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  • I can kind of get why they aren't going into Uchu Sentai Kyuranger right away (since if that was what they wanted to do, Saban would've stuck with Bandai)note  , but weren't the monster suits from Gobusters not made to last?
    • They could just use more of the Sentai footage for fight scenes, and if they need monsters to fight in original footage they could bring in monsters from a more recent series that they haven't adapted. Or even just reuse suits they already have used, which isn't entirely unknown for this show.
    • For Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, they remade the Mook suits. It's entirely likely Toei will extend the same courtesy to partners they've had a longer relationship with.
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    • Most recent suits are made to last much longer than back in the day.
    • It was eventually confirmed that the suits were remade for the series.
    • When it comes to MOTW suits, well, some will stand up longer than the others. The plots that require a lot of US footage will be used with those and not the ones that fell apart.
  • In what universe is there a rule against rangers dating? There have been plenty of ranger couples throughout the franchise's run, and you expect us to believe this obviously forced plot point made just to explain why Roxy is not the yellow ranger?
    • Grid Battleforce is a government-run organization, so it shouldn't be surprising that they have these sorts of regulations. Look at today's real life military, for example.
    • Besides, the real reason why Roxy isn't the Yellow Ranger is because Evox hijacked her mind.
    • Their relationship would help to explain their more frequent encounters in future fight scenes as per Go-Busters' original footage.
    • Ravi and Roxy were meant to have their DNA fused with the DNA of animals. If their relationship fully develops, they would have offspring with animal DNA. Who knows how that would end.
  • How did Betty and Ben NOT recognize the mayor? Even if they had never seen his face on the news before, his visitor's badge clearly said "Mayor" on it.
    • Clearly they ain't the sharpest tools in the shed.
    • They are obviously meant to be this season's Bulk and Skull.
  • When the chosen Rangers are about to be transformed for the first time, they are already wearing morphers, suggesting that the devices are an integral part of the process. But Devon and Zoey don't have morphers when they are hastily transformed by Nate, with morphers appearing with their Ranger suits. If the morphers can be formed alongside the suits, then why did the original candidates have to wear them beforehand?
    • One plausible explanation: The morphers were facsimiles created by the morphing chamber (meaning they may have disappeared with the rest of the suit when Devon and Zoey de-morphed).
  • Mayor Daniels' claim that every single villain starting from Rita attacked Earth for the Rangers' power source makes no sense as the number of times this has happened can be counted on one hand. Sure, Sledge and Galvanax wanted the Energems and Ninja Stars but this was only a thing for the previous two seasons.
    • I think he was speaking broadly, villains going after the Ranger's power source happens more often than you think. Master Vile went after the Zeo Crystal, the Lights of Orion and even the Quasar Sabers were highly sought after, the Demons tried, and for a time, succeeded in using the Titanium Morpher for themselves, Lothor used the Samurai Amulet to steal the other Ranger's powers, the Dino Gems were a vital part of Mesogog's endgame, Venjix and the RPM Rangers were constantly vying for technological supremacy, often times using each other's tech to do so and eventually Venjix turned their own morphing tech against them. The only difference for Sledge and Galvanax was that obtaining the Ranger's power was their primary goal rather than being a one-off scheme like the other aforementioned villains.
      • Adding to the above mentioned examples, Gruumm and Broodwing both sought to use SPD's own technology against them. Not to mention that Gruumm somehow managed to convince (without brainwashing) an entire team of elite SPD Rangers to join his side.
      • Also, Vrak stole Orion's power, not only augmenting his own strength, but also preventing the Megaforce Rangers from assuming Legendary Mode.
  • Scrozzle seems too easily strong-armed into working for Evox and company while he has an army of Tronics and Gigadrones at his disposal and the ability to make monsters out of pretty much anything. Why does he fear them at all?
    • Evox, being a computer virus, could presumably hack and seize control of any of Scrozzle's machines if he had to.
    • Or, Scrozzle is a bit of a coward.
      • A bit? He scrams the moment he sees the Rangers morph.
  • How can digital avatars be turned into physical robotic Tronics like Evox threatened in Hangar Heist?
    • Their data could be uploaded into Tronic bodies.
  • Why bother changing Gold's animal into a mantis? Neither the suit nor the zord even resemble a praying mantis so why change it?
    • Mantis is cooler?
    • It's a really abstract thought, but if the zord in beetle mode has the "hooks" of its horn folded down and a head added to the tip it could vaguely resemble a mantis? The hooks become the mantis' claws and the beetle's body represents the lower half of the mantis' body.
    • It's a bit of a stretch, but the hooks on the horn do sort of resemble a mantis' antennae/eyes. The tip of the horn itself also vaguely looks like a mantis' head. Again, it's a stretch, but it is plausible.
    • Word of God is that rhino beetles aren’t kid-friendly (indeed, Ninja Storm’s Ranger with the same motif was never referred to as such).
  • Something I noticed during The Cybergate Opens is that Commander Shaw told the Rangers that Nate can handle himself despite being captured. But yet, in Digital Deception, she was the one to enforce the buddy system on Nate after he was caught in a Robotron attack. Did she change her mind, or is it a writing error?
    • She may have always personally believed Nate was capable of taking care of himself, but was under orders from General Burke (or another superior) to ensure Nate's safety.
  • Where did Evox come from? This was a problem with Go-Busters as well, Messiah was a computer virus that came out of no where. Everyong reacts as if Computer Viruses were natural phenomena. Early hopes from fans was that Evox would have been Venjix from RPM who was last seen trapped in a morpher/morphin grid, but the standalone nature of each season makes this less and less likely.
    • Given the rumored crossover with RPM for Season 2, as well as the fact that Evox's voice actor is a near anagram for Venjix's voice actor, there is a chance that Evox is in fact somehow connected to Venjix.
    • It's explained in "Source Code" that Evox is Venjix reborn, after Venjix survived by infecting the RPM Morphers.
  • Even taking into account that the mayor apparently isn't high-enough clearance to know who all the Rangers are, surely he should at least be allowed to know that Devon is one of them? Considering how much oversight he seems to put into the kid's life, why was Mayor Daniels not being kept in the loop that his son does have a job: risking his life to protect the city on a regular basis?!
    • I have an additional question for this; why didn't Grid Battleforce make up a job for Devon when he became a Ranger? At least then, Daniels can believe his son was working for an organization even if he has reservations regarding Morph-X.
  • Why did they decide to go back and do the Dino Crossover? The current Rangers aren’t in that fight except for one scene at the end and the Dino Thunder Rangers’ reason for being there falls into Adaptation Explanation Extrication, because Snide was created without any intended link to Dino Thunder.
    • Apparently showrunner Judd Lynn is leaving soon (although he's sticking around for Dino Fury to help the transition). Since this is basically his last chance to go all out with the show, maybe it's a case of Awesome, Dear Boy?
    • Finders Keepers, Making Bad and Grid Connection are all connected and 3 parters of the crossover. The first part has the Beast Morphers team having their own spotlight and a good reason for Snide to be there since the Dino Charge Rangers faced him before and also the fact that Snide is based on Neo-Geildon so there's that for Dino Thunder but more so for the Abarangers than it does for them. That and because of stock footages. Making Bad is mainly a clip show, showcasing past villains until they got Goldar Maximus. Then finally the long awaited Grid Connection.
  • Why is Mayor Daniels seemingly the one in charge of spreading Morph-X towers throughout the world? Surely someone higher up in the government would be the one to head such a wide scale project?


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