sticks around. He probably revealed his secret to Riley's mom which is why she can say he's Riley's brother and not, say, his cousin or something. Riley may only remember them being together during his preteens-onward, and may not have noticed that his brother never actually aged.
  • Jossed, the Graphite Energem wasn't found until present day by Prince Phillip.

Keeper is a ghost
He really did die when the asteroids hit however his spirit manages to hold on all this time, it would explain how he can just vanish in a cloud of mist, plus we haven't seen him physically interact with anyone since episode 1
  • Episode 6 has him throw tennis balls, but I wouldn't say this completely Jossed.
    • Kendall mentions that she found him in a pyroclastic flow, so presumably he did indeed survive in suspended animation much like Koda.

Chase has ADHD
Its been hammered in that Chase has difficulty focusing unless he's engaging in something he enjoys (like skateboarding). On the surface, it could him just being irresponsible and/or distracted. However, it is a possibility that his actions are a result of a disorder that is not specifically being addressed.

The Megaforce Team-up
Poisandra will be distraught over how all of her former villainous friends have all been either destroyed or turned good, and she no longer has anybody to invite to the wedding. However, she'll either discover one last remnant of the Armada or Warstar, or she'll find a way to resurrect some of them. This will prompt the Megaforce rangers to team up with the Dino Charge rangers to fight them off.
  • Sadly, no team up this season.

Sledge and Poisandra will stick around
They'll be defeated but not destroyed, and their attempts to reclaim their positions as Big Bads will be usurped by the Ninninger villains, forcing the duo to watch from the sidelines Zedd and Rita style.
  • Poisandra does, albeit with a hard case of being Demoted to Extra. Sledge was supposedly killed and utterly vaporized in the crash, but is apparently set to return later in the season. Also, the part of counterparts to Kibaoni and his cohorts is Jossed, since the following season will be based on Ninninger.

Sledge turns out to be Keeper's son
Best way they could hold on to the Torin being Chaos' brother angle.
  • Effectively jossed - no villain was said to be related to a hero. (Except for the obvious Doomwing/Zenowing link.)

Fury's spirit possessed Tyler's dad's body
He then mutated the body to be just like his old one, allowing him to survive 65 million years, but not having ghost-like characteristics like Keeper does. However, just like with the Jarrod/Dai Shi conflict, the father's spirit was buried, not destroyed. When he realized his son was in danger, he tried to take control from Fury again. He wasn't strong enough to defeat Fury's own spirit at the moment, but he'll continue to fight during the series, finally freeing himself at one point, ending Fury once and for all.
  • Jossed. It ended up being the Gold Ranger, just like in the Sentai.

Gold Ranger is trapped inside Fury
In the sentai, Utsusemimaru/KyoryuGold was possessed by Dogold, the sentai version of Fury, who is an oni-themed monster. They will use a similar plotline here in Dino Charge.
  • Confirmed.

The Aqua Ranger is disabled in some way
The reason they're not out fighting the good fight is because they physically can't. However, they still have the strength of character and purity of heart to be accepted by the Energem. When they finally appear to the other rangers, Kendall will be able to make a temporary fix and give them a fight-capable body as long as they're morphed, similar to how Justin was given an adult body when he morphed. This could also be used to explain the muted colour scheme present in the suits, since it's likely that the spirit rangers won't be adapted.
  • Jossed.

If the Samba morph occurs, it'll be led by Chase
He's the jokester of the group, and James Davies said on the Comic Con panel that he's also a dance instructor.
  • Jossed. No samba morph appeared.

The appearances of Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Rangers won't be the originals
They'll be the Super Megaforce rangers using their ranger keys.
  • Jossed, no team-up at all.

The Energems are meant to be Sledge's dowry
Sledge doesn't want them for himself really. He's actually hunting them for Poisandra's father, who's refusing to allow the two to get married until he gets his hands on the Energems. That's why Sledge and Poisandra haven't gotten married over the past 65 million years - they're not allowed to. For bonus points, Poisandra's father will show up angry that Sledge is taking so long, and will be a villain from Kyoryuger (or to tie things together more, a villain from either Go-Busters or one of the future sentai series').
  • Jossed, though it's possible that he planned on retiring safely with Poisandra afterwards, so it could have been more of a safety net than a dowry.

At some point, Sledge will shed his armour and go One-Winged Angel on the rangers
After all, if he looks awesome with the mask on, imagine what his teeth look like!
  • Addendum: Since he's apparently due to return later in Dino Super Charge, Transcendenterfly God Deboss (the form he assumed at the end of the series) will be Sledge's One-Winged Angel form.
    • Jossed.

The Purple Ranger will be an all-new character, and Kendall is just a Red Herring.
According to the synopsis for future episodes, the Purple ranger is found in Auckland, New Zealand, and seems to have been there the entire time. If that's the case, there's no way Kendall could become the Purple Ranger. Unless...
  • Half-confirmed. Albert Smith is the first Purple Ranger. Kendall is the second. See below.

The Purple and Graphite rangers will die or be depowered at some point
Based on spoilers from toys and future episodes we know that Philip will become the Graphite ranger, and the Purple ranger likely isn't Kendall. However, other spoilers have said that Kendall is the Purple ranger, and even earlier said that Riley's brother Matt was Graphite. It's possible that the initial Purple and Graphite rangers will be depowered or have an actual Heroic Sacrifice, leaving their Energems without users - until Kendall and Matt bond with them out of necessity.
  • Confirmed for Purple. Albert willingly gives up his bond to the Purple Energem, and Kendall becomes its new bearer later on.

Ivan knows something really bad from his time stuck inside Fury
The awkwardness with which he got so easily distracted in the middle of his story at the end of "Knight After Knights" has to be a tell that he picked up some information while he was trapped, not just a moment played for laughs. Best guess here is that it's got something to do with what happened to Tyler's dad...
  • Probably, but anything of the sort involving Tyler's dad has been Jossed at this point.

The reason why Chase was so dismissive of the N-Zed Boys
He was originally a member in the early days of the group but either left or had a falling out prior to them getting their big break or before he left New Zealand. It would explain how he knew the lyrics to the song that was Shelby was playing well enough to sing along to it.
  • That, or it was just a provincialist joke. For all intents and purposes, Amber Beach is in the USA, and people from certain countries tend to know their compatriot artists better than the rest of the world (some British popstars, for example, are virtually unknown across the pond). If the show could use music from Steriogramnote  or The Naked and Famous, for example, probably the plot would stay the same (both bands are Kiwi like Chase - admittedly somewhat well-known examples, but nothing to the extent of Lorde, who is also from NZ and has worldwide recognition).
  • "Silver Secret" reveals that Chase is actually friends with one of the group, having met when he went back home.

The Energems are sentient, to a certain degree
Though there are common elements to most of the rangers bonding with them, they all seem rather picky and can retain some or all of their power from a ranger if they deem them unworthy.
  • They are shown to stop working or work strangely if their bonded ranger starts abusing their power or just start acting like a huge jerk.

At some point, one of the rangers will do something so heinous that their Energem unbonds with them completely
It could be an auxiliary ranger, or one of the main ones. Three episodes close together ("True Black", "Rise of a Ranger", "No Matter How You Slice It") all stress the importance of the Energem's host being a good and moral person. This could be foreshadowing one of the rangers making a decision bad enough that they are rejected by the gem. This will warrant an extended arc where they try to win back the gem's favour while the others scramble to find a new host.
  • Jossed. The only Energem to disconnect with its partner was the Purple, and that was a willing separation on Albert's part.

Tyler will become the Silver Ranger
Tyler's dad was the silver ranger, but he was killed in battle by Fury. Tyler will come across the sight of his father's death and find the Energem, along with one last message (either written or some kind of Energem-force ghost-thing). It'll motivate him enough that the silver Energem will bond with him. Again, this will leave a gap in their numbers and they'll still have to find a new red ranger.
  • Jossed, Tyler's father was never killed by Fury.

Phillip's parents will die
Forcing him to become king. A prince's duties might interfere with being a ranger, but being king would make it outright impossible. Thus, the rangers will have to find a new graphite ranger. They'll find him in the form of Riley's brother Matt - which would also explain why the casting slides purported him to be Graphite in the first place.
  • Jossed.

Heckyl will temporarily become Deathryuger
While he apparently is going to take Geildon's reincarnated form from the Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters movie, it's still possible that he will become Deathryuger for an episode or two. One hint to this is his neckerchief, which has a blue and red color pattern, much like Deathryuger's primary color scheme.
  • Helping this theory is that in one of the promos, Heckyl is seen holding a dark blue Energem. It's possible that he either manages to make an artificial Energem, or his evilness somehow taints the Energem into taking a dark color.
    • That scene comes from the second episode where he's stealing Koda's Energem, so that's jossed but he could still become Deathryuger (or Talon) later on.
    • The episode "Wings of Danger" reveals that his Snide half was created when he came in contact with the Talon Energem. Whether or not he becomes the Talon Ranger has yet to be seen.
  • Jossed.

Alternately, Heckyl is Snide, a.k.a. the "Neo Zeltrax"
Looking at his neck tattoo, it looks a lot like "Neo Zeltrax"'s face. Besides, it can't be a coincidence that "Heckyl and Snide" sounds a lot like "Jekyll and Hyde".
  • Confirmed in "One More Energem".

Sledge's employer gathering the bounties is...
  • The adaptation of Chaos. Possible. Lord Arcanon, Singe's master, is the counterpart to Chaos; his link to Sledge has yet to be confirmed.
  • The adaptation of Neo-Grifforzer.
  • The Big Bad of the next series, based off of a ToQger or Ninninger villain.
  • The Phantom Ranger.
  • The same guy who sent Singe to earth.
    • Confirmed, it's Lord Arcanon.
  • Someone completely irrelevant, as it was just a throwaway line.

Justification for Snide as "Neo Zeltrax"
Sledge's crew has monitored the goings-on on Earth for several years; and in the process, they retrieved Zeltrax's remains. They then decided to use those remains as a Power Limiter for Heckyl, but that ended up making him a lot stronger than he was.
  • Alternately, "Neo Zeltrax" is the genuine article. The Zeltrax we know is based on Snide. Considering that Snide's been around for long, it's not too far-fetched to think that he might have visited Earth some time in the past, got a small piece broken off from him, and was later recovered by Dr. O. This was the basis for the Zeltrax armor we saw in Dino Thunder, and why it corrupted Smithy.
  • Jossed. Snide's existed for millennia.

Aqua Ranger will debut in the final fifth episode.
To directly mirror his counterpart Ramirez's debut in the fifth episode of Kyoryuger. Hopefully Robert Baldwin got the role.
  • Aqua debuting in the the fifth episode has been confirmed! But it's the fifth from the beginning of Supercharge, not the fifth before the finale. And no, Robert's not playing him.

Julian will succeed the previous Aqua Ranger.
The muted/light blue colour scheme in his clothes is a tad unsubtle and The Bus from London Might Come Back. This possibly can be a female to male Power Transfer unlike the Violet Ranger's.
  • So far it seems the show will go the same route as the original, i.e. the male Aqua Ranger passing his power on to a female Ranger.
    • Jossed.

The Aqua Ranger is Tyler's dad
The description on the toy for Aqua, for once, doesn't spoil his identity but mentions that he found his Energem during an expedition and Tyler's dad apparently disappeared while on an expedition. It would be an interesting twist since most of the fandom assumed that he would become the Silver Ranger like his counterpart.
  • With the release of synopsis of the first eight episodes, looks like this one might be confirmed!
    • And confirmed in-show as of "Roar of the Red Ranger".

Tyler's Dad is the Titanozord
It seems that when something in possession of an Energem would be destroyed (remember, immortality =/= invincibility), like the dinosaurs, they are transformed into a zord. It's possible that Tyler's dad was once chosen by the Silver Energem, but was destroyed by Fury. Fury, being useless as usual, lost the Energem, and Tyler's father's spirit was transferred into the Titanozord. When the rangers eventually find it, his spirit will act as an additional mentor to the team.
  • Jossed. See above.

The Super Dino Drive mode is only used with the Titano Zord.
Both for its solo form and the combination with the Dino Charge Megazord. In-universe, it'll be explained that they needed an upgraded version of their Dino Drive mode just to handle the sheer power, since it's so much stronger than their previous mecha.

Also, it'll be explained that aspects of the Dino Steel ability were incorporated into this new mode to give it that extra power, explaining the appearance and its activating a unique weapon.

  • And, jossed - they used it in the regular Megazord in the second episode of the season.

The Energems are created from the souls of deceased rangers
It's never stated why a person bonded to an Energem can become a ranger, but since Kendall never mentioned hooking them up to the morphing grid then it must be something inherent in their nature. It could also explain how the Talon Ranger comes into existence - somebody will use the soul of an evil ranger to create it.

The Silver Energem has already bonded with Keeper, but he doesn't realize it yet
He bonded in the first episode before scattering the Energems.
  • Jossed. Zenowing found it and bonded to it millennia ago.

The Silver Ranger is Zenowing
Two characters were spotted by fans; Zenowing and Doomwing which were quickly drawn to be Dino Charge's equivalents to Torin and Mad Torin. The entire fandom thought Tyler's father would be Silver, but didn't realize that there was a first Silver Ranger. Seeing how they didn't bother to edit out Zandar Thunder in Ivan's finishing attack, It's unlikely they'll edit out the feathers during the Torinity Straizor.The Dino Supercharge toyline also gives hints to this seeing how there's Red/Blue themed repaints for the Dino Cycle and the Dino Saber, as well as the 5 inch figure having the Feather Edge (Torin's personal weapon) as an accessory.

The Silver Energem has been shattered
Allowing the fetch quest from Kyoryuger to be used without a dead zord.
  • Jossed. It bonded to Zenowing millions of years ago.

One of the villains will be redeemed and become the Silver Ranger or Aqua Ranger II
With Snide taking over apparently as the new Big Bad and the Sentai having Poisandra's counterpart turn good, perhaps one of the villains from Season 1 will become a Ranger. Maybe even Sledge himself, who will reveal his backstory and show he isn't all that evil, will find an Energem and decide to join the team.
  • Half-Jossed. Heckyl becomes a good guy near the end, but never becomes a Ranger.

Koda will have an improved vocabulary in Super Charge
To show him acclimating to the world better. He may even try some Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness in an attempt to show off to his friends.
  • Possibly jossed, since Super Charge starts a few weeks after the previous season ended though Koda could still improve before the season is finished.
    • In all honesty, he has been noticeably improving from the start of the series...

Heckyl will try a Wounded Gazelle Gambit on the rangers
He'll deliberately switch from Snide in the middle of a fight and claim that he's possessed or in a situation like Ivan was with Fury to try and get some sympathy out of the rangers or trick them into holding back during future fights.
  • Possibly Jossed given that now the Rangers know he's just as evil in both forms. Unless he tries to do that with an argument that the Rangers wouldn't attack humans (or Human Aliens, for that matter) or something to that effect. This is still a kids' show, after all.

Sledge is still alive
  • Wrench mentioned they couldn't find any tissue to revive him but that could mean they didn't find a body period. And as we all know if you don't find the body they aren't dead.
    • Technically speaking, they aren't dead. Not to discredit, you never know with villains, but Amelia Earhart was declared dead within 18 months of her disappearance. And almost 80 years after the fact, no one ever found her.
  • To play on this theory: Sledge is alive, but injured, and Fury took him someplace to heal. Fury joined Heckyl so quickly was not because of loyalty, but because he's spying on him for Sledge, waiting for any of his plans to succeed and get the Energems, only for Fury to take them to Sledge. Basically, a giant Xanatos Gambit
    • If this spoiler translation is correct... "His return surprised everyone… mostly Snide and Lord Arcanon! But what was Sledge doing during all this time?"

Heckyl and Snide are in their situation because of the Energems, and need them to reverse it
Snide refers to the Energems as his "past, present and future", implying that he's encountered them before. Either the two were originally one being split into two forms (like the classic Jekyll and Hyde) by the gems, or they were two crooks forced together in the hopes that their conflicting personalities would hamper their ability to do damage. Either way, Heckyl and Snide clearly don't like each other, so they would do whatever they have to in order to not have to in order to separate or recombine. This can also tie into an above WMG about Heckyl pulling a Wounded Gazelle Gambit - convince the rangers that he needs the gems to escape Snide and do exactly that, and then betray them after.
  • Confirmed! Heckyl coming in contact with the Dark Energem is what created Snide.

Heckyl will try the Evil Mentor trick with the other rangers
With Snide's line of the Energems being his past, present, and future, Heckyl could be aware of the fact the Energems will only bond with those who have a strong moral character and that the bond can break if that person doesn't live up to those expectations.

Now that the Rangers believe that he's in on their secret and on their side, they might be willing to open up more to him and listen to what he says, which he could take advantage of by suggesting they do things that aren't good or fall in a gray area and have them keep doing those things until the Energem unbonds from them.

  • Jossed. The Rangers finally figured out what Heckyl was really up to (and, as a plus, that he and Snide are the same person) in "Nightmare in Amber Beach" and drove him off.

In "Forgive and Forget", Riley's energem was trolling him
As seen in "True Black", Energems lose power if the person starts acting ignobly. While humbling a bully could be considered "okay", when he was trying to outdo the bully by climbing the wall, the energem gave him too much power to show he needs to be responsible with his choices rather than flippantly wasting it on competitions.

Dino Charge is a (distant) prequel of RPM
This one's a bit meta, but considering that James Gaylyn played Scott's father before playing Shelby's dad, it's not hard to speculate. The Truman surname could come from another family who would marry into the Watkins.
  • The finale, which results in the heroes living in a parallel timeline where the dinosaurs never went extinct, supports this. In this universe, Venjix killed the dinosaurs!

Fury will become the Talon Ranger
Instead of the oft-suspected Heckyl. Fury already has an established rivalry with James Navarro, and now we know that the latter has the Aqua Energem. Fury is willing to fight tooth-and-nail for one single Energem, whereas Heckyl and Singe are more interested in getting them all at once. Thus, Fury will fight and defeat James in battle, stealing his Energem, but instead of giving it to his superiors he'll keep it for himself and corrupt it with his evil energies to turn it into a Navy Energem. Plus, unlike Heckyl, Fury has actual talons.
  • Jossed

That really was James in Wishing for a Hero
Rusty had told him that Tyler had been in town for a while and James couldn't resist getting close to Tyler to see how his son had grown up, not knowing that he was a Ranger now and fleeing when he was spotted.

Keeper is the Talon Ranger!
He didn't bond with the purple Energem when he extracted, maybe he's already bonded to the Navy Energem
  • Jossed.

Singe was a fellow bounty hunter just like Sledge
He was sent by Sledge's employer who finally heard about something about spotting Sledge's ship on earth. So, he was sent to infiltrate and take down Heckyl to gain the largest bounty in the galaxy...and finally get their hands on the Energems as well.
  • Semi-confirmed.

Prince Phillip was lying about Ivan's gold bar
It's pretty unlikely that the royalty of Zander would keep the gold for 800 years after Ivan's sudden disappearance, for a few years maybe but for 800? Maybe when Phillip was informed of the situation at the bank and the trouble Ivan was in, he made up the story of it accumulating interest to bail Ivan out without him knowing. Though it is possible that King George did have the gold set aside in case Ivan returned and his descendants just left it alone or forgot about it over the years.

The Rangers allies are going to play some roll in the finale
The civilian cast has gotten some unique focus time, with each ranger having different connections to ordinary people. Whether a parent, brother or girlfriend. Kaylee in particular is of interest because she now knows Chase's secret identity. Why bring her into the loop like that if she won't be significant later on in the season? And after 2 episodes as well? Maybe a bunch of the one shots will band together to help protect the rangers near the end.
  • Confirmed! They help the rangers by shedding their light to help destroy the dark energem.

Lord Archenon has the dark energem
Not only would it tie him directly to the show very quickly based on what Recipe for Disaster talked about, but it's also in the similarities to another shootout. Recall back in episode 19 (Wishing for a Hero), Heckyl and Sledge have a Beam-O-War between Heckyl's powers and Sledge's energem fueled blaster, only for Heckyl to be thrown back....just as he did when he had the same fight with Archenon. It makes symmetrical sense.
  • Confirmed.

Zack isn't Ivan's great grandson
He's actually his great grandnephew but sometime during the 800 years there was an error and Zack's family has thought they were direct descendants ever since.

Heckyl was initially lying about trying to restore his planet
He needed to fixate on something to keep him grounded while he sorted himself out and to figure out what he could do now that he was freed from Snide's evil influence and that excuse what the best thing he could come up with.

Possible connection between this series and Time Force
  • The Dino Charge Rangers’ powers effectively make them immortal, so it’s entirely possible that they could still be alive far into the future.
  • In the finale, it’s revealed that the Energems can be used for Time Travel.
  • In one episode of Super Charge, Shelby creates a new Zord, based on the Spinosaurus. It isn’t that much of a stretch to imagine that she could make other Zords in the future. Perhaps she worked on the Quantusaurus Rex, or at least an early prototype.
  • This is all very improbable, but let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s happened on this show.

    Busters, Ready...or not 
The Go-Busters Counterparts will show up in an Alien Ranger like manner
They are also dealing with a threat on their own world. Do a team up episode adapted from the versus movie and then leave to save their own world.
  • Since the synopsis for Dino Charge mentions an intergalactic bounty hunter antagonist, the "Go-Busters" could also be alien law enforcement agents who are tracking down said bounty hunter.
  • Amit Bhaumik's original outline for a Go-Busters adaptation called Power Rangers Cyber Corps, was set to take place in Eternity City, the human colony on Mirinoi, so if the Go-Busters costumes do show up, this might actually be a plausible WMG.

Skipping Go-Busters makes sense
Not counting Alien Rangers, The recut of MMPR, or the Super halfs of Samurai or Megaforce as their own seasons, this would be the 20th season, it makes sense that they go for Dinosaurs over Spy's, that the theme of the first team of Power Rangers.
  • Also on a more practical sense: the Go-Busters are the only ones who wear leather. They'd look weird alongside the other Rangers. Hence, avoiding them... unless there's another anniversary that lets unadapted Sentai Rangers slip through.
  • And then there's the simpler explanation: Saban was falling pretty far behind Toei. Before the hiatus that followed the end of RPM, the Power Rangers series were always aired the year after their Sentai correspondents. When Saban picked up the slack after Disney sold back the brand, they picked up from where Disney left off, already with a two-year gap between Shinkenger and Samurai. With Nick's practice of splitting the season in two (and then splitting the halves in two more periods), by the time Super Megaforce endednote , they were already three years too late with relation to the source. So they'll probably keep skipping until Saban Channel Hops to a network that won't screw them so.

Saban's going to take advantage of the Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters movie
Obviously, the Go-Busters portions can't be used, but I'll bet Saban will take advantage of the Zyuranger and Abaranger appearing to have an excuse to bring together the Mighty Morphin, the Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge Rangers.
  • Either that, or they'll find a way to work the Go-Busters in, thus allowing them to use footage from the team-up with impunity.
    • Super Megaforce using yet another New Power?
    • Looking more likely. The official Tumbler posted an image of all three Dino Megazords from the above mentioned movie. Also Neo Zeltrax was spotted in the marketing trailer.
    • The Neo Zeltrax suit is currently being used for Snide.

Go-Busters suits will be used in a multi episode arc
It will include an episode using footage from Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters including Zyuranger and Abaranger.

The Go-Busters suits will be used to make a rival team of rangers under the employ of the "intergalactic bounty hunter"
Initially they'll be antagonistic to the Dino Charge Rangers, but their experiences on Earth will make them have a change of heart when they doubt the harsh methods of their boss. They'll even get a couple of limelight episodes before eventually teaming up with the Dino Charge Rangers near the end of the series for an epic 15 ranger beat-down of a powerful enemy. They'll then leave the planet to let the Dino Charge Rangers do their own thing.

Go-Busters is being passed over/minimally used in part because of its similarities to Power Rangers RPM
Ratings-disappointing Super Sentai series with plot resemblances to a disappointing Power Rangers series... no wonder Bandai and Saban didn't want to do it.

How to work in the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters suits
Since Kyoryuger and Gobusters had two completely different themes (and have only half the number of members), making their suits power-ups will be a stretch. So, here's how they can be brought in.
  • A: They are side Rangers similar to the Alien Rangers.
  • B: They will be expies of the Psycho Rangers that will pull a Heel–Face Turn (which will make adapting footage from Kyoryuger vs Go Busters a lot easier).
  • C: The series will be adapted as a stand-alone movie rather than a full series.
  • D: They'll be competing bounty hunters (Galactic Bounty to fit the GB) but will be more heroic than Sledge

The final battle in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters will be used as the final battle in the series
The team up between all three former Dino Ranger teams, plus the return of Goldar, would be too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  • Apparently that sentiment was in error. JOSSED!

The bounty hunter is connected to the Go-Buster elements.
Given all the technology he has and how high-tech he looks.

Go-Busters footage is combined with Kyoryuger 100 Years After footage.
As a result of bonding with the Energems, the Rangers all exist in the future, only there's a complication with the Dino Chargers and they're forced to morph with all the auxillary Dino Chargers (except Koda who found the one best place to hide his - you don't wanna know where) while the government instates its own team of Rangers to fill the void, hence the Go-Buster suits.

The Go-Buster suits will be worn by the Super Megaforce rangers
They'll just be more "alien rangers" used by the team when they show up for a crossover episode.

Heckyl is this show's counterpart to Enter

Heckyl's monsters will be from Go-Busters
  • Jossed. Looks like he'll be using Kyoryuger villains, just like Sledge did.

Dino Supercharge will start with a miniseries adapted from Gobusters
Either Ivan Kendall and Koda or Tyler Riley and Shelby will fill the rolls of the core 3.
  • Jossed. We're right back into Kyoryuger footage.

Heckyl was originally based on Enter...
...but the more overt similarities were phased out during production. There are some minor similarities, such as the goggles and his suave manner of speaking, but overall he's not a direct adaptation. It is possible that he was closer to Enter in original design, and perhaps there was even an intent to have more Go-Busters influences, but over time Chip and the others tweaked the character so that he exists as his own person.
  • Left it to the end of this one to say... everything in this subsection is officially Jossed now. We will finally have a Go-Busters adaptation in the form of Power Rangers: Beast Morphers which, from the looks of it, will have no connection with Dino Charge.

     Regarding the Ending. BEWARE! UNMARKED SPOILERS! 
Rather, it's a Re Write. As seen at the very end of the series, not only are humans still the dominant species in the future, but Dinosaurs never evolved any farther. It's possible that in This Timeline, dinosaurs reached evolutionary stagnation, and eventually other events such as the ice age, the great Eocene extinction and the rise of giant mammals lead to them becoming endangered, and thus only populated in very limited numbers. Thus, the same events of the entire franchise still happened the same way, only the difference is that in pockets of the world, humans preserved dinosaurs in smaller numbers just like in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World.
  • Nope. Ninja Steel reveals that Dino Charge took place in an alternate universe, similar to RPM.

Regarding the new timeline
Post guesses about any changes to the timeline that might have happened due to the Dino Charge rangers saving the dinosaurs.

Keeper played a role in the history of the new timeline
Since the dinosaurs never became extinct, humans and other mammals couldn't possibly evolved as they were in the original timeline. He was able to read the minds of the Rangers before they returned, gaining knowledge of the future. So he used his magic to influence history, making sure everything is as close to the original timeline as possible despite the presence of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs still went extinct
A different asteroid would have hit the Earth at a later time. Shelby's belief that they were saved was misguided, and can be chalked up to her excitement at seeing real dinosaurs. Rather, because they didn't have to deal with Sledge, Kendall and the rangers were able to make such scientific advancements that they could clone dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are endangered
Competition for food and habitat with humans along with changing environments slowly decreased their numbers over the millennia until the current day where most dinos are born and raised in zoos their whole lives. Only the smaller species are really roaming wild now and are treated with amusement or annoyance by most people.

In this new timeline, Dai Shi and the Phantom Beasts were even stronger
Dai Shi planned to have animals rule, and let's face it. Dinosaurs would have powerful animal spirits if they matured. So that would mean the war would be even more destructive given their extra men.

The original Earth that was sucked into the black hole leads to the Darkness Beyond Time
The Darkness Beyond Time is where timelines discarded by paradoxes go. Some crafty villain will retrieve that timeline's version of Sledge's crew to surprise the Dino Charge rangers and Keeper.

The dinosaurs were saved... but were then un-saved by Heckyl and Zenowing going further back in time.
The meteors Sledge was carrying would have hit the Earth and killed the dinosaurs had he not taken them from their paths. In the original timeline, they ended up hitting the Earth anyway, but in the timeline seen at the end of the show, they didn't. But, there's a third timeline in the process of being made by Heckyl and Zenowing, one where Sledge was never in the area in the first place because Lord Arcanon was defeated in the past before he could recruit Sledge. In this timeline, the meteors just headed on their natural courses, hit the Earth, and killed the dinosaurs.

The timeline the Rangers are living in now is actually a third one
The first is the original, the second is never actually seen but is the result of Sledge's defeat in the past and his asteroids not hitting the Earth, and the third is the result of Heckyl and Zenowing going further back in time to prevent the Dark Energem from being taken. By stopping Lord Arcanon from taking the Dark Energem, he now has no sway or power to convince Sledge to acquire an army of monsters for him or to chase down Keeper and the rest of the Energems. Keeper may still end up on Earth in the end after hearing that the Dark Energem was almost stolen and decided to hide the Energems on a out of the way, backwater planet.

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