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Season 1

Return of the Prism
  • Sarah helping Preston pick up his props after his show was ruined by Victor.
  • Preston and Sarah shooting down Brody's decision to track down the Ninja Steel on his own since they're a team now.

Forged in Steel

  • Sarah comforting Brody when he has a slight breakdown when he realizes that there is no trace of Aiden anywhere at his old home.
  • Calvin and Hayley find Mick in the middle of the scraps he escaped in, after some confusion the Kudabots arrive to capture Mick. Despite barely knowing the alien the two decide to defend him.
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  • There's a lot of little moments between Calvin and Hayley showing they've been together for a while: he's comfortable with her driving his precious truck and bringing along her dog, when the Kudabots show up he instinctively nudges her slightly behind him, she's able to finish off the threat he starts to try and scare off the monsters, and they occasionally talk and move in unison.
  • There's something kind of sweet about the fact that the Big Man On Campus's best friend is such an obvious nerd, even if he does still occasionally bully him.

Live and Learn

  • Mick giving Brody a pep talk, reminding him that he can be a good leader to the team, and doesn't have to rely on the Datacom all the time.
  • At the end of the episode, Brody gives the team Ninjacoms as team communicators. Not only does it show the team fully come together, but it's a great homage to the original communicators from the Zordon Era.

Presto Change-o!

  • The other Rangers decide to fix up Brody's dad's truck as a surprise and he tells them that he loves them for doing it.

Drive to Survive

  • Hayley comforting Calvin after he crashes his bike.
  • Calvin overcoming his fear of driving to save Hayley and the others after they've been captured.

My Friend Redbot

  • We see here just how sweet Redbot is. Even as a robot, he has a desire for romance, courage, care. He's just an adorable character and this episode exemplifies this.
  • The end of episode dance party the team has. It gives you all the fuzzies seeing first Hayley giving Redbot the dance he wanted, and then the others joining in.

Hack Attack

  • As Sarah and her clones try to solve a problem, Mick enters with a strange mix of a drum, a trumpet, a harmonica and guitar, playing at once. Sarah chews him out for interrupting her, telling him that he can't do so many things at once but focus on one at a time. Mick gives her a smile and Sarah realizes this was his point, that spreading herself out among various clones makes her weaker, not stronger. She gives him an awkward "hug" before deactivating the clones to focus her sole mind on the problem.

Gold Rush

  • Despite having the world at his fingertips as a famous singer, Levi Weston proves to actually be a very down to earth, humble guy. Respectful to others, compassionate towards the less fortunate, and it's precisely these traits that got him chosen as the Gold Ninja Ranger.
  • Levi is surprised that Brody saved him during an attack, despite insisting he wasn't a fan. Brody says he was just helping someone in trouble, so Levi offers him a job as a bodyguard during his stay in town. Brody's not really interested, but he agrees on the condition that the other Rangers (who are fans) get backstage passes for the next concert.

The Ranger Ribbon

  • Preston takes the team to the Ribbon Tree, a local landmark where people attach ribbons in commemoration of special events. He then shows that he's made a ribbon with all of their names on it and wanted them to put it on together.
    • Hayley revealing that she and Calvin have a ribbon on the tree, to mark their anniversary.
  • What finally gets Preston's dad to change his mind about cutting down the tree? A ribbon falling off the tree and landing on his shoulder, one he and Preston's mother had put up when their son was born.
    • It's clear that Marcus loved his wife very much and her death still affects him, since her passing seems to have been a Cynicism Catalyst for him and drove him to become the shewed businessman we see in the beginning of the episode.
  • The Wham Line: I'm Aiden. Your brother.

Family Fusion

  • The reveal of Levi being Brody's brother is very beautifully done.
  • The last scene of the episode has the Rangers plus Mick and Redbot gathered around a campfire, singing the Romero family song, showing that they're all a family now.

The Royal Rival

  • Princess Viera of the Lion galaxy is convinced that "might makes right" and destroying the Rangers will prove herself worthy of leading her kingdom. But during their first battle, Sarah saves Viera from falling, which makes her reconsider.
  • Viera disguises herself to watch Sarah show off her latest invention, a cookie machine she uses for her small business class. A young boy grabs some cookies and runs off, Sarah chasing him. After catching him, the boy explains that he dropped out of school to take care of himself and his sister so Sarah gives him the machine to make some money, sacrificing a top grade (something she prides herself in) to help the kid out.
  • Moved by this, Viera reveals her identity to Sarah and says she now sees "kindness is a strength." Sarah is still dubious... until Viera's treacherous aide attacks and Viera takes a hard shot to protect Sarah. She then goes out of her way to defeat her underling to help the Rangers.
  • Sarah is ready to accept a failing grade when the kid returns, having used her machine to make enough money to get back to school and Sarah accepts that as more important than a grade.

The Royal Rumble

  • Mick has spent the episode in an uneasy alliance with Princess Viera. At the end of the episode, to apologize for what her family has done to him, she places a direct video call... to his parents!
    • Mick's parents are happy that their son is alive and well, asking if he's coming home. Mick promises he will but the Rangers need him more right now.

Monkey Business

  • The initial phase of campaigning has a sweet moment where Calvin talks about his qualifications, saying that although he might sometimes seem down to earth, as a mechanic, he'll do what he can to fix things. It's sincere, honest, and enough that even his "opposition" gives it an applause.

Galvanax Attacks

  • Dane Romero comes back and is reunited with his sons, recognizing them immediately and hugging them both. For an added bonus, take a look at what Dane's Ranger suit looks like now: he's still a Red Ranger but his sash is now gold, representing both of his sons.
  • The ending reveals that Brody and Levi taught the others their family song.
  • Mick telling the team that they will always be Rangers, even if they no longer have their Power Stars.

Season 2

Echoes of Evil
  • Seeing that Sledge and his crew ended up surviving being pulled into the wormhole from the season finale of Dino Charge.
  • Dane dropping Brody and Levi off at school, reminiscing when he graduated, and promising to see his sons later.
    • Brody and Levi's joint "Bye dad!", just for the fact that they can say it after a decade of believing Dane was dead.
  • The Rangers are overjoyed to see Mick again, even if he is the bearer of bad news.
    • They're also understanding if Mick chooses to leave but he decides to stay, to help make sure that Madame Odious is defeated for good.

Moment of Truth

  • The side plot of the episode revolves around Calvin and Hayley's anniversary, or rather how Calvin forgot about it. He initially lies, saying he remembered and got a gift but eventually comes clean. In a number of shows you would expect that Hayley would be angry and threaten to break up with Calvin, but she's rather understanding. She knows that Calvin is forgetful, that he can be late to things, and could show up covered in grease but those are the things she loves about him, the thing that upsets her the most is that Calvin choose to lie to her in the first place.
    • At the end of the episode, Calvin is able to get a gift: a calendar with pictures of the two of them. When Hayley notes that there's two calendars, Calvin states that the second one is for him and has their anniversary noted down so he doesn't forget.

Dimensions in Danger

  • Sometime between Dino Thunder and here, Tommy has married Kat and the two have a son they call JJ.
    • The two of them are holding hands as they enter the portal to return home.
  • Dialogue from Wes states that Tommy is well known among Ranger teams and is so trustworthy that a robot impersonating him could easily capture a number of Rangers because they let their guards down.

Love Stings

  • Preston finally works up the nerve to make things right and ask Sandy to the Valentines Dance.


  • Even before the start of the season, there was one during the cast reveal at Power Morphicon. The Power Rangers Dino Charge cast was given the chance to introduce the Ninja Steel cast, and Yoshi Sudarso was surprised and overwhelmed with pride as he announced his brother, Peter Adrian (Peter Sudarso), as the Ninja Steel Blue Ranger. Cue a very emotional hug (as in Yoshi crying and clinging to Peter) between the brothers onstage as the audience chants Peter's name.
    • Making this even better? Apparently Yoshi and Peter have been going to Power Morphicon together for a few years, Yoshi because of Dino Charge and Peter for fun.
    • And to amp up the surprise and heartwarming, Peter entered the audition for Ninja Steel, but Yoshi was told that he didn't make it. He wasn't even mad at his brother not getting the same part as his. But then, when he was given the envelope of just who gets to be the Blue Ranger... Yoshi thought he was just hallucinating, but then it dawned to him that his brother succeeded. That makes the hug between brothers so effective.
    • The rest of the cast reacting to it is one as well: when Yoshi first sees his brother's name on the card he freezes up and Brennan comes over to see what's wrong and when he sees Peter's name he playfully smacks Yoshi on the shoulder, Camille starts crying along with Yoshi when he announces his brother to the crowd, and when Yoshi sits down overwhelmed with emotion Michael comes over and hugs him with Camille joining them.
    • Yoshi has been a fan favorite now due to him feeling like One of Us. When it was revealed that his brother would be Blue Steel many in the fandom declared that Blue was sure to be the next breakout fan favorite.
    • Speaking of Peter, he'd used his social media presence to hype up last-minute replacement Yellow Ranger Nico Greetham in an attempt to soothe the Broken Base at his casting, proving he's every bit as sweet and kind as his big brother.
  • The return of Kelson Henderson to an on-screen role was a pleasant surprise to those who had liked him during the Disney era. note 
    • Especially since his character is the mentor this season, after years of playing side characters and voicing monsters it's a nice promotion of sorts.
      • Additionally, after a joke about it in SPD, seeing his character actually becoming a Ranger feels so right.
  • Yoshi and Peter doing their own power/season handoff.
  • Almost any background scene of Calvin and Hayley involves them holding hands or touching each other in some way. It's probably the most consistent affection an Official Couple has shown in the franchise, and a long-awaited aversion to the first half of No Hugging, No Kissing.
    • Moment of Truth averts the second half, Calvin kisses Hayley's forehead and the two kiss each other on the cheek near the end of the episode. We're still waiting on an actual liplock though.
      • The actors tried to squeeze a quick one into the season finale, but it was cut.
  • This picture of the cast relaxing is adorable.
  • Gareth Yuen (Dax from Operation Overdrive) giving his support to Peter Adrian (Peter Sudarso) as the Blue Ranger, even taking a selfie with him is very heartwarming to see.

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