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Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed

  • A meta one: Mayor Daniels acknowledges how Morph X would be something no villain could resist, mentioning Rita Repulsa and Galvanax in a casual continuity nod. Sledge is even mentioned despite Dino Charge being an alternate universe due to his crossing into the main Power Rangers universe to act as Ninja Steel's True Final Boss. Not bad considering how previous seasons seemed to try to avoid being seen as of being part of a larger universe in favor of more isolated stories.
    • The Morphing Grid being the center of the battle between good and evil also applies.
  • In the first scene at Riptide Gym, (a nod to the Angel Grove Youth Center of MMPR) Devon's shown as a fun loving student at martial arts training bored for training. When he upsets Blaze, a black belt and is attacked, he holds his own pretty evenly, drives his opponent to injure himself, and disarms the arrogant red ranger candidate twice.
    Okay, I'll admit, a couple of moves were a little, challenging.
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  • Zoey running to help the candidates once she realizes they're in danger. Props to Betty for also doing the same, even if she and Ben don't get very far.
  • Devon destroys the wire connecting Evox's virus, preventing Ravi from being another corrupted Avatar like Blaze and Roxy.
  • Zoey may be the the weakest of the three rangers, yet shoves a laundry cart straight into Roxy and Blaze, and improvises using everything around when she fights Roxy.
  • Devon and Ravi performing an aerial double dropkick on Blaze.
  • Nate, the least combat efficient of the six, shoots down rebar freeing the three from Roxy and Blaze's wrath and uses their location to transform them in the Beast Morphers Rangers.
  • With Nate's help, the four combat Blaze and Roxy and teleport them far away to a different dimension. Not bad for two rookies, a scientist, and the commander's son.
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  • Evox makes one hell of an impression as a villain, infecting Grid Battleforce's systems and creating two Rangers of his own that wreck shop before the real(-ish) team comes together.

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

  • Betty and Ben showing their chops, no matter how little. When Devon's Weaksauce Weakness accidentally kicks in and a Mook tries to take advantage of it, Betty swoops in to distract it while Ben is able to get behind him and taser him to death.
    • Even more awesome is that Devon later cites them as an example of effective teamwork.
  • Cycletron is dealt with by Ravi during his overheat. Though it was because of his weakness enhancing his strength, the Blue Ranger getting the first monster destroyed one-on-one is pretty darn cool.
    • Technically, Cycletron is finished off by Devon.
  • The choice to adapt Mission 5 of Go Busters allowed Beast Morphers to have all three Zords in action right from the start, showing them in the field individually before the Megazord is to be formed.
  • A meta one: the crew recreating the Go-Busters cockpit so accurately that it's almost impossible to tell it apart from stock footage.

Episode 3: End of the Road

  • The scene where the Rangers chase Blaze on their Morph-X Bikes while pulling out some crazy stunts along the way. Maybe those Rangers could sign up for X Games after all.
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  • Roxy helps Blaze get away with their spoils by threatening to detonate the Morph-X, taking them and the Rangers with them.
  • Zoey turns Roxy's "I didn't miss" moment against her with just a small amount of volatile Morph-X.
  • One for the creators: during the battle between the Beast Wheeler Zord and Needledrone, the Needledrone shoves a needle up the Zord's posterior. It would have been way too easy to make a reaction to that, thus having Smash respond more to the fact that the Zord's Morph-X is being drained than getting anal probed shows that even Hasbro knows when something's just too lowbrowed.
    • Alternately it could have been the Radar not allowing it.

Episode 4: "Digital Deception"

  • A meta one: Roxy's deception isn't exactly made a secret to us compared to how other seasons would try to confuse viewers like Ravi despite how savvy even youngsters can be about this trope.
    • In-universe, this is a good example of how the Rangers are essentially fighting their friends (though Devon and Blaze are debatable) and that this can be used against them.
  • Roxy doesn't make an Avatar out of Ravi but does get away with the Neuro-Aligner for a future plan Scrozzle and Evox are cooking up. A nice small victory for the villains as well as foreshadowing of a greater conflict.
  • The shot of Devon finishing Shoveldrone while Ravi and Zoey finish Shoveltron within the same shot is lifted from Go Busters but is still epic here as it was there.

Episode 5: "Taking Care of Business"

  • Another Ben and Betty one in retrospect. While their Dogotronic obviously failed, it did give Nate the idea of salvaging destroyed Gigadrone parts in order to apply them to their current arsenal.
    • Right after getting the neural aligner last week, our villains manage to score again, taking a LOT of Morph-X this time around.
  • Blaze is smart enough to smash the Ranger's communicators and phones before emptying a tower's worth of Morph-X.

Episode 6: "Hangar Heist"

  • A meta one: Rather than introducing the Megazord right from the get-go, the show has taken the time to build up to it, allowing viewers to get familiar with the individual Zords first.
    • The shield is a smart concept, taking into account how giant enemies would actually attack during the assembly. It emphasizes how this team is a tad more grounded for the most part, not unlike how Go-Busters was directed.
  • While Roxy does the heavy lifting, Scrozzle makes off with a few of Nate's stuff including the head of a certain Buddyroid from Go Busters.
  • Devon has Meltadrone spray acid over the locked up hanger door to free his friends.

Episode 7: "A Friend Indeed"

  • The Rangers using their holograms as camouflage, getting the drop on the Robodrone.
    • Jax sticking his robotic neck out to help set the trap.

Episode 8: "The Cybergate Opens"

  • Nate single handily ruining the villains cyber gate plan, not only ruining Evox's chance of escaping the Cyber Dimension, but becoming the Gold Ranger in the process! Oh, and the Beast Bot Scrozzle hoped to use for Evox? It becomes Steel, the Silver Ranger.
  • The Gold and Silver debut fight. Even though the two just met each other, they showcased some nice teamwork to take down a squad of Tronics and Vacuutron.
  • Props to Betty and Ben who were able to place a tracking device onto the truck that was carrying the stolen Morph-X (albeit accidentally).

Episode 9: "Silver Sacrifice"


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