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  • In Powers From the Past, one of Sledge's first actions is to vaporize one of his henchmen because it was blocking the view of his fiance Poisandra as she was about to kill Keeper. It's the following line "Can you see now, my dear?" and the very courteous and flirty way he says it that really puts the "Dawww" cherry on top.
  • In Return of the Caveman, Koda's interactions with Peter, a little boy he helped in the episode, were very nice to see. Especially considering that he remembered his little brother after finding a new friend.
  • In Let the Sleeping Zord Lie, after Shelby was taking it hard that her device let Sledge get the Ankylo Zord, Kendall made her stop talking and admitted it was her fault.
    • At the end of the episode, the two appear to be on somewhat better terms.
  • In Double Ranger, Double Danger, Shelby recovered Tyler's bracelet which he lost during his fight with Fury. She even puts it on him, further increasing the Ship Tease between them.
  • Several in The Royal Rangers
    • Shelby spends most of the episode trying to get her friend Julian's artwork featured at the museum. She manages to succeed in the end thanks to her princess disguise.
    • The other rangers supporting Tyler for not destroying Fury after he tells them that he's afraid his father is trapped inside the villain, and doesn't want to hurt him. Even Keeper tells him that he acted with his heart and made the right choice, and tells the team in no uncertain terms that they cannot risk destroying Fury until they know for sure.
    • All the Ship Tease moments between Shelby and Tyler, from Shelby immediately wanting to play the princess to Tyler's prince when she sees him decked out in the regalia, to Tyler acting all flustered from a mere kiss on the cheek from Shelby.
  • Knight After Knights
    • After The Reveal of last episode, Tyler's feeling a bit down that it wasn't his father in Fury, but Sir Ivan. Shelby and Koda come over to him, and assure him that even though it wasn't what he wanted, they can still make the best of things, and find his dad after they rescue the rest of the energems.
  • True Black
    • In a subtle ship tease moment, when Chase mocks Shelby, Tyler's the first to step up and say that he was out of line. Showing how much he cares for her.
    • Also, props to Chase. Even though he didn't like the Kiwi band, he was still willing to get tickets for his friends.
  • The Ghostest with the Mostest
    • After Shelby fails her lie detector test (though out of not wanting to admit to liking Tyler), Kendall still believes she's the real Shelby and hands her back her Energem.
  • No Matter How You Slice It
    • The reason Koda's bond with Riley couldn't be cut: he sees Riley as family, not just a friend.
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    • The rangers planning a surprise party for Riley's birthday, even contacting his family to send him a video message.
  • World Famous (in New Zealand)
    • Albert inviting Tyler to bring his father back to Auckland so that the three of them can go Bigfoot hunting together.
    • Chase assuring the others that he's alright about the fact they won't see his family while they're in New Zealend.
    • The Rangers respecting Albert's choice to give up his Energem.
      • And before this the Rangers 100% accepting Albert on the team. While other shows saw rangers that didn't fit the 'mold' of a ranger get put down the team, and especially Tyler, are completely accepting of this strange old man
    • What Albert does with the Energem powers. He could use them for fame and fortune, considering he doesn't have Keeper around to keep him in line. Instead he uses his powers to stop criminals and make his town safe. While he couldn't keep the gem... he was worthy of it.
  • Race to Rescue Christmas
    • Chloe is so excited to see Chase at Christmas that she doesn't even bat an eye at the possibility of Santa being unable to deliver presents.
    • Chase misses the flight to New Zealand, but Santa gives him a ride as thanks for helping him out.
    • Chase's gift to the rangers - separate photos of them that connect together like a puzzle to form a single group image of the team. Even Keeper gets one!
  • One More Energem
    • Kendall's pride at being chosen by the Purple Energem, and Keeper reassuring her that it was a wise choice and she's been worthy all along. Plus the rest of the team's excited reactions to it.
      • Also, her sweet smile on returning the energem to home base.
    • Before jumping out of Sledge's crashing ship, Tyler proclaims "I wish you could see me now dad!". Keep in mind that he doesn't even think he'd survive the jump.
    • Rexy nuzzling the Plesio megazord after the other rangers save Tyler, looks like he was worried about his partner. Tyler also takes the time to let Rexy know that he's fine.
    • The team saying goodbye to one another with a group hug, started by Koda's declaration of "My family!"
    • Shelby joining Tyler's journey around the world to find his dad.
  • When Evil Stirs
    • Koda apparently waits for the mail everyday for letters from the other rangers and even calls the mailman friend when he delivers some.
  • Nightmare in Amber Beach
    • Shelby and her father finally having an honest conversation about passion and honoring her parents.
  • Forgive and Forget
    • Riley forgiving Burt for always teasing him in the past, and Burt helping him stop a person from losing their memory.
  • Roar of the Red Ranger
    • Tyler finally reuniting with his dad.
      • The episode ending with the two of them playing catch.
  • Besties 4Eva!
    • Erin apologizing to Shelby for years of taking credit for her accomplishments.
  • Love at First Fight
    • This episode belongs to Chase. Remember when he was first introduced, he was a scatterbrained, Casanova wannabe. But here, he seems genuinely uneasy about playing the romancer in order to trick the monster, and wants to be faithful to his girlfriend without strings attached.
      • His date with Kaylee shows how far he's come since they've gotten together: he made sure to focus on Kaylee and remembered her dream of becoming an astronaut by building a model spaceship for her and packing a picnic with a variety of space foods.
      • For that matter, near the end, he tells her she needs to find someone who can be fully honest with her, even if he's not the one for that.
      • The reveal that Kaylee now knows that Chase is Black Ranger. Dawwww!
    • This episode also shows how far Chase has come as a character. When we first met him, he was a shameless flirt who tried and failed to hit on pretty much every girl he met and was a bit of a jerk (mercilessly making fun of Shelby's love of the N-Zed Boys being a prime example). Recent episodes have shown that he has become much nicer and compassionate person and that he is happy to have a steady girlfriend.
  • Silver Secret
    • Kendall says that she wants to teach Shelby to sing. Kendall! It just goes to show how far they've come as friends, that Kendall would want to help Shelby with her dreams rather than dismiss her out of hand.
    • Chase giving Tyler relationship advice. It's great to see how continuing from Love at First Fight, Chase is now capable of giving genuinely good advice to his friends.
    • Shelby and Tyler finally get together.
      • Earlier in the episode has Tyler trying out for the N-Zed Boys, despite his stage fright, to try and impress Shelby.
      • And it's a culmination of an entire series worth of Ship Tease and Character Development.
  • Trick or Trial
    • While not stated, the fact that Tyler's dad goes trick-or-treating with the others is very sweet and is likely the first time in years that Tyler's gone trick-or-treating with his dad.
  • Wings of Disaster
    • Keeper talking with his student about what it means to know gratitude after all these years.
    • Now that Tyler and Shelby are officially a couple, they start doing that adorable couples thing of speaking the same thing at the same time when doing target practice.
  • The Rangers Rock
    • Shelby and Tyler holding hands after she saves him and the other rangers.
    Shelby: It's amazing what you're capable of when the ones you love are in trouble.
  • Edge Of Extinction
    • There are a quite a few of them connected to Heckyl throughout the episode:
      • After he informs the Rangers of Sledge's plan, they set aside the fact that he was their enemy and ask him for his help in tracking down and destroying the Greenzilla eggs.
      • Shelby attempts a You Are Better Than You Think You Are with him as he starts to leave to try and convince him to help them.
      • Realizing that Good Feels Good after helping reunite a mother and daughter that had gotten separated in the chaos, prompting him to join the rangers in their final battles against Sledge.
      • Tyler saying that Heckyl is one of them now, after accepting his offer to help after they've defeated Snide
    • Even though he's still pretty selfish, Sledge still gave Poisandra the Dark Energem as her wedding ring. He could easily have stolen any other rock for that purpose, but he's giving her possibly his most prized possession as a sign of his love. That's kinda sweet.
    • Despite his reservations, Sledge still goes to the trouble of marrying Poisandra a second time after the first time was interrupted by a rat.
  • End of Extinction
    • Heckyl is given the chance to prevent the destruction of his planet and receives a Redemption Promotion by being made the official protector of the Dark Energem.
    • Koda and Sir Ivan return to their time periods. Koda is reunited with his little brother.
  • Here Comes Heximas
    • The episode takes place after the series ends and Keeper shows up with a special surprise for the Rangers, Ivan and Koda!
    • Tyler calling Kendall Ms. Morgan out of habit before correcting himself and using her first name, since she had given him and the others permission to do so.
    • Tyler breaking the spell on Shelby by reminding her of all the things that attracted him to her and saying that he loves her. (Though Tyler says he "likes" her it's obvious what he really means.)


  • Hearing some fans talk about how excited they are for Judd Lynn's return can be this. Especially after how the last four seasons have fared.
  • Yamato Kinjo (Kyoryu Blue) giving his blessing to his counterpart and wishing him good luck.
    • Yoshi getting to meet him in person. Look at the absolute glee on his face!
  • This picture from Camille's Instagram.
  • The actors' utter joy at being cast.

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