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  • Bad Export for You: Only the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Gold Ranger, and the Megazord appeared in Malaysia, as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy.
  • Cast the Runner-Up:
    • Emily was almost played by Ciara Hanna, they even had the contract ready, but she backed out before signing. She would return to play Gia in Power Rangers Megaforce.
    • Spike's actor, Felix Ryan actually tried out for the part of the Gold Ranger.
  • The Cast Showoff: Antonio, gets a chance to show off his singing chops in "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother". Steven Skyler was first noticed as a background Warbler on Glee.
    • Power Rangers are certainly no strangers to acrobatics, but the show just wants to make it clear that Hector David (who plays Mike) is very good at backflips.
  • Christmas Rushed: A rare TV example. Production on the show was out rushed in 6 months instead of the usual year due to the timing of Saban buying the franchise back and trying to get it out at the usual premiere time of early the next year. It tends to show in that most of the early episodes are just recycled Shinkenger plots.
    • Not only that, but it also extends to the ways Saban made the deals they did to get the franchise set up for distribution. First was home media, which was given to Lionsgate for every season from 2011 on, while Shout! Factory got the rights to the others (many prefer Shout have the rights because Lionsgate couldn't appear to give less of a crap about the show, especially when it comes to releasing the holiday episodes from their seasons). Then, they got the broadcast deal with Nickelodeon, which only hampered the franchise due to the arbitrary "20 episodes per year" rule so they have to do 2 seasons per adaptation to do 40 episodes. Then there's the toyline, which was of a lesser quality than previous, or even subsequent, seasons in places.
  • Development Gag: When Mia says "every girl wants to get married", it's not meant as Values Dissonance in any way. See Freeze-Frame Bonus on the main tropes page.
  • Executive Meddling: The main reason why this show was a Shot-for-Shot Remake of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger was due to Jonathan Tzachor believing that Shinkenger was a good show, and didn't want to change much of it, as noted here. The problem, however, was that Shinkenger was very heavily rooted in Japanese culturenote , to the point that prior to Samurai being announced, some fans believed that if Saban did get the rights back, they would outright skip Shinkengernote .
    • It's worth noting that had Tzachor gotten his way, the rangers would've been sequestered even more, to the point where a proposal by one of the writers to have one of the rangers play with a Playstation was met with shock from Tzachor.
  • Fake Nationality: Steven Skyler, Antonio's actor, is not Latino at all. He's Thai/German and just happens to look kinda Latino. [It's especially funny because Hector David, Jr. (Mike the Green Ranger), really is Latino, though not Mexican (different sources claim he's either Puerto Rican or Cuban.)]
    • Additionally, despite being about Samurai and being the most Japan-centric season Rangers has ever done, Mia Watanabe, ostensibly the only Asian person on the team, is portrayed by Erika Fong, who has a Korean mother and Chinese father. Eventually you have to wonder if maybe the ancient Samurai deliberately did this to protect their families and throw off the Nighlocks.
    • Many assumed that Deker was meant to be Japanese, giving how close the series was sticking to Shinkenger. However, this seems to have been averted, as his backstory has been altered.
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  • Fan Nickname: Mentor Mentor; or Mentor, the Mentor.
  • Name's the Same: Mike has the same first name as Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's Magna Defender, Mike Corbett.
  • Recursive Import: After Power Rangers S.P.D. and Power Rangers Mystic Force, this is the third PR series to be dubbed in Japanese since Saban got the ownership of the Power Rangers franchise back. And like in the case of the Mystic Force dub, regular voice actors are used instead of the original Japanese actors.
  • Screwed by the Network: Besides being underpromoted, as well as having to comply with Nickelodeon's "20 episodes per season" limit (resulting in the show having to produce a "second season"), the most recent hiatus during the Super Samurai season lasted for five months, during which time Nickelodeon Latin America already broadcast the final episodes.note  There has been speculation that Nickelodeon may have been deliberately trying to get the show cancelled. This has mostly been disproven with Nick and Saban's latest deal to extend the series to 2016 with Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • Talking to Himself: Master Xandred and Octoroo are both voiced by Jeff Szusterman.
    • In the Mexican dub, Ricardo Méndez voiced both Antonio/Gold Samurai Ranger and Octoroo.
  • Technology Marches On: The Rangers before the present group shown in a flashback are shown using Shinkenger-style Shodophone, complete with brushes, while the current generation uses laser-emitting ones. Highlighted much later, when Lauren appears and Mike specifically notices her morpher, inherited from her father, is different from the current set.
  • Troubled Production: A feature on Den of Geek with story editor James W. Bates confirmed that Jonathan Tzachor was responsible for the extensive rewrites of fifteen episodes to make it a carbon copy of Shinkenger.
  • Unfinished Episode: One planned episode would have seen Bulk try to become the Brown Samurai Ranger, based on an unadapted episode of Shinkenger where a Funny Foreigner makes himself the "Shinken Brown".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Reportedly, Judd Lynn was offered a chance to work on the season after RPM, but declined. Why he declined has never been explicitly stated (it can't be because he didn't want to work on the franchise anymore, seeing as how he returned for Dino Charge), but it's possible he saw that the source material was very Japanese in nature, meaning he would've had an uphill battle when adapting it on top of the ones he would have due to working with Saban for the first time since Time Force and working for a new network.
    • An anon on 4chan's /m/ signed up for the role of the Green Ranger but didn't get the part.
    • Antonio's name was originally Wesley, but that wouldn't work out, I guess...
    • According to a recent interview, during the audition process, at one point, they moved Hector David, Jr. over to the Gold Ranger.
    • Originally Amit Bhaumik proposed that this series was to take place in Stone Canyon and Mia would be a relative of Cassie but Jonathan Tzachor decided not to go with this idea.
    • Amit Bhaumik originally had a different plan for how the series would end up. For one, every single one of the characters would have come from different parts of the world and would have different names. Jayden was originally named Mark and would be the most recent member of the "Ozawa Clan" with each of the other rangers having been protectors and servants of the clan. There also would have been a rival to Mark named Keiji Ayakawa, and the two would have been similar to Casey and Jarrod in Jungle Fury, and just like Jarrod, Keiji would go through a sort of redemption at the end. Keiji was going to be a descendant of the Ashura Clan, a clan that was enemies with the Ozawa Clan and who planned to revive their Master Xandred. Bulk would still return, but instead of his sidekick being Skull's son, it would have been his own, and it would have turned out that the Bulkmeiers were also once the servents of the Ozawa Clan, but Bulk doesn't have any of the powers or zords the others do because his family didn't keep up with the practice like the other rangers did. His son, Eugene "Junior" Bulkmeier would end up being the Gold Ranger, with his father and the rangers disapproving at first before accepting the fact that he did so. Also, Bulk would have ended up running a Sushi Restaraunt much like he ended up working at a bar on Terraventure in Lost Galaxy and at that pool-side juice serving area during Forever Red. The full details of Bhaumik's plans can be found here on his personal tumblr page.
    • Had Jonathan Tzachor gotten his way, the rangers would've been more sequestered than they are in the finished product. Fortunately, this was rejected.
    • According to James W. Bates, "Clash of the Red Rangers" was originally going to be 75 minutes long and that the other RPM Rangers were going to appear and interacting with the Samurai Rangers, though like Scott, they would remain in morphed mode and would be voiced by their actors instead due to actor unavailability. In fact, the infamous line "Your team says hi" is in a fact a nod to that deleted scene.
    • In a vlog Brennan Mejia, who would later play Tyler Navarro in Dino Charge, auditioned for Samurai, but was cut after the third callback.
    • Early casting calls included a comedy duo called "Skinny Mack and Big Jack", who were ultimately replaced by Bulk and Spike.
    • If Paul Schrier had been able to relocate to New Zealand, it's very likely that he would've had a much bigger role in Samurai, possibly even a role in Megaforce.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Hector David Jr. has said that his character's last name is "Jackson" in an interview with The Hashtag Show. However, no in-show evidence or related material states this. Considering the obvious reference, it's very plausible he was just joking.


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