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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers Dino Charge

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Let's Go Green Ranger! Baaaaahhhhh!!!!
  • The Sabertooth Tiger at the beginning of "Return of a Caveman" (though the Conspicuous CG makes it more of a Nightmare Retardant).
    • Not to mention Koda's fall.
  • The way Chase looks when he is under Spellbinder's control. The eyes alone are scary enough, but the way he advances on Shelby with a loaded gun is something out of a Slasher film.
    • Earlier on, when it is explained how Chase bonded with his Energem, the idea of a baby inside of a stroller and dying is a scary thought.
    • Even when the bundle is revealed to be a cat instead of a baby, it's still scary to imagine an innocent kitten getting crushed by a truck.
  • The monster locked up in solitary confinement. It's not even fully contained in there as its tentacles are able to slip out and attack anything. If you're a Kyoryuger fan, you know exactly who is locked up in there.
  • The Adult Fear moment in Rise of a Ranger: Chase's little sister is in the middle of a firefight, being actively targeted by the bad guys, she's calling for her big brother, and Chase can't reach her.
  • Sledge is a genuinely scary villain due to how intelligent and competent he is. His plans may continually fail, but they are in general very good plans and he often has the Rangers playing catch-up before they manage to thwart his latest scheme.
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  • The way everyone looks to Shelby as if she's a fake when she fails her identity test. That was a real example of possible identity theft.
  • Albert Smith. He has bonded with the Purple Energem, stopped purse robbers, saved cats, and arrested thieves. The way he constantly freezes up in front of Monsters, wanting to kill him for the Energem serves as what can happen when an inexperienced Ranger goes up against a monster willing to kill them without hesitation.
  • Wrench was perfectly willing to toss Kendall into the incinerator.
    • When Sledge shows up, it actually becomes clear that he was planning on executing both her and Keeper, immediately. No convoluted death traps, no taking the time to try to interrogate either of them for information that he knows they would never give, just the immediate decision to get them out of the equation, permanently.
  • When the rangers are immobilized by Energem power, Sledge demonstrates that he is able to easily and literally tear out their Energems and steal their powers. The process doesn't look very pleasant either.
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  • Greenzilla. Not only is it hideous, it comes off as a non-sapient beast with little more intelligence than 'maul whatever is in front of me'. It basically spends most of it's battle with the Dino Charge megazord literally mauling it, with even their Finishing Moves not so much as scratching it.
  • The last few moments of "One More Energem": Sledge's ship is crashed, but someone is still alive on the ship, ready for his chance of power—It's Heckyl/Snide.
  • An in-universe one for Koda when Iceage almost freezes him in When Evil Stirs, it triggers memories from when he was frozen 100,000 years ago and Koda understandably panics.
  • Within hours of taking charge, Heckyl/Snide is able to capture five Rangers and, seemingly, line them up to be executed.
  • Nightmare in Amber Beach: despite the monster of the week's ridiculous design, his demeanor and the things he does involving his attacks on the Rangers (see the pic above) is pretty scary.
    • The confrontation between Heckyl and Shelby, which is tense simply because there's no telling what someone as psychotic as Heckyl would do in that situation.
    • Hell, Heckyl's behavior throughout the episode is akin to a stalker or killer.
  • Gone Fishin' features Riley's brother caught up in the machinations of Heckyl. Stuck below the surface of the water, slowly suffocating to death. It's just like in True Black, only here, it's even worse, because they don't even know where in the lake he is.
  • The backstory to the Dark Energem. The Evil Counterpart to the energems, it was hidden away on a planet called Sentai 6...only for an alien warlord to blow up the whole planet just to get his hands on it. Nasty.
    • And it has the power to bring out a person's dark side and give it form, as shown with the creation of Doomwing from Zenowing or completely corrupt a person, like it did with Heckyl.
  • Conductro and Screech's plan to use music to turn the entirety of Amber Beach into zombies, the music instantly causing anyone who hears it to not only fall under their spell, but also become pale with dark circles around their glassy eyes.
    • Alongside this, the ominous and disjointed music that Screech plays with his trumpet doesn't make it any better.
    • A child is among the zombified victims.
    • Conductro and Screech themselves could also add to the creepiness. While many of the other monsters are more colorful and silly looking in appearance, Conductro and Screech appear to be nothing more than humanoids in plain black and white suits and hoods, with each wearing a plain white mask, Screech's being an overbearing smile, and Conductro's being an agonizing and sorrowful frown.
  • The Rangers' plan to save the Earth in End of Extinction backfires horribly, causing the planet to be pulled into a black hole. Even with the Retcon after they go into the past fixing things, they will still have to live with the knowledge of what happened in the original timeline.

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