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Fridge Brilliance

  • Keeper's comings and goings are likely him going around the world to search for the remaining Energems while he trusts the Rangers to hold down the fort. They can't just be around Amber Beach and Earth is friggin' HUGE.
  • Sledge's obsession with the asteroids makes sense when you remember what was in those asteroids that wiped out the Dinosaurs.
    • So that basically means that, since the asteroids were tossed into the Sun with the whole ship, Dino Thunder never happened?
    • Even without knowing it, asteroids may contain rare minerals. Selling it would surely make a nice addition to Sledge's already-prolific job as a bounty hunter.
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  • Koda would like his burger cooked rare; as a caveman 100,000 years ago, he wouldn't have been cooking much of his food.
  • This season marks the first Saban-era season with the OP overhauled while keeping the tune, after adapting two seasons but three Super Sentai (Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gokaiger), which is precisely what happened when Power Rangers Zeo overhauled the OP from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers after three seasons.
  • Why can't Koda perfectly grasp modern English yet? It could be a number of reasons:
    • He may have secluded himself from society out of fear of being found by Fury.
    • He predates recorded history, he may have had to learn several dead languages at this point.
    • The human brain can only remember so much. After thousands of years, he may only take in what his brain deems the most important and bare minimum to communicate with the others.
    • He could have been frozen for almost 100,000 years, so not knowing the language is completely Justified, as he is essentially learning it from scratch.
      • Koda himself confirms in episode 5 that he was frozen in ice.
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    • There is also the possibility that his brain isn't as developed compared to modern humans and he simply can't learn English well enough to have a normal conversation.
      • This one has been disproven as of "Return of the Caveman."
      • Additionally, Yoshi Sudarso has stated in interviews that Koda's English will get better as the series progresses.
    • Human language was still starting to develop back when he was alive, 100,000 years ago (see The Other Wiki for details). In his timeframe, it may probably have developed just enough for people to use names in conversation.
    • He is also learning it as an adult, which is significantly harder than learning it as a child
  • Why haven't Sledge and Poisandra married yet even though it has already been 65 million years? Because they were stuck in the ship for all that time, and they only got lucky hitching a comet to get back to Earth. Kids show or not, they need some form of (il)legal body to record their marriage.
  • Why would Sledge send just one monster at a time against the rangers? Because he's powerful enough to keep one or two monsters in line, but if he were to send several, they could likely agree to ignore the rangers and gang up on Sledge instead, and several monsters could possibly manage to take him out. Not unlike another criminal with a prison worth of other criminals at his disposal.
    • This is also why we typically see one of Sledge's right hand men assisting them to make sure they are properly doing their job and of course in case they DO get the energems, they don't stab Sledge in the back and use that power against him.
  • Wrench's warning about the 10 billion gigabolts in the first episode makes a bit more sense considering his body is covered with a metallic armor that, unlike Sledge's slightly rusty one, is still shiny. Wrench is not only afraid of frying himself alive, but he's also afraid if he accidentally conducted the electricity. Also look at Fridge Horror below for the result.
  • While it's quite contested, keeping the "rangers forever" lyric goes well for this season. After all, it was revealed that Energems give you immortality. The characters are, quite literally, "rangers forever".
  • Why did Saban decide to skip Go-Busters and go straight to Kyoryuger? A number of valid reasons exist, but considering the many shout-outs to Power Rangers it has, adapting it into a Power Rangers season would be redundant anyways.
    • Speaking of shout-outs, while Go-Busters has a lot of them to Power Rangers, this season does the reverse, by having so many shout-outs to its Sentai counterpart.
    • Now moot after they made an adaptation Beast Morphers.
  • When Prince Phillip said that none of the rangers are worthy of the Gold Energem, he's right. After all, the others have already bonded with their respective energems. They wouldn't be able to bond with another energem. Plus, Ivan has already proved his worth to bond with it.
  • The end of episode 10 established that the rangers couldn't destroy Fury just yet due to Tyler seeing what looks like his father's ghost being trapped inside him. Cue episode 11, and Tyler didn't even hold his punches back when attacking Fury with his T-Rex Smash. This could be considered an error, but in the previous episode, he attacked Fury with his AND Chase's weapon, and Fury survived. If a combination of two weapons didn't destroy Fury, then it's safe to assume a single weapon won't.
  • Ivan's reluctance to join the Rangers initially makes sense in a historical sense, because he's from an era where allegiance to a feudal lord was prime, and as a knight, he'd be bound to Zandar's cause foremost. Asking to join the team isn't just a matter of adding an extra curricular like it was for most of the other rangers. It's a matter of changing his worldview to see that he can serve one cause while working for another. And unlike Koda, Zandar is very much still existent in the modern era, so there would naturally be some conflicting loyalties at first.
  • Sync or Swim provides a handy Show, Don't Tell why the rangers don't attack Sledge's ship once they got control of the Pterazord. Even though their megazords are capable of dodging laser fire, getting in too close would result in them being shot down just like the bomb was. Even with that explosive, Sledge was able to blow it up before it hit them, so hitting with a Stega sword or Ptera lasers might not work.
  • Tyler using his Tyranno charger without his energem makes sense because Fury was able to do the same with the Ptera charger. Even though it's draining, it is possible to use with leftover energem energy for a little while.
  • Sledge keeping Greenzilla sealed away in solitary confinement. While it IS incredibly strong, it also doesn't seem sapient and just destroys everything in it's path. Unlike his other prisoners, Greenzilla can't be communicated with let alone reasoned with, so it makes sense to keep it confined separately from the rest and more securely.
  • While not directly stated, there's a nice Aesop for Kendall when you pair "Wishing for a Hero" and "One More Energem". Kendall spends all of "Wishing" searching for someone to bond with the Purple Energem - never even considering that she could be the one who is worthy of it. But then when she steals it back while on Sledge's ship and heroically defends Keeper, she IS chosen as the new Purple Ranger. Keeper even says that she was always worthy, but just needed an opportunity to show it. So, don't go looking for a hero... go and be one. One could even argue that a subplot throughout the first season is Kendall's own Hero's Journey.
    • In "Wishing for a Hero", right after submitting her wish at the cursed stall, Kendall was nearly hit by a speeding vehicle. Before being rescued by Heckyl, she got a good look at the car's reflective surface. So, the wish card showed her the perfect person to bond with the Purple Energem: herself.
  • Though Heckyl forgot about the base (thanks to a monster's mind-wiping poison), he still got the rangers to trust him with his identities and could later figure out where the base is from there.
  • The first public Earth Branch of S.P.D formed in the year 2015. Given how there were three alien attacks in a row, this makes a lot of sense.
  • Sledge dying in the crash but no one else except some of the prisoners makes a lot of sense, considering Sledge was old to the point he couldn't remain active for very long, and had just been wounded in battle with the Red Ranger. Unlike the others, he wasn't in the best of shape as was and thus would likely have taken more damage. Also unlike the other monsters he wasn't locked in a cell or otherwise restrained and took the full force of the crash.
    • Now a moot point, since he was revealed to survive.
  • Tyler's dad keeping his distance makes sense when you recall how Fury was on his trail. Last thing he wanted was for his loved ones to get wrapped up in what he got himself into. This was later confirmed in the "Forged Under Fire" episode.
  • In "Riches to Rags", Spelldigger's coins disappear conveniently after he's destroyed. One may chalk this up to the usual "plot device of the week going down with the monster", but consider that one of Spelldigger's component is a magic amulet, the coins could very well be directly tied to said amulet. When the amulet was destroyed, so were the coins.
  • Wrench making a reanimator machine has some grounds. After all, he did build Curio out of monster remains. It's only natural for him to step up his frankensteining game. It's also appropriate that a machine used to reuse monsters is reused from another prop (specifically, the machine Fury used to recharge the Ptera Charger).
  • Heckyl said that he was locked in his cell for centuries but he looks like he is in his 20s. Why is that so? It's said that bonding with the Energem makes one immortal. Now, aside from the main 10 Energems, wasn't there an 11th one? The Dark Energem? That must be why Heckyl remained looking young and have not passed away of old age. It may be in Lord Arcanon's hands now but Heckyl is still bonded to it.
  • In Catching Some Rays, though people in the museum were affected by the Vacation Beam, Kendall, Koda, and Kendall's grandma weren't. Odds are that those people came into the place after being affected.
  • Arcanon really used his head in stealing the Zords. What better way to defeat the current big bad than with the weapons that constantly defeat them?
  • In Wings of Danger, Wrench revives 11 criminals to help Doomwing fight the rangers. However, these monsters are more easily destroyed compared with before...because he had to do a rush job on them. Since he couldn't give them their voices back due to the speed he was working at, it's possible they lost some of their fighting skills at such a hasty revival as well.
  • Sledge's travels across Earth went oddly undetected by Kendall. Of course, with the ship having the tech to cloak itself from detection, who's to say Sledge couldn't use it as part of his cybernetics. Though this troper's lost on how a monster has karaoke in Japan like it's no big whoop.
    • It's possible that Earth has started to receive more alien visitors after they began hearing of Earth as a safe haven against various alien empires. Ergo, while Sledge might seem a bit sinister, so long as he's not causing trouble, or perhaps if he said that he's costuming around Japan or something like that, Sledge could easily have sneaked below the radar.
    • Considering that Earth is where the Armada finally met it's end, and the fact it's stated that S.P.D's first public Earth branch formed in 2015, it's possible that there are already some aliens visiting Earth and only Amber Beach has people who know Sledge is evil currently.
    • In addition, his Jet Pack didn't seem that fast. It's possible he took so long because when you're traveling around the world, that takes a lot of time, especially if you're not going too fast.
  • If the spoiler in the YMMV page is to be believed, then there's a reason why the Talon Ranger doesn't exist even though in The Rangers Rock, the Spino Zord is present. To become a ranger, one has to bond with an energem. There are only ten good energems and none of them bonded to a spinosaurus in the past, while the Dark Energem functions differently. In short, there can be as many zords as they can build, but there will only be ten rangers.
    • There's also the fact that Heckyl (who likely would have been the Talon Ranger had said ranger been included) never used the Energem in one of the morphers - Spino Zord aside, the rangers can't transform without a morpher; and he never got his hands on a morpher.
  • Tyler having Mini-Rexy in the past seems weird but one could guess that he brought it along if they had to battle outside the zords.
  • Tyler and Shelby were the first two Rangers to morph on screen as well as the very last in Dino Charge. Lynn, you magnificent bastard you.
  • Heckyl going from being a proactive villain to a more laid back one after being found out by the Rangers makes more sense with revelations near the end of the season: while he still wants the Energems and getting any of them would be a bonus, his main goal now is to buy time for Sledge to complete his mission of planting the Greenzilla eggs across the Earth by keeping the Rangers busy and focused on Amber Beach.

Fridge Horror

  • If you think about it the monsters are screwed no matter what they do, if they accept Sledge's offer to get the Energems back they'll most likely die at the hands of the Rangers, if they refuse they remain in captivity.
    • Lightened somewhat by the fact that each of those monsters are galactic criminals who probably would've had a similar fate no matter what.
  • Once an Energem bonds to a person they stop aging which is how Koda lived into the modern era. But there's no way he could have known that at the time so as the rest of his tribe died he would have had no idea why he was the only one who lived...
    • Episode 4 all but outright states that whilst he didn't get to see them die, yes, Koda outliving his family is something that haunts him.
      • Episode 5 reveals that he was frozen for that long. Now imagine thawing out to find yourself in a drastically different environment. There's a reason he lives in the command center in an area that resembles his old home.
    • Even worse: Koda comes from a time where your family/tribe is almost literally your entire world. Koda has lost everything (slightly softened by the fact that he now has the Rangers as a surrogate family/tribe).
  • Everyone on Sledge's ship has been stuck there for the past 65 million years. If anyone looks like they're desperate to get off, you shouldn't really blame them.
    • It gets worse, In Episode 4 Wrench creates Curio out of parts of old monsters, implying that not all the prisoners survived this long!
      • To add to this, in episode 5 we see Wrench collecting the remaining bits and pieces of the now deceased Monster of the Week, Spellbinder. For whatever reason the prisoners don't survive (getting destroyed by the Rangers in the present and whatever varied reasons in the past), their body parts are kept by Sledge, like a macabre collector, for whatever he may find any use to them, Curio being just one example.
      • Then again being a bounty hunter, he may be able to collect some kind of reward, if only a lot less than normal, if he simply presented something they owned or anything like that. Those bounty sheets never really did say if they had to be taken in alive.
  • Sledge's threat about plucking Spellbinder and eating him for dinner becomes more horrifying when you consider they've been stuck there for 65 million years. Their rations have to run out some time, and they need something to eat. Suddenly those monster parts Curio is made out of have darker implications than just 'prisoners that get old or don't survive'.
  • Puzzler turning the thermostat to subzero temperatures means that the rangers would have been stuck in the equivalent of a freezer in summer clothes for at least half an hour. Even a few minutes in subzero temps in poor clothing can lead to a rapid drop in core temp, so if they were stuck there for hours, which was clearly Puzzler's intent; they could have died from hypothermia.
    • Well, everyone except Koda, who was stuck in a glacier and thus much more used to the cold. Hell, that's almost Fridge Brilliance itself!
  • One that works in-universe as well as out: Tyler was perfectly willing to destroy the being trapped within Fury at the end of "When Logic Fails", but by the next episode ("The Royal Rangers") he hesitates because he thinks that the being might be his dad, and he doesn't want to hurt him. Surely the reason he sounds so beside himself is because he's thinking that, had he acted too soon, he easily could have risk killing his own father.
  • Living forever might seem awesome and stuff after bonding with Energem, but doesn't anyway realized that means that they could potentially outlive their friends and love ones? While the rangers have each other for company and friendship, what about their families and their other friends? They get to live almost forever while their friends and families grow old and eventually die while they would most likely look the same. It can put a strain on any relationship alongside the emotional and mental impact on both parties.
    • Considering we have people like Camille who lasted 10,000 years without going crazy, I'm sure there are different support systems other ranger teams can help them with. And besides, knowing other series like Dino Thunder or Lost Galaxy, there's a good chance that whole "live forever" thing might wear off by the end of the season.
    • World Famous (in New Zealand) reveals that Keeper can unbind a ranger from their Energem. It's probable that he'll do this for them at the end of the season to allow them to live normal lives. At most, they've only stopped aging for about a year (barring Ivan and Koda of course).
  • Tyler and Shelby publicly impersonating Zandar royalty. Naturally, the real prince is pretty pissed off about it. Luckily, the he only gave them a slap on the wrist rather than arresting them or worse. It was for the greater good of the world, but they have secret identities to maintain.
  • Ivan offhandedly skips over the part of his story between getting caught by Fury and the current episode, which actually hammers home the fact that there couldn't possibly be anything to talk about, or for that matter ANYTHING, during his time in there.
    • Not to mention, the episode Freaky Fightday features Ivan's Identical Grandson, which means he had a family back then. Imagine a family man escaping from imprisonment only to find out time has passed for centuries, not to mention how his family would grieve at his supposed death.
      • Ivan seemed surprised that he has a descendant at all, meaning he had absolutely no idea that his wife/partner was pregnant when he was captured by Fury.
  • Now that Wrench created a reanimator machine for sledge, it's been shown to be capable of reviving any of the monsters the rangers destroyed. Now if there wasn't a limited amount of space for the machine to work, and Sledge wasn't being cautious sending out too many monsters at once, think of what he could do. All he'd need to do is have his prison Zerg Rush the rangers, and when they're all worn out from the attack, all he'd need to do is bring back his stronger monsters, and finish the job in round 2. Really makes you realize that Sledge is hardly risking financial security by sending out prisoners. It's just a relentless search for the right monster to take the energems, and anyone lost in the scuffle would just get revived afterwards. Devilishly scary.
    • And then Heckyl shoots the idea down in one single action - if he were to unleash every criminal he had simultaneously, they would just attack him en masse. Not even he could stand up to that pounding; so when Heckyl shows he can short circuit the cell doors, he forces Sledge's cooperation.
  • From the ending of One More Energem, Snide declares he is now going to go after the Energems. Heckyl is supposedly responsible for destroying whole galaxies as Snide. God help the rangers when he unleashes all that power!
  • This ties in with a point from Fridge Brilliance above, but Wrench was right to be afraid of electrocution. The episode Besties 4eva demonstrates the rather violent result of Wrench being electrocuted. Imagine what would happen if he was still on board Sledge's ship back at the beginning of season 1.
  • Just how wretched is the power rangers universe that planets and galaxies get destroyed left and right even 65 million years ago? Remember, Heckyl and Badussa were caught before Keeper flung them into space. Unless Sledge did some bounty hunting while flying through space uncontrollably, that means all the criminals had to have done their worst before being caught. So how bad is the Power Ranger universe that sentient life was going around destroying galaxies for millions of years before being checked or stopped by rangers and wizards around the universe?
    • This makes Mick from Ninja Steel's comment that the Milky Way galaxy is behind in the times even Harsher in Hindsight, could this be the result of villains like Arcanon and the Armada from Super Megaforce? Just how much worse are things in the Milky Way compared to other galaxies, and just how stunted has the Milky Way been in developing because of this?
  • It is possible in watching the Series Finale that we have just witnessed a Continuity Reboot of the entire Power Rangers franchise. The original earth was destroyed by the dark energem, and in the new earth, humans evolved alongside dinosaurs, but somehow became their masters rather than being stunted by their presence. Not only does this throw several events of the past into doubt over how they happened, but it also might mean that all the ranger teams before this one never happened.
    • And unfortunately, the world of Power Rangers ran on an inverse Superhero Paradox, where the Rangers are made in response to villains attacking. Meaning that if all the rangers never happened, then no one would be able to stop the villains when they set their sights on Earth.
    • There is a silver lining. Not every Ranger team relied on dinosaurs for their powers and the only one that relied on something related to their extinction could probably be replicated via the same method Anton did to make Mesogog. If anything, this would make Earth's defenses stronger, since humans could sic dinosaurs on alien invaders and ancient demons.
    • Plus while Tommy stated the Dino Gems were stated to be from the meteor that caused the Dinosaurs to go extinct, it's just as likely a theory he made based on the evidence he found when he discovered them. And if Anton ended up making Mesogog, he could have even given the Dino Gems their power to create a way to fight against him, meaning the Dino Thunder rangers still happened.
    • But there's no evidence Dino Charge takes place in the universe as the other series. It could be an alternate continuity to justify dinos still being around and not interfering with the other shows.
  • As he was made after Sledge returned to earth, with the premature destruction of Sledge's entire crew that means that Curio never came to exist at all. Poisandra not only died without ever getting married, but also without even her best friend.
  • Without Sledge to kill him, Archanon and his band of minions are still around, ready to strike.
    • Then again, as Heckyl was appointed as the new guardian of the dark energem, it's possible that Archanon was stopped earlier or at least stalled in his ambitions.
  • With the revelations of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and its second season, we have a surprisingly scary revelation: Sledge was NEVER in danger of running out of prisoners. While it seemed like all his cells were empty near the end, the reveal that he had other prisoners to explore Galvanax's ship in another universe means that while the Rangers had pushed back on him, he STILL hadn't run out of people to use. Just how big was his hold? And who else could he have used against them?

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