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  • Most of Negatron's insults are fairly stupid, but he does get a funny line in when the Rangers form the Beetle Blaster Megazord:
    Negatron: "Look at that hat! WHAT were you thinking?"
  • This exchange from "Sticks and Stones," while the Rangers are discussing Negatron's insults:
    Mia: I'm a good cook, right?
    Everybody: ... Yeah...
    • Negatron as a whole. His power is insulting you, causing your emotional pain to become physical. In other words, his power only affects you if his lame insults actually hurt your feelings.
  • Some surprising Lampshade Hanging from Bulk in "There Go the Brides". After yet another bride is kidnapped, we see Bulk and Spike meditating as Bulk quietly remarks to himself:
    Bulk: Awful lot of weddings lately...
    • The scene is made even funnier due to the fact that Bulk and Spike have their backs turned to the camera, while, at the same time, the Moogers run away with Mia.
  • Antonio is a gold mine for these.
    • When he formally introduces himself to the team and tries to persuade Ji to let him be the Sixth Ranger of the team when he slides into the room and arrogantly introduces himself as the Sixth Ranger.
      Mike: And you thought I was cocky.
      [Ji grunts in agreement]
    • In "Room For One More," Antonio interrupts an unmorphed group pose and knocks some barrels aside so he can have a place to stand after spending a few moments trying to fit himself into the pose to no avail.
    • Later, he pauses the episode and shows the move he just did in slow motion while telling the audience how he did it!
  • In "Unexpected Arrival," the expression on Emily's face when Jayden swings his sword at the Nighlok spying on him and stops it just before her face.
  • "Origins, Part 1" has Kevin seeing a black van with whom he thinks has the Red Ranger in it; then the window rolls down and we see Mia, so he assumes that the Red Ranger is a girl and, remembering that he's half-dressed, quickly zips up his jacket.
    • When Mike arrives on the scene, everyone assumes he's the Red Ranger to which he remarks: "No, I'm mighty green!"
    • This gem from Octoroo.
    Octoroo: For a guy who can talk without moving his lips, you sure seem to get angry a lot.
  • In "A Fish Out of Water", Kevin is carefully scooping his cereal into a bowl while Mike adds a sarcastic remark. Then Mia comes with her peanut butter and jelly omelet... so Kevin just dumps the cereal and milk in a bowl and starts eating.
  • Antonio meeting up with Deker (in human form). He first assumes Deker is a fisherman and asks Deker to keep a promise: to try his new barbecued baby barracuda kebabs. The best part? In a later episode, Deker actually does sit down as Antonio cooks the meal for him since he 'did promise'.
  • In Boxed In, Antonio describes Deker's release of Jayden thusly:
    Antonio: Hey! The nice creepy guy is letting us go, Jayden. Vamonos! (turning to Deker) See ya! (cut to Smoke Out)
  • While not part of the series proper, the team's appearance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011 has a funny moment - when it starts, a bunch of the Moogers have surrounded a car with Al Roker in it. Poor Al, not wanting the attention, cries out "Oh no you don't want me! Take [Matt] Lauer, he's much more important!" Followed by Matt (who was already in the booth) saying something to the effect of "Yeah right, throw me under the bus on Thanksgiving Day."
  • In the movie, "Clash of the Red Rangers", most of the Grinders transform into bikes so the Moogers can ride them... except for one. After Jayden beats three of them, another comes up behind him... on the Grinder's back, which he defeats with a single hit. Although the last one did consider getting away after seeing that they didn't win by slowly retreating.
  • "Christmas Together, Friends Forever" has one golden moment in the form of Mia's present... a cookbook.
    Kevin: "There's some good recipes in there. You should read it."
  • The way the Rangers portrayed the items they were trapped in during "Trading Places". A Nighlok trapped the souls of four Rangers into random garbage and the Rangers' bodies were posed as the items their bodies were trapped in. As a result, Jayden was a lawn gnome, Kevin was a music box ballerina (and Mike put a tutu on him), Mia was a fan and her body kept turning back-and-forth like one, and Antonio was the fish he was going to eat and said fish was almost eaten by a stray cat.
  • The entirety of the other Rangers, except Emily, facing their fears to help Antonio get over his in "Something Fishy":
    • Jayden having a spider crawl over him and quickly flicking the arachnid off when the gap sensor sounds.
    • Kevin and Mentor Ji shoving Mike into a closet, who lets out a rather panicked 'help!' when the door closes.
    • Mia kissing a frog on the lips after making herself feel better by saying "Maybe if I kiss it it'll become a prince."
    • Kevin offering to eat Mia's cooking at the same time Antonio touches a fish, it ends up with Antonio chickening out while Kevin shoves a spoonful into his mouth. After the gap sensor goes off and everyone runs out, Kevin runs back in to spit the food back into the bowl before leaving again.
    • And how does Antonio finally get over his fear of fish? Ji walks up to him, says "Stop your nonsense and eat this sushi!" and shoves said sushi into the Gold Ranger's mouth.
    • Later on, the Lightzord's disc attack jams so Antonio tells Jayden to simply "Hit it in the butt!" The Red Ranger responds with a stunned "In the butt?"
  • The first time the Rangers try to make a Megazord, they do it by simply stacking their Zords one on top of the other. The monster they're fighting compares it to a Ranger totem pole. It can be seen here.
  • In "Kevin's Choice", the Monster of the Week introduces himself by eating a part of Xandred's ship, eating half of Octoroo's staff, and then trying to eat Octoroo himself!
    • In a cute call back, when Mike dials Kevin's Samuraizer after the monster ate it to see where he was storing it, the photo of Kevin in his contact list was Kevin in the tutu from "Trading Places".
  • Bulk and Spike picking up and moving the photo booth to use as mobile cover to retrieve their food while evading Pestilox's bugs, and the subsequent photo montage.
  • In "Stroke of Fate", we see that the gum that Spike has been chewing all season is from truckloads of cardboard boxes that all are filled to the brim with the stuff. Then we have this call-back to Mighty Morphin:
    • Bulk: "It's Chewin Time!"
      • He's not just saying it either. He's actually holding a handful of gumballs like it was a Power Morpher.
  • The reveal of Lauren liking Mia's cooking. The other Rangers are absolutely flabbergasted.
    • There's also how the other Rangers avoid eating: Emily sneaks her food into a napkin while Kevin sneaks his onto Mike's plate while he's distracted.
  • And in the end, as Skull and Spike are waving goodbye to Bulk as Skull's limo (Priceless in itself) pulls away... a sign whacks them on the head.
  • Pretty much everything after the Rangers have been infected in "The Strange Case of the Munchies", not to mention the fact that the episode first aired the day after 4/20.
    • In said episode when Emily prepares to morph, she accidentally pulls out a lipstick instead of her Samurizer.
  • "Party Monsters" has several hilarious moments as well.
    • To start things off, we have Dreadhead walking around scaring several Moogers as well as Robtish with a jack-o'-lantern whose face is shaped like the Red Ranger's.
    Dreadhead: C'mon, y'all, get into the Halloween spirit! Is this pumpkin I carved scary or what? This is our night to par-tay! Ha ha! Robtish, he's going to get you. BOO!
    Robtish: Oh no! It's the Red Ranger's face!
    • Rhinosnorus suggests that he and his fellow Nighloks play a "good-old-fashioned" game of "Bobbing for Furry Warts", but Dreadhead refuses just because he doesn't want to get his hair wet. Then he suggests another great game idea: "Scream Like a Human!" The screams the Nighloks let out are pretty comical, really.
    Rhinosnorus: Hey! Who wants to play a good-old-fashioned game of "Bobbing for Furry Warts?"
    Dreadhead: Well I'd play, but I don't wanna get my hair wet. I've got another game for ya! "Scream Like a Human!"
    Robtish: I love it!
    Dreadhead: I'll go first. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
    Other Nighloks: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Ha ha!
    Splitface: Awesome!
    • Robtish gives some positive feedback to Rofer's story, only to be disgusted when he finds how slimy Antberry's body is!
    Rofer: Two rangers, served two knuckle sandwiches.
    Robtish: Haha, hilarious! (puts hand on Antberry's shoulder and finds out how slimy it is) Ah! Yuck! Antberry, you slimed me! (passes the slime onto a passing Mooger)
    Mooger: Gross!
    • You know how comedic Negatron was when he was still alive? Yep, he's still as comedic as ever, even in his afterlife.
    Splitface: Another trick for me!
    Negatron: No offense, but you're so ugly, you'd have to sneak up on a mirror.
    • The Nighloks give good comments to several Mooger trick-or-treaters as they enter the mansion. The scariest costume, of course - the Samurai Megazord costume.
      • When the Nighloks become scared out of their wits of the Mooger dressed in said costume, Madimot steps in to calm things down telling them that it's just a Mooger in a cardboard box. Rofer even replies that they're all pretty lame, to which Madimot gives his own reply saying that they were all destroyed in the past, after all.
      Tooya: Ah, more party people!
      Doubletone: Mooger trick-or-treaters. What great costumes!
      Random Nighlok: Yeah.
      Doubletone: (notices a Mooger in the Samurai Megazord costume) What is that... big guy supposed to be?
      Rofer: Wait! That's the Shiba Symbol! I get it. He's the Samurai Megazord!
      Other Nighloks: (react with horror)
      Doubletone: That's the scariest costume ever! (lamp breaking sound) Stop it!
      Madimot: Hah, look at us. Who're we kidding? We're afraid of a Mooger in a cardboard box!
      Other Nighloks: (sigh of relief)
      Rofer: Yeah. We're pretty lame!
      Madimot: And we all got destroyed.
    • Splitface's and Negatron's commentary on Tooya's story of how he was destroyed by Jayden, which seems to sound like it wants to make you want to feel really sorry for the Nighloks... and leads to Doubletone, while having put ribbons and stuff on his head, deciding that they should haunt them. And to top it off, there's Steeleto's and Robtish's comments about it as well.
    Splitface: People don't know how hard it is to be a Nighlok.
    Negatron: Yeah. Especially with those Rangers around.
    Doubletone: (steps in covering his head with ribbons and stuff) I hate those Rangers! I say we haunt them.
    Random Nighlok: Yeah!
    Doubletone: (starts walking around making ghost noises)
    Steeleto: Doubletone's lost his marbles!
    Robtish: We're lucky he had it in him to start with.
    • In general, the Nighloks commenting on how humiliating and embarrassing their defeats at the hands of the Rangers were.
    • Even Master Xandred's scenes get some rather hysterical moments as well. Take the ending scene, for example.
    Master Xandred: What?! They left the party before I could pull a trick on them?
    Dayu: You're so grumpy. Is that bandana on too tight?
    Octoroo: Hoo-ha-hoo, that wasn't a party you wanted to be invited to! The guest list was from the obituary column.
    Master Xandred: But that means I would've been the life of the party. Get it?
    Dayu: Ouch, that hurt.
    Octoroo: Hehe, good one, Big Red.
    Furry Warts: Big Red! Big Red!
    Octoroo: Oh, come on, boss! That was funny.
    Master Xandred: I thought this was gonna be a Happy Halloween.
    Furry Warts: Happy Halloween!