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  • This series got one before it even premiered. One of their first appearances was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and there's something adorably awesome about watching the Samurai Rangers literally "protecting" the Planet Earth (in balloon form) as it floats through New York City. The next year, they got to "save" Al Roker from a horde of Moogers, which is somewhere between awesome and funny.note 
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  • The series get one before its first episode by returning the intro to its roots with the classic "Go Go Power Rangers!" beat.
  • They had the sack to cast a former Power Rangers actor as the main antagonist for the first half of the season. Deker wasn't just played by any one-off guest star, he was played by a former Power Ranger. A former Red Ranger. Power Rangers Wild Force Red Lion Ranger Cole Evans aka Rick Medina, to be exact.
  • At the end of "There Go the Brides" Bulk and Spike finally get to meet the Rangers (in their civilian identities, anyway). This is awesome enough but it goes even further to show that Bulk's Character Development throughout the years has stuck as he politely steps out of the way and holds the door for them.
  • The Gold Ranger's intro fight was already pretty awesome, then we see his Mega Mode... Combining the Octozord with the Megazord was another high-point of his first few eps. Then he finished the Clawzord, showing off three of its modes in a single battle!
  • Not within the show itself, but outside you have to give credit to the editors who almost perfectly splice together American footage and Shinkenger footage (not to mention Shinkenger was already known as having amazingly beautiful effects.) You can criticize the show for being a Shot-for-Shot Remake of the original Sentai, but at least they have top notch editing involved to make it work.
    • A good example would be "The Blue and the Gold," particularly the forest scenes. If it weren't for the weird bit with Octoroo's mouth, it'd be almost difficult to tell the Sentai footage from Ranger footage. The best example to date is in "Boxed In" in which they beat the MOTW, but instead of Red going Super Mode, they use Quintuple slash powered by Antonio.
    • And "Clash of the Red Rangers" somehow brings together footage from the summer movie The Fateful Battle and Shinkenger vs Go-Onger, then adds a part of one TV episode just because.
    • Speaking of "Clash", the battles involved in that episode. Especially the showdowns. Jayden and Scott dupe Professor Cog, and their staged fight wipes out most of the accompanying Moogers and Grinders, then the other Rangers show up so they can kill Prof. Cog and Sergeant Tread. The battle against General Gut and his army is even better. The mounted combat (including a Horse Archer moment by Kevin), Jayden's unveiling of the Shark Sword (which just tears through the Mooger army), and the Shark-boosted Quintuple Slash that ends Gut's first life.
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    • One more for Clash: The race between Scott on Ji's bike and Jayden on his horse. Which Jayden wins. This was not Sentai footage. This was shot for Clash, and it is awesome.
  • Jayden and Deker's final showdown.
  • Kevin using Super Samurai mode to smash Armadevil. In American footage. Then, by seamlessly editing footage from two separate Shinkenger episodes, Armadevil is defeated with a rapid-fire strike of six Megazord configurations.
  • How Mike and Emily dealt with Switchbeast. Damn. Just, damn. Interrupting his Body Swap trick and using it to put Mike in his body, then putting him in a soccer ball and beating him up to scare him into attacking his own weak spot (using Mike's body) to get all his victims switched back. And then using the combo disk to fight his giant size with just the two of them.
  • Serrator. He is perhaps the most badass character and fighter in the show, with no cheesy lines or any narm moments. Not to mention that in "The Tengen Gate" he was referred as the Nighlok King. He has three awesome moments:
    • In "Broken Dreams" we find out that he was the one who turned Dayu and Deker into Nighloks. What makes it moment of awesome for him is how he does it: he tells Dayu that Deker will be half-human and half-Nighlok AFTER she made the deal, not BEFORE like all other Deal with the Devil examples and he laughs at her misery.
    • In his official debut episode "Something Fishy", he offers Master Xandred his services and to show his power to Xandred, Serrator destroys an entire army of Moogers all by one attack.
    • Serrator defeats the Rangers during their first battle. He also used their own attacks against them and on top of that he said that he wasn't even trying. Antonio managed to hurt him just because he hit the wound Master Xandred inflicted on Serrator earlier.
  • The Samurai Battlewing has well and truly earned its "Airstrike Combination" designation, after being used to utterly ruin Eyescar's trap plan by raining Death from Above on his Mooger army. The official debut of the Shark Disc is definitely noteworthy, despite the Early-Bird Cameo in Clash of the Red Rangers.
  • Master Xandred at first wasn't very menacing, just sitting on his throne, drinking his "medicine" and yelling at his minions. But gradually he became much more menacing and active threat and in later episodes he gets several awesome moments:
    • His battle with Deker. He sends his moogers to destroy Deker, although he defeats them all. But later Xandred himself faces off with Deker and defeats him.
    • When he find out that Arachnitor tried to usurp him, he punished Arachnitor by mutating him and making his personal slave.
    • Master Xandred, as of yet, is the only person who can harm Serrator (Antonio came close, but only managed to hurt Serrator by striking the same place Xandred had hit him earlier).
      • While these moments maybe rather low-grade compared to other awesome moments here, they still show that Xandred can do a lot more damage than drinking his "medicine" and yelling at his minions.
      • In "Broken Dreams" he crosses Moral Event Horizon, at least in the eyes of Dayu, when he ruins Dayu's harmonium ( which was gift from Deker, back when she and Deker were married and it was the last remnant of her love for Deker) and attempts to erase Dayu's memory. Dayu even says: "I knew you were evil, but this!". And Octooro thought that Xandred was soft on Dayu.
    • When he finally gets off his throne in "The Master Returns". Everything he does when he shows up. It starts with him making a Big Entrance in probably the most badass way imaginable, then is followed with him delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to everyone in his path and sending Serrator running. Xandred took the title of the most badass character and fighter in the show from Serrator. Note, this is just his entrance:
      Jayden: Xandred...
      Master Xandred: It can be! And it shall be!
      (Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" from everyone.)
    • He was doing all this with one hand tied. We find that the sealing symbol doesn't keep him out of the human world, it just makes him dry out in record time. The entire time he was being so scary without doing anything, and then beating the Rangers into the dirt with zero effort, he was coming apart at the seams and in tremendous pain. To allow the Rangers to win in the finale, they had to pull a Worf Had the Flu and say that he was weakened by the human aspect he'd absorbed in order to be able to remain in the human world.
  • Emily rallying and managing to toughen up in "A Strange Case Of The Munchies", and PWNing the MOTW.
  • "Stroke Of Fate":
    • Deker severely wound Serrator and foil his plot. Bonus points for turning Juzo's Moral Event Horizon into an Even Evil Has Standards moment and making it work. The Rangers then destroy Serrator and use the Gigazord and Shark Zord to destroy him once and for all.
    • Serrator gets a villainous one for not going down without one hell of a fight. He manages to catch the Gigazord's Finishing Move and send it right back. No monster had ever survived that move before, let alone deflect it.
  • "Trickster Treat": The Rangers catch on to the Dream Within a Dream/Trapped in TV Land and Trickster finds that the Fourth Wall will not protect him as the Claw Armor Megazord's Double Katana Strike goes through the screen and kills him so hard it eats both of his lives. Capped off by Jayden's "It's time for you to fade to black" Bond One-Liner.
  • The finale:
    • Mostly a shot for shot remake of Shinkenger up until Xandred is hit by a Blazing Strike from the Shiba Fire Disc. While this was the final blow in Shinkenger, Jayden finishes the battle by using Shogun Mode outside of the Megazord, and morphing straight from his base form to boot! This proves that Shogun Mode is the Samurai Battlizer!
    • Say what you will about the season, but the epic battles they had with Xandred were truly the stuff of legends, especially the megazord fight, where they kept plowing forward, losing auxillary zords and their shield, but finishing him off with a super symbol slash.
  • A meta example: The Samurai Rangers dance to a dubstep remix of Go Go Power Rangers.
  • Kevin being the one to defeat Deker. Just for once, it's nice to see someone other than the Red Ranger do something significant, as well as the fact that this was different from how it happened in Shinkenger.
  • Jayden meeting the other Rangers for the first time: he rides in on a white horse, which promptly rears up in a badass pose. Lampshaded by Mike: "With an entrance like that, you have to be the Red Ranger."
  • Even people that hate Samurai still consider Deker's character arc to be one of the stronger aspects about it. Not only does it have some Tear Jerker moments, but Deker is a different character from Juzo Fuwa (since one of the biggest criticism for the series how similar it was to Shinkenger).

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