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Famous Last Words / Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

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  • "Told ya that guy was crazy." Blaze. Tragedy would strike nearly four minutes later.
  • "Are you nervous? (Ravi: Morph-X is about to [...] make me into a superhero. Yeah, I'm a little nervous. You?) No, because I've got you to back me up. (Ravi: Please. Roxy, we talked about this. [...] Rangers can't date Rangers. [...] Please don't make this tougher than it already is.) Yeah, okay." Roxy. Tragedy would strike three minutes later.
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  • "My tires are going flat!" Cycletron
  • "Cannon?! Wait! Aaaah!" Needletron
  • "Where'd they go?!" Shoveltron
  • "Looks like I've been left on the chopping block!" Slicertron
  • "I'm having a meltdown!" Meltatron
  • "Sorry folks. This train is out of service!" Railtron
  • "You'll pay for this!!" Vacuutron

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