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Famous Last Words / Power Rangers Samurai

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  • "Guess what, your ride's here!" Tooya
  • "Tryin' to get away, eh?" giant Tooya
  • "Now you're really gonna get it! Uh-oh." Scorpionic
  • "COME ON!" giant Scorpionic
  • "If I can get my hands on you—" Rofer
  • "Oh no. I'm all punched out!" giant Rofer
  • "Doubletone's been doubleteamed! No fair!" Doubletone
  • "Is it too late to cut a deal? WHOA! I guess I should take that as a no!" giant Doubletone
  • "My dreadlocks feel like headlocks! This can't be happening!" Dreadhead
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  • "Oh, SHOOT! Next time, use less, 'cause you just made me useless!" giant Dreadhead
  • "No! Stop!" Negatron
  • "Yikes! My insults backfired!" giant Negatron
  • "I wanted a blast but not like this!" Yamiror
  • "Oh, man! This STINKS!" giant Yamiror
  • "That's not fair! You teamed up on me!" Madimot
  • "Ouch! I can't be beat! I'm the baddest of the bad!" giant Madimot
  • "What? What is he doing?" Desparaino
  • "So this is despair? This isn’t delightful at all! Ahh!" giant Desparaino
  • "Huh? Whoa..." Robtish
  • "What? Ahah! Oh, no!" giant Robtish
  • "Aw nuts! C'mon!" Vulpes
  • "Hey now! Come on!" giant Vulpes
  • "You don’t have to be so snippy!" Steeleto
  • "Now that's cold!" giant Steeleto
  • "Sanzu (Kevin says "Here it comes" and Jayden says "Blazing Strike") Smile!" Antberry
  • "This isn't cold... it's FREEZING!" giant Antberry
  • "Alley-oop? Ahh!" Splitface
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  • "Uh-oh!" giant Splitface
  • "Initiative? I defeated four rangers and besides it was my plan—" Arachnitor. He gets better.
  • "Your turn, Blue Boy!" Rhinosnorus
  • "But I'm not tired!" giant Rhinosnorus
  • "Rangers, it's your turn. Electro Turbines!" Professor Cog
  • "Professor!" Sergeant Tread
  • "No! I won't see it it end this way!" General Gut
  • "I'm not scared of you! Do your worst!" giant General Gut

Super Samurai

  • "Good try, Blue. Let's play ball!" Armadeevil
  • "No way! I guess my shell's not all it's cracked up to be!" giant Armadeevil
  • "With pleasure!" Switchbeast
  • "Talk about a big switch!" giant Switchbeast
  • "Lights out. I'm putting you to bed, Ranger, without even a bedtime story, but seeing you lose will be a happy ending. For me at least!" Eyescar
  • "This isn't good!" giant Eyescar
  • "Oh no! This is the primal power!" giant Crustor
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  • "A sit down meal... I'm really full! My tummy hurts!" Skarf
  • "Ugh, that's totally uncool! What now?" Duplicator
  • "This is so not cool!" giant Duplicator
  • "Aw! Oh no! This isn't good!" Grinataur
  • "What the!" giant Grinataur
  • "Oh no! Now I'm stuck!" Epoxar
  • "I'm coming unglued!" giant Epoxar
  • "Oh no! This wasn't part of the plan!" Maldan
  • "Barrage attack!" giant Maldan
  • "Now you're really bugging me!" Pestilox
  • "Yowch! Now that stings!" giant Pestilox
  • "No! I was supposed to split open your world! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO IT TO ME!" Serrator
  • "This will finish you!" Fiera
  • "Wow, this didn't go according to plan! Ahh!" giant Fiera
  • "This isn't good!" Gigertox
  • "I'm sucking even more power from that noodleface Octoroo! I've got you all shook up!" giant Gigertox
  • "Finally... I'm free." Deker
  • "I was never truly a Nighlok. My heart remained human." Dayu
  • "This. Can't. Be. Impossible! You haven't seen the last of me!" Master Xandred
  • "Impossible! Samurai Rangers, hear me now. You may have won this battle, but our quest to rule you will never end. You may have defeated me, but the Nighlok will rise again!" giant Master Xandred
  • "Ooh aah ooh! There's no one left but Octoroo! Well, so much for the boss's big plans. They've all gone down the drain!" Octoroo
  • "How did you figure it out?!" Trickster
  • "My dream gone! This is the worst wakeup call ever! You rangers baited me to a nasty dream!" giant Trickster
  • "Hey..." Gred

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