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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why go back and adapt Gobusters instead of adapting Zyuohger or Kyuranger? In the case of Kyuranger, it's probably because it would be rather hypocritical to switch toy companies from Bandai to Hasbro and immediately turn around and adapt a Sentai made with involvement from Bandai of America. As for both? Gobusters was the last season whose henchmen could not have been aliens had the series been adapted. If Saban had adapted Zyuohger or Kyuranger, they would've had the villains be aliens for the 5thnote  time in a row! And as for why Gobusters and not Toqger, which was also skipped? Saban's contract with Nickelodeon is for 3 more seasons. It's entirely possible that the franchise will do a Channel Hop in the middle of a Toqqer adaptation if Saban follows up a Gobusters adaptation by adapting another sentai Out of Order!
  • Toy-related example: A Gobusters adaptation was unlikely while Bandai made the toys, mainly due to the fact that allegedly, the suits in Gobusters were made to be more akin to those worn by American super heroes (which used leather), including those worn by heroes from Marvel Comics... the action figures for which are made by, you guessed it, Hasbro.
    • Though Bandai’s high end collector line Tamashii Nations does make Marvel Cinematic Universe figures, however these tend to be limited to Japan (outside of conventions and specialty stores) due to Hasbro having U.S. rights to the figures.
    • Another reason to go back to Go-Busters is because it would be better for Hasbro to start with a more traditional Sentai as well as a smaller toyline to "get their feet wet" and to minimize risk. The Kyuranger line is likely backburnered for now.
    • With the Zords this season, most of them have an animal mode and a vehicle mode. Making a toy that can do that is right up Hasbro's alley since they have plenty of experience with the Transformers line. In fact, pretty much the entire toy line is transformable: the gun and sword weapons the main trio have turn into a camera and binoculars respectively, gold and silver's morpher is both a cell phone and a gun, their sword turns into a wheel for their Zords, and the controls for the lion based Zord later on turns into a cannon too.
    • Rumor has it that this season will not have a second Super season followup. It makes sense, though. Go-Busters has no collectible gimmick beyond the usual stuff like ranger figures, morphers, weapons, and zords (for comparison, Samurai has the discs, Megaforce has the cards and ranger keys, Dino Charge has the dino chargers, Ninja Steel has the ninja stars, and heck, Go-Busters only had two auxiliary zords). Opting for a shorter run is much better. That way, they don't have to pad out the season with filler episodes to get to the next toy. This could indicate that the "3 more seasons with Nick" contract that Saban has, is for 1 season of Go-Busters, and 2 seasons of something else.
      • Jossed; there will be a second season. Though it's been confirmed that it won't actually be called "Super Beast Morphers".
  • Mayor Daniels mentioning Sledge despite his machinations being done in an alternate dimension makes sense with how the Poisy Show had him attempt an attack in the main universe. With the transporters being able to reach other dimensions, I wouldn't be surprised if Grid Battleforce was wary of threats outside their world.
    • Not to mention, they're harnessing the power of the Morphing Grid, which is known to span across multiple universes. They could've taken a glimpse of what happened on the seasons that take in a different dimension like RPM.
  • The names of Evox's monsters follow the same pattern as used in Go-Busters, such as "Tireloid" becoming Cycletron. While this isn't the most creative, and lacks the on the nose puns of past seasons, it makes sense for Evox to give his monsters these names; they're practical and fit their purpose.
    • This can extend to the Rangers with how their Morph Call is "Activate Beast Power" which doesn't quite sound very catchy. For Grid Battleforce, it's straight to the point without any real need for anything fancy.
  • Roxy having a pre-existing love relationship with Ravi would greatly explain their more frequent encounters and duels later on, as per Escape and Ryuji/Blue Buster's rivalry in Go-busters' original footage.
  • Unlike Calvin and Hayley, Ravi and Roxy were Rangers-to-be working for a government funded agency. As such, their love life would be discouraged by their superiors unlike with teenagers who are working as vigilantes.
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  • In adapting the weakpoint of Yellow Buster (explained as Evox contaminating the animal DNA used to create the powers), they altered her energy-replenishing cure from candy for Yoko to carrots for Zoey, presumably so as not to encourage kids watching to eat too much candy, and also to make a surface-level Bugs Bunny reference. The Brilliance of this? Carrots are not part of a rabbit's normal diet; they're essentially like candy to a rabbit in terms of their nutritional value.
  • The reasoning for the Red Ranger's weakpoint (Cheetah = cat = afraid of dog) may seem like a simplistic, unscientific explanation meant for kids. However, ranchers and farmers in Africa do, in fact, use guard dogs to scare predators like cheetahs away from their livestock (it's actually beneficial for the predators too, as the ranchers don't have to shoot them. In fact, there are wildlife conservation programs that sponsor guard dogs.)
    • There's also the fact that many dogs resemble spotted hyenas, which commonly chase cheetahs off their kills. Hyenas aren't actually dogs (genetically speaking, they have more in common with cats), but the physical resemblance to dogs might be enough for a dog to trigger a response.
    • Also the fact that Evox himself doesn't seem to be aware that these weaknesses exist likely means they were an unintended side effect of his presence in the Morph-X system, rather than deliberate sabotage. Therefore, any logical problems with the Ranger weaknesses can be Handwaved away as being random mutations.
  • The whole thing with Ravi "going berserk" actually makes more sense with this premise compared to Go-Busters - he'd merely be displaying the behavior his avatar would have had. The idea that avatar!Roxy can still turn him into an avatar implies that it's as simple as leaving that switch flipped.
  • After the first episode, the Blaze and Roxy Avatars "glitch" less and less. They stop glitching at all in Episode 5. While the obvious explanation is that the show is saving money on CGI, the in-story explanation could be that the Avatars have sufficiently "adapted" to the outside world.
    • Though they're still shown glitching, particularly after a battle which implies that there are still moments of destabilization.
  • While they can't call the Big Bad "Messiah", there are still some religious connections to it. Evox is a snake, and a snake is well known for seducing Eve and knocking her and Adam out of the Garden of Eden (or in this case Roxy and Blaze). But what was the apple? Morph-X because the idea of making an energy source from the Morphing Grid was essentially the good guys tying up the Morphing Grid up "with a ribbon" for the bad guys.
    • Also, Steel being based on a scarab is a sign of Egyptian mythology. Scarabs were the signs of rebirth and one of the major symbols of Ra. Ra's major enemy was Apep who was, guess what, a snake!
  • In "A Friend Indeed", had Blaze and Roxy simply returned to the Cyber Dimension with the two disks of memory Railtron collected during the first Act, the Rangers would never have been able to restore Cruise and Smash's memories. However, traveling between dimensions requires Morph-X, and in the previous episode, Evox was angry that a lot of Morph-X was used to get so little accomplished. It therefore stands to reason that Blaze and Roxy would be unwilling to go back to Evox with anything less than all three sets of data.

Fridge Horror

  • While they did send Blaze and Roxy to the Cyber Dimension they accidentally sent Evox with them. With the small amount of time they had, they only sent them as far away as possible which meant they could have been sent anywhere. Including Corinth where there is an active war against another sentient computer virus.
    • Not necessarily. If Megaforce is to be believed, it's been several years since Venjix was defeated.
  • In Episode 12, when Ben and Betty bring pizza into the lab, Steel asks if he can try some, mentioning that his smell sensors tell him it would be delicious. He's then reminded that he can't eat. While this scene is obviously meant to be humorous, imagine how awful it would be if you were capable of smelling and craving food, yet were physically incapable of eating.

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