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Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed

  • During Devon and Blaze's impromptu sparring match:
    Devon: Careful! Someone's gonna get hurt!
    Blaze: And that someone is you! (Kicks Devon towards a steel beam and attempts to punch him)
    Devon: (Dodges, causing Blaze to punch the steel beam) Tried to warn you.
    • Making that last line better is the pure shit-eating grin Devon has on his face.
  • Our introduction to this season's comedy duo, Betty and Ben. It starts with Betty climbing down from a stool behind her desk revealing her to barely come up to anyone else's shoulder. Then Ben comes in with a retinal scanner to verify Mayor Daniels' identity. After assuring the mayor he won't even know it's on, Ben tries and fails to scan him several times. He then tries to scan his own eyes as a test, resulting in a huge flash of light sending him careening into Betty's desk and sending papers everywhere.
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  • Despite his stoic and serious attitude, Ravi has some pre-morph jitters.
    Roxy: Are you nervous?
    Ravi: Morph X is about to combine my DNA with the DNA of a gorilla. Yeah, and hopefully make me into a superhero. Yeah, I'm a... little nervous.
  • Zoey's can-do attitude spreads to Betty... much to her brother's chagrin!
    Zoey: I'm not afraid of big problems. I solve big problems! (runs towards the Morphin lab)
    Betty: Hey! We solve problems too!
    Ben: NO WE DON'T! (Becky drags him to the Morphin lab) Aw, man!
    • They then proceed to knock someone over on their way, and while they apologize, they both fall into a laundry hamper.
  • When Devon and Zoey run into each other as they get ready to try and stop Evox's plan.
    Devon: Are you security?
    Zoey: No, I work in laundry. You?
    Devon: No, I'm just trespassing.

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

  • When the team meets their Beast Bots.
    Smash: Ravi! My name's Smash! Ooh, ooh, ooh! (goes for a hug) Bring it in!
    Ravi: (shrinking away) Sorry, not really the huggin' type.
    Smash: Awww... but I like hugs...
  • One downside of having your mother as commander? She knows you too well as Ravi finds out when he mocks Zoey for her laundry experience.
    Commander Shaw: How would you know? You've never done a piece of laundry in your life.
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  • Ben's Lovable Coward tendencies are once again on full display.
    Devon: You guys wait here where it's safe.
    Betty: Are you sure?
    Ben: Yes! He's sure! (grabs Betty and hauls her out of harm's way)
  • Devon's Weaksauce Weakness ends up freezing him up over dogs. Granted, it's better than chickens, but it's still amusing. Made better (or worse) by the explanation that since Devon has cheetah DNA and since Cheetahs are cats, that means he's afraid of dogs.
    • It kicks in when he sees pictures of them too, so during a Megazord fight he freezes up after he spots a billboard advertising "Woofies" brand dog treats.
      • To add to the hilarity of this scene, the camera dramatically zooms in on the picture of the adorable dog, accompanied by what sounds like music from a horror movie.

Episode 3: End of the Road


Episode 4: Digital Deception

  • Ben and Betty are handing out Valentine's Day gifts of flowers, candy, etc in the base. When a bee exits one of the flowers, the duo try to get rid of it before it "causes a mess." Cue them proceeding to destroy half the hallway, knocking down ladders, smashing up consoles and more, all to get one little bee.

Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

  • When the Rangers are introduced to General Burke, who reveals he's Ben & Betty's father. Devon's surprised at it. Zoey's response? "That explains a lot."
  • Ben and Betty's newest idea? Converting a disabled Tronic into the Dog-o-Tronic. It works until it's told to attack... and it goes after poor Ben.

Episode 6: Hangar Heist

  • There is something amusing about Evox castigating Blaze by telling him that the Rangers are smarter than him. It's quite possibly the worst insult a Power Rangers villain can hear from their boss.
  • When Evox yells at Blaze, Roxy, and Scrozzle to recover the captured Gigadrone, Scrozzle trots off muttering, "Scrozzle do this... Scrozzle do that."

Episode 7: A Friend Indeed

  • Ravi asks a mind-wiped Smash not to hold back during their sparring session. Smash obliges... and promptly sends Ravi flying.
  • When Devon and Ravi insist their Beast Bots are to blame for following their (Devon and Ravi) commands word-for-word, Nate's only reaction is to give an exasperated sigh and walk out of the room.

Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

  • Ben is trying to find Betty via the use of Nate's tracking device, only to find that Betty is at the ice cream vending machine. Nate himself is trying to get is ice cream, only for the machine to open to reveal Betty was inside the machine. Then, Nate's ice cream dumps all over her.
  • When Nate and Steel go to finish off Vaccutron, Steel immediately gets in front of Nate, leading to Nate pushing his head aside and resting his arm on his shoulder so he can shoot his Strike Morpher.
  • Steel's self-proposed name? "Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel".
  • There's just something about two Tronics giving each other a high-five when they get the cybergate working again.
  • Ben and Betty flipping a coin (Really the tracking chip) and coincidentally landing it on the truck with the stolen Morph-X. The two chase after it, only for Vaccutron to toss barrels to distract them, causing them to roll on the barrels like clowns at a circus before being launched into the bushes.

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