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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

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Season 1

In general
  • For a kid's show, Evox's cobra avatar is actually pretty frightening. There's also something eerie about the way he slithers in and out of his computer terminal. His voice is also legitimately menacing.

Episode 19 "Target Tower"

  • There's shades of this in "Target: Tower" when Ravi destroys Roxy's Avatar. Ravi drives himself into his overheated berserk mode and is snarling at her animalistically as he blasts her repeatedly, and we get to see her terrified face as she becomes unstable. When she finally explodes, she screams in agony. Of course it had to happen, but what a harsh way to go.

    • Which leads to another scary revelation in hindsight. Real, (biological) Roxy is completely aware of what was told to her Avatar so... people in coma are imprisoned to watch their evil copies doing wrong things. Roxy watched how her alter version manipulated Ravi back in episode 4 and couldn't do anything. Who knows how terrifying would be to watch someone take your identity and watch them burn and destroy.

Season 2

In general
  • The Reveal in Season 2 that Evox has been secretly possessing Mayor Daniels since the end of "Evox: Upgraded" is pretty disturbing when you realize that whenever Devon hugs his father, he's also unknowingly hugging Evox.
    • Not to mention Mayor Daniels' Evil Laugh while being possessed can be downright terrifying.

Episode 9 "Secret Struggle"

  • It's revealed to the Rangers that Mayor Daniels has been possessed by Evox ever since they returned from the Cyber Dimension. If that isn't nightmare fuel, then...
    • Is Evox right? Is Mayor Daniels gone? Which then raises the question... Is Devon going to have to kill his dad? We all know the answer, but still...
      • Even worse... What if Devon did perform a Mercy Kill... and had witnesses? That would have been the darkest episode in the franchise since the proposed ending for Ranger Black.

Episode 15 "Goin' Ape"

  • Thought Ravi going berserk on Avatar Roxy in "Target Tower" was scary? This episode has him go berserk not only on Robo-Roxy, but the other Rangers, who barely manage to restrain him. He's arguably the biggest threat to the Rangers in this episode.

Episode 17 "Fossil Frenzy"

  • Robo-Roxy's final form is so grotesque and horrifying to look at, that even Evox takes a step back when he first sees her.

Episode 19 "Source Code"

  • When it was announced that Olivia Tennet and James Gaylyn would return to PR after eleven-years, the Ranger Nation began to speculate as to what their roles would be, and how would RPM link to Beast Morphers. One scenario was pitched, and it eventually became horrific reality. Sometime prior to the start of Beast Morphers, Nate and Dr. K managed to forge communication between the main PR dimension and Corinth. In the midst of this accord, having already acquired the arsenal of the past teams, Nate asked for a morpher to experiment on. Dr. K handed him one of the Cell Shift Morphers... the one previously held by Scott Truman to be exact and tried to repower it with Morph-X and snake DNA. Now, you read the spoiler, you're putting two and two together and coming up with Oh, Crap!. Yes, the being that hid in Scott's morpher at the end of RPM escaped, entered Grid Battleforce's main frame and acquired a new form... the one we saw for the first half of Beast Morphers. It took eleven years, but we finally have a payoff to the Cliffhanger that at the time of RPM's finale, ended the franchise. EVOX. IS. VENJIX!

Episode 20 "Evox Unleashed"

  • The evacuation of the whole city. Doesn't seem like much at first but it gives off vibes of Adult Fear, reminding some people of real life events like the Chernobyl Incident. New technology can become a genuine threat to our lives and the show demonstrates how it could look like.
    • Evacuating the city also gives an idea of just how dire the threat is, considering that none of Evox's previous attacks have triggered this sort of mass exodus.
  • The death of Steel. Being a comedic character, his lines and personality change the mood for better even in the most dire situation. Not here... He gets brutally killed and all his hilarity is gone. In his last moments he sees how weak he is and his body falling apart. The feeling of dread is doubled by Devon's speech to the Grid Battleforce. "Grid Battleforce, this is Devon Daniels, Red Ranger. Today our team of Five Power Rangers went out against Evox. Only Four returned. When no one else could Steel made the choice; fight Evox alone... now he's gone. Evox has gained more and more strength. You worked hard to hold on. But it's time for Grid Battleforce to evacuate. Like Steel, Power Rangers will stay and fight to defeat Evox if we can."

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