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Famous Last Words / Power Rangers Dino Charge

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Dino Charge

  • In Powers from the Past (they all get better)
    • "I'm amazed Fury found his way back." Poisandra
    • "I've done it. Keeper is history, and now the Energems are all yours, Master Sledge, Your long search for the ultimate power is finally over." Fury
    • "The entire universe will grovel before me. What? It's a bomb! I'll make you pay for this, Keeper, if it's the last thing I do! My asteroids! NOOOO!!" Sledge
    • "You'll never find them [the Energems]." Keeper
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  • "I can't take the heat!" Iceage
  • "I'm crushed!" Scrapper
  • "I'm headed for the scrap heap!" giant Scrapper
  • "You'll do hard time for this!" Slammer
  • "Oh, NO! I'm going away for good!" giant Slammer
  • "But I'm invincible!" Spellbinder
  • "Wait!" giant Spellbinder
  • "Not another one!" Cavity
  • "Not again! I need those teeth! giant Cavity
  • "Looks like I got stung this time!" Stingrage
  • "That really stings!" giant Stingrage
  • "Back off, Red!" Duplicon
  • "I should've made a copy of me!" giant Duplicon
  • "You have to do better than that if you're gonna win this game!" Puzzler
  • "Game over!" giant Puzzler
  • "I'm being fossilized!" giant Bones
  • "I feel a bit foggy!" Smokescreen
  • "But Wrench was in charge!" giant Smokescreen
  • "How unfortunate!" Gold Digger
  • "I can't dig my way out of this one!" giant Gold Digger
  • "Error! Error! Error." G-BO
  • "What an unhappy Halloween!" Memorella
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  • "Hey, cut me some slack!" Shearfear
  • "No! I'm not cut out for this!" giant Shearfear
  • "Hey!" Meteor
  • "You have to do better than that!" giant Meteor
  • "This isn't on my wish list! Gah!" Wish Star
  • "I wish they hadn't done that." giant Wish Star
  • In One More Energem (again, they all get better, though Sledge takes a while)
    • "You need to stabilize the thrusters!" Wrench
    • "You just had to have one more energem! You're a half-brain!" Poisandra
    • "After 65 million years, you're just figuring that out?!" Sledge
    • "We're going down!" Fury

Dino Super Charge

  • "Master Sledge is our leader." a Spikeball Snide destroys
  • "I’ll send you a postcard or a snow globe or a postcard inside a snow globe." A cloaked Sledge inmate
  • "My beautiful ice! I'M MELTING!" Iceage
  • "I wish I could lose my memory of this!" Stingrage
  • "Aw! That really stings!" giant Stingrage
  • "Someone pinch me and wake me up!" Nightmare
  • "I thought you were leaving! NO!! You shattered my dreams!" giant Nightmare
  • "Wait. Just slow down a minute—ahh!" Ninja
  • "I'm on the fast track to destruction!" giant Ninja
  • "My last hunt is over!" Hunter
  • "I'm out of my league!" Game Face
  • "Three strikes! I'm out!" giant Game Face
  • "This crown's goin' down!" Spell Digger
  • "I guess this treasure is about to get buried!" giant Spell Digger
  • "I shop till I drop!" a Spikeball Heckyl sends to steal cinnamon
  • "I'm toast!" Half-bake
  • "My goose is cooked!" giant Half-bake
  • "Looks like I'm going under!" Hookbeard
  • "The tide has turned on me!" giant Hookbeard
  • "Heckyl's right! Love hurts!" Beauticruel
  • "Can't we kiss and makeup?" giant Beauticruel
  • "Case closed!" Scumlaw
  • "Worst vacation ever!" Leisure
  • "My holidays are over!" Loafer
  • "Arcanon will crush you!" Doomwing
  • "I'm in a Vivix body! No!" Singe. Those are the last words we hear from him, since his only appearance is a voicelses Back for the Dead cameo.
  • "Class Cancelled!!" Professor Strickler
  • "Teach 'em a lesson, Professor!" revived Nightmare
  • "Oh no!" revived Game Face
  • "School's out!" giant Professor Strickler, giant Nightmare, and giant Game Face
  • "Yes! Yes! This truly is my masterpiece!" Screech
  • "Not so fast! I can conduct anything!" Conductro
  • "You betrayed me, Snide?" Lord Arcanon
  • "You'll never win, Rangers!" Snide outside of a Big "NO!"
  • In the first half of End of Extinction before Sledge's ship and all of Earth fall into the black hole (unless you count Fury, Curio, or anyone on Earth, they all get better)
    • "Hurry folks, only 8 minutes to go." the city worker whose actor also voices Master Xandred.
    • "The explosion created a black hole!" Wrench
    • "There's no escape!" Fury
    • "Aaaahhhh!!" Poisandra
    • "No!" Sledge
    • "Aw!" Curio
  • In the second half of End of Extinction that takes place in prehistoric times and also Here Comes Heximas

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