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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

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     Pre-Premier WMGs 
Jiraiya will be adapted as a previous contestant
The rangers will help him escape and he'll briefly aid them.
  • This one isn't entirely out of the question - Jiraiya wasn't one of the Metal Heroes series adapted into VR Troopers, so they wouldn't have to connect it to that show. Then again, they didn't adapt the episodes of Shinkenger featuring Kamen Rider Decade when they made Samurai (despite Masked Rider having no connection to Decade), so this one's 50-50.
    • Well, the Jiraiya Shuriken showed up at a toy fair alongside other Shuriken that are in Ninja Steel, and unlike the Type Tridoron Shuriken mentioned below, this one actually appears in the TV series, so there's actually a decent chance of this one being confirmed.
  • If the 14th episode description for Super Ninja Steel in French is to be believed, Jiraiya may be appearing as Sheriff Skyfire, who is misled by Madame Odius to believe that the Ninja Rangers had stolen the Ninja Nexus Prism.
  • Partially confirmed. Space Sheriff Skyfire is not a contestant per se, but the deception by Madame Odius is still there.

Kyuemon will be adapted as Zircon's executive producer
While Zircon is the entertaining host for the viewers at home, Kyuemon is truly running the show: sending monsters, picking who should fight who, etc. Eventually she'll become The Starscream and try to seize control for herself.
  • ...on that note, Kyuuemon will actually be female in the adaptation, taking advantage of the Viewer Gender Confusion to add an additional female villain to the cast.
    • And possibly become the Ranger's principle to spy on them, judging from the fact that person looks to be a reoccurring character so we could have a repeat of the Elsa situation from Dino Thunder.
    • We're not sure about Madame Odius' role within Galaxy Warriors, but she actually is operating behind Galvanax's back, which may be setting up her upstaging him. And, obviously, is female.

Ariake no Kata will be related to Poisandra
They're both romantically entangled with their series' Big Bad, and both have a beautiful-yet-unnerving design to them (Poisandra's zipper mouth, Ariake's face under her mask).

The Ninja Star Burger will be built for the gold ranger by Kendall and Shelby
Two scientists, adept at engineering, familiar with ranger powers, and working out of a Burger Fool? It practically writes itself.
  • Jossed in regards to the morpher (they're using a modified Ninja Star Morpher), although we don't know what the gold ranger will use to summon his zords, so there's still a chance.
    • Jossed completely. Levi's version of the Star Burger is simply a camera-phone.

The crossover with Kamen Rider Drive will play a part here
Alternate dimensions are a thing in the PR universe and having the police here get involved would be quite an interesting change, even if it's not what we're used to.
— We're all just really hoping for the day another Kamen Rider show will get adapted in the US it seems.
  • I can see them adapting the Drive crossover in 2 ways - the first is do something similar to the Jiraiya WMG and have the PR version of Drive be a previous contestant from another planet (maybe to tie it into Dino Charge, they have him be from Kamen 5), and he ends up helping the rangers for an episode or two before going back to his planet (and maybe returning for the finale if he ends up being popular enough) - not only would this confirm that there is a PR version of Kamen Rider, but it would also avoid the risk of this being seen as "A Friend in Need" 2.0. OR they adapt the scenes that had Shinnosuke untransformed (reshot with PR actors, of course), such as the one where he is interrogating Akaninger, and then have Shinnosuke's counterpart go outside to try and fight the monsters, wearing the Drive belt (they could even just use a toy), and be just about to transform...before his transformation is interrupted when he's knocked aside by the rest of the Ninja Steel rangers.
    • A while back, someone uploaded the crossover to Youtube, and it was recently taken down - and it was claimed not by Toei, but by "Saban's Power Rangers". And before you try and brush this off as a coincidence: The first 2 Super Hero Taisen Movies are on there as well, and they haven't been removed, despite starring the Goseigers, Gokaigers, and Kyoryugers (which were adapted into Megaforce and Dino Charge). Hmm...
      • At a toy fair, they showed the Type Tridoron Shuriken alongside other Shuriken that have been confirmed to appear in Ninja Steel. However, there's 2 reasons to doubt this: 1), Ranger Keys for the Dairangers were shown at a toy fair alongside toys from Megaforce and those toys never got released, so it could just as easily be Saban just showing them off because they didn't have anything else to; 2), the Type Tridoron Shuriken only appeared in Super Hero Taisen GP Kamen Rider 3, where the Ninningers only appeared for one mecha fight scene.
      • And nothing happened. We've passed the point in Ninninger where the crossover was, and Drive is nowhere to be seen.
      • Semi-confirmed, actually. Yokai Buruburu's suit is used for one of Sledge's prisoners, though he has yet to actually be fought.

The Gold Ranger will be an alien trying to fit in with humans
The Gold Ranger will come to Earth at some point during the series, potentially as one of Zircon's contestants, explaining why he fights the Rangers multiple times, but his cowboy motif will be explained by him loving "Earth culture", which he mostly experienced through old Earth TV programming, thus him thinking that all humans are cowboys who love to eat burgers.
  • Jossed. He's human.

The Alien Rangers will show up
Seeing that the Ranger's battles will be broadcasted throughout the galaxy, it isn't unfeasible that the Aquitian Rangers will learn of the new Rangers, and most likely appear to give them the Alien Ranger Ninja Power Star.
  • If they use the Ninninger villains as Zircon's group, they would reveal that their galaxy has warriors similar to Ninjas, which would explain why the Alien Rangers fight like Ninjas.
  • At this point, not likely. Episode 8 used the footage from Shinobi 7, and it was explained that Sarah and Mick made the counterpart to the Kakuranger Nin Shuriken.

Star Ninger's counterpart
This theory is also in the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger page. His counterpart will be a Burger Fool who wants to be a rock star. He'll either want to be a country rock star, or the restaurant he works at has a cowboy theme to it.
  • Based on the first episode, it seems like Star Ninger's counterpart could be Aiden, Brody's brother, considering we don't see what happened to him.
  • Jossed - the Gold Ranger is Levi Weston, a country singer (of course, he could secretly be Aiden, hiding in plain sight under an alias, but that's another WMG). And if the information from early character blogs on the Canal J (a French TV network set to air the series this summer) is accurate, Aiden IS Levi, using a stage name. Episode 12 confirms he had his memories stolen shortly after getting the Gold Power Star, so he doesn't know he's Aiden when he first meets the rest of the team.

The Ranger's Names
Just for fun, let's guess names and say why we put them here:
  • The Red Ranger will be named: Herman (since he's a Casanova Wannabe)
  • The Pink Ranger will be named: Glory (a Meaningful Name since a Morning Glory is a pink flower)
  • The White Ranger will be named: Wendy (she'll be The Klutz like Fuka, and Wendy sounds like "windy", which could knock a klutzy person down)
  • The Yellow Ranger will be named: Bobby (a reference to Bobthe Builder, since his Zord will be dump-truck themed)
  • The Blue Ranger will be named: Sergei (who will be a Huskie Ruskie, in personality)
  • The Gold Ranger will be named: Kinji (like his Sentai counterpart)
Going with the old-school game show thing, they could all be named in honor of classic TV shows:The Rangers could all be named after famous martial artists:
  • Red Ranger: Jett. He'll be less "fired up" than Takaharu and will be the brother of...
  • Blue Ranger: Bruce! He'll be louder than Cloud, but still smart.
  • White Ranger: Jackie. Shortened from Jaqueline to sound cuter.
  • Yellow Ranger: Sonny. Because it sounds like "Sunny", which people associate with yellow.
  • Pink Ranger: Either Donna or Dawn. Because Donnie Yen is cool enough for people to name a girl after him.
  • Gold Ranger: Tony, in reference to Tony Jaa. Or he'll be Jesus: Christian Martial Artist!
    • Considering the Geki Juken masters in Gekiranger were named after martial artists, this last one would be too Jungle Fury to fit this season.
  • All of the names for the core five have been jossed. The official names are: Brody (Red), Sarah (Pink), Calvin (Yellow), Hayley (White), and Preston (Blue). Gold is Levi Weston.

We will finally have an Asian Red Ranger
Dino Charge changed things up by giving us our first African-American Pink Ranger, and with the Ninja theme of the season, it's possible.
  • Zigzagged. He's not East Asian like some people were hoping, but Will Shewfelt is Desi. But on the other hand, Brody, the character he is playing as, seems to be Hispanic.

They won't adapt Midoninger
Not just for the same reason we didn't get the Talon Ranger in Dino Charge, but also because she was a movie-exclusive ranger, and they'd have to film a lot of fight scene footage.
  • I don’t know. She appeared on a 25th anniversary poster with every ranger ever (except the Phantom Ranger).

Our Five-Token Band will consist of...
  • An African-American Red, Latino Blue, Caucasian Yellow and Pink, and Asian-American (possibly Filipino) White.
    • Gold in this case would be another Caucasian.
  • Going from the previous WMG, an Asian-American Red, Caucasian Blue, Maori Yellow, African-American White, and Arab Pink.
    • Gold in this case would be another African-American.
  • An African-American Red, Asian-American Blue and Pink, Caucasian Yellow, and Native American White.
    • Gold would be Caucasian in this lineup.
  • Caucasian Red and White, African-American Yellow, Maori Blue, and Indian Pink.
    • In this one, Gold is Arabic.
  • Asian-American Red and White, Caucasian Blue, Latino Yellow, and African-American Pink (It was popular the first time).
    • Gold would be an Indian guy.
  • Chinese for Red, a magical Elf from a hidden-mystical forest for Blue, Caucasian/Latino for Yellow, Japanese for White and sentiment Robot who takes the form of a white girl for Pink
    • Gold will be a 'MURICAN redneck! Or one of the alien who participated in the villains' game.
  • An East Asian or Indian Red, Caucasian (Russian) Blue, Pacfic Islander Yellow, Jewish White, and Latina Pink.
    • And an African-American Gold.
      • Jossed. We have Hispanic Red (Will Shewfelt isn't Hispanic, but he does pass for it enough that the character ma be considered as such), Asian-American Blue, Caucasian Yellow and Pink, and African-American White. While Jordi Webber is from New Zealand, Levi's ethnicity is a bit hard to pin down, although he does have a hint of Hispanic traces like Brody (the character, not Will Shewfelt).

The Mooks will be a PR-exclusive design
A little far-fetched but mostly because the mooks used in ToQger and Ninninger look a little too Earthbound to pass as aliens (except maybe the Jukkarage).
  • Jossed. They are using the Hitokarage regularly. Not to mention the villains still do retain their Feudal Japan features despite their outer space origin (probable cultural appropriation though?).

Ninja Steel will be the first Power Rangers series to feature a crossover with Super Sentai
If we assume the "ToQgers will be pulled into the game from another dimension" angle noted below comes true.

Koda will appear in the series
Because they might as well put Yoshi Sudarso's cameo appearance in Ninninger to good use.
  • Even more likely now that it's been revealed that Yoshi's brother is playing the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger.
  • They better have a good explanation for what the heck Koda is doing in the present again if that happens.
    • He probably came back during Christmas, the best season for time travel.
  • Confirmed! He's set to appear in the crossover "Dimensions in Danger"! Whether they'll use the Sentai footage is another matter.
    • They ended up not using Yoshi's scene from Ninninger.

Ninja Steel will be set in a city outside of California.
For example, near Las Vegas, Nevada or on the coast of Oregon.
  • Jossed, it takes place in Summer Cove, California.

This season will probably use a remix of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm theme.
Or probably that of Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
  • Jossed.

Both of the Ninninger Transformation Trinkets will be Adapted Out.
The Ninja Ichibantou is too bulky and too violent for children's TV given that it's based on a sword, while the Ninja Star Burger (a cheeseburger-shaped phone) looks way too silly to use as a morpher.
  • People said the Gaburivolver would be adapted out for being a gun; if anything, a sword would less likely to be dropped, since it's usually seen as an elegant weapon of a more-civilized age.
    • Half-confirmed: the Karakuri Hengen is now the morpher while the sword is just a sword. However, the sword still summons the Zords and powers.
    • Semi-confirmed on Starninger's transformation device - the Ninja Star Burger makes an appearance as Levi's cell phone, but it has nothing to do with his powers. His transformation device is a redesigned Karakuri Hengen.

The Gashadokuro are renamed "Revoltozords" in honor of Rito Revolto
Since Rito was originally called Gashadokuro, and the Gashadokuro here actually have a cockpit area unlike the Vivizords.
  • Jossed. They're called "Skullgators."

Both series involve spinning the discs/shurikens to activate the morph, and the sequence itself will be brief yet substantial.
  • Confirmed. The Ninja Power Stars are spun to initiate the morph, and the helmets' visors are closed to complete the morph.

Preston will be Koda's descendant
This will be done as a Real-Life Relative nod.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense if Preston was Taku's descendant?
    • With Koda being sent back to his own time in the Dino Charge finale, this could happen.
  • A moot point now that Dimensions in Danger has established that the Dino Charge universe and the one Ninja Steel occurs in are separate ones.

Chrystiane Lopes was supposed to be playing as Hayley, the white ranger.
But then the producers realized that a white girl is going to be designated as the white ranger. They don't want Unfortunate Implications to happen just like the original series.
  • Um... Do people just forget about Udonna?

Brody, the red ranger, will be from a Asian country.
He (as a character, not an actor) could be an Indonesian, Philippine, Malaysian etc.
  • The actor Will Shewfelt is Desi, so this could be a possibility.
  • His last name is Romero, suggesting possible Hispanic heritage. It doesn't shoot down the idea completely, though.

Neo-Grifforzer will be used as a villain
Why not? They used Neo-Geildon for Snide after all.
  • Except Neo-Geildon came from a crossover that the source material for Dino Charge was a part of. While they did have a lot of Snide's footage be original, they had SOME stock footage they could have used. Neo-Grifforzer never encountered the Ninningers, much less fought them.

Brody, the Red Ranger, is from Triforia
An interview with his actor mentions Brody has "an unexpected surprise". Perhaps that surprise is that he's an alien, and this way they could use the footage of the three Akaningers.
  • Jossed by episode 2's synopsis. Brody has a hometown on Earth.
    • He could still be an alien but was born and initially grew up on Earth before leaving it, evidence seems to point to him being kidnapped.
      • At the very least, his being kidnapped has been confirmed.

This season will have the very first full team-up in the Neo-Saban era.
Obviously the cost will be high in order to get the original footage, as well as the DC cast in, but on the other hand, it would be well worth it for the fans and would provide a lot of great moments for both teams.
  • DC Blue and Blue Steel having a You Look Familiar moment (because the actors are brothers Peter and Yoshi Sudarso).
  • Keeper and Heckyl meeting with the Ninja Steel mentor, and helping in the final fight of the teamup.
  • A potential joke about the 'Dino Steel' being based off the Ninja Steel or vice versa.
  • Potentially the long awaited Talon Ranger...
    • Possibly confirmed for the trailer for Super Ninja Steel... Sledge and Wrench appear in said trailer.

Brody is a homage to Star-Lord.
He's returned from space, and is heading back to his hometown. Was he kidnapped, just like Peter Quill?
  • Not sure (especially since the comics version of Quill willingly went to space as a NASA astronaut and got stranded there), but he was indeed kidnapped.
  • While he was kidnapped, it doesn't appear the homage (if any) goes further than that.

Brody was recruited by an alien to help protect the Ninja Nexus Prism.
But the alien and the Prism were captured. Brody went to the ship and was forced to leave his alien friend behind in order to escape with the Prism to Earth.
  • Jossed. Brody was kidnapped along with the Ninja Nexus Prism being stolen by Galvanax; when he does escape, his two closest friends (Mick and Redbot) go with him.

The fact that the monsters resemble creatures from Japanese mythology will be an Elephant in the Room since they're all aliens
Just like in MMPR season 3, and how Megaforce ignored Gokaiger's pirate motif.
  • I could see this happening - ignoring a team's entire motif is really irritating, but since they are addressing the ninja theme for the team, fans would probably let this one slide.
  • More or less confirmed - the yokai motif is never mentioned.

Ninja Steel will end up being the new low point of the Power Rangers franchise
It would also break the Star Trek Movie Curse by being the first non-anniversary season to be considered "bad" among fans.
  • Not gonna happen for 2 reasons: 1. Samurai broke that curse first (while it has been Vindicated by History, it was still the first non-anniversary series that fans considered "Bad"), so at the most, it could be the first Judd Lynn series that is considered "Bad" (not counting Turbo, since he wasn't on the full run of that show); 2. unless Saban decides to only give Ninja Steel 1 season, the second half will be the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers.
  • Ninja Steel has shown decent approval thus far. If that will keep up for Super Ninja Steel is yet to be seen.

Ninja Steel will end up being the new highest point of the Power Rangers franchise
It will become the standard by which all future seasons are judged.
  • Jossed. The series is fairly well regarded, but it's not considered the best by most fans.

Ninja Steel will find some excuse to use the Crows from ToQger as mooks at least once.
Just like with the Craterites and Triptoids from In Space and Dino Thunder.

The Deathgaliens will be used for the second half of Ninja Steel.
Since the Deathgaliens are themed after gamers, they should be fit with the intergalactic game show premise.


     Main Series Guesses 

There will be no mentor figure.
The premiere didn't introduce once (which is generally where they show up) and the team so far has no shortage of scientific and mechanical know-how (including one regular mechanic, one prodigy engineer, an alien super-engineer, and a robot who can probably out-science them all). Instead the team will develop their gear themselves which will help to explain the Meta Mecha motif.
  • Depends on whether you consider the magical space shuriken to count as a mentor figure or not
    • Mick seems to be filling this role, with him telling the Rangers about legends he's heard relating to the Prism, giving pep talks, and advising them to not use their new abilities selfishly.

Korvaka, the monster that the Ninja Steel rangers fought is a member of the Fearcats
Yes, it's obvious its a reused monster suit from Operation Overdrive/Boukenger, but that's my personal headcanon.

Dane will become the counterpart of Shishi-Oh
  • Jossed - Princess Viera is the counterpart.

Chantz Simpson will play the gold ranger/Aiden
Nico Greetham was originally going to play the gold ranger/adult Aiden, and they'll make an excuse that Aiden changed his appearance to help hide the Ninja Steel better
  • Jossed: Gold ranger is played by Jordi Webber and is named Levi Weston. And according to character bios from the French network airing the series, Levi is Aiden under a stage name. This was later confirmed in-series.

Shot into the darkness: Madame Odius is the real main villain of this series
  • Galvanax appears to be the main Big Bad while Madame Odius is The Starscream.
  • Confirmed. With Galvanax out of the picture, she takes over as the Big Bad for season 2.

Dane didn't die but merged with the Prism
This could explain how and why it flew off on its own.
  • Essentially confirmed, since he's coming back out of it in the season finale.
  • Well, that's indeed pretty much what happened. The Prism absorbed his spirit and nursed him back to health just as Galvanax struck him down, and he was brought back when the time was right.

Principal Hastings knew Dane Romero or was contacted by Aiden
How else would the trophy with the Ninja Steel have remained where it was for the past ten years with no one really questioning it?

Brody is going to have some serious Fish out of Water issues
He's spent over half of his life in the company of aliens, mainly evil ones aside from Mick and Redbot, so it wouldn't be too much of stretch to think that he may have picked up some bad traits in order to survive over the years. Unfortunately, those aren't going to be easy for him to give up anytime soon and it would put him at odds with the other Rangers if they and make him change. Of course, it will lead to a lesson about how sometimes you have to do certain things that may seem terrible to people who don't understand the situation in order to stay alive.
  • We haven't seen much of that, except for the calculator-in-class thing. If Brody does have such issues, they're pretty much an Informed Flaw by now.

Madame Odius got the Gold Power Star from Aiden, the true Gold Ranger
Aiden pulled out the Gold Power Star out of the Prism but Madame Odius somehow ambushed him and stole it.
  • Confirmed as for Madame Odius trailing the Gold Power Star and stealing it. However, the Gold Ranger is Levi Weston. We later learn that Levi Weston is Aiden's stage name - confirming this WMG in its entirety.

Madame Odius is a good guy, and will become the Gold Ranger
She infiltrated Galvanax's crew years ago to try and get ahold of the Nexus Star not for herself, but to protect it. After ten years, she managed to convince him to return to Earth so that Brody could liberate the Prism and get the Power Stars to the humans who would become rangers. She doesn't possess the gold star for any nefarious reason, but because she really was noble enough to draw it from the Prism. Later on she'll reveal her true allegiance, take on a human form, and join the team officially.
  • Jossed. She was holding the real Gold Ranger hostage.

Brody will be convinced that the Gold Ranger is Aiden, whether it's true or not
Once they meet Gold, Brody theorize that he's his brother due to the ninja powers and connection to the Power Stars. Like Tyler thinking the being inside Fury would be his dad, Brody would confront Gold many times hoping for him to confirm that yes, he's Aiden. This could turn out to be true, or it could be a Red Herring like last time and the Gold Ranger will be someone completely different, with Aiden appearing later.
  • Jossed. Brody's met the Gold Ranger, and doesn't think he's Aiden. However, the Rangers did mistake another character for being the Gold Ranger (when he was really just holding onto the Gold Power Star for the real person).
    • This ended up being confirmed. Levi was Aiden but had his memories stolen so he didn't know it.

Chameleon Green will get an Early-Bird Cameo
It's pretty likely that Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger will be skipped in favour of adapting Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. Both Kyuranger and Ninninger have featured female green rangers who are also ninjas. So, later on in Ninja Steel, a mysterious girl will show up and declare herself the Green Ninja Steel Ranger so that she can fight alongside the team. Along the way they'll discover she's faking it using alien disguise powers—not maliciously, but because she just really wanted to be a Power Ranger. There will be a moral about not pretending to be something you're not, but they'll tell her that if she believes in her own strengths then she could be a Ranger some day. And then the season after, she will be.
  • One problem: The green ranger in question only appeared in one movie. They didn't adapt Deathryuger (he has a name, but he never appeared on screen) despite him having more footage (while he was only Deathryuger in 1 movie, his costume was reused as KyoryuNavy in 100 years after). What they SHOULD do is have the future Chameleon Green be something like the White Racer from Gekisou Sentai Carranger and have her be a Ranger wannabe with a makeshift costume.
    • While the lack of footage could be an issue, they can still shoot additional footage. Furthermore, them not adapting something last time doesn't prohibit them from adapting it this time.
      • And jossed, mainly due to the fact that the next series isn't adapting Kyuranger.

Victor and Monty are Madame Odius' spies
She mentioned in the first episode that she had spies on Earth who told her that the Ninja Steel was still there. It could just be a throwaway line, but we may meet her spies later down the lane and discover that Victor and Monty are Obfuscating Stupidity and secretly alien monsters.
  • If this gets confirmed, then their monster forms will be based on the animal ninjas from Ninninger.
    • Unlikely - episode 21 shows them cooperating with her, but it's against their will.

At least one monster won't get Gigantified
They'll be defeated at normal size and Cosmo will bring out the buttons to ask if they deserve another chance, he'll try to get the audience hyped, and...silence. The monster's last words on Earth will be asking if he wasn't entertaining enough.
  • Confirmed: Though Cosmo Royale still sent down a Skullgator (the power rangers version of the Gashadokuro) to fight the power rangers anyway.

Brody's dad is still alive
Ninninger's Sentai footage more or less confirms it. And if they're going with the Brody's dad is the red ranger angle then it's a sure bet that Aiden will also be a red ranger.
  • Aiden being a red Ranger is Jossed. He's the Gold Ranger.
    • And early leaks of the season finale also confirm it - Dane returns from the Ninja Nexus Prism, and he and Brody fight side by side as two of the three Red Rangers... the third Red Ranger in the footage is Mick.

The series will crossover with Dino Charge
And they'll use Dinomaru from Ninninger in the crossover special since it's a dinosaur and is compatible with the Ninja Steel Megazord.
  • The trailer for Super Ninja Steel shows Sledge and Wrench, so it's possible.
  • And Koda appears in "Dimensions in Danger" and the finale, so confirmed.

Ninja Steel-powered abilities
Preston's already developing magical powers thanks to exposure to the ninja steel, so it would be no surprise if the other rangers also eventually gain civilian powers based on their greatest desires.
  • Sarah will become as powerful as a freight train.
    • Alternative, she already has her intelligence turned Up to Eleven, allowing her to build gadgets that is way beyond her time.
  • Calvin will be as fast as his truck Nitro.
  • Hayley will bond with Kody and gain enhanced senses.
    • It could be revealed that for all of them, their greatest desires are each other and so the Ninja Steel gives them the power to always protect each other.
  • Brody's abilities are already present: he's becoming a powerful ninja in order to find his family.
    • Though his desire to find his family may crop up again if everyone else's starts getting fulfilled and he feels left out.
  • Dane was also affected: he wanted to protect his children, and was able to cause the Nexus Star to split. Furthermore, he may have fused with the Nexus Prism itself to further help them.

The magician who inspired Preston to learn magic was one of the Mystic Force Rangers.
Not necessarily Chip, who would match the Sentai, but one of them.

GekiatsuDai-oh won't get adapted
Having a main megazord w/ two forms, 3 auxiliary zords, a sixth ranger megazord, and a carrier zord will cram up the twenty episodes this series will have without getting a "super" season. maybe nick will relent on their "20 episodes per season" rule and give Saban extra space for it.
  • Not likely at this point - there's a second season coming.
    • And this WMG is officially jossed - the toy has been revealed, and the Blaze Megazord itself appears in the trailer for Super Ninja Steel.

The yellow button on the Gigantifying machine engages a Kill Sat or a shrink ray
We've seen that the red button on the left enlarges the monster and the blue button in the middle sends a Skullgator instead. But what does the right button do? Its lack of use brings this question for people who hadn't seen Ninninger and don't know if there are more formulas for the mecha fights. Since the title of the WMG is supposed to be a guess, this is just throwing something out, but the yellow button on the right might send down a beam either to vaporize the monster if the audience doesn't like him, or just go straight to full-on assault mode if Galvanax gets sick enough of losing contestants. Or it may shrink an already-Gigantified monster (for this at least there is a precedent, which is what happened to Sledge in the Dino Charge finale).
  • Jossed - it's used to send people from the Warrior Dome ship to the planet's surface.

Levi isn't Levi
He's an alien that's been altered to look like Levi and act as a Manchurian Agent for Odius. She referred to him as a "stowaway", which wouldn't make sense if she just straight-up kidnapped Levi like he said. The real Levi really was taken, but is still on the ship. His mind was copied and pasted overtop of the alien's, and his ability to wield the Gold Power Star was transferred as well (Odius did mention a "transfer" nearing completion while he was still held captive). Eventually the Rangers will discover this, but by that time the alien will have shaken his brainwashing and genuinely fight with the rangers.
  • Jossed and inverted. Aiden created the Levi Weston identity to hide himself, but after getting the Gold Power Star, he was captured by Madame Odius, who stole his memories of being Aiden and put them into a robot that claimed to be Aiden. When the robot is destroyed, Levi regains his memories of being Aiden.

Odius will frame Ripcon for the Gold Ranger
The end of Episode 8 has Odius taunting Ripcon by suggesting that perhaps he is the traitor they're looking for. That would suggest that she's going to frame Ripcon for hiding the Gold Ranger onboard the ship. Ripcon will try to prove his loyalty to Galvanax by facing the Rangers himself, which ultimately leads to his destruction.
  • Confirmed.

Masakage Tsugomori and/or Ariake no Kata's PR counterparts will be introduced after Ripcon's death.
Just like in Ninninger. Unlike in Ninninger they won't be Galvanax's servants, but will instead be independent villains with their own agenda.
  • Well, Ariake no Kata's counterpart has been seen in a trailer (she's just in shadow, and goes unnoticed due to the bigger surprise of Sledge and Wrench returning.) Still no sign of Tsugomori, and schemes that were his in Ninninger have been assigned to others in Ninja Steel.
  • Confirmed, as both feature in Super Ninja Steel.

The first season ends with the Rangers defeating Galvanax, but not destroying him.
Galvanax's defeat causes all his fans to turn against him, which enables Odius to take over and become Season 2's primary villain. This is foreshadowed in Episode 4 when Odius warns Galvanax that his fans will turn on him if they perceive him as being weak.
  • Jossed; Galvanax dies.

Cosmo Royale will secretly help the Rangers in at least one episode.
He actually likes the Rangers because they draw big ratings, and it's pretty clear he only obeys Galvanax out of fear. It wouldn't be a surprise if he decides to secretly help out the Rangers, since their continued survival benefits him.
  • Jossed. He stays a villain.

Principal Hastings is a monster disguised as a human.
Notice how she looks kind of like Ninninger's Yokai Futakuchi Onna.

Preston's mom had a side-ponytail

Levi subconsciously recognized Brody as his brother
It could be why he got along with him so soon after they met.

The return of Sledge
The Sledge showing up for season 2 is the one that got pulled into the black hole in the original Dino Charge timeline and has ended up in the current timeline, which was created either because of the Rangers or Heckyl and Zenowing's interference in the past.
  • Alternately, he was sucked into an alternate universe.
    • Confirmed. After escaping from the black hole, Sledge has Wrench scan for any sign of the Energems and when nothing comes up, they conclude that they've ended up in another universe.

Ninjor is somehow involved with the Prism, Ninja Steel, and/or Power Stars.
Ninjor is the creater of the Power Coins used by the original team of Rangers, and possibly the first being to successfully tap into the Morphing Grid. Assuming that Ninja Steel keeps this explanation for how the Rangers access their powers, it would be a good opportunity to bring the character back - especially due to the events near the end of season 1 the Rangers are running out of Ninja Steel. A possible connection is shown in the design of some of the props, which have a stylized N symbol similar to Ninjor's where the Power Stars plug in. While this is a holdover of the Ninninger design, even then the N is similar to the emblem of Ninjor's counterpart Ninjaman, and the Ninningers have teamed up with the Kakurangers as well. The suit's recent use in Gokaiger also means it's likely still in decent shape.

Mick is actually Boom's ancestor.
They share the same actor and similar positions in the team, plus it could explain why Boom has a big fanboy relationship with Power Rangers. He could be, at most, 1/125th alien.
  • The main issue with this is that SPD is meant to take place in 2025, Boom is an adult at that time and would have to been born around 2005 unless he is Younger Than He Looks.

The Lion Galaxy, as a gesture of surrender, sold Mick and a hundred more into slavery.
According to this timeline, the deal took place after the invasion of Eltar. This event might have scared many planets and galactic empires into formally surrendering to the Dark Spectre, given how powerful Zordon's planet was. As for how Galvanax escaped the Z-Wave, well...
  • That timeline is fanmade using info from the show itself and how events in-universe relate to each other, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Mrs. Romero is Madame Odious
We don't know what happened to her exactly, whether she left or died. But what actually happened was she was corrupted by something and became Odious. The Nexus Prism came to the Romeros because it hoped that by teaming up with them it would be able to save her and stop whatever force was trying to use her to conquer the universe.
  • Jossed. Odius is Odius.

Mrs. Romero will appear in a flashback as a ranger as well
Specifically, Ninja Steel Green.
  • Jossed. Green never appears.

Odious' monsters will be powered by Ninja Steel
After all, she's got a big meteorite full of it stuck in her ship. Might as well use it!
  • Jossed. The Super Ninja Steel is claimed by the Rangers.

Alternatively, this will at least be how she grows her monsters.
In sentai, her hammer had a star that was used to power monster growth. Maybe the gigantifier was broken when the meteor hit the ship but she'll forge a gigantify star (among others) that can be used with her hammer.
  • Jossed, they still uses the gigantify machine to make monsters grow.

Galvanax will come me Back from the Dead
3 reasons for this theory.
  1. He has an action figure coming out
  2. Since Ripcon is all but confirmed to return, there’s literally no way he’d serve Odious, given that he spent most of his time complaining about her.
  • Jossed. Both Galvanax and Ripcon stay dead.

The Megazord fight with Rygore will be skipped.
In the original footage, the giant battle with Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai consists of him explaining the rules of the game that too so long, the rangers decided to skip the exposition and finish him off.
  • Jossed—they instead made it such that Rygore rolled a 2 and was about to use a bomb attack, prompting the ranger to finish him off quickly before he gets to make a move.

     The 25th Anniversary Event 

The 25th Anniversary event...
... Will be a self-contained, multi-part adventure (or maybe a direct-to-DVD feature) featuring a team of past Rangers teaming up with the Ninja Steel team to fight off a new threat formed from previous villains.
  • This actually has a pretty good chance of happening - if they wanted to do a 25th Anniversary Event, they'd have to use all original footage anyways (since Ninninger was not an anniversary Sentai series, so "Ninninger vs Super Sentai" does not exist), so they might as well make it a direct-to-DVD feature.
  • Somewhat simultaneously Jossed AND Confirmed. The Steel Rangers get recruited by Wes and his allies (Gemma from RPM, Koda from Dino Charge) to stop an entirely new villain who poses a threat to the entire multiverse. The veteran rangers are led by Wes, and include TJ, Tommy Oliver, Koda, Antonio and Gia.

The villains will include Goldar, Talon Ranger/Deathryuger, Vexacus and the PR version of Juza Yumihari
This gives us a wide range of villains representative of many Power Rangers eras (with an emphasis on the ninja and dinosaur-themed seasons), and will also put to use the Neo-Grifforzer and Deathryuger costumes that were left unused from Kyoryuger.
  • Confirmed for the PR version of Juza, who is Lord Draven (the villain of the special), but jossed for Goldar and Vexacus (who are nowhere to be seen), and as for Talon Ranger, he's showing up as the "Dark Ranger" in Shattered Grid as a good guy.

It'll be established that several of the more recent Power Rangers seasons take place in alternate universes
In order to address the controversial canonicity issues in Dino Charge and Ninja Steel.
  • The first episode of season 2 establishes that at the very least, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel are in different universes from each other.
    • Semi-confirmed - Dino Charge takes place in it's own separate dimension thanks to Dimensions in Danger; Ninja Steel, on the other hand, is in the main universe.

The event will introduce Dinomaru
Dinomaru will be a gift from the Dino Charge team.
  • Jossed.

The Kyuranger team will get an Early-Bird Cameo to establish the next Power Rangers season
In a twist, it'll be revealed that PR!Juza Yumihari is connected to the next major group of villains, and during the climax the Power Rangers get some extra help from three PR!Kyurangers. Afterwards, the PR!Kyurangers confirm that the worst is yet to come, and they'll be returning to Earth soon.
  • If they were to do this, it would make sense for the 3 PR!Kyurangers to be ones whose colors are not present on the Ninja Steel Team - most likely combination would be Silver, Orange, and either Black or Green (depending on if they adapt Midoninger). Maybe one of the rangers finds a distress signal aboard the Astro Zord during the finale, and uses it.

The continuity issues introduced in Super Megaforce, as well as unused team morphs, will be addressed in at least one team-up episode or special
  • Jossed, unsurprisingly so far (unless they have another planned).

The special will be a Backdoor Pilot to a full Shattered Grid miniseries
With the theme of the team-up being a trans-dimensional villain kidnapping and cloning rangers from different realities to form an all conquering army, and the villain's name being somewhat similar to Lord Drakkon, the villain of PRSG, there is potential for a miniseries to focus on the more mature-themed comic series, should the special be popular.

JJ's real name is Jason
Named after Jason Scott, the first Red Ranger and Tommy's close friend.
  • If the special is linked to the upcoming Boom Studios comic Soul of the Dragon, he's actually named Jake.
    • It could also be considered a reference to the fact that several red ranger actors are named Jason, including two who appeared in this episode.

     All aboard? 
Zaram/Akira and Kinji will be fused
The suit will be used as an alien forced to play the game, but will fall in love with things from Earth like country music and Hamburgers, and summarily defect to the rangers' side. It would explain the western theme of StarNinger.
  • Makes sense, given that Zaram was a western styled Shadow (Train robbers anyone?), he could go for a cowboy-themed Ranger when he switches sides.
    • Jossed. The Gold Ranger is a human, Levi Weston/Aiden Romero.

The ToQgers will be aliens who have dealt with Zircon's show in the past
They'll briefly stop by Earth to help the rangers, but leave soon after as they are still trying to clean up the messes he's left on other worlds.

The ToQgers will be pulled into the game from another dimension
Power Rangers Samurai established that there's some kind of trans-dimensional subway station that joins the main PR universe with that of Power Rangers RPM. The ToQgers will be forced into our world to participate in Zircon's game, and the Ninja Rangers will help them return to their own universe.

Either Z or Schwartz will be adapted as Zircon
Since they look like they can pass for aliens.
  • At the very least Baron Nero's costume is being used for something since we got a very brief glimpse of him in a teaser trailer. Finally confirmed in the person of Cosmo Royale, although his head was modified to look more comical.
    • Jossed, his suit is Gengetsu Kibaoni. His name has also been changed to Galvanax.

The Shadow Line will be the Greater-Scope Villain
They could be the executives in charge of the space network.

Possible ToQger elements that could be adapted for Ninja Steel
  • The Rangers will all come from the same town; when Zircon attacks, they will be displaced from it, and get selected to become Rangers to save their town as well as the Spirit Crystal.
    • Jossed. They seem to all be from the same city, but that doesn't have any real impact on the story.
  • Zircon will attack more than one city, much like the Shadows, forcing the Ninja Steel team to travel to more than one locale.
  • The Ninninger villains might incorporate personality traits from the Shadow Line characters.
  • "Imagination" will play some sort of role in the series (perhaps to explain how extremely varied the Rangers' Zords are)
    • This may have been adapted into the Prism granting a person's greatest desire.
  • As noted in the first entry of this folder, Akira and Kinji will be turned into a Composite Character, combining Akira's personality and origin with Kinji's powers (they may even use Akira's Shadow form, since it vaguely resembles a cowboy).
    • Technically, he looked like a western train robber, so close enough.
  • The Kuros will be used as the villain mooks instead of the Hitokarage or Jukkarage.
    • Or they could use all 3, with the "Kuros" being the behind the scenes/stage-hands kind of guys and the "Hitokarage" and "Jukkarage"...I don't know...bodyguards for the monster, I guess...

ToQger will be a Show Within a Show instead
Except it won't have an imagination theme, but a rescue motif similar to Kyukyu Sentai GoGoV/Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Plus, the Ninja Steel Rangers would be the stars of that show. In X Meets Y terms, Ninja Steel would effectively be Shuriken Sentai Ninninger meets The Famous Jett Jackson or Digimon Tamers.
  • I'm you think the Rangers are actors that play in a Power Rangers TV show for kids...Why would actual Rangers play in it? One wrong move and they could out themselves to everyone on set.
    • Seems more likely that if they were going to have ToQger be a Show Within a Show, they'd do the same thing they did in Dino Thunder with Abaranger and have the Ninja Steel rangers watch and comment on a dubbed over episode of ToQger instead (never mind the fact that it would make more sense to just use a dubbed over episode of Ninninger instead, since that's what Dino Thunder did). Or are you saying that it'll be a Show Within a Show as in having the Ninja Steel rangers be ACTORS for the in-universe ToQger adaptation (as in they do that for their day jobs)?
  • Going by how the show turned out, they could still do this Show Within a Show but with completely unrelated actors to the actual Rangers, maybe as voice-only roles since there might not be enough time to insert original footage. It could be allegedly inspired by the real ones, or take a deliberate Dora the Explorer-like kids' show format.

Sarah will be the impetus for any ToQger references
The episode "Presto Change-o" showed that the rangers can gain additional abilities based off of their greatest desires, and Sarah's been shown to love science and engineering—especially when it comes to trains (note her zord). Like Preston her powers will go out of control, but to a ridiculous degree, and temporarily transforming the team into a group of train-powered rangers.


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