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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

Jayden is Megan
The Nighlocks know the current head of the Shiba clan should be female, so Jii used symbol power to turn Megan into Jayden. The Nighlocks assume it's like Emily and her sister that the true head of the clan is to ill.
  • But the Nighloks clearly think that Jayden is the head.
  • Jossed. Jayden's secret is that he is actually not the real head of the Shiba House. Rather, it's his older sister, Lauren (played by New Zealand actress Kimberly Crossman), who will appear as Samurai Ranger Fire, the Red Ranger in the final five episodes of the season proper. Confirmed here

The Green Samurai Ranger will make an appearence.
I mean, It's just too perfect!
  • Not going to happen
    • Though in the upcoming Tengan gate episode his uncle (Lothor/Sensai Watanambe) plays a role as Daisuke the Temple Elder.
    • Why are we getting previous villains to play Good Guys? I mean we got Emperor Grumm as Jii and now Lothor as a Temple Elder?
      • Even Fridgier why are former Lead Good Guys playing Badguys? Flynn was a monster voice, COLE is freaking Decker. Though to be fair Daisuke is also Sensai Watanabe so he's only HALF evil.
      • The odd MOTW being voiced by PR alumni is far from a new phenomenon, though.

Spike will be the Gold Ranger
Bulk is training him as a Samurai.
  • Jossed, role of Gold Ranger has been cast and it's not Spike.
    • What?! But that would have been so awesome!
      • It really is a shame. A Skull Expy would have been perfect for Genta's PR counterpart.
      • Ah but in Shinkenger they have the american Mr. Brown who wanted to train as a Samurai, he's overweight and a bit goofish, a perfect fir for....BULK!
      • Thought it appears that they didn't adapt that episode either.
      • According to Paul he did work on a episode that was 80% Bulk and Spike so maybe it just hasn't aired yet?

Skull had his son Spike when Bulk and Skull went to France at the End of Zeo
Well Spike suppose to be 15 and if samurai is set in 2011....
  • It's set in 2012

In Power Rangers 2011, Megan will be the second Red Ranger.
She's good looking, cold, and aloof princess with blue blood lineage. That sounds an awful lot like Kaoru.
  • Megan who? Is there some source of information about Season 18 that I'm not seeing?
    • This. (Read the rest of the topic, proof is provided.)
      • Yeah, that's totally Kaoru. But why are they casting her so early...?
      • Because for once they can. That's the advantage of having the entire season in front of you instead of part of it.

A crossover episode in Season 18 will lead to the death of Venjix.
Now, I haven't seen GinmakuBang, but I know that there is a robot in it. My guess? The Mainverse and the RPMverse will meet each other when Venjix, in the form of that robot, allies himself with the new season's big bad. We might even learn the answers to unsolved questions, like Dillon and Tenaya's identity.
  • That would work, since it's pretty obvious RPM takes place in an alternate universe and the ominous glowing light from the RPM Morphers at the end of RPM that suggest Venjix is still running. And with it so close to the Morphing Grid from there... It'd be a neat twist.
    • Probably jossed since according to Johnathan Tzachor Ninja Storm-RPM never happened
      • Well, damn. That's going to make the gokaiger adaptation even more tricky.
      • Not really, there have been several occasions where a season was declared to be out of continuity with previous seasons and every single time it turned out to be a lie. Also, notice that the seasons he declared never happened are the only one's he didn't work on.
      • Johnathan Tzachor lives in his own fantasy world, according to him MMP Rs 2 is out of Continuity with S1, in fact every season is it's own continuity, yes including In Space to Turbo. it's just Ninja Storm- RPM are EVEN LESS in continuity. According to him each of the "more in continuity seasons" had analogous events to their past take place so MMPRS 2 had events similar to S1 but NOT S1 take place. Also according to him the Turbo Rangers go to Eltar and somehow save Zordon...without their powers. Has your brain exploded yet? You can find wet naps on the table to my right.
      • Confirmed. The team-up is coming out in Thanksgiving.
      • And Jossed: None of that happens during it.

In Season 18, the characters will work under Megan.
As mentioned above, she is very much like Kaoru, but she's being casted at the same time as the rangers. She will likely be there from beginning, taking Takeru's role as lord. Which brings up the question of how the Red Ranger will fit into the dynamic, since it already appears to be similar to Shinkenger character-wise.
  • It's obvious that in this case the entire team is just a Guard for her.
    • Jossed
The rangers in the Shinkenger adaption will have a relation to Cam and the Green Samurai Ranger powers.
  • He was the first samurai themed ranger after all. It could be possible he founded his own academy to exist alongside the Wind Ninja Academy and was able to create new samurai ranger powers based on his old ranger form.
    • That's not a bad idea, Tommy came back for the second dinosaur season so why can't Cam come back for the samurai season? Also with it being a quasi-sequel to Affectionate Self-Parody Ninja Storm there's less reason to try and cut out or explain away all the Super Sentai goofery.
      • Jossed
      • Or is it? Mia's last name is revealed to be Watanabe, same as Cam's.

The Shinkenger adaption will have a Poorly Disguised Pilot for an American adaption of Kamen Rider Decade.
  • Saban will try to do again what it did with Masked Rider. The crossover footage is already there for them to use this time though. And going one step further, a Kamen Rider Decade adaption will be a whole series of Poorly Disguised Pilots for several potential Kamen Rider adaptions, with special appearances by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
    • Except Tsukasa didn't transform into Decade at all during ep #20 of Shinkenger. The only time Decade fought alongside the Shinkengers was during the Decade eps.
      • That's what I meant. Saban can use the footage from the Decade episodes.
    • Confirmed, probably - I heard that Saban had bought those two episodes of Decade.
      • No, it's jossed.

The Samurai powers will come from the Zeo crystals.
Just compare Zeo to Samurai. The team has the exact same colors, including gold rangers, and even their helmet designs are very similar. If the Zeo crystals are supposed to grow in power, maybe the Samurai powers are the Zeo powers evolved.
  • Also, Kabuto ShinkenOh, et al. are reminiscent of the Zeo Battle Helmets.
  • AND the Samurai zords can transform into their kanji, just like the Super Zeo Zords transformed into their shapes.
  • There's also the Gold Ranger, and the five individual symbols as part of the team symbols... yeah, they could definitely retcon Zeo into this.
    • Jossed

Takeru is the same Takeru from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
He simply looks a little different, for some reason.
  • It's Decade's fault.
    • Possibly Jossed. Episode 1 revealed the character's name was changed from Takeru to Master Ji.
      • Takeru could still be his first name with Ji being his last.
      • Also Ji means old man in japanese so I am pretty sure Ji isn't his actual name, just a formal title for their mentor.

The most they'll probably do is a Shout-Out, with some random guy in the background, about 20 episodes in, taking pictures of the Rangers in battle.
  • With a magenta Blackbird Fly.
    • Jossed - episode skipped.
      • They also skipped the first three episodes of the series, It's possible they may have just moved those episodes to later in production to have more time to develop their concept for Decade.
      • Shinkenger Act 3 is Samurai episode 1, only the first two Acts were skipped.
      • Episodes 1 and 2 of Shinkenger are episodes 19 and 20 of Samurai. Filming is finished and filming for the next season is about to begin, so we now know that Decade won't appear, period. WMG Jossed.

A monster will attack Bulk and Spike at one point
And then Bulk, surprising nearby rangers and Spike, will kick its ass with humour-fu. Or actual Samurai moves. This is Bulk, one of the two people who's fought off Cogs and all manner of Mooks before without large amounts of martial arts training.

The original theme tune is back, with any "Mighty Morphin" references replaced. Bulk is back, as the uncle and mentor to Skull's son. Apparently Saban has been watching as certain other kids' franchises reactivated old fans with newer installments (the example that comes to mind best right now being Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver) and they want a piece of the pie. Obviously they're not abandoning the kids, that would be rather dumb for a Merchandise-Driven superhero show and would only lead to a chunk of the older fans proclaiming that the show is ruined forever while the more natural demographic for this kind of show flips to Cartoon Networknote , but at the same time, hey, more people watching leads to better ratings and thus to a better chance of not being canceled (again) in favor of more Spongebob Squarepants reruns, right?

Kimberly is Spike's Mother

If the Forever Red Wordof God holds and Kim is married to Skull, Kim would be Spike's Mom. Of course what this doesn't answer is whether Kimberly is the biological or adoptive mother.

  • Let's do a little math here. Spike's actor has apparently said that the character is 15-years-old. For Spike to be 15-years-old, he would have to have been conceived during Zeo, the season in which Kim sends the infamous Dear John letter. Wild Mass Guess to your heart's content.
  • However, Spike's actor has also said that Bulk is Spike's literal uncle. Clearly this means that all of the time travel in the series has altered the characters' ancestry to the point that Bulk and Kimberly are now brother and sister.
    • Or that Skull knocked up Bulk's sister, then married Kim.
    • Or God is wrong and Skull never married Kim.
    • Or Kim is Spike's Mom and Bulk married Skull's sister.
    • The problem with that particular Word of God is that Kimberly sent that letter to Tommy while she was overseas, with implication that whoever she'd met, they were very serious about their relationship, so how in the hell did she wind up marrying Skull when she hasn't been seen in ages? ....Come to think of it, how the hell did Bulk even get Back to Earth??
      • I didn't know Florida was overseas. Learn something new every day.
  • Obvious he hitched a ride with the Galaxy Rangers when they teamed up with the Light Speed Rangers
  • Jossed by Word of God.

Kamen Rider Skull will appear.
He'll either be on a television show Spike is watching, an imagined superhero alter-ego for Spike, or an actual superhero alter-ego for Skull.
  • This makes so much sense... perhaps after the possible Decade reference, after all, Decade did have a Kamen Rider Skull card.
  • That could explain why Spike is living with Bulk; it's not exactly easy to raise a child and run a detective agency with a full-time apprentice, if the original Kamen Rider Skull is anything to go by.
  • Wait. In the Power Rangers verse, Masked Riders are uniformly Endenoian royalty (the series is cast out of canon, but the Poorly Disguised Pilot, which was more than a little different, wasn't). Does this mean Skull is Dex's long lost brother or something?
    • He can be a Rider in everything but name
      • He can't be a Masked Rider, but he can be a Kamen Rider. Semantics, it's fun.
      • I'm going to have to say that given the fact that the Kamen Rider term is trademarked with a different company right now, I'd call that a licensing nightmare, and probably meaning they can't use the term. The term Power Rider has recently been trademarked by Saban though, according to the page for make of that what you will. Maybe he could be Power Rider Skull?

Mega Mode compensates for the Samurai Rangers lack of Mojikara
The Samurai Rangers don't have enough Mojikara to power their zords under normal circumstances. Mega Mode compensates for this by acting as a Mojikara amplifier and/or by providing an alternate power source (for example connecting to them to the Zeo subcrystal of the same color).

The Samurai Rangers will meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
It looks like Saban is using Samurai to do Call Backs to the older serieses. What better way to do that than to brush off both of their silly crossovers. We know they have the rights to the Kamen Rider Decade crossover footage with which they can make a Masked Rider return but Nick also has the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and could cross them into the Power Rangers universe again.
  • The Power Rangers in Space/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team-up happened because they had suits from The Next Mutation. Nick's version of TMNT will be CGI. I don't think there'll be a team-up.
    • Unless they animate the Rangers into TMNT... they definitely work together thematically, and they would have a ninja vs samurai rivalry.
    • Nick would be stupid not to at least do a one way cross over considering they air both shows and CANNONICALLY the rangers and turtles have met, heck the PRIS episode can be put on a TMNT promo block
      • Nick has no say in what goes on in the show. They just air the show. Seeing how Power Rangers Samurai has been directly adapting episodes from Shikenger nearly scene from scene this WMG has been...JOSSED
      • Has no say? They own the IP rights to the Turtles. Let me repeat that: Nickelodeon OWNS the Ninja Turtles lock, stock, and barrel. If they want to do a crossover between them and something else they own? You bet your ass they'd do it if it would get better ratings. The problem would be what they would cross them with. It won't be the Rangers, of course, unless they do an episode with as little stock footage as possible (which Saban did when they had the rights to the Turtles for Next Mutation, so if Nick gives them the rights to use the Turtles, we could see a new crossover between them, but it's highly unlikely) then yeah, the crossover theory is pretty well jossed.

At one point one or more of the rangers will be forced to go into Mega Mode on foot in a fight
And it might possibly be an add on to the Super Mode/s too. Possible enemies include the Diend Ayakashi, Decade (if using original footage and if Decade is in Complete) or one of the Big Bads. Or if Toei was willing to spend a bit of money, in a showdown between Jayden and Takeru... but thats wishful thinking.
  • Toy Fair 2011 scans of what appears to be this season's Battlizer, have Jayden in his Mega Mode.

The Samurai version of Juuzou from Shinkenger will have his origin changed or only vaguely referenced
The character's origin as it stands is one of the darkest aspects of the entire show, there's no way they keep it all.
  • Confirmed. He has amnesia and knew Dayu as a human. That wasn't the case in Shinkenger.

Either Bulk or Spike will take the Richard Brown role.
Well, why bring in a wannabe samurai from nowhere when we've already got two? Also, it's about the only way to have them interact with the Rangers when the Rangers have Shinkenger's no-outside-connections rule.
  • Bulk obviously fits the body type better, keeping the comedic value of a heavyset man appearing out of nowhere dressed up in full kendo gear.
    • Possibly jossed, we're past that episode now, it got skipped.

Megazord armor mode names
Swordfish Slasher (or Sabre) Megazord, Tiger Turbine Megazord
  • Tiger Twister, maybe?
    • The Swordfish one was the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.
      • Slasher was a bad idea to begin with
    • The Tiger one is the Tiger Drill Megazord.
  • Squid Striker?
    • When the Squid Origami got named Octozord?
      • The Octozord Megazord upgrade is called Octo-Spear Megazord.
  • Shark Saber Megazord?

The Gold Ranger will be an Expy of Tommy
Jayden's an Expy of Jason so why not?
  • You've never actually seen an episode with Genta in it, have you?
    • Jossed by Word Of Jesus, Felix, the actor for Spike also Auditioned for the Gold Ranger and revealed they were very similar in personality, though Spike was a better fit for him.

The burgundy armor in the mansion's entrance way will have something to do with this seasons Battlizer.
Judging by photos of upcoming figures from Toy Fair 2011. Alternatively, the Battlizer may be activated with (the counterpart to) the Kyoryu Origami.
  • Kyoryu is already associated with the Hyper Shinkenger power-up.
    • I believe the original poster meant that Kyoryu would activate the Battlizer instead of Hyper Shinkenger.
      • (OP here) Shpingo.
      • Kyoryu part jossed, the crossover shows it activates Hyper Shinkenger mode, renamed Shark Mode.

Bulk knows who the rangers are
Rule of Cool
  • This video contains a clip confirming that Bulk knows that the Samurai Rangers exist; whether or not he knows their true identities remains to be seen.
    • In "Forever Red", Bulk and Skull clearly knew who Tommy was. They definitely could've been kept in the loop.
      • Or that could have been from the time his eyes shot green lightning at their feet which propelled them into a dumpster.

Bulk is training Spike to be the gold Ranger
Regardless of weather Spike becomes the gold Ranger
  • Jossed

Bulk is holding onto something important for the season
  • Maybe the sixth Ranger morpher
  • Maybe one of the Zord disks
  • Maybe the super mode disk
  • Maybe the battlizer
    • Sixth ranger morpher and super mode jossed - we've seen the Gold Samurai Morpher and "black box" (the Inroumaru from Shinkenger which grants super mode)

This takes place in the same universe as Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
The Nighlocks are a faction of Gedoushu that broke away after Dokoku was sealed. The identical appearances between members of the two groups only exists out of universe. Also, the Samurai Rangers are very distant cousins of the Shinkengers.
  • Exactly what I was about to post here! I was thinking that Takeru (Well...Kaoru) and Jayden are descended from the same Shiba clan, except that Takeru is from a branch that stayed in Japan, and that Jayden is from a branch that moved to America and has diluted Japanese blood.
Saban is lying to us as to who the Gold Ranger is.
As noted above, since Spike is a Skull Expy, he would be a good Genta counterpart. Plus, he's been there from the beginning of the series and is "training" to become a samurai. I know it's a huge stretch, but maybe Saban is lying and Spike is the Gold Ranger, not Wesley. Why would they do this? To keep it a surprise.
  • Perhaps, Wesley will only be the Gold Ranger for a short period of time. After which, Spike will become the Gold Ranger.
    • Remember what happened with the first Gold Ranger- injured too badly to keep fighting, and the powers passed on to a pre-existing character? They might do something similar.
    • The problem with this theory, of course, is that this season is being very faithful to the Sentai.
    • Wesley won't be the Gold Ranger at all; they've changed his name to Antonio.
      • But that doesn't really change much about the situation.
      • Jossed by what actually happened in the show

Mentor is/was the Gold Ranger
  • In A Fish Out of Water we see Mentor contacting Keven with what looks vaguely like a gold Samuraizer (although it looks more similar in shape to the Shinkenger model). This could mean he used to be the Gold Ranger and will pass the powers on to Wesley when he shows up.
    • It could have just been the lighting; in Shinkenger, Ji had a Shodophone made of wood.
      • Jossed

Cole is Deker
  • There have already been all sorts of rumours about Ricardo returning to the series, but now Deker has shown up, he does sound awfully like him. And at the end of episode five, you can very briefly hear a lion's roar.
    • For all we know it could be just an Actor Allusion / Mythology Gag. Cole doesn't seem like a character who would fall easily under a spell.
  • Possibly confirmed in "I've Got a Spell on Blue". Deker took human form an appeared as Ricardo Medina Jr., the actor who played Cole. It might be Cole, or simply the same actor playing a completely separate character.
  • Rene Naufahu played Emperor Gruumm prior to this, so I think it's the same situation with Ricardo Medina Jr. Same actor, but entirely different character.
    • Emperor Grumm's human appearance was copied from a civilian. It's possible that said civilian was Mentor Jii.
      • No it isn't. SPD is set in 2025, that's 14 years away. This civilian is 20 years younger than Jii (SPD was made in 2005, six years ago).
      • When he was younger Jii went to the future by some means, and later returned to his own time period.
      • Or Jii had some Doc Brown-style youth treatments, making him live longer and look younger.

Deker was a previous Red Ranger.
The lion growls at the end of his debut episode could just be an allusion to his voice actor...or it could be because he was a previous user of the Lion Folding Zord.
  • No, the Samurai powers are passed on from ancestors and we know Deker has no relation to Jayden
  • His actor, however, previously played as a Red Ranger.

There will be a crossover with RPM
Because Saban wills it.
  • That causes some continuity problems since if RPM even is in the normal Power Rangers verse it's in the future and Time Travel isn't accessable or they really would have used it to go back in time to stop Venjix.
    • Since RPM is in an Alternate Universe, they could probably have some dimensional travel in the crossover, rather than time travel.
      • I don't buy the Alternate Universe idea. They've said it multiple times since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
      • The Alternate Universe idea could still be plausible, especially given that the Go-onger Vs Shinkenger crossover movie had a similar concept.
      • I got a good idea to keep RPM in the timeline, yet void Earth from being ruin by Viglax! Coirth is on a planet in M85 Galaxy! (The M85 Galaxy is NOT' the Lost Galaxy, the ex-home of Rita, Rito and Master Vile.) That will make RPM Rangers and Dr. K aliens!
      • But we see overhead shots of the earth. It clearly takes place in the US. Also, Flynn is from Scotland.
      • Look at the title sequence again, Corinth looks more like East Africa than US. And for the record, this troper also does not buy the alternate universe idea.
      • Jossed because Executive Producer Jonathan Tzachor said that Ninja Storm-RPM aren't canon anymore
      • Not jossed. Somebody posted the names of the RPM cast for a Samurai episode on IMDB.
      • Anyone can edit the information on that site, so take this news with a grain of salt.
      • RPM crossover confirmed.

Because it should be Gosh Darn It to Heck!!
  • Confirmed-ish. It was aired as a single, hour-long episode, but episode guides are listing it as "Part 1" and "Part 2". I assume when its eventually aired in its proper chronological order, it'll be split into two episodes.

Deker is Jayden's father
Going with the "Deker was a red ranger" WMG, he could be Jayden's father.
  • We see Jayden's father in flashbacks in ep. 10, but there's still a possibility that:
    • that guy took on the mantle after Deker was kicked out
    • Deker's actually his ancestor instead (how old is he supposed to be anyways?)
      • A couple centuries, at least, so ancestor seems more probable, especially since we've now seen Jayden's father's face.
  • Jossed darlings

RPM isn't an Alternate Universe...yet
RPM is the future for the present continuity, but the RPM Rangers and Venjix will be a Terminator Twosome and come back in time for the team up episode. Venjix will escape from his prison and go back in time to conquer the past (as the future now has prepared for his return, since K is just that prepared to do that) and the RPM Rangers go back after him. Or possibly Venjix escapes and can't be stopped in the future so the RPM Rangers go back in time to stop him from ever existing and Venjix goes back after them to stop them. They team up with the Samurai Rangers to defeat him and ultimately destroy him for good while also preventing Venjix from ever being created in the Samurai timeline to begin with. This will either Ret Gone Power Rangers RPM or split the timeline so Venjix never exists in the Samurai timeline but since Venjix was completely destroyed in the past, the RPM timeline is free of his tyranny as well. Continuity problems solved and everyone has a happy ending.
  • Except totally ruining Dr. K's character development, and she along with Gem and Gemma would be in Alphabet Soup for the rest of her life.
    • Unless of course they destroy Alphabet Soup to stop Venjix from being created in the first place, thus saving both the world and Doctor K and Gem and Gemma.
  • Jossed. It's explained in the crossover as an alternate universe.

The Samurai who defeated the Nighlock in the past will be refered to as the Shinkenger
Power Rangers RPM was able to work in a Shout-Out to Go-Onger. This would be a perfect way for Samurai to do the same.
  • RPM only did that to explain the Gunjiro bus (which has GO-ONGER in big letters on the side) in the background of a fight scene. It did also allow them to use a few extra scenes of Go-onger footage.

The Akumaro Arc will be skipped in Samurai
  • Considering he was a main villain from episodes 27 to 43 in Shinkenger, unlikely. Especially considering the episodes we've already seen, which have been nearly exactly the same.
    • Jossed; Akumaro is here, and he is re-named Serrator. And he's just as bad.

Spike's real name is Sam.
  • We know now that "Skull" comes from the last name Skullevich so that much is confirmed.
    • Jossed - I don't think Spike would name a teddy bear he won at a theme park after himself! (It's called Sammy, as in Samurai)
      • Well, if he keeps up with the theme of embarrassing first names from his dad and uncle, how about Sigmund?

Spike's mother is Kimberly, and he has an Oedipus Complex.
That's why he is attracted to the pink ranger.

Assuming they don't model the Reveal after Shinkenger to make it a Shocking Swerve since they've stuck to the original very rigidly so far...
...Jayden's big secret is:

Master Xandred's last raid on the mansion took place in 1999.
Jayden looked to be about 6 or 7, too young for it to have been as late as 2005, and those were the only two time-frames where Earth didn't have someone out to conquer us (as far as we know), so the former seems more likely than the latter.

The Samurai Rangers, along with the Ninja Academies from Ninja Storm, are the very early predecessors of the Jedi.
As Earth progresses, Humanity meets more and more aliens and much more threats. In the hundreds and thousands of years after Time Force, the Power Rangers themselves fade into the mist of history, and the Samurai Warriors that fought the Nighloks, along with the Ninja Academies of the Dark Age, would later become the Jedi, a new peacekeeping force of justice.

The Power Ranger Samurai equivalent of Akumaro will be the final villain
With a possible episode count of 40, they're definitely not going to adapt every episode of Shinkenger and making Akumaro the final villain instead of Xandred would work better for the writers for a couple of reasons:
  • It would allow the writers to skip a good portion of the final episodes and allow them to keep it within the 40 episode count while maybe taking a few scenes from those later episodes such as Takeru vs Juzo footage for Jayden and Deker and Kaoru footage for the Princess. Speaking of which...
  • It would allow the writers to introduce the Princess earlier and they could change the reasons behind both her and Akumaro. For example, they'll make it so that Xandred is actually working for Akumaro who is a bigger evil and has returned to exact his revenge on the Power Rangers (It would also make a nice Mythology Gag to the first Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers when Zedd kicked out Rita) while the Princess' exclusion and Jayden being the leader could be due to her training to face Akumaro on the day he returns rather than Xandred.
  • Although it might not have been the intention, it would allow them to avoid the Sanzu River flooding scene. Even when it final airs, Nick or the writers might think it's a little Too Soon.
    • By the time said episode arrives, it won't be Too Soon.
      • Isn't the rule for Too Soon at least 2 years, Samurai is 2 seasons but we don't know if thats 1 season = 1 year or more analogous to Fiscal Quarters if the later the Final would b at the year mark, so it might be Too Soon

Dayu's backstory will be changed.
Judging by their interactions in the latest episode, she obviously has some deeper connection to Deker; former lovers in their human lives, perhaps?
  • In the episode The Tengen Gate, the elder briefly tells a story about a man and woman who became Nighloks to save the man's life; it's implied that the two were Deker and Dayu.
    • Biggest confirmation came in Broken Dreams. When Dayu was sent to the dream world created by a Nighlok, Mia (who was also sent to the dream world) witnessed the entire story behind Deker and Dayu. The woman who would become Dayu was given a deal by a high-ranking Nighlok to revive an almost-dying Deker — only that Deker would become half-human, half-Nighlok, with no memories of her. Dayu then realized that she was tricked, and in her despair, became a Nighlok too. In addition, her harmonium was formerly a guitar-like instrument that was given to her by Deker as a wedding gift (Dayu also gave Deker a gift — a katana, which would later become the Uramasa).

Spike was adopted.
Another explanation for Spike's age relative to Skull's is that Skull adopted him.
  • Doubtful given that he looks and sounds just like Skull.

Spike will eventually say "Bang."
  • Jossed.

Use of the Super Mode when piloting a Zord will result in white Mega Mode armor.
Really, how else would they work the coat into such a bulky costume? Besides maybe a cape, but that really wouldn't make any sense in context.
  • Or they might just ditch it when they switch to Mega Mode.
  • Confirmed via the toyline. Also applies to the Hyper Mode/Shark Attack mode.

Bulk and Spike will get a Moment of Awesome in the finale.
Probably not quite as epic as the one in "Countdown to Destruction", but they'll probably at least get to legitimately help the Rangers and fulfill their dream of becoming samurai warriors.
  • Given how close Samurai is to Shinkenger, and how little Bulk and Spike are being used (possibly due to the closeness to Shinkenger), I wouldn't count on it. But it would be awesome. If they were to do it, it would be cool if it was just Spike, standing up to the enemy forces in the same way his father and uncle did.

Spike will take the place of...
... Kaoru from Shinkenger. Because it would be awesome/hilarious. Princess Megan is just an out-of-universe decoy to throw the fans off.
  • So if he became a Ranger he would gain a skirt?
    • They wouldn't have to use the stock footage. Although that would also be hilarious.

Since there will only be 40-43 episodes, it would be highly likely that there will be no crossover between Kamen Rider Decade
Seriously, just putting those two episodes would probably make people piss their pants wondering who the hell are three (by three I mean Kuuga, Decade and Diend. I also read somewhere that the producers of Dragon Knight would only take up another Kamen Rider season if it did well, which I don't think it did due to the ratings.
  • Except Seban purchased the rights to Decade, all of it, including the cross over, be kind of pointless not to do SOMETHING with it.
    • Really now? I didn't know that...So does this become Jossed?
    • Well logically something will be done with it, but as of yet nothing has been announced...then again we could be a "friend in need" episode that is not part of the official "43" as a set up for a new Decade series...wait and see I think.
      • Any hope of a crossover is jossed, they skipped the episode in question.
      • And they definitely can't go back to it at a later point or anything. Maybe they just haven't found a proper actor for Decade yet?
      • Confirmed - they skipped the Decade crossover, and it's been several years since Samurai finished, no Decade crossover; unless they adapt Kamen Rider Drive, odds are we're not going to see any more American adaptations of Kamen Rider in the near future.

Samurai is the dream of a Austic Child
One of the few tims this WMG would make sense considering they can't decide if their set in Kiwi Caucasian Japan or Ancheient America, and a recent cast show shows them dressed up for a "royal birthday" as princes and kings, a autistic child would explain their inability to maintain consistency even with themselves.
  • That cast photo was from a themed birthday party for one of the cast (or friend of the cast) it wasn't from the show.

Deker will become the White Samurai Ranger
It wouldn't be the first time they made up new rangers, plus they already went to the trouble of making six new suits for Mega Mode, one more wouldn't be too much to ask. Besides, would they have really gone to the trouble of casting a former Red Ranger for Deker if he wasn't eventually going to make a Heel–Face Turn?
  • Alternatively, they could give him a red/black/gold motif to tie him to the American version of Mogyudaioh.
  • This would be perfect element-wise: the only eastern element left out of the mix is metal, which is associated with the color white. And they do have a white tiger zord...
    • Except that the Tiger Zord's elemental power seems to be ice, if it's armor mode power is any indication.
    • Jossed. It would've made more sense for him to be the Silver Samurai Ranger, given that the team doesn't have a White Ranger - and usually, if a team has a white ranger, they also have a black ranger - while there has been cases of a black ranger without a white ranger, the inverse is not true (but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Megan is Jayden's older sister
If the show is going to keep following Shinkenger as closely as it is, this is pretty much the only way I can think of them translating over the thing with Jayden's counterpart being adopted.
  • He could just get "adopted" into the family itself... somehow.

Power Rangers Samurai happen a year or two after RPM
Okay, RPM is consider canon...but it was stated by the same guy who says Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers S1 and S2 have entire differents continuities. Think of it this way. it's never stated if the series take in place in America or Japan. that's because they are living in a dome city. you see, one theory is that Corinth wasn't the only dome city, but the one the serie focused. anyway, if we consider that Flynn is scotish, this mean that the dome probably tried to have a mixed population and save many cultures as possible. Once Venjix was defeated, they retire the dome and now the city is a normal place with a mixed population and the Japanese culture mixed with the American.
  • Corinth was explicitly stated by Eddie Guzelian to be the Boston area, and also to be the last human civilization on Earth. On top of that, leaked info about the upcoming RPM crossover explicitly has the RPM team travel through dimensions to meet the Samurai team.

Jayden and Kaoru's counterpart are brother and sister
Both decided Jayden would fight in the front against the Nighloks and let her train and be able to seal them. So, knowing each other were risking their lives, that let them train harder and be able to protect each other if the time comes.

Akumaro's name will be some sort of pun on the word Demon, probably something like Dema
Akumaro's name was a play on Akuma, so with this season sticking close to Sentai, unless they do like they did with Dayu and keep the name, it will probably go this way.
  • Jossed; he's now Serrator, as in his creepy-ass serrated grin.

The escaping Nighlock are being saved for a special episode
So far, two Nighlock have both escaped that were originally destroyed in Shinkenger with the Super Mode. All the Nighlock that have escaped (probably a few more) are being saved for the debut of the Super Mode (the black Box would be passed around the group as they each take out one of them), the debut of the Battlizer, the Power Rangers RPM team up (as Power Rangers hasn't used the movie footage for years), the first appearence of Kamen Rider Decade, or some other special occasion.
  • The corresponding episode with Rhinosnorus was a two-parter. He was destroyed in Part 2. Give it another week. Then again, considering Arachnitor, they might pull off the same thing.

Antonio reverse engineered the gold zeonizer to make his samurizer
I can buy him being tech savvy enough to be able to fix a broken cell phone and use it to communicate with Octo and Claw. But making his own morpher from scratch just from memory seems just a tad improbable. More likely, he found the gold zeo morpher by chance. He recognized it but remembered that it was made for a different species to weild and might affect him negatively (yes I remember that the zeo rangers kept their identities secret but as we've seen numerous times, the ranger teams themselves know about eachother so it's not too much of a stretch to assume that the old rangers keep in touch with the new rangers or at least their mentor). Not one to be discouraged by such things, he just studied the technology and based his own morpher off of it and of course designed it after the original samurizers.
  • Ranger teams sometimes know each other, but Antonio wasn't part of the team at that point. Previous rangers probably wouldn't even know he existed. Heck, four of the Samurai rangers didn't know he existed, and Jii and Jayden didn't know he was a ranger.
    • Jayden probably knew about the previous rangers by then and told Antonio about them and Angel Grove. So it's not too much of a stretch to think he found the ruined command center and the gold zeonizer and based his own morpher off it's technology.
    • Or he might even have moved to Angel Grove. We're never told where he moved to. So he might have moved to Angel Grove and found it.
  • There never was gold Zeonizer, though; the powers came directly from the Golden Power Staff.
    • Then what was that thing on his wrist?
      • His communicator, I believe.
  • You forget it seems to be incredibly easy to make a morpher in the PR world, I mean a Ninja resturanture for example made some out of sunglasses. The impressive part is Antonio making a power source for the morpher.
    • Octo probably gave him access to the morphing grid.
    • RJ didn't make the Jungle Fury morphers. He "knew a guy" who provided them.
      • I forget which but we do see his making at-least one of them
      • When? As I recall, the Wolf Morpher was just kind of there. I forget about the Rhino Morpher's origin, though.
      • It was the Rhino Morpher. We see RJ working on it when Dom got his greasy fingers all over Theo's and Lily's training gear.

Deker is still alive.
By defeating him, Jayden has freed him from his curse. We see him fall and a cloud of purple smoke fly out of him. That smoke was the Nighlock spirit that possessed him. Since this is a TV show and he fell off a cliff and into water, the odds of him dying from his fall are almost none. Therefore, Deker is now an ordinary human.
  • If Samurai continues to stick as closely to Shinkenger as they have so far, then half confirmed, half jossed. He's still alive and still cursed but now with a broken sword, which he will work as a part-time Dragon alongside Dayu to the nighlok that cursed him in the first place to get fixed.
  • Confirmed in Season 2, Episode 8, "Kevin's Choice".

And therefore is is possible that...

In Season 2, Deker will become the American counterpart to Gosei Knight.
  • Kinda Jossed by the fact that season 2 is the second half of Samurai's story, rather than the beginning of a Goseiger adaptation. If he survives to the end of the Shinkenger adaptation and Saban try the whole passing-the-torch thing in the Samurai-Miracle Force (Korean dubs of Sentai are named "Power Rangers" with subtitles that are usually close to what the actual Power Rangers season will be called, and the Korean Goseiger dub was called Miracle Force.) transition like they had going from Mighty Morpin' up to In Space, it's possible, but let's not hold our proverbial breathes.
  • With Gokaiger to adapt in the future this is less likely.
    • Jossed.

The three Decade/Shinkenger crossover episodes will be used in a Decade adaptation, not Samurai
Word is that Saban has purchased the rights to the full series of Decade. The most logical reason they'd have for doing this is plans for an Americanized adaptation, thinking they can actually get it to work this time.Alright, color me interested. But Samurai seems to have skipped past the Father & Son Bears episode of Shinkenger, which was sandwiched in between the two Decade episodes that made up the full crossover.While this could be because they decided against the adaptation in the end, it's equally possible that it's still in the planning stages or will be aimed at a slightly older audience than the one Samurai appeals to.
  • Watch Clash of the Red Rangers. Pay attention to a electrical sign on a train near the end, one of the words on it look like Decade.

Either way, it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing an episode where Mike's dad mistakes Mia for his (Mike's) girlfriend and proves he's (Mike's dad's) still got the moves as part of Nickelodeon's current run of Power Rangers Samurai.

  • Jossed - no Decade Adaptation aired.

The samurai rangers are able to tap into their Spiritual Pressure
Their spinswords are actually their zanpakto. The weapons they turn into are their shikai and the megablades are their bankai. The Baracuda blade is in a state of constant release.
  • Wouldn't this require the Rangers to have been Dead All Along? ... Then again, this would explain why all the instances of death were changed to being away on business...
  • Alternately, a spiritually aware human patterned the Samurai Ranger powers after seeing Shinigami. Said human most likely saw a captain in action after creating the original powers. Believing the captain's different style of clothing was an indicator of an elite Shinigami (which it kinda is), the Black Box was created (but not finished until the series needed a Mid-Season Upgrade). This is why Super Samurai Mode adds their version of a captain's haori. The fact that it comes with this later upgrade can be seen as proof that the Rangers aren't sponsored by the Gotei 13 (and they're not Urahara's prototype for Karakuraizer, either). If that were the case, a white haori would have been part of the Red Ranger's outfit from the beginning, and the ability to trade among the other Rangers wouldn't exist.

The subway train from Clash of the Red Rangers is a TARDIS
Perhaps Professor Cog and the Grinders unknowingly traveled through the Samurai dimension via TARDIS. This particular one could've been an untested advanced craft invented by the Time Lords where basically one day, someone accidentally turned on the randomnizer and like the Den-Liner from Kamen Rider Den-O, it not only travels through time but through other dimensions and universes.

And probably like the Doctor's own TARDIS, it probably has a mind of its own hence why it took Scott Truman/Ranger Red to the Samurai dimension because he needed to be there. In other words, it assisted him in tracking down Professor Cog. And yes, the inside of the subway does look normal but think about it, a TARDIS can be bigger on the inside so no doubt it'd be an endless hallway of seats and poles. Then again, it could be all cloaked.

  • Maybe but one of the words on the sign on the train(the electric one that appears beside Mike's head near the end as the Scott leaves) looks alot like Decade. There may be some special reason for that and afterall in a sense Scott was passing through(as in he could not stay)
  • Can I see an image, please?
    • Not OP, but here's a screenshot of the one and only electric sign that shows up behind Mike's head in the end. No, it doesn't get any less blurry than that, so... yeah. That one probably wasn't Decade's fault. There's another sign earlier, before the train is boarded, but it's cut off before the last two letters and ends in -CE so I doubt that's related to Decade either: [1]

The train in Clash of the Red Rangers
Is a reference to Kamen Rider Den-o, it did travel through dimensions much like the Den-liner does in Decade's season. Bonus points that the electric sign on said train in the end had the word(third word) that looks like decade on it as it passes on screen. Me thinks there may be a subtle clue there.
  • Except that was a subway train. The train in Den-O is a bullet train.

The Five-Token Band was deliberate
  • Well, not exactly deliberate, but a odd side-effect. After the first team of Samurai rangers defeated the Nighlocks, they didn't know where the next attacks would occur. So their ancestors fled to the five corners of the world: North America (Jayden,) South America (Mike,) Europe (Emily,) Africa (Kevin,) and one stayed in Asia (Mia.) After several generations, it was discovered that the next attack was going to occur in the U.S (or wherever Samurai takes place, but all the English speakers make me think it's the USA,) and the parents of the current Team Samurai immigrated to the United States to prepare. Since Kids Are Cruel, the other four team members pulled a John Barrowman and picked up American accents to avoid being teased. This explains how Jayden might have a Japanese surname (all of his predecessors were male and the name stuck), it explains why Serena didn't bother with an accent (she was thicker skinned than Emily and didn't give a damn) and if Jayden and Antonio settled in a place with thick accents (Canada, New England, or Minnesota), why the Flashback Rangers had them as well (I know the Kiwi accents don't really lend themselves to this theory very well, but I'm grasping at straws with that.)
    • Maybe Jayden's family went to Australia or New Zealand instead of America.
    • I find it much easier to reconcile their accents by assuming that the current rangers were born in America after their parents immigrated there, whereas Serena was born in Europe and developed her accent there.

The reason Spike was introduced in this season...
  • Is to set him up to be the Silver Ranger in the Gokaiger adaptation.
    • Jossed - he doesn't even appear in there, much less become a ranger.

A counterpart to kurokos do exist
  • They just do their job so well that they're only implied to exist a small number of times and so far, have only been seen once: in Origins part one, you can see a man dressed in a suit driving the car with Mia inside it and in a city that seems to have a fair amount of office buildings, it wouldn't be too strange to see guys in suits running all over the place.

Switchbeast really did take out a pink and blue ranger in 1492.
"In 1492, I took out the Rangers pink and blue" is an obvious reference to the phrase "in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue", but that doesn't mean it's not true.

The Female Red Ranger story will be played out differently.
The Jayden we know will turn out to be a stand-in to the real Jayden, a toddler who is too young to fight. Lauren will be either Jayden's older sister or a babysitter who accidentally finds out about the Rangers' secret.
  • Jossed.

It will be revealed that all the Nighlock who serve Serrator serve him because they made a Deal with the Devil
Serrator recruited Dayu and Deker this way, and was the one who made them Nighlock in the first place. Who's to say that's not his default recruitment tactic? Though to avoid making the Rangers unknowing killers, any human turned Nighlock in his ranks will be Psycho for Hire style people who actually enjoy being Nighlock or Tragic Villains who no longer knew who they were.

Bulk and Spike will support the Rangers in someway during the finale
Basically, it will be like Bulk's famous scene during the Power Rangers in Space finale where he and skull rally the townspeople to help the rangers.

Spike and Mia will hook up near the end of the series
Considering how many Spike/Mia moments we've been seeing, it wouldn't suprise me if the writers were trying to tell us something
  • Jossed!

Spike will be the American version of Akibaranger Red
He fits the bill
  • Except Akibaranger is unofficial...

Mia is related to Cam.
We learned via a close-up of her drivers license in "The Strange Case of the Munchies" that her last name is Watanabe and since they're both Asian and use Samurai powers, which can be passed down to family members, one has to wonder
  • The only problem with this theory is that Cam's powers come from the Samurai Amulet that was passed down through his mother's family, not the Watanabe clan.
  • Maybe Mia and her brother are Cam's children.
    • Jossed - the dates don't add up. Since Samurai is supposed to take place in 2012, the only way this could've happened would be if Cam had fathered Mia and her brother before the start of Ninja Storm (which would mean he was in his mid-late teens), and since Terry is stated to be Mia's older brother, and at the very least, he looks like he's in his mid-teens, he would've had to have fathered two kids. It's more likely that Cam is Mia's cousin.
    • Terry wasn't stated to be older and logically can't be, since the ranger duties are meant for the eldest sibling (unless they are unable to, like in Serena's case).

Clash of the Red Rangers occurred during the tail-end of Power Rangers RPM
Earth was still a wasteland, Ranger Red said everything as if it was still happening. On their end, it was simply an untold adventure that we never saw in the show itself. Since they're in another dimension, it's possible the time lines don't sink up exactly.
  • Looking closely, you can see the mammoth Engine Cell in Scott's blaster at one point, meaning the movie could have happened anytime after "Ancient History".

Skull is a Musician or a Music Producer
In the Finale Skull shows up in a Limo wearing a really snazzy suit, implying he's done well lately; considering his talent in music it seems like a good career choice.

Spike's mother is Kimberly
Spike is 15, a calendar in one episode in the first season indicated that the series takes place 20MinutesIntoTheFuture of the year 2012. So Spike would have been in Turbo. After Kimberly came to visit in T:APRM she met up with Skull and the two had pity sex which led to Kimberly getting pregnant. Kimberly didn't reveal Spike until a few years later.

As other Power Rangers proved, original footage is more expensive to make than shot-for-shot footage. Consider that Saban just bought back Power Rangers and Megaforce was around the corner. He may have just decided to pull the Shot-For-Shot remake to curb on money and save up for Megaforce, which will be his Big Budget Beef-Up.
  • Jossed - not only did Megaforce use as much Sentai footage as possible, they ended up adapting 2 Sentai together.

The series takes place in San Franokyo.
That would explain why the setting shows elements of America and Japan.

Ninjor created or had a hand in creating the Samurai Powers

Ninjor has been on Earth for a long time and made the original powers, he also had a Samurai based mode. Wouldn't be out of the question.


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