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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

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     Pre-release Theories 

This is a sequel of Power Rangers RPM
Before the announcement of Beast Morphers, many have theorized that a Go-Busters adaptation would be used to make an RPM sequel. Furthermore, the end of RPM has Venjix hijacking Scott's morpher, perfectly sets up Beast Morphers' premise.
  • Doctor K will return. And get mad when people call the new suits leather.
    • Maybe the person who makes the suits this time around is her kid who instead of getting angry about what people think the suits are made of, lampshades it and most of the stuff that comes standard with Power Ranger seasons.
  • The new Rangers will be their children: Scott's son, who he names Marcus after his brother; Dillon and Summer's child Andrew/Andrea who is named after Summer's butler; Flynn and Gemma's kid, and one from Doctor K and Ziggy.
    • If Silver remains a robot it will have been built by Gem and Gemma
    • Alternatively, Gold & Silver will be Gem & Gemma.
    • Due to how close their parents are, the Rangers will treat each other like siblings.
  • Ziggy would become Beet Buster.
  • Alphabet Soup will return.
  • So far, all jossed.

Morph X is Enetron
At least that's what will stand in for Morph X.
  • Confirmed.

Beet Buster will be genderflipped
Amit Bhaumik's proposal for a Go-busters adaptation would've done this, and unless they pull a Titanium ranger, this will be the first Neo-Saban season with only one female ranger, so it's pretty likely at least one of the rangers will be genderflipped.

They'll pull a Titanium Ranger on us
They'll need to film a lot more footage due to the fact that, in comparison to other sentai series, Go-Busters doesn't have as much, and the odds of them adapting Gobusters vs Gobusters is relatively slim, so why not give us a Power Rangers equivalent to Black Puma or Green Hippopotamus? Tategami LiOh doesn't have a ranger, so they could give them one.
  • Or they'll make green a frog based ranger to go with Ene-tan.

Red will get a battlizer based off of Tategami LiOh

This season will get rid of the cockpit only modes
Possibly confirmed as it appears that the rangers use a new armor in battle.
  • Jossed—a trailer shows Red with a new helmet piece coming down over his existing one, plus there's a new cockpit-based weapon (identified as the Cheetah Beast Blaster in the toyline) in the same scene. They're heavily downplayed though, as it's literally only there for as long as he's holding the weapon.

The more animal based suits from Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters will somehow make an appearance

Arisa Komiya will make a cameo appearance
Many franchises whose toylines are handled by Hasbro (Transformers, My Little Pony, etc.) are geared towards a Periphery Demographic. So why not reel in not just PR/tokusatsu fans, but also anime/idol fans by bringing in a Love Live! Sunshine!! voice actress (who first got her start in Go-Busters)?

The (robotic) monsters will be given scary sounding names instead of puns
Alternately they'll have robotic sounding names consisting of letters and numbers
  • Jossed. Early toy listings seem to indicate the puns will be continuing.
    • Well, not exactly; the monsters have a characteristic about it followed by "tron". Not "scary", per se, but not really puns...which actually makes sense when you realize they being named by an AI; there's just enough to differentiate them, but the name is ultimately uniform and has a pattern.

This series is an experiment deviating away from the usual format.
In the same way how Gobusters are in the experimental year, Beast Morphers is the season where the creators try to deviate away from the usual format used in past seasons. This is in response to the lesser performance of Ninja Steel.
  • Maybe a return to the old 30-40 episode format the show used to have.
    • This is not likely, as 20 episode seasons are mandated by Nickelodeon's contracts on all shows. Unless Hasbro was able to negotiate this successfully, Nick will most likely continue to require 20 episodes.
      • The current contract was negotiated by Saban, though curiously is for three years, not two making the current format difficult.
      • Also Word of Dante (Power Morphicon’s Scott Zillner) has claimed that it won't be split into two.

The monsters will be experiments in creating a way for technology to morph in the same way that the Rangers do.
We know the villain's main goal in this season is to take over the Morphing Grid. In Go-busters, all the monsters were made from technology that was transformed into a monster form. So it'd make sense for this to be an attempt to replicate morphing. Near the end of Go-Busters, one of the villains does manage to gain a Ranger form, so that will be the culmination of that plot.
  • Jossed. Scrozzle modified a version of the Morph-X Key, infusing it with Morph-X that's been corrupted by Evox, and then stabbed it into an ordinary object to turn it into one of his new Robotrons.

Usada's equivalent will be gender swapped
In order to match Yellow's gender

Gold's fate
  • They'll live keeping in line with Power Ranger's trend of letting dead Sentai heroes live
    • More likely than the latter, considering that it's unlikely Nick would let them kill off a ranger.
  • They'll die throwing a curve ball at anyone expecting them to live

This series will be Darker and Edgier
The sentai was pretty dark, and Power Rangers hasn't taken a Darker and Edgier Sentai and made it Lighter and Softer. Plus, considering that tone-wise, both Dino Charge and Ninja Steel have been middle of the road, going darker may very well be the shake up the franchise needs.

Nic Sampson will portray Beet Buster's counterpart.
It makes perfect sense, because he played Chip Thorn and the actor of his Super Sentai counterpart not only played Tsubasa Ozu, he also portrayed Beet Buster.
  • Which would be ironic, if the rumors of him reappearing for a cameo as Chip for Ninja Steel turn out to be true.
  • Jossed. Gold is played by another actor.

The format of their Transformation Name Announcement would be "(Animal) Morph! Beast Morpher (Color)!"
Except for Yellow. Instead of saying "Rabbit Morph!", she'll say "Lagomorph!"
  • Beet and Stag Buster's counterparts will instead say "Metal Morph! Beast Morpher (Color)!"
    • Or, since Go-Buster referenced Power Rangers, it will be "Henshin Time!" to "return the favor", as it were.
      • Actually, it would be more accurate for them to say "Let's Henshin!" - the morphers were what said "It's Morphin Time"; the transformation call the Gobusters said was "Let's Morphin!". This would also serve as a Kamen Rider Drive reference, since that was Go's/Mach's transformation call in said series.
  • Jossed. The Morph call is “It’s Morphing Time! Activate Beast Morphers!”

There will be a ton of callbacks to prior Rangers seasons, and references to Super Sentai
Considering that Dino Charge already had a fair amount of references to Kyoryuger, it's not out of the question for them to do so with other Sentai. Plus, Ninja Steel has been relatively light on the Mythology Gag front, so much like with Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger having a bunch of callbacks to past series to seemingly make up for Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger being light in that regard, they could be saving the references for this season.
  • Hopefully said callbacks are more creative than "Sentai 6" or "Kamen 5" or the "Ninninger galaxy".
  • Confirmed — Rita Repulsa, Sledge and Galvanax are namedropped early in the first episode as villains who tried to steal the Rangers' power source.

It will be a sequel, not to RPM, but to Lost Galaxy.
Come on. Both have a gorilla-themed Blue Ranger, and Amit Bauhmik's version would have been set on Mirinoi. I also really want to see Terra Venture again.

What Beast Morphers will look like...
  • It will be Darker and Edgier than any of the other Neo-Saban era seasons
  • It will be set in a world where Power Rangers is a Show Within a Show
    • Wouldn't that deter a government agency from actually calling them Power Rangers though? It'd be like if the CIA having a unit of agents called the Powerpuff Girls; it'd be kind of strange. Would Saban give the agency the rights to the name in-universe?
      • Alternatively, it could be that the in-universe "Power Rangers" is a show that's a fictionalized version of the agency in the world of Beast Morphers (essentially, the in-universe Power Rangers would be to the Beast Morphers Rangers what NCIS is to the real life NCIS).
      • That just seems overcomplicated. It would likely confuse and alienate the primary audience as well. It would also make any crossovers or reunion specials that include the Beast Morphers team need to include traveling into the TV or something. The cons to this seem to outweigh the pros; What's there to gain by saying "All of the Rangers are just from a silly TV show...except for the Beast Morphers"?
    • Jossed; the first episode firmly establishes it as being part of the main continuity, referencing the existence of past characters and events by name.
  • It will be set in Stone Canyon, a city near Angel Grove referenced in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    • Jossed. The setting is Coral Harbor.
  • The Rangers would be working for an underground secret institute working to fight against an evil computer virus from a computer-simulated dream world who plans to take over the real world with an army of robots
    • Them being part of an agency fighting a computer virus was confirmed when it was first announced. How is this a theory?
    • Jossed. Grid Battleforce is, at the very least, known to the local government. While they are fighting against Evox, they were formed for different reasons prior to knowing he/it existed.
  • The Rangers will consist of Asian Red, Polynesian Blue, Caucasian Yellow, African-American Gold, and android Silver.
    • Mostly Jossed; while Zoey is Caucasian, Devon is African-American, Ravi is Indian (possibly mixed race given his last name and mother, though he could be adopted for all we know), and Nate is Latino. Silver is to be determined.
  • The Red Ranger will be a high school student and The Hero, the Yellow Ranger will be his teacher who believes Red is The Chosen One, and the Blue Ranger will be a caveman who was released from imprisonment.
    • So the Blue Ranger is a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to Koda?
    • Jossed; Devon is the son of the mayor (and doesn't appear to be attending school) and Zoey is a former cadet who got assigned to the laundry staff of the agency (and is within the same age range as the others); both are forced into the roles of Red and Yellow due to Nate forcing the process on them to try and save them from Evox's evil avatars. Ravi was a successful candidate to be a Ranger who's mother is the commander of the agency, who was saved from Evox thanks to Devon, and is a contemporary young man.
  • The Gold Ranger would start off as a fellow rookie, and the Silver Ranger would be gender-flipped from her Go-Busters counterpart; she would start off as a Hot Scientist who is later revealed to be an android
    • Jossed. Nate, who will become Gold, is a young prodigy who's the lead researcher for the agency.
  • The theme music will not be yet another remix of "Go Go Power Rangers"
  • This will not crossover with any past seasons
    • Actually, a crossover with past seasons isn't entirely out of the question - unlike with Megaforce and Dino Charge, crossovers with both the predecessor and successor for the source material exist, and with Judd Lynn at the helm, they might wanna try redeeming the Megaforce Rangers... if they set this in the same universe.

Names for the Beast Morpher Rangers
It never really works, but hey, it's fun. Anything goes:
  • Red
    • Clem
    • Hamilton
    • Angus
    • Marty
    • Rolf
    • Kane
    • Clay
    • Miles
    • Chester as a pun for Cheetah
      • That's not a pun. That'd be a reference.
      • All jossed. Red is named Devon
  • Blue
    • John
    • Brian
    • Perry
    • Hank
    • Clancy
    • Bram
    • Peter or Gary
    • Garry as a pun for Gorilla
      • That's not a pun. That'd be a reference.
      • All jossed. Blue is named Ravi
  • Yellow
    • Alice
    • Vivian
    • Dana
    • Carrie
    • Sheena
    • Tiffany
    • Pamela
    • Kayla
    • Nova
    • Jackie as a pun for Jackrabbit
      • All jossed. Yellow is named Zoey
  • Silver
    • Austin
    • Jeremiah
    • Graham
    • Duncan
    • Shannon
    • Bernie
    • Derrick
    • Ludger
    • Buzz (if they do keep him the silver Beastbot)
      • All jossed. Silver is named Steel.
  • Gold
    • Saul
    • Kelvin
    • Norm
    • Dwight
    • Terry
    • Hector
    • Bo
    • Tiernan
    • Aureum
      • All jossed. Gold is named Nate.

The next series to be adapted after this is Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Just to further wet Hasbro's feet, they'll adapt a sentai that has more collectibles, but still have an overall gimmick of transforming robot animals. Besides, Zyuohger would make a reasonable followup to this season considering the motifs of digital stuff and animals.
  • I thought of this idea too and I have and a few ideas about it. I think that Zyuohger will be adapted as Power Rangers: Super Beast Morphers. Beast Morphers will end with the Power Rangers losing their powers or being capture or something else like that and a new team of Rangers will replace them, and the two teams will work together to defeat the villain in the finale. Since Zyuohger had a lot of video game themes, what might happen is the villain traps the human race inside a video game world, like in The Matrix, in order to torture them in revenge for stopping his plans and the new team of Power Rangers has to protect the humans while searching for a way to escape into the real world. I could be completely wrong about this but it would make an interesting story and might turn out to be better than Zyuohger. It could still feature Petting Zoo People, but they would be explained as being characters from the video game world.

The next series to be adapted after this will be Kyuranger.
Mainly because starting at 3 and then only getting 2 more that may already be part of the cast is an easy way to save budget, and considering Kyuranger has a stupid amount of rangers, it would seem logical to go from a small cast to a huge one.

The additional rangers from the VS direct to video movie will appear
They'll become Ascended Extras who appear as additional rangers in a few episodes and come Back for the Finale.

What Enter and Escape's counterparts could be like...
  • They'll be flesh and blood humans who the virus villain convinces to join him.
  • They'll be androids who can blend in with humans.
  • Escape's counterpart's guns will be replaced with a different weapon.
  • Enter's counterpart will be female and she and Escape's counterpart will regard each other as sisters.
    • Jossed, Enter's counterpart is a guy who goes by the name Blaze.
  • Will have corrupted technology terms for names, like Analoga (Analogue), Downlord (Download), Hateway (Gateway), etc.
    • Jossed. Enter's counterpart is named Blaze while Escape's goes by Roxy.
  • Escape's counterpart will be the ultimate final villain.
  • Will be Demoted to Extra, with their "monster" forms being reduced to only barely reoccurring enemies.
  • Will have names alluding to apocalyptic legends, texts and superstitions.
  • They'll only appear in their monster forms with a third general (maybe Neo-Messiah from the Kyoryuger/Go-Busters movie) and be named Control Alt and Delete
  • Enter will pull a Heel–Face Turn, allowing them to pull a Titanium Ranger with Dark Buster
    • Alternatively, combined with the above theory about Neo-Messiah, Enter will be split into two characters (one half using his monster form, the other using his human form), with the human one pulling the Heel–Face Turn, while the monster one will remain evil (maybe perhaps the same thing will happen to Escape, and they'll pull a Titanium Ranger with her as well, giving her a suit that matches up with either the Lion or Frog zords).
  • Seemingly Jossed. They appear to be former rangers who undergo falls from grace.
    • If the above is true, Escape's counterpart will not have a monster form (though they may use the suit for something else) but get a new Ranger suit instead. Black, maybe.
  • Enter's counterpart (and Escape's, if she gets one) will be Spared by the Adaptation, on account, of, well, being human-looking villains who aren't named Trakeena.
  • Enter's counterpart will not wear the Enter outfit on account of Heckyl already doing that. He will, however, keep the Gratuitous French.
    • Per the first episode, they're essentially evil virtual "Avatars", with their minds based on two existing characters who were intended to be the Red and Yellow Rangers before Evox interfered.

We'll only get 20 episodes, and no "Super" season
Since Saban likely plans on ditching Nickelodeon after the contract is up (since the only remaining obstacle that would prevent them from moving to Discovery Family is no longer an issue), it would make sense for Beast Morphers to only be 20 episodes, so that Saban can catch up even faster, and that they could jump onto Discovery Family with an adaptation of either Zyuohger or Kyuranger that's the normal number of episodes.
  • If they do go that route, the logical thing to do would be to treat Go-Busters' episode 30, where Messiah is defeated for the first time, as the actual finale. This would mean that Powered Custom and Tategami Li-Oh would end up Adapted Out.
  • Saban isn't adapting this season; Hasbro is. And the contract is good until 2021, meaning at least three seasons. They were also never particularly worried about being "caught up", even if they hadn't sold the rights. Hasbro has made no indications of wanting to rush. And even then, "catching up" would mean adapting multiple Sentai seasons per year or skipping over some in favor of later ones, since one Power Rangers per Super Sentai means staying exactly as far behind.
  • Jossed. There will be a second season.

The Silver Ranger will be a human female.
Which would make her the first instance of a male Sentai Ranger turned female for Power Rangers since Taylor in Power Rangers Wild Force.

The Gold and Silver Rangers will turn out to be the comedic spy duo from the recently-released casting sides.
They could easily be developed into more than just comic relief characters, but still retain their comedic essence.
  • Jossed. It's pretty clear that the comedic duo became Ben and Betty Burke, while Nate and a new Beast Bot are the Gold and Silver Rangers.

This season's collectable items are weapons and utilities disguised as everyday items.
It'll build on from the binoculars/sword and camera/phone hybrids.
  • Jossed—it's the Morph-X Keys, used in the morpher and packaged with the action figures and other toys.

And will have a larger role compared to the source materiel.

The giant machine villains will be referred to as AntiZords here.
In reference to how they were called MegaZords in Go-Busters.
  • Possible, but previous seasons referred to enemy mecha as Zords. Goldar had Cyclopsis, Lord Zedd had Serpentera, Zurgane had four Zurganezords... An awesome idea, though.
  • Jossed. They're called Gigadrones.

Green Hippopotamus will be adapted as a Ranger to go with the Frog Zord

I have a summary of one season of Beast Morphers.
Since this show will have 20 epiosdes or more, I will narrow down the story of one season. Tategami Li-Oh will be available from the get go due to the teasers. Warren will become a Gold Beetle Ranger at some point due to an accident, thus awakening Beet J Stag. Powered Custom and Li-Oh Blaster will debut halfway through the series run. Enetan will be adapted out due to her briefly appearing once in a show. Its due to Saban not having rights to the movies.
  • Saban has sold the rights to Hasbro, so rights to the movies might not be an issue anymore if they decide to pursue them.

The next series after this will be ToQger.
Hear me out. In theory Beast Morphers will have one season, ToQger will have two. Its because it has more upgrades/gimmicks then BM. Besides, now that Bandai is gone, they will have freedom this time. Take the risks, Saban and Hasbro. And ToQger comes after Kyouryuger, which got already adapted into PR form.
  • Saban is no longer involved in the show. Whether Hasbro would take on ToQger is a matter of whether or not it would sell. Trains aren't as popular in the US as they are in Japan (where trainspotting is the number one hobby), and many, many reviews of ToQger's toys by Americans who imported them are less than impressed due to their simplicity and lack of playability as individual vehicles.
    • Actually, the train motif might be why it ends up getting adapted after this—Zyuohger and Kyuranger (assuming they don't jump straight into Lupinranger vs Patranger after this series) have merch that will definitely appeal to kids more than ToQger's would, and it's pretty much all but guaranteed that Hasbro will try and take Power Rangers over to Discovery Family after the contract with Nickelodeon is up, so it could be that they save the safer bets for Discovery Family and adapt the riskier season as the final show on Nickelodeon, splitting it up into 2 20 episode seasons. Plus, odds are that if they adapt the season, Hasbro will be making the toys themselves, so it could be that they listen to the feedback regarding the imported toys.

The Monsters of the Week in Beast Morphers are called Zords and Megazords.
Probably as a Call-Back to the Zordon Era, especially Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The Metaloids are called "Zords" and their name pattern would be "[Name of Object]-zord" (ie. Shovelzord, Burnerzord, Needlezord, etc.), while the Megazords' name pattern would be "[Name of Object] Megazord" (ie. Shovel Megazord, Burner Megazord, Needle Megazord, etc.).
  • Jossed—They're referred to as Robotrons and Gigadrones, respectively. The first Monster of the Week is Cycletron, and its data was used to make the Cycledrone.

The finale will feature an overt tease for the next season
Bonus points if it leads to the traditional season crossover finally coming back.
  • Maybe they'll start to do their own version of the Sentai hand off.

The series will feature references to Kamen Rider Build.
Beast Morphers shares several elements with Build:
  • Both series use elements of sci-fi and spy/conspiracy fiction.
  • Evox is similar to Build's villain, Evolto (snake-like projection, similar name).
  • The Rangers gaining their powers via Morph-X and animal DNA could also be used to make the Fullbottles.

Evox will eventually gain a dark Ranger form using the Dark Buster suit
The helmet of the Dark suit could be interpreted as the hood of a cobra and the fangs match up nicely
  • The Dark Buster suit is being used by the Enter counterpart, Blaze, but he could be taken over by Evox later on.
    • Correction: It's used by the evil "Avatar" who's based on Blaze.

The Enter and Escape analogs will begin as the original Red and Yellow Rangers
Behind the scenes photos show the actors believed to be playing the Enter and Escape analogs wearing Red and Yellow. If true this could give more depth to the Enter-Red rivalry
  • Seemingly confirmed in the first teaser where we see the two of them wearing a red and yellow battle suit respectively.
    • Confirmed - they're the originals who essentially had their minds stolen and corrupted to create the "Avatars".

Someone will call Smash the Gorilla "Banana Breath"
Not the first time this happened. Ask Primator and Phonepanzee.

Nic Sampson will make an appearance.
He's not going to be Gold Ranger, but maybe he'll voice a monster just like in the other shows.

Sledge, Poisandra, and Wrench are back again and they actually did not die in the Super Ninja Steel finale.
They return in the Super Ninja Steel premiere even though they seemingly die in Dino Super Charge finale, and they survived even though the bomb blew up in their face in Dino Charge premiere, so why not?


     Post-release Theories 
Roxy's avatar didn't have a ranger form because at the point of infection she was wishing she didn't have to be a ranger so she could be with Ravi

At some point Blaze's avatar will be defeated but Blaze will still willingly side with Evox in return for power.
Even before the Evox incident Blaze was still a jerk.
  • I would fit with the two season format for each team. Blaze and Roxy's Avatar may be defeated along with Evox in the first season finale. However, an unforeseen consequence is that their human counterparts regained their powers and corrupted minds which leads them to finish what Evox started one their own. Either with Blaze and Roxy each working on their own or together as a tenuous "you help me, I help you" alliance.

At some point the mayor will be turned into the Black Ranger
Mixing his DNA with that of a Lion

Nate's Beast Power
Devon has cheetah speed, Ravi has gorilla strength and Zoey has jackrabbit jumping so what would Nate's beast power be?
  • Survival (some bugs are extremely hard to kill)
    • Going on this, he may be the Silver Ranger - notice how his last name, Silva, is a play on silver. What is the Silver Ranger's beast mode? The Silver Stag Beetle.
      • Jossed. Nate is the Gold Mantis Ranger.

There will be an episode where Ben and Betty become Green Hippopotamus and Pink Cat.
  • The preview for episode two features the two with Ben wearing Green and Betty wearing Pink so this may be possible.
  • Hasbro has been pushing for more original footage and props so it wouldn't surprise this troper if they wanted new Rangers. It would make sense for Grid Battleforce to have a sort of "B-Squad" like SPD.

Evox is an AI created by Mayor Daniels.
A high-profile authority figure who probably has access to most of the computer tech in the city, and seems to be out to prove that Morph-X is a bad idea; obvious solution seems to be to make an evil sentient computer virus and sabotage the project.

Given Ravi and Roxy's history together, Roxy's Avatar will have a tragic end, just like Escape.
Think about it - the two mentioned a relationship before the morphing process, and given Ryuji's pity for Escape in the Japanese version despite having fought multiple times, every conflict between Ravi and Roxy from now on will be heart-rending, with Ravi feeling some hesitation over fighting a copy of his loved one.
  • Failing that, the Avatar could simply be sadistic to the very end, mocking Ravi and their relationship before she is defeated and both Ravi and Roxy can get their happy ending together.
  • Or she uses the relationship to taunt and tease him making him hesitate in battle
  • Or, Roxy's avatar will gain similar feelings for Ravi and eventually shut down willingly so that they can be together.
  • Or, Roxy's human mind will "bleed" into her avatar's programming via their connection through the Morphin Grid, gradually turning the avatar good, and ultimately causing the two consciousnesses to merge.

As Devon's Evil Counterpart, Blaze's Avatar will get an upgrade just like Enter did in an attempt to seek power as his own person, as opposed to just Evox's servant
And probably use it to try and get revenge on Devon, who will keep humiliating him until his very demise, given his animosity towards Devon.
  • Unless Evox uses Enter's upgraded suit as his own humanoid body.

Evox is a prototype AI created by Nate years earlier.
When Nate reacts to Evox's presence, there's a hint of recognition in his voice. It'll be discovered that years earlier, Nate secretly created Evox as an experiment. He later shut down the project, but unknown to him, Evox escaped into the Morphing Grid. This might explain how Evox was able to breach Grid Battleforce's firewall and corrupt the Morph-X so easily. It was already familiar with GB's defenses and Nate's research.

The monsters of this season will be created in a similar way to Evox's Avatars.
Since we know that destroying the Two Avatars will free Blaze and Roxy, it makes sense for the show have each of Evox's monsters to made in a similar fashion to create stakes for each battle.
  • Jossed. They're normal objects infused with Morph-X (via a new type of Morph-X Key made by the villains) that's been infected with Evox's virus.

Nate will be both the gold and silver rangers
Events will cause him to be trapped inside the body of a partially-complete beast bot. However, he'll be able to rewire it so that it can split into a gold and silver ranger. However, this will split his personality in two while morphed as well.
  • Alternately the Silver Beast Bot was a prototype Nate used his own brain waves to program resulting in it having some of his personality but as he was at the time.
  • Alternately (again) Nate's personality is trapped inside the Beast Bot but he pulls the same trick Evox did and creates an Avatar to act as the Gold Ranger
  • Jossed. The gold and silver rangers are separate characters, although Steel is fused with some of Nate's DNA.

Evox is somehow connected to Venjix
Evox is a computer virus that can somehow enter the Morphing Grid and corrupt its energy, making dark rangers. Now, what other computer virus do we know that has access to the Morphing Grid? Venjix. Last time it was trapped in Dillon's morpher, so it could enter the Grid from there, and since the Grid spans across different dimensions, it could've escaped to the main dimension to corrupt the new Beast Morpher rangers.

Roxy's Avatar will receive an upgrade in the form of Escape Evolve's true violet colors to match the Go Busters footage later on down the road.
Given the use of original Hasbro CGI for Evox, and the fact that Roxy's Avatar debuted recolored in an original fight scene during the pilot episode no less, it's possible that all fight scenes in the future with Roxy will be mostly original - with the Stock Footage being used for the Monster of the Week instead.
  • Key word being: "mostly" as Escape Evolve debuts well into Go Busters's tail end and could be used as an power up mode for Roxy should they utilize that footage.

"Enter Unite" will be a separate Avatar from Blaze, one who shakes up the villain's dynamics much like Kilobyte, suave and calculating compared to the teenagers Evox hijacked.
A WMG above has already suggested that Evox may use this Avatar as his own humanoid body, which may be the case (given their color schemes), unless this will be a brand new, separate character.
  • Vargoyle could appear in the form of Enter Unite as well, especially if he's a threat to come later on if Scrozzle's any indication.

Evox's Mega Zords will be piloted by Blaze and Roxy as being evil Rangers would mean that they get their own evil Zords
It would help maintain their presence outside of the Go-Busters footage, utilizing the original cockpits from previous seasons for the bad guys this time around. The whole Ranger vs. Ranger gimmick would benefit from this.
  • Jossed—they're just drones reprogrammed with the data from the previously-destroyed Robotrons.
  • For now. Enter and Escape would pilot their own Mega Zords in Go Busters though not until later in the series.

Vargoyle will be Season 2's Big Bad
Evox will be destroyed in the Season 1 finale. The last scene will have Scrozzle, Blaze, and Roxy all arguing about who should be in charge now, when Vargoyle emerges and declares himself the new ruler of the Cyber Dimension.
  • Alternately Evox will infect Vargoyle's body after a failed coup allowing him to finally escape the Cyber Dimension.

In one episode, Evox will take over all of Earth's televisions and brainwash viewers into hating the Power Rangers.
Naturally, the episode will be called "Evox News".
  • Naturally, if they go for the pun, the "hosts" will be named things like "Hacker Carltron", "G-Nine P-Zero", "Floppy Watters", "Drone-E Lahren", and "Laur-AI Program".
    • Let's not forget "Tron RAM-ity".

At some point, Mayor Daniels will discover his son is a Power Ranger.
He'll be outraged and will try to force Devon to retire, leading to a rift between the two. Eventually Mayor Daniels learns to accept his son's choice.
  • Alternately, he'll remember the Red Rangers' heroism, which he personally witnessed, and the result will be a So Proud of You moment.

Ben and Betty bumble their way into becoming the Gold and Silver Rangers.
While not as comedic, Masato and J tended to be the more goofy Go Busters. While J might appear as a Beast Bot and likely be Silver, that doesn't rule out anybody else who might not be so obvious of a choice.
  • Likely at least partly jossed, as BTS images indicate that Nate will be the Gold Ranger.
  • Officially Jossed. It's Nate and his new Beast Bot.

Beet J. Stag's counterpart will be a rebel fighter trying to save the Cyber Dimension from Scrozzle, bringing the Gold and Silver powers with him to help fight Evox Terminator-style.
Either Vargoyle isn't Scrozzle's only threat to his power OR Vargoyle may turn out to be J's counterpart and a good guy in a plot twist as he use his own Zords to combat the Gigadrones thrown his way.
  • This would actually fit with how the Cyber Dimension is Go Busters' Hyperspace where we see Beet and Stag's mecha teleport out from. Scrozzle wouldn't just have his Gigadrones around for show if his foes also had such machine-power.
    • It's looking more and more like J's counterpart is still a Beast Bot, albeit one that Scrozzle made from stolen parts and is intending to be Evox's new body.
    • Officially jossed. Nate assembles Steel from the parts that Scrozzle stole from him; Steel is meant to be Evox's new body, but Nate's interference turns them both into Rangers.

The Cyber Dimension is a version of the RPM dimension where Venjix's forces won.
Given how it's likely a cyberpunk wasteland that use to be Earth, polluting the atmosphere beyond repair. Scrozzle even seems like he'd fit in as one of Venjix's Attack Bots and might've been the sole survivor, seeking to finish what his creator started.

Evox will download his essence into a Robodrone much like Venjix once did, perhaps multiple ones to try and finish the Rangers himself.
At some point, Scrozzle will be made to create a Robodrone powerful enough to be Evox's physical form and lead into the Season 1 finale where he gets the body that can truly give the Rangers the fight of their lives.

Evox will be defeated in Season 1 but Blaze and Roxy will strive for the Morphing Grid.
Given that Dark Buster and Escape Evolve appears in Go Busters's tail end, odds are that Blaze and Roxy will wake from their comas when their Avatars are destroyed but with the corrupting powers Evox gave them. Both will work separately in order to achieve the goal for themselves, summoning the Gigadrones remotely if Scrozzle is out of the picture.

The Gold and Silver Rangers bring out all the Beetleborgs references
Silver is referred as a Beetleborg, and their morphing call actually ends in "Beetle Blast!" Cos yknow, their morphers are guns... Bonus points if their Morph-X Keys slot into the gun handle from below like magazines.

At some point they'll use the Dobutsu Go-Buster suits in the same context
Meaning a timeline where Evox didn't attack making Blaze and Roxy the Red and Yellow Rangers respectively.
  • The concept of alternate dimensions being emphasized here wouldn't make it out of place. A sort of "It's a wonderful life" story where (perhaps) Ravi wished that Evox never stole Roxy from him, a Christmas episode perhaps.

The Rangers accidentally switch bodies with their Beast Bots in one episode.
Zoey and Ravi freak out, but Devon thinks being a robot is awesome.

Blaze and Roxy create a monster called Negatron.
Because why not?

Commander Shaw puts Nate under a "buddy system" in episode 4, and in episode 5 we get a Early-Bird Cameo of Beet J Stag's head; What if Nate builds Beet J Stag's counterpart under the context of "I built my own buddy"?
  • Beet J Stag's It's All About Me actions could also be interpreted as overprotective "You'll need to go through me first" actions in that context as well.

J's Enetron addiction will be translated to Beast Morphers but as a character flaw he must overcome.
  • It would serve as a moral for breaking bad habits or (if they get a little daring) overcoming addiction.
    • Alternately it'll be adapted as him having a flawed fueling system and needed constant charging.
      • Adding to the second one, Steel would be too full of himself to consistently refuel in an episode about accepting your disabilities like for people who are on medication or wheelchair bound.
    • Alternatively, Steel will be shown to have inheirited Nate's fear of spiders.

If J's not Vargoyle as suggested above, perhaps the Gold and Silver zords still come from the Cyber Dimension
  • They could be prototype mech that Scrozzle once made until the Rangers sneak into enemy territory and discover them as the potential upperhand over Evox.
    • Alternatively, they can be contained in a special hanger where they are transported ALA how the Ranger summon their weapons. However, they could be built from the same materials as Gigadrones.

J's body will be Evox's first body
  • Going by Episode 6's events, Scrozzle will create J as a body for Evox to use in order to appease his promise to bring the latter out of the Cyber Dimension. However, Nate will reprogram the body back to the Ranger's side, given that it was made from Grid Battleforce tech.
    • Jossed. Early leaks indicate that the Silver Ranger will be “Half human, half robot and all awesome”.
    • Actually, confirmed - J's body was built for the purpose of becoming Evox's first body, and Evox does inhabit it briefly. Then Nate interfered, booted Evox back out, and turned he and Steel into Rangers, infusing himself with Mantis DNA and Steel with DNA from Nate himself and a scarab beetle.

Ben and Betty will be linked to the Beast Morphers version of Ene-Tan.
  • Just a thought.
    • Given that it appears in just one episode and the movie, it would make sense for Ben and Betty to create their own Beast Bot and Zord with their technical knowledge. Despite their bumbling nature, we've seen that they've got the chops to at least stick their neck out into the action however they can.

Mayor Daniels will be running for reelection in a recurring subplot in Season 2 (which presumably airs in 2020).
  • Too soon?

Nate's zord will not have an animal mode since the Go-Buster's counterpart's animal form looks nothing like a praying mantis.
  • Given that the Beetle form doesn't actually appear that often in Go-Busters, it's likely that it will just be cut out all together in Beast Morphers. Instead, Nate's zord will be restricted to truck mode and battle mode.
    • Hasbro might push for it for toy sales. Though it might not appear as much in Season 1, given Gold and Silver's earlier debut.
    • Alternate theory: The Beetle form will have some CGI edits to make it look more like a mantis.
    • Apparently jossed, if international spoilers are any indication.
Steel's boitorous personality is based on the sort of person Nate wishes he could be.
  • Likely based on his inner boldness shown on display when he pulled the rug out from under Evox itself and morphed in one fell swoop.

Instead of adpating Green Hippo, there will be another Green Ranger created.
Themed after a frog, the green ranger pilots the adapted Ene-tan, being specialized in underwater battles.

In the Season 1 finale, Devon and Blaze will battle each other in their zords - much like in Go Buster's episode "Messiah Shutdown" (which presumably, the Season 1 finale will be based off of). However, the part where the Epsilon Megazord suddenly halts its attack will play out differently.
  • In "Messiah Shutdown", Enter pauses the fight just so that he can taunt the Red Buster some more. In Beast Morphers, however, this part will be portrayed as Blaze's human side intervening and taking control from the Avatar.
    • Alternate theory: That part of the fight will be cut out all together.
Blaze and Roxy regain consciousness after their Avatars are defeated but serve as double agents.
  • They'd retain their ability to morph into their evil Ranger forms but on Grid Battleforce's side now. However, Evox's corruption to their minds would remain and Enter Unite's counterpart (presumedly Vargoyle) would have them stab the Rangers in the back at the right time towards the second season's finale.
    • Devon would be shown bonding with Blaze as better friends while Ravi and Roxy rekindle their romance, adding to the weight of their later betrayal. They'd even pilot what would've been their Zords on occassion in order to gain their trust. However, Vargoyle would force their hand once they seemed to be getting too soft.
Ravi will overheat intentionally more often to give them the edge in more battles.
  • He'd be reluctant at first but learn that anger is like any other emotion, one that can be used wisely as it can be used poorly. A relevent moral in this day and age.
Gavan will be adapted as a fellow Space Sheriff like Skyfire.
  • He'd be pursuing an outlaw from space only to get tangled with the Rangers, teaming up just as their enemies do.
    • Alternatively, he will be part of Grid Battleforce as an extra ally who is stationed elsewhere but visits to lead a hand. A way of showing that Coral Harbor isn't the only place that defends from Evox as Morph-X spreads across the world.
Season 2 will have Evox data cards - which will have the same function as Go Busters' Messiah data cards.
  • The season will also have a similar plotline with Go Busters, with Scrozzle wanting to use the cards to revive Evox, while Blaze and Roxy (and possibly Vargoyle) want to use the cards to increase their own power.
    • Alternatively, Roxy will go down the same path as Escape and also seek to bring back Evox, which eventually puts her in direct conflict with Blaze who wants to take over the Morphin Grid for himself.
      • Another possible scenario: Vargoyle becomes the new Big Bad at the start of Season 2 and forces Scrozzle to use the Evox cards to create more powerful Robotrons that he can use to defeat the Rangers. Scrozzle, Blaze, and Roxy secretly plot to overthrow Vargoyle by using Card 13 to gradually rebuild Evox - the only one capable of destroying Vargoyle. However, Blaze betrays everyone and takes Card 13 for himself.
Evox in Messiah Reboot form will be the final Big Bad.
  • The Season 2 finale will be primarily based off of Go Busters Episode 44, and will thus be one long continuous Megazord brawl.
    • This would be preceeded by having Devon face off against Blaze one last time, as well as the team coming together to finish it, and the enemy getting the Morph-X as a net victory all the while.
Tategami Li-oh will be a Zord gone rogue due to an attempted infection by Evox.
  • The AI attempts to hijack a Zord in progress only to just corrupt it and attack Robodrones along with fellow Zords. Devon wears it down while helping Nate transmit an anti-virus program to the rouge Zord, one that foreshadows a way to elimate Evox.
    • Alternatively, it shows up in Season 2 (after Evox's initial defeat) as some sort of sentient Guardian zord of the Morphin Grid. It mistakenly sees Grid Battleforce as a threat, due to them tapping into the Morphin Grid for Morph X (it perceives this as "theft"). The Rangers then have to convince it that they're on the same side.
      • Additionally, this Guardian would be inhabiting a Zord created by Grid Battleforce given it's later compatibility with the other mech.
    • Or given the recent reporting that Dr. K will appear in Season 2, the Lion could be a zord from the RPM universe that's gone rogue - possibly even infected by a surviving fragment of Venjix's code. This might be a way to introduce a new zord to Beast Morphers while simultaenously dealing with a loose end from RPM.
The remaining Robotrons in Season 1
  • We know that Robotron versions of Burnerloid, Drilloid, Dumbelloid, Tubaloid, Copyloid, and Mushikagoloid will appear in the first season, due to their appearances in the toyline, behind-the-scene photos, casting info, and the show's opening sequence. Here are some others that are likely (though not confirmed) to appear:
    Forkloid (first appearance of Delta Gigadrone, as well as BC-04 Battle mode)
    Filmloid (first appearance of Beast X Ultrazord)
    Spannerloid (first usage of Explosion Kick, plus first appearance of Buster Hercules)
    Parabolaloid (he's one of the monsters Messiah Cell resurrects, and we know that Evox will assume Messiah Cell's form at some point)
    Keyloid (same as Parabolaloid)
    Rousokuloid (good candidate for the Halloween special).
    • Parabolaloid confirmed (called Antennatron).
The episode that introduces Nate and Steel's zords will be based off of Go Busters episode 17 instead of 16
  • Although Go Busters Episode 16 is the actual first appearance of both BC-04 and SJ-05, it only features the bug versions of the zords. Episode 17, on the other hand, shows off BC-04's battle mode as well as introduces the Delta Megazord. Doing Ep 17 before 16 would allow Beast Morphers to simultaneously show off the capabilities of the new zords and introduce a new type of Gigadrone. In fact, this could serve as the culmination of a multi-episode "arms race" arc focusing on Grid Battleforce's efforts to create their new zords before Evox can deploy the Delta Gigadrone.
    • Apparently jossed if international spoilers for Episode 9 are any indication.

The Halloween Intergalactic Court will return
In the second season, assuming Blaze and Roxy are restored by Halloween, they'll be arrested and charged for their crimes as Evox's Avatars. The other Rangers will have to counter with evidence that the two of them have redeemed themselves.

Steel will become human in one episode.
  • This is based on recent casting for a "Steel-Teen" - suggesting that Steel will be temporarily turned into a human teenager at some point.

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