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Famous Last Words / Power Rangers

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Zenowing: Any last words?
Doomwing: Arcanon will crush you!
Power Rangers Dino Charge, Wings of Danger

What did you expect from a team of superheroes who have to kill a lot of monsters to save the world?

  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
    • "Oh no! Please..." Fang
    • "OVERLOAD. OVERLOAD. TOO MANY CHANGES. SYSTEM LOCKED." Cyclopsis. While it doesn't actually speak, it's the computerized voiced within it that does the talking for it.
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    • "My fin! My fin! You're gonna pay for that! ...Or... maybe not." Slippery Shark
    • "Hey, wait! No fair, I was just about to win!" Lizzinator
    • "You fools! Can't you do anything right?!" Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel
    • "This is bogus, man!" Barbaric Brothers
    • "Oh no! I'm falling... falling... what a world...!" Witchblade
  • Power Rangers Zeo
    • "Archerina, my sweet! Forgive me!! I am unworthy of your love!" Louie Kaboom
  • Power Rangers Turbo
    • "Where'd those pesky Power Rangers go?! Ah! No! Don't block out the sun! NO! NO! MY BEAUTIFUL DETONATOR AND MY BEAUTIFUL COLORS! (screams) I'm melting! I'm melting...!" Shadow Chromite
  • Power Rangers in Space:
    • " Dark Specter?!" Darkonda
    • " Darkonda ... you traitor!" Dark Specter
    • "Goodbye, 'BROTHER!'" Astronema. She gets better as Karone.
    • " Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time." Zordon
    • "DON'T!" Ecliptor
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
    • "Thank you, son, for showing me the way. This is for you, Zika!" Magna Defender
    • "You've learned nothing." Villamax, after Trakeena notes he may have taught her to fight too well.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
    • "You ain't got the guts!" Ghouligan
    • "NOOOOOOOO!!" Trakeena
    • "All I ever wanted to do was serve her faithfully. Now it seems it was all a big waste. It's too late for me, but not for you, Diabolico. Goodbye..." Loki
    • "You have done the impossible. You have defeated the mighty Diabolico. But be assured, Queen Bansheera will avenge my defeat a thousand fold!" Diabolico
  • Power Rangers Time Force
    • "Destroy them!" Vypra
    • "That's it, this is too much for me. I'm OUTTA here! It's the deep freeze for me til this blows over!" Gluto
  • Power Rangers Wild Force
    • "Oh! You think you're real tough, don't you?!" Barbed Wire Org
    • "Oh. This isn't fair! Let me outta here!" Bell Org
    • "I'VE BEEN BREACHED! (Beat) I think I'm gonna sink!" Ship Org
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    • "Forgive me, Mondo! I have failed you, and the Empire!" General Venjix
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm
    • "Rock beats scissors!" Snipster
    • "This pouch is poached!" Bopp-A-Roo
    • "You can't stop the beat!" DJ Drummond
    • "AHH! The agony of defeat!" Footzilla
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder
    • "You will never beat the curse!" Tutenhawken
    • "I guess you wanted it more. Goodbye, White Ranger." White Ranger Clone
    • "I knew I should never have trusted those two!" Lothor, before being shrunken and placed in a jar by Mesogog. It's likely he was destroyed when Mesogog's lab was destroyed.
    • "You're going down, Tommy!" Zeltrax
    • "You destroyed my plans of creating a perfect world. However, I was able to absorb enough dino gem energy to complete my transfiguration. Witness the phase of your final battle!" Mesogog
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.
    • "You'll be sorry for this!" Praxis
    • "You can't do this to me!" Broodwing
    • "You'll pay for this, Cruger!" Emperor Gruumm
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force
    • "The great Morticon has fallen, but the Master will prevail!" Morticon
    • "My goose is cooked!" Screamer
    • "I cannot take any more! I have... devoured... all I can!!" The Master
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
    • "Finally. To find the -" Kamdor
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury
    • "You've destroyed my shiny armor! Oh, the shame!" Pangolin
    • "You may have won this battle... but this is far from over." Carnisoar
    • "Correction; My Phantom Beasts. I have been loyal to you for centuries, taught you all I know. My training made you stronger. And how do you repay me? By hunting me down determined to destroy me. Well, mighty Dai Shi, it is you who is finished. Destroy him... oh, and the lizard, too." Jellica before being betrayed and destroyed by the Phantom Beast Generals
    • "Dai Shi has proven to be my enemy. You... you have proven to be my friend. You must destroy them for all tigers...!" Whiger before fading away
  • Power Rangers RPM
    • "I'm losing altitude. This is Eagle One's last transmission. Scott -" Marcus Truman, Scott's brother.
    • "You never know the truth!" Sat Bot
    • "As I've always said: you put a human against a machine, the machine will win every time." Kilobyte, just before getting blown up by the Rangers' blaster.
    • No! We're doomed! General Crunch

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