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Heartwarming / Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

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Episode 1: Beast Unleashed

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

  • The group hug at the end with the Rangers, the Beast Bots, and Ben and Betty is pretty sweet - even though it's interrupted by Ben's zap-o-matic.

Episode 3: End of the Road

  • Nate opens up to Zoey about his personal life and lack of family, and Zoey's comforting him.

Episode 4: Digital Deception

  • At the end, Ravi tells Devon and Zoey that even though he misses Roxy, things would be even lonelier without the two of them.
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  • Nate giving Zoey some flowers for Valentine's Day (as a secret admirer). Even with the Grid Battleforce rules, we may be seeing a romance yet...

Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

  • Ravi and Zoey helping out Devon at the carwash, telling him they're a team and they have his back.
    • This scene's heartwarming factor is somewhat dampened when Blaze uses this distraction to destroy their communicators and steal a bunch of Morph X in the process.
  • The ending when Devon watches his father on TV praising the Power Rangers. He realizes his dad is proud of him - he just doesn't know it yet.

Episode 6: Hangar Heist

  • At the end, the Rangers rebuild Betty and Ben's rocket (actually, their father's) for them.

Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

  • Everyone's acceptance of Nate and Steel into the Ranger fold, with Ravi apologizing for doubting Nate's bravery and Nate declaring Steel his brother.

Episode 9: Silver Sacrifice

  • In both a heartwarming and heartbreaking scene, Steel decides to sacrifice himself to save Ben and Betty, the children of the man who, just a short while ago, wanted him deactivated. Steel further states that even though Evox will take possession of his body, he knows that the Rangers will be able to destroy him.
  • General Burke apologizing to Steel at the end of the episode.

Episode 10: Thrills and Drills

  • Ben and Betty trying to help Ravi through his fear of dentists by accompanying him to the appointment. Later in the episode, Ravi and Nate encourage each other to get over their own fears.

Episode 11: Tools of the Betrayed

  • Jax goes running (or rather, rolling) after Zoey after she storms out of the room, following her argument with Devon. Even though he can't get her to see Devon's point, the scene still shows how Jax deeply cares about Zoey.

Episode 12: Real Steel

  • Steel's speech to Nate to prove he's not Clonetron.
    Steel: When you said you didn't wanna play basketball, I just assumed you'd rather experiments. I never knew that—that you didn't know how to play. I heard you tell Zoey. In my eyes, my brother can do anything. You even built me! It never occurred to me that...that there was something you couldn't do. I'm sorry Nate. Can you ever forgive me for hurting your feelings?
    Nate: It's one of the things humans do best. Of course I forgive you.

Episode 13: Tuba Triumph

  • Ravi befriending a boy he met at the park after seeing him get bullied. The interactions between the two are really nice and Ravi even ends up buying the kid a new tuba after he tossed out his old one.
    • At the end, the boy gives Ravi a framed copy of a drawing of him and Roxy, both reiterating the lesson Ravi taught him (to always do what makes you happy even if people don't understand it) and showing that Ravi still has feelings for Roxy.


  • Fans and cast mates quickly defending Abraham Rodriguez/Nate as the Gold Ranger after PR Veteran Blake Foster (Justin) called him a weenie on social media, many calling Foster out on his hypocrisy since he was 10 during his time on the show and has no right to judge. Other actors who defended Abraham include, David Fielding (Zordon!), his co-star Colby Strong (Blaze), Cameron Jebo (Orion), and Peter Sudarso (Preston) whose response is especially heartwarming, because he explains why Abraham is the perfect choice for the gold ranger.
  • Abraham's reaction to not only getting his own toy, but one that actually has his face.
  • Thanks to a wish fulfilled by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, there's now a non-canonical Beast Morphers Orange Ranger: Tyler Rinker, an 8-year old boy from New Jersey whose greatest wish is to be an Orange Power Ranger so he can make the world a safer place for everyone. Tyler's wish came true at the Annual Make-A-Wish New Jersey Gala on June 13, complete with a costume for him and a Comic-Con exclusive comic variant cover (with a portion of the profits being donated to Make-A-Wish as well).

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