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Tear Jerker / Power Rangers Ninja Steel

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  • Brody completely breaking down when he returns to his childhood home only to find everything trashed and his brother, Aiden, missing.
    • Adding to the fact that ,for the time, it looked like Brody's father had died when he broke the ninja star. Right infront of his son no less!
  • During the opening of "Presto Change-O", Preston is about to do a magic show, only for Victor to completely ruin it for him.
  • In "The Ranger Ribbon", we get to see Preston's dad emotionally manipulate him into letting his crew destroy the Ribbon Tree, even using Preston's deceased mother as leverage. It's quite clear how damaged the family is because of it. Hell, Mr. Tien even forgot that he himself had tied a ribbon to the tree to commemorate Preston's birth!
  • "Family Fusion"
    • Brody's look of horror when he sees that Aiden is actually a robot spy from Galvanax, he doesn't have time to process this before the other Rangers destroy it to save Levi.
    • Brody tries to sing the song his dad taught him and Aiden when they were kids for the talent show, but part way through he starts to trail off and you can see in his face that after the day's events his heart's just not in it. Fortunately, Levi is able to show up and reveal himself to be the real Aiden.
    • Ripcon's death, depending on how you view him. He kept trying to please Galvanax several times throughout the series, and yet was constantly being stabbed in the back and undermined by Madame Odius. Once he caught on, he desperately thought the Aiden-bot would be his key to finally defeating the Rangers and pleasing his boss. Unfortunately for him, Odius managed to completely frame him for all of her double crossing, he got defeated twice by Brody, and his death leaves him with none of his allies coming to his aid.
  • Ace and the Race
    • Calvin finding out that his hero is nothing more than a lazy, jerkass, fraud followed by him realizing he skipped out on helping his friends and his girlfriend thanks to Mick.
  • The Royal Arrival
    • The situation with the kid, Billy: he and his sister don't have parents, forcing him to drop out of school to take care of her, they are homeless, and he tries to steal food to support themselves. While the ending somehow manages to fix everything regarding the boy's situation, the fact that Power Rangers played homelessness seriously is depressing and made for a good storyline.
  • The Royal Rumble
    • When Viera asks the Rangers for help, they comply. However, Mick of all people refuses to help her because of his backstory. The Lion Galaxy was Mick's home, until the Royal Family took him and one hundred others and sold them to Galavanax. As a result, Mick has not seen his parents in 20 years and he doesn't trust the Royal Family in the slightest, including Princess Viera. It's no wonder why he never told Brody how he got onto the Warrior Dome.
  • Galvanax Rises
    • The "death" of the Ninja Nexus Prism. After giving the rangers clues on how to win all season, it joins them in the final battle and attack against Galvanax—sacrificing itself in the process. Its death also causes the Rangers' Ninja Steel to burn and turn to dust.
    • The Rangers preparing to go their separate ways is very touching, worthy of any actual finale's goodbye. You could be forgiven for some Manly Tears even knowing there's no way it's all over in episode 21 of 44.
  • Magic Misfire
    • Mick, Brody's longtime friend and the only person other than Redbot to have known and supported him against Galaxy Warriors is now under Odius's control and he doesn't even realize it until next episode, believing he left to see his parents.
  • Doom Signal
    • Calvin and Hayley break up after a string of bad circumstances (Calvin's car breaking down, forgetting Hayley's props for her performance, Hayley's performance itself being flawed and Calvin being the first to openly admit it to her) and the team reluctantly trying to ease the tension between the two doesn't happen matters.
    • To make matters worse, Calvin ends up ignoring Hayley's calls when she tries to call him to make amends, leading him to be brainwashed by Galaxy Warriors' airwaves.
    • Brax's final words before he dies. In the end, he appreciated Badonna's feelings after all. Her breakdown before Victor and Monty arrive on Galaxy Warriors is all the more heartbreaking.
    Brax: I'm sorry Badonna, I failed!

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