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Tear Jerker / Power Rangers Dino Charge

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  • In the first few minutes of the first episode we get to see the Dinosaurs killed off, and the Keeper buried under a pyroclastic flow.
  • Tyler telling Kendall and the other rangers that he didn't destroy Fury because he's afraid that the monster has his father trapped inside of him. Brennan Mejia knocked it out of the park with that scene.
  • Viewers can feel the utter disappointment in Tyler when Ivan emerges from Fury instead.
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  • It's not hard to feel sympathy for Prince Philip while trying to be proved worthy of the Graphite Energem. He's trying so hard to be shown as true, but since his heart isn't doing good for itself, all his attempts don't activate it. Considering that he was genuinely trying to be better after his first appearance, that has to hurt.
  • Chase's little sister only wanted to have him home for the holidays. Due to the battle with Sledge's goons, he ends up missing the flight home. When their mom tells her that Chase missed his flight because of work, she looks absolutely crushed. Chase looks as equally crushed, calling himself the worst big brother in the world for disappointing her.
    • Thankfully due to helping out Santa he managed to get a ride to see her anyways
  • In "One More Energem", Tyler is faced with jumping out of Sledge's crashing ship with only his suit to protect him, and he seriously doubts that he'd survive the fall. One of the last things he says? "I wish you could see me now dad. It's about to get wild!"
    • The ending of the same episode: Ms. Morgan tells the team they can all go home because Sledge has been defeated and the Energems don't face any more threats. There isn't a dry eye in the room as they all say goodbye to each other, Chase asking them to visit him in New Zealand, and Koda declaring them all his family before pulling them into a group hug.
  • In Roar of the Red Ranger, Tyler relates to Shelby what he found out from Rusty about his dad getting lost in caves near Amber Beach. However, when he points out that there's a cave on the other side of an underground lake, Shelby finally pushes back on him with a painful truth: "You have to face the possibility that your dad didn't make it." And going further by saying that his dad wouldn't want him to die looking.
    • Tyler angrily lashes back at Shelby for even suggesting that, saying that she doesn't know him, and runs off distraught.
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    • Then when Shelby tries to talk with Tyler about what happened earlier, he simply snarls at her, "There's nothing to talk about."
  • Forged under fire has one line that drives the consequences of bonding to Energems deep: after learning about the immortality they grant, James can only mutter "this thing stole ten years of my life".
  • Chase and Kaylee's relationship in Love at First Fight. They're clearly caring for each other, only Chase's ranger duties keep draging him into more implausible situations and excuses.
    • Then when Chase romances Beauticruel (In an innocent civilian's body) to trick her to go back to her original body, Kaylee is passing by, hearing his special phrase to "fly to the moon for you." All she can utter is a heartbroken, "How could you?"
    • Then when Beauticruel changes back, Chase tells her, "There's only one person I'll fly to the moon for. And I don't think I can anymore."
  • Worgworld paints Koda's condition into a whole new light. There's a robotic caveman that he befriends and treats like an actual person.
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  • The Rangers Rock! reveals Poisandra has been suffering from sleepless nights thinking of Sledge ever since he was thought to be dead.
  • In Edge Of Extinction, Heckyl is sure about the destruction of Earth and he tells the rangers to savor their last day as he wants to do. It is creepy how calm he is throught the whole scene. It's even followed by him going around having fun. Sure it may be funny seeing Heckyl doing fun activities, but then you realize you're looking at a man who's having his last wishes before dying, not unlike a death row inmate.
  • End of Extinction
    • Despite being an evil bitch, Poisandra's death in the past is a little sad. Given what we see later on in her life, she died without getting married (which made her "the happiest being in the universe"), or without ever having a best friend in Curio who never existed in the new timeline.
    • Koda and Ivan saying their goodbyes as they return to their own time.

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