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    Ninja Steel 

Return of the Prism

  • All of the foreshadowing about the Rangers' Zords, including Preston's changing into a dragon costume.
  • Brody stealing Ripcon's sword from right under his nose.
  • Mick decides he needs to transform into something soft for a landing. He concentrates and... poof! He becomes a boulder. Oh, Kelson Henderson, how we've missed your comic relief characters.
  • Preston and Sarah temporarily incapacitate Korvaka by... running straight into him on Sarah's hover board. By accident. While screaming in terror.
  • When the three get ready to fight Korvaka, Preston tries to make an intimidating stance with his hands open. Then he glances at Brody making fists, and quickly copies him.
  • Victor and Monty's introduction. They're pretty much a hilarious fusion of Bulk and Skull and Gaston and Lefou.
  • After the time it took them to bury the Prism under some rocks, it's rather funny that the work is undone by the Prism freeing itself and flying off.

Forged in Steel

  • The entire scene with Calvin and Hayley meeting Mick:
    • As they clear the road of the space debris, Calvin kicks aside a rock that transforms back into Mick much to the poor alien's annoyance.
    • Mick saying that Galaxy Warriors is the number one show in the universe before commenting that the Milky Way Galaxy is a bit behind the times.
    • Mick assuming that since Brody is from Earth, Calvin and Hayley automatically know who he is.
  • At the high school shop class, Mick planned on turning into a tire in order to blend in.
  • Calvin and Hayley fight the monster attacking Mick with a baseball bat and a tennis racket. Perhaps they know Tyler?
  • Right as Mick is about to attacked by Ripper Rat, the Prism slams into the monster and sends him flying.
  • When the rangers meet as a team for the first time, the new kids in town introduce themselves.
    Sarah: Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm from out of town.
    Brody: And I'm Brody! I'm from... out of space?
    Redbot: And I'm Redbot!
  • This seasons method of growing monsters requires the in-universe audience to agree to it beforehand.

Live and Learn

  • Calvin attempts to use the water mode of his Elemental Star outside of the shop class workshop. He loses control and crashes into some spare parts off screen. When Brody asks who wants to try fire mode next, he finds out other rangers have very quickly run off.
  • Mick changing into a school biology skeleton and nearly gives Brody a heart attack.
  • Victor and Monty suit up to fight a monster, it goes as well as you would expect. Fortunately, Spinferno went easy on them.
    • They also end up getting a video of their battle against Spinferno posted on the web, which ends up in a Stupid Statement Dance Mix with over 3 million views and climbing. When the camera pans back to the computer, the views have soared past 4 million.

Presto Change-O

  • Galvanax trying to find the next contestant, declares one candidate to be exceptionally strong but too ugly. Ripcon angrily points out that said monster is his mother.
  • Preston's belief made his magic real, so he creates yet another magic show and exacts a tiny bit of revenge on Victor and Monty for ruining his earlier attempts. Made even more hilarious by onlooking Brody's lack of reaction. Well, Preston is conjuring rabbits in his hat, so what? It is not like those rabbits are going to eat them.
    • When Monty gets sawed in half, his legs just get up and walk away. Then Preston is forced to abandon Monty to fight the monster, leaving him alone in the cafeteria to helplessly call after his legs.
    • When Preston gets his magic under control again he's able to put Monty back together... but accidentally makes him box-shaped. Preston is horrified, but Monty seems to actually like it, making lame puns about his situation and refusing Preston's offer to try and turn him back to normal.
  • There's something darkly hilarious about how Galvanax thinks he did Brody a favor by destroying his dad, and kidnapping and imprisoning him for most of his life.
  • The rangers face Galvanax for the first time. Brody is not afraid of him. The rest of the team, on the other hand...
    • It's followed by Hayley and Sarah trying to take him down a peg with petty insults. It works.
  • Calvin, Sarah and Hayley in slow down mode, making for some unintentional hilarity.
  • When Slogre manages to steal Calvin, Hayley, and Sarah's stars, he turns to the Buzzcams and begins thanking everyone who made it possible: his parents, his dog, his therapist, his therapist's dog...
  • Preston and Brody have a heart to heart about how Preston's new magic might have malfunctioned earlier because he was using it for personal gain, all while Preston has the monster tied up and thrashing about just a few feet away.

Drive to Survive

  • As much as he loves his truck, and building and repairing vehicles, it's revealed that Calvin doesn't know how to drive! Though it turns into a bit of Mood Whiplash when he explains why.

My Friend, Redbot

  • Badpipes forcing Cosmo and some Kudabots to put on a dance as his introduction.
  • When Brody asks Hayley what Kody is barking about, she responds that she doesn't speak dog. Brody sheepishly admits that she has a point.
  • Redbot running down Badpipes.
    Redbot: That's the worst music I've ever heard, and my cousin is a broken jukebox!

Hack Attack

  • In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, one of Sarah's clones is shown banging her head against the keyboard.
  • Sarah wants to hug Mic to thank him for making her realize what was she doing, but he is wearing a marching group drum, so she only hugs the drum.
  • Sarah's facial expressions through the whole situation are nothing less than hilarious. Some pretty good acting by Chrysti Ane helps it too.

Gold Rush

  • All the rangers are excited to meet the singer Levi Weston, except for Brody due to his...interstellar background. When he mentions he's not a fan to his manager, all the other rangers turn back to him and give him a Death Glare of "Come on man!"
    • While in line, Hayley talks about how cute Levi is. Cue Calvin behind her giving the most epic pout.
    • Preston explains to Brody that Levi's giving his biggest fan a backstage pass, which is why almost everyone in line is in a western-themed costume—and why Preston has a plush cactus attached to his butt.

The Ranger Ribbon

  • Cosmo's massive reaction to Trapsaw's Anvil on Head actually necessitates swapping out the Saban-made head, which can come across as a Jump Scare for some.

The Royal Rival

  • Victor and Monty being called out of a lineup... by a COW!

Grave Robber

  • The chosen Halloween costumes of the main 5 rangers are for the most part standard: a British soldier (Brody), Frankenstein's monster (Calvin), a wizard (Preston, of course), and a white witch (Hayley). But what is Sarah going as for Halloween? A Unicorn? With wings? I think someone might be a secret fan of a rival toy franchise!
    • Sarah's costume also doubles as a meta joke about her actress, who adores unicorns.
    • Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight, given that Hasbro is going to start making toys for the show after Ninja Steel ends.

Monkey Business

  • Haley and Calvin attempt to do opposing bake sales for their respective school president campaigns. Taking advantage, Victor and Monty instigate a food fight. Principal Hastings shows up to put a stop to it and as everyone looks at her in fear, Sarah points an adorable accusing finger at Haley's side.
    • Despite having some cream pie all over his face, Victor gives a "shame, shame" wag of his fingers.
  • Brody's ringtone is a very familiar jingle.

Helping Hand

  • Sarah's mom shows up and naturally, embarasses her daughter by her presence. Sarah is openly waving hands to the others and mouthing "help me" as they just watch.

    Super Ninja Steel 
Echoes of Evil
  • Victor and Monty had quit school after making millions selling a "scent" to keep monsters away. They arrogantly announce they're leaving, giving Hastings a million dollar check to make up for it. However, Odius' newest monster is not only immune but targets such folks (while the scent is horrible) and the company goes under. Victor and Monty burst into school steps ahead of an angry mob. Hastings informs them their check bounced as they admit they're bankrupt. They then fall to their knees, begging to be let back in. With a roll of her eyes, Hastings agrees just to shut them up.
    • Moments later, Monty's Monster Repellant goes off, stinking out the entire foyer of the school. In the background Brody and Aiden can be seen pointing at Preston to inquire if he did it, implying Preston does very stinky farts himself.

Making Waves

  • The wonderfully hilarious horrified reactions of Sarah and Hayley when they realize the former's mom and the latter's dad are going on a date.
  • Sarah is smiling when the group meet up. As soon as her mom calls Hayley's dad "handsome", Sarah has an utterly priceless "wait, what?" look on her face.

Game Plan

  • Everyone not named Brody gets hooked on the new video game to the point of playing in class. Every time the teacher looks away, the students in unison pull the games out; every time she looks back at them, the students in unison put them away. She eventually catches on, but then we see how Victor was playing: sitting behind a photo realistic panel of himself. Even the background matched perfectly.
  • Because the game is powering up the Monster of the Week, Levi and Mick need to figure out a way to get the students to stop playing. The plan: paint Levi green, give him a bad wig, and scream that this is what happens to players that reach the tenth level. It works and everyone throws their consoles away... except Victor, who thinks he'd look good in green.
    • After getting cleaned up, it occurs to Levi that Mick could've simply shape-shifted into the desired form. Mick admits that's true but says this was more fun.
  • When it's all over, Cosmo continues to play the game... until he learns the hard way that Levi and Mick's claim was Real After All.

The Need For Speed

Love Stings

Prepare to Fail

The Poisy Show
  • Koda defeats Sledge and his crew with a Christmas present. As inside:
    Sledge, Poisandra, and Wrench: AHH!! IT'S A BOMB!!!
  • Will Shewfelt posted the first preview clip on his instagram, which revealed that his character Brody has lost his father, much like Tyler from last season. Tyler's actor, Brennan Mejia, noticed it too:
    Brennan: I hate when dad goes missing for ten years! We should really invest in a gps lol
  • In the (pretty awesome) opening, the fact that Preston giving a flourish of his wand is placed at an epic beat meant to be on par with Calvin getting ready to throw down with his Ninja Star Blade.
  • It seems like some of Kelson's previous roles have stuck around.
  • The past few years, France has premiered episodes following the hiatus several weeks ahead of US air dates. Saban Brands stopped them from doing so for the first season, but then Spain went ahead and aired them a few days later.
  • Both funny and awesome: the way Peter Sudarso was revealed as Ninja Steel Blue. In two vlogs posted by his ex-girlfriend, it's revealed that Chip Lynn had lied to Yoshi about Peter not getting cast, and then Peter had to keep it a secret until Morphicon.