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Remember: Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages.

Season 1

Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed
  • A meta one: Mayor Daniels acknowledges how Morph X would be something no villain could resist, mentioning Rita Repulsa and Galvanax in a casual continuity nod. Sledge is even mentioned despite Dino Charge being an alternate universe due to his crossing into the main Power Rangers universe to act as Ninja Steel's True Final Boss. Not bad considering how previous seasons seemed to try to avoid being seen as of being part of a larger universe in favor of more isolated stories.
    • The Morphing Grid being the center of the battle between good and evil also applies.
  • In the first scene at Riptide Gym, (a nod to the Angel Grove Youth Center of MMPR) Devon's shown as a fun loving student at martial arts training bored for training. When he upsets Blaze, a black belt and is attacked, he holds his own pretty evenly, drives his opponent to injure himself, and disarms the arrogant red ranger candidate twice.
    Okay, I'll admit, a couple of moves were a little, challenging.
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  • Zoey running to help the candidates once she realizes they're in danger. Props to Betty for also doing the same, even if she and Ben don't get very far.
  • Devon destroys the wire connecting Evox's virus, preventing Ravi from being another corrupted Avatar like Blaze and Roxy.
  • Zoey may be the the weakest of the three rangers, yet shoves a laundry cart straight into Roxy and Blaze, and improvises using everything around when she fights Roxy.
  • Devon and Ravi performing an aerial double dropkick on Blaze.
  • Nate, the least combat efficient of the six, shoots down rebar freeing the three from Roxy and Blaze's wrath and uses their location to transform them in the Beast Morphers Rangers.
  • With Nate's help, the four combat Blaze and Roxy and teleport them far away to a different dimension. Not bad for two rookies, a scientist, and the commander's son.
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  • Evox makes one hell of an impression as a villain, infecting Grid Battleforce's systems and creating two Rangers of his own that wreck shop before the real(-ish) team comes together.

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

  • Betty and Ben showing their chops, no matter how little. When Devon's Weaksauce Weakness accidentally kicks in and a Mook tries to take advantage of it, Betty swoops in to distract it while Ben is able to get behind him and taser him to death.
    • Even more awesome is that Devon later cites them as an example of effective teamwork.
  • Cycletron is dealt with by Ravi during his overheat. Though it was because of his weakness enhancing his strength, the Blue Ranger getting the first monster destroyed one-on-one is pretty darn cool.
    • Technically, Cycletron is finished off by Devon.
  • The choice to adapt Mission 5 of Go Busters allowed Beast Morphers to have all three Zords in action right from the start, showing them in the field individually before the Megazord is to be formed.
  • A meta one: the crew recreating the Go-Busters cockpit so accurately that it's almost impossible to tell it apart from stock footage.

Episode 3: End of the Road

  • The scene where the Rangers chase Blaze on their Morph-X Bikes while pulling out some crazy stunts along the way. Maybe those Rangers could sign up for X Games after all.
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  • Roxy helps Blaze get away with their spoils by threatening to detonate the Morph-X, taking them and the Rangers with them.
  • Zoey turns Roxy's "I didn't miss" moment against her with just a small amount of volatile Morph-X.
  • One for the creators: during the battle between the Beast Wheeler Zord and Needledrone, the Needledrone shoves a needle up the Zord's posterior. It would have been way too easy to make a reaction to that, thus having Smash respond more to the fact that the Zord's Morph-X is being drained than getting anal probed shows that even Hasbro knows when something's just too lowbrowed.
    • Alternately it could have been the Radar not allowing it.

Episode 4: Digital Deception

  • A meta one: Roxy's deception isn't exactly made a secret to us compared to how other seasons would try to confuse viewers like Ravi despite how savvy even youngsters can be about this trope.
    • In-universe, this is a good example of how the Rangers are essentially fighting their friends (though Devon and Blaze are debatable) and that this can be used against them.
  • Roxy doesn't make an Avatar out of Ravi but does get away with the Neuro-Aligner for a future plan Scrozzle and Evox are cooking up. A nice small victory for the villains as well as foreshadowing of a greater conflict.
  • The shot of Devon finishing Shoveldrone while Ravi and Zoey finish Shoveltron within the same shot is lifted from Go Busters but is still epic here as it was there.
  • Another meta one: This episode is the first to demonstrate that Gigadrones can be deployed before their Robotron counterparts are destroyed, meaning this season's villains have a strategic advantage that no other Power Ranger villains had.

Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

  • Another Ben and Betty one in retrospect. While their Dogotronic obviously failed, it did give Nate the idea of salvaging destroyed Gigadrone parts in order to apply them to their current arsenal.
    • Right after getting the neural aligner last week, our villains manage to score again, taking a LOT of Morph-X this time around.
  • Blaze is smart enough to smash the Ranger's communicators and phones before emptying a tower's worth of Morph-X.

Episode 6: Hangar Heist

  • A meta one: Rather than introducing the Megazord right from the get-go, the show has taken the time to build up to it, allowing viewers to get familiar with the individual Zords first.
    • The shield is a smart concept, taking into account how giant enemies would actually attack during the assembly. It emphasizes how this team is a tad more grounded for the most part, not unlike how Go-Busters was directed.
  • While Roxy does the heavy lifting, Scrozzle makes off with a few of Nate's stuff including the head of a certain Buddyroid from Go Busters.
  • Devon has Meltadrone spray acid over the locked up hanger door to free his friends.

Episode 7: A Friend Indeed

  • The Rangers using their holograms as camouflage, getting the drop on the Robodrone.
    • Jax sticking his robotic neck out to help set the trap.

Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

  • Nate single handily ruining the villains cyber gate plan, not only ruining Evox's chance of escaping the Cyber Dimension, but becoming the Gold Ranger in the process! Oh, and the Beast Bot Scrozzle hoped to use for Evox? It becomes Steel, the Silver Ranger.
  • The Gold and Silver debut fight. Even though the two just met each other, they showcased some nice teamwork to take down a squad of Tronics and Vacuutron.
  • Props to Betty and Ben who were able to place a tracking device onto the truck that was carrying the stolen Morph-X (albeit accidentally).

Episode 9: Silver Sacrifice

  • Steel destroys the Cybergate, sending Evox back to the Cyber Dimension again.
    • Bonus points for how he went in believing that Evox would take him over, unaware of his human DNA as interference. His plan was to let the Rangers destroy him with their enemy infecting him at the cost of his own life.
  • Ravi literally kicks a Tronic into Go-Busters footage.

Episode 10: Thrills and Drills

  • Scrozzle and Roxy spread the Rangers out thin with both Drilltron as well as Drilldrone, even teleporting the Gigadrone underground.
Episode 11: "Tools of the Betrayed"
  • Devon destroys the Robotron-maker, foiling Blaze's plan in the very first act.

Episode 13: Tuba Triumph

  • When Tubatron has the Rangers on the ropes with its newly upgraded sonic attack, Joey overhears the fight and realizes he can counteract with his own tuba. Cue a civilian child engaging in sonic Beam-O-War with an upgraded robot monster! And winning!
  • Another one for Joey at the end of the episode. Not only does he finally master his tornado kick that he's been practicing, but he uses it to kick the hat off of one of his bullies. He scares them off while still keeping with the code of honor Ravi taught him.

Episode 14: Sound and Fury

  • Tubatron 2.0's sonic attack is enough to shatter Devon's visor in visually impressive way, mixing Sentai footage with new footage fairly well.
  • The Fury Mode in general is a pretty awesome set of armor, both visually and in terms of powers. It's also one of those rare power up modes that is American exclusive (after the American-original "Battlizer" tradition was last seen in Overdrive) Too bad it only lasts until the next episode.
    • The way it needs time to properly power up even forced the rest of the team to cover Devon, a subversion of the usual Transformation Is a Free Action trope. It certainly builds up hype.
  • Megan's plan to sabotage Nate and take his job fails simply because she completely underestimated how smart Nate actually was. Nate sees right through it and exposes her in front of Shaw.
  • Commander Shaw having security throw Megan out of Grid Battleforce for blackmailing Zoey and trying to sabotage Nate.
    Commander Shaw: (to Megan) Pack up and get out. Now.

Episode 15: "Seeing Red"

  • Though a bit of jerk about it, Devon really does kick some major tail in Fury Mode and lifts up an entire car not unlike a certain Green Ranger from SPD to stop petty crooks.
  • Though your millage may vary, the Fury Cells seem to act as an metaphor for substance abuse in how it slowly affects Devon's mind and how he treats those around him. Though obviously held back for the TV rating, it's a surprisingly heavy topic for Power Rangers to tackle.
    • One might claim that Devon's power trip addresses the reoccuring criticism of how Battlizers tend to make the Red Ranger too powerful to the rest of his team, especially when the show's all about teamwork.
  • More heartwarming but Steel is quite vocal in his concern for Devon's more arrogant streak, showing a bit of character growth in being less self-centered himself.

Episode 16: Gorilla Art

  • Smash acts as a shield for Ravi when he struggles against Turbotron, allowing the latter to finish off the Robotron. It allow one of the Beast Bots to shine more in the line of duty.
  • A meta example. The fact they turned a Go-Busters Monster of the Week like Danganloid into a recurring villain called Vargoyle is a great use of creativity on Hasbro's part. The only other time Power Rangers did this was with Hydro Hog in the Alien Rangers mini series, which was 23 years ago.
    • Bonus point for how he decimates Steel one-on-one and gets away with plenty of Morph-X even when Nate gets the drop on him.
  • The Rangers forgo the Megazord in favor of working off each other to reach the airborne Turbodrone.

Episode 18: Rewriting History

  • Someone has got to climb the (electrified) tower to get to the villains' memory pulsator, and only Steel is impervious to it. Being part organic means he feels pain, though. He is in TREMENDOUS agony every step of the way, and doesn't let it stop him!
  • A super-speed battle between Devon and Vargoyle. There are impressive visual effects of them running across the walls, utilizing the close quarters of the hallway effectively unlike with other open-field battles.
    • There's also the way it adapts a run of the mill Monster of the Week battle into the ultimate confrontation with a reoccuring villain, having expanded Danganloid's role in Beast Morphers. It actually improves upon the context it had been presented in with Go Busters, taking an already cool battle and injecting more significance to it story-wise.

Episode 19: Target Tower

  • Ravi and Avatar Roxy engage in an intense 1-v-1 showdown. While the improved original hand-to-hand choreography is proof enough: From Ravi chucking a massive rock at Roxy and taking advantage of his overexertion to power himself up to swiping her morpher off her hands and breaking it just to ensure that she wouldn't be able to teleport away as she usually does, Ravi turns the battle immediately in his favor. Thanks to The Berserker state, Ravi is able to power through Roxy's blasts with no difficulty before shooting her repeatedly with the Beast-X Blaster to finally eliminate Avatar Roxy.
    • Though Roxy gets the last laugh as her diversion allowed Blaze to steal the Mega Transporters. Hell, she was quick to realize that Ravi was desperate enough to save the real Roxy to risk going after her (which is probably why she sabotaged the real Roxy's stasis pod in the first place). It's no wonder Evox was enraged to lose a strategic opportunist like her (as opposed to a blunt instrument like Blaze).
  • The Burkes are bailed out by Mayor Daniels who bashes the Tronics with a shovel. It's fairly clear where Devon got his moxie from as well as how his father got into office.
  • Ben and Betty fighting through the Tronics to try and secure the last Mega Transporter, which would've worked had Blaze not stolen it from right underneath their noses before leading into his battle with Devon, which leads to...
  • Devon and Blaze having a close battle and Blaze finally takes the edge over Devon's concern about the Mega Transporters, finally defeating him in battle, teleporting the largest Morph X Tower to the Cyber Dimension, and getting one of their major victories on the Rangers.

Episode 20: Evox Upgraded

  • Our heroes utilize tech from the enemy in order to recreate the Cybergate storm Evox's hideout. Slightly meta in how much of it is a huge Chekov's Gun that caught some off-guard.
  • The Beast X Ultrazord is formed within the safety of the base rather than the heat of battle.
  • Devon and Blaze engage in a 1-v-1 Megazord showdown inside the stolen Morph-X tower.
  • Mayor Daniels, a civilian with no powers or training of any sort, ventures alone into the Cyber Dimension to save Devon.
    • Bonus point for getting a Tronic with a pipe after a distraction.
  • The Ultrazord's mecha melee with the Gigadrone army is a treat for the eyes.
    • A meta one regarding the Ultrazord battle: Even though the zord battle footage is (naturally) taken from Go-Busters, by inserting a scene with Devon and his father into the middle of the fight, it gives the impression that the battle is longer and harder fought.
  • Which really puts just how powerful Evox is up in lights. What's his first display of power upon getting a body? To overpower the Ultrazord and cause it to break down with one blast WITHOUT GROWING. This leaves all but one Zord too damaged to operate. Bear in mind that this is all done in footage for Power Rangers only.
    • When Evox does grow, the idea of taking him on directly never even comes up! Rather, Devon in the Racer Zord seeks to destroy the machinery that will allow him to escape the Cyber Dimension.
  • Ben and Betty bail out the Rangers in the nick of time with the Cybergate.

Episode 21: Hypnotic Halloween

  • One for the villains: The two Gigadrones in this episode defeat the Megazord and come very, very close to outright killing the three core Rangers.

Episode 22: Scrozzle’s Revenge

  • The Megazord battle is a great showcase of the Beast Bots' skills without the Rangers, with Smash rescuing civilians, Jax putting out the fires Scrozzle creates, while Cruise destroys him with a Beast Racer Zord slash.
    • Meta-wise, it gets creative in editing out the footage of the Go-Busters to show the Beast Bots doing it all by themselves. Similar to Dino Super Charge when Arcanon's forces used the Rangers' Zords.

Season 2

Episode 1: Believe It Or Not
  • Drilldrone 2.0 drops in fast after teleporting into the main dimension and creates a near bottomless pit, nearly getting the Rangers in the process.
  • The Zords are utilized in a far more creative way with the Wrecker Zord lowering the Racer Zord down into the crater while Ravi fends off the Gigatronics. Devon even uses the hook to get Drilldrone 2.0 onto the surface. Not once do they form the Megazord until Nate does at the last second.
  • Though a bit of a crackpot about it, Steel did expose Evox's hidden schemes and prevent Scrozzle from getting too much Morph X.
Episode 2: Save Our Shores
  • The debut of Avatars Blaze & Roxy, now as robots.
    • The unmorphed fight itself is also pretty awesome, especially with Robo-Roxy throwing a crate at Zoey, who kicks it away, and also Devon using a car door to block Blaze's attacks.
Episode 3: Game On!
  • Devon and Carrie's Backstreet Brawler 3 match utilizing Hard Light holograms to bring their characters to life. A cool bit of tech that even impresses Evox himself.
  • Gamerdrone's Morph-X Drain Dome makes for a nice ticking clock element not unlike with boss battles in video games.
Episode 4: Artist Anonymous
  • Commander Shaw proving her chops in the field by shooting at Keytron with a Beast-X Blaster before tossing Devon the Beast-X Ultra Blaster to finish the job.
  • After spending most of Season 1 cooped up inside a computer terminal, Evox is now a lot more active. Not only is he coming up with his own plans, but he's taking full advantage of his identity as Mayor Daniels to execute those plans.
  • The Ultrazord's functions are put on lockdown by Keydrone but the jet boots are functional enough to have the mech blast up into the air and crash down on the Gigadrone like a massive missile.
Episode 5: Cruisin' For A Bruisin
  • Even though the Beast-X Mode footage is taken entirely from Go-Busters, it's still a pretty awesome display of the Rangers' new abilities. Devon goes fast enough to vanish in mid-air ala Dragon Ball Z, Ravi phases a steel girder out of a building before pulling a boulder out of the ground and Zoey bounces off the actual air.
  • Cruise might need more training but it's hard to deny that his Wheel Blasters get the job done.
  • Devon pierces Digitron with his Morph-X key and actually pulls out Cruise while the others cover him in a nice bit of teamwork.
Episode 7: Beast King Rampage
  • Evox plays both sides almost perfectly by having General Burke secretly develop a whole new Zord for him to hijack and give Devon a run for his money. Bringing in Megan helped in having a scapegoat that'd deflect any suspicion on Mayor Daniels's part.
  • Devon and Cruise hold out against the Beast X King Zord through out most of the episode, practically running on fumes by the end.
  • A meta example: Nate's bow from the previous episode was well set up to become the King Bow, keeping it from coming out of nowhere merely for the toyline.

Episode 8: Boxed In

  • Devon and the Racer Zord manage to hold out on their own against no fewer than four Gigadrones.

Episode 9: Secret Struggle

  • Grid Battleforce's efforts to protect Evox leave him with barely any chances to let up. Even when he takes advantage of Zoey and Nate's feelings to escape, they catch up to him in no time at all.
  • Zoey's battle with the Avatars, defending Daniels while Ravi fights. She takes on both Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy and holds her own before being knocked out of her transformation. When Nate takes a powerful hit that demorphs him, Zoey jumps into the fray unmorphed, dodging laser fire, recovering her sword, and defeating both Robots with a sword throw as the blade returns to her like a boomerang.

Episode 10: The Evox Snare

  • So after finding out that Evox is possessing his father, what does Devon do? Does he follow with his teammates idea to freeze Evox in diamond indefinitely? Does he give up in the face of his father being gone? Hell no. He contacts a specialist who suggests using the Split Emitters from Dino Super Charge to separate Mayor Daniels and Evox. If you need to guess the outcome, you're watching the wrong show.
    • BTW, the specialist? Dr. K. Yes, you read that right. Olivia Tennet returns to Power Rangers after an eleven-year absence; contact between our dimension and Corinth becoming a lot more easier. It also allows Beast Morphers to tie in some plot points from previous seasons (Devon calling Dr. K as he read about Dillon's cyber enhancements, and Dr. K bringing up Zenowing being possessed by Doomwing) and implement them into the plot of the current season itself. This gives this season something Megaforce failed to do; honoring the past seasons with proper cameos and previous storylines.
  • The Ranger Vault is a sight to behold with Ben and Betty pretty much fanboying like any collector would've. It also works within the story as Nate, drawing power from the Morphing Grid, would use past Ranger tech to develop his own.
  • Steel one-shots Blaze and Roxy by hitting the volitile Morph-X tanker they were getting away with. Two birds with one stone.
  • Even without too much Morph-X, Evox pulls a Kylo Ren on the Freeze Arrow before the Rangers know it.

Episode 11: "Intruder Alert"

  • Another of the Metal Heroes makes it to Power Rangers as a non-Ranger hero not unlike Blue Senturion or the Manga Defender. In fact, it's the one that started them all: Gavan as Captain Chaku. Even his new name is a play on "Jouchaku," his original transformation phrase.
  • Vargoyle duels with Devon and Captain Chaku on motorcycles. Adapted from Go Busters but still impressive in stunt work and effects.
  • The Putty Patrollers and Viviks are reanimized by Ryjack, giving us our first return of the OG villain mooks before the team-up to come.

Episode 12: The Greater Good

  • Ryjack is the first enemy to actually grow on his own this season.
  • Meta: Ryjack claims he found his growth device in the ruins of Andresian, Orion's home planet from Super Megaforce. As unpopular as that season was, the small nod was a nice send up what was still a part of Power Rangers.
  • The Reptilobeast makes a show of it with Chaku standing on its head not unlike with Ninja Steel's individual Zords.

Episode 13: Finders Keepers

  • The Dino Charge Rangers reunite to have one more swing at Snide. Tyler steals the show with his Dino Super Charge mode.
  • Devon pursues Viviks driving off with Keeper in a chase scene you'd swear was from Mission Impossible, complete with explosions on the road.
  • Sledge and his crew are reanimaized in time to give Snide some back-up in dealing with the Rangers, kicking their old foes around unlike before.

Episode 14: Making Bad

  • Goldar is back! No, they didn't get Kerrigan Mahan back too, but the coolness factor compensates.
    • And to add to this, Goldar's first act when he returns as Goldar Maximus? Killing Sledge in one blow. Let's recall that Goldar was originally just an elite mook for Rita and Zedd, and he just disintegrated Sledge, the Big Bad of Dino Charge, in one blast.
  • While essentially a Clip Show episode, this actually a good one for a few reasons. Seeing the current villains look at footage of the previous villains gives more insight to the history of the show and seeing them at their best moments. For new viewers, it gives them a good look at villains from the past and possibly look more into them. For long time fans, its a good form of fanservice seeing Astronema, Koragg, and Psycho Red being featured again, and seeing Lord Zedd at his best (if you can get past the Fake Shemp for all but Koragg of course).
    • The editing is also one. Rather than a traditional flashback, the villains see the clips through their monitor as if the villains are watching it themselves. Since most of the clips show are not fullscreen and high-definition, it's a pretty cool idea.

Episode 15: Grid Connection

  • The Beast Morphers Rangers team with the Mighty Morphin', Dino Thunder and Dino Charge Ranger Teams! Yes Fake Shemp was in play for the bulk of the teams, but as with Goldar, who really cares? Besides, it wasn't all Fake Shemp... Yes, Brennan Mejia, Davi Santos, James Davies, and Yoshi Sudarso settled back into the spandex, along with the OG Tyrannoranger himself, Austin St. John, back for the first time in nearly two decades. Do we even need to tell you he didn't miss a step? No? Good, moving on.
    • And, and, if them alone wasn't enough? They brought their toys too! Yes, the Dino Charge Zords join the rebuilt Dinozords and Biozords for the fun and frolic; the simple fact that the Dino Megazord and Thundersaurus Megazord have finally been rebuilt is awesome to a Z.
    • But then, Hasbro has to one-up their Japanese counterpart by doing something Kyoryuger Vs. Go-Busters seemed kinda lazy to do: actually reuse the original cockpit footage for the brief moments the older Megazord's cockpits are seen. Sure, the Zyuranger/MMPR footage looks aged, but it's still more authentic-looking than the veterans standing in white voids. Besides, footage being aged didn't stop Gokaiger from using those of MUCH OLDER shows (as old as in 1979) for blink-and-you-miss-it shots such as these.
  • Evox's Chimera Zord bursts onto the scene in a nice display of CGI, the sort that even Super Sentai doesn't get much of outside of movies and specials.
  • Meta: Evox's plan is a big callback to when Shelby created the Spino Zord.
  • Jason kicks off the final battle with an epic power coin flip.

Episode 16: Golden Opportunity

  • Nate rides Devon's Cheetah Charge attack with a Striker Saber to take out the Robotron.

Episode 17: "Goin' Ape"

  • Robo-Roxy and Ravi duel on the beach to the point that he overheats big time. We get a nice mix of Go-Busters and original footage (due to Ryuji's face being exposed from a damaged helmet).
  • Ravi gets the drop on Robo-Roxy with the Spin Saber and sends her to the junk heap in his overheated state. This is after the two fell from a bridge and got swept up in a stream.

Episode 18: "The Silva Switch"

  • Robo-Blaze gets his time by outclassing the Rangers with a major Morph-X boost and making off with his spoils.
  • Meta: Steel's little music video is impressive when it comes to how they went all in a musical number just for this one goofy episode.

Episode 19: "Fossil Frenzy"

  • Robo-Roxy's Vulturesaurus upgrade is a cool design and awesome on the battlefield. Bonus points for going giant on her own without a Gigadrone.

Episode 20: "Crunch Time"

  • Robo-Blaze plays the Rangers good so that Evox can be captured by Grid Battleforce while leaving their Zords in a mess from the Omegadrone's onslaught.

Episode 21: Source Code

  • Something that has been eleven years in the making: the return of Venjix...or rather, Evox revealing himself to be the still-surviving Venjix.
    • The way they build to the reveal is amazing in an of itself. The way Evox gloats how the Rangers are putting it together mirrors how the fans were reacting to it in real time as saying what the writers were thinking. The cherry on top is when he changes his snake voice into Venjix's real voice (minus the robotic effect), hitting home that the Rangers are in deep trouble.
  • Dr. K's role in this episode in an incredibly fitting tribute to her character and shows just how much she's grown since her first appearance in RPM. She not only helps the Rangers build their anti-Evox weapon, but by reaching out and revealing her own guilt over creating Venjix, she is able to bring Nate out of his depression and convince him that the world still needs him. What's more, she's polite to Ben and Betty - despite them being more klutzy than Ziggy ever was.
  • Seeing Morph-X towers in actual cities like Philadelphia and Chicago (via manipulated Stock Footage). Perhaps the first time real-world, non-fictional locales (reusing other cities' skylines) have ever appeared in the franchise. This appears as Evox/Venjix takes over the entire Morph-X network, demonstrating that if he isn't stopped, these places will be destroyed like on his original Earth.

Episode 22: Evox Unleashed

  • Despite Devon's fair warning, Grid Battleforce all decide to stay with the Rangers and hold the line in honor of Steel. Like SPD's Boom, they were staying.
  • Since Evox/Venjix has downloaded data on the Beast Morpher Rangers' weapons, he No Sells them, so they rely on their other resource: their vault of Legendary Ranger weapons.
    • The five field a good mix between Saban (post-Zordon Era), Disney, and Neo-Saban era weaponsnote . Devon using the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, however, gets special mention, as it shows that despite Neo-Saban's gimmick of cockpit-only forms and weapons being very much maligned by the fandom, it's still otherwise a cool weapon, and, more importantly, a part of Ranger history.
  • Really, the entire endgame is a testament of the show properly using nostalgic elements to actually build the plot via world-building and resolving old threads rather than use them as simply to garner nostalgia.
  • How Venjix is finally destroyed for good. The Rangers realize that his main weakness is human DNA, recalling how he was unable to possess Steel and how he struggled with Mayor Daniels body. Knowing this, Nate redirects their Morph-X supply into themselves and they launch the Beast-X King Megazord into a giant Venjix. They then pump him with enough human DNA before Evox/Venjix is finally destroyed.
    • From a meta standpoint, the fact that Hasbro was able to tie up loose ends RPM had with its ending is this. It took 11 years, but Venjix is finally destroyed for good.
      • Additionally, that Human DNA is what proves to be Venjix's definitive downfall carries over from RPM perfectly where he attempted to make humans into hybrids with his technology.
  • One year later, Devon has been named Commander of Grid Battleforce, and the Burke siblings are now proper security officers, who actually managed to travel to Corinth and, with the help of Colonel Truman apprehend the fugitive Scrozzle.
    • On that note, Colonel Truman says that he's a fan of Devon. It's pretty obvious why: Devon and his team eliminated the threat of Venjix (presumably) for good.


  • The sheer fact at Hasbro's first outing with the Power Rangers has been given unanimous praise. From better writing, the build up to the crossover series and tying up a loose end with RPM, fans have been stating that Beast Morphers is one of the best seasons in years.
  • Captain Chaku's appearance in Beast Morphers marks the second time a Metal Heroes series was faithfully incorporated into Power Rangers (the first time being Sheriff Skyfire in Super Ninja Steel, who was based on the main character from Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya).
  • The Beast Vs. Dino Team Up is one that spans multiple episodes and is a real feature in the overall season rather than a stand-alone special, not unlike with Zyuohger Vs. Gokaiger.
    • Bonus points for the producers managing to make Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters fit into Beast Morphers as:
      • The Kyoryugers were current team, with fans assuming the film was more likely to be adapted as Kyoryuger's adaptation. This leads into the fact...
      • The Go-Busters were mildly Out of Focus to make room for the older Dino Teams. The fact the Beast Morphers were still center stage for these episodes is a testament to the writers working with the footage and Hasbro spending the money to film new footage to expand their roles (although they don't fight alongside the Dino teams like their counterparts)
  • That the fact Evox was Venjix all along was kept a secret until the next to last episode is astonishing. note  At this point in the fandom, leaks were happening constantly (mainly in regards to the toys) so that this wasn't spoiled until the episode aired is a small miracle.

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