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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed
  • During Devon and Blaze's impromptu sparring match:
    Devon: Careful! Someone's gonna get hurt!
    Blaze: And that someone is you! (Kicks Devon towards a steel beam and attempts to punch him)
    Devon: (Dodges, causing Blaze to punch the steel beam) Tried to warn you.
    • Making that last line better is the pure shit-eating grin Devon has on his face.
  • Our introduction to this season's comedy duo, Betty and Ben. It starts with Betty climbing down from a stool behind her desk revealing her to barely come up to anyone else's shoulder. Then Ben comes in with a retinal scanner to verify Mayor Daniels' identity. After assuring the mayor he won't even know it's on, Ben tries and fails to scan him several times. He then tries to scan his own eyes as a test, resulting in a huge flash of light sending him careening into Betty's desk and sending papers everywhere.
  • Despite his stoic and serious attitude, Ravi has some pre-morph jitters.
    Roxy: Are you nervous?
    Ravi: Morph X is about to combine my DNA with the DNA of a gorilla. Yeah, and hopefully make me into a superhero. Yeah, I'm a... little nervous.
  • Zoey's can-do attitude spreads to Betty... much to her brother's chagrin!
    Zoey: I'm not afraid of big problems. I solve big problems! (runs towards the Morphin lab)
    Betty: Hey! We solve problems too!
    Ben: NO WE DON'T! (Becky drags him to the Morphin lab) Aw, man!
    • They then proceed to knock someone over on their way, and while they apologize, they both fall into a laundry hamper.
  • When Devon and Zoey run into each other as they get ready to try and stop Evox's plan.
    Devon: Are you security?
    Zoey: Not exactly. I work in laundry. You?
    Devon: No. Just trespassing.

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

  • When the team meets their Beast Bots.
    Smash: Ravi! My name's Smash! Ooh, ooh, ooh! (goes for a hug) Bring it in!
    Ravi: (shrinking away) Sorry, not really the huggin' type.
    Smash: Awww... but I like hugs...
  • One downside of having your mother as commander? She knows you too well as Ravi finds out when he mocks Zoey for her laundry experience.
    Commander Shaw: How would you know? You've never done a piece of laundry in your life.
  • Ben's Lovable Coward tendencies are once again on full display.
    Devon: You guys wait here where it's safe.
    Betty: Are you sure?
    Ben: Yes! He's sure! (grabs Betty and hauls her out of harm's way)
  • Devon's Weaksauce Weakness ends up freezing him up over dogs. Granted, it's better than chickens, but it's still amusing. Made better (or worse) by the explanation that since Devon has cheetah DNA and since Cheetahs are cats, that means he's afraid of dogs.
    • It kicks in when he sees pictures of them too, so during a Megazord fight he freezes up after he spots a billboard advertising "Woofies" brand dog treats.
      • To add to the hilarity of this scene, the camera dramatically zooms in on the picture of the adorable dog, accompanied by what sounds like music from a horror movie.

Episode 3: End of the Road

Episode 4: Digital Deception

  • Ben and Betty are handing out Valentine's Day gifts of flowers, candy, etc in the base. When a bee exits one of the flowers, the duo try to get rid of it before it "causes a mess." Cue them proceeding to destroy half the hallway, knocking down ladders, smashing up consoles and more, all to get one little bee.

Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

  • When the Rangers are introduced to General Burke, who reveals he's Ben & Betty's father. Devon's surprised at it. Zoey's response? "That explains a lot."
  • Ben and Betty's newest idea? Converting a disabled Tronic into the Dog-o-Tronic. It works until it's told to attack... and it goes after poor Ben.

Episode 6: Hangar Heist

  • There is something amusing about Evox castigating Blaze by telling him that the Rangers are smarter than him. It's quite possibly the worst insult a Power Rangers villain can hear from their boss.
  • When Evox yells at Blaze, Roxy, and Scrozzle to recover the captured Gigadrone, Scrozzle trots off muttering, "Scrozzle do this... Scrozzle do that."

Episode 7: A Friend Indeed

  • Ravi asks a mind-wiped Smash not to hold back during their sparring session. Smash obliges... and promptly sends Ravi flying.
  • When Devon and Ravi insist their Beast Bots are to blame for following their (Devon and Ravi) commands word-for-word, Nate's only reaction is to give an exasperated sigh and walk out of the room.

Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

  • Ben is trying to find Betty via the use of Nate's tracking device, only to find that Betty is at the ice cream vending machine. Nate himself is trying to get some ice cream, only for the machine to open to reveal Betty was inside the machine. Then, Nate's ice cream dumps all over her.
  • When Nate and Steel go to finish off Vaccutron, Steel immediately gets in front of Nate, leading to Nate pushing his head aside and resting his arm on his shoulder so he can shoot his Strike Morpher.
  • Steel's self-proposed name? "Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel".
  • There's just something about two Tronics giving each other a high-five when they get the cybergate working again.
  • Ben and Betty flipping a coin (Really the tracking chip) and coincidentally landing it on the truck with the stolen Morph-X. The two chase after it, only for Vaccutron to toss barrels to distract them, causing them to roll on the barrels like clowns at a circus before being launched into the bushes.

Episode 9: Silver Sacrifice

  • Steel casually fires his blaster into the ceiling. Made funnier by General Burke reacting by just rolling his eyes.
  • Steel taking offense when a random passerby calls him a "robot".
    Steel: Can't you see I'm half-human?!
  • Ben and Betty get saddled with the paperwork to approve the use of Nate and Steel's new zords. When they finally finish it, they accidentally set it next to the paper shredder, leading to them desperately trying to get it back and getting blasted with pink confetti.
    • Later, during the fight, General Burke checks to see if they've put it back together.
    Betty (while covered in pink confetti and scotch tape): Yep! One whole page!

Episode 10: Thrills and Drills

  • While waiting at the dentist's office, Ravi, Ben and Betty look at an adjacent closed office and see the silhouette of what appears to be a dentist inserting a massive dental drill into the mouth of a patient, causing them all to panic and flee in terror. Once they're gone, the door opens to reveal that it's actually just a worker using a power drill to install a new cabinet and the 'patient' is actually just the worker's bag of tools.
  • While searching for Roxy and Drilltron in the storm drain, Nate - who's afraid of spiders - mentions that he hopes they don't encounter anything with eight legs. Steel assures him that there are no octopuses down here.
  • When Zoey said that being afraid of things is only humans, she cringes when she sees Steel looking right at her when she says that. One can almost tell he wishes he could squint. He even shakes his head in annoyance.

Episode 11: Tools of the Betrayed

  • When Roxy sees Scrozzle easily fix the Robotron-maker, she gets an idea.
    Roxy: Nice trick, Scrozzy!
    Scrozzle: Why thank—
    Roxy: Quiet!
    Scrozzle (taken aback): Rude!

Episode 12: Real Steel

  • During the Tronic fight scene:
    Nate: (being overwhelmed by Tronics) Can I get a little help?!
    Steel: (running right past Nate) DON'T WORRY, I'M COMING, DEVON!!!
  • Steel confronting Clonetron/Nate:
    Nate-Clonetron: You're not as dumb as you look...
    Steel: Ha! Don't let my looks fool you. I'm very, VERY dumb.
    Nate-Clonetron: (raises eyebrow)
    Steel: Wait... I-I mean smart. I just look...
  • Zoey trying to figure out which Racer Zord is real:
    Zoey: Devon, wave to us!
    (Both Racer Zords start waving their hands)
    Zoey: Well that's great...
    Ravi: I think we need to try something else. Any ideas?
    Zoey: Yup. But Devon probably won't like it. Rapid blast!
    (The Chopper Zord shoots both Racer Zords)

Episode 13: Tuba Triumph

  • After Scrozzle upgrades Tubatron, Roxy decides to test out his new firepower on Blaze, who desperately begs for her to stop—to no avail.
  • Ben and Betty try to clean out Ravi's grandfather's saxophone by filling it with dish soap and and hooking it up to a vacuum on reverse. The result is a spray of soap scum that sends them flying across the hallway.
    • For bonus points, there's a Grid Battleforce employee passing by in the background, who stops to look at Ben and Betty just as they get launched out of the room before resuming his duties. He even slightly shakes his head.
    • At the end of the episode, one of Joey's bullies takes the sax and tries to show off, but just ends up spraying his cronies.

Episode 16: Gorilla Art

  • Ben and Betty discovering Smash out in public painting
    Betty: (cheerfully) Hey, look. It's Smash. (realizes) OH NO, IT'S SMASH!!
  • Blaze and Roxy's introduction to Vargoyle doesn't go so well:
    Vargoyle: So, you two worms wasted my Fury Cells!
    Blaze: (incredulous) Your Fury Cells?
    (Vargoyle delivers two simultaneous punches that send Blaze and Roxy flying.)
    Vargoyle: Care to repeat that, kid?

Episode 18: Rewriting History

  • Steel's interactions with his "pet" potted plant "Spot" are hilarious.
  • Blaze and Roxy sabotaging Vargoyle during his fight with Devon (and Scrozzle just casually going along with it):
    Scrozzle: Hey! What are you doing? Vargoyle needs that Morph-X, or he could be destroyed!
    Blaze: Oh no.
    Roxy: Oh, wouldn't that be tragic?
    (They both snicker)
    Scrozzle: Oohhhhh... I get it.
  • Steel finally gets a real pet at the end of the episode. Unfortunately for Devon, Steel forgets something important...
    Nate: (pulling dog away from a frozen Devon) Come on, Spot!
    Steel: Whoops! Sorry, Devon. I forgot that dogs make you freeze up.

Episode 19: Target Tower

  • The villains see the Rangers recovering the mega transporters.
    Blaze: We need a distraction. Send down a Gigadrone!
    Scrozzle: What's the magic word?
    Blaze: NOW!!

Halloween Special: Hypnotic Halloween

  • The premise. Scrozzle hypnotizes four of the Rangers into thinking they're the characters they're dressed up as. Ravi as Sherlock Holmes, Zoey as a viking, Nate as Dr. Frankenstein, and Steel as Frankenstein's monster. Hilarity Ensues for the first two-thirds of the episode, with all the actors clearly having A LOT of fun hamming things up.
  • Devon, who arrived late and thus was not hypnotized by Scrozzle, being forced to quick change costumes in order to convince the other rangers of their true identities: Scotland Yard for Ravi, a viking for Zoey and a doctor for Nate and Steel.
  • When Devon finds Zoey, she's busy trying to smash a vending machine with an axe. Poor Devon does not want to deal with a berserk viking.
    • Zoey throws her battle axe at Devon who's panicking on being hit...but then it just bounces off his chest because it's made of rubber.
  • The end of the episode, Devon pretends he's a ninja before he and Zoey fight each other.

Christmas Special: Scrozzle's Revenge

  • At the start, Zoey goes to try and sniff the cookies Steel made. Sadly, she regrets her decision and recoils.
  • Steel accidentally turning Ravi into a Christmas ornament with Scrozzle's device.

Season 2

Episode 1: Believe It or Not
  • Steel's big info chart outlining all the evidence he claims proves that Evox is back somehow includes the Loch Ness Monster and underground lizard people.

Episode 2: Save Our Shores

  • Robo-Roxy's reaction to her second revival
    Robo-Roxy: (cheerfully) We're back! (confused) ...AGAIN!

Episode 3: Game On!

  • Juan the dancing video game character that Ben and Betty accidentally materialize in the episode's C plot. Underneath the Domino Mask, blond lockes, and silly accent is actor James Davies, better known to fans as Chase from Dino Charge.

Episode 4: Artist Anonymous

  • Evox/Mayor Daniels and Keytron/Pierre both start laughing evilly, only for Evox to stop Keytron with a glare, as if to say, "Only I'm allowed to do that."
  • "Pierre" himself is actually pretty funny with his over-the-top French accent and deliberate hamminess. Props to Kelson Henderson.

Episode 6: The Blame Game

  • Steel going around Grid Battleforce "disciplining" people for minor infractions is absolutely hilarious.

Episode 12: Finders Keepers

Episode 14: Making Bad

  • When reviewing past villains to resurrect, the bad guys opt to pass on Lord Zedd with Sledge agreeing. Poisandra then buts in and tells him that at least he and Rita got to have a nice wedding.
  • Blaze suggests resurrecting Koragg, but there's a slight problem — namely that he turned good. Roxy brings up her suggestion: Astronema — who also turned good.

Episode 17: Silva Switch

  • Nate and Steel accidentally switch bodies for a day. Just seeing Nate's actor hamming it up for playing Steel is hilarious.
  • Steel (as Nate) after drinking a broccoli smoothie somehow breaks out into a High School Musical song and dance sequence about how it's great being human with everyone in costume singing and dancing along with him. Just look it up for yourself.
    • To ramp up the funny, this apparently happened in real time.

Episode 21: Source Code

  • In Episode 29 of RPMIf Venjix Won — Dr. K mentions to Ziggy that he's cured her of "ever wanting to go outside"; she seems to have stuck to that as, even though she has crossed universes, she still doesn't leave the lab. Apparently she has actually developed a hatred of going outside ever again.
  • Dr. K has grown to like tea. How much does she like it? She carries tea bags with her in her pocket, just in case she ever comes across hot water.

Episode 22: Evox Unleashed

  • A year after Evox's defeat, Scrozzle is finally captured.
    Betty: It took us a whole year.
    Ben: But we finally captured you.
    Scrozzle: Grrrr... Ow! Hey! Hands off, buddy!
    Colonel Mason Truman: Don't you call me 'buddy'.


  • During Pulsecon, when asked what his favorite season was, Colby Strong (Blaze) answered in Space because of the Psycho Rangers, who he refers to as "my people".