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Tear Jerker / Power Rangers Samurai

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  • Dayu and Deker's new backstories. They were husband and wife, but a fire mortally wounded Deker, destroying their house. Afterwards, Dayu made a Deal with the Devil, selling her soul to save Deker's life. To twist the knife, the Nighlok making the deal reveals that Deker will be cursed to wander the earth as a half Nighlock/Half Human forever and will forget Dayu completely. Even Mia feels sorry for them after this. Both are much more sympathetic than their Shinkenger selves.
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  • You know what's worse? The shamisen that Dayu carries was Deker's wedding gift to her... a simple guitar. Dayu's wedding gift to Deker is his Uramasa sword. Now remember when the shamisen was set on fire? It was as if Dayu was losing the LAST remnant of her love for Deker.
  • The deaths of Dayu and Deker. Particularly due to the fact they're both extremely sympathetic. Normally, having Adaptational Heroism compared to the sentai version would make things Lighter and Softer, but this time, the more sympathetic characters meeting the same fates as their counterparts instead of getting anywhere near their Series Goal is some of the most tragic material in franchise history. Their death scenes especially hammer it home; Deker's last words are a relieved "At last... I'm free." Meanwhile, Dayu's sorrow at losing him is enough to instantly restore Xandred from death's door and enable him to bring the Sanzu River into the human world; this one woman's pain is more potent than all the misery caused by forty-ish episodes of monster attacks. When Xandred absorbs her to gain a human side and thus immunity to the seal, she doesn't resist at all, no longer caring if she lives or dies.
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  • You've got to feel sorry for Lauren. She spent her entire life since she was a child mastering the sealing symbol to seal away Master Xandred forever, to the point that she had never had any friends or anything like a normal life; all this forced on her just because she was born into it... only for Xandred to gain an immunity to the seal, rendering her life's work, not to mention the plan her father started, for naught. Never before has a Negated Moment of Awesome been so serious. Throw in how the team treated her - not deliberately coldly, but ignoring her as all they can ever talk about is how much they miss Jayden; her attempts to befriend the team, everything the burden thrust upon her has made of her life, and how she must feel when the seal fails, are all ignored by the others as Jayden not being there is all anyone cares about. It basically really, really, really sucks to be Lauren.

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